The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 31, 1957 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1957
Page 2
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fttl Part Of Nation's 'Survival' Wan CIVIL ftEFKWSIB BVACtJAtlOH wetld le»Jt Itt* tkli wtik eartfallr cartoned waffle ra«tbit •»*• way entbenikd frett a mejUeaX tercel etty »t » rato ef *• to MM attot per ko*r per la*e, eaeept fllM **H w*mU M *Mtyk« »«r* peepto. AH ao- ee*t I* <*»)* iJSiaMi jtjsiafrsina, ibsaj «•)»» by <*t*»H» ftaKtt Yorter nksPace 11 HI lit* I MVW Of Queen Sad W 1™ H.I *- _«. -.-.illi- thMt* f*$U t »«n . KAMI at tokfiAt lltt up to ttttfrol 1 *UH tofefftfjiif ft 4 U'_ , tnvBA SNA t mftdll^ iHBl&UNLtA III HWtt 6oiiKPt*U$6lUt'" ft) fiiikjfci m wrWf 1ft paWng down here that tt» Made* ihiftf ft* *«* iff finite*!, Ht tt fluWt couple «T *»» saw, INS th* fttw at MkjMr IHt t*v» *r»«**e eamp* bj> ftUM* D«tMtn» New Interstate Highway Net to Aid CD Evacuation A line on • drawing board today may sonudsy tave your life. Ihat line might be one of CIVIL DEFENSE ancillary »•• He* win be needed m great nm- bera t* kelp emtrU waffle It wanukg ef tmpeBdbg enemy attack ever fane* eMe* <* evaeo at*. Banning ef etea* traffle, aad «ra«e eahr e* a»*irlala aX-fte ireat vban freewayi MW fcekv mm will aid theae ma to flwlr Ikaakleai talk. ITCDA America'* roads to survival, a part of th« 41,000-moe National System of interstate and Defense Ihway* that wffl be carefully laid out over the tonttoent within the next IS yean. • • * THI8 IKTEGftATED Ctt.OOO.- 000.000 network — the world'* greatest nubile works project— win include freeway* running from the heart of major cities to th* outskirts and beyond. Over these roads, the «»nii<mf who live and work in clue* could **ek th* tafety of distance from a nuclear bomb blast if adequate warning of impendtoj? attack wtrt fivuL fit •ental time*, reaUss* AmerleaM drive IM,«W,«W> M* nil** a year • private wrio*. ramlliw anst akw rely *• ear* t* Sse fr**a Aaagir m tke event ef ehrll defea*e emergeaey. The sutotnobU* I* a railing home In an emergency, the TeoV eral Clvfl Oefeu* AdmlnUtrt- Uon point* out You eu eat and iltep In It, keep wurn and. dry., receive vitalfestructkuswyTSW; dlo, drive out of danger are**, and even get some agalnit bUit or fallout Altt«rW«smX«faotM today, I cwfld have reached out •ft* tWcfcW ft* naMrte t*M AWMkitifcik fw*** frMrTnTifriif Vim «*ka ptUUBOIT HKTB DVH1 BuQC I0T 1"J """"-'% at i«ft 1 we* ctoM W si JJJJstrtJ IbrJifa ja.,*iMt*hti m— -Jv • KVUQ luirab JlCCTlml* to 1 tottftn by MartA* at tke •jMiMttUkakjsi ^a*tfc*ss***k4ts»sl JUkt **j***L •***••* JBUUM mSnuS: *fc« du*w HaVt j* att. Tft* msttory el te*n*end ffliy.6<5 ke*¥< ihf he* aw«*« at Wgttt, tat ft .fj"j •li't iiffraTnlfr HJb^ « J^.«H>L«I .il_*4 mmnrc HMnvj o*w loom nKn** artt ana w«J dHMed 1* ftleated bwh aM peMU. Tn* o*«M mad* MF totsk Mj*y trKU-I do net to JH lrtw«r«nt — bow- *btt*tMft« el*e egftln. in a navy Mue suit,! wMtt «ia git**** and a nttl* whit* hat wlt» pout* dots, the touted thirt and tired a* the *at in th* gfauMMn royal MK and watebed four «f Mr hOr*** run. ahe never ka* beta a ravin* beauty, but *h* grow* mor* attrMtiv* each year and Mw ha* begua to out-dUtanee Margaret a* (fee deelraW* «o- maa n ttt faatly. 8h« «tt in AH* bare Uttle DOB i tan wall* and dark trftn* wUB". _ old Btqulfe-type sitting r**fteetfully behind and her pink-white face—not at alt *llcWy mad* up to the New Tent *tyie—wa* grave for mo*t ' the afternoon. When two Of her borsee woo, the queen fluthed and for a few moment* seemed hannr and M- dted-*ot for ttt* rest, ah* seemed melancholy and lonesome. Maybe It was because Philip was off playing polo. ahe waa Jnst wondering It she could chuck tb* queen dodge and go off to 9usc*x to be Just a houwwife. Anyway, she looked aad. I hop*, hi reporting It, Fm not being over- •M MrtaM* J at^ftrden,;'*! IWentat* *ad a+',, (»af *ila>*««< ta wMte) wtB, wtttfa a**' HI* •> gHeTif freeway* fee si •kehite attacked nghway* It yean, pre- wantag *f Kksly attack la D*( gawraUy feasIM* waning Umee, a Mg start toward •***• lag ms4* M vrbaa freeway imiiailli btanUt* ngfeway pngno. «*„*, ^, ^SS^^t^^^JK^fSy^S^^ la^3a^^aw»»tCOUrLmm^^J^nf^U^i^ WCemvs UMtOKST BMDOK, «M S*4*jO* Map sa*w» jawetv*) Mm* tore**, fmtialeila M* iBkls*- t*4*y* M* rwtaswtraki Oawavar aerth ef New New Oslaaa* ky wajat ibsisdu te traSV* *• •A eM*Ml*r i* be- CM*p*sfc la a *si*e4*ie*lar TTnmrtT af *M*r *•*•>• ~ * '~ " ~" ~~ n» brUg* WM **«Md t* trafOe la AageM : Drive J. 0, Muaick, general manager of the Texas Safety association, tells the story of a Hoosier truck driver who, many yean ago, while driving in a severe rainstorm in Blast Texas, was suddenly confronted with a detour aign. Being completely imfamlliar wttn his surroundings, the driver was never ex- actty certain Just whera he was going or w what direction. Thug, some five miles later, along the detour and still no sign* of life, he began to fear of having made a wrong, turn. There was, however, Uttfe he could do about it, because the narrow, rutty road and filled bar-ditche» offered no opportunity to turn his "rig" around. A glance at th* gas needle dlcto't cheer him any either, aa it pushed closer and closer to the empty mark. Suddenly a division in the road broke u - the darknew, and tb* beams of th« truck'i a nearly indiatingui with hope, the t jnt th*) semi to a stop. He the few yards distance to foot, but only after a deep wling in the muddy ding the sign's post was able to read the ' • "Drive mow You May Meet A Fool the most important axioms of traffic safety. "Drive Slow—You May Meet A fool," is just as true and important in 198T as it was some twenty odd years ago. Our highways and automobiles ar* better engineered for safety today than they have ever been. Enforcement tech. niques are more scientific and widespread than at any time in automotive history. Our driver-eduoation program, although H leaves much to l» desired, has made r*marka«e strides. Stilt** thewi ki littlf th*t can to done with tb» "fool" behind a ateering whe*l, until it is too late. Among profMsional twrffte lafity men today, the trucker's Disappointing sign woujd J* another phrase for what is called, "defensive driving." J*&}'9&&*&** Hin 4r)T J»* f! "driving i£su|h a i iwwner as to »TOi4 by MtidMtiw a»4 Speed is still our biggest highway killer— remsmber that the next Um» you he«4 f or, the open road. "Drive Slov— Yo« afny Meet A Fool" '* Others 1 Views . * . Editors Look At NsWi worss oHt ojf your fellow motoriitlnwre is up room for trust in § potentially IeV«« «*VI^k<_ ~ Anything but s*4 these day*, on th* other hand, I* th* mart fascinating woman in London— a M*r*eUle*-born Greek charmer named Relene Cbrdet, who leae Oordet, the moat successful and one of'the phwheat tdght elub-re*taurant*' fn London. Miss C, who** guest book has such name* M the Duke of Rutland, Ltbera«, ,Tyton« Power, David Nhren, Le»lie C*- ron, «te 4 wa* a childhood play- mat* of Prince FblUp (now the godfather ef her two children) and aay* ah* hated him then beaaus* her mother wa* too fond of-Urn,The Maw to** night dub •eene, which *peeUllxei so much In th* chanteus* singer — Oene. vleve, J[*x*juellne Franooise, *ad so on-<oay be „ _,ljet In not .bringing ov*r*«a*. Onoe part* 1 top model, *W» to 4 talenUd, smoky- vofeM (tWIV who look* ttk* Oman Shore and Vera-EUen ... •Jtarflid by a trrffie rign In the bend of a road that read "Kc AeekUnt*. PtoaM," I went hunt- lag for Other British al«ms- and came up with one la a term- •f* field that Mid, btuatly and to th* point TrespMsers WU' a* Shot." No mor*. No l«s*. The KDglUh do not beat around tb* bush. Staffs On t/tf/yf- Great Road Building Program Set In Texas " ^fl^^ _, ., i, V*" _ •", r . .,.1 $ an, and thorlttd f of roid hit the yttfc ' Irlfii M,J( R^al, ildBKnt _ JftJ^f, frtffi the U. S. Bureau df Public wiSre counties 1ft Texw td be a flew national highway syat All COttBtlei 1ft WtWft a _,.„ vt - netwftfk by vifhie of the ibfig-entabliih*' lln| < cf prii M*dl,Tn*: ......... with tha Batiottu super^road (ysiett in what ii being c&lltxf the new America cf the futufe. t The bureau'* latest blueprint takes « 41,000-fliile aetwotk into these Texas Cdtlttti«. , Harria, Chambert, yberty, Bowie, lory 1 * I ftainft, Greggf Madlaofl, TarraBt, Me- ing. Mow than Lfflttdoft, Hays, Oontales. U Salle, Val* ' "" le, Mudspeth, Starting, Eastlaad, V Morris, van SSandt, Soiith, Calves- _ to¥,'Leon. Dftntoh, falls, Comal, Quad* New methods of construtrtldtt •&*) i«« Webb, Terrell, £9 Paso, Coke, proved materials will to into tlkt fs*d ion, f HUB. Kaufman, Orange, system, Living standards will tat ifnpm* Cook and Sell. «d through safer, more taaTHtiettt ait* Bend, fiexar, Baftdera, Pe- tdriag and through eeononie benefits co«, (>aae, Ruttnels, Hood, Potter, of the mammoth program. . the enttjenditttfM ur* ft porttot jiibj« wwfcl «nd*rtak. 100 MDlon b to bi ia* vested la the natlon'i highly pttfttm by 1670, Including teeal work. Governor Bats Nearly 100 In'57 Legislature <EOnOtY8 NOTBl Follow- by Oov. Price Daniel showing tM legblattve stato* of tb* M reeommeadation* he made ta the Texas LegWatnre when the reeenUy-adJonmed see*lou eeavened.) . Tile *tat* leg)*lauv* calendar showing til* irtatus of ItM M recommendations .which 1 made to th* legislature indicate* a possibility that over M per cent of *ueh matter* wUl be acted upon favorably at this session. Thirty-two of th* recommend. aUon* have been finally enacted by both house*. She have been p*M«d by both .house* and are r In! ^cofl***j*fM*t t oommltte* or awaiting concurrence. Fdur kav* pased the Senate and now await action by the House, and six have pa«aed th* House and now await action by the Senate, 'Only two 6f the recommended meaaure* have failed to pa** either house. They are the Law enforcement commission, Introduced a* BB MB by Oory and 102 other member*, and a* other member*, and a* BB 404 by Ro- Mrti; and a proposal for registration of persons representing ofem before State agenda*. The latter bill WM alio recommend•d by th« Legislative council but I* not out of committee in either the House or th* Senate. The recommended measure* which have, passed the Senate and now await action la U>e House include 88 471 by Look, l>rovkUag for a State highway lately program; SB 148 by araceweU, providing for repeal at tb* section of'the Insurance Ood* under which U. S. Trust nd Guaranty wa* organtaed; JB «M by Lock, providing for a State prognun for, attracting new Industrie* to Texai; and 8JB 1 by Parkhou»e, providtag for a $160 mMMon bond prc«ratt for water conservation ttoragv Th* dx Mil* passed by the Hou*e and awaiting Senate ac- «o«t are HB Ittby Malcolm MoOreger, ptovkUng for aoquW- Hon of highway right-of-way; BB I by Turmaa, providing for teacher pay toorease*; HB «0 by Charle* Hughe*, for Improve- menU in Industrial wfety; KB 371 by SeeUgson, for study of tax resource*; HB 856 by Huebner, giving an emergency appropriation to the Texas National Guard for dlMattr work; and KB 78 by Kflis, an «na*>llt% act for aid to the permanently and totally disabled. The six measures which have passed, both house* and now await report* by conference committee* or concurrence Include reorganisation of the lawranct Department, the Lobby Registration Act, the water development .amendment (HJR S), a bill to provide for the State to contribute ID per cent of highway rigfats-of-wmy coat* to counties and cities, revision of the budget law, and increase In workmen'* compensation payment*. Tb* 89 measure* recommended and already enacted by both bouse* Include several water coneervation bill*, an Increae* In th* highway patrol, salary Increase* for college and univer- sky facuttJe*. Judge* and Btat* employe*. Increase in old eg* pension*, itiicter regulation of Insurance and a*ouritte*. additional Insurance examiner*,' an amendment permitting State advertising, new building* for toe prison system, state library and Uott and parole *y*t*M, trertta*. of th* new T*U* Youth eOMadl, and a program for pfvrentiM of Juvenile deUnqueoey. Also, completion of th* Mil* court* aad offto* buelillng*, groundwork for r*vi*loB.*f the state <on*ututlon, kapioveatenU In treatment and budding ft*. g«tttt for th* BbU* nMpital* aM special school*, a retiresnent amendment for county official*, stricter narcotic* law* and kv> Mifotx!Mn0*n the Pool BUI requiring a majority vote In future special at« elections. , Farm Cash Upln19S7 WASHINGTON (UP)-Th* AT ricidtur* Departnwnt aald today farm cash marketing* to th* nrrt four months ef 1HT J8,«0,000,000, up 3 per the sam* period last yi Piic*s fanners ncetvid aged n*arly 4 per cant but the volume ' was down slightly. Receipt* from product* totaled 18,300,000,009, 5 p*r cent from th* period a year ago. meat anhnaj* and _ _ were up *ub*tMU*lh> higher avenge prlow B«t price* of eggs and all typt* <* poultry •vwwe^pw *NM dairy produ Jh> b*cau«* arcMvM building, a paid nrpbayOOoT• > W Crop receipt, were ROYAL TRIO! 1958 AU-AMERICA ROSE WINN|RS rwWTf KMMHT • Th* hlfhMt honor to . B(MH> Sglpcttopi Award SJQM er* to the rose w«M, fjbeff i., .„..,, the Queens of th* hortlculturiU worl Th« •Mid* th. All.Am*rk« brilliant • ntwcontv* Ijr*-" •,•<*** - *"~**»-|!^ ™ 3 ~* orid throughout If long- items i4«a) ;»* «utwsr4 schlevliiff A The new popularity tlER ii» nesccnc* wl *t r ™™lr'-i"r-r: " "^^ *^^i"»"- **u "'"' w m ~m r "*' ^l^^m**$&m

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