Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 6, 1962 · Page 10
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 10

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1962
Page 10
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Three File Claim For Damage; Two Involve Traffic Three pcrsniml injury suits wei filed yesterday in the office of tl county clerk. Margaret C. Rose brought su for $75.000 against Martin's Caf Frank Burkhart and Myrtle Hatle over a fall she had while playin shuffleboard in the bar portion : tlw cafe May 21, 1961. She charge that -she slipped on a slipper substance collected on the adjacent to the shufflcboard an fell, .sustaining fractures, sprains shock and injuries. The plainti rnnU'mls lhat it was the rcspons h i l i t y of the firm to keep the floo in n clean and safe condition. 1 addition to the 575,000. she ask medical expenses, loss of can in«l.s, and costs of the suit. Helen A. Watson brought su ;i^;iinsl Itnnald C. Kendall, Cec Kendall and Clara B. Kenda over on accident which took plac April C. 19(51. at Sonoma and Wi liam street. She asks $20,000 gen era! damages. $1,037.02 medica expenses, $1GO for loss of he uatrii and clothing, and $900 fo lust earnings. The third lawsuit also arose ove an auto accident. Frank A. Mill brought suit against \7allacc \\ Williams for personal injurie sustained in an April 12, 1961 crash near the Mad River bridg on Highway 2K9. He is asking $15, 000 general damages, medica costs, and costs of the suit. License Trouble For 2 Mechanics Two San Francisco men wen arrested by city police yesterday and charged with soliciting with out a license. Police said Ephraim Costa, 24 and Done George, 27, were fixini automobiles without the license Now we have PALMIN oeonut Oil Shortening imported from Germany. 47c Sig Sander Grocery 7880 Myrl!« Av«. HI 2-5301 Complete assortment of Scandinavian and other imported foods. HUMBOLDTSTANDARD* Friday, April 6, 1962, Page 10 Speech Curb In Effect On WASHINGTON (UPI) - Overlooked in the controversy over alleged military muzzling is the fact that three famous five-star generals slill are on the active list and eehnically subject to Pentagon speech regulations. They are Dwight D. Eisenhow. er. Douglas MacArlhur and Omar N. Bradley. Eisenhower is in a slightly special category because he does not .ake his S2(l,000-a-year Army pny. Instead he gets the $25,000 pension and the $50,000 annual office allowance provided for formei residents. But that does not affect the question of what would happen i he Defense Department shouh decide to be technical and require Jens. Eisenhower, Bradley anc MacArlhur to observe militar; ·egulations. For one thing, they would be obliged to submit their speeches ind articles for clearance by the Pentagon's security and review ection. They would be under strict in- unctions to avoid public discus- ion of foreign affairs or other matters properly in the province f the State Department ant Vhite House. Judging by the case of former laj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker, they votild be in trouble if they en aged in controversial activities r tried to influence the votes of men in uniform. The department's unoffici; Jew is that "active duty" for ive-star officers is merely hon- rary, and usually a means of aying them full salary instead ol pension. They are in other re- aects treated as retired officers. Strikes Declined During February WASHINGTON (UPD-The Laor Department reported a de- line in strikes in February. There were 330 strikes involving bout 100,000 workers and the loss f 808,000 man-days of labor, the epartment said Friday. Both fig- res were below the level of Febuary, 1961. America's No. One TV Genuln* Handeraltea NO PRINTED CIRCUITS! Good stock of BLACK WHITE TV, also NEW COLOR TV UNITED RADIO TV 42o H STREET EUREKA HI 2-2002 Heavy Schedule In Municipal Court Here Thursday The Eureka Municipal Cour faced the biggest calendar in re cent months yesterday, and sen tences were plentiful. Leading off the day's activities were five petty theft cases. Jame; Hubbs was given GO days in the county jail, James Laughry was given 180 days, Leonard Laughry 180 days, Robert Weaver GO days, and Dennis Brazil was given a !){)· day suspended sentence and was ilaccd on a year's probation. Patrick Waterhouse was given Id days in the county jail on · charge of disturbing the peace, and Maxwell Green, found guilly of malicious inischcf, receive! yO-day sentence. Arthur Cam who originally was charged with resisting arresl or obstructing a public officer and drunkenness, had his charges reduced to destroying jail property. He was given a 180-day suspender sentence, was placed on probation for two years, and was ordered to pay for damage: Robert Crabtree appeared on a charge of drunk driving, and the court fined him $276, plus restricting his driver's license for months. The court also handled three arraignment cases. In all thret 1 cases, preliminary hearings were scheduled for April 23. Robert Campbell appeared on a charge of passing bad checks, and had bail set at $1575 cash or 5^150 property bond. Willard Braman was arraigned for forgery, and had a $5200 cash or $11,500 bail set. Hughey Tabor was in court on a bad check charge, and his bail was set at $3150 cash or $6300 property bond. In traffic court, Jerome J. Herreara received a five-day suspended sentence for a variety of charges. He was found guilty of having no driver's license, for passing without proper clearance, 'or having a broken windshield, for having loud mufflers, and for [ailurc to appeal". Roy R. Cole was given 10 days suspended for having no brakes and no operator's license. Robert Lewis Babb was given a 30-day suspended license A list of 30 candidates for the 1962 Grand Jury was drawn yes- tfirday in. the office of the county says Thomson McKinmm. clerk, 'and of this list, 19 names will be drawn April 12 at 1:30 p.m. One, Superior Department Court. ' There is no great danger of a serious, lasting correction, the- firm says.'It thinks it would be a serious mistake to sell corn- All potential jury members are mon slocks out of fear of : the un- requested to appear in the court known and recommend rather the at this time. holding and buying of strong equi- Named to the prospective list ties .° f kadi "g manufacturing and were the following persons: Earl C. Baughman, Eureka; Adrian V. Chapin, Ferndale; John H. Chostner, Eureka; Garner J. Churchill, Willow Creek; Duncan Dashney, Samoa; Robert E. Dinsmore, Rio Dell; John Giacomini, Eureka; Robert Hallmark, Trinidad; AUSTIN TEX: Joe Garcia (right foreground) is allowed one brief moment to hold his 2 month old baby today while the baby's rescurer Father Antonio Gonzalez (left) passes the tot to him. Garcia earlier had climbed 150 feet up one of Austin's 165 foot moon- light towers and with the baby in hand, threatened to jump. Father Gonzalez, summoned by the police, as- ccended the tower and rescued father and child. UPI TELEPHOTO. AUSTIN, Tex. UPI)--A Roman Catholic priest went to the top of a 120-foot tower today lo talk man out of jumping off with a )-wcek-oId child in his arms. Joe Avila Garcia. 36. said the jaby was his son. He climbed the ower, one of a number which il uminates Austin at night, after n argument with his wife. The Rev. Antonio Gonzales rode mechanical cart to the top oi he tower. He pleaded with Garia for 20 minutes and persuaded lim to come down. Police said Garcia had been Editor, The Humboldt Standard Dear Sir: As long as the question has )een raised about a county man^ iger, I would like to get my two lits worth in. I don't go along he least bit with the grand jury A Eureka police sergeant who broke into a California Street cottage last night found a 64-year- old woman lying in a pool of blood from injuries she received two days before in a fall. Mrs. Misha McGralh was taken by ambulance to County hospital. | She reportedly suffered a broken ·eport. If they found something |. vrong with the way the super- leg and multiple , other injuries! ·isors were handling their job, I in the fall. Sgt. Jay Bryant drove to the cottage at 1016 California after ', drinking. When ihcv got to the il JU-uilv alialjullllcu llctlla^ 101 , i , j ' ,1 i t , . , . " . , , - , , -, tower he shouted down threats to drinking in a motor vehice white """·'· '"· ~ 1J " U1C jump if anyone trad to lake the ^ e i n g a passenger. Steven E. \ulp, driver of the car, was given 30-days for having an open joltle of liquor in his car. Mel Winners To WASHINGTON (UPI) - President and Mrs. Kennedy have in- lied 61 Nobel Prize winners who ive in the Western Hemisphere to a White House dinner April 29. White House Press Sccrelary Pierre Salinger said distinguished persons from the arts and sciences also would be among the 150 guests. baby away from h i m . That was when police called the priest. Garcia was arrested and booke( (or drunkenness. think the taxpayers should kno\vj nc jghbors had called police head- fdon't like to say this, but money means a lotto me! Maybe you feel this way, too. Most of our customers do. They're people who arc acutely aware of the high cost of r u n n i n g a household these days. Many arc couples whose plans to relax and travel in a few years look more expensive as costs continue to go up. Most are working hard to make money in business and put their "cxlra" moncv to work in stocks and bonds. We're sure none of them would like to go back to just one income. Dean Witter customers recognize the direct relationship of careful research to successful investing. That's why we've built one of the largest investment research teams in the U.S.--our 84 member Research Department. For frank talk about money and investment opportunities, get in touch with a Dean Witter Account Executive. You'll find him well-informed and just as quick to talk about risks as he is about potential profits. All you do is phone our nearest office. DEAN WITTER Co. Members New York Slock ExchanBu · Pacilic Coast Slock Exchangi 535 G Street. Eureka -- HI 3-4331 THOROUGH ANALYSIS / E X P t n i E N C E O JUDGMENT C O M P L E T E FACILITIES FOR INVESTORS 46 scruinj) i n w s f o r s ' Property tax payments in North cm and Central California b\ Pacific Gas and Electric Company reach an all-time high next Tuesday when final installments wil he paid by the company on bills for 1961-12 totaling $74,418,712. Hiimbokil County's bill totals, $1,037.408 and the city of Eureka will receive $45,397. The total amount PGE had to set aside in the last year tot taxes and franchise payments to local, stale and federal agencies amounts to $166,015.000. This sum about it. The supervisors are being well paid to do a job, and I think they should do it. If my memory icrvos me right, they are all veil qualified, or at least they were at the last election. However, if any of them have found out since they were elected that they cannot handle the job, in all fairness to the taxpayers I think they should resign. In regard to the manager, where are we going to get this superman with better judgment than the combined judgment of five men? We have managed to get along without a county manager for a long time, and I think we could continue to do so for longer. We surely don't need a manager and a board of supervisors, too. Think of the taxpayers once in a while, please. Otto Holman 819 G Street Eureka, Calif. spread all of PG'E's customers means that 24 cents 'out of every dollar they paid for utility bills had to be passed along to the tax collector. The company's total taxes ex- eed by more than $20 million the cast of operating all of California's 17 state colleges in the current fiscal year, the company said. PGE's luxes were three times what they were in 1950 and exceeded the combined .sums pnicl last year for wages and salaries of operating personnel ($83,244,000) and the common and preferred stock dividends ($69.793,000.) School district levies increased of £17,459.2-5-1. rcprc sent ing about half of the properly tax payments. Counties receive i$2J1.5 million, cities $4.2 million · and special districts $4.2 million. f Fifty ol California's 5!t counties receive lax payments from PGE. Tueuly of tltoye colled more than Rear Admiral Allen Winbeck commander of the Twelfth United States Coast Guard District, announced yesterday that on about May first tile Humboldt Bay marker radio beacon will be changed lo transmit a series of five tenths of 3 second dashes for 13 and five tenths seconds followed by one and five tenths of a second of silence. j The characteristic will be super-imposed on a continuous carrier, Winbeck said. There will be no change in fre-l quency, he added. alone, for several days. Bryant called through the locked door after receiving no response to a knock. Mrs. McGrath finally called back quarters and tcld officers they had not seen the woman, who lives that she was injured and could not get to the door. Bryant broke a side window lock with a screwdriver and found Mrs. McGrath in the bedroom where she had fallen. Venire For 1962 Grand Jury Set; 12 NEW YORK upi)-it seems unwise to spend any amount of time bemoaning- the lackluster technical 1 behavior, of the market, Donald Hill, Eureka; Thomas P. Jenkins, Bayside: Harry R. Kesser, 'Fortuna; Raymond A. Knapp, Trinidad. J. William Ladd, Arcata; John Lockridye, Eureka; Robert C. Look, Fortuna; Mrs. Euth C. Loring, Eureka; Frank L. Mills, Eureka; John P. Morton, Eureka; Raymond K. Nelson, Eureka; Kenneth C. Newell, Fortuna; Clyde H. Nunnemaker, Eureka;.Harrison 0. Parker, Arcata; Watson D. Poole, Arcata; Ralph K. Porter, Eureka;, Clarence W. Robertson, Blue Lake: William H. Rogers, Eureka; Joseph Russ Jr., Ferndale; William R. Smullin, Eureka; Mrs. Goldie Stewart, Garberville; and James Creek. H. Wyatt, Willow Kennedy Dinner For Befafosifes WASHINGTON (UPI) - Ally. Gen. and Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy will give a reception at the Justice Department next Monday for wife. WALL STREET CHATTER service enterprises. Bache Co. says one of the possible "prerequisites for an important upward move would be an extreme -in terms of selling. The firm says it now appears that we are close to such a situation and it may not be too long before an important sold-out condition is upon us, setting the stage for a significant short term rally. According to Joseph E. Granville of E. F. Button Co., the days ahead might include a selling climax but this would, from a technical standpoint, be looked upon as a very healthy development. Dominant factors behind the present market weakness apparently are related to fears that near-term business prospects are not as bright as they might be, according to Jerome Peck Associates, Inc. "For our part we are convinced that business prospects are still quite bright, as is witnessed by the present encouraging trend of automobile sales." The Clark, Dodge Co. market letter states it must be recognized that the market's present mood of little response to -good news and considerable response to bad news suggests that the singer Harry Belafonte and his correction and consolidation has not been quite completed. Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey · 6 yrs-old if ·Ancient Age DisLCo..FranMort,Ky. EDITOR: Conflict of interest as applied to the holding of public office has long been a subject for serious thought. No one who is at all informed on problems of government is unaware of the situations, situations which have cost tax- aayers money and mitigated against healthy progress, which iave on many occasions been dis- the. national field. T .submit that this snmc prob- m can seriously disrupt the orderly growth and sound (levclop- nent of a local community. Recognizing this, the voters in many cities have adopted rather ·igid stipulations as to who may and who may not serve on a city council. This matter is brought to your| ittention as a result of our own I council's very strange (certainlyj Gives Class D 6's a scare in Mobil Economy Run (Class D-Iuxury compact cars with automatic transmission) by $3,521,244 hsl ycor over 19fiO o the writer who has sat through ill the monlhs of hearings, etc, etc.* attitude this wi'i'k to the I-M Zone ordinance they passe;! two weeks ago. As in (he matter of the plinrm.i- ics. no member of the public dur- nt* all the long months .stepper: orward to complain that he wish $1 million oneli. Contra CosUi 1( , , 0 , )ui](] sins , e f . imi , y rcsj . County, where PGK hns fivo j ( , c n ( . p s in ,,, osc 70|]CS No th( , steam-electric- plants, lioads IhoI l t ( c r W . JS jnioc(e(1 jn , 0 M(md list with $10,144.1011. This is ^ i n i . i u - s s t i K l y session hy two coun- linios Iho company's tax P'lynwttcjim,^ in that county as late as 11U7. New Trial Defied For Russian Spy NKW VOKK dim - A fedora 1 havp sat through many loiij council sessions \vhile various conncilnicn lold us at length that Iliry wore there to carry out the will of the people ! It is ditficnll for me lo sec where the will of the public enters court has turned down a pica by into this present silualion. convicted spy Morton Hobcll tor a Sincerely, new trial. | KU-FI.O HARPER LEE Federal .Itiilce John F. X. llc-1 tdohcy Thursday denied .Soholl'sjnlmig «ilh Julius and Klhcl Hos- j n e l i l i o n and simiill.-iiioonslyji'iibcrg. The latter were cxcciilcd turned down a motion for ,-i mine-:lor Ihc'ir parl in the spy ring Ih.-ilj j l i n n lit his M-yi'ar wnlc'ilcr. jconspircd lo give U.S. secrets lol RUICK SPECIAL ALUMINUM V-8 ALL COMPACT AND FULL-SIZE V-S'S Can a V-8 give straight 6's a run for the money? Yes, indeed -- if it's the aluminum V-8 in a Buick Special. In this year's Mobil Economy Run, a finely tuned Buick Special finished just an eyelash behind the two 6's among Luxury compacts. The winning mileage in Class D was 24.85 mpg. The Special V-8 racked up a whopping 23.68 mpg with regular gas. Close? You bet. This figure means that now you can buy a V-8 f o r economy, loo, and get fast stopping zip and a bonus wilh Buick. In the Mobil Run all cars arc driven by trained drivers so you can't normally expect as good mileage. But -- whether you're a pro or not, the V-8 Special's combination of high performance and economy is sure (o prove a mighty pleasant surprise. This mmlninunl ippiovH ml itruil lint by Umltd Slitii Aol» Club!\ BERNIE ANDERSON PQNTIAC-BUICK ·Hh i D Streets je/oclioriJ Big vn/uoi/ See your flwicfc Dealer (or Doubla Clicck Ihod Cars!

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