Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 28
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Peg, || lac, rrep. for So!» 11 UNITS BaMONT SHORE ON BROADWAY trrwEEN LOCUST i L«. u. "* n - "** * Lac. Prop, for Sate 132 BY OWNER 10 Units. L Oetan Bfvd. 1J» ILOCK-Sevn IBxJracrm t tnree IBedroems. Heated SWI«*V MINO POOL, * penmuse for !.y.t'£J!* i i. *"·_·* f- TJX sefw*? weeT lor tsooa vnoer I GE MS 17 IX* . vim ««.d. ivo Cm it tougM 4 UNITS. L 2ND ST. WO BLOCK--AS ttedroom. Income t22jg per mo. * owner*, ·partment. I turalstirt. CALL l:U. SMITH tves, S»t_ Sum. HE 7-J7t» CUYE GRAHAM CO. tn E- Oceu Ream*. HE J J5U 6'/, X GROSS 34 Units · Pool Inc. S41R9-- 3} Unit, w Pool me 1BJ30-- II Unit, w Pod Inc. UtUO-- M Unit. Deluxe Inc. 120.140- U Units Older Inc. I (.80-- R «. EPtrmiS. tkr. 4M.7364 World's fta · Comm* 4 IM, t jjde. me. SOI no. It un nc. H4SO. Trade Ta .wtav t Rr£.,* durtit 4 7 BR. 4 1 singles. New. 4 Flat tMOO dn. .P. I cm. F.P. HUGO, Cose m, 1 Un. Build * mor». SJ1 tco. - -J-. On. tor B e fear CEK L.'HOOCES to CE WJ II UNITS SfAWOJNG NEW 11 SPPOOU. 1 Barms* six 1 Bdrms. Plenty of parking. May accept equity to borne us Lakewoed. Long Beach pr Rossmpor as ran -- SEE THEM TODAY -- RYERSOK. HAZLET. JOKES CE tJS!l Renters CE Mae 4344434 Can mis number we feevt more. A U Apt blog. Is omred today. The owner wants to get away. A small down · I take » ever. Or b-y . wade to be n clover. Submit stuff around Palm Springs. THIS man Is tar those thinos. METRIC METRIC METRIC TAKE YOUR PICK" 14 pnlts. older court VS.DOO 14 U. new. So. of r »-«SJKO J new onits, Vns'n^^--Vrsxfa suit*, new. 1 b*mt__st!JM 434-M34 Cart mis mjmfcer to cpen door INVEST $21,000 NOW Warehouse ta rear rents for tTSo mo. Could be esed tor ttt fulro. Horn, would rent for STOQ. METRIC REALTY METRIC CS+KJ Alice 5J-OC77 Eves. NEW IS ontti tmfum. aot Exceotlotv airv taro* 1-2-3-edrrn- l-ban. aoti. Carvetlno, drape*, colore* aootl- ·ncea, t:nes* construction. Annual ores* rTT.. FUianc* la sutl cuver. fT-ont or wnt» L fct Bush, CS4 johantia, Lk*4_ Ceautirvir fcom*. tanre rjn.m cJetv txpmed turrri. 1% talhs. w-w caroeti. AS oniti havfj Bart. afl:sa* H w. fiocn. iteet windows, (net «-c»r MT_ paved alley 1 anron. Shcrwn ry accl onrV- . -36-ge. Ownen. CC 4T1 ·TJVE IN CLOVER" Quanfv-bft. 18 ml* S vn. oil CusTon made tire* cabinet., fc blt.-lm. Resutifuttv tandscaoetl wir REX L HODGES CO. "Q.T." Tnis tnesra -Quick .. «m sen brand new 1 mitt, best locatioa. ene held vacant tor new Kry a! ,7000 OR TRADE Selling price S8UOO -- E.orif J- Bedroora uniH. STA3 per mo. REALTY ME M1U 4T2S Soi« St. CD-UNIT COURT Cholcg E. 1stSt.toc, rear ftxsy Sep. tne^rs. SVIU trade STLdM eKrv tor ewn-irour-ewa apt, gr REALTY GE 4-W4 EOI COU i~~ * fcr.S" 1 - !3« WHY RENT? For pnty EICHTY4IIS1E COLLARS rUTM PER MONTHTra can know trig secutltv 4ng sans* tacttoft pf Awning your ewe new i . i . ' . , i, d r T g r. refrigerator: cm* and carport. ALL THIS · tartar -neintejnances erg for yen. HunKr-cton Cci TOWN HOUSES BroclhuTsf Ai*m Hmi-ngfcn Beach NO DOWN PAYMENT NO 2ND TRUST DEED NO BAUOON PYMT. ?.M Bea^^omes-.ALL^ASEAS ,*fcK WELLS REALTY CEMS* TW MS44 IEAT THIS $??5 DOWN 2 IATHS I FAMILY RU. Just 1 vrs. eld tuny Improved wiA b«. fenced yard highlighted wltb psfia. Carpets drapes of course, an clean I, sharp. OopT struggle--lust call CE 4-74a -Key at CBl E. Pac. Coast Hwv. WALKER !.EE Je=« fc-r 139 EAST SIDE 3 O N I -LARGE LOT V* t dew. (bctn. .|r. 1 1 Ir. t^drra. act. aver S . . . Kew rocf fr* _»mnatlnt » wlf H» Pet. Inoxne CO. Tenro. JOE HODGE REALTOR OPtW CVTMniCS CA 1*14; CE »49: CC ITU By Owner. Open I-S JO U3 t U VU* tee. ctea* Mr. · Vbr. Fill tot. XXI flundna. Mr. lom 4 Cnerrv. 1315 XIMENO Older tnjocrlY tut ctekt It 4 tot ta flawed auev. . Sumit, JOE FUC.I KLTV. CC ttta LAKE\VOOD AREA DirtTesi Houst In Town sf yog love tp save money t enloy pairmna vou1 kae g ban wit* mis one. trs * big bedroom deo er seearat* dining rm. Ne down ct, minimuni FHA pr casb to existing fit ban. Can HA asK4 -- tn af Mi» Koodrulf Ave. W A L K E R 4 LEE DaUXE DUPLEXES 2 . 1 1EDROOMS ONLY van txrm -- m fist Straw in a HUMT1NGTON (EACH. 1474172 or Its tV-tB!7 -O14. SJOO me. SJOOO dn. u un. iTTi me ra.ono c*. U on. tnsg toe. Sucer deli. g On. S2600 toe Kew to. no \K tio toe U.DM dn. Can tAY CHCUCLL GAR ACE. off ice. service stsr.oa en H'«l]0' cor. Owner operated, me aver. 1KJOO mo. O-irc win LW1 m. SCHWENt4. RLTR- HE S?41t Inc. Property IMotek, Trance Porks 133 MOBILE PARK SITE 18 to a acres--1 mile center of ' Ideal nark site--SCO) rtr acrt A "Steeper.-* VAU.EY RLT Hemet. Calil TRLR. PK. t MOTEL HQTRS. AH sizes, prices. Most cities ta state. Own-Toor-OwB Apt. 134 THE SKY OCEAN . . . Is nurs to «if» beautiful bl-r** 1-BR art. Carjea avaMatle. Can ... HAZEL AftEERlAM -- 434-SD17 CUYE GRAHAM CO. UO E. Ocean Realtorx LHE 3 mi Seal 3 B*. Crtsaie) East cxrmur.t, best ouaiitv drapes, carpet, elect range, U c o . f l . rrtrio., lUUrv emer extrrt Mov« kn iTfl 41 Owner USJO Canoe Enxk Dr. PB JtJI-7574 $12,900. TOTJ E. CARSOTC A»T. * Onaund fir. Kv. nru tfinjne rm 4 kit- tan and fidrrti. Clos« market* bus Itnt. Sole, oar. GA *-7712 $950 DOWN IBR- upper comer. W-w. Tie. 4 yrs. old. hnmac. S7JOO fun price. ARNOLD B. BERG. Realtor 41» E- alroacwey HE 7-*3tS POTENTIAL MOTEL a Units. Near 4tb t Cherry. Can converted to 13 unit Motel * · apts. Ciryacproveo. SBC. at present tlVSOO per yr. Tr ' S117AO. Eoulty SUATJ Submi. . HARUATHKALEHAa-74941 4 RENTAL UNITS FOR INC. I 3-ftR. house, truest esttas* «V 3--VI fcR. win* over « Ban. Older but I . WEIGHT REAX.TY EOa COU 6E 4-994) FU-?ni5HE! TI1e kit. I * nn "cA-t.-j«» CA-iteT -REX L HODGES CO. i-ftarm. act-, tower. 1 baft. W/w. O«n«r w.l Submit down. CrowcD ".VTH I OUV.E.- Kcar^tew one- beCroon* and cvage. 11SJOO. Across ttte ifreet from St. AJ ttiLwy* Owrc* ar« Scfiom. E.V. REED.miilcr HE 1 ei? HERE YOU GO ! ! Taint t«r» to find ... but wt FOUND ITt 1-Bedroom borne wim IV* bams, fireslace, even bullt-lra. DonT rush, lust run ilowT to . 3M1 IELLFLOWEI. HA t-Sta ELLIS-SCHRADER Married To An An^el? Shew frer Jhi* J-B*drcc. J .i Para- (t:M witft buiMn kitctteit r/i fcattii. spacious yarti (or vour chLldren to Dlav . . . protected 6* ttnaer bTt. tetxt. Tr» »5M en, 1533 ArTrtrton. CE 9-7\6t EUJS-SCHRADER COMPLETat RJRN, Hlce t fcedroom, an ready to Bvt ax Kic« nen.tieort.ood. OmvVtjna ravments below rent at I5*.a me. 72nd t^ »-t-A, Takt ri;lcr Hew* In trad«t CERTIFIED REALTY SALEJ 100% RnancJng with T/i% interest 4 Bedrooms. r* bams. SM.2S per ma. f. i A3 vau iteti is a oood lot) antf CURTIS WILUAMS Rify. PR. riS7J4y Eves. HA l-: OWNER WILL HELF Hi cjlv conege * area, treak^nj rm. tor si* * OiM. Rm. Trv van tn. m tm Hf CA U*0 Eve. KA I4 MOLT -V REALTY BIS LOT CORNER 4-Bedroom, 2 bar^s win e s ' e fenced yard. Real ptct I. ' ts (500 down inetutlina ·) t-- RICHARDS REALit 551» Pel Amo HA1_.2ST W1U TRADE ft«nil KJ tot. 5B-IT30-. U Heart of Signal HO. Tra* for 1 er Ibedrm. ta H.L.B. Toner Realty. KA W977; eves, MA I-3SO ATTENTION-- MK. 61 JSEDRM Schools, snops. Snare. Ths win not lest slo down. LAK.EWOOO HOUSING CORP. GA I-717T-- eveu HA MSSX SNOWH1TE BUNGALOW wim a veen ctoor. 1 bdnrrs^ car- reted. ftewty decor, «ar* etc. Only 47758 witfl S7SO dn. CE VAII ClABTREE COtNERS. INC. Ill GENEVA »«!«. *hr. Huae rm^ din. rm rf den. r.^ Eaths. elec. kilchj Duoonf SH crot Oraoes. duoe closets, ultra Bv canal the bn. Ph. 439S9IQ FURNISHED SINGLE CLOSE 1H -- »i 5C3 FREST1E 1 BORWi. Z bams, earner tot schooti, oulct pow*«JOrt. |14Jca- JQHI?J^EAD Rtty. HA 14ft 1 .0 OUAL1FY1N -- d REy-LEs! 5 .V * Bit, 3 batti^ La tto. B*i, like renr. Cwn'S wib irans. imcoi. Hazels B ftv. UH *g3A. L* 3-sCT JUST USTED-4 UNITS la Itkmot VUlao*. Close te stepDtna Ana, tcoou sureties. mo. kicatne. 4 ev. ea EALTT tor TO ' . . . West Hoe. bv eark. we. . AC, W . . tCSSac. IS4.0CO. S7500 do. 23 CL Oltf gold Bifnet -{f Owner ··fr « 1 Bdrm. uriti Fun. mr_ C43*. Taxes COI.U. Tike O.7a CKK. Ideal toe. I ttk. from Bars Viet, .aa tutxro. UXA. Do-it bott-er _ynartt^fer apct. rtione CE_*»74. AN EX'CEPTIONAL BUY NEW-JUST COMPLETED 14--1 tearooms, and 1-2 tt* rooms. inuioo-SEE cnraE* 2175 Arl.nfic Ax. LL BlSTTfTTOWNS! t-lBIL -V -t»». wr. a-rr. Bl» lot. Iftcaene «330 rsnm. 1219 MOU*iO-- CPEW TrL SOLO Martneau. HE J-I2S1; CE t-2274 REX U HODGES CO. Was $9000. Now $6900! S*r-t Oiofre WRJ Trtde? Owen! REX U HOOGES CO. HE T-I2CT E 3r v°i'?E'ri.°R.1!; ·r-BDRJUL ironr. tEOXTairs. Sunny. Upkeep $11.11 UJOO. Act. 22. tU ETlnd «: «E4SI1I COOPER ARMS Her* tav sen. Lmroe front etoo bie. OCCOT ¥ffw. Cox. HE 8 M53 Duplexes for Sal* 135 TOP IOS ALTOS AREA CLOSE TO BROADWAY L Douelas. 1 tedi -poms cadi nn t, twase. nica varct. Home slu» Income At tow as 12COO down. Cad CE 3-74V3--K.TV at 2D60 Bin- flower Blvd. WALKER LEE 728 E. BIXBY ROAD 5 EEAUT. UNITS Ocs« K faclna smt ear*. *-V ·Rj 2 soies. Seams* ITVCCO, Overseas cwner anxlomf Submit S«a*on 1 S«Tovtr HE 4-3in 3-B R. E A. Wonderful tocanm. 12XOCO commitmenl avail. Cktan. .30300. SUBMIT Dd. HE 2457) 1 parjojes. WARREM 3BU. bomcs on I tot. 4 blks. from new U B- Maval HouiTar «;te, SlJCC fln. crnts. tTTa Inc. VU1C. ff tms. B'lt Bit..hrts, fo* rev tram Area 7K 497-ISJ2 ATTENTION ftUILDEU 4 U on back of SS-T3S lot. 8wi tor more wiits M front, me, .CSa F.P. Cl-SOO. Sformy Kaati. Ufa. HE S-7439 tNT*. 74 feft. tram bcacn, T* fc*s. from «. Aarmornr chorcn. , Pnceii to sent inc. uso. S beaun- 1 ful .rtfwidw... bungalows, 1 Able. car.u ElVA. CU.v«_ Owner. Oo-n I 14 a.m. 3 PERFECT REMTERS Cc* rent bv fnaff. lr-eof^.» ' SoctTes prooert.ejv (U.KL SI 300 -- »T2S mo. M Rrarrv loecht ME 1-1971 BY OWNER--4 Ur41TS lucat talcarry type, »if l-tdrms^ fura. hew raof. inc. t?^H v r tvora^at, W3JOO fun anct AL RUTZ. REALTOR BYOWNBV Ouplry.. ^ Br. eacb- CA J-3S75 ST464 -- S.EW DUPLEX. B JILT OK YOU« LOT. GA 1004 BLUE MOON Is tMrg g l batti pong for Iittsg lust 1 bits, from the «uv Ce. 1 eeorooms ef coune. rutted paaoed: carcef l pang. We win be kaopv to prove its value. Can CEUm -- Key H 200) Celt flower aivv. WALKER LEE .2 EEOROOMS DEEP 150' LOT wim ton of fruit trees I morn to breame. ftig covered pe*o to enlov R trom. Prtcif Just tlXTOO. .raUil.^ - « " · « * WALKER LEE am MIXOH Ibcdroorn B (ten. ft-l resldmct. An aduft ramllv win fan M lovf wit* -thi* home. Eac* tetfim. 1m ertvate er semd^erlvate ttlh. Mood JnirnlTtff fu-eDlact, forctd air heat. Built- in rano* A even. Lartt covered Mt.o, Ore cf thf best dwjsred tamn ever ottere »Yt£J RCALTT CCX \ Woodruff,^Berflr. TO 4-.CT1 J995 DOWN 3 EDB.IJ, 2-BATH T h s toacloux home fc*» · ktng. sir* bdrm. wim adiomirto battu Natural csblnrt, ww t UraDri art jnducied. Blodt fence. Let VcuT rent checks birr iff for von. O8AN HEAITY. INC. SX37 SOUTH ST. HA 5-M2t NEAR NEW BY OWNER TAKE YOUR CHOICE We liave pica selection of t-Bdrm. bomes to choice arta. As low as 1509 dowst Including aD costs. "R'ICHARDS REALTY till Pel Amo HA S-ICT HOUSE OF ENTERTAINMENT PARTY R00« UXa APPROX. 1 Bedrms. 114 bams. Fireplace, carpets draprs tnruout. J2000 OOWH IUTS TONER REALTY HA i-7427 eves: CE V OUICK POSSE5S1C.1 A reasonable down svmt bandies this 1-Beetn -is- Plan. All ready financed. FHA pymfs of 11» iivs evervttiino. Move ta now. LAKEWOOD HOUSING Corp int EELLFLOWER BI.VO. HA S7514 OR TO *3734 5EMKXJSTOU 9 bedrooms 1. den. 1% baths. Forced air tieat. U3» lieate POOL tultir eoutDoed Inctudl/ia a tomatic cleaner. Anew entranc to double garage. B2.HB. Ftexl t e terms. MctXJELU U.TK. HA t-3439 7.-BEpBOOi» t»me.bum-i« range; tret. Fur*, tnrt. tor S115TA. Enisoa Rtty. I72BE. TOT HE 1-441S ALAMTTOS HEIGHTS PERFECT LOCATION Beairftful Cac* Cad fcornt. High eti Via hill. wltH tne fcr*er» trom ·trie eccaa to tlow away vour cares. A eertghttul ftome axate.1 ta a select art«. For CtsJis, can i-RV PHIL IPS CE liWI CUYE GRAHAM CO. S09 E. OCCM ReaRon rIE 3 7MY EVERYTHING your heart desires. tt-e sfwwocact ot Centemporanr JWodtm dnign. Corrter^ Large tot Frxl Xtra tot. Floor to cfiRng trn. Gins walls, lanai. Patio. W w Cost ar*cn Xint conct Owner Builder. Terms. Ptiont CM- 3771 BELMONT HnGHTS OPEN HOUSE 2 TO 5 274 GRAND AVE. BEAUTIFUL 2 ON I JULotferaized' 1 t den cm*, home I brand new a B ft. t*clr, B 3rd SI. W/w Orps. LOVtry Untticwilnft. Owner r..rtsf-ttTed. *UnJ sett. Here's irour ctiancc. MADEilA RLTY. GE 4-0?35 BARGAIN SALE tAodel ~X~ Lakewood Part tiome witb POOL. For less than SO.OCO RICHARDS REALTY 417J Soul* St. HE «T1 COHOM CANDY R^. das -rsea! brkk fronf + ^ planters ef same, fteaov for vow ecti 1. TOUT coctet- See SmJm. h an rescecti book fco'l See . CA nut Eve turn MOULD KEALTT 3-8EDROOM V/w carrefs, lirwd. toors, OisiV masTer, efisa. ftriakfast nook, din. rm^ ftacnton* patio, iprkL schools ft stores 8y owner. Tl 7-2BO*. iOO$ Turner Prove Or, HNICKY IUYM77 Here's veur answer. Spotless V bdrm. *D~ nvjdel Big kitch. Blt.Jns. Ask caolnets. Crets. Dros. Be oulck. JOHN HEAD RJ,. HA S-M HAWAriAN ATMOSPHERE BeauTirulrV landscaped. H5«^rm 3 tatb with AntTiony POOL. IAKEWOOD HOUSJNG Ccri S771 BtLLFVOAER KLVD HA V7ST OR TO t-373.1 4 BEDROOMS Lee. rtmintt rm^ flretface. 1 fulT t«m- two Vi tattts. HT. Ximerre .. Colorado. Shown fev appoml- ment only. 14,100 On. Ed Riimers. Bkr, *4E 7- TIM J750 DOWN BErVCHWOOD GA2-I205 Lett for Sale 134 2} Lll ITS--CLOSE in 4 K ants, 4- 4 commercial. Ha »*- I cenew fJcftr. Owner Mdirro, cas*. I ft irvst oWd accetrtaSiie an *3w« gyntt Hag. T^. yrs. aid. CS-5364 BEIWONT AREA rrt. rcsfuccoed. inf. rwc Lor ttn-m CTMB Knr. C iril« LTJO.J oowm--ILATI Me tsda m*. ** 13* *-ia. 7-onit smcca. 3--J- .*!·».; J--l*r».; l sir CLrOEl. WftrtS* L O T w ttt 1 store* I ren*- r«. inc. SCSI. Drtvefrr TT7 fftm 1231 Anartne. For ie-m. e, I trwn- «r, HE .1-7X2; FR t-lflCt *jpr«_ me. wa ma. VACAJIT to* ptvs toincs OR ntrt lot. Do net ffryro. nta e. .rattK A-J. Ct ITM Uc. Prop, for Serf* 122 AUCTION SAT. Af lit L I fJK. 713 5HAIIMA1 DlITt (Caita Meul 4-urJl7 cm* H M ocu* S.W. Comer AtlantTc 4 A TTto .S-V-CJ-^roDerry c^ear. Prts- tnt income S40Q per monttv, __ A __ Nl. CORNER 5TH 1 ALAMiTOS 7X0 M ff.--C-*--Property clear. CALL »iU SMITH tvts, S«», Sun. HE 1-mi CUYE GRAHAM CO. U E. Oceaa Realtors HE ml Combcaifion C-3 R-4 TTiese adlo:mng ton ati a corner provtce Einr. ouumfureTy tor inuc »o'e pni - "FULL PR. J9300" Clean I bdrm. OP R4 tof. Owner . imn* t*rt. Cood CE f-C-KM; CE M6T7. REX L HODGES CO. BEAUT. FUV elder home. 3- Bit. 4 flen. 2 ea. Cm valuaar* corner tor. wmt sen. CftSa Awn. ·»* ewner. Good trrrrv -Trfl £. Broadway. Ooen an e*y. BELIONT SHORE "TWO FOR THE PRICE" AR£AS BEST IUT S17JW for H«. borne, fully fure. Sletas reoecoratlng. Too toe. ttose to Bk. wim POOL. Possess K.7/-43 SEN E NIB EKE t Rlty HA 5^411 fss- Sa!» 13* LAKEWOOD PLAZA "Fictng 6olf Cotnt" 2E!ti"a iij.efi *»_iow"»s mo Vacarif, bnmeAalt po: Can HA 11214 -- Kn - - »:v«\ . WALKER LEE COd HUE DECKED POOt Ctnlce secluded arta fust 1 brk. from golt course. So gelt t swim for fun a beein. Big 1 BR. born* wim rear ivlng rm. Ke» seaarate dining . duced -- carl HAVtTll -at iSO WooOruff Ave. WALKER LEE eiAi YOUK auis fJM THE FENCE Sri Viat near the golf course. Just «'«58 dn. tor lhi reall» dean 4 B«^ J bath. Carpet, drapes A many extras Bhis ijuge covered eatitt sa easy to screen er enclose. · TO wrsb. Want M p... ^ . · . · · · · '. · · · B«.« «» . . · a · .«» JSP» . I JT aovituunqwrrnnrrpp. l»v ROSSMOOR · · · · · A Ttolung M«ns Horn*' · f a ) family nan*, pries I lew*. tuHvy cwa. a. WM4 M » *M f Pearooins. I baths. Ipmlty room, «jlockTer«r ~ but see «ui fit*"" " "WALKER t LEE LARGE FOCI PLUS GUEST OR IN-LAW. ·uartersL Perfect tor am* erobleni Von bave. 14OB family rns. sae ta additlea: M m 1 bedrooms. 1 bam* t lover* an eec. kitctien. we are proud ef this bon* yoa win »e too- Call CC frci-iii at Hot f . Pac. Coast »tw. W A L K E R LEE iGOLDEN ESTATES--TCXX-fr a BR. X fa. Fam. Am. custom sttff.a.'s HA S-nil MOULD HAS-lltl W A L K E R LEE "H" MODa-- SHARP 1713 si fL ML garape. Covered Data. Stained tfass door, dining fraS, %?£**££ REX L HODGES CO. IAKEWOOD VTtlAGE T OWNER. tarof ttvintr eond. ttot LOS ALTOS POPULAR "I2 1 * PLAN Soactous }beoVoom. rtar tvlnn rm^ fireoract. bkhst tar. «t*4 shower, located ta beautiful Stratford Souare. Kev «t . . . RAPHAa REALTY *CS E. Soring KA f-5VT7 IT OWNER NIL COLLEGE ISAUT. PROV. STYLE Ckntam bttL. 7 br- S UtM. ifiak* roof, bfrc* kit, duftwtsrw, w-w, cot., draoes. caveriC! Datio. frtcd. r adv Fit Terms, or trade for 4 tot. GA t-SIX GA t-240* eves. SHARP! J-bedroora 1 dm + tamlly rm. 1 tircaiaces. Enlarged kitchen, en* shop. Truty^^" " BFi ^^ »5717 STATE COLLEGE AREA DOMT BE tunuw or steal to buy that frew borne. Cash lor vour equiTv. CaA for tree valuation^ CE VI371; Eves. CE 4-7MT REX U HODGES CO. OWNER SACR1HCE ABdrrn^ 2 bath. VacjnL move at. DbL «sr. Low dn. aeymt. Trade? Can HA S-IK7: Cf i]OU Eves. REX L HODGES CO. 2103 RDDLER Z bdrrrw near CBurcb, school ft inarteL In good cond. Fun prtcg lls.san Terms. t. FURR RLTT. CE 4JC7 BY OWtiiER. 1400 II. ft, elec. sitc»_ 1 barms. 2 battis, sewing-laundry rrru ste down TV rm. Partly turn* crptd. * draped thruout. Tiao Cgndar BORML 1 SATH. REAL SHARP tars of extras. J 1,400 *x!stino FHA ban, best arta. Cat now er flrfve fey 27Q Condar. PRESTpGE CE JSW43 AREA TRIPLEX tSDOO dn. fa. «V test tocaflon In Los Cemtos. f.P. uejoa. DtlYE IT 3734 CERUTOS CA ,,"· iX ^°^ 4^ NORTH LONG BEACH AU YOU LOGONS FOH: 4 OR S UKITS7 IRIe bave (21 new sloe by side 4 units an a-Br. income woo mo. ter bldg. Eacb SBJCO. Terms. 2-IR. HOME + RENTAL {S14.50L TERMS) 7 Br. bl front. CUT single apt, X gar. at re; ' cozr , ear, tncome Slo} mo. .-- -t exT»us i- -a DORADO- uooa )-8edroom famity mu caroets VtruouL. Draoes. AM elec. krlct Ren-tOL. washer ^ drver. Key RATHAa REALTY . Sonrtg HA »!"1T FOrt THE EXECUTtVE Tbaf has evcnrltilng but BEAUTIFUL, HOME. We bave pne custom furnished. CALL US. HARMATZ t KALE HA 5-7484 SEAL BEACH HAVE CLIENTS Need 1 1 48r. domes, tree market evaluation. LIST with cs "* "· K-."CM REX L HODGES CO. Xg Mala 5t~ Seal Beacb AnctKer Good LJifmg HI I5« St 7T frontao w/w, frolc, room M buil Rtirmrs 431-4571 SIGNAL HILL Johnson R»y. JUST OUT WHAT A BUY! EtmcrtionaTlv flnt Home vcrv ttftractlvt price tor this ulcd neioWsorbooit m**tora bomt wire tlreotaca plentv of ennirtg scace. W'Vr earpetino, ttraoes. tuiTt-lrts. Best lilting hi fit ·ret. Seeing ta toel ie*-taB* Stop tt . . . 2691 Belinower Blvd. ^ HA f -592S ELLIS-SCHRADER WEST SIDE 2-BR.-- R-2 LOT NORWALK $150 HOT CUE Cl NT MORE ·neves ye. m. f Lgje. T;*^ **?? aJuohtSnopeTne/ ''' jasa F r. ar! COAST HOMES LOS ALAMTTOS MIDWAY CUV it* . ·- »·· R4.VE Secure - : - SSOOJTEvVs B*r- Cl4-«t!i. · . · . 'i,' buses/ Only s gtcTpli 1 b CERRITOS COLLEGE Only 1 bits, to Colin. 1 lusl { snvt vralk ba snooping Ctntar. bedrooms 4. lam pYl fireplace, covecag pang. 4 · ISxM iwimmkig POOL Beautiful land- scepmg, only tttjog F.P. HUMPHRIES REALTY TO «7G7 bd E. AJonora Krvd-, Bel*lo»er NO DN. Gl .^ OR FHA Attrac *br. anod. stucco, spacious by. are*, rae. ·.»,, tiw. tig. 1% b*» coy. pan* wllb BB3. toe- fenced yard. Only $13M mo. Pft 1 PIOHEJR «RO»TE» LM HTM PARAMOIWT 2-BR, SUNPORCH, $9500 Out of tfett owner un *ser*. Smalt down arranged Can CA IIJST; Eves. CA J-394 REX L HODGES CO. Low Ptymcnfs? »E»IT WITH CPTIOH TO »UY 2 BoYm. stucca. lust the bouse ta pet started en, peed some work te 17900--2 IDKUS. Wtiardwood* floon, A vrs. e-ld. ISCO DM, V9 a wtj e-rvi ait Can Bemi* jonn eves CE l-cca. UOCIO REALTY HA 5-74 ?* STOi OOW14 Ibedroom aa XxlOO ft M. bVand newt FuR prtce SI7J001 RUNOOVIST REALTOR TO »44Tt CJ NO O» pvmnt 7-BR.. w-w cpt. Only S5 me. PtL Bkr. ME 4-3438 S29S Orange Cepary Prop. 141 $200 DOWN Wany I I 4-edroom borne] priced from SHJM -- Sold M FKA terms. Save balance of down |ijj^sH'Ljr?».'r*. w«TM _ _ jHAEL REALTY, tflg tafella CE 1-3011 or TAyter MOT ITT*: BUILDERS A INVESTORS · ntjoe, level. wm 1 Xint for sub-dividing 4BR. »om«. t»fl W-IJOO. « batns, carpeted. Insulated, weam- er strtooco. fenced yard, covered ratio. CAake eftwr. Owner anxious oa«y Wonted ratla. HE STANTON BY OWNER AVAILABLE--2nd TD» tisa-«4S--w%--o vrtt 14700-tiaO--m--U rrs.l Caa^pyrso« ^"^ HE »C41 y'E 'sev. consider api* trlvate ^y«*ZV«!ST Y. l it^5, rt 'REX L HODGES CO. WESTMINSTER 6 Bedrooms Lively borne, irpL pit-to t.ta. tie fenced yd. CuHJelac St. Trade for smaller bomg pr pa p t t, aavmfs. aoorav. STT5 PIP. Ask far Mr. petersoe Eves. JE 4-:2S7 JOt RIRR «e«rry - - - jj I AUTO dealer aweds fTLoo. witt 3i H'es?.-- '#?* tt - tSP * (X yrs. e CE VP7I R377 Euclid. C O ITM KEEO Staooo. 10% Intei-csi. I vr. due. Collateral 1st morn. CAT wash. Eve-v Bkr- Cl «m. $500 DOWN Including costs. IBedroora 1 pen. Comer, 1*4 bams. Intercom. Tks wont last. Can . . . RICHARDS REALTY ais Soum st ME inn OWNER wants I Boots and Outboard* 160 IB*. X BA. Fam. rm. FrpL Brt.- ms. Draoes. Pang w/BBa f"c«. Hr ichooii t stnpv tlfJOO. U755SI South Bey Property 142 DOM1NGUEZ 3 BDRMS. 2 BATHS BEACHWOOD"GA?."7C5 PALOS VERDES HOLS BT OMrNER. 1-Bdrm. convertible den. carpetj. draco, wan refn SZL5OJ. M« (vnner Or. TE lisi SAN PEDRO K 4Aust Sent jniraleste Foot- n San Pedra. snarp. wel . »e«. tame ./as bit.-uo. lstiwasner, ctio- washer, drver. % b*, Pitto. Prot- landsced. C4.47S. Phone for aootTE13on TORRANCE RE1TKETE8 OICrjKSOK 71( XAarlna^Or^Seal Beacb ANAHEIM JBORM^ TVi bam. r.n MOVES roa as .taru."jg BUENAPARK »Y OWNER. 4-br. Jbalb, clean. Crots. L cbjapes. Blk. walls ^-REdwo« -jiiiJi "oVLA bam. ""* Oranoetair silry- 7911 Orangetnoroe HERE IT IS! NEW LISTING Lee. uadous 1-br. blt-bi stave ft even. bircB cabinets, t furnaces cinder block fencing. Low price. B?st terms toot 1 BR1STOUI CA 44911 FO* OUtCi: SALE AL *LrTZ KEALTV 1OT2 Pacmc Ave. HE 4S7 We Need lAflngs--I Knds. K. H. Sreana Rlty. GA 4-3.33 WR1GLEY VOt DOWtl 1-barm^ trpL. w-w carp.. TV? ba^ coy. patto. fence± CRAKGEFAIR Rtty. LA 1-72H 7711 Oranoemofpe UK 1-1404 il?s TOTAL moves rotf today. 1- bdrm. t den. pttb. fenced. ETI MULBERRY CE MC27 CYPRESS * ST91 Total * tneves ve» ta JB drm^ I bam. S iroetlno, pyares. patio. everry Jackson Ray JA 7-7774 10301 Btaca Klvd. Stanton SEVERAL smalt ranches. S1JOO on. * ta. SSa Lmcon, Cvoress, Bkr. GARDEN GROVE - AL KUTZ RSALTY U»I Pacific A.e. ^^ HE 7-3547 . Shara remodefed Howd. Carnort. . RATAJACK REALTY 6A !-Mol ange Aft 4 a.m. CA HT4 NEAR ORANGE ft CEL AMO SUPER: SHARP CLEAN MEDR.OOIvf-H4.S50 Cl CR FHA ·ft built stucca an SQxllO fenced lot wim able, garaae. AR new natural wood cab. moldings. Solid concrete drive. All touvcred windows. XlnL hdwd* formica. Disposal t. awnings. VOX dn. JOHN W. REED. REALTOt CA -mi 401 E. Uartet CA sJ6» UNIT IUYERS AHN: t UNITS IBr. L I JUrv tumlshed. J0ia tot. Wr L.B. B^/d. tncome »4SI mo. 17SQO dn. UL9B. S UNITS Furnishef IBr. stucce n W*1U comer MS. tncome CTJ mo- tSSOO dn. lUl mo. «^ P«_ ftAav trade for TDs er bovse- JOHN W. REED. REALTOR GA 17M1 401 E. Uartet HA H« '.140 ARTESIA $495 DOWN Ocan as · pin. I-bedroom. S7?a F.P. SSI. no. Wove right kil AHENTION INVESTORS Older 1 bedroom. RI ML USO. CARSON ST. REALTY 1713» E. Carson. Artesla V* ULU I ON I Lot 50xU5-One J Bedroom . ore VSedrm. Income SOS. IU40 XtTH ST. ARTESIA LAKEWOOD HOUSING Cor; S771 BELLFLOWER BLVD. HA S7S14 er TO 4-PM 4 BEDROOMS $ 15,500 Lars* 4- Be «hocoiTi l ,i cente TRY sijog ctown. liar .. ctudlnp taxes t Ins. 14. oTM win covei'ej patio. Paradise SP sim FA «-»iM WILMINGTON T OWNER-- 1-odrm. t den, crots. draoes, coy. eafio, lots ol ftle, ftncedV dble. gar. TE 4-5C3. Out-of-Town Prop. 143 FO* sale-- M beautiful Olal Vallrr. HEMET Hon« Lovers ftrtfat i stalls, corrarts. Ideal location. Older home. S21JOO. VALLET P.LTT. IMS «L Ftorlda Hemet, CaliL PtL 45*^s7s] HESFERIA JOSHUA TREE Z/ Acres JID5 ful erki $15 DOWN. $15 MO. ZETIO REALTY. Yucca Valley HE 2-W41 -- ton, t..cV PARADISE It-- IBR. act!-. «r. town. Careen. rartue i even, retrtg_ air cond-* carcets. HJO.OCO Terms «-'r.-e tun Havnes. P.O. Box 5£7, paradise, Calif- er call TS 7- Ranches er Acreage Hi FWAT, tout* of Escandido off of Hwv. 39S. ^*-acre view of green yalley. tRIL s l Mid to.-, da Moan fain and Desert 148 ro« sALn , - TAytar l-OCSt 3-BR. RUMPUS RM. $13,000 Attractive S-Bedroom «, lane rumpus res. Big toL Quiet peiahborbood: Fnul trees. NO MONEY OOWIf l-~ S400 TXT1/T4 FHA !iT«!L- KEALTT -- l4 i 1ll F»2nj GE V3CU er , TAylor . BY OWNER 3-bdrn.., r/i battV e»r*. ffy fc*ritw(t firs Firpiaca. Cernoiei IV redecvate± $495 DOWN 11400 nsm si. LE MI WANT SERVICE? We service what we Bst Your bouse woaT get the "Co By* wilbj our emce. Free a ATHKSOK REAL" 1-BORM. New gaint. ww, bresk- tasf pook, ceramic frpHu. vene- T4anx di*PS^ lawis sprklers~ IOC. patio, planters, water softener. C b. fence, ptavhouse. tiuag. TOT-IMS Open House by Owner Lovely 1 Mrm, del Jcar gar., w w carprnna. near May Cg. Call Immealatety or drive by-- S907 Pearce Ave. TO 7-7103 B«aul;rjl J*«rm, linert, «r/w. Decorated ta euf. Hice apt In rear, c^an as a via. Can CC 44C4: CE M3. REX L. HODGES CO. BLXBV KNOLLS EUJS-SCHRADER 40' Treasure Island W.ferfrsnl lef--Es*a^g Most Exdusrrt Art* t l-KU After 4 PJL SiEARSCTH t MYRTLE Wim paved pney. Reed gulck oeal. Br- CA »7«T; Eve CA IKBt .... _ . . . . _ CLEAN iBR. OK RtAR, CA «»t STtYE SPINOELL. Rnr. HE 7-74J ALAiWrTOS HCTS. ttJO. ta Sli.090--R1 PliESTlOE CE 1- VACANT Kf Plus - 1. Do B ' »tl. A-J. bouses oa rert I24C C. CE HIM alley. t» Kernes for Sate 139 r % a Carpm and enp . AsarntouMr t Tain OK HDGUSTAFSOH G» RESALE -- 17J5TOTAL OH. Move fc I M. t e C»-* r e«r: CE g-173B, R--*BR. S3DJOD. Cersop. PICTURE PERFECT A loarklin,) home wi!H k»vei* an e'ectnc kiTctven, J*immlrig POOt, m -»»l!ed »ftfi«. Conven-ent n "CUVE "e'RAHAM E CoT 100 E. Octn Rcattors HE I3H1 TAKE OYU ei · Pvmts. Si7. 4% net Taxes 1 Us. Ibr. Cov. ratio. Onhr tTASOO- HAUM ATZ 1 KALE HA 5-74 M J^B»- + MN + 7 IATHS Rfdec bs I. out. TQe kitcst 1. bam. Try 1:953 dn so FMA bi. HAIMATZ1 KALE HA S-7494 111. W w. (It-Ms ft ball. CM. BY OWKER--J-B*TM. Kr. scnoolv On bus line. Bargain. HA e US4 FOI EXEOniVILmNS mC beautiful Paddort,. pcxx. Cevl pane w:m elecsnr. SO. rTAPHAH. IEALTT . Spring HA »SP17 CALL FOR APramTVENT fSre'Ss.;'^'" **" + AL RLTTZ. R««Hor 1177 Pacific Ave. ME T3S47 LAKE\VOOD PLAZA MISS ? 1 HOW CAN YOU !! Only (14.79 tor p tovety J»*» raom fnme win dpnoV cov'd iatia. Carpefirtg top ... Ow wig help twarrce. fig gxialjnr 2W1 BEUOLTMER HAiSTTJ ELLIS-SCHRADER CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS Beaufif J F.miV H«rn« ra t- jntt ST. TUfs borne bas evervitiinc Can ELLEM. CA t-JKB; CA -«4». REX U HODGES CO. I-WAY FLOOt PLAN VW. never ftaveta wall If 3-Br. |% tam. 21 fr of picture wmoow. tutry ca^prtdL Mottirrig ««i «ouc» ffiK borr« for price S717!« ar %atue. Tr« na* ~ see ta Bcrnie Jones for f:ni JfeyLD«£Airr 1 HAVV«« CITY COLLEGE AREA MEAT ft Oean ]-r. am Hew m* CTPL A drn. II f^-e t ytf. ·, Si5l Canra HA e-s743 DOMLXGLTZ St. M. m'tll Na DowrJ ·fit C Mobciyco" ME J75I 2 B R « R 2, CA * Fireot.; b^oTTv pine. i b buiA tiuoa Prmejjls pnnr. BSDB cm. C4 feTBtwawnsi 1R-, t bam. J77 Cerrrrot--:4 500- Kr. St Ajrmonyi. Bovd CA *2g IV "·· v «w^ 1.PL siwccm. Ipprunt fM.- t«r. ft t )CH DOWTVTOWN _4 Er. Nr. SJL AnSion/i 11'*"HoDCtt'cS »'E Xlsi EAST SIDE .*»? Crowe.^iA'e'ifCj; CA"MI2t~ REX L HODGES CO. ONLY tUJS. }«w-1, Jbr »ront. Hsdrm. rear. * RJJ M. Terms. --y. CE »MO - 7ar CC l-l b4tn. w"w crpts. "cE"»SSf SAVINGS--SAVINGS ·uy Crecf pnd inved row SP»- bw.. Large peal comer, synced tot Avocados, tresft pamf and net DINING ROOM HERE « r- fam. rm^ « a tt Planned canoren. walk to aR KSoS ·350. en. er your edurnr Can MA £HB7: 4/vev MA f-t3M REX L HODGES COr 3-BEDRM. S FAMILY RM An m* adsttentoan ir Plan. emy*t:4.tS"-- Cag TaneTtr 2-IEOKOOM tV I-BEDROOU "54-built cfuccp win bdwd, tile. tnerrnp. tieat, disposal, circular floor plan. Pot. Inc. siQO mo. Rear house frame i-bedroom. rent. S4S ma. SO.13 toL Paved alley wim · garage. Mr. S9m t Ananflc. HIM OOWK; I"! VOL 1:4 500 JOHN W. SEED, KEALTOK CA -79l1 an t. Martet HA t-rrit Atfi R«a!torx BariWn. e^c. C-2 E. AtTBIA BLVO. Fxtra bi* bedraomv toe- Ban w' soar, Stan ktiower. Loe. bktsr. nn, Seoar. tfinirg rm. ·+· tmaTl aot. rev rented $65 BVX Room ta ·ronr for eftice er »m*a shoa. OnJtf t!4.*sa Terms, H. X Wildermutti. RRr. GAt2971 VACANT- 1221.: -- SHA-t ·»-- **U* « Y I Open «jrfY J t 3 Bdrm.' beauty ·eeoratedi IB ft *ut, tew carpet + » tr. rvntaf. Try (1700 *3ow». Huet»r,l CA rtTI; HE 7159 REX U HODGES CO. · 79 M1N. TO LA. lUMACVrLATE J BDRA4. I TrS. rew. R tot. Ideal lor T o. I. Best rental bsc Ms rrsitf. pr«: sio pawn . , . costs enlv to Cts. £41 C eTTH WAY--OPE* SUM. imSON. KAZUT. JONES CE «70e REALTORS CE IB11 SEPARATE ROOM -- V XTM* and* . roomy, wctl-krpt IBR. borne wllM fu. tfn. rm. B brtafe- f«s« rm. Ceaufiful carper ft tors nor*. Also pas Meat wortsnop ft tool room off gvaoe. see Sooavt HOWAID IUTUI. tLT*. 4T74 ATLANTIC C.AI4T1 BY OWNER Ibdrm.. bardwood firs. garb. CI'SP. Comp. retiec. Balanced pwr. $495 DOV/N 117S) U41B tf LE t- JI7.000 Lpvety Bedroom ft famlry room. 1 bafns, s t s a e fireolace. w-w cgrpels, drapes, buMt-Mt ranee ft even, cave: id eatio. Landscaped fenced yard. HO MONET DOWN Cl -- 5400 DOWN FHA. RAPHAEL KEALTT, U» Catena _CE S-3Q1J or TAvtertOJl HUKRT HOME--Just starving for attention. Vacant evcrsUed -br 4 Wt bam, huoe .v. rm-. oixL gar. XKt toe. As»m» SU^TS. Tale ever existing fu'i fcaa witb easy terms on dn. pvmt, pr eo on OL »*s» on. FHA. ICey tea SIATELLA. JA CRESTUNE -- 4 ABts. + «t I-BR. Flrept Cd uirklra. Sleeps 3L Rie. I IP JMCtTrr. «Hl» SL Cas. sewer, water, files. vt.OX Consider some trade. F.P Ot.SIC. CA 7.-C3. Triua HE H341 Money to Loon (ON REAL EST1TE1 15! $150 DOWN T B r. itucea. fncd. »art Bavmfs. enfJ'sriSl 'Er. HA M**'"'**' 1 BELLFLOWER GROWING or GROWN? This ta in Idejl family borne for only S20JOO. 3-DedroofH Susi Ray. B^-RT range ft even. Cre»T«ce, 1% bains, w-w carpel Submit en Pow* payment to p good eiisfing FHA toan. RYLEE REALTY rr» E- Artesip Bennower Pnone .35.5871 HET1REO FOUS! vuhen that pav cneck pet. sn*j ft we get p Urn* aloer^p r-- modest borne like ttis l^edroora frame could be sne amwert Sales price l-AJX--farms. Close · *ett- "J'i. MUELLER. UALTO« T7TU Oprt, Bellflower TO 7-PM TWO ON ONE Trade vr sell S-bcdroenv l^tttns. Vacant, reactv for vow *» *vve .*«», 1 beia-aom *otr\i rented «1 per ma Oood locatten. etes* tv Garden Part, Esfaies B/ ewner. 4-bdr~ I fcatlt, w w, . VA. toan er wB FHA. S19C3 Ca. ·r best effer. uit Trkmetre Av«^ C Ck TW 14694 comer a-bdrti-.i fci/oe famlhf "«-. brt-lns, w-w carpet, draoes, fiber' stass. kTsulatett weati-hrstrt..ced. 7 vafloi, C* tenet. Ha On. CL WOO On. FHA V K«Y at Tidwtlt-- tro KATCLtJL. JA Ttsa jw MONTH pavi an. UTM *BR CR. ·enca. detiratiie lacanon. cS down to «TiX toaa pf «;iJOO v n* drx G.I. UOO dn. FHA Mlllrta 5 WS^'%*Wcitt C. C. JA J^SBt Private Money LOANS IAONTMLY PATWEUTI 01« 2NOS AS LOW AS $1000 " 15 J Bv* t 10% tx Caa wr. Jaff* (15.000 1ST ' -.nci. 7jy. . at JUS UP. 6E J-K2* P-14 OE LUXE Runabout, w.Kart SS-A JAerc. engine, remote con. srels, ft trailer. Has evenrlriing. Red ft wnjte. Onoinal ccst was 12150. Snow room pew. first tuts ta*et CE t-liO* HULL-- Factory custom »oo4 wltbi glass covering f never used Inboard or guttearo) S27S. GA S1I3 -- CA MCtS- ALUM. CAR TOPPERS 17--ti«f; vr--«TW. Save enra tit take bovear deHvery. CE y-CZr» IOAT Trailer. Tandens ^wneefs. Heavy duty. 1500- TE 14TM or CE t-4477 weekends pr eves. - .J^Horr, resturer. SDOI .. . _ _ . bta. Jonnson Utrsj t-- Service Harocf Marfce. CA buys. 143O9 RHODES » 1 ODay Oav-Saller CAL. wr Boston Wnaler. Sapots. Llda V Oingnies. S MHier Marin. Baiaar ticg. CE HJ7J 3 FT. tsning. S1250. Win take ear trade. Jim Sjedllfr. GA »Xi4L, 2T COMAAEROAL fishing boat. 0* T*nN ERDim ReveL Tride erty or » ome prop- GE fci2* BOATS rein fc MOTORS-- New ..V LEACH 1 lOoca Sun.) E. Canm. L .VFT. Glassrar IM Mar win eatun. -f HP Eioifl win ta-ler accw- f 4 t*JL Trailers 1(5 NEW 10x55 GUARANTEED $4960 tnd lav. He. Local dellvenr. tet- ttp. step, custom furnished. Glass coor. carpet, 4EU* alum, awning. HARVFTS TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 5C«« I IT STATELINCR wittt 1.14 Evteng-a-Room. OK. with njD. aluminum awning, skir). mg. etc. Soace available. TLE'S. K20 L Atlantic Ave_, Belt. LU Ufi OASIS-- TERRY SAhJTAK Tradtwlnds. 1540} Ltwd. TO 173SQ SACR1HCE--f1750 I»5» IkiT CUSTOM VKITrO Compt. Alum, awninos. Many let-as HA SSM CA lisa ·31 NASHUA l«0 : r. Larpe baltu CotxJ bargain. Talk of trie Town Trtr. Part, HOT Imperial HI way. Norwalk. Lni 4-rOL a ta to- swer eatt after 4 g.m. MUST sen 16x50 MentcUir. SOTS entr. Never used. 3)11 S. f. Rl* Olendafe. ·«2 GREAT Lakes FUTSL Awnings 4M7T Park--13 Orji.d I ·40 JT FRANU.IH. Eastere bit. Self contained. Tandem axPe. ' »y owner CT-5H* V ROADMASTER. A^imlnum, mod en. First lira takes. · 1543 ATLANTIC. bVIL COMPTOH 10-FT. Trailer, tsg dn. ma Alonora^ Bellflpwer. TO 7-K4S; TO 0-563S. 15- TRAILER--Sleeps 1 U9I t«24 Lakewood t»lva Oowney ·.I MONTCLAIR extendo. 10x50. Ute^ ta» t extras- PH. " t CRUSADER--«es» I. Savp SJXO- Prly. pty. CA »-42(a. Trailer Space U5-A BELLFLOWER New Ultra Mod.. Bar -C- tna Mobile Homes. 10'xl2'x40 r up. Aouits enlv. mis cemns ME vssa _$35-CO _$75J8 $5000 (10,000 Inferesi as tow s 8'/ WHY PAY MORE? CONSOLIDATE ALL YOU* BILL! IttTO 1 LOW EASY PATIAERT KE£ AWRATSAIS NO OBL1SAT1OH Hanbery's COO E. BROADWAY CE 4UTI GARDEN TARK RESALE tmmed. poss. Very clean »«*. 1 family mu, 1 bam, bit-ks R. 0^ custom drapes, bin. fence, pane. Only t4» down. RLTT. JA7-TT?t JI95DN. IBdVm. 7ar tletacnej garepe. Hrowd. floors, crpts^ draors. patio. Immed. poss. for. TA 43S3 ri ba. EXTRA LARE LOT KARMATZ1 KALE HA S-74S4 SPANISH STUCCO B · 150* ta ft I-tX. dome. · g J7H1 gatie- for coal u m m . lot. Call TOKtl REALTY 7C7; Eves. TE MAI-TV.. THE PRIOE x "L.B. Lavety I toe. br. H oh grade carp, ft erps. avtfsl. nook, dinar* raw patio. fence, dtt. garaoe. A* for 17.fai We*. PlMjefRm/. 6AH«y HUMPHRIES REALTY TO 72707 _et3_E._Aloooya »lvd.._Beitnower ENTER FROM THE ALLEY Par* boat pr trailer. Bng^ajt. ajoroomr. J^ barns a\ family rm. "RICHARDS REALTY Tg Sout« St KIE S«m OR MORE UKITS . 'uTff^n, S\ IITM Ca**' SEALTORJ . .- _. Flower Ave. TO 7-7773 H5» Rosecrpns ME 4-4S41 SELL C» EXCHAKGC ^Borm. bouse. Cetmower. Keif preA EEChe. for ypcpnf tend gr sge. tot . older bit Home Owner. Courtesy tp ".rakers. TO 1-43.7. ;HE CLEAKEST, nicest, prett.est V.'. ·· HL-t. wilt) guesTrm. a tatlL AR furniture biduded a\ g wS'iftaV^. GAUM? NJJ. BY OWNER FOR, SALE BY OWKER . _m, iprpe den, IT. - bam. double garage; lots ef yar«. 2S3 E. 4TH way. 4JJ-7K7. after 1 gar. Terms »»6I Lewis. OA Hat SM. en dn., easy terms, R i t 1 S704 Cerrttcs. CA 1JC7 MODERN RUSTIC RANCHO S borme. deit t baths, trplc* blt-M ki*dL Wug? patia. ars sharp. Clean. Owrlr transferred. JOHN READ Rify. HA 1441. OUKR possessioii a. t-s 3-pomx. Ibatbj borne, det. gar. Block fence ·erg. ·*- Ka "^ ^ W aAD*V£~r3 Poof. Of, »""balfi,~ BB3. yery glci. UUOB Mmt tor enty I7jt f . S»m St Owner. PARK ESTATES EXCEPT1ONAU.Y tovery borne pp El Pradp. pleasant open roor dan. S bedrooms. renverTipte dee wim wer bar ft separate dtning room. ~--- CHARLES VinE -- CE tUSJ CUYE GRAHAM CO? aug t_ ucean Reancrl HE }1NT COMPIOX SHARP 2-Ert--$13,500 candneH Mar ATtanfiC Ras«- cran«. Owner furcnajetf **T^' "**·*' REX CO. DOW?,XY ZZO» W FT «o(.t tev« *»r, J fcalhiv CJJOi sai* arfcct ar ingi WJT lot arr» arva. LesTo, U7«n Crovt Vbfw. CjrtWfi C-rpv*. HUNTIXGTON BEACH 1 SENIOR OTIZENS taad the v-J tuw bi · fcome _. 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Para, lencedi yar*. » * Pit ta vex Km at l!ue Ck H!ry. UN M747 pnie. HRESTOKE Onfy $92 Ma. IncL PI I lev «rC FHA er « ex. d. t»R. ri bam. ige. incxen. car. nf. t6 lATtl REALTY \jn 4-T73t . » , « erty t:7«» ·roker. bu · KTirewd. *rs. Onfv Hr. vn 177W pgyrtrrs. lesg tnas) Tint Vacpiif LpveTy Stdrm^ I lain. How*, tin. Vt-to Rli Fenced varC Ml PWPIifvIM ·evwrtv Jadtsop. RrrirrTV V,t5n a33s svestmimier Bivel jc »ygl I CvvKE* gomg t«sJ. 4BR. I vn. I bn.^R.. reowood fence. Lge p«np. I frsric. en. far TS41II BRACKEN Morfg age Company A mi-R-o GtMIlATlON lUSINtSS Mizvnura Irf-2nd Leita QUVCK CASH LONG THUS-LOW rTUTl H3 Lor. leacb Bl.l. HEnvloa 2-7f4l CASH IN A HURRY 1ST t IND ID. LOANS (O»OW ON TOUI HOW CHECK OUt THUS! LOW AS f«% IKT. FREE APPRAISAL RAPHAEL CO, Ue. HA »-5JI tcs E. spunta Ir / «iei s« I irr. blewport pje Courr Lesne. tea Lrsucnvrs c*aw«Cn iECOKO srgst _*ZiFcF'-fa(:ir£ DEALtN IMnseyclwsJ EL1AONT Snore wooilg Extltes. 323 spaces. 1 ctu» bouses, some pets. t»l E. Pac. Of. HwyJ. ». OW rates-- Pool, laundry fac. Kid and pets ok. WE S-fTO; HA lZ34 rmlen Wonred U5-C to trade for . CERTIFIED REALTY SALE! 'RrvATE party needs 34 to 39 ft. bouse trajler, wig say casb, or buy your equity. Boi A-WO. hoi. PressxTeie. . pay casb on tr* spot *"* 'gg'.Sn 0 "' ' ILL PAT CASH CASH to private party trailer. HE wit?. S IKT CASM For Your Trailer? H Smit. af Stouf S, NE *-M73 Mot orcy ties. Scooters 1 (6 TRIUMPHS. SEE TODAY IELLFL01VER CYCLE SHOP tl3S E. Cocnofon. BeLltlr. nS5uT] flHANC4»lO S1O PROBLEM YAMAHA from J2BS . Rabbit . Cusnmaa - Toh*s» BSA-- VESPA-- BMW .._. _ Mjtufi.ui.te xx ta 13sa f. Anaheim raEs E j-u UKE pew -a Bonnevme ta Trv ompn, «00 miles. Sac TO «-»27. KCtDS. KO OT. Sates i. Sates Servicg. KARMR ClTTT OA4.JTt . . . 4 MATCHLESS 400CC. Imm contf. Take etter er Mtt. TE 1UU »:«!. I Flea. llTi I bike. 144- A Sport Comptrs TRUCA-CRAfT CAJ U7-A S^rS- Jjraf trade for nost gnvaung. tut *·· Carson, Torranc.. Pb. tStST . PBSt KELLFARCO CA» ^WSSWP* SUprpf 717. A !«*.' t ar a! ^ t Tracks Tractors T.t REPOSSESSED- ^·Lfc-J'teS; TQ-gfiTcir: * OKV. Flrr-uot tt ton PV. Coc4 w.-rt borsp. Ran Chun. CaJ _ Mr. Bell. TO 4-4JU. Or. ·5S FOROPKXu. ~t.~ Stick. Very Oem. sa en. t a fl per svk^Sp enurr. cuiiupa. ely. IKE .?m vy * 4 Hew »»"l biV ITt.m wade 1 «lds. un S Csirst Lnun. leacb. rITATT ·ff W W LOS ALAMTTOS JWS DOWN JBt -- « TEAK XB »TtRiOr4. JONES CC V3K1 XtALTORl CE IEOI ecna. a. p*f apoticanam ft. ·. Robertson, 30 Aaprmc. Ht .C57 IKSURAJtCt eionev a irrs. Mart. HE * H514: bun. s% 4: E f t Tmt Deeds ttsi *Ol«tY lame, TQu»~Ta». bio itosti *Norm HorlmaFr Treets^llE J 4H S. L «. BUra COMP ·ia fORO Pvani»Lev.p BM.iswFP Cas gss^a. fcr. 2S5S L. aV jlrvj. ffl P bunven tor P U. OK eist; tII3 Oowney Ave. ME 422^ tr.

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