The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 25, 1952 · Page 2
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 2

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1952
Page 2
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Two THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, MONDAY EVENING, AUGUST 25,1952. Mrs- Phillips Died Today At St. John's Mrs. Alice Phillips 70, 1134 Pottawatomie, a resident of Leavenworth 34 years, died early this morning at St John'? Hospital, following an illness of the past two years. Mrs. Phillips was born in Salem, Mo., July 25, 1882, and was — the daughter of I the late Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stag" ner. She was ^married to Ed 'Phillips in St 1 Louis in 1899 and 4 th ey celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1949. She was a member of the Baptist Church. Surviving are the husband, Ed Philips of the home address; two daughters, Mrs. Artie Emler, 819 Seneca and Mrs. Ben Phipps of 618 North Broadway; eight sons, Robert V. Phillips 1008 North Seventh, Herschel Phillips, 221 Columbia, Ovid Phillips of Gladewater, Tex., Clifford Phillips, 523 North Fourth, James Phillips, 206 Osage, Ed Philips of San Jose, Calif., Louis Phillips, 205 Shawnee and Major Phillips of 20th and Dakota; two brothers, Everett and Leslie Stagner of St Louis and one sister, Mrs. James Walsh of -St. Louis; 22 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Funeral arrangements will b e announced later. The body will remain at the Sexton Chapel. grass slaughter steers opened weak to 50 lower, some bids off more; little done early on heifers; some bids as cows 25-50 lower, much as 1.00 off; Market Report KANSAS CITY (ffl — Produce: eggs extras, 60 per cent A, 53; eggs mediums 47; eggs standards 43; eggs unclassified (current receipts) 54 Ibs up, loss off 34.5. ' Butter—Grade A, Ibs in cartons 79.5; Grade A, Ibs in quarters 80; butterfat, Ib 67-70. ! Poultry: heng 4% Ibs up 21; hens under 4% Ibs 13; commercial fryers, 2%-3'-i Ibs, whites 35.5; reds 34.5; commercial broilers, l%-2% Ibs 34.5; farm-run fryers, 2&-3% Ibs .25; leghorn fryers, 2-2% Ibs 20; roasting springs 22; old roosters and stags 33-14; young torn turkeys, 24 Ibs up 30-31; young hen turkeys, 12 Ibs up 33; young white ducks, 5 Ibc up 20. 1 KANSAS CITY UP) — Wheat 425 cars; unchanged to % lower; No. 2 hard and dark hard 2.33%; No. 3 2.28?i-2.38n; No. 2 red 2.30%- 2.35n; No. 1 2.2o%-2.34n. • Corn 125 cars; 6V« lower to . lower to 1% higher; No. 2 white 2.73%-2.95n; No. 3 2.43%-285n; No. 2 yellow and mixed 1.85%; No. 3 1.80%1.85%n. Oats 23 cars; %-l .higher; No. 2 white 96%; No. 3 89-96%n. Milo maize 3.05%-3.16n, Kafir 3.09%-3.18n. Kafir 3.09%-3.18n. Rye 1.87-1.98n. Rye 1.87-1.47n. Barley 1.39-1.47n Bran 54.25-55.00.. Shorts 61.50-62.25. Open High Low Close Wheat futures Dec 2.36 2.36% 2.35% 2.35Vz Mch 2.38% 2.38% 2.38% 2.38% May 2.38% 2.38% 2.38% 2.38% Corn futures Sep 1.85 Grain sorghum Sep 3.15 3.14% 3.14% Dec 3.09 KANSAS CTTY (SI — (USDA)— Cattle, 27,000; calves 4,100; slow and uneven, scattered sales fee steers grading average to choice to prime steady to 25 lower; lower grading short feds and Minn M&M 40 Mo Kan Tex 6~s Mont Ward ..'.... 64% Nat Dairy 54% Nat Gypsum 21% N Y Central 19 No Am Avia qG% Ohio Oil 52% Packard 4% Penney (JO 67% Pa RR 19% Phillips Pet 57% Plym'Oil 31% Pure Oil 62T Radio Cp 26% r'epub Stl 40% Reyn Met 53 HOLE HOC—At Lake Wawasee, Ind., a disgruntled bog looks up from the bottom of an abandoned dry well shaft after being penned in the hole for 89 days. The once-proud, 300-pound porker shrank to a stylish 75 pounds before he was discovered by a farmer. The not-so-porky pig was fed slowly so he wouldn't make a hog out of himself too fast. bulls weak to 50 lower; vealers steady to weak; bidding fully 1.00 lower on killing calves; nearly 70 per cent of receipts stackers and feeders; early sales mostly 50-1.00 lower; large share still unsold, some bids fully 2.00 lower on common to low good steers; few high good and choice light yearling stackers and comparable quality calves near steady, such offerings in light supply; few loads and lots average straight session under the million mark. Friday's total was 910,000 shares. Although the railroads displayed some of the larger losses, the carrier group was under no particular selling urgency. Definitely lower were oils, steels, and chemicals. NEW YORK (.D—Closing stocks: Close Net Chg. Safeway St Schenley Ind Sears Roeb Sinclair Oil Socony Vac Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil NJ Studebaker Sunray Oil Swift & Co Texas Co Tide Wat As Un. Pac Unit Air Lin Unit Airc U S Rubber U S Steel West Un Tel West Elec . Wilson & Co Woolworth Youngst Sh&T 30% 27% 57% 43% 36% 57% 78% 77% 37% 20 32% 54% .... 21% 114% 28 34% 24Vi 39% .... 42% 40% 9% 43% .. 44 D U D D U D D D U D U U U D D D U D D D D D D U D D D D D D D D U year. The only survivor is a brother at St. Claire Shores, Mich. Rejects Continued from Page 1 Closing- average 60 stocks 107.3, down .3. Fatzer Asks Check On Federal Stamps TOPEKA (iP> — Attorney General Harold R. Fatzer Monday asked county attorneys of Cowley, Butler ;et off fireworks at Tuesday's meetings. Columbia University or the tran- quillity of his Pennsylvania farm." out Germany prior to holding j and Sedgwick Counties to hold in"free elections." Officials here and Western diplomats in Moscow indicated that the Russian terms are unacceptable. The reason is that the Westerners think the Soviet are putting the cart before the horse and doing it deliberately for propaganda purposes. The Russian strategy in the long exchange of notes on German unity and peace which has taken place over many months is believed to be aimed at disrupting Western plans to associate Germany with the North Atlantic Treaty defenses in Europe. Measures for German and the formation troop units as part rearmament of of German a European army are well advanced. Essentially the Western Powers have taken the line that if the Soviet union sincerely wants .to unite East and West Germany under a single German government quisitions into the purchase of federal tax stamps for slot machines. At the same time Fatzer said he will ask the 1953 Kansas Legislature to enact a law making the possession of the federal tax stamps prima facie evidence of violation of the state's anti-gambling statues. The attorney general said his inquisition requests were based on reports by the federal collector of internal revenue that slot machine stamps had been purchased by organizations in the three counties. He listed the Crestview, Rolling Hills and Wichita Country Clubs at Wichita, the Arkansas City Country Club at Arkansas City and a Veterans of Foreign Wars Club at El Dorado. The internal revenue collector's office at Wichita listed the sale of a total of 45 stamps to these organizations. Fatzer pointed out that under present Kansas statutes it is not an offense to possess federal slot machine tax stamps or to possess the machines themselves. State law make only the operation of Admiral Allied Chem Allis Chal Am Airlines Am Cyan 26% choice to low prime fed steers Am Stl Fd 32.50-34.25; load weighty Kansas ! ed reputation steers scaling around 1350 Ibs and carrying moderate end of prime 34.00; 4 loads mostly high choice fed yearling steers included at 34.25; scattering ;ood and low choice fed steers 27.50-31.50; utility and low commercial cows 17.50-19.75; vealer top 29.00; few loads good to choice yearling stock steers 27.00-30.25; other medium to good stackers 21.50 - 26.50; medium and good feeder steers 850 Ibs up 22.00-27.50. Hogs 2,500; fairly active, un- ven; mostly 25-50 lower than Friday's average; choice No. 1, 2 and 3s scaling 190-250 Ibs 20.75-21.25; Am Tel & Tel Anacon Cop Armour Atchison .... Beech Airc Beth Stl Boeing Airp Bran Airw Case (JI) CeJanese Chrysler .... Cities Svc Coca Cola Cont Can Cont Oil .... Deere Doug Airc 63?i Du Pont ...154% .... 43% .... 9% .... 90 .... 14% .... 50H .... 35% .... 10 s i .... 25% .... 42% .... 79% ....101% ....111% .... 44% .... 62% .... 32% Sgt. William Sparks Dies at Fort Leavenworth i Sgt. William Scott Sparks, 52, died Sunday at 2 a. m. at the station hospital at Fort Leavenworth. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mable Sparks, of the home, 519 % Sixth Avenue, three sisters; Mrs. Flora Mae Banks, Junction City, Mrs. Lucille Goldthreate, Ft. Paine, ,Ala., Miss Evelyn Sparks, Col- D l'/i umbus, Ohio, two brothers; Adam Thomas Sparks, of the home, James Sparks, Chattanooga, Tenn., and one uncle, Buddy Carter, Detroit. % The body is at the Holmes & Son Mortuary- Funeral arrangements will be announced later. it must inevitably join with the West in holding free elections throughout the country. But preliminary to that the Kremlin \ sucn machines" a violation, should be willing, the West has argued, to join in setting up some kind of impartial commission to determine whether and how free elections can be held. Taxes Bombers Continued from Page 1 flew through moderate to intense flak in their first raid of the war on the 40-acre supply area at Anju, 100 miles north of the Red capital of Pyongyang. The air force said one Commu- Continued from Page Says Ike Running Like a Dry Creek NEW YORK (S> — The Scripps- Howard newspapers, which are supporting Dwight D. Eisenhower for the presidency, said editorially Monday .that "Ike is running like a dry creek." A front page editorial in the New York World-Telegram and Sun, entitled "Ike when do we start?" said in part: "We trust Dwight Eisenhower doesn't think that what he had been doing and saying this last month can classify as campaigning for office. "For those little milk-and-water remarks he has been uttering at press conferences and in informal talks have made him no votes. 'We still cling to the hope that when he does start campaigning, he will come out swinging and! that he. will hit hard. If he doesn't, he might as well concede defeat! and go back to the cloisters of; REVISE OSS KEGIOX DENVER (Sr- Robert M. Derg- ence, regional director of the Office of Salary Stabilization, announced Monday that Region 11 has been revised to include Kan-: sas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and St. Clair and Madison Counties in Illinois. The region already included Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES ANOTHER CLUE! SLIM is vitamin rich Watch for Slim FRIDAY Dry Eczema Itch Oil-Rich Ointment Act* in Plac. of Nature'* Mixing Skin Oil* Maddening itch of dry eczema fa often more persistent when skin lacks natural ( oils. For speedy relief, blissful comfort, apply Reslnol Ointment. Oil-rich Kesinol helps to make up tor lack of Nature's oib — to lubricate dry. itchy surface. Rahul's relief from tormenting itch a fast and long-lasting ...helps Nature heal. At all drug stores. (Xdv.) " Moyer is slated to head the GOP] state committee again while John| I. Young is in line for re-election [. by the Democrats. j| Neither has opposition although Moyer's position may be complicated by moves to reinforce GOP campaign headquarters with a directing officer and discontinue the policy of a paid state chairman. Advancement of either of these! US PRISONER DIES Carl Frederick King died a t 11:45 a.m. Sunday as a result of a heart attack. The 27-year-old prisoner from Detroit at the U.S. Penitentiary was serving t w o years for violating the national motor vehicle theft act. He was received at Leavenworth Feb. 9 this Eastm Kod Food Mach 87% 22% 44% 44% 11% 62% 48 60 43% Greyhound ....... 32% Gulf Oil ......... 51% NEW YORK ffl— | Here Pdr ....... 70 STOCKS — Lower; trading volume lint Harv several small lots choice No. 1 Eagle Pich and 2s 21.40 and 21.50 to shippers; choice 260-335 Ib butchers mostly No. 2 and No. 3s 19.00- Gen Bak 20.75; sows 50-75 lower, heavies;Gen Elec off most at 15.00-17.75. jGen Foods Sheep 4,000; killing classes very Gen Mot slow, no early sales. i Goodyear MARKETS AT A GLANCE % light. Int Paper 50 BONDS—Mixed; changes narrow. Int Shoe 39% COTTON — Higher; New OrleansJKan City Sou 81 buying. JKan Pw&Lt 18% CHICAGO JKennecott 79% WHEAT—Easy; mild hedging pres-jKroger Co 36'i sure. ILion Oil 3 CORN—Easy; crop prospects improving. OATS—Lower with corn. HOGS—Mostly 50 cents lower; top!. $21.40. CATTLE—Steady to 50 cents off; top 535.75. LEAD WALL STREET NEW YORK H) — Mild selling pressure was enough to depress the stock market appreciably Monday. The fall extended from fractions to between 1 and 2 points with the great bulk of the decline on the near side of the range. Business fell away to an estimated 800,000 shares, the fifth Loew's Martin (GL) McKess & R % Silo-Seal 0Seal your silo before re-filling Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH nist night fighter was sighted but! proposals for formal consid eration did not attack. On Saturday night, the air force reported, Superforts raided the Supung rail yard near the Manchurian border. It said one of three when *j!ou talk"' eTC'laugh Red fighters that challenged bombers was shot down. A single B-29 hit targets along i your plates keeps false teeth more; . , fa 6 firmly set. Gives confident feeling of, tne ironi. security and added comfort. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Get SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES L^v.f H t0day " ^ drug store ' Do false teeth drop, slip or wobble . when you talk, eat, laugh or sneeze? ' Don't be annoved and embarrassed by such handicaps. FASTEETH. an Alka-, line (non-acid) powder to sprinkle oni Attention Delegates to CENTRAL TRADES & LABOR COUNCIL Regular Meeting At 8 P. M. At Labor Temple TUESDAY NIGHT Closed for Vacation from Hon., Aug. 25 to Tues., Sept. 2 DILLEY'SCAFE 817 S. 5th St. Our New Costume Jewelry See our complete selection. Poggemeyer's 204 So. 5th AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS • Water prou your basement with COPROX WATER PROOFING BERGMAN COAL CO. 707 Cherokee Phone 63 AMUSEMENTS . AMUSEMENTS - Admission Adults 500 Children Under 12 Free 2 Mi. N.W. on No. 73 Highway Fone 3224-F-3 Last Times Tonite (Monday) And It's Buck Nite! * uncBiu ^» ^^f-^tiKlffffSi "BLOOD ON THE MOON" Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday r The HILARIOUS Story of a Poor And Hit Cartoon! Phone 196 Cool As A Mountain Breeze! Tonite! Two Grand Hits! Glenn FORD Gene TIERNEY It's ZAHY...DAFFY! Tues. and Wed.! Another AH New Double Hit Show! A Phone Cal Hat Revealed. Plus Second Thrill Hit! SEE SCANDAL SLAYING OF HITLER IN SIN-RIDDEN BERLIN! And BOTH Tues. and Wed. Are BUCK NITES! AH your car will hold for .... NOW! Ends Tues.! Matinee Daily At 2 P. M. HOUR WHEN WEST STOOD CROSSROADS! THOMAS MITCHELL • LLOYD BRIDGES • KATY JURADO /OH, VEAH?T ( YOU PONT xV^OL DONT VOU FEEL A> , BIT FOOLISH, DEAR.} -BUT WHEN > I HOLLER, ) I CAN'T < EXPERIMENT FAILS—The Air Force, after long testing, has given up on the huge B-60 experimental bomber (bottom photo) and will concentrate full attention on the B-52 (top photo), a faster, single, heavy jet type. The B-52 Stratofortress is expected to replace the current B-36 as the chief atomic bomb carrier of the Strategic Air Command.

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