Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 40
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 40

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 40
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C-I2-INDEPENDENT (AM) . Mwdlv, F«. M, 1 IMPORT, SPORT CARS 1130 PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) CLASSIFIED Hf »·}·» AUTOS FOR SALE ·nick '66 67 VW's Credit no problem CHOICE OF 10 No. SZY2S* Lew as $1199 Gene Balsom Imports Domtfv Ave.. l.B. 531-7315 IMS I Ckevrelet AUTOS FOR SALE IMS _ '*3 VOLKSWAGEN sunroot, excellent condition Ihroughoul, new o^inf Nets, must see- this car, no cssh needed oav only i38.63 month OAC. GERMAN IMPORTS 2450 _LS_JjlA'D. LB 434-5709 'e? VOLKSWAGEN 2 door'sedanTra" rjip, hMlcr, etc Wost fell, in e»- ctienj eonamwi, :u:l puce llcsO No cash needed, oav only *SS.25 t^Nltn OAC. 434-570J air. Velve 1835 'W BUiCK Riviera, V «, auJo., cower j str. RH. FACTORY AIR COND. 1 = VHK-711 SI895I PARKWOOD CHEV. : 5059 Lakewood Slvd. ME 3 Q7S1 ] '63 BUICK Riviera Full power, fait i air ccnd. Brautitui red with black i leather mier. INX 797 . s«$9 : No cash r«d«j OAC ME3-7531 I BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE '66 BUICK RJv. Full OWL. an, sirs'lo ' scats, fire mist yold, black vinvl loo A int. Sell-Trsrie. 9051 Garden Grove Blvd. (714) S37-8S44J3Jr. ; '65"8U 1CK"Riviera. Full Pwr. 2/iWO ' mi. New tiros. Sell or trad* for '63 o." n f A c r Ford or Chevy tvicktm tor fquHy. 425-6J77 '65 RUICK Riviera tan w/tjrojv'n vinyl IOP, tull PAT, fact air, cite , ajralo seals. PH.-357-1674 oayi. ; '06 Buick Riviera, lull pwr, faVair. : cuitorn int. FM radio, like new, I 62 CHEV. convert, lot tng. t D.YI. str., windshield washers, uosi-trac ticn, nsiv hcdvv dutv slwcks, new dlx Good Year ::res, new dual advance rnuliJer -j item, 2-way ro dio. Immac. cond. ha; of! bills from work en car since day new. P.-iv owner. "A Beauty". S80J Cash Firnv_63?-5IdO 66 CHEV imc-a'ta Hardtoo. Full" iww- ei. FACT '.'P CC _/illOH' '"· Xtnt. condition S1175 Bclldo^cr Auto Storage Sales Wholesale Lot, 915! Firestone AUTOS FOR SALE 1905 Corvotr '62 COR/A1R Monia, excellent condition insidt out. automatic radio, heater, M50. No cash needed only 531.96 -nonth OAC 434-5709, Dlr. '61 CORVAIR. Hew tires, '6"tw7 $225. Good running cond. 1830 Pa- citjc Coast Highway. L.B. '63 CORVAIR Spider* Convertible completely xint, everything new, " _ ___ '62""CORVAIR Mon*a 4-siKJ..'cnrome · wheels, oood cond. 53/5. Call V25- , AUTOS FOR SALE Ford I MO ''tffOKO LTD cot. 3». V-»V outt. i Dwr. strg, Dwr bfks, tact. air. PEG m iU99 I JIM SNOW FORD : AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE J[ - ; -- ^ -- "j^-jr -~ -- *~mm~f ' AntiqUCS ClaSSICS I 845 : ~ -- " [,,_Downey _ _ '66 CHEV. lnipa)a~~sTs~39~4"5peed, Rfxti, bucket scats. Double sti.iro! PARKWOOD CHEv!"' 5 50S9 Lafcewopd Blvd. ME 307?t '66 CHEV. |m rt ' a la""i» J ~!'. V^~uic~ power str., AIR COND., black vl* '· CorvCftt ""PARKWOOD CHEv!"" -w-coWinE _ ____ _ '63 COHVAIR Monj-.t cne", flufo., ' RH. bucket seals HMJ200. Sn-irp : C 495 Dlf. j3i-5Ji3: GE 0-OW ; '65 CORVAIR Monza conv., c'can, ·J-sod., feel. air. Orig. owner. Ex- · cei. ron'9 cond._8est offer. 923-JM7 '6J CORVAIR* "M'-nia" d-spd., RH; , ..^-5._Priv.plY. 923-3993 1 'cS CORVAIR Monis, real inaro, , 591-1664 ; 1*10 . . . . . . . . _ road exhaust. Like j new! VEY763 . S3695 PARKWOOD CHEV. I · J J F O R D ORlGlMAi. BODY. Modi- j _L'Cd.cha^is. See!! 657-6220 j MJ FORD Dick up 301 Cnevv eng., cycc 1. sriase. After 5 p.m. 436-1S27 '36 LINCOLN Promicre, full power, new ti.ei trans. S7M. ^2i-S?21 WANTED--'32 to '50 Ford. Must be 'JO CAD. 4 dr. sedan. Good cono. SS50. 435 9243 ail 6 om Station Wagons I860 '65 CHEV. Nova Sta. Wagon. Bio 6 cvi. auto, power str RH, cxira clean. RER274 $12?5 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakcwood Blvd. ME 34751 '65 FORD Ctrv Scd. Si. Wao. V-8 auto, trans., RH, pwr. str. Xlnt. cond ,, J1049 Relit lower Auto Storage Sales \vnoiesaie Loi, 9154 Firestone Blvd., Downey 861-9727 '(A CHEVt-LLE Sta. Wagon V-8, *ijto, RH, power str. Nice Wag on! Extra clean. SUF 096 ..$1699 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakcwogd B.vd. jAj;__3rO?Si '63 CHEV. Sta. Wagon. V-B, auto, RSH, FACTORY AIR, Power str., ico rack, .TE919 -.._ .....S1195 PARKWOOD CHEV. SOS9 Lafcewood Blvd. ME 3-07B1 '6S MERC. Cofonv Park, alr-cond., elec. wind., 9 pass., top rock. Less tnan E.OOO mi.--like new! S4350. \Viilbank's Carpel. 1879 Freeman, ^JTvHTW '55 "CHEV. Nomdd, rebuilt eng., new J- c -d., Duckets, mags. Shflrp. 537- i/22 i '63 FALCON J-dr. sta. wsg. Auto., RH. xtra nice! S495. Dlr. 4345^3; GE 0-W09 '68 Cadillac Coupe Radio. Heater. Air Conditioning, Full Power Poouiar White with Stack Interior, s6745 $4795 "75" '63 to '69 Cadillacs to choose from Sunset Cadillacs 2295 Lono Beach Blvd. L.B. 426-5571 CADllLACS SAVE ON '68 CADILLACS Always over 45 194S to 1963 Cadillacs to choose from. WHEELER CADILLACS _ _ 'W CORVETTE. Brand new 427 «n«3. trans. Pearl yellow oainl job. AM-FM, pwr. windows antenna. New mags A Firestone racing tires. Bcsl otlcr. 531-1078 '68 'VET Fastback, 427--390 ho.7~4 sod., stereo, dk. oreen. Goroeous. Buy or (ease 429-2401 9 a.m.-6 p.m. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 30/SI '6S CHEV. Hardloo V-3, auio. tr^nv m-Kion. Dvr. steering. RH. Xlnt cond 1790 ;(ellft-.ver Auto Stpraoe Sales Wholesale Lot, 9JS4 Fireslcne '64~CHEV. lmoala~3-dr. hdto., V-B, -J-speed, cower str. FACT. AIR. - GJL Eli . SIMS PARKWOOD CHEV. so'i9 Lahcwpod. Blvd. ME 10/31 '67 CHEV. Imi). ?-dr. hdlp, V-S, stick 2 S 65a ' .! .°*! m ' CS nrt $1995 j PARKWOOD CHEV. ! j 5059;__Lat;owqd..Clvd._ME^0781 i newer str. batck vinyl ' VJT730 . v PARKWOOD CHEV. 5QS9 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0/81 i 7 58~ CORVETTE 263 3 "spd. J1175 CHEV. 2-dr. V-3 auio. . Hirm. f'riv. ply 422-94J DOwer sir., RH, =49IA .$799 ' '64 'VET silver w/bik "interior--PARKWOOD CHEV. j KLMLini.. .^od^TH-.sM.aM 5059 LakcwfQd Blvd. ME 3-0?8l ' '«,CORVcTT£ oartlv striDped._ '67 FORD WQ hardtoo V-8, auto. Irani.. RH. FACT. AIR COND- I real sharp! . . . S137S | Bdlflowcr Auto Storage Sales i Wholesale Log, 91S4 Firestone ! ^Blvd., _0ownev 86T-9/?/ ' '65 FORD. AfR'cOND.. RH. auto", j V-3. pwr. str., NMR 641 51195 ! PARKWOOD CHEV. ; S0$9 Lakewood Blvd^ __ME^3 078^1 ' '66 FORD Gal. SW XL V-8, auto., ! RiH, vinvl top. SVM 643 SS36 i No Cash needed OAC ME 3-7531 BELLR.pWER AUTO STORAGE ! *55 FORD 2 dr., rear damaged, new · 6 cyl. auto. 300 mi. on eng. black · tuck roll, chrome wheels, wide oyols. Dice*. $200.^29-8298. '66 FORD Fair lone SCO, V8. 2'dVT ; hdlp. Auto, pwr str. Excel cond. Best offer. Aft 5 p.m., 865-1159 Mtn. aft 4:30. all day Sat A Sun. '62 FORD 500 XL convi. C.nod'cbnd, i 5595 or best otipr. 593-J221 or 597- '47 MU'STANG F«"tbcck V8, RiH, i Dwr. .sir. Al« CONDITIONING. I BeuUlituI $1475 ' BeHftower Auto Storao* S^los 1 W.ol«olf Lol. »l£ Flr«l(SJ _Bivd.,_Oownev . 861-9/27 I ·65 MUSTAMG V-3. AIS/COND " 5 I «« S10» j JIM SNOW FORD ! 7911 Alondra. ^aram't 634 : 2600 , 1955! Portia 1*70 'f.ft PONTiAC GTO V-8. Auto., power str., RH, vinyl rooi, buckets, r SQD 759 . S1J95 PARKWOOD CH6V. 5059 LakewottJ Blvd. ME 3-0781 AUTOS FOR SALE 1970 AUTOS FOR SALE ThMdwbird IfW '66 MUSTANG. Excel. Yellow ' w/vinvl tsp. Fad air, pwr str, i syd, new tires. J1/5Q. 424-54^9 aft ( \ J^Art. : '66 MUSYANG YTi 1 dSii)-cV~~Ncr tires, V-3, auto., pwr. Low miles, immaculate. Sl«y5 328-5122 ; '6'; MUSTANG~ MacVV"^"" Ram" . 3i.-, ( Fr'd'i (CD Dertormance ca-. ! ^sSSi^""J~Jjl60 " APP'ROXT 100 OLDS" to choose frcm Dick Browning Olds 1070 L.3. ftLVD, , - - Outom., rnag wheels, private party after 6. 434-7152 '6J ·63V? FORD Galaxie 500 XL deiiixe' Xlnt. cond. SB4S or bet oiler. Must sell now. 591-0241 '64 FORD Custom 500! Autom 7 trans., pwr. str., oood ccnd. Priv. party. $675. 633-4953 anytime. '63 FORD Galaxie 500 new tires, oood cond. JSOO or best offer. 5911/04 __ '46 FORD 4-dr., (act. air, autoTvir ofler. 596___ '63 FORD GalaxiP XL convert. Orio. _ow_npf. good cond. $-95. 425-750S. __ HE_6-9i?4 '65 OLOS Delta SS 2-dr. ruUo. ~Fu"ll" ! Dwr., jact. air cond. OVX 915. Real ' snaro! . $1194 No cash .ie^'e*. ME 3-7531 · BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE j '64 OLDS S3. Full factor/ equipped. I excel, cond. R2J332 . . .. S597 No cash needed OAC ._..ME 3-7S31 8ELLFLOW3 AUTO STORAGE i '6J OLDS CUTLASS cpe V-8 5.08S LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlew'd __j038A 53|-0791 1964 OLDS 83 S975. Make olter as is. 423 A W. 91h. 43S-4696 '63 OLDS Culiass SS. Excel, cond! 1 owner. Will sacrifice. 921-4130 '66 PON tlAC GTO- Automatic. Priced for quick sale! Lie. No. RVB718 S1975 KENCAR S10R. LIQUIDATION _ 'M0 Long Beach Blvd. 435-9124 X POHTIAC BONNEVILLE HDIP. All power, air cond.. Landau lop. Musi sell! SLB412. S2150. KENCAR STOR. LIQUIDAIIOH! 1500 Lcrtg Beach Blvd. J35-9134 i '67 FIREBIRD, 2 door hordtoo V3, ' automatic transmission. radio, ! heater, power steering, factory ·' w.irranly, sacrifice 51949. Will »i- j '4:*PpNtrCcM5ns, ~326.~ 4-sodV He* I rlutch A valve job 4 brakes. Going in Service. Musi sell. S37S '«~POMir~GTMa"ird~P"rTx~Ali; [ twr. siig. brakes. New oainl. ! _E_xcl. cond^SW. «S-2'«; '£6 PONT. Bcrm. Brougham i-dr. i sed. air, all pwr., stereo, orio. ' owner. S?3S[. 63J3-7449_ '63 PONTIAC Grand'Prix Full owr fact, arr cond., scod tires. Steal at S594 No cash needed OAC 1 ME 3-7531 BELLFLOWL-K AUTO STORAGE '67 PONT. G.P. convert., air, 26-000 mi TBT665. S2099. Osborn's, 20th Cherry '6S PONTiAC~GT~6~v-8,~aui., RH', power str., bucket seals. Extra nice! SS2M359 SI499 PARKWOOD CHEV. SOW Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 ·M PONTIAC CTO. V-3. iswxd. bucket seats. R1H. Extra, sump! ; RBM734 S139S PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lokewood Blvd. ME 30781 M T-BIRD. FACTORY AIR, V-3, aulo., power str., RH, cower winds.. Landau top. Bronze w/black ico. SVJ-i51 527H PARKWOOD CHEV. 505? LaKcwood Blvd. ME 3-07ST 64 T-BIRD. AtR CONO., FULL POWER, black vinyl roof. Extra nice! - P19A _ .- ....J1495 PARKWOOD CHEV. SOS?Lakewood Blt/d. ME 3-C731 '« ^BIRD. Exlrajharp', ;3.000 miles, ; '64 PBIRD. Extra Sharp! .--114M fi! , LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 1175 ; ** n Ca»dlew-d_ pPZ.36S__531jl791 $199 '62 Rambler Atr-erlcan 2-Dr. Hfdto . au'o., RK. VZS 6U. "V/ill consider anything in trad*" Rossmoor Auto Sales 430-2501 or (714) 376-9950 « RAMBLER AniC.'. 6 CVl RH 41,000 mi A-l cond. $649 435-1216 Dlr -. .. . davs or all day I Sun. re OM._ 232 32_JimlPero_ : -it T.'BIRO. rcbuTldabie "JlO^cu "in. eno. Trans needs work, bodv, ui hoist, oood. 1M or best. 925.«i1 · '67 t BIRO 4^r.. landau nD, immac! i TVL 985. S2W. OiSoin's, 20th t, · Cherry. ·S T-BIRD. slereo lapc, new'ballcrv : MSO S357SS or S3S-27;? "'64 PONTIAC G " -. Prw. ply. nd Prix. ·64 PONr. Bonnoville fact air full noi-.'er, »lnl cond. S'.M5. 866-7622. ·64 PONT GTO RiH. 4 speed, Cra- cer wheels. SI350 S62-6?;C1 ·66 PONT. GTO. Immac. Auto., owr. SHideDoKer H80 1*95 ·63 STUOEBAKER. W.OOO mt., per feet shau*. Needi bodv work on Irunk. SMS or nllcf. 38-7S67 TiMMderbinI 1990 ·6S r-BIRD. Fully euuip. Low miles S2875 down. Take over S6S.50 pay- menl. 473-7291 r tA T-BIRD, All powei- features, t'ilt wheel, new tires, showroom cond. S2375. 433-4689. offer. CHEV. tmo. SS V-8, aolo.. pvn. j .YTf 714; 842-6051 sir.. RH. Beautiful blue. SXH5H. 1 Steal at si)°6 No cash needed OAC ME 3-7531 _ _BELLFLOVVER_AyjO_ ST_ORAGE ·65 CHEV. BefAir V-B, a'ulo.. Fact- w/Air, ^NRB-416 . 51099 JIM SNOW FORD Tvl 1 Alonrfri. Param" 634-2600 '63 CHEV. imoala S5 V-87~a"u"toT7 str.. RH. Extra clean. Lk. . . FJX 1?1 . 8RLLFLOWER A I.A.C. ,UTO . . ..... S697 ..... . ..... No cash needed O.A.C. Me 3-7531 " ------ STORAGE 2259 L.B. Blvd. L.B. ·124 0433 '63 CHEV. SS, V-B, auto S7.18 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlew'd, SSJ345 631 0791 ·^.CADILLAC TLEETWOOD. O5S, '^"ILfrStitofcSS: t£S!. S300. Call wk. days after 5 or any- 1950 PORD Woodic waoon. Runs good. S575. DA 51736 5 P.m. to 9 '62 FIESTA Dynamic ffl Olds. Light preen. Very xlnt. S800 or cffer. . ,7---. ,,.·,--,-v7=--?-- K/32 Jftmcrc, Paramt. ME 3-0643 I *',,, £ A 9 IL '- A . C , Cne - . . blue. Loaded with alt extras. Stereo radio. Must sell now! Ser. No. MB-1675S6. S5350. KENCAR STOR. LIQUIDATION _ISpp Lojnp_Reach Blvd. 435-912; j '67 CAD. 4-dr. hrdtoT, fact. air. full owr., vinyl top. Beautiful, clean, tow mi., 1-owner car. Sr. 2348. Prlted to sell dt. $3775 GIBSON STORAGE SALES 213 E. Anaheim 437.I5QJ '63 CHEV. V-S, wag. Autorn., pwr. str.. RH. Good cond. S85D. 4251075 '$:· CHEVY NOMAD. MAKE OFFER. Call 830-1503 '65 RAMBLER Ambassador, 6 pass, owr str, arks, luggage rdcfc. SI000, 421.5383 '62 CHEVY 2 Sta. wan. new motor n?w autom trans.. Excel, c^nrt __Pny..__otyS59J 436-7379 '60 CHEVY Nomad VS, owrstr., R-H, Good tires, aood cond. 421- ; 66~6UICK custom ^oorts waooTT. Air. dulo. Ful. pwr. New brakes tires. S2200. 431-1202 '65 CHEVELLE 300 2 dr. wagon. Sticfc. V-8, Air, RH. Clean SB75. 925-1181 '62 CORVAIR Grcenbrier 9-pass. RH. 4-spd., S500. 434-5273 good '55 CHEV. sta. wao. 4 dr., transportation. 175. 434-3153 '56 BEL AIR Nomad. Shnro! $850. Take -iome trade. UN 32562 IEVV NOMAD. MAKE OF- AUTOS FOR SALE Miscellaneous Need a 1855 Car? Luti Delivers Now LEWS t IKE-- 1. BANKRUPTCY I Sfj P C° R ED,T 6. DIVORCED w* have over 100 cars In iteck. if you art working and wfliino TO make payments, hurrv In t (its value for down If you n*ed transport at'W to our Dlace of business-- call we will oick vou UP. Ph. 639-0493, 636-0891 LUTZ AUTO SALES INC. 711 N. LONG BEACH BLVD. _ COMPTON. CALIF. PROBLEM BUYING A CAR? WE FINANCE--NEW IN TOWN- DIVORCED--BANKRUPT--POOR CREDIT--NO CREDIT. IF YOU HAVE $50 DN. AND CAN MAKE PAYEMNTS- COME SEE US. 100 Good Transp. Cars FROM $99 UP GAVIN USED CARS ?l?0 w. Patillc Coast Hwv. OP 1C BEACH 'EN » TO 1 -SUN. TIL 6 P.M. With "fBO+o $150 Dn. _ DeVille. . ... pwr. fact, air cond. Original clean. HNAW3 S597 No cast) needed OAC MF 3-7531 BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE . . time on wkends. J '59 CHEV. 4-door'." Power stcerino brakes. Cnmnlete motor overhaul. S599. Sec ,1t Gus'S Phillips 66, 1190 E. Broadwdv. L.B. HE 7-6512 '63 CHEV Imoalft SS 2 dr. newly reblt 327 enfl. auto, pwr str, new brks, tires naint. Excel oand. S1395. 7U-B.17 2657 'i3 CAD. Coe DeVille full pwr air. Turauolse w/leather too, xint, pride of ownership. Must self tliis weekend - 433-DJ71 'A7 CAD Cpe DeVille 25,000 miles near new condition. Must sell leav- '' McVev. GE 3-0J71 '58 CAD, coe DeVille, ? dr. hdto. Fair cond. New glass packs, full _pwr. $200. 422-107? '57 CAD Coe DeVille, full owr, o'hauted, perf cond, 1500, privale oartv. 434-5305 '67 CAD. sdn. DeV.", leather, padded top. 1-own., immac. TVE J53 SJ09?. Osborn's. 20th Cherry. '66 CHFV. Mnlihii sooifs coupe Standard transmission, RH. w-w S1095 or best offer. 860-6057 '62 CHEV. fmp. air, full pwr., new tires, 1 owner, low mis. $650, 925- '57 CHEVY 327, hi oeriorm, 4 snd, hood scoop, hedvy dutv clutch, Best ptter 425-B9M aft 3. 57 CHEV. Nomdd 283 high pert, auto, pwr str, A-l S799. 435-1216 Dlr. 61 CHEVY 2-dr. lidtp. V-8, good cond. Must sell--drafted. S600 or st offer. 8iJ-3562 '6J CAD conv. Silver fac. air F/P ] emerocncv. Onlv S1295 eves 422- j '65 CHEV. imoalV'S'S, RH, nwr. strg., b/se.its, black int., low mi. Must_soll. B23-l()71 afl. 6 pm 'iS4""CHEV IMPALA SS, $1200 excellent running condition _6JJ?-3;3Q6 or 635-1519 ! J (ji MrT; '61 CAD Fleetwood. Askino S795. Fully equipped. 431-7023 NOMAD V-8 automatic RH, chrome rim, 8 track lape, color bar. MSO cash 534-2/53 '63 CHEV S-~S. -1 spd. 327 eng. New tires, shocks A brakes. Fxcel cond. S350. 598-5229 after 6 p.m. '64 CHEV. SS 2-door hardtop. Excellent condition. SIOOO or best offer Call Steve at 868-5505 ·57 CAD Xlnt. Idtp. Air, power, new lirpj. 83J-S749 '52 CADILLAC ambulance. good. 5250, 83D-2749 alt. 5. Comoro ^1875 '67 CAMARO Rally Spt. V-fl, 4-soeed. dlx interior, disc wheels. TYG 555 Like new! Only _ S2395 PARKWOOD CHEV. S059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-07B1 i '65 CHEV SS. Pwr. sir. !83 ena. Low mileage. S99? cash. 4701 LB _Blwd. 4M-98EO. 'M c'HEV Imoala very dean 5995. Financed. 630-4161 '65 CHEV. Jmoala air, full owr. S1195. Ph. 92S-17BO. Downey. V-8 autom. Best of- Chrysler 1890 . CAMARO Rally Sot. V-B. aulo., I ,7~uS r slr " black winvl I '£3 CHRYS. N.Y. hdtp cpe full pwr. AIR CONU, low mi. Like new _ $3693 i LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER rrrr:' 1 -! 4919 Candlew'd VSR 16? 531-0791 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lokewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 Chevelle 1882 id CHEVELLE SS, auio. Facl air. tinted gl. pwr str, pwr brks, eler windows, bucket scats. WSW. New '67 CHEVELLE Malibu 2-dr hardtop, V-S pwr str, auto, buckets 26,000 miles Buy or lease J29-2J01 9-6 pm Mon-Sat. 64 CHEVEILE trans.. Excel, takes 596-6336 '65 CHEV SS Malihu 327, 4-ipd Po- ivglas tires. 43,000 mi. Air shocks Excel, crmd. J38-5831 '67 CHEVELLE Malibu 2-dr. Hdtoc. Excel cond. Sacrifice 51925. Kelly Blue Book S231D. GF! 1-159D. '65 CHEVELLE 327, 350 HP.'-is'pdT extras. 714 S78-0347 Make offer 425 7524 Comet 1895 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlcw'd XIX 537 531-0791 '63 COMET custom 2-Ui. lirdtu . RH, auto. VHB963. Sac. at $595. Dlr. 431-^13; GE 0-0909 '64 COMET 404. Auto., frryl., 4-ctr. One owner. Excel, cond. *685. TE 3-72W Continental 1900 Chevrolet '63 CHEv^V^sTsDd HurstV'RHT I runs good 5149. 435-1216 Dlr '65 LINCOLN Continental leather, full "wr. lov 860-4039. v tires, '57 CHEV., new paint. Hurst, stick, Chrome wheels^5550. 865-5719 '62 CHEVY II, Nova, 6 stick, sham. GE Ij-70j2 '67 CHEV. Impala SS. Turbo-hvdro, air. 20.000 mi. $3450. 860-2077 'M CHEV Imudla aulo, RH clean GA 7-30J3 , ., . . i '57 CHEVY 4 dr iidiu. verv sharp! We deliver today! Now! I 5450. MO UPS, no dns. 591-5590 WP carry our own contracts I '\ CHEVY., 327 cu. In.; "-SBd. over 60 cars to choose trom Macs, indv tircs._PJ^_428-6596 , 5s CH - EV ;T - uck a ro ||. S350 . ... Good condition. 630-4121 __ '60 CHEV. Corvair sedan. Good cond. Auto. 632-9503 FITE MOTORS 173S Long Beach Blvd. HE 5-13U WHY PAY RETAIL? BUY WHERE THE DEALERS I BUY! ISO C A R S TO CHOOSE FROM BclHIower auto storage sales, wholesale lot. 9154 Firestone Blvd., Downey . Sfil-9727 | EXPERIENCED T.AR5 j WESTERN LIQUIDATORS t»5l» '41 CONT. Air, lealher, mvr. Npw _lires. Prig, owner. 435-0823 '67 CONTINENTAL air. vinyl loo. Except, clean. !S5Q. 42-5/50 '66 CONTINENTAL coupe. While. Every extra. Priv. ply. 421-1785 Corvair 1905 '62 CORVAIR Monza"/J-s"rxJ\7"RRH, w-w. Good rond. iJ29-0333 ·61 CORVAIS. stick, excel, new lircs S295. 83J-8740. '6? Corvair Monz3. Xlnt cond. '6° tnps. 53iO. -139-5223 Barracuda 1860 Buick 1845 I '69 BUICK Riviera, fullv cauip. Low | mi (case. Must sell. Pnv. owner. I S5000. 831 -1 SJ-i i '66 BUICK RIVIERA--S7450, loaded ^I^.joodjlres,jr0^6-9761 AUTOS"FOR~SALE WE DELIVER NOW! KENCAR MOTORS, INC. If you have had uroblemi buying A car because of I-HO CREDIT 2-REPOSSESSIONS 3-NEW IN AREA 4-POOR CREDIT 5-NEWLY DIVORCED 6-BAKKRUPTCY, etc. SEE US NOW! This li Our Specialty We carry our own contracts for those who ARE willing 10 make payments and re-establish themselves. "Good cars al reasonable prices! *Larae stock trt choose from! If you need transportation to our dealership--call and w* will pick vou up. SE HABLA ESPANOL. "In the Heart of Long Beach" 1500 Long Beach louloard (213) 435-9124 AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE '69 CAMARO HARDTOP Full factory tquipmint, itrato-bucktt teat*, door §dg« guordt, black vinyl trim, ttc. PARKWOOD CHEVROLET "Acrosx From LAKEWOOD _ O R V E T T E , Must sell. Sacrifice 51550 f i r m - 541-1639 '60 CORVETllf. qecd ronrt, ma"nv j-xkas. 51.200. GA 4-7145 Dodge 192£ '66 DodQft hd(f. CDC., »uto., AIR SI/88 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER _49J9_Canal_ewood TDK 364_Sili0791 1966 DODGE Monaco 2 dr. hdtoT Fact. air. auto., pwr. str. 2, brks., RH, bucket scats, oertect cond. 5how-Record-Car. 10,000-mi. war. rantv. S2.000. 436-9481 '64 DODGE" Clwrqer, nwrstr. air cond. Lo miles, good shape, autom irans SI900 call alter ; p.m. 5«- ·63 DODGE GT Auto, RSII S/68 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 1919 Candlew'd r I035A 5310791 ·6i DODGE Charoer. Full pwr. tact air. S1995. 9051 Garden Grove Blvd.. G.G. 17141 537-8844. , ·68 DODGE Charoer R], 4-swt., RH, wide tires, 2200 mi. Sacri' ! tlcc. S2550. 476-7594 ·48 DODGE GTS 310 cu. in.. 4 bbl, vide oval tires 549-1239 eves. ·68 CHARGER, 12,000 ml. Full owr. stereo. SHARP. S2695, 213. 532-7828 Falcon 1930 68 FALCON Futura 2-rir. sedan. Gold, blk int., 12,000 mi. 5800 lake OVPr pavmts. 555.14 per mo. -136- 432ft ·45 FALCON Future. Good lire! i condition. «33-75:i7 after 4 p.m. Firebird 1935 '67 FIREBIRD, excel, cond., 3-yiecd 3.8 L OHC 5, private party. S2150 " -535-0219 '67 FIREBIRD. 400 dlx., air. 16.030 mi. VDA 534. SM9' Osborhx 20lh 8, Cherry. --Today's SPECIAL -'64 IMPALA Cpe., radio, healer, power steering, factory air. HUP 436. * $1399 * '*7 FIREBIRD Convertible. Aulo. trans., radio, heater, power steeri - - DGZ Ml '67 OLDS DELTA Custom Cpe. bucket seats, factory air, imm»cu' SO7AO late. VEM 5fO i/Ji/ '45 DODGE DART sedan i cylinder (tick, radio, he«l- ·r. Ser. No. $ " 1027 '65 PONTIAC Grand Prix full power, ajr. s See (hit RHE145 '« CORVETTE Fallback, 4- ipeed, radio, heater. Blk. i.m «» S 2099 '1299 CM. '*S CHEVY II Nova Powerqlide, radii ' air cond. $ ROJ M» '« MONZA CPE., pwr. glide, -adio, healer. - - -- -- -- '1699 station s. Power- wer sleer- 2099 '2699 SRS 3S3 CHOICE OF TWO '« CAPRICE Cpe. SS. 327 V-8 automatic, radio, heater, pwr. sir. " SBT 852 '*7 CHEVY II 100 club coupe, big t, Powirglide, radio, healer. Bui. of New Car Warr. TYB on '61 CAPRICE 6 DBSS wagon. 327 V-3. glide, RH. Air CPT 071 ....... '68 CAMARO, radio, heater, power steering, power glide. WWN s« '67 CAMARO. V-B, automatic, ocwcr steering, air cong. Real S ihnrp! TFA815 '« MUSTANG 24-2 V-l, 4- soctd, r a d i o , h pater. SS 6 '1699 ·U CHEVY II Nova Cpe. V-8 Dower glide, radio, heater, newer storing. S ~ ^ ~ ~ NOV 701 '« VALIANT CLUB CPE. cylinder Kick, shift, radio, healer. WJJ 63) '« CHEVELLE, V-8, oower glide, radio, heater. Dower slrcring, laclorv air. M "2099 'U MUSTANG 2+2 Fallback, v-s, automatic trans., radio, healer, pwr. steerinq, blk. interior TFR ns . TRUCKS 'U FORD CLUB wagon, dig 6, automatic trans., radio, healer. Ser. 5' No. 137177 '« CHEVROLET V-lon stvle- side pickup, v-e, nick shut, radio, healer, looks like new. '1599 '11399 'S EL CAMINO 327, speed, radio, hr-ater. bl.ick, chrome wheels. Ho OKIGIN41 file Hnatttiq Plae»! CITY CHEVROLET 3201 "^ PHONE I»7.t*33 '6? FORD. Pwr. str. autom. RH. Oriq. owner. Excel. HA S070? j '64 FORD CUSTOM 4-000R GOOD CONDITION. HAJ?-99J17 ! '51 FORD V8 gmt cond.~~RH~ 1 Call 4?1-0?5? ; '62 FORD Gal. 500rv-8. 4lr.Vnew ' _tlrev S495 or offrr. 435-9073 '63 OLDS Starfire- qo*d trnnsoortn- ' _tion. 53'"383 or 634-3285 I '63 OLDS. FULL "POWER, AIR ! CpNO.._5950. 43^-4556 '52 OLDS. 98 oulom. ?-door, 5150. Good condition. 426-6382 CUTLASS Suorcrt _ _ _ _ ·63 -PO'NT. Gfand prix. Dwr.. cond. Excel, cond. S950. 43!-?lyy f ·64 PONT. Grand "Prix. 3S.OOO mi. I Foct. air. J139J. Ori3 own. 925-2651 | '65 PONT. Grand Prix, oir, RiH. i Jlwr, yt_wm._S2000_UN^ 5-3563 eve. ^ '64 PONTIAC Catiiitna conv,'s!599, ' priv oarlv, 634-3285 : ·60 T-BIRD, full pwr. Excel, cond. Make best offer. 425-3377 ·61 T-BIRD, oood shape, priv. own- ef. Must sell Reasonable SSS-720? ·63 T-BIRD. A-l cond. Fully loaded. 5900 or best otter. 863-9729 Once A Year Sale! '68 VALIANTS COURTESY CARS. 4 to chooMi irom. AM have sulo. trans., ck., not stripped dov/n models. All kept in tip top cond. by our service dent, since new! ?102i -- si03? -- r]019-- =1003. YOUR CHOICE AT (1888 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlewood ME4-7530 '63 T-BIRD hdtp. Bciqc w/bcige int. S850. Priy. parly. 630-3311 W6-S6U ·63 VALIANT Signet sport cue.. RXH, bucket seats, 3 spd.. red. IEZ10S Sharp! Sac. 5595. Dlr. 4345)43; GE 0-0909 ·64 VAli; 6,"stkK, RH. . SS98 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlew'd -«!?. 53HI79I. ·62 VALIANT new motor Irans. Clean $495 425-4453 Don Temple. Imperial ·62 IA1PERIAL SEDAN. Loaded'. Draftee must sacrifice. S795. 433-5400 322 Orizaba. I .B. ----·'Plymouth 1945 VJ Pl.YM'Furv V-8. 1 9 6 5 J Mercury 1950 ·64 MERCURY. 1 owner. RS.H, alr.~ SS.OOO mi. New ties. 1st class cond Pti; J34-3832 or 42S7W1 Mustang 1955 ·66 MUStANG. V-3, auto., vinlv top. 21,000 mi., oriQlHiil owner, fac. _warr. 51/00. GA 3.8281 '65 MUSTANG 6 cvt, 'r'.'h. auto, clean! 13221 St Andrew Drive, bldo IS3. Seal Beach, 430-5841 ·6 MUSTANG C-B tact a~ir RH. owr sir. 30.000 mi. 597-4160. power str. AIR CONDITIONING.' Extra Sharp! rR55.i $1395 PARKWOOD CHEV. SQ59 Lflkcwood Blvd. ME 3-0731_ ·68 PLYMOUTH Roatlrunner, cii"-;- tom trim, vinyl top. man whls. Vcrv low mileage. E xcel. ccnd. 26SO or take over payments. J26. 5242 aft. 5. "'66 PLYA^ Belvedere, 31S cu In, Sid. trans. Yellow w/blark vinvl interior. Astro type whls, low miles. Excell, cond. J33-8635 "'64 PLY. "Belvcdei-e 333"w/loraue'fi". Good shape. S750. 865-5346 '67 MUSTANG. Pwr. sirs., fac. air, ney_c^r^arr.___5T9_50. B62-3295 aft. 5. Ponticc 1970! j '66 PONT. GTO, J-srxf,"389 w/3'2"'i. i __Clgan. S18QO. 5V7-3103 ' inidt" vinyi '69 IMPALA 2-DR. HARDTOP AIR CONDITIONING, linl.d glcm. RAH, door «dqe guards, fidl trim molding, vinyl interior, whl. to-var, w/w tirei, Fully f a c t o r y equipped - 6 7 3 2796 "Across From The May Co." 5059 LAKEWOOD BLVD. ME 3-0781 BMW C. Bob Autray I«»_L.B^_BIVl. BUICK Boulevard Buick . BOULEVARD BUICK-JAGUAR ONLY AUTH. DEALER IN L.B. 1B8I Lono Beach R(vd._59l-5fill LINCOLN MERCURY Peain Bras. Buick IS734_BtllfL_B!vtl^ JK-Sill Avalen Buick Opel rtow. Anaheim. Wilm. TE 4.H48 Boulevard Buicit lMl_Long_Besch BL 551.5SI1 Mike McCarthy Buick" 1!SSO Beach Wnt (7141 8M-334I CADILLAC Sachs Sons JS1S _Lakewood Blvd. JTO 1-0721 Murphy Lincoln Mercury lNO_Likiwi»d_BJyd. H7-4321 . E k.deboe Mercury-Couqor 17fil7_Bcllf._BI.,_Bellf._Tp 6-1741 MERCEDES Palmer Motors 3303 Atlantic GA 4.0754 OLDSMOEILE Ridings Cadillac , 1J01_L.B. Blvd. HE 7-J241 CHEVROLET _ : CORMIER CHEVROLET" ! rail E. ran si. 130-5100 i S J Chevrolet j 11900 South St.. Artesia B65-127 \ Bill Barnett Chevrolet I 1440 E. CorrlDton Blvd. iH-3060 ! Beach City Chevrolet ! 1001 E. P.C.H. GE 3-74J1 j Gets Chevrolet ! 14ns Param't, Param't A34-9010 | Georqe Chevrolet 17000 LKwD. BL. Belli. WA S-22S1 Gledhill Chevrolet 1100 PIC. CM. Hwy- Wll- I3S-IR8I Harbor Chevrolet 3771 Cfttrnr GA_fi^3341 Parkwood Chevrolet »n Likewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 John Bohls Olds 555 South St.. Lkwd. 531-7600 Marina Oldsmoblle 10» Pacific Coast Hlwav Jtarbor Cilv DA 5^321 Nowlinq Oldsmobile Sales Service TO 7-1181 7440 E. _F[restone Bl. Downey Dick Brnvninq Oldsmobilo Sales ft Service 1227 LonB BMCh Bl. HE (-9621 OPEL Boulevard Buick j881_Long _Beach Bl. 5?l-5n Peain Bros. Buick 15734 Bellftower Blvd. ns-fiill CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH- Ray Vines Corner Willow Lakewood BL Lono Beach 42S-73CH Ray Vines Corner Willow t Lakewood Loni_Btacti !?LTM1 Guy Moothart Chrys.-Plym. 1112 N.L.B. BL, Cptn. NE 2-7171 Lakewood Chrysler PONTIAC Frahm Pontlac nss E. Firestone Dnv. til-TMl Lanwrdin Pontlac 302 N.L.B. Blvd. CD). NE Miji LaKewooa wnrysier jt n t. * _ - _ _ _ . p__ t i_, »i« ranni.wnnj* Mr i 7wi " OD Lonqpre ronrioc Wl»_0ndlewood ME_-Z53» ! J3SDO Beach BL Westm. in-«S5 Lee White In H_untlnaton_Beach 52-5S40 Ralph's Chrysler-Plymouth WSOLakewood Blvd. Downey R. O. Gould Co. i«oo_Lono Beach Bl. HE 7-2171 DATSUN Dot Datsun 1IS3S Beach, H. Beach 84_2 : 77B1 Lang Beach Motors 3490 Long Beach Blvd. 432-5427 Moon Imports 5450 South St.. Lkwd. T2S-1777 DODSE Beach City Dodge 1M5S Beach BL, H.B. 540-2MO Harbor Dodge 2Slt_ H»rbor_BI^C.M^ «H" ! . Downey Dodqe Inc. Ml» Firestone Blvd. M2-«121 Glenn t. Thomas MO E. Anaheim __ 437.«n Jack Wldger Dodqe !««M Lkwd. Bl., Belli. TO S-W81 Snovely Longford Dodae 4«1 N.L.B. Blvd. Cut. NE 1-1S14 Tom Roadv--Dodqe 1U11 s. Vermont DA 3-»ll Verne Holmes Dodge JSIh t Atlantic GA 4-M3 FORD_CORTINA C. Bob Autrey Ua L.B. Blvd., L.B. Stl-1373 Plaza Motors 174H Clark Ave.. Belli. K5-1411 FIAT Palmer Motors 33« AlUntlc ?»_«·«'» C. Bob Autrey 1M L.B. Blvd., L.B. 5*1-1173 Harbour Imports 111 W. Anaheim. Wilm 83MM1 FORD Pu*in City Ford 2M2_Ielltlower Blvd. at-rm Glen Orqon Ford J20JIIJ..B. Blvd., Cpl. NE 2.7145 Pioneer Ford 11403 Pioneer Bl., Art. UN 5-12M Jim Snow Ford 157)7 Paramount Bl. ME 3-1107 Pacific FoVd MM th«rrv_Avt ; __ 4M.330) Hensley · Anderson M33 AlOffdra, Btlll. TO 7-2734 Kott I Smolar Ml W. Anaheim, Wll. Tt mil Mel Burns Fort) MM L.I. llv«. Reiman Ponttac 412 W. Anaheim, Wil. TE 5-0231 Solto Pontloc _1S45_j.ono_ Beach Bl. HE 7-4111 Suburban Pontiac 17S3» Belli. Bl. Bellf. TO J-1725 PORSCHE Rlcketts Motors IQIh ft L.B. Blvd. 434-5221 Circle Motors Inc !»]» Lakewood Blvd. 5J7-3JS3 Kendon Volkswaqen Harbor Cirv TE 3-7424 Pariflc Cst. Hvrv. at Normandie RAMBLER Rancho Rambler 2140 L»nn Btaeh Blvd. 5?l-3341 Don-A-Vee Rambler _1S7J7 BellL Blvd. TO 7-7254 Holiday Rambler 1427 L.B. Blvd. HE 4-9001 RENAULT Don-A-Vee Rambler-Renault 157J7 Belli. Blvd. TO 7-7254 S A A B Long Beach Motors 3400 Lonu Beach Blvd. 432-5477 SUBARU _ Thrifty Motors J47J_L.B. Blvd., L.B. 515-1(03 TOYOTA Bill Maiey Toyota 1ICT1 Beach. H. Beach W-9555_ Palmer Motors OTO AIIMIIIC OA 4 : 0754_ Cab* Bros. J«1_L.B. Blvd. 4 "-TM!_ Caldwelf's Inc. 734 E. Common Bl. NE I 51M TRIUMPH Jim Gray Imports ^5is_AManljc 8A 4-OT5I VOLKSWAGEN" Lokowood Motors 5S15 South St., Lkwd. TO J-0741^ Circle Motors Inc. J»I» Lakewood Blvd. STMJ43 Kondon Volkswoqtn Pacific Csl. Hwv. at Normandl* hartior City TE 2-MM Rickctts Motors IMh « L.B. Blvd. 434-5221 VOLVO Taylor-Slfltln Ford Cab* Ires. im PKHk Blvd. Hit. Pirll 7M1 L.I. Blvd. 4H-7M1 CORTINA SALE The 1969 MODELS are on their way We Must Sell Our Remaining Slock! 68'/2 New Deluxe 4-speed Mlg. Suggested Retail Price NOT STRIPPED BUT COMPLETELY LOADED WITH THESE FEATURES: $ 1786 SALE PRICE · Wall-to-wall carpet · White WollTire* · 30 Miles-per-gollpn · Package Troy · Interior Decor Group · Exterior Decor Group · Windshield Washers · Courtesy Instrument Lights · Padded Arm Rests We are building a new large service department to serve-our customers better. · Preparation Conditioning · Front Disc Brakes · Aero Flo Ventilation · Fresh Air Heater · 2-Speed Windshield Wipers · All-Synchro 4-Speed Trans. · Sell Adj. Clutch Brakes · Padded Vinyl Seat; Trim 24/24 Fartory Wtirriintv C.BOBAUTKBY LAKEWV9D CHRYSL ER $ 29 DOWN DELIVERS ANY USED CAR ON APPROVED CREDIT '62 CHEVROLET Serlon, R»H, duto., FACT. AIR COND. ·-304IA '62 T-BIRD Full pwr. AIR COND., V-8 $688 auto., RiH JRG 932. '56 BUICK 4-Dr. Sed. Runs SOfi good. Lie. KHD 356 "O '63 CHEVROLET Imp. SS. Buckets, V - 8 , auto. Nice. $746 SSJ345 */«IO '63 FORD Falrlann Hdtp., V-8, auto., *588 R*H. -3077A '58 VOLVO Runs good. Ideal 2nd cor. L E R 5 7 I . . . . ·61 RAMBLER Sla. Wag. 6-cyl., $OOQ auto. Lie. FJM 282. *OO ·67 FORD Custom, V-8, auto, trans., pwr. s f r . Sharp! XCG 598 $ 1388 ·65 CORVAIR Monia 2-Dr. Hardtop. Very 5 1088 sharp! =2046A ·66 VOLKSWAGEN 2-door, TEP 781. A late $ 1188 iodel at only. '62 FORD V-8, auto, frans., power steering S/LQfi Lie. - O J A 6 6 2 1OO '64 VALIANT Sedan. 4-Cyl., sfd. shift. RH. Nice car SDOO - 9 0 1 2 O7O '69 PONTIAC Cafalino. AIR COND., under 1,500 mi. Bal. new car warranty. = 4 I 0 7 A '63 DODGE 2-Dr. GT Dart, buckets, RH, auto. Very $7QQ sharp! = I 0 3 5 A / OO '63 CHEVROLET Nova 55 hdtp., ouio., 6- cyl., RiH. $QOQ JAJ 8 3 0 T 0TO BRAND NRW 1969 ROAD RUNNERS 2-Door Coupe, 3 8 3 4V.V8, 4 - 5 speed trans., noise reduction JQ CHOOSE FROM S package, special paint, etc. DCAflv "Car of the Year." Road test KtAUT one, and see for yourself! # 2 1 1 9 FOR DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE! 1969 EXECUTIVE CAKS '69 PLYMOUTH SPORT FURYS i to choose from. All equipped w / A I R COND., SAVE power itr., V-8, RH, auto, trans., some hove ifcrfto UP tapes, wsw tires, vinyl tops plus many other extras. TO All very low mileage. EXAMPLE: Ser. " P H 2 3 - G 9 D - 1 4 7 * 6 6 6 SALE $ 3790 LAKEWOOD (ENTER CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH "On thft North Side of Lokewood Crnf«r" 4919 Candlewood at Clark Ave. N. CARS ME 4-7530 U, CARS 53 LOTS I

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