Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1976 · Page 31
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 31

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1976
Page 31
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(Supply Faces And Bodies For Atmosphere Nerlhwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., April 14, 1976 rAVETTKVllXF,. ARKANSAS ' ' - _ ' ' Making A Living As A Movie Extra Is 'Precarious Life By BOB THOMAS 'Associated Press Writer LOS' ANGELES CAP - "Report to wardrobe at Universal at 7:30,"rain or shine, then go lo Stage 28. You'll be n nurse on .'Marcus Welby. 1 Wear your hair ' off (lie shoulder, light makeup, no fingernail polish. Bring a wristwalch, no jewelry. Wear white shoes and remem- ber lo puL on while underwear, so, it won't show . u n d e r the white uniform." Those were the instructions delivered over the telephone lo a young woman who makes a precarious living as u movie extra. She was among 400 ex- Iras who received calls from Central' Casting one afternoon for employment the following (tay. - For 50 years Central Casting has been hiring Iho unsung, underpaid bul ever-hopeful players who supply their Kiccs EIIU! bodies for at wood's mo crowd scene contain tmosphere in Holly- vies. Will -today'sy' tomorrow's slar? It's doubtful; and yet -- wasn't John Wayne once nti extra V And Gnry Cooper, W a l l e r ; Brennan. Dennis O'Kcefe, Andy Dcvinc. , Rock Pianist Solved Problem By Playing Backwards '· MEMPHIS, "Term, (AP) --' .Frances Fair ley used to be bothered by keeping her hack turned on her audience . when 'she played the piano; that is, until she learned lo pluy backwards. . , " ' : : ; . : "I've been doing .everything · backwards since the day I was horn," she said. "1 don't do anything forward." 'To play backwards; she ha: to scrunch herself up under the keyboard so she [aces, her audience, which is a pleasure conventional piano players don't get. . After she gels under the piano, ; she reaches "for the '·-· board like a -gymnast « chinning bar. Then with a little wrong-note fumbling, she find; the song, "Twelfth Street Rag." :"l'ni not sure how I got start ed playing this way," she said "I giiess it happened one day when I was dusting around the piano. I just got to Tooling around." She said she'd been playing backwards about 35 years. - When she plays upright, shi uses her whole body. "But when I'm sitting with iy back against the back- joard, I only have from my vrisl lo iny fingers. It takes rgile wrists lo do this." Frances Fairley has nevei ried to promole her unusua kill, but gets requests to pla ackwards from students and isffmers who have heard abou' her from someone else. "I've had arthritis in in; lack 25 years so you can imug ne how I feel when I g«L of the floor." Mrs. Fairley was born anc reared in Rutherford, Term. and made her debut at the key board when she was H. "Chopii was my idol," she said. She -had such a passion fo the piano that.her parents ha to'lock the cover over the key board: i She was a difficult pup when she began t a k i n g lesson; "My teacher couldn't explai anything because I couldn't keep my hands " off the keys long enough for her to talk." In 1947, she moved lo Mem-, phis and played with numerous; groups and for .more beautyj pageants tbun she can remem-" ber. She has performed all over the South. Hamburger Habit TOLEDO, Ohio (AP)' -- Four eneralions of a family held a urprise 71sL birthday party foi lorolhy Hacksledde recently at hamburger stand where slit lad ealcn every day for the asl 15 years. M rs. Marl ha Boll ingc r, M rs iacksledctc's daughter, sak icr mother had her husbanc ring a hamburger home when he -was ill and unabte lo gi oul. · ' ' ludson. Mary Tyler cne Barry, Robert (en McCord? · "The cnancc of 'ro me'xlra to slar arc ill," says Kurl Ilcndle.W iil," says Karl RrJndle, oper- itions head of Central Casting, cooperative " o w n e d by the various film companies. "Extra work docs allow a person to see the inside of a studio and make Moore,! As two operators received (tic Fuller, onrush of c a l l s and passed ] Hi cm oji, Ihe five casting people j um pi I10 »c,'ilmly filled the jobs, giving in- ·iimn;t structions oil hair, wardrobe, ind the like, ami sometimes di- ·ccLlons for how to reach a city oration. About 75,000 jobs are placed h. r o u g h Central Casting's ihoncs eacr year, Ihc work icing'clone mostly by Ihe 3,000 connections. But that's about all. EVERYDAY Brindlc, who went from playing extra lo casting agent at Universal before moving to Central Casting last year, is one of five who answer Central's -telephones every ufler- noon. That's when the extras call in to inquire about lomor row's work. The casting people have the studio rcnnJrcrneiUs before them, and they fill the jobs on a first-call, first : hired basis. On a recent rainy afternoon, the phones were busy. members of Ihc ly by t Screen Exlius Guild. When huge crowd scenes are required '-- a rarity in today's cost-conscious industry -others are recruited through .he slate unemployment office. Oldlimers estimate there was i core of 20,000 extras wliei Central Casting began tttions in January 1926. were not registered with any agency -- "just bodies" I" appeared at the studios e; morning and were picked the day's work like cattle from corral. 11ETTER SYSTEM ','Coop and I used lo show u] together at Universal ever; morning," Waller Brennim once reminisced ubout his curly years \v'lh Oary Cooper. "If some guy pointed at us, we ate steak that week. If not, it \v3s jack to beans." Will Hays, heart or the Association of .Motion Picture Producers, decided that the growing ndustry needed a better system ol hiring atmosphere players, hence Central Casting was jorn. Times have 'Changed from the Sa-a-lieacl rales of (he 1530s, bul extra work is still no way to Ret rich. The basic daily rate is J47.50, with $10 added if the ex- ira supplies a special wardrobe. The rale rises to $57 for mers, etc. The most prizec check is for the ".silent bit" -when the extra -doesn't speal but "talks witii his face" in a close shot. That's worth $95. "Extras can also bargain with the film company for extra pay for hazardous work, licit us being close to fire, am* nals or speeding cars," Irindle explained. Although the oxtra-to-slar aga has rarely happened oul- cle of "A Star Is Bom," it's Iways possible. Brindlc ve- ailed an order for an extra vhen he WHS casting "Jaws" at Jniversal. "The company was shooting it Martha's Vineyard and needed a girl (or ,the open ng sequence in a liurry," he recalled. "It wasn't an easy part to cast. The girl had to be wining lo work in the nude, had to , be 'a good swimmer and able to swim in the ocean. "I foimd a -girl who could do it -- Susan Backlinie, A two- week job 'Stretched lo 10 wccksi and now Susan is on' her way to becoming an actress." r- ! Adult AcfJon-As-rou-Uke-lt Firsf R u n Back Stage Heat /^~\ ^TOI rlTY 7 ^ 2 SHOWS NITELY * TM OM D *R* CJIliij^ 3 Showings Fri. Sat, ,--- ^ -- , ^^ / PH. 751-8724 . . L^l'^d 1 ,--,-. -. - r f · · . . · Making Paper Clip Models An Inexpensive Hobby FRESNO, Calif. (AP) James ' Traynor began an unusual hobby -- paper clip sculpture ' -- after a wrought iron decoration caught his eye. ..In Ihe past year. Traynor has completed" a 'half-dozen metal mini-sculptures including a car, locomotive,, airplane and bicycle at a bargain price. "I liked Ihe - wrought iron work, - but-;I . didn't, : -havB the money or place to "work something that big, so I decided : to try" it" ,on';- a ."smaller scale," he saifl." '' ' * ''' J Although the cosl may he low --, $20 so far '--' and ; not much space is needed, Ihe finy twisted and ·_ soldered works ol art lake just,as much time as a larger piece, Traynor said. "My:first project look me to 20 hours of actual work," he said, pointing -to a small tique car. Part of the com plexity, involves culling, bend ng, molding and soldering the small steel links into the right shapes. '· Traynor, 25, uses no models i .his work; all Ihc designs come out of his memory. ·"I just t r y ' ' a n d plan ahead and solder as few connecting points as possible Ic give the finished product a more, streamlined look," he said. --~'' His only previous experience in modeling has . b e e n ' ( h e ' p l a s tic kits most youngsters put to getlier with glue, he said. Traynor has had no formal art training; · Traynor, an employe of (he. Internal Revenue Service Center here, says his future plans include making nautical pieces like a sailboat or a replica of the U.S.S. Constitution. "All of my projects look only three boxes -of paper clips, which I bought myself," he said. 50th Anniversary Of Rocket Launching Noted By Film The fiftieth anniversary of Dr. Robert Hutchings God- riard's launching o[ the world's first licnikl-propellanl rocket is celebrated by the Screen News Digest in its current color film documentary. Taking part in the motion picture tribule are Michael Collins, command module pilot of, (tic Apollo 11 mission thai landed Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin on the moon; Dr. Wernher von Braun, a leader in American and German rocket research; and Mrs, Eslher Goddard, who witnessed her husband's historic launch. H is. however, Dr. Goddanl's own still and, motion pictures that make his story what it is Together, they are, perhaps, the most amazing record - eyei made of one man's scientific research- : Dr. Goddard, who di edin years to get his liquid-pro pellant rocket off the ground Weighing ten and one-quarto pounds, it was launched or March 16, 1926. soaring forty me feel into the air, reaching a speed of 60 miles per hour, and traveling 184 feet before eturning lo earth after two and ne-half seconds. Over a period of 12 years Dr. Jrodctard pioneered so many ipace age "firsts" thai it .is mpossible, even today, to design, bnild or launch a liqutd- iropcllant rocket without in- ringing on one of Dr. God' dard's more t h a n 200 patents, Dr. Godard, who died in 19-15, did not live to see the 'ulfillment of his rocke research, but each new journey into space is, in, a sense, it own tribute to his genius ant vision. The eight-part Screen New: Digest series is sponsoret locally by South western Elec trie Ppwer Company and fur nishcd free of charge to junio and-senior high schools as wel as ' c i v i c and servfci organizations. A n y o n e - in lerestnd in scheduling the filn should contact their loca SWEPCO office. Visually Handicapped In South Dakota Helped By TV BROOKINGS. S.D. (AP) More than 60 visually handicapped South Dakotans are expanding ' t h e i r news and literature intake through a new public radio service offered by KKSD-FM at South Dakota Stale University. Daily broaricasls for registered print-handicapped residents of eastern South Dakota arc carried on a special sub- channel heard only on specially adapted receivers licensed and provided by the state. The v prograrns include daily news as it appears In newspapers, novels, short slories, syndicated columns, magazine articles and other specially prepared materials. The station offers the special programming through a cooperative effort with the Soulh Da kola Services to the Visually Handicapped, Howard Hanson, director o ·Jfcrvices to the Visually Im paired arid himself blind, hat by the time most pcop lave read a best seller and fin shed talking about it, a pri landicapped person is st waiting for someone to read o him. : New Black Mayor ECOnSE, Mich. CAP) -- Mr Dora Gaines, a 48-year-o jlack woman, has been pointed by the cEly council Ccofse's new mayor. ; - Mrs: Gaines, who until h appointment was the mayor p tcm, is the city's first' worn* and black mayor. , A life-long resident of Ecors she is the mother of nine cli dreri. Her husband. John, is painter for the city and also o erales a painting business his own. DAYSONLY OPEN 9 AM TO 6 PM DAILY MONDAY AN DTHURSDAYS 9 AM TO 9 PM We Believe THIS IS THE BEST BUY ON FREEZERS IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS! $100 20.1-CUB1C FOOT REFRIGERATOR Frostless; you'll never defrost. 6.64-cubic foot. Q Q Q Q "7 freezer. Shelves adjust. O ij · 17 I Seven-day meat keeper. H EGULAHLY 133.00 SAVE $50 3D"EASY-Ct.EAN ELECTRIC RANGE 97 219 REGULARLY 2G9.39 Auto, delayed cook'n' off oven has light and lift-off door. Timer and storage drawer. : ,,'. - *.:i at S199 SAVE $100 DELUXE19"D1AGOKAL7ELEVISION Slotted m i k and in line gunprmidebnlhantcolor Eharprm gfi Pu hbutton color tuning. AFC. SAVE $50 10.CYCLE.20-LB. CAPACITY WASHER Handles all fabiics, even A£^tQ7 ' duralile-press. Stempcom- * ·% %l r f H K G IJM, 4-way action, vl-HP fc WW 319.99 '·:ciric Dryer, Ilcg. 2)9.08 . Sale na.37 DELUXE STRETCH-STITCH ZIGZAG. o trefch =titche built ,_ ~ mbultonlioler much more | /fl Ci f | j l REGULARLY $199 ·Operating control extra. Y)ur choice. Big freezers: deluxe upright or rhest. 299 19-cu, ft, upright, regulfirly 389,99. Inside light and safety key-lock. Signal light; defrost drain- Adj. cold control. 2 baskets and interior light. Key-lock; 23-cublc fool chest ItEG. 399,99 - : "~a' light. DcfrosL drain. Cold control. 97 YOUR CHOICE! MR. COFFEE WARD'S 10-CUP 29 99 Ueg.Sl.S9 to 3R.99 Ilrcu- colfcc easily with cither coffee maker. 20% OFF Entire Selection of Draperies Choose from a huge selection of sizes and colors. Save now! Ai S**n oo TV "LITTLE MAC" 50'Second Burg«r Makar Owkihambursrri RF.O. ll.» orlim.iind.1eln In mlnalet. Elsy lo BEDSPREAD CLOSEOUT! Any Size 19 99 Twin, full, queen and kinjl sizes. Values to §52,95 Some slightly 17.99 SAVE S 20 WELDED FRAME EXERC1SEBIKE 64.99 R E G U L A R L Y 8i.!M O u r b i k e f e a t u r e s speedometer, odometer, fully enclosed chain guard, tension control, large scat. 5000-BTU ROOM AIR CONDITIONER $20 to $50 OFF E N T I R E SELECTION OF SLEEPERS AND SOFAS IN STOCK! Choose Irom Early American, traditional, contemporary, or mortem styles. Super selection, savings! Evely.. Hills Shopping Center Open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily Monday and Thursday Nights til 9 p.m. 443-4591

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