Independent from Long Beach, California on January 20, 1975 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1975
Page 8
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Missouri artist BentoiijSS, dies Thomas Hart Benton Midwest Artist RATINGS All 03M «Jrr*ted. PG Parental Guiacnce wggtt*ed. d, Pwwm under 17 not admitted unleu octompow) by porerrl Of guardian. fcfuh Oily. No ore under IB admitted. NOTE: H two letfum have difWr mt- Pr Gen 1-377-3 117 E. Ocean 436-3973 OPIH u-.K "CHIHESl OODf ATHIl" (* "SCVEN BLOWS OF DKA(XN" 3:35-5:55-y'.?D UtiT DATS Of HUCilK"2 : ?0~S:35-9'i 918 E. 2nd 213/438-1001OPIN 6:4 "LAW AND DI50RDEB" I" 8:23 ONLY LORDS OF FLATBUSH 7:00-10:15 2535 Seal Beach 5S6-1649 "THt LONOEST YARD" |l| l:}5 ONLT "CINDERELLA LIBERTY" 6:30-10:30 K A N S A S C I T Y . M o . (API - Thomas Hart Bon- iui:. worid-rt'iloWiiod ;:i'Usi whose themes of American history often reflected his lifelong love affair with his home state of Missouri, died here Sunday nighi. He was 85. Benton was taken to a hospital h e r e by a m b u l a n c e , and a hospital spokesman said he was dead on arrival at s p.m. PST. A family friend quoted the artist's widow, Rita, as saying Benton had just completed a mural Sunday which had been commissioned by the Country M u s i c F o u n d a t i o n i n Nashville. Tenn. The friend said Benlon returned to his studio behind the home after dinner. Mrs. Benton found him on the studio floor where he apparently had fallen from a chair. When Benton began the work last spring, shortly after his birthday, he said it would be his last mural. A NATIVE of Ncosho, M o . , Benton h a d also lived for many years in New York and for years had a seaside home at M a r t h a ' s Vineyard in Massachusetts. He and h i s widow, R i t a , spent their summer there last year as usual. Benton was known for works \vith American historical themes. Among his b e s t - k n o w n p a i n t i n g s were "Modern America," p a i n t e d w i t h Mexican iniiruiisi Clumente Orcwco for the New School for Soc i a l Research in New York: "Boomtown," now at the Rochester Museum, and "Cotton Pickers," at the Metropolitan in New York. Fourteen years ago he struck up a relationship w i t h Harry S. Truman when he was commissioned to paint a mural in the I n d e p e n d e n c e , M o . , library housing the former president's papers. The m u r a l , titled "Independence and the Opening of the West," dominated the l o b b y of the Harry S. Tinman Library. TRUMAN and Benton, who s h a r e d a similar . affection for Missouri, became fast friends. The artist finished a portrait of a pensive former president, surrounded by books at an easy chair, shortly before Truman's d e a t h Dec. 2fi, 1H72. T r u m a n o n c e called Benton "the best damned painter in America." Benton, l i k e Truman, was known to be outspoken, and he often warred with the people who were most likely to buy his pictures. In the 1920s and 1930s, Benton a n d f e l l o w M i d westerners John Steuarl Curry and Grant Wood became practitioners in the 1920s and 1930s of a school of art called Regionalism that mirrored the American spirit of the times: a concentration on America itself. '- ADMISSION DISCOUNT COUPON--$1.SO eoch ' All S«rtl $1.00 Till 7:00 P.M. Mon.-Thur. "THE WHITE DAWN"(K| Buys and dolls Earl's Pearls By EARL WILSON WISH I'D SAID THAT: Qfimfitjm**s u 11 2 prOH'O" QUllKtl*"*' 0 U * * *· I T * lion means is that you take orders from a better class of people. EARL'S PEARLS: An airline stewardess explained why she's quitting to get married: "It's easier to wait hand and foot on one man than a whole look gcn,...ft -" r r, to ·) worse (notes Bob OrDeiu the one thing more depressing t h a n watching £, e 6 o'clock news * watching the 7 o'clock news. That's earl, .brother. LAKEWOOD i CENTER WALK-IN Faculty at Candlewood 5319580 T.PtY.S(TO OHM '"°'·"· -^MP OUN \i:3t P.«._ LAKEWOOD .CENTER WALK-IN LAKEWOOD ·» CENTER WALK-IN LONO HACK TOWNE WALK-IN Faculty al Candlewood | 5319580 Faculty at CarKltawcxxl 531-9580 Atlantic jnd San Antonto 122-1221 P«Ul NIWWAN . lOIIlT MOFOIB THE STING (M) LAST OF SHEILA IPOI OPIN 11:30 .%_ FOI ANIMM LOVIISI BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (0) FUNNY CAR SUMMER «». LAW AND DISORDER ID LORDS OF FLATBUSHlTO " Cinema II "THE GROOVE TUBE" m WHERE DOES IT HURT!" Hi CHALLENGE TO BE FREE" [o| 'VANISHING WILDERNESS" CHARLEY VARRICK'V, "TRICK BABY" m An all MEW film... AIRPORT 197S COME SEE OUR NEW TWIN! Adult Theatre arwayi 2 color ( iound FULL FUTURE FILKS Under New Management Now Showing "THE GEEK" (X) IF YOU SEE KAY" (X) All x-rntcd fil.ns Phone J23-962B .irk Hill od OFF Open 7 da)-s 10 o.m.-2 a 17806 Bollfloxror Toy soldiers, new and used dolls, miniatures of all kinds and even a full- size tank were on sale Sunday in Buena Park w h e r e exhibitors like Tom Stevens, of Long Beach, above, displayed novelties at the Seventh West Coast Toy Collectors Show and Sale. -Staff Photo by TOM SHAW 2 gunmen rob famous theater HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -Police searched Sunday for t w o g u n m e n w h o broke i n t o the famous G r a u m a n n ' s C h i n e s e Theater during a showing of the m o v i e "Earthquake," and stole $4,400 in receipts after locking two employes in a safe. The g u n m e n f o r c e d three of the employes to open safes in the office, IhcJhVwerit-to the. box office and opened a fourth combination safe there. ··· The theater, now named Mann's Chinese Theater, was filled at the time, a s p o k e s m a n s a i d , b u t apparently none of the patrons was aware of the robbery. THE TRUE STORY OF A MAN WHO BECAME A LECEND YOU'LL NEVER FORGET... Challenge \" f - tobe* LAST 2 DAYS PLAZA 429-3012 CYPRESS TWIN (714) 828-166tV WEEKDAYS - 5:00 - 7;00 · 9:00 SAT SUN · 1:00 · 3:00 - 5:00 - 7:00 - 9:00 SUPER ADULT 1-ACtroN! .Ml I OHIO* HOOD PACIFIC DRIVE -IN THEATRES Mon. thru Fri.0pnn 6:t5pm · Sat. 4 Sun.-Spm- Shows Siart 6:45 Children 6 thrull-50t · Children Under 6 Free! LONG BEACH CIRCLE DRIVf-IN 1101 Hiwayand llakewood Blvd. 439-9513 10 TOP STAIS ALL 5IAI CAST AIRPORT 1975i«, MY NAME IS NOBODY (TO LONG BEACH LAKEWOOD OKIVI-IN Carson at Cherry 4249931 (1.) ISLAND TOP OF WORLD (0) (2.) CHARIOT OF THE GODS o) LONO BEACH LONG BEACH DRIVE-IN (3.) DISNEY'S/WINNIE POOH (oi IX) MO ONi UNDII IB (x) .)AFTEI SCHOOL TEACHEISIX .| TEACH ME TONIGHT (X) ' -v l? |(4.) AHOUNP WOUD FANNY HlliV LO|K BEACH LOSALTOS1 OKI VI-IN San Diego frwy and Bellflo*« Bird 4 2 5 7 4 2 2 CAUOIL O'CONNOt EINISt BOIONINE LAW AND DISORDER (i) LORDS OF FLATBUSH rai tONOBIACH LOSALTOS2 OIIVI-IN ALL ACTION SHOWI (1.) CHINESE GODFATHER in (?.}HONEYBABY,HONEYBABY(M|6 Jj^BRUCE IEE'5 FINAl DAYS LOHOMACH LOSALTOS3 OIIVI-IN SPACED OUT OOYSSET STIAHOELOVI GtNEUTION DARK STAR (0) THE CLONES («) ANPID«0 SAN PEDRO OIIVI-IN GaHey Street So ol Anahcirr 83T3370 ALL ACTION SHOWI CHINESE GODFATHER HI BRUCE LEE'S FINAL DAYS EAST RIDER HI PARAMOUNT ROSECRANS DRIVE-IN Uktwood Blvd. at Rosecram 634.4151 ONLY AREA DIIVf-IN SHOWINOt Al PACINO GODFATHER PART II (i) HIOHTLY AT 6:45 1 10:15 P.M. 10I1T, NO PA»H«1 COMPTON COMPTON OIIVE-IN AIL ACTION SHOWI HO«CTM,- | (1 .) CHINESE GODFATHER m w«i .1 Atlantic (2 .)HONEYBABY,HONEYBABY(Pof 63! 8557 IXINOONIUNHIIini AROUND THE WORLD FANNY HILL i» HER SECRET DESIRES ixi ONLT AIU DIIVUN IUN IKKKST CAIT EVH TOWE1ING INFERNO (poi LEGEND OF HELl HOUSE IPO) .FOUNTAIN VALLEY DRIVE-IN BUIT HETNOLDS THE LONGEST YARD (i) PLUS . pmi roNDA EASY RIDER w ALL ACTION SHOW! 1.) CHINESE GODFATHER (i) 1.) RETURN OF DRAGON (·] 3.) BRUCE LEE'S FINAL DAYS SPACID OUT ODYSSIT! STUANGIIOVE SINEIAT10N DARK STAR oi THE CLONESIMI BUENA PARK ONLT AHA. DIIVMN SHOWINQI AL PACINO GODFATHER PART II (i) NIGHTLY AT 6:45 110,15 P.M. SOItr, HO PA58UI ·UtNAPARK LINCOLN omvi-iN' TORRANCE ONLT DIIVUN SHOWINOI 10 TOP STAU EARTHQUAKE (PS) NIGHTLT AT «:45 t 9:45 P.M. SOBRT, NO PASSI5I OMHEYEAR AOUITSONIY · -. ;jv.'Rated (X)': PISTOLERO (X) tolling Hllll, Torrent. 315-1600 Pete. Cit. Hwy. Cranfhaw DISNEY'S "ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD" 5170 ttlonlit A»t.. long t«Kh 4I3.9J03 Optn 10 A.M..! A M. ]£NJ ««ch. A ITI lyrir ihlll t TUFlf BF fi *.M..2 :M AI LAN flu AUULI InCB I nj. "LONGEST YARD"(«i "VANISHING POINT"») Li Mirada, Alondra, Fireilong n\-!M \ I Hypnosis S« Clai'jtficatian SI for more Hypnosis Ads I-P-T CLASSIFIED SECTION Pr Cl 3.79J-6 2 INCREDIBLY EROTIC MOVIES AlexdeRenzy^ They're beautiful, young.andoh SO foxyI"-Frce Press I YwijostwonlbefiCTe the things they did" -Erotic ADULTS ONLY® MITUIHI HHOlHtKV LONG BEACH 217 EaM Detail Blvd. 437-1267 Bo Office Op»n»: lOim SPCCIAIT Mouse ASBZUIIGSUCE OFMWUFE! ,,-,-cSHANNONKORBEL MICHELLE SIMON PAULA TIMBEl MOVIl, 43S-SS72 345 E. Orasn Blvd., Open Daily at 9:4B AM Oparl All Night PUSSYCAT. 32S-S375 Carson at Cravens, Open Dally 12 Noon to Midnight LYRIC. 58S-2S77 Pacific at Florence, Open Dally 12 Noon to Midnight DOCTOR ZHHAGO THE BLOCKBUSTER EROTIC SHOW OF THE YEAR HILAIIOUS ADULT fUN "GROOVE TUBE" AT 6:30-4:15 TWI-UTE H. ADULTS $1. 6:004:30 AMERICAN GRAFFITI AT 5:45-7:4S TWI4ITE HI. ADULTS $1.255:15-5:45 P SC'!NCE-IC. ADVINTUIE "DARK STAR" At 6:15-1:00 TYfl-LITtHt ADULTS 11.15 / 5j4.5-6:l starring Georgina Spevlin CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES DAILY FROM 10:00 AM RATED (X) NOW SHOWING (A) ' DISNEY'S "ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD" m -AND-"TOM SAWYER" (B) CALL THEATRE FOR OPENING DATE!! ; OptnDiilr 11:15 PhOMfJUl)} or WflOtf H"ur,lil 1 P\M: E«c*l WuM'if » HiKtm --ood-- "TOM :' PARADISE «v. -- end -SAWYER" (01 : ; "S«P»Y«S'U mONI irMI«t»-1»0» .'101 CIUITOI CINTII «0» FWY. AT SOUTH ST PARKING T) JON ^ VOIGHT IN ODESSA 11! -PIUS"THE DAY OF THE JACKAL" IPO) 0»fVD»HK 10:15 phone W-772« Open Dally 10:15 Phone (7U) 893-0546 !(j)"AN OUTRAGEOUS |j PARODY OF ' : SUPERHERO::" --Plus-- JANE fONDA "BARBARELLA" © JfVIIP f 4UA/M: (Hi JH»«Wfc IS LOOSE",., -AND-"THERE IS A ^im V31RL IN MY SOUP" w -- PIUS -- --PIUS-- C!-,cclsi Bror.ssr. J JACK LEMMON "DEATH I "SAVE THE WISH" TIGER" R) j|(£) BURT REYNOLDS TR ! pl !.*?.?P Y ii "THE LONRPCT BANANAS" IK) "SLEEPER" m "EVERYTHING ABOUT SEX" (i! YARD" --PIUS- WALTER MATTHAU BRUCE DERN "THE LAUGHING 7) "AN OUTRAGEOUS ^ PARODY Of, YESTERDAY'S (X) SUPERHEROES" '*' --AND-- JANE FONDA IN "BARBARELLA" 10 CHRITOI CINTH 401IRIIWAY AT SOUTH IT WIITMINITH MAIL. UN NMO FWY. AT MXIA AVINUI

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