Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1929 · Page 25
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 25

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1929
Page 25
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THE ALT6ONA MIRROR—TUESDAY,, NOVEMBER 5, 1929 "As Snug as a Bug in a Rug"*^A Cozy 3~in-l Apartment (or Larger) for the Winter Business and Off ice Equipment! Unfurnished Apartments Altoona Plate Glass Co. Pool tables, cash registers, wftll • cases, show cases, iceless soda fountains, purchased through sheriff sales. Bargain for quick buyer. All size auto glass. 725 Green Ave. Dial 8886 or 2-7300, WANTED TO BORROW WANTED—TO BORRpW, $5,200 ON FIRST e. Call at 121 E. 6th Ave. mortgage. BOARDING *^/^VN^>*«^XXN^**%*«. WANTED—1 OR 2 BOARDERS IN PRI- vate home, all conveniences Home privileges. Inquire 911 3rd Ave. RENT—Unfurnished Rooms 888 26th ST.—3 CHEERFUL ROOMS, kitchenette and bath. Heat furnished. Rent $23. Young couple. Inquire 882 26th St. RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping. Hot, cold water In kitchen. Private entrance.' Dial 5018. NEWLY FURNISHED, LUJHT, A1RV rooms, all conveniences; well neated. Price $3 up. 1502 or 150216 13th St. COMFORTABLE, NICELY FURNISHED sleeping rooms. Reasonable rent. Con- .venlenccs and use of phone. Inquire 1407 ith St. or Dial 2-4053. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, second floor, all conveniences, Inquire 856 17th St. LARGE, WELL FURNISHED FRONT room in modern home. Splendid section; refined business man Reference. Inquire 2627 Broad Ave. Dial 4772. ROOMS FOR LODGING AND ALSO LIGHT housekeeping. Light, heat, gas. Rent Reasonable, free parking. Inquire 1411 8th Ave. WAYNE APT. BLDG., 1106 18th ST.. » rooms, bath, heat, all conveniences. Dial 2-7993. •l-ROOM APARTMENT WITH iATH, breakfast nook, range, linoleum, laundry trays, frlgidalre. Phone 3-9514. 400 2nd Sit., Junlata. Also 3-room apartment. COZY APARTMENT, JUNIATA, 909 4tJl Ave,, second floor, 4 rooms, bath and porches. Heat and all conveniences. Dial 5767 or 6621 3 ROOMS AND BATH AT 224 3rd AVE. No. 1 condition. Qas range and heater furnished. Price $16 per month. Inquire of A. R. Dllllng, 623 4th Ave. Dial 2-6646. , 4 ROOMS AND BATH, ALL CONVEX lences.. Rent reasonable to right party. Inquire 910 8th Ave. FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH ALL CON- venlences. Reasonable rent. Inquire 1807% 20th Ave. WARM, WELL FURNISHED ROOM, IN private family. Breakfast if desired. Inquire 2300 Broad Ave. SEVERAL DUPLEXES ON 26th ST., BE- tween Broad and W. Chestnut, at reduced rents. Also at 2501 Broad Ave. Either with or without heat. A nice 4-room low* duplex on corner o£ 28th St. and W. Chestnut, with gas range. ,?30 month. InqulA Room 402, Commerce Bldg. Dial. 2-0301 or 6691. • CORNER BROAD AVE. AND 30th ST., second floor, 6 rooms and bath. Excellent condition. For Information Dial 6986 or 7197. DESIRABLE APTS., 4 ROOMS AND BATH and 5 rooms and bath. Centrally located. Janitor service. Dial 2-7914. 6-ROOM DUPLEX APARTMENT, ALL modern conveniences, hardwood floor. Hot water heat. Gas range and Ice box furnished. Reasonable rent. Inquire 406 Lexington Ave., or Marcus Jewelry store, 1325 llth Ave. $05.00—2706 W. CHESTNUT 1 AVE., 6 rooms, bath, hardwood floors, electric refrigerator. $47.00—2402 Broad Ave., 6 rooms, tile bath. $35.00—1211 8th Ave., 1st floor, 5 rooms, bath, heat and shades.$33.00—2603 5th Ave., 6 rooms, bath, beat. > $30.00—901 8th Ave., 5 rooms, bath, heat and shades. i $23.00—2923 Pine Ave., first floor duplex, four rooms, bath, one car garage. $20.00 807 Bell Ave,, 2rv.i and 3rd floors. $19.00—1006 8th Ave., 3 rooms, bath and heat. McVEY-FARIS CO.. Central Trust BiUg. Dial 7128 APARTMENT, THREE ROOMS, STEAM heat, hot water, gas range, locker, laundry. Low rent. Dial 2-7497. , FIRST FLOOR, 4 ROOMS, BATH, HEAT, porch. Rent reasonable. Best location. Inquire 2111 W. Chestnut Ave. Phone 6078. 1502 7th AVE.—NICELY FURNISHED front room with alcove tor light housekeeping. Opp. Junior High school. Dial 2-0450. IMPERIAL APT., 5 ROOMS, BATH, porch and all conveniences, $35; also 4 I rooms, bath and porch, $30, newly papered. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p. in. 2-8160. 2 ROOMS, FURNISHED COMPLETE FOR light housekeeping, all moderti conveniences. References. Children objectionable. > Inquire 801 Chestnut Ave. 1330 12th AVE., OPPOSITE GABLE'S, FUR- nlshed for light housekeeping. Dial 2-9349. LARGE FIRST FLOOR APT., 5 ROOMS, bath, hot water heat. Inquire 1506 8th St. BRETH APTS., 825 7th AVE., 3 ROOMS, heat and gas range, newly papered. Rent $20. Dial 2-6092 or 9029. EAST SIDE—FURNISHED 'KITCHEN AND. _ bedroom, 1 or 2 adults, all conveniences. Rent ?18. Dial 2-2817. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS IN PRIVATE home, all conveniences, Including water and sink in kitchen. Rent very reasonable. 2'10't W. Chestnut Ave. TWO FURNISHED housekeeping, all 2100 -Oth Ave. ROOMS FOR conveniences. LIGHT Inquire 718 CHESTNUT AVE. —' 4 ROOMS AND bath. Heat furnished. $20 per month. Inquire above address. 1422% 13th AVE.— FIRST FLOOR, 3-ROOM Apt., blinds, gas range furnished, all conveniences. Inquire 1112 17th St. SECOND FLOOR APARTMENT, 5 ROOMS and bath. Hot water heat, front and back porches. Inquire at 1709 or 15 7th Ave. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN. DAS OR week, all conveniences. Rent $2.50 wk. up Inq. 901 Chestnut Ave. Dial 2-4886. 2 OR 3 NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR light housekeeping, all conveniences. Best residential district. 2527 Broad Ave. 1128 14th AVE.— 2 NICELY. FURNISHED rooms, private home, all convenelnces. Gentlemen only. Half block from Penn-Alto. 'URNISHED ROOM, SUITABLE FOR TWO, all conveniences, with or without board, [nquire 1812 13th Ave. NICELY FURNISHED BEDROOM, ALL conveniences, bath. Private family. $2.50 weekly. Use of phone. Inquire 1907 18th St. Dial 2-1282. 1204 14th AVE. — HALF BLOCK • FROM Penn-Alto, furnished room lu home of two. Gentleman only. Dial 2-6320. 3 FURNISHED ROOMS. SINK IN KITCH- en. Not suitable for children. 305 6th Ave., Juniata. NEWLY FURNISHED BEDROOM, WITH all conveniences. Private family. $3 week. 800 4th Ave. _ ^^^ Rea- 843 17th ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS light housekeeping, all conveniences. sonable rent. Dial 2-8741. DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOM IN PRI- vate family. No children. Rent reasonable. Inquire 2B04 Union Ave. THREE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, all conveniences. Inquire 1619 17th Ave. Dial 2-7001. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, all conveniences. Call after 6. Inquire 2107 4th Ave. ATTRACTIVE FURNISHED ROOM, FINE location. Private home. Business man preferred. Dial 2-5810. TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR light housekeeping. Newly painted and papered. Inquire 1216 15th Ave. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, all conveniences. Use of laundry. Dial 2-2579. COMPLETELY FURNISHED APTS.— 2 TO 5 rooms, private bath. Maid service dally to bachelors. Inquire 608 10th St. COMPLETELY FURNISHED HOUSEKEEP- ing modern apartment building. Automatic water heating plant, same temperature day and night. Electric range, electric refrigeration. Week or month. Also one furnished apartment with conveniences, 1 block from trolley station ut Lakulnont, $20 per month. Dial 2-1862. See these cozy apartments at 1618 llth Ave. JMODERN FIRST FLOOR ABT., 4 ROOMS. i^J<ath, newly furnished, papered and palnt- "5:iT! also iunu" 3-room house, bath. Inquire U02 21st St., Apt. 5. LAKEMONT— FIRST FLOOR OF DUPLEX, 4 rooms and bath. Laundry, yard, electric washer. Also second floor of same duplex, partially furnished. Dial I72j 3-ROOM APT,, HEAT, LIGHT GAS, phone. Rent $35. Dial 4-9103. LINE APARTMENTS. 1321 8th AVB., 1st door, five rooms and bath. Second floor, four rooms, alcove and bath. Large back porch. Third floor, two rooms and bath. All In good condition. Hot water heat, gas range and shades. Dial 8573, 9 to 12 a. m. and after 8.30 p. m. • . RENT—HOUSES NEWLY PAINTED. AND PAPERED, 8- room house, all Improvements. Inquire J. H. Glarth, 1323 19th Ave. Dial 2-8037. DUPLEX, 4 ROOMS WITH CONVEN- lences, to' a quick renter $15 month. Located 105 E. Walnut Ave. Dial 2-1862. 217 CRAWFORD AVE.—7 ROOMS,. BATH, furnace, electricity, gas, bot water. Oar- age. Rent $30. Inquire 215 Crawford Ave. Dial 2-0190. 1817 7th AVE., JUNIATA—6 ROOMS," HEAT and light. Rent $18 month ' Inquire Chas. A. Auker, 1321 llth Ave. 1808 6th AVE.—5-ROOM HOUSE WITH gas, light and collet.' $20 per month. Chas. A. Auker, 1321 llth Ave. BEALE AVE. AND 39th ST.—5-ROOM house, all Inquire L. R. Mathleu & Son, 1824 Union Ave. Dial 9994. 0-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CONVENIENCES. Good location in Roselawn. Call L. E. Leopold. Phone 2-0601. 1910 10th ST.—6-ROOM HOUSE, HOT AIR heat, toilet In cellar. Rent $20, Inquire 1002 Chestnut Ave. FOR RENT—THE, HAMILTON FARM house, Greenwood; Inquire at 1317 6th Ave. FOR RENT 1514 Bell «Ave.—8 rooms, fin. attic, one- car garage. $22.50. 1322 1st Ave.—8 rooms, fln,' attic. $22.00. •133 Crawford Ave.—6 rooms, fln. attic, all Imps. $30.00. • . 3911 Burgoon Rd.—6 rooms, all imps, garage. $25.00. / 708 20th St.—5 rooms, elec., gas, toilet. $20.00. 305 15th St.—Apartment, 3 rooms and bath. $15.00. 2308 4th Ave.—Apartment, 3 and bath. $17.00. / 835% 17th St.—Apartment, ground floor, 4 and bath, hot water heat furnished, yard and cellar. $30.00. ED. SEIDEL, Realtor, 835 17th St. 2205 5th AVE.—FIVE ROOMS, BATH, ALL conveniences. Rent $25 Inquire 505 15th St. Dial 9658. 1418 Oth AVE.—7-ROOM HOUSE, .WALL papers like new, good furnace, all conveniences. Inquire 1422 Oth Ave. DESIRABLE 0-ROOM HOUSE WITH ALL conveniences, situated 2321 10th Ave. Inquire T. Chester Parsona, 1107 12th Ave. Dial 2-5192. , HOUSE, 1912 MARGARET AVE., 8 ROOMS, bath, porch and small yard", $25. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p. m. 2-8160. SMALL HOUSK, LOCATED AT' 601 CRAW- ford Ave., gas, light, bath and telephone. 2 rooms on second floor occupied, with private entrance. Inquire at same address or phone 2-4809. 823 7th AVE.—5-HOOM HOUSE; ALSO liii 4th Ave., 5-room house, newly papered. Dial 2-5092 or 9029. 4-ROOM HOUSE, FINISHED THIRD floor, modern conveniences. Rent reasonable. Inquire 710 6th St. SALE—HOUSES 1SSXV^-V^SS<*NS*^^'*V^v-^'*^ FOR SALE—BRICK AND TILE BUNQA- low, six rooms and bath, all conveniences. Hot water heat. Bargain price. E. D. Clark, 512 E. 22nd St. 2105 18th ST.—HALF DOUBLE HOUSE, 8 rooms, gas electric, new paper. Rent $16. Dial 2-2137. 5-ROOM DWELLING, 308 23rd AVE., bath, futnace electric. $30 per month. Apply to Blulr Runyon, 308 22nd Aye. COSTS NOTHING TO LOOK AT THE clean, cheery Apt. with bath. 715 8th Ave.' May save time. Heat light, etc., included in reasonable rent. Dial 6301. NICELY FURNISHED APARTMENT IN good residential section. Inquire Mrs. D. E. North, 2104 W. Chestnut Ave. Unfurnished Apartments APARTMENT, 610 2nd «T., JUNIATA, ft rooms, bath, gus. porches, yard. Rent $22. 'ivjulru 1107 llth Ave. 1615 17th AVE.—7 ROOMS AND BATH. modern conveniences, newly papercd throughout. S minutes' walk from Gable's store. References required. Dial 2-8511, BRICK CASED DWELLING, IN ONE OF the best residential sections of the city, within 5 minutes' wallt of business district. Also 1-car garage. T. Chester Parsons, 1107 12th Ave. Dial 2-5192. HOUSE, SEVEN ROOMS, ALL CONVEN- iences. Location 209 Walnut Ave. $30 i per month. Dial 2-1643. Call 408 9th St. 518 7th AVE.— 5 ROOMS AND water beat, porch, shadts, range. Dial ,1-0714 or 7270. 2303 8th AVE.—APARTMENTS, 4 AND 5 rooms. Bath, heat, laundry, ail modern conveniences Inquire 711 23rd St. 1 VACANCY IN ALTOONA'S MOST UP- to-date Apt., Don-Yell. 1511 13th St. Call 2-9177. 1211 15th ST.—QLENHURST APT., 4 rooms, bath, hardwood floors, shades, kitchen fully equipped. Inquire above address, Apt. No. 2. MAJESTIC APT.—APARTMENT CONSIST- ing of living room, breakfast room, kitchenette, bedroom, bath, unclosed front porch and all conveniences, $35; also apartment at ?30. Dial 2-8380 or alter 6 p. m. 2-8160. APARTMENT, 9 ROOMS AND BATH, AND •I rooms and bath. 3957 6th Ave. Dlul 2-0'HB. . 3rd AVE. AND 2nd ST.—5 ROOMS AND V bath. Hot water and hot water heat fur- niljrijed. Runt $30. Inquire 132 3rd Ave. 'Dial 3-9510. 1029 5th AVE.—THIRD FLOOR APART- ment,'five rooms, bath and pantry. Stove and blifidf furnished. Pla) 2-8018. 10-ROOM HOUSE. BATH. PANTRY, LARGE hulls. Desirable location. Dial 2-7914. RENT—HOUSES .JrsXVNX^X^/SXVy FOR RErJT—6-ROOM HOUSE, LOCATED nt 714 ^Jackson Ave., Pleasant Valley. Snme can be bought on monthu payments like rent. Phone 2-3750. $40.00—4903 6th AVE., BRICK BUNGALOW, 5 rooms and bath. $30.00—1224 15th Ave., 6 rooms, oath, all conveniences. $30.00^1609 19th Ave., 8 rooms, bath, enclosed front and rear porches. $30.00—Harrison, near 1st St.—6-room brick home, all conveniences. 2-cnr gnrnge. $30.00—Corner 19th Ave. and 12th St., 6 rooms,'bath, all conveniences. $30.00—Brick home near Gardner's Mills, 6 rooms, bath, electric light, 1-car garage. $22.00—IBOt) 8th Ave., 5 rooms, bath, electric light and gaa. $18.00—1210 6th Ave., 6 rooms, electric light and gas. $18.00—1303 2nd Ave., 6 rooms. Many conveniences with toilet In cellar. $16.00—601 2nd Ave., Junlata, 5 rooms, light, gas. House In very good condition. $15.00—224 5th Ave.. Junlata, 6 rooms, electric light. MeVEY-FARIB CO., Centra] Trust Bldg. Dial 7128. A SIX HOOM HOUSE WITH ELECTRIC light and gas. Low rent. Dial 2-7497. SALE—HOUSES Whether you want to RENT or BUY a home, you should lind out about the pro pertlcB we have listed for rent or sale in all parts of Greater Altoona. We either have or will find what you want or need. WOODS BECKMAN COMPANY Realtors Penn Central Bldg., Fifth Fl6or. Phone 6124 REAL BARGAIN—HOUSE, 8 ROOMS, fruit and coal cellars, work shop, garage, young fruit, lot 60x120. $200 down, $19 per month. Leaving city. Inquire owner, 713 8th Ave., Junlata. RENT—MISCELLANEOUS ^Nysx^NXSxx/N/sx^"*-"^N>^>***^'**^''^^^xxv^^- GARAGE, 1929 W. ' CHESTNUT AVE. Light, heat and water. Rent $6.00. Inquire above address. WILL RENT DESK ROOM TO RELIABLE party, 1st floor, front office, .1818 llth Ave. Dial 2-1862. WANTED TO RENT FURNISHED ROOM IN PRIVATE FAM- lly. West side. By working .man. Write 1285-D, Mirror. HOUSE, 805 Oth ST.—8 ROOMS, ALL CON- venlcnces, porches, Price reasonable. Dial 2-7993. 1813 llth AVE.—2 HOUSES. 8-ROOM houses, all conveniences. (Rear) 5 rooms, all conveniences. Price reasonable. Reason for selling, lanvlng city. Inquire 1813"llth Ave. SALE—LOTS "*X\XVXN/XXN/>XSXNXN^WXN CALVERT HILLS Inspection of CALVERT HILLS and its charming homes and home sites available for purchase, is in- ited, and will bo arranged for upon request. OFFICE, 1115 llth St. Phone 2-6731. SALE—FARMS HUNTING CAMP FOR SALE The Power Lino Gun club will offer at public sale at the residence of E. G. Klm- mel at New Paris, Pa., on Sat., Nov. 9, 1929, at 2 o'clock p. m., their Hunting lodge, situated In Jackson Twp., Huntingdon Co., Penna. The lodge is 18x40 ft., fully equipped with dishes, stoves, beds, etc. The plot of ground contains 1 acre, mountain stream of water. Ground borders on state preserve, 3 miles N. W. of McElevy 8 Fort, at foot of Grecnleo mountain. For full particulars, write A. E. Miller", Secy., New Paris, Pa. 18 ACRES LAND, 12 CLEARED'AND 6 IN 2nd growth timber. Located on hack road to Bcllwood, near Gardner's mills, 15 mln. walk from car line. Phone 23-R22. FOR SALE—485 ACRES. BLOOMFIELD Twp., Bedford Co., known as Stuckey farm. Good limestone land, producing the best crops. Equipped with 2 complete, sets of farm buildings. Good never falling spring water piped to house. Electric power and lights. This farm Is one of the best dairy and stock farms to be found. Can be bought at a low price and easy terms. H. R. Snoberger, New Enterprise. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY FAIRVIEW New frame dwelling, six rooms. Modern in every way. Lot 30x120. Price $6,300, only $500 cash. Balance like rent. . ROBERT J. McCORMICK Real Estate.and Insurance Commerce Bldg. Phone 2-0541. NEW MODERN 6-ROOM HOUSE. BAR- galn for quick sale. Leaving city. At Argyle, Altoona. Dial 9960. 2821 Walnut Ave. New six room brick home with bath and all modern conveniences. 35 year guaranteed roof. This home can be purchased for $5500. JOHNKILCOYNE Realtor—'Insurance 1118 14th St. Dial 2-3188 MKEMONT HOME 203 N. Pine St.—6-rooms and bath, hot air heat, cemented cellar and two car garage. Ho"-ie of frame construction on a lot 50x120. Price $5600. T. CHESTER PARSONS 1107 Twelfth Ave. Dial 2-5192 FOR SALE 215 Coleridge Ave., Llyswen 37%xl20 Brick house and garage. For further information, see MORGAN-MARTIN CO. Central Trust Bldg. Bargain $2600 for the plank dwelling at 311 Crawford Avenue, 3 rooms on flrst floor, 3 good sized bedrooms, small sewing room on second floor, finished third floor; lot 38x 120.' As the owner must be settled in Philadelphia before winter weather she is willing to sacrifice this substantially built home and' will give Immediate possession. McVey- Paris Co., Inc. CENTRAL, TRUST BLDG. DIAL, 7128 Open Thurs. evening 7 to 9 Closed Sat. afternoon LLYSWEN 113 Wordsworth Ave., Dutch Colonial 0 rooms hath, heat, uil conveniences, including liullt-lo features, 2 Urepluces, enclosed sun porch, large lot. $500 cash, balance like rent Harris Dembert, Realtor, Commerce BldK. Dial 2-0313. / $1,740.00 YEARLY INCOME Property priced at $9,500. Splendid location, near church, school and cai line. All modern Improvements. For tiilu big bargain, call or write J. A. DeKenza & Co., 823 8th Ave,, Altoona. LLYSWEN 210 Byron Ave.—Bungalow, four rooms and bath. Lot -10x120. $200 down, balance $25 per month. Inquire Howard J. Darr. Dial 2-0614. 1105 21st AVE.—7-ROOM HOUSE, GOOD condition. Also 2 rooms Cor light housekeeping. Dial 2-OD59. 1929 llth AVE.—6-ROOM HOUSE WITH bath, gas and electric light. Inquire at 1310 16th St. 879 24th ST.—CORNER HOUSE, 6 ROOMS and bath, all improvements. Reasonable rent. Inquire 871 24th St. 2. 3 l 7th 520 7th AVE., REAR—5 K or 4-room apartments. J Ave. Dial 2-8711. COMPLETELY FURNISHED, 6-ROOM brick house. Good location. Must be seen to be appreciated Dial 7568. TWO BRICK HOMES 2017 Pleasant Valley Blvd.—7 rooms, bath, 2-car garage, $60. Sylvan Hills—5 rooms, bath, large atone fireplace, 4% acres ground, $75. • HUBERT W. FLUKE Dial 9600 Room 46. Altoona Trust Bldg. 6tb AVE.. JUNIATA, 6 ROOMS, ALL CON- venlences. Rent reaaonaMe. Dial 8213. 713 llth ST.—12 ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR two families, all conveniences. Laundry. Rent, reasonable. Ina. 711 16tb St. FOR SALE 7-room frame house In Fairview. Has 3 rooms and pantry on first floor, 3 rooms and bath on second tloor, one nice room on third floor. Has cumented cellar, hot air furnace, enclosed front and rear porches. Lot S0xl20 feet. Garage on rear. Street paved. Price $1 500; $500 hand money and $25 a month, C. D. BLOOM, Realtor—Insurance, „ 1311 12th Streeet. Phone 2-2383. 6-ROOM HOUSE WITH ALL MODERN conveniences, with built-in fixtures and new gua furnace. In one of the best residential sections. Inquire at 891 27th St. Consumers Dls.rlbutot ot Guaranteed Plumbing, Heating, Roof- Ing and Painting Supplies. Wholesale prices direct to you. Consumers ' Plumbing & Heating 1905 9tb Ave. Supply Co. Pbone 8135. S2S 19th Bt. Phone Z-1M« Phone 2-003« _'/MC E.TSCHlMMEL Hi* ' JOHN ARTHUR ft. What Are You Paying For Loans? NOW We'll Lend You $140 Fur tho Same Price $100 Formerly Cost By reason of our Ueduced Kate HERE IS THE COST .ON LOANS PAYABLE IN 20 EQUAL MONTHLY PAYMENTS J100 AVERAGE MONTHLY COST $1.32 S200 AVERAGE MONTHLY COST $2.03 J300 AVERAGE MONTHLY COST $3.81 SAME RATE ON OTHER AMOUNTS NO ENDORSERS Household Finance Corporation 3rd PI., Penn Central Building llth Avenue nnd lath Street PHONE. 9371 AUTO REPAIRING HEAD LIGHTS FOCUSED, BRAKES ADJUSTED We nava been authorized by the State Department as an official nt.itlnn. Drive in and get your Inspection certificate. TON & GERKEN. 1007-09 18th 'St. Phone 6B61. USED TRUCKS 1029 HALF TON CHEVROLET PANEL body truck. Inquire Prelhofer's Bakery, 903 28th St. 1924 MASON ROAD-KINO TRUCK Suitable for coal hnullnp. Cheap. 1925 Ueo Speedwagon, 1 ton. BISER MOTOR CO., White Truck Sales and Service, 1309 12th Ave., rear. Dial 7493. GOOD USED TRUCKS We nave tho largest selection of good trucks in Central Pennsyl' vanla. Dixon Motor Truck Co. 2501 Beale Ave. Dial 2-76GOY TON INTERNATIONAL, CAB AND EX- press body. Ton Brockway, cab and express body. Ton International, panel body. International Harvester Co. of America, 2300 W. 9th Ave. Dial 5189. 1928 STEWART. Hi TON, OPEN EX- press body; IVi ton Reo. open express body. Dodge *i ton panel body. IVORY'S OARAQK, Dial 2-3797. • 710 23rd St. USED AUTOMOBILES FORD TOURING CAR, GOOD TIRES. IT .runs. Come and get It, $20. Inquire 2728 Maple Ave. after 7.30 p. m. EVERYONK LIKES A CHEERFUL HOME. Good homes can be found In most any dexlrable location In our Real Estate columns. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY SAVE 20% In advance on your Insurance, under our Stock Plan —Non - Assessable Policy. Writing all lines of Insurance. John S. Ginter Co. 421 Central Trust Bldg. Dial 2-P480 J. S. Ginter, Pres. F. E. Lander, Sec.-Trens. H. F. Cherry, Mgr. Here's One for Less Than $9000 Has front porch, largo living room, real flreplace, open stairway, spacious sun parlor, extra roomy dining room, buffet lights, kitchen with Curtis china closet, Armstrong Inlaid linoleum, 3 large 15-foot bedrooms, bath has double shell hullt-ln tub, real Belgium tile walls, shower hath pedestal lavatory, floors are sanded, light fixtures, beautiful wall papers, tontine washable window BhadcH, lot 50x133, street paved, side drive and garage. Wehnwood Home Company Inc. James A. Craig, Sales Manager. Dial 8797 or 2-0042. PUBLIC SALE BLUE RIDGE INDIAN CAVE We offer at Public Sale at the Homestead Property, Newton Hamilton, Pa., Saturday, November IBth, 1929, the historic Blue Ridge Indian Cave at the end of Sugar Ridge, a short distance Southeast of Newton Hamilton. This cave contains approximately 20 rooms and is close to one milo in length having a number of historic points and supposed-to- be Indian carvings, together with a 27 aero tract of land partly set In virgin timber, consisting of Black Walnut, Q^k, etc., having a large frontage on tho Junlatii "tlver that would make a .desirable cottage development. Also, frame dwelling house In the Borough of Newton Hamilton, 2 meant lots and considerable personal property. Detailed list, terms of sale, etc., upon request. CHARLES H. McVEY, Central Trust Bldg., Altoona and FERN E. McVey, 719 4th Ave., Altoona, Pa., Executors. FALL DWELLING BARGAINS 716 Garber Street; corner lot 40x143; two story brick dwelling; largo living room; open fireplace; dining room; kitchen; pantry; hardwood floors on first floor; three bedrooms, batli room mid linen closet on second floor; finished third floor; large trout and rear porches; hot air and hot water heat; electric light; window and door screens; two cur brick-stucco garage; cement walk.i; improved .street; fine lawn and shrubbery; practically new hguae. Price $95(10.00. 201 Second Avenue, South Lakemont; corner lot 50x135; two story frame cottage style dwelling; large living room; open stairway; dining room; kitchen on first floor; four bedrooms and bathroom on second floor; cemented cellar; hot air heat; electric light; large front and rear porches; newly papered and painted throughout. Price |5,200.00. 540 53rd Street, Eldniyido; one block from street car line; new two story frame dwelling, large living room; open stairway; dining room; kitchen and tjrealu'ast room on the flrst floor; threw nice budrooms; hall and sleeping porch on second floor; cemented cellar; hot air heat; pipe In every room; L-lectric ligh*; bath cnmpK'U'; nice front u.nd rear porches; ceini.-nt walks and lawn. Price $0000.00. 9% acres ol land suitable for chciken raisin;.;; Frankstown township southerly side of Brush mountain road, near Bluirmont Golf Links; new two story frame dwelling; large living room; dining room; Kitchen on the linst floor; four bedrooms and bathroom on the Huc.unct floor hot air heat; electric light; bath complete; cemented cellar; coal cellar under front porch; two story frame burn; chicken house and other outbuildings; 75 fruit-trees. Price $8500.00. These are only a few of the many bargains on our list; some nice dwellings from three thousand dollars up. Also a number of nice farm bargains at this time. MONEY TO LOAN ON FIRST MORTGAGE JOHN N. DRASS General Insurance & Real Estate 410 Allegheny St. (Near Court House) Hollidaysburg, Pa. $100 CASH BUYS A GOOD 7-ROOM HOUSE, 22x^6, within 3 minutes of Junlutu uhop*. Bui. of $1,500 can be paid less than rent or $15 per mo. CANOLE & HELL, 2918 6th Ave. A REAL BARGAIN 2005 1-lth Ave.—Planked, comp. roof. 3 rooms down, i up, elec., gas, nuw liuut plant, enclosed rear porch, new front porch, new paper avenue paved, 50x1 M lot and ONLY J3.900. For inspection and terou, see ED. SEIDEL, Realtor 1825 13th AVE.—8 ROOMS, BATH. HEAT. Owner left city. Bargain, J2,iOU. Termu to suit buyer. E. H. Collins, Commerce DW 4120. UP TO $300 To |uiy tuxen, overdue uilU, etc. Anyone of good ciiarocter tnuy borrow here on their own security- without endorsers Twenty months to repay It you wish—with the privilege ot repaying in full at any time, interest stopping Immediately 'Phone 2-4617 ' 'It you're honest v»n're welcome." COMMUNITY FINANCE SERVICE, Inc. 1421 Eleventh Avenue. Alluona. Pi». i.-.veutetl 01 mid bonded to the itale. Keep tul» ad tot mleir USED AUTOMOBILES FORD 2-DOOR SEDAN, $85 Chevrolet Coach, $22B. Chrysler 70 4-Door Sedan, $450. S. II. YON MOTOR CO., 320 Junlata St., Holbg. Phone 456-R. 1027 NASH SEDAN, $500 1027 Chrysler Sedan, $575. 1927 Studebaker Sedan, $5f>0. 1927 Chevrolet Cabriolet, $.125. 1920 Studebaker Coupe, $300. 1927 Moon Roadster, $250. 1024 Nash Touring, $40. 1925 Ford Touring, $40. Official Inspection station No. 8329. LAUVER MOTOR CO., Ill Union St. • Dial 757. Holltdaysburg. 1029 CHEVROLET COUPE, RUN ONLY fi.OOO miles. Mechanically A-l. Tires all good. A real buy. Dial B142 during day >r 2-8419 In evening. PAIOE 1928 FOUR-DOOR SEDAN, 6-75 model, In wonderful condition. Paint, up- •.nlalery and body like new. Real auto for someone at $695. Terms, your old car taken In trade. MEURITT'S MOTORS, 1517 13th Ave. -J, BUICK ROADSTER, IN GOOD CON- dltlon, fully equipped. Good tires, 2 extras. $40. Inquire 91014 7th Ave. after 6 p. in. JUN1ATA LOWER PRICKD USED CARS Jadlllac Touring $375 1929 Essex Coach $650 UNITED MOTORS. Open Evenings. Cor. 2nd St. & 6th Ave., Junlata. Dial 3-9495 1029 PONTIAC SEDAN ' 1926 Ponllac Coach. 1927 Chevrolet ton truck, 1020 Pontlai! oCach. 192(1 Chevrolet Coach. 1925 star Sedan. 1924 DodRe Touring. 1023 Studclmkor Touring. 1024 Ford 2-Door Sedan. 1924 Ford Tnurlng. 1924 Ford truck. MOTOR SERVICE CO., Duncansvllle Bell Phone 543. STUDEBAKER STANDARD 6, 5 NEW tiros, A-l condition. Will demonstrate. Price $500; $175 down, $20 per month. Phone ~ D. Markcy, Hollldayshurg 918-R14. CHANDLER COACH, 1026 MODEL, IN good condition. Will demonstrate. EDGELY'S EIGHTH AVE. GARAGE, 1914 8tll Avn. Dlul 6967. Official Testing Station. Auto Exchange Inc. 1117-H'O 12th Ave. Tolephonn 2-302* Come in and look at the following cars that are on our floor, note the prices that wo are offering, and wo are sure that you will ngree trmt this is the lowest priced offering of quality cars to be found In the city of Altoona. 1929 Plymouth ' Conv. Coupe— 1929 DeSoto 5-pass. Sedan—1928 jHudson Brougham—1928 Oakland 2-pass. Coupe—1928 Paige Sport Roadster—1928 Willys-Knight 5- pass. Sedan—1927 Oakland DeLuxe 6-pass. Sedan—1927 Hudson 2-door Sedan—and many others including Dodge, Chrysler, Pon- tlac, Jordan, Nash, Hurant, Ford, Maxwell. Easy terms. No payment down on cars costing up to $300 if you wish and from 10 to 20 monthH to pay the balance or 40% down and 12 monthly payments. Your present car can be applied on the down payment. "Tho Homo of Bettor Uned Curs" Nash Specials 1929 Nash Special 6 Sedan. 1928 Chevrolet Coach. 1927 Chrysler Sedan. 1926 Dodge Sedan. Arble Auto Co. 2200 Beale Ave. Dial 2-4713. 1928 Poiitiac Landau Sedan Chandler Touring. Jewett Coupe. Studebaker Sedan. 3'/6 Ton American LuFrance Truck. TOMLINSON MOTOR CO. 2807 Washington Ave. Dial 7050. Hunting Season Is Here. You Are Using Your Good Car or Hunting a Good Used Car. We Have It. Any one of line caru: Hudson Coach. Coach. Ford Coupe. Chiiv. Coupe. Paige Touring and othcra. No down payment required on ctii'H up to $300. 10 to 20 montliH to pay. Trades accepted. PENN MOTORS, Inc. flth 8t. and Green Ave. 104 Broad St., Hollidayaburg —These Values— 1927 Dodge Sedan....$345 192o Essex Coach $150 1927 Graham Panel... .$495 1929 Ford Sport Coupe, $465 1927 Chrysler 50 Sedan, $395 1926 Nash Roadster.. .$345 1925 Oklsmobile Coach. $195 1927 Essex Coupe $235, 1926 Dodge Coupe $195 MURRAY'S 1925 Union 1905 Margaret OPEN EVENINGS USED AUTOMOBILES ***,**S^S***<***S****>**S*v***v*^ Dependable Used Cars Nash Sedan $525 Dodge Sedan $400 Chevrolet Sedan $350 Chevrolet Coach ...^ $350 Dodge Panel Truck $300 Oakland Touring '$ 75 Nash Touring $125 Dodge Sedan $275 Dodge 1 Ton Truck $400 CRAMER-ARBLE AUTO CO. 1720 llth Ave., Altoona. Longer Life Greater Economy in "Good Will" Reconditioned Traded Cars Conic in, see, and let us tell you why your dollars go farther G. M. S. Motor Co. 800 Green Ave. Dial 4181 HUPP DEALER .USED CARS Are Dependable Hudson Coach, 1927 : lodel. New tires and new paint. Good running order. One four-pass. Jo., '.t Coupe. "Good trlea and good running order. One Jewett two-pass. Coupe. H. L. Stultz & Bro. '1701 Union Avenue Hudson- Essex 1929 Essex Coach. 1928 Hudson Sedan. 1927 Hudson Coach. 1927 Cluysler Cabriolet. 1929 Hudson Sedan. 1926 Hudson Brougham. Terms To Suit the Purchaser 20 Other Light Cars to Select From. Reasonable Guarantee Union Motor Sales 2420 Union Ave. Dial 6584 Guyer-O'Neill Co. Offers '27 PONTIAC COUPE '25 STUDE TOURING • '25 PAIGE SEDAN '28 WHIPPET SEDAN '20 NASH ROADSTER 869 Nineteenth St., A'ltoona Bedford St., Hollidaysburg USED AUTOMOBILES Safest Used Cnr Market In the World Read This Ad— Compare Prices and Values HUPP SEDAN—1927. HUPP SEDAN—1926. PACKARD SEDAN—1927. CHRYSLER SEDAN—Mod. 70. BUICK SEDAN—1928. REO FLYING CLOUD SEDAN— 1928. BUICK COACH—1926. BUICK SEDAN—1926. OLDSMOBILB COACH—1926, PACKARD St. 8 SEDAN. PACKARD 6 Cyl. 7-Pasa. SEDAN. CADILLAC 7-Pass. SEDAN. HUPP COUPE. STUDEBAKER Conv. COUPE. JORDAN ROADSTER. WILLYS-KNIGHT ROADSTER— 6 Cyl. Blair Motor Car Company 1917 Margaret Avenue Open Evenings Phone 7082 Buy a GOOD USED CAR .Very Reasonably In Hollidkysburg Late 1929 Chevrolet Coach, fully equipped, like new. $500. Lota 1928 Chevrolet 4-Door Sedan, fully equipped, email mileage. $478. 1925 Ford Touring, all new tiles. <60. 1921 Chevrolet ft ton canopy top truck. A real buy at $SO. Lato 1928 Standard 6 Bulck 4 Fas*. Coupe. All new tires. This car U ilk* new. J4DO. Lato 1925 Chevrolet Touring. A real buy at J7B. , Late 1928 Dodge Coupe, new paint and tires. $275. FOR GOOD USED CARS AT THE RIGHT PRICES SEE CRISWELL CHEVROLET CO, 615 N. JunlaUt St. Hollldaygburg Phone 4H Studebaker '28 Durant Sedan. '27 Naah Special Sedan. '27 Buick Master 6 Coach. '28 Studebaker Victoria. '27 Willys-Knight Coupe. '29 Buick Master 6 Sedan. '28 Oakland Sedan.— '25 Buick Master 6 Cotfpe. , -,, MANY OTHERS PniCED $25 to SIM National Motor Car Co. 000 Logan Ave. Dial S-lt8». '27 Pontiac Landau Sedan, $350 1929 Do Soto Sport Roadster $675 ' 1027 Dodge Coupe '......, .S37S Buick Roadster .'....J95 2 Bulclc 4 Pass. Coupes $98 «»ch 1928 Chrysler 52 Coach S476 WIllys-KnlKht Sedan $125 Chrysler 60 Coach -...1479 FLUKE & KIMMEL • De Soto Dealers. Dial 2-8587, MILLIKAN MOTORS, INC. 1814 Twelfth Are. Fbona K801 MILLIKAN'S Reconditioned Transportation It is not necessary for you to make a prolonged study when investing in a used car. Let us show you one backed by our policy of honest dealing. Auburn Sudan Iliilck Sedan Dodgo Seclun Overland Coach Old* Touring Studebaker Sedan Studebaker Touring; I'ontlao Coach Nash Victoria USED CAB LOTS Altoona 813 Seventeenth St. Jur'-.ta 4th Ave. at 5th St. WHY Spend money needlessly on your old car in order to pass the State Inspection Test? WHEN We have over 100 reconditioned used cars that will pass the inspection and you can save your repair money, or make part payment on your new car. BUY NOW Before November 15 They are priced from 35 'Up Our entire stock of Used Cars is now located at Gettman Motor Co. Union and Beale Avenues

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