Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 46
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 46

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 46
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C-4-iNDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) IMI n»ch. gin., rn^., tod, n, im Empty Florida camps disappointing fFans shouting, 'Play ball! ;; TAMPA (AP) - "It's horrible. These attorneys arc acting like a bunch of kids," said 81-year-old Ed York, a Cincinnati Reds (an among thousands of Baseball fans who flocked to Florida for spring train- GRAND 5 PRIX -- REPORTS -' 5=45 P.M. KFOX 1280 ' "Your Country" ing, only to find frustration. Baseball's deteriorating contract talks kept the parks closed until today, a delay of more than two weeks, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of Grapefruit league followers. "We're just keeping our f i n g e r s crossed," said Tluby Rapp of Cincinnati, who organized a tour for 550 fans known as the "Reds' Rooters," one of the largest booster clubs in major league baseball. "We had planned on seeing (our games during pur week here. Now we're just hoping we can see the UEEIVS ££7HARF ggPORTFISHING J End of Long B*och frmmway -- Right to Port of Long I Bcoch -- tofce 7th SI. OKrotnp. Phon* (213) 432-6993 NOW ADDING SURFACE ! FISHING TO ROCK COD! 1 Miner torn rtnyt rock red I Caf jfornian Sea Fury Sport fisher . . f Men, Wed. H1»nd Surtax Eahing bt»ns APT. 10. Catallna Sptcl*) - 1 J.m. Sal., Sun., HoIWavi 3/4-DiybMiT 6 a.m. To ?:30p.m. dally. SAVE ·2" with rhil aJ /« dory boof only! Mon.-Frl. Adullt Only! Reds practice," said Mrs. Rapp. Dog races and tourist attractions have been replacing baseball--but the natives are restless. "Everybody knew we were t a k i n g a chance when we came down. But we felt sure things would be settled before this," said Mrs. Rapp. "We've been doing a lot of other t h i n g s , but we w o u l d prefer baseball." York, a retired YMCA executive (rom Dayton, says he has been a baseball fan "since I was knee high." But he can't understand the obstacles that have held up spring training. "1 t h i n k the players want to play. Hell, for $100,000 a year, I'd gel out there and play," he snorted. York, on his first trip to Florida, is accompanied by 78-year-old Bill Hart, a r e t i r e d d e p u t y sheriff f r o m Cincinnati. "We're t i r e d nf watching television,"Hart grumbled. It is Hart's 17th consecutive trip to spring training and his 4!fth jaunt to follow the Reds across the country. "I saw my (irst game as an ice cream 'butcher'--or vendor--at old Crosley Field. Ed Rausch was my favorite player." "Boston (ans can say they are No. 1, but Reds' fans are the best to .the world. We back our boys to the end," says 'Mrs. Rapp. Middle-aged twin sisters Edna and Edith Schmutte of Cincinnati are making t h e i r 10th consecutive s p r i n g t r a i n i n g t r i p . "We're having a ball without baseball, but it's still a big disappointment. All this legal entanglement is bad (or baseball," said Edith. But she doubts that the uproar will seriously curb interest in the sport. "We have 11 in our (amily and lit nieces and nephews. And they're all baseball nuts to Hie 'nth' degree." Power 'n' sail Barefoot skiers, drags at Stadium Saturday, Sunday DONNELL CULPEPPER NOW OPEN . . . SUPER TIRE SERVICE featuring McCrMry Truck Paitonoor Tirol! 14 H*. RADIO DISPATCHED TRUCK TOE SEtVKIt 315 W. VICTORIA at Broadway CA*SON · 423-4714 Coll u* (or Pitttn and Injo. -- Satisfied Cuslomerl Is owe gool ISLAND ROCK COD 85 ft. Sportfisher Freedom CAPT. TAKA TANAKA Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday al 12:01 A.M. Adulls $20.00. Juniors $15. Senior Cilizon Rate weekdays. Bunk included! No surcharge an Jack Pot. Honest Operation--No Rip-Off! SAN PEDRO SPORT FISHING BERTH 79 SAN PEDRO, CALIF. (213} 547-9916 or (213) 833-3511 (next to Ports of Coll Village) Trackster fighting for life following hit, run BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) -- Indiana University track star Steve Heidcnrelch was fighting for his life Wednesday after being struck by a car while working out near campus late Tuesday night. llcidenreich, described as the .best mile runner in the Big Ten Conference, was critically injured and underwent four hours of brain surgery Wednesday. The driver of the car fled after the accident, police said. Police said a motorist found (he runner shortly before midnight lying next to a road on the northwest edge of Bloomington. His jaw was broken and doclors said he suffered a severe skull fracture. Heidenrcich, 22, was the first Big Ten runner to clock a four-minute indoor mile, a clocking of 4:00.0 in Chicago earlier this year. He was also the first !U runner to break the four-minute harrier outdoors, running a 3:58.4 last spring. Heidenreich, a senior majoring in business, is a native of Watcrtown, S.D., and co-captain of the track team. Radio /hack · WB^^^H ^^^«1 ^" ^^^ "^ ^~ ^-- ~^^-- TM ANTENNA SALE! The National Drag Boat Association is mixing up the hot boats and the hotfoot skiers for the two-day Kidney Foundation Benefit Saturday and Sunday at the Long Beach Marine Stadium. I t ' s t h e f i r s t drag-boat competition o( the year for Long Beach. At l e a s t six barefoot skiers who have surpassed or equalled the world record of Gordon Eplihg (03.38 mph.) will be taking part in t h e Sunday program. In (act, the skiers will go (irsl when the pro- g r a m s t a r t s at n o o n . Saturday has been sel aside for the drag-boat preliminaries and qualifying rounds for the skiers. The dragsters will make their final runs, hopefully for new records on Sim- day. H p l i n g i n t e n d s to defend. i( not b r e a k his record which he set in 1973, but he will have to face tough competition from Long Bearh paramedic Craig Veslermark and John Taylor, former Long Beach football star. IN ADDITION to those two, ski coordinator Rick I'aap has lined up a cast of baretoolcrs who could i n c r e a s e t h a t record speed. Saturday's qualifying rounds for the skiers will start with four barefoot skiers-Mike Plunkctt OKlmph.), Mark Riddle (80 mph.), Lee Kirk (91), all of Long Beach, and Tim I'ellaton. Oakland, who has D3 to his credit on a single run. Pellaton went more than 100 mph. at l.aki! Ming, bul the ski rope broke before he finished the run. Veslermark has turned up 95.50 mph,, but was not able to back up that run. Taylor also lias made a single run at 9-1 mph., but didn't hack it up. Epling did 31 at Like Ming. He also is a Long Beach resident. SAVE 2.00 ON THE MOBILE OR BASE STATION ANTENNA YOU NEED, WITH THIS COUPON.. BRING THIS COUPON To your nearest participating Radio Shack store for S2.00 off the regular price ol any CB antenna in this ad. Limit: one antenna per coupon. 40"RBEROIISS ROOF MOUNT ANTENNA AN NORA spokesman says Ihal there will be 15 or 2(1 of the drag-boat grandpappy class-lhe big blown fuelcrs capable of 200 miles per hour and perhaps more. Sam Kurtovich, current record-holder al 204.60 mph.. will he here and pilnling Hoi Jaws. When the drag hoalers appeared al Lake Ming re- c e n t l y , f o u r drivers exceeded 180 miles per hour, with Mike DuRiel, Santa Millikaii gets Moore loop swim victory R.irpoo Volcan tel'erH Ihe Moore Ana, winning the event with a 185.18 clocking. However, D e n n i s Pallac- cia, Redondo Beach, had the fastest time o( 189.'11 m p h . in Hondo's A f t e r Shock. K e n n y W e s t , Fresno, and Tom Hcffer- on, La Crescenta, also went more lhan 180. S a t u r d a y ' s qualifying events start at 10 a.m., Sunday's finals at noon. Adulls, $-1 on Saturday, $5 on Sunday; kids 12 and under free when accompanied by responsible adults. N E W P O R T ' S I n - l h c Water S a i l b o a t Show began at Lido Village on Via I.ido Wednesday with a f e w m i l l i o n d o l l a r s r e p r e s e n t e d in s m a l l , medium and large yachts. One of the features of the show is a kit sailboat shown in various stages to be reached before completion. Visitors had a look at the slep-by-step progression from a bare interior to Ihe complete finish with hand-rubbed wood. The exhibil typifies some of the d o - i t - y o u r s e l f programs that Worldcroiser Yacht Company of Costa Mesa offers. Although Worldcruiser caters to some do-il-your- scl( buffs, its business consists of about 50 per cent completed boats. THK NEWPORT S a i l boat Show c o n t i n u e s through Sunday; Ihcn on the following Wednesday, Ihc powerboat section of Ihe in-lhe-waler e v e n t bogias and it, loo, lasts through a Sunday. Sailboat and powerboat show hours are 2 (o 7 p.m. »n Wednesday; 11 a.m. to 7 p . m . on T h u r s d a y ; Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. (olip.m. Duncan Mclntosh, show producer, estimates Hint t h e s a i l b o a t s a n d I h c powerboats represent at least $20 million. Some o( the boals arc loo large to he exhibited in the average indoor boal shows. ARCHER' GBAKTENKASBT RADIO SHACK The world toader in CB lex 16 years. Radio Stac* maVcs its own Imo of famous Vow-cost Archer anlcnrm dossed specifically lex trco ultimate in communications and rugged reliability Savo up lo 15% during our got-acquainted sale There's only one place you can Imd it RacI Radm /hack JA TANDY CORPORATrOS COMPANY * 100 'reeuyi* vtr Poly rel-in. "4t 00ir«. *^ in fvo * n- in i;.s In IT* . ftoit. VOC*A) l j Poly 700 (r«-Nlcoto (WJ Stt-tl. V$8.1. ttv* IP1 1:M 1. K. Shliey Pll:0i« HjmJIMI l:«.t. ?00 IM-flerry 1M) 7.110; P) 1 : 1 4 3 ; Khg (PI MO. X. Ron Mll:l!»: Dw («] 1 »« SO If»-O*t»m (Ml JJ1; F\Wt 't 753. Selleti (P) 3] 7; Ga'rlty I VI SI. AJIrtJIP) lit 100 bi-ltrrh-J. ROM (Ml 1.01 1: Flftfwgh (M 1:03*; Hjrtey IMI 3; HHkl (P) l.WO. Iteutn [PI B A Y at Aiami- tos Ray Ynchl Cluli has been set for March 27. with a dinner scheduled at Ihe c o n c l u s i o n of Ihc races, all of which will be in Naples Sabols. Classes will be formed according lo weights nf Ihc sailors, not skill. This e v e n t , e s p e c i a l l y t h e heavyweights, always produces some of the best laughs of (he y e a r . A Naples Sabot, barely eight feel long and four feet wide, docs not have much freelxiard w h e n a 225- rMiiindcr g e l s in lo sail across t h e often-choppy hay. 1'auline Slenborg. public relations chairwoman for Ihc sponsoring committee, "ladies of Ihc Day." says Ihal the races will get under way at 11:30 a.m. Only those 18 years of age and older are eligible. No yacht club membership is required of any c o n t e s t ant. Donnell Culpcpper Record cow cod catch--145 fish Most of the dialler among Ihc ocean anglers recently has been aboul where are the yellowtail, when will the albacorc arrive and other questions about big-game fish. Yel, Ihc Fishui' Fads Scoreboard daily shows mostly rocklish. a general classification that covers Iwo or three dozen species of bottom fish. On Monday of Ihis week, Jim Milner, skipper of the : (Moot Californian now running out of Queen's Wharf Sportfishing. look 151 passengers to a rockfish "hole" near San Nicolas Island. Those 31 came home with full limits of rockfish. Among the limit swere M5 cow cod, the largest of the rockfish family and highly desired as :i table delicacy. Such a number of cow eod on one fishing boal in one day is some kind of a record in this or any other state.. .1. C. (Mac) McCliatock, general manager of Queen's Wharf and onetime general manager of the old Pierpoint Landing, said that he never had heard of such a catch in all Ihe years he has been in the business. Neither had Jack Schott, Department of Fish and Game biologist who keeps the score on all party-boat trips in Southern California. Schott researched the. records for IS years and could not find any such total.; The "cows" averaged about IS pounds, making a grand tola! of one and one-half tons of fish. The patrons on that, day also had excellent catches of other rockfish species, all of smaller sizes. NOW THAT THE INITIAL CKOWLEY Lnke reser- valions clambake is over, trout anglers may make future reservatioas by calling the Department of Parks and Recreation Permits and Reservations Section at 4855515, says John Peebles of the LARPD's Camping Section. Even (hough Ihe dale was changed this year for the lineup al Elysian Park Lodge. Ihe usual lineup occurred with two women, Roberta Van Horn. 23, and Vicky Corey. 2:1, both of I.a Crescenla, waiting in line for 12H; hours lo get boats for the opening of trout season on Crowley April 21 and 25. Not only did the women line up, but Ihey had Iheir youngsters with them. Mrs. Van Horn had a son, Bobby, 2, and Mrs. Corey, a IB-monlh-old son, Hobby. They got the first two boats with motors at 3 p.m. last Sunday. Their five-day wait was just two hours and nine minutes short of the all-lime waiting record sel in 1970. Ikith women indicate! thai they fished "at times," but that they wailed lor the boats primarily for their husbands, who feel thai fishing Crowley Lake on the opening weekend is a tradition lhat should not he broken. Said Mrs. Van Horn: "I like to fish if il's not loo cold. My husband is an avid fisherman and as long as the TV set is working and it makes the guys happy, it's fun for us lo drive up there in our camper and spend a few days logther." While the women were wailing, their husbands joined them each night for dinners in Iheir campers. ALL OF THE OTHER CROWLEY boals were snap- iwd up in the first two hours. The two women had taken the two (irst places in line willi Iheir campers at midafternoon Tuesday preceding the Sunday allocation of boats. Others joined the line by Thursday morning'. For the benefit of those newcomers in our midst who may never have seen Crowley Lake, it is classed as. the west's greatest trout production water. The lake always is closed at Ihe end of July, three months prior lo other Sierra Nevada lake closings, in order Ihal the Department of Fish and Game may plant it with thousands of suboatchables. Those fish grow so rapidly that some reach one pound in weight by the opening nf trout season in the following year. It is seldom Ihal anybody catches a trout under 12 ounces in Crowley. Itesidcs the plant each year of subcatchables, the lake harbors some large browns and several hybrid species of (rout Ihal grow lo tremendous size. The food chain is excellenl in Crowley, accounling for the rapid growth of all lish. Due Islcr, a Temple Cily angler who was in 10th position at the Elysian Park Lodge allocalion, said: 'There are oilier places with bigger fish and less pressure, but I'd hale to miss Ihe opening of Cniwley. While I have never caught a big Iroul, there's always that hope lhat I'll land a lunker." !» I Ml tl I {Moor* l rtoxdl; . e r i u g n o . J Vc'ey (PI U'. Htlan MUi: Anred (P) sat. S» Irte-- Berry IMI SHI; m) P) 5:130; Bork (PI S-.n*: Ham J Ml S H.S. K. Slorer (PI S 1} i. 100 b^irkirroke G^bont ( V MS; Nkofo (Ml l . O O J . B-3V1 (P) ·iO.J. Hirkey {S* 1. 051; J. Styey PI I «S 130 breifhtrgte-HoIr'et IV) 04 V D.jmil-9 ( P ) l «' i. DJ9f .'.! »». Fill!*^ («l 1. 110. Slliii 'PH-III Frmryle rtUy-UJUll (Hin- d. 'lar'ey. Sc^jrl. Vo»C4rl 3 H O ; MJ'i- .jn! j43;PXyJ:41 I. JV xert. MillUii to. Po-y Si. Frosn-SocMco'e. WillkinO, Polf i;. Children's nicot nl Corritos More than 570 children f r o m I.os Angeles and Orange rounlies will participate in an AAU-OranRc County Swim Conference invitational s w i m m i n g meet Saturday and Sunday nl Ceiritos College. The mod. hosted by the Cerrilos Aqualies C l u b , will be held from S a.m. lo i p.m. each Jay. More lhan IW evenls are scheduled. Trout plants The following lakes .ind streams, l i s t e d by county, were bein^ restocked w i t h c.itcri.iMe si/e rainbow IrtMit this w«k by Ihe Department of Fish and (J-imp: I.OS ANGKIJCS-nig Rock. U l i l c Rofk and Upper Rii; Tiijunfi.i C r e e k s : Castajr. Crystal, Jackson. IffR and U t t l e R i x k l.ikos. S \ \ BERNARDINO--SlI- verwr»*l Like. VKNTVRA-Piru Creek. R I V E R S I D E -- C a h u i l l . 1 . KV.IIU. Fulmnr a n d Hemel l.ikr-s SAX niKCrO-Cuyamnca. M u r r a y and San \Vcnte Uikes: Swectx.itcr River. ORANC.K-San J u a n Sil- viTLido and Trabueo Crfek. SANTA BARBARA--Davey Brn\vn and M.iiuana Creeks. Ynez River. « IP.A.OTS QITF.N-S HHARF- « j B ^ n Inir, no(M Cl r*k n-1. V- o 1 M *h:te fuh. l rov-k frsh. H-JII. I fatu-o Kns I *jrl fu** SKM. BEACH- « j«lm os 'J' ojj.1^ r: rtxk cV.. i ov» ,-·-!. i 1 i i f v f r ii'mon SOME CHANGES ARE BEING made in nearby lakes in Ihe hope that fishing may he improved. For instance, Pcrris Ixike, which has been receiving some publicity for its Alabama spoiled bass, now boasts of !he start of a channel catfish program Ihal can blossom inlo Ihe hesl fishery that Perns has to offer. The DFO planted 300 channel calfish Ihal averaged fnur or more pounds to the fish. The cats were surplus hroodstock from the department's Imperial Warm- Water Hatchery' near the Salton Sea. Ken Aasen, DFG biologisl who is responsible for starting Alabama bass in the lake and who. as a mailer of record, has had trouble catching one. says it's easier lo catch the channels if you fish early in the morning or lale in the aftemn. Cut bonito or mackerel or chicken livers make ideal bails, he finds. The other change involves the transfer of 250 adnlt black crappie from Vail Lake in Riverside County to Caslaic Lake in northern Los Angeles County. The adults from Vail are small, but apparently arc ready for spawning. They are only about four inches long, yet are considered adult fish. The addition of 250 such crappie to Castaic won't have an immediate effect on the lake's fish population, luil if they spawn. Ihe net resull might be a good crappie fishery for Caslaic, says Aasen, who had charge of that operation as well as the one at Perris. OUTDOOR MINIS--The sportfishing season for spiny lobster lhat opened last October closed on Wednesday of this week one day after the opening of abalone season for the Southern California coast. That abalone season will remain open until next Jan. 11, except for Ihe northeasterly side of Catalina Island, where the dates are April 1 to Oct. I of this year. Consult yotir Sportfishing Regulations pamphlet for other regulations and limits. Jack Ford, of the I-ike Henshaw Resort, says that $5.000 in cash prizes will be given away between March 21 and Sept. 12. There will be a distribution of £SX weekly--4-10 each for Ihe largest bass, crappie, bullhead, channel calfish and bluegill or redear sunfish. Wayne Miller, o( the Parker, Ariz., Sheriffs Office, fishing with a blue plastic worm, caught a 6-pound, 12- onncc largemotrth bass in Lake Ha to take the lead in the first month's payoffs of the $10,000 Lake Havasu Fishing Derby Ihal runs through Jane 13. The Citizen Nongame Advisory Committee to the Department of Kish and Game has scheduled a meeting" for March 29 in San Francisco. This committee is charged with defining objectives for nongame programs of Ihe department, recommending projects and suggesting means of financing such programs. Maxine McCIos-" key. of Piedmont, Alameda County, is chairwoman.

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