Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 30
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 30
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D-4-INDEP^NDENT-PRESS.TELESRAM En Help Wanted (Men) 26 H JIG FIXTURE . · BUILDERS B Class "A" Men with optical looting 1 major }\q eiperiinc* lit 2nd, shift opening* APPLY IN PERSON 8 A.M. 10 5 P.W BMW 1740 ABALONE, TORRANCE 3 Days a Week FOR A MAN OVER 50 Her*'s an excelfenl opportunity far a maturi man Jo mafce fKusn mor.ev in o.Vy 3 cays a *eek . . . to spend the c1h«r * davs enloy- Ing life. We need another m'ddle-aged man lo Icln our kD rr.-n. m3ir:y ovc M, *no 0(1 e«CEDi:cna l tarn'rQ . ol *B 000. 510.005, L.P 1o SH.CflC ; in ft year . . clui a re* car a s ! b bcnus. 1 YOU have five years «'ing ·peri«nce, drive a cs', a n tl a r e . -i-r-ous to succeed In a new busi- ne« . . . write rre a terisnai no:c. W. H. Craicrd. Vice P'ev ICMf, T e x a s Rcf;f.e:v Corp., Box ?ll/ Fort Worth 1. Te*as. ALTERATION WORK ROOM TAILOR-FITTER Rl KWFI MAN PRESSER We a-e Bcceolino . aw'icatJcm For work In these daistfiLat en* fcr Ilie rr.enswear war* room ol cui Long Beach stoie DESMOND'S Broadway at Locust 1 WANT SEVERAL YOUNG AGGRESSIVE MEN lo InlroJuie asl:njrd're n c w D'duci-- AM d slrlLls cpen Irom Oranct Ccuily lo Ingiewocd-- Ae 31 k 30. $20 PER DAY WHILE TRAINING All Fringe Benefils FOR INTERVIEW SEE MR. MORGAN 10 A.M. SHARP 429 E. Market NLB Moo. ihru FrL only. HOME SERVICE Bakery Route Salesman Opt»rlm,l:« unlimited. E«s Iv sold product. Rilundai'« dewsll required. Not LTider age 35. GOLDEN KRUST BAKERY Interviews 3-5 except Thuri. Z. Su.i ME 0-1660 2676 E. arrn. N.L.B. Real Estate Salesman "LEASING" Liberal Salary Plui Comm. Apply 815 Hcartwoll Bldg. For Phone HEmlock2-l850 LATHE-- ENGINE Tooling orotolyoe or oroducticn experience- Set uo operate trom prints, loo's reauired. WESTERN GEAR iftl h KSSi » E . L ra d s JIG BORE Akcratt lo!erwices, minimum S vrs. exper. SFeBdy. 5wina yvfl WESTERN GEAR 2WO E. Imotrlal Hwv Lvnwood INDORSED EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 1WOO BELLFLCHVFR BLVD. BFLLFLOWER. TO M01/ DRAFTSr/AN, Jr. Enor. 2. s!. SS5Q Board wcrk. dcg. prefe.ved. Ex per. In chenlcftl processing touip-nenl. ' Vlcn Emo'ovment poiil'Oi*. 19 lo 27 years cf ao*. Most hove ta a-.d neal appearance. $:h gratf cd-cllcn or bcNcr. OcPorF^nll couki lead 10 manaoemenL VS9 PER. /^O SAL. TO START CAUL PERSONNEL MANAGER Te'eptone HE 7-5533 9 A.M. lo I P.M. HARDINGE CHUCKER Read orlnls ard rra^e own set ur»i. 3 vrs rectal CAP ren. WESTERN GEAR 5tM E. Imperil H»v Lvnwco *Tn j Co. ccinnl ei w.lh E.O. 1097 MACHINISTS 15 neerfad Irrmetfiarelv-- k-.o« it up-- o-efer lob shop experience . S1.»hr. H INDORSED EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 16430 SELLFLOWtR BLVD. FURNITURE SALESMAh Re'a'l Maoie (urn, store. Goc ·worklrm cottfitloni, oood oupl for rl'e rran. Se'a-y comn Must Ji3ve fytr.. C«D. BETSY ROSS /AAPLE SHOP 115? E. Pac- CsF. Hwv. HE 5-17 ; AHRELL PERSONNEL AGENCY Suile 41? T'mss B'fio. HE 5 5 1 Care«r mded? Let ui r-e!p PERSONALITY TOP'S Too cersom"rv sougM Fat x' reiatio-.s *i-h cuslorreri To *1 OJJ. Must kno* c! vac Vrrd bcaH. V/r. BRINY FU Temo"e Hoi., Alh. Automotive Machinist Must be all around 1125 otr w«K. 1525 Long Beach Blvd., L.B. EXPERIENCED window shade rr to worV in windsw A f'ocr cov ing shop. Wall on trade, U/5S V EXW. win h«'D in ficcr 1 ccven cr dr^c Fries. 15709 Bel'fiov, Blvd.- Be!IM3*er. Muif be A 1 a'l Around. Sli5 cer v.efk-- c ui Salesmen -- Canvassers KtjMcM ProM D-:a: 'ic D P NO R'le-.ri ^n '.OUTH ST i o'jo sri rccdtd. Hlsh co-r.m. Good nr ce' Cniy rre-i v.;ih lucce^i hic^grrjuni n=;c-1 ^nn'v Ccn ^jiniy. Ca'l TA £ 6513 C-r UH J-^ 'SHCL STORE r/.ANAGt^tS Unllrr.iled ODfJrljniric^ fcr perienced ma^ace.'s Fcr ascress fam.iy shoe tha'n Salnrv. c( SERVICE stalfon allErdint ree- full time, w-jsl ha/e 2 vn p«riene.e. Salary gocd + con Aplv 6 a.m. to 1 v.rn. 11010 FRY COOK Young man. Excerie'Ked. H fo BURGER BOY, *1« V.'codr ilp Wanted (Men) 26 CALLING ALL FELEPHONC SALESMEN EGINNING HUGE SUMMER CIRCULATION DRIVE JULY AUGUST OR INDEPENDENT I PRESS- TELEGRAM BIG CONTESTS PRIZES GALORE! Clocks, Oiieras. Cash, tie.! HEW NO'! SUBSCRIBER LISTS TO WORK FROM TOP COMMISSIONS WE NEED 10 MEN FOR OUR LOCAL OFFICE AT 302 E. ANAHEIM, RM. 2 CALL IN PERSON AT THE Above Office Oarly Between 9 A.M. 9 P.M. SAT. 9 A.M. TO 1 P.M. ENGINEER U. S. Bcrnx Inviles highly cus'. : 11 ud erg inters vriiri a minimum of 4 vca'i CAoenfnce to become asiccla'ed *lfr a recently oro.if. zed Inb-jsrrfal «r.clneering fu"C- Mon a1 oj r rcfirerv ice-sled In :he Lc5 Aro;'es jrca. Ou.ilitical'om st-caild Include an efla'r'o; d*o r cc *"tf WOT'X mEaiu-einefil experience m [he process Industry. For personal Interview send, \n cor.lidence, comoteie rciun'e m- cl-jdlng Dievtojs experience and sa ary reqjirfrnenls to: Personnel Manager UNITED STATES Borax Chemical Corp. 430 Slui:o Place L.A. S, Ca'iF. Sr. Civil Engineer Assistant Cily of Anaheim SALARY $676 -$82 1 Sfgrhrn s a ' a r v miivfcc iibove min. d^ on qt,-aii1icain:ni o suoervise n learn of orolcii'oral a-c sut)-p"Cfesi ; cri3J erginperina in d«:gn ci si reels, sc-.vers and d'alnage slruclurcs. Win. rccuire- mtiti, u. S. Ciiuemho. Coilece decree in civl cnc-nccrmo cr Cahl. E. 1. T. 2 years ol oro- fcs^'cnai eng'r.ccrlng c xo*; . . LAST DAY TO APPLY THURSDAY, JULY 27th AcDiv Pcric.-nel Dept.. Cily Hal ?CJ t. Center SI. KF 31321 exl. 44 D I/~MJT OC \ A / A V K!t?H i-Ur-WAY REPRESENTATIVE City of Anaheim SALARY $505- $6 13 Starling salary rr.iy be above minimum deinntJ'no on Irdiv^tJua oudllfkali'on^ la perform vrcrK re- a'ed lo fecay niion of land ease nieiUs ^nd Rlchii-OI-Wav lor ci v * ui«. /Minimum rcujlremcnts U. S. Cllkcnsh'D, ora*jia1e from Hi- sc- h -t»l or eou.v.i:eni and ? vtan , CADciie-vce fn RisM-OI-V.av work. LAST DAY TO APPLY THURSDAY, JULY 13th ADOV Persor.nel Dcp1. Cily Ha 2W E. LenlEr St. Kt l32kext.J6 Young Business Executive Ycuiy man HD! under 25 no: ever « with **ecullvc ability, good etfucalion and rtcnslng personal iy vino i^ ocLuslcined lo ad'.ve ccn- acl w;tt the public. IF qcaiificd wrile stating aac, cJ-^-caCcn. busl- r.e-jS e^cerletKe. m'r.imum incerre recuiremenl, lelf^one number flr-fl any o*r*r Inlonna'ion vrhiert wojtf destf'M Vour cufl' ons. The poVUcn n a ocrmsnT.l ere wlfh L'II eiljblished ttiripar.y. AH repllei contidenfial. Wrile BCK A 6379, InrJcptrKicjit, PrebiTele. SALESMEN Califorrva'i faslcil Qro*i\rv ha'xerv (s InlereslctJ In sa'ewr.en wha h^ve 1he abilily a--d desire 10 cwrale an esiablislied ho^ie-to- twuse ba ker ( route I n 0 ranee Ccu.My. Surc^ssiul aapllcanlb will receive caiJ Irain'ng prcgrar;! n |r« detail of rojlt opera 'Icn. JE 1-7030 Or Call at 517 Harper St.. Santa Ana telw. 10 a m . 2 p.m. Ddllv Except Th-j^iday OPPORTUNITY nteiliaen). n e a t - appea'lr.g man from 75 ID 55 with car LSD have btller than average inecrre be of real service In BEFORF-NEED Deot, ol ROSE HILLS Memorial Pa:k, 3900 Workman Alill RC.-H), in 'Ahlltier. Sales enoEriencc not reau'red See Oilia Slmsnj from y am. 1o now MONDAY. YOUNG MEN 18-25 In train for W.aiaseilal Pos lion ExMner.ce not necessary h-j rrn_'i1 be nerjon^ftle. To Iliaie v.hc Quality, salary ol S4^iO PER MO. TO START For AcMlnlment Cal j Mr. VJC3 STtVENS Enp'oymenl Acencv W E. Co-motoi Blvd. H E W W Design «. M E Engn «SOJ 7 Parts man, to act 2i . . SittH -, Working WJD!.- dry ch «XD. 5SOO-I 1 Wath. "B", sorr.e weld S?.S d /Aeeh. electfo c^ec. insp. .. 57.75 H A R B O R n EMPLOYMENT ASENCV 1*1 W. OCEAN HE 2-899 ENINEER-- IE Degree-- exo'd OLN-L Plait Ergr-- M.E. - M/ 37 ADJUSTER E«r-G/0, U/M .53: TRAIN Sslc5-2l/? S30 f/.^rr;pd. Service over. H'S . w: i!i Help Wanted 2 M, (M*n, iVomtnt ATTENTION THE H'LCOA COMPANY wil te-vlevj t!eccr.(!3b:e women an men wt-3 are Interested n v,ot e'Ci and aualifEcaiiwii- We w train. See Wrs. Kellev, TAHJTIA VILLAG^ MOTEL. 13535 LaV Hood Blvd. (at Rosecrwii) an Souih Luau Rm , 8 D.m. Ju r. 11 17-13-H. No p^.ore calls. s - IF voj wou'd like to dovb r vat ^0 ore^enl inccnre en a (ull-llrr " bai's or v=ur orese tree me, 1 c?n show you 1he wa Far l.-.'ervie^ J. Hcis'rg'c GE -94SX C o l l e g o - H i School Sfudanl Direci Site^. Tales crricri. Re IVANTED-Man wife |3 macw ac'. on bearJi. sotei tcnddt)' OE e-:c.y r,, p A P t v tarvt'e ivo'r-7 r. c-jUl 1 s.~i-"l h^c.^ int.i nuh*«td!' i :i fcr ? s : 8FAUTY oneralsr JD-- ftvwv dov ·J 1 'c-.^i sa'or. HE 4-3? /. ;U J H O T E L ' ^ - f c c'crk. Fy'l cr Od 1 r-e R^f. 3cx W-S-SJ*. P T . -, i COUPLE n ACrk'ci" oo'ijItrV rare , f CB'I TkV 3-1C13 3ft. ^:30 p m ^ C A P A B L E S»'esmen v;c-nen iled ££ Employment PrepV't'n 2 POLICE OFFICERS · Irwe^l p^t Fcr wri!e 1,'illcna Ac«ie 35 of Law Enfo reefer I, 7W uif, SDr.rj. L A. U cno-e day.^ i or 'veekends MA 3-59U rcl'e H?!^ Wanted (Men) 26 Hrh Wanted *Mon) r ^\,*»-*^\^V-^XV w 'VTMs ( Do to ; ( Full Tim \ Good Earnin J Paid Vaca ions \ Good Wo Yell : 1444 Se X\/^s ll ^-sy^/s^s l ^^«^/^X^NX\/ 1 You Uke Drive? e Employment g$ ·'·- Job Securi)y and Group Insurance rklng Cortdttfons ow Cab in Francisco tpl. Ag'clet, Men 26-A Empl. Ag'cles, Men 26-A C EMPLOYMENT MEM Consult These Plac FLO S/ MORE JOBS FOR K EACH AND EV A5ST. SALES Mgt.-- Dfg. Know contractor! Wait Coast Exponiai paid + SALES -- Must have commercia p commission 4- bas« SALES TRAINEE-- 2 yrs. pr«.engr comm. + bait SR. ADMIN-- ASST. hvy. comtru Technical raporh, budqott tm COST ACCT.-- CPFF, .ducalion t to move up ACCT.-- General. Deg. + P.A. or JR. ACCT.-- 2 yci. college or 2 yi BKKPR.-- Thru T./B. Milute. capo CLERICAL-- Type. fila. answer ph OUTSIDE COLLECTION-- Car c AUTO PARTS Counler Man-- 6 d IBM Tab. Opr-- Kr.ovr wiring STENO.-- We figutei MED. Lab. Tech.-- Lictnstd dapt. Bonus a f t e r 3 mos. HELPER to Plant Mgr.-- Soma c production line lab. GooJ ful DRARSWAN -- Electro mechanic* STEEL Estimator * Planner-- Mach ESTIMATOR Planner-- Machine io DESIGN ENGR-- Oil tool 4 oil |l] COMBINATION Welder; ( 1 OVERHEAD Crane Opr.-- Rotatm PRODUCTION Planner-- Cost ana CONSTRUCTION Estimator-- Gra h ghway Ir general engrg. Car CONSTRUCTION Supt.-- Private Car eipenses paid SHIPPING t RECEIVING-- l l e a v J crating eip .. supervisory eip AU1O MECHANIC-- Automatic 50% comm. + PARTIAL LIST FLO BAILEY 141 W. Compton 8lvd.. C 8731 E. Kreitor.e, Do 1409 Craveni, Torrar -- Open Saiurde LAKEWOOD EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 4U3 Morse Wav HA 9-5935 Lafeewoad Blvd., Carson Si. Di.ig. ARCH. Draflsman, 3 vn. e*D. . . - ^^33 ELECTRO Msch. Drailsiren. 2 vrs. c.0'1. * ? vis. exo J^2S LAD. Tech.. ? vrs. coll. chcm istrv ft seme exp. .. S-'OO RUBBER Encra^er, J vrs. CXD, Iciy-oul 134* BUYER M E deg. + 2 yrs exp. ctiem'cal D'snl 1 re- 1 nerv, u/3S WW vo E L E C T R O N I C S lead rnan- g^ad c'rcuil/v *D, .. S5/u SPECIFICATION CLERK 2 vr*. co'-lece -r 2 Yrs. Dftv cfc. CJCD W50 ORDER DejV; CerV-- 'i yrs. cell i clerkal exo. .. ^00 bkod., tvoe 40 wuii. . S325 SR. ACCT. Pub'ic acci. or conslr. exo. Krvcw oovt. contracts .. - *«» IS-rt \tb. opr, rrln. 1 vr. fD- SY/ing ... . . . . W50 GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 19 PINE. R M . 9 I 4 HE 7-0501 Radar on' lech. FCC l;cei«. Free lo 1 ravel 31/33 .. 13 MM +· Sr. draftsman. hWi h-indiTrg. Ea cr Chen crcce« e-n. 10 wco Relall msmt. 1r/vc. Seme college G(i, aopear. 21-^e. .. S3W 4 Cen'l ofc. Sharp toing mr3n?"3J 2 vrj. co^'coe . . .. WOO F nnce mcmt. trne. 23/23 «·* Mill c t c r k , HS Q'ad, L.B. 5250 M«d lab technician ,, . . S350 MARINA F'ERSONNEL AGENCY SOS KRESS BLDG., 5TH t PINE HE ? £911 COMPANY PAYS FEE CHEMIST, FcrnHjlAting . WH/S7QO AftECH. Design Enor. ..SSJO.SiW APPLICANTS PAYS FEE ASST. Tax Acct TiOC 5i£0 A S S T . Systems Analy. . S00,M53 ASS1. Budce^ Anaiy Mini SCO FOOD Tecnnolcg'st .. . Mln SWO VOGUE AGENCY «J3 Atlantic GA 2-^2// PREFERRED JOBS FOR PARTICULAR WH Lab lech. call!, res "00 S d i e s 8. order deiV - s"5 IBM t^b, 1 vr. exo. S32S nild« s»'« EKD Dep. _ . Wi PARTIAL LISTING ONLY VON EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 5375-A Atlantic GH 3-WO Employment Prep'r'Kn 29 MD\A/ PDR THF U+ TIMP OPEH TO THE PUBLIC. Prepare fcr owning your ^mi bus ntss. Learn the iceciallied field of Credil Colled Ion. Can or WARNER'S SERVICE KE 5-3226 SCHOOL Or . Property Monagement 30 CPLE 10 *mana« Ocean Blvd. aot. ho-jjt 3i furn. imlti ff-an musi te hard/ wlcols * able lo make minor repair*. Wo.-nen able lo d ke«D records meet public. Furn. sat, w/ui MiitJ, clearmp cha's^s t J- salary Write Box B-6167. f, P-T. ' V^'ANT lad/ to ma-iaae e*clus vc J aol Bldg , In Shore, e mint have experience refj. «. n be bondabfe. V/rlte P.O. Box 33?4 " Lo^g Beach 3. - WANTED-- Apt. hcuse Mor. ND CXP ' nee. Furn. spl. Coupe age 2035 * AdulTi. Ho pets. Acoly ONLY 11 3 10 6 P.M, V.OHDAY. v - ^1W E. 7lh St. rtieie Bro^ - en-o^oved. manaofl 12 units. V/«sl t ilde. 5 ; nc'* sol. + 10% renl. Box , M 445?. PresvTe!«gr»m. . Dens r onen preferred. LlcM dulles 4 lno-j:re 3W? Gavlola. GH 3 ? 95 COUPLE wanlctf lo manact aol s- B'dg , *xcha-.ce 'or parr rent J? ?4 Aibcnl PL HE 2-9i?3. ASSIST, manacer for 6 umtj, prcf n Navv co'e. ChirrJ OK. 33 S. Da:sv ^t Work Wanted 31 (WcmenJ FO"R WORK WANTED f-- CLASSIFICATION Dendent. Presi-TVegrarn o*firi n low casn ra!t of »c Mr line fo * ads to bt elated 1 n -ha Wor r Wanled craiiif ^cation. Place VCH, i^r «d at any of our otfTcei: r, OOV/tlTOVVH ittl fr Plr nv BELLFLOV/ER ««3J E FfOwa ; GARDEN il« GROVE. 9624 Garden Grovt Btvc ct. LAKEWOOD *MA F-KO r -- EXP. child care. days. Baby s 'A nites- L. B., Ross., Lkwd., CVP ·" west. T'.v 3-/3S ^5 EXP. wh. Vfirra.n wa^ts h*rk, b S hour. GE 87735, GE 8-614 \ ' EXPER. hsIfR'- A child raie. Re) J j GAM600. \ IRON iNG fw:rJv ci-.argc. Whi y shins. Ph. GA 7-B7C1. \ PBX opcralct. Exp. War-is vtcr 1 ·. EXP. colored v/ornert desires wor / · di/. rr. or w*. Hfc 6"/'. J PRAC. NURSE' -- DR'S. REFS. f HE 9 3118 S HS'WK. S1.« hr. Ironing "Sc ri / 1 Ca:i HE 2 0153 Zfter JO a.m. 1 LlC. ( Dfflcllcal nurse, any jli 1 BEAUTIFUL ucning In my hom 1 IRONll/C. In mv t«mt, »1 hr. IK f E. Hth SI.. L.B. \ wxlv. 6:30 p.m. en. HA T-7ilO. / EXf*. wallress deilres worV. Pr -* ier evcj. No bar |cbj. WA 5^* AGENCIES I flmnnt Exntrts -- SYS: rIORE MEN -ERY DAY. B ethical jobbert to $1000 .- $500 'ot icanie. Good c $400 - g, Eipenies + $400, tion or engrg. eip. it ei Imatei to $850 caroer R $550 heavy conifruction... $600 + i ^7 l. nip 5425 ble for irnall o«ice $433 r onel to $300 | pcnsci paid $335 ·. _ y, ,, lo $500 $360 C $500 + 25 men in iir« finfining $550 0 're' 9 ."...'..* * $ 3 5 0 to $425 in» iriop, iteel - $600 F ) s^iop. Preciiion parti....$800 well dciign $600 Spot Welder $2.60 hr. g jhift to $3.04 hr. f l y s i s 4- estimating io $600 ding paving, air field, eipomfti paid Min. $760 general engrg. eip, $760 + + Y cquip-Tienf loading to $ 4 3 3 colleq* $450 j rans.-mnton «*p. $75 wl. NG ONLY AGENCIES ompton -- NE 5-8038 ney _ TO 1-9281 yi 9 to 12 -CERTIFIED g^S.S^H^^ EMPLOYER PAYS FLU NS. A d j . u'3S -o!1. g'-irl. 2 vrs. LXD. B.I-SB.r 3 . work ccn-D. Lo. cs.' . lo Stf» UNDFRV/RITER 15- 3i. Co . prad. 2 yrs. Cavjalty e/o ,,. lo WOC APPLICANT PAYS FEE r.*C^L, 2l/'2». A-'S O.YT car .1o S37S i-cnr eio ACCT. Jr. u'35. Scirc co* I. acctp. + ( re mfo, CJD. lo S-iM SUPERV. Prcdjclisn U/3S. CO . rJcs erp. snv Ind. S500 up V/ARFHOUSE.'AAN. EXD. v/Vse. D ; i.rrhinfi 11*1* un v;^RE|! u/35, d r i v e iniDll iruck. Ve1. jOO S A L F S 75'35 A'.eif. 2 vs. col' Car . .. SJjO + c n r e x R SALES rrpr. ?5'5S. Cell, act g. SALES-:£KJ5. Local ref. eno. Adv. printing or stat. . .MM FREY EMPLOYMENT AGENCY ?3W AIMnhc GA 4.0971 H L A r i i L K G I N e F R to floe iO if 10 titQ. S VTJ. «*P. Subm I resume 1o . . S675 DESIGM EKGINtER. heavv rr.xh, U'W. s-_h rc-:Lr-,c to S6M ELEC. TEST E^IGH., 3-.-J v r s . LL to $500 JR. PROJECT EKGR. ME oo 8. nwrh. ric^'tn c*Q. SS7S SALES cng.ccr, 1rnec. 1 v. cng. cr ia:« r*n. V/iH re"ocn c aler MOO + MACHINIST, C--Q. inHir A mill on s^rl runs, set LAB. TECH. 2 vr. cell. . SJM COST CLF.RK, ? vr. coll. r/us1 be shafo. V'O.'Jc ccjt deal, to $390 MAinr. Meci. burn wr'd - _ . _ - 'OSJ30 MAINT. welder ._ toV116 DONUT MaT-.fer, caVe or MARINE ElcclrcnlCi, 2rtf class lie. or better 5600 un CALDWELL PFRSOHNEL AGENCY 19 P:ne, SullB 313. HE 2-8431 so-iie coll. engrg. lo S100 ESCROW OIC. R.C. He. WOO itD JR. Actt. gt.ti. mfg cxo. WOO ACCTG. Dcg. -f- J Y r s . n conslr. or pua. .ictig. S6W LR SALti-- Ins. to *5 v«. 155 wk SALES Knc.v lot At elect. o? - ers cor.lrs . 1o M SBW un CIVIL Drflflsnrifin. 2 yrs. p K n. S570 CANNON'S AGENCY iV.iint. E'e:t. . . .... 53.13 h- ACainl. pfumrjcr ,. s r-arlory hcrocr S?.? 871? Firpst^nc, Downey TO 2- 31 A?3/ Pacific. Hunt. Pk. LU 2-823 DCMCrip^l A 1 EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 19 PINE. RM.203 HE 5-8?l V;E DON'T RUN BIG ADS! _BUT FfAVE MANY GOOD JOB ACCOUNTANTS, Dra"ftsaia.-, Sale S37 E. 3nd A 4U Kress BICa. Work Wanted 31 (Women) SUM.VLR V/ORK. Hi^li school «rd IS. r.3n tyrn? i3 w.p.m., sfcortharv 1^3. Pa1 Whitney, HE 2-3673. S F C R E T T A R Y xnowlecJge of blchot MUST have waiJt. EXO. rr-edica, ins , fl'so have i-_c ervisor cxp. HA 9-573?. Ivrn- c! c? ·;?··.. Drivej. O A n Iran pr,-lrt!io.-i OE ^507Jr HE 78576. HOUSEWORJC. Ironing, "flabvi Hin ^ rrs. aflernaons cn;y, lacal re East Side, call e*es. HF 539 CHILD care i hotisewo r !-. , exi, refer. Llv« oul, days, 4o). GA ;-?o;o. GIKL, IS, wanti baby si!t;r.g tfavs wk. or less, any hrs. H TFACHER '*ish« lumrrver fir.c ov Pre-Iutor j-,j, n u r i e r v schoe w o r k . No iellino. GE 3-259 PRAC. NURSE-- Compan'on t yro Vacation or relief or jhort shl NO liiiir.g. GE 9-7? EXP MEDICAL RECEPTION I and Sectv, alio [r.ju ranee- b GENERAL clean V.s. windows Ov IfrTnssortAliMi. GA 7-1S53. PRACTICAL NUR'SE, any shlfl, ce Doc'or's re'erenc«s. TO 6-6? CO.VP hskr..-, ilgM nursing ( Ji3Cd f a d / cr co'e. Rets. HESS-. EXPZR. (5,iy work. St.?5 hour Ot transportation. HE 9 M14. GENERAL OFFICE ALL REG. tv sceclal hcs« Ct CLEANING BY THE HOUR, 11 D'ts fare. HE 7-5H9. ucrk SI. 25 hr. ' far'e.^GA 6-H PUBLIC STENOGRAPHER C , IRONING, MEHDIKG ar.d CHI ! CARE. GA 4-taid. r LADY WISHES day worf, S1.25 « BABY SITTItJG, reliable, exo. Re r cxcl. r«ls. HA 1*7519. EXP. "TEACHER "wiO'tfbf, y Lo* rates. GE ^ B650, 2-4 P 1 fly. Live in. Bo T-10j9. . ind .: Press Tere. "DAY" V. T ORK Ircr/ng" bv" t-our V _t!,iv. GE 60?i?. (Vest. GA 7.54;:. DAY 'WORK-- Foil' B hrs/ SI. 25 B _ 4. car fare. GA 3-7XS?. " nursing, ligh'l dj'rics. 'JE 6-9i 1^0 m o-y1 GE 9-511E. - IRONING mv home-- S l " h r T Mt _ shins 5 (or S). GA 7-7J??. r. HE 7-5fti7 - LADY wanti lise, c fca'',; no !otC hr. fare, HE 5-3456 after 12 e. Ottfer lady. HE 7W93. o slc.^dv day work, child c HE 5-733*. IIC 7-M7E aat. 8. e- TYPING Fn my home, 1BM t'.tt. M Fail, neat. GA 3-9067. all an Expert 35 Call an Expert 35 Call cm Expert 35 M You Save Time and Money When You CALL AN EXPERT p bphiilt Driveway Coating C Y~WO°RT~"FLATTEKS WHERE T_rrtATTERS^_BE3L-H. E .AZ»-'?; Building Wreckers i ILD INGS "»reckn)"for~maUrial Fr« esl.-matn UN 5-3013 Cabinets RE mode- no -- reas. -- GA 3-i!87. Jt Oblntll «nd Corwnlry GE 8-97K ME 1-MU Carpentry M work, oalloi 03raK «ors. wm Manseil Jr. Gt M9» LET US da vour cafpenlrv worV d'Kj iave vou rr-wifv. Frw «i1l- mitf. GA 2?»7 or UN ;««. j=j A B P E N T R V work i cabling. Sm CD JlxcIftHv. Reas. GA 6-1055 aller 5 p m L CARPEHTER-GENERAl- Day»«rt. L Rtgon|b«. |i R«ll.ble. EJ ? tE '^r5'"" !n " V ' Il " t «C°'3 I $fM ADD PATIO ROOFS 1 SLABS ;j UILDING REPAIRS. olKtw pakh- ir.o. Free «st. GA3J5M Carpeting ROHESSIOHAL CarMl iBVlno ' Ceramic Tile INFST workmanshto. Hew, re- mnnl. rfrialr .Free «t. GA7-I6!5 E P A 1 R 1 H G 5 1 nj to «.*!»·« . Ill J , orcutlnBi elc. GA 2-0539; oA 2-J718 Concrete Work c v'CEMFHT W O R K -- P A T I O S i S-Mvrtlks. drives, r.c No lob loo sma 1. Frtc csl. HA I-W34 T Pallo, drivev;avs, e!c. Lie., Ins. 1 Tree til. Belillr. WA SH!!. PA'r OS. driveways, sidewalks. C!L. ' Reas 100V. imaging available II flrnrcd. UH 3-1171. PORCHES. Fns est. GA 3-1536 PLAHTF-RS - PATIOS - FENCES GA 7-5*83 C'EMtTIt; Silo" slai)S . OAS 7 i yj69 C RAY LUHDIiLADE. licensed ce- mtfil ccnlr. Free ejt, GA -3?5. STOrJE, brkk plasttr.rp. Fences, 25 YEARS e*DC-rterce cen-ent, car- DRICX. slcn!. bloc*. A-Mhcnv l-'n-^i Uc tcnlraclor HA 9-3?l» APRIL R A T C S . Drlve«av. Par.0, p;anl*r Bo*es. Free esl. GA 7^793. Contractors-Builders Room Addition for Less REWULLiNC, Rrs denlial Ccrn/Ti SLIOtrIG GLASS DOORS. PATIO Free es! Gen B do -Cnlr. C H A R L I E KtlO. anyllrr.c (iA 1811 REFTJ15H present ' kilcticn cab'r.cls w;!h r.T-jrnl birch cr mahogany. Rci.-occllng or nev/ con si , Dla-is, since 1930 E*p.. r e f . , lie., In5. L A . JAGFRSON GA J-9I2J CUSTOM HOMES A P T S . FXPERT REV.ODE1 ING H ghlv e^r-erlenced · Lie. - 'ns. J A L V I N HOV.ELL HA 5-I7JI seeclall« In all horn* const,, rew or re.Ti3de'-ng Free Ug.l ell. on .V.l clcnv E. E- F«W»r (Nor. CALL HA «-4287 lor Eslirnaic on vour Pares a, Sl:oino (ji^ss Doors lr.stai:ed. Lie. Cor.s1rucNcn_. ADDITIONS i'ne'w ocrk. Frte n REIMDELING 8. nc,v ccnslroelion. Draftsman m Is I GA n5 3,337 eves: HE 7-?'l63 Dressmaking DRESSMAKING^ alleralions S D Electricians BFLLFLOWER ELECTRIC CO. No (cb ICO irnall W hr sefvke. UK 6-6920 CORDAY~~E"lectrlc Co. Lkenjed V/e Excavating TOP SOU FlLt DIRT TRASH HAL-'.ED QLALK TOP 8- COMCRETF rc.-TtGved. ME CH^ Fencing ences. Call G A 2-3347. i^Sniil Cetfar Fence," 51.75. i' SD!~ Grace Slake, SU?. GL 1-3S13 Flooring Tile DUD'S floor sanding, old firs. made. \.\o new. 1 dav service, free eit Call anv^me. HA 9-5B16. ceoa'Ted. For Irct cLt. cal Gco HA 1-W22. REX FIcor Sanding beauliful finjsh clear.ed anfl wn*ctf, 1 day service Call dnvf me HA 1-5532 j PROFESSIONAL LIHOlEUMi aver d Ed "eecc. GA 3-«02; GA 3-1MI - SAND FINISH ROOM" HROW HO v FLOOR TILE wall tile Con w carMtin. Free esf. GA M23 ^ Garden Scrv. Supply a ; EXPER. Japanese- Amer.can, gsrtfe . maintenance wcrk by ma Ca f- Georoe al:er 0:30 P.m. GA /'B^ ? ' Renovating GE 1-7272 * "a^roE^ffl'B^pBhS^ia ~ LA'.VNS rr^Jv/ed i «defd 510 rrc · Co^Dlele Inl7 SI? WA 5-168 7. GARDEN SERVICE i !»·'««'«« j- rewlr. Lie. GA 3-33 1. MOWING «"g ! nej, U uo. O'r 79 CQulp , cd- v/ork. GL, 9.?5W a f t . f. Work Wanted 3 '"· HOUSEK-PirJG for w c r k i n o rnc'l".e 1 child or molher:«ss norr.e. r child Ncn imcke cr dnrfc, vc ME 0-16-O, 9 AM. to S P-M.__ j? MOTH'C'R v/am* f?hy.siH"'*o / n cr part tirrc, E^ctricncec, cf ' n F'nrtVe, Itrd c children. Re GA 2-755-i du!v. hiAk., local, HE 64313. M V/OTk Wanted 3 (M?nl S2 ' Eves., wVerds. 'i T. F a tn F. riE5-5a» DO LITTLE odd lobs aro-jncJ 1 L.D h«uie. Have hands, will wo OH Bill, GA6-12J5. hr. MlODLEAGED mw v;anjs ^« Evenings Sat. Pa'nt, clean L rr oarderl, etc. GE 3-WM. ' MAIHT. \VORK. Window wash! -,- Do'ish froors. Sonny,___NE_9 : 6?' M' ALL~ AROUND Baite'r and Pds - j Chff. GE 1-J!M5. et RFTJRED ga'-tJener wani; full parl 1:me work, anylhlns. Vr ? ? 1 M - _ - - PAIUTER 20 vrs. Barh S13; 8d_r 0 - ; SIS. Good v/ork. In. cul. HF. 6-s U " ' J LIGHT h3ulino. trash dear UD. re hr enable. ' HE ? 4 Y A R D v/o rV , pow e r tool? - e ^C -- Pro-nol se-'V. TE 1-6*10. J. TUT 7 T t A f H E R wishes vj Timer cmo 1 d - Anvlhina hul scll-rvg. Gr 3-3 ' j TRASH hAuliro, Cement work. T "" BOOKKFFIPER-- Tax exner. Full o-irt hme HA 9.1233. FLOWER BED CI.EAN UP, O -TT JOBS. HA 5-3 n. GENERAL fawn work, varrf ee WASH kilchen, b»ih, window*, v .re. PAINTER needs wcrlc. Inside. Out. *1S dav. HE7-SC8. ' ei ing. R«as. HE 6 -W6S. r e . PENSIONER. Part time, pa'n outside. *A 4-S iardcn Scrv. Supply EXPERT LAWN SERVICE ^ ft'.0,V1HG-EDGIWG TRIMMING - PDV/ER EQUIPMENT PJ ASONABLE RATES FREE EST. HHl+Y'S Lawn Service-- Ccmple!e DE anditaning Barkening. Clean- itlrr.ales. 13400 . E. Excelsior p 3r »-e, Sanla Fe Snrlnps UN X-6333 ' 1 3^44 awnv mewed edged , Pf xiwer eojio, Sccial care lor MYRON'S LAWN SERVICE TM Lakewcod Long Beach Area _ Reasonable prices. HA 5-7472 ]· ONT b«ic; lawns mowcJ., edcetJ. 'ut halted free. 53.W, _ W bl-wklv. L.B cnlv. HE 7-5159 WHS power mowed B. etfaed, c |4 P- ance t c-ean^up. GE 8397^ H Old Yard Looking Bad?- W.-int il mult locking righl? F Free «MmalB. HE 5.717? ng. P*rr. eaul[. S3 ua. Call John Ashley. HE 7-7281. p Roseedno icrllllz'no. £ BELL BROS. Fre« est. HA 1-1612 Hauling, Express c ALLIED VAN LINES ' Southwest Van Storage F HP A ftfflfl v ^ GARAGE-- LOT CLEAN UP rt f Z TRASH 1 HAUL-TREE WORK ft f GE 4-1332; GA 7-8287 - ARAGE5 CLEANED. Irasri hsvled $3 UP-- GA 6-1607 Trash Hauling. HE 7-6909. ' RASH HAULING. V E R Y ECO AULING -- Furniture Trash. \Vria1 t ,TVC You? Guar . HE ?-5?C) A r?:; s GE Fa ^ 5 f x rc ! E ^ ble - i CIS. Vels. Gen. hauMr.o, flVr. HAUL NG, «1c. r/ovina? 1 im. or 5 lcw ra». Free esl. HE 2-7334. LITE HAULING -- ODD JOBS Ev. cr Su.i.r (Won., Tu«. GA 2-0770 House Cleaners c eared; also Dalnt'na. 15 vrs. exo. Free esT HE 2-5539 TAYLOR'S window wall service. Free est. Ca'l HA 1-356?; EXPERT wall washing, ?0 vrs. exo. KITCHEN WASHED COMPLETE FRFF csl. Wall wajVng. window W A L L WASHING. ^l"fl RfA C A R P G t CLEANING. ETC GE 30018 Insulation HOMEOWNERS 1 $ S S S SAVINGS lor the monto ol July. DON'T MISS THIS! Janitorial Service COMPLETE Janitorial Service. Free estimate!. HA !-57«. Jeweb-y Buyer* T f c D BROWN, JEWELER V/alches, Ola'iicnds. Jevyelry "V/e Give S8.H Green S'arr.os. Govcrrment Cred : l Terms. lit Lcng Beach Blvd. HE 67826 Mattresses 'sa-ne cover, ssme iwlnos. 1-iiny service. Free eiKmatei Esl. 1W2. Call GE 8-4/5B or In Santa AH.T Kl ^-£716 ACME MATTRESS FACTORY K?S E. Anaheim, Long Beach Moving Storage LOCAL AND WORLD WIDE MOVING AND STORAGE /.'.Oil recomn~end«d Movers HODGES MAYFLOWER HE 7-3SS3 "SAVE WITH SECURITY!" LOW SUMMER RATES. Estimates-- r.o cb'igatlwi. New EQUIP merit. From S7.50 hr. GA 6-550; SPEC. SUMMER RATES For llmllen nme Marhn van LJres olftrs lowest lecal moving ra'ss. inl i free c-sl- en loci 1 or HAWLEY TRANSFER - Lite nojjse r.old mcvlno. HE 5-24« Painting, Paperhanging PAINT, ent., ext., will washing o«n. maint. All work ouaran ced Give us n trial. HEi-2J]i. CALL JIM lor oalnl C2=er. Sav vrs. exo. GE 3-3KO: OA 2-8003. EXPERT oalr.ler, w i out. Averag neuse, stucco. «J. GE -11«. t misc. repairs. HE 7-1538 S PAINTING, paDeilr.g, reas. JS vrs ejto. Free eit.. rels. HE. 63183 PAIMTING DaperhBiglng, plasle catcfiTig. M. Pceh'en. GA -UX.l UIC oalntlng conlr . 19 vrs L. 6 n Do own worn GA 3-^51C alt 6 D m 1 TOP qjahtv 03'nllng-hlanlv rec t omrrended, local rets. HE 2-MJ5 " JULY SPECIAL. Work ousr. Fre est'male GE 1-7001: TO 6-737. INTERIOR-EXTERIOR i Licensed Insured. GE -73« . PAINTING. o«0trlnj, olasterlr.g 3 vrs. exer. 1 1: 4~^^ r EXPER. painter. Neat. Reascnah: 1 8sl raa!erra!. HE 6-7537 eve ,'. B 8. C PAIMT1KG OE COR An IN 5. Free esllmate. GE 9-4544 1 Work Wanted 3 r. RETIRED w/34 VfJ. In U-S.P.C 1 l Lrce- metro, area. Re-»rxns'b V DOSMIon. «, xlnt. f" 1 '^ £Q - PART-TTME bockVeeo'ng. E x e c n payroll' profii lass siaierr.«nt t- All faxes. UN -OWlr HE 7O27 Sl CONTRACTORS --"Will dean ne tract houiH. v;e do lawn wor 3V Cusicr.-ftcs v;anled. GA 7-7339. 'ainting, Paper-hanging *· 2 GOOD PAINTERS Want Exterior or Inlerlcr Paining. DiScOi/nt on new screens. Call TO 48819 or GA 3-Wi; VO-PAPER ? BEDROOMS, i«- rKlude* Dap«r arvd labor. 1000 N aniplcs brought Jo vour home. N Contractor-- 10 years in L B. re 30B PRIESTLEY HA i-7609 t e INTER WITH 15 V1. «)Mr. ^oerl v;ork inrtrior exleitor illmales. Ycur maferia'* cr m'tr.e. CALL NE 26479 "CORATING. Free csl. MONTY. 5 vrs. exoer. on Infer., c«lr. HE 7-7378 days: GE V-3094 5-7 p.m. APERHANSING, $1 Roll L Panling. Get my price- HA 9-7065 Reasonable prlctl wllh fret *3ll- k, ma «. HE 7-7S24 anylime. « M NT ING - LABOR OHLY-- YOU D urnllh materiBl No [ob too urtail. =ree eitfmates. _GE -9026 L l- Mini il befrer fcr less, Inle- "° r EeX 4'S7 HE 5-01M L H. SPAINHOV/ER Painting r.d Decorating. GA 7-1093 Te*rm arca.-MKJ OUSE pa'nllna (Interior «, e»!c GA 2-4703. A AUKING -- ^eM. Int., cxt. W vrs. exp. Lie. Free «st. HE 5-7009. work. 35 vrs. exp. Real. HA 55740 R AINTIUG ir.s'de oul. Free e^l XPERIEMCED PAINTER. DOES OWN V/ORK. REAS. HE 7-3938. needs waric. Real. GET 3-81*0 H refs Rt HE $*W9\? eve7 GA 3-iW3 AlfJTER 20 vrs. Bain 110; lidrrn. 315. Ext. Slucco S140. HF 6-3181. C.-ill Andv. HE 7-54M A i r j TING-- int. a\ Eai. FJ^I i n e a . Reas. GE 9-7233. Plastering and snialfcr iofcs, .har b y lime ooeratori can'l te bcfnered w'.th. All wcrU ouaranteed. C F 3 4 7 4 4 . '1 ASTER oalchlng, slutco reodui. Quirt serv.j reas. Free est. L c. GE I-1S74 QUALITY PLASTERING BY KfcHNEDY, Lie., ins. HA 5-5725 3 ATCH Dlajter.o Int., exL Nore PLASTERING. TE 1-4460 PATCH plastering our specialty. Expert work, tr.-ir. GA 2-BWJ or tso small, GA 6-3?15. ALL TYPES of eerrcnr 3t olns^r ing. GA 6-1326-- GA 6-1477. PLASTER natch - painting of all Jt'nds. KE 6D597; HE 2-2313. ' Plumbing, Heating PLUMBING -- SA HOUR Stowages reoalrj NO trave ·irr.e fhnro? GA ?-*947 3'tas. Reai. HA l-3i76. 24 1-rs. W A K L E Y PLUMBING t. HEATING Sarvlce, repairs. GA 7-3i3/-21 hrs. PLUMBING U hr. Stowage re pair. Lie. contr ?J hrs. TO6?3fi? Refrigeration RCFRIG~FRAflON"X aircondrSefv ce. Fast-- lowest rates. HE 6-5SW Roofing "BEAT THE HEAT" REFLECTIVE ROOF COATING Free estimate Summer rates. DEPENDABLE ROOFING CO. "BEHOOF MOV; 1 ' TnVe advantage ol summer rales 1st pyirt. Ocl. lEIh. Hdttfw.* Rcol Co. G£ 9-6EG1 BILT-WELL ROOF CO^ ft Est L936. No tn Pm'l Bar.V. Terrr.s. ALL l-foes recover (?* hr.) UN 4-7«i Free csl. GA 2-5854; NE I-5W9 SANDBLASTING SANDBLAST, RESTUCCO, PAINT Choice of Colors. Lie. Reas. SANDBLAST fcr repa nl or resJucco Reas. UN 0 «03; HE 5-9303 Sheet Metal, Fans, Blowers FANS, clsvrtrs. evaporative coo:ers a : r condi|lonsr- shcel melai veitflatrn? re^Fa'.Tdnt calt slnVs. hoods, slainless sleel, rc- MacCLOSKcY SHEET METAI 1315 «. llin SI HE 64«b RAIN GUTTERS. s^ceT melal" work Sav* i S. GA 20525, GA 3-6763 Sprinkling Systems SPRINKLER SY5TEU5 rnslallwJ !. reoalred- John Gitl. TO MM I AWN S'PRINKLERS -- ~ '"nslVlled Tailors FUZZ HARRIS Finest custom tailoring. Alterations of all Vlndv 122 E. 3rd St. HE 7-44W Tree Service Fced r r.o, ioravlnu. Lrc. Ini. Frc us!. GA7.3M5 NE 2-fm WAMSJI 5-jpclie?. Bclmcnt [,'urs«ry. «? E. 3nd. GE J-«10; GE 3-323 COMPLETE TREE SERVICE To'-5:67 UPHOLSTERING SPECIAL-- Fre- OMoman *lfh «at sel; lre« esJ'nate. o : ckut i ri llvtrv ME 3-S552; GA 3-23i UPHOLSTERING «crk will trsf tor ml«c iteir.s. Includes labor ' malefials. Work mar. TAMOS · A i A WASHER SERVICE NLI All work ouor. M. Frit *i . f'.i .. \io ciellv«rv. G A 7 0 5 S 5 Y/ASHER, tfryer, CisD. repair, Insta Fret .St. HA 5-84W; GE ?·'! 2 Swaps 6 )'. excel, cond. V^anl 9 t3 13 cu. e «{rig.j anr make. o3. cor.d. S at 1054 E Anane'm, Wilrr.lrD'c r TE 4C4« i, W A N T : Gu'tar, IODC reccrrter. r.i.- 7. era. Trade or sell: padd'ebo^ ,, TV, violin, LR tr-alr, JCI.-.ID. tao f A e'ectronlc Itftr.J. 5C40 E. 3r "· GE 3-1535. ' Work Wanted 33 labor for o'ck UD truck, iws iMen Wo,-nei " r " cash - GA w ^ ftELfABLE x«r. couP'e. oc refv, to mannafl aols. GE 3-xw I. Care of Chifdren 33- fLk*nie3 nomaiOno' v* Th« FiidewrKtont, Prt»M«iegr« K- recomrr.etxli ths 1 an relertr-cw carefully ^ecXtd r:Qard:ng ca k. siirino a«) car* oT -nlivw chi 1 dr« Love Care -- Uc. non Or Lg«. Christian horn*. Fenced i 24- Children untfer 5. Day ca r^ Near 7tfi «. Ottsw GE 9-i. WORKING mo1h«r r.ceds ho-ne or 74 hr, child care for hsr cr 3A ow. GA 7-W^3. _ DAV care. Licensed. *, 1 u-.tfer 3! D*AY CARE. I'c., 2 vrs. up, v av o''nfl Palo V«r(!e,_HA 9-3 ' 4 5 LOVING" 2* hcur care. Suturl cr. home. Fully eau pMd. ITN 3-3 cr . f f AMiLY"wanr children ?"h"'. :a ov. Lie. lcme. CvP'esi ares. JA 7-5 ce 24 hr. care. V;es^m_ni^r_Tyj_7-7 or Reas. Narwalk. UN 3-5 DD vie. Lk*d. Soolh. WE J-S^? CHILD caire. In ff-.v home. L c." r an- yard *· Piavrcw 1 !. GA 6-4073. « Hear Bixbv Av. GA 7-$ or Carson. GA 7-78TS. H. Swaps '52 HUDSON -Good worV car M snle or trade for anvTnl.ig 742 V^luc. 2750 E. J7th. CE 3-S ·* TRADE GAS ocwered rotary law r rrvo'iver fcr CMIicn's fcaro 7 w '· radio. 7 Ellis. B Miscclloncous Wanfed 6 ^ p^lnllnai, arl'xjuES, snvrh'r.g l « usual. "CRI1T BEIfY." 1 OV E. ArvzhEim St., L.B. HE 6-V* -- WE BUY OLD NEWSPAPER 7 140) DAISY HE 2-5( - U.S. COINS WANTE ** STEVEN 1407 E. ANAHE " UP 3Sc. 3/7 w. 1/rh. HE 5-3£ 1452 W 1R1, L.B. HE 2 6 TT 1 NEED SHEETS, BLANKE 3^' PILLOVr'S. PADS. HE 7-! ~t^, HlC,HEST~p"r;ces for'tv, acnlifl'-c ~f- Machinery and Tools ;- B" CO.V.ET rddifll saw, i =5? Cp C *«lll Cntfill0n ' ' UN 5 6 S 1 - pL'ATK:""lamina1inD 1 ' ma en'., s TM UCV. Coit M* S200, mave of n. HE 7-2154 or HA 55122 ^*- 6" SKILL saw. Sabre saw, w ice brKh, looit, screen doors. 315 \V, 31tt 1» used. Se^'^Renr - Repa B vq ftlcriave, )770 Atlantic. HE fl COMPLETE floor a and) no eoi ri w/lloor DOltihir. GE 8 " TOOLS * macJi. wanlefl TO 7-* -^· r IW13 Beilflcwer Blvd. Bell lo* of OXYGEN acetylene rri-,Jc set 413, reoulaicri. W3, JA 7- iscelloncous for Sale 72 Miscellaneous for Sale 72 A - U - C - T Regular WEE ES. JULY Illli, 8:30 A.M. 1 oil. hdrdwara, garden Icoli. ce goodi, btixts ol iriicel- 1 eoui. TUESDAY, JULY II Miicellaneoui b^ic-j-brac, c WEDNESDAY, JULY Ldrg* lot of mrdfum g r a d e fu WEDNESDAY, JULY w end uled hcuiekold applidn poise»ion, banLrupl ttock, comp BUY AT AUCTIOh REPP MO AUCTIONEERS, APPRAIS ong Beach, California 2501 E. An. lachlnery and Tools 65 M FLTA SUPER «0 radial law, 1 h p., on faclorv sfar.d; 6 i-nos. o:a _ .. 3so ATLAS COMPRLSSOR, V* h.p.. hose pa'nT gjn - . SIM COMET 2-h.o. [-phase radial saw. If caaacllv On trailer. Perf. cma . «'5 HA 1-3928 IR compressor, ps.nt sorav «au o- mcnt, cower mowef eJaer. Floor edcer. Bel) sander, ^". Sar.der. oandsnw A niist. G£ ELTA UNISAW (i) ^...S'rtA Ne-rt tocl gu-iranree -- KB 5-7233. Cameras, Supplies 68 POLAROID 800 KIT wilh V/ink-llte, carrY'r.o case. REGULAR PRICE ... J 1 59.95 SPECIAL J ·JB.SS T YOU SAVE $ 54.07 FREE BONUS Polaroid Photo Electric Snuttor-- S40 Value CITY PHOTO 1719 E. Anaheim. HE 5-8928 Tho Biggest Camera Bargains in the Area -- ai Mercury Phofo, 1030 Long Beach Blvd. HE 7-OfcOI. USED BARGAINS txb V i e w Ca.-nera H9.95 L«lca M-3 w/caic/ melcr. 3 Relina Cameras frcm 529.95 CAMERA SUPPLY 1113 Pine Ave. ' H E 6-4725 BOLEX B5L ft mm., cuarn. TJ«rf., S1K). Val^y 1 cnlsroer w/Icr.s. 570. Soil Conditioner 70 CHAMBLISS ORGANIC HUMUS Pu1i LIFE In soil. Gt 3-4*1 ·! Foam Rubber 71 Do It Yourself 71 -A Vlt VL FLOOR TILE -- Big'Xst Slock -- Lowest Prices. SHUSTERfAANS 6429 Allan c Bldg. Matt. Lmbr. 71 -C FREE FIREWOOD-- 1235 E.. 223rd, 1700 uieJ tHlcfc, 5Vi cen!i es. i?03 AtianSIc-- GA 3-71U ZOOO USED bricki. 6\^c c.ich; 74" Glo Fire loa andirons. Hb 7-772 . Miscellaneous for Sale 72 S7.95 Ctcvclimd Furn. E. Uohot GA2-/7-13. SA14 L.B. Blvd. SCOTT-AIRt. car ccotfr TJcvrr 12 v. GptxJ for slaiion wagon cr car. WO. GA 3-1115. BRAKES RELINED $12.50 Tibbelt's, HOI E. 41n HE 6-2J03 TRASH CANS DELIVER G£ 3-815.S Ooen Si:n '£U3 E. 1/th CASVAS WOT*, marine or comm . Yardage !c-- any u^e OIH-Rlle PICKUP TRUCK STEP' BUMPERS BUMPER EXTENSIONS f. CAMPER STEPS. ,VE J-222S, HE 5-1/35. ISM ELEC, lypewriter, fcr co.-.rt. 2WI1. ext. 325 or GA 3-9 JS1. MOVING -- Sell or Irade -1 beau". rugi taJs cheaD. GF 9 4251 ; AIR COMPRESSOR. A-l cond. W5. GF Ironer, like new. £ WASHING math., S9; C«b. s«v/ing mach.. S30; d n. Table, S10; m sc. REDUCING TABLES, RENT-- BUY Sa:cn V:slls HE 5-9370 ;_GF^-^1 37 GE" I'RONER iioo. xnr conu or iwa» (or be^oom Jaroe chest of drawerj. HA V-W91. 1 Ton refriqernlcd cooler, cjt«l. cond. llWE.Srd, AoL 6 HE 5 3H4 WEDDING GOWH-- BcaulTlul t.itc old. V e r y reas. GA 3 '5620. BRN. o^ersufled davennorl earlv Amer. cr Prov. Gd. tend. HA 5 :»9. BLNU. COFFLE tble. 7x7 rcur.ri bra'ded IUQ. Drcalejf ulili^/ 1b e. Lan-D. 113 Prcicect rrl. ch ell «rrM,, Hi 7..RCAT.V.. WRINGER VMSHER. Childs ward- rob* drawers, chest of crawerb. Childi tractor, wason. GF 0-3WS FLOORLAMP, S3. FRA.*AED PIC JURE H. 457 St. LcuiS Av*., Crr. th Cherry). 5 DBL. BEDS i ma1res!M, Sli set 2 couchei w/bolsferi, 47JO ea Kav's MOW. GA 2-25M. POV.'cR MOWER 25" Irirrrrer POV/ER «dcsr. Former cartfener V/E BUY OLD GOLD, d'arr^rtfs ewelry. Dsn L«ake , M/o- 1r«fi BABY FURNITURE, misc. Tw;r : bfd stt w,'corrfr t^ble .I'fached 2212 Uomina Ave. GE 3-533 SE'.VING WCH. Kermcre, b!c-^ desX s'v^e. matchirs cha'r: new T.V. chair. 6141 Atlantic. ca-3-t. xinr. ccnd. s? 75 yd. h GA ^-1470 or GA 6-UI5. . G E. Elecinc Ranoc. L a r g e ca ; hea'er. Reasonable. 4124 Lkv/d ; Blvd., Acl. 12. HA 50 3J l A R CONOlTIOfJIKG refrigerate aufo unit. L ; iie new 5150. Fit - any car. GE= 3*W3 OST£R meat crTr-der. f s rod reel. Simrcani H tfc-8'bed HE 6-4M2 * rV'APLE tabie w/ chairs, GIF J rroljies, sire 30-12. Otfds fc erd for rentals HA 5-3516- SAA'SONlTE wardrobe filled s-j. n case, Bel«. Used C-K*. Cos SS _' barga'n $23. HE 7-5M2. 7 GERMAN made portable tvce-.vr;te * Very oocd cond. Paid S135-- Sa e for SM. HA 93332. t- MAPLE d'ntife tab'e, «xtetx!s e da", SIS; 1 f pevrr Lie r, Renvr.olo n. GE 9-9«/. I - O - N - S KLY Sales UES-, JULY INK, to A.M. ]aw and uiad building m*. e r f a U and old appliance iri 1:00 P.M. othlng, Lintir.i, dishai. 2th. 8:30 A.M. m lure and applUncti. 2th. 12 NOON cos. rug i, furniture, «itatii, eta home furnishings. J AND SAVE TT, INC. ERS. LIQUIDATORS GE 9-0277 hoim St. scellaneous for Salt 72 STOP! Ve havt the largest aiicrtrrun! of DlYwcd panelino m l.~« cou.i rv! See nJ FLUORESCENT Jumbo ll!es @ ^/.M «*. MOLDINGS 100 « In Walnut @ · bo/ CASINGS Itreamline, dcor {· FIBERGLASS ASS ° FORMICA* ^ "' Parkwood, 40.000 11. . @ *3c 1 . SALVAGE MASTERS "THE CHAMPAGNE OPERA7Ok5 OF THE SALVAGE INOUSTRY" 1685 SANTA FE OPEN V DAYS RADE YOUR OLD KIRBY l^r a ne^c 1961 /Aodel com pi- t We'll allow ycu 51 56.23 trade i; allowance en vtwr old X'/bv. V,'* v/ill si:civ SI 30. 18 tra^enn en any o 1 h er motfel vacuum, c nv only $150. difference for * brand new Kirfiy ctKno'ele. KIRRY CO. OF L.B. 41 CHERRY AVE. HE 5 6HO RA LER "hitch '(Kvy. (hjly) lor 0-cv. S?0, Tvpewrlter U.C. Sm.lh stcf. $10, ^i irnerscrlng mam. Itwcrf) SH. O'sluffed 'crialr Sid, 7 sorrd iriBhcganv end tables (2- licr ea. 515, Large wild o?»r. ha.'.d-tooled dirifr.B set lold) S500. 1 Twin-sire rrMrress "free" ro F I R S T buver ol anv oi the above. 1 PvL Ptv- M503 Bavou Ave., 8e · 1 flower, TO 6-7626. 1 NAT FRANJC'5 1 K'cw Si Used Furrtdura 1 "No Fancy Frflls" I "No Pancy Pricei." n I'/Od G^v.old, HE 7-SJJ5 fl ( /j b!fc. Soolh cf East AnaheHm Sl. I Ta k up fo M m.'lEs, V/hlle the/ H last, special 1U9.9.5 value-- u?.9i. Q TCD S-iles Co., 407 W, Ro:ecra.TS a Ave., Compfcn. fl ME 1-2971 | tor adults or [unlors. Brilliant I cc ors, fl SPECIAL S3.55 * S3.95 X tA. E. Taylor Sw Decorating Co. V 7501 Orrcrvn HL S-W5I [1 PLAYHOUSE" 6xiix' w/bu*;fi":n CUP- H boards. V/-M sell lo Wchesl b'rf- £ rier. M^n. nrice JWO. See SUN. F 1 TO S OHLY. H550 MnybanV, t Ls^ewocd. t HOSPITAL BbU, full adL. mill. 71" I Pnl co tcnjcle TV. JCirbv V^r. I cofnn. with poilshcr. Metal Ironing i bojrd, pr. blk. table la-n?s, nil F oocd clean. Phone HA 1-5W5. I [Konle. "i llberglais cov. lucoaqe racks, car cooler. Used 1 day. All almost new. HA 5-1365 Oriental Specialties Caiiiidiar therrv fjrnifure, HI Fi, elc., to OJ-c-er, YuHiki, NE 1-4573 Used More fixtures counters. Lurrbc.", giasi, oiyv/o clurnbu. LONG BEACH Fence Material. 24l\ E. Anaheim Si GE 9-ISCV. RCA TV console, 12", wciki oood, SIS. 6 Sashes, 24x6Q'/j", 3 lllc. wilh hardware. Sl ea. 1? Screcr-i, wocd trarr.e 36x55'^", 50c ea. GE ? 19S5 LEAVING tofi-if, must se'.l hojie hold f-jrnlsh^nci tr.d. apa:ia',fces tace-recorder prolec or. V/A i-«50; WA 5-19M. 3 FAIR drapery. Djvan. Roll away beef. Vacuum. Typewriter, orcan, olher usable i ferns. lisa Temo!* CHOCOLATES. 89c LB. V/HEATON'5, 1345 W. H1h -(-BURfJE^R \Vedgewood stove, whife enamel, exceationalLy clean, $30. Office desk chr, 3-d/awer, Ivjev;ri1er soace. S25. HA 9-3216 TAPPAM GAS "RANGt Kk»" new w / V e n t a Hoed, 5150; rmn-'e de=k exlensbrt table US; kitchen tab:*. Ga 2-4609. ure t-jbe. S49. Nothing dov.n, with coed crcciJl. 3733 E. 71h GE 9-3M6 D r. COIN COLLECTION-- Will fa)(« but \ offer for all or par;, iS3I Bos- ion Ion Dr., Loj Alamlfcs, GE 1-8770. DRAPERY"REMNANTS"AT " COST. GE 8-0239. ? A A T E R N I T Y clornei, slie \1. Goori as nev/. Very rc*is. 4JO V/. 2/8'h SI., Wilm'nglon. TE 5-707J. MAYTAG aulo washer. Good corcf. $7*). 6 mo. fl^-ar. If p town. GA 3 5476. 5275 Atlantic Ave. REMINGTON 10-kev eHed. add no marh., 1125. Frltfen calcu1a1or. Model D-!, 1165. Prlv. pry. GA 3-JSU cnlld's desX; lovely rnacle d repeal d'nette table. GE 9-5070. MAYTAG GAS ranee; Child's roll too Cesk wilh iwjvcl cha r. 7' USED VENDORS-- Cigarette, card/, 7 uo. V/, V^. Venter*. 1351 \W. I41h O'KEEFE WERRIT s!cve-x!ra5. Barroom sink. GA 3-4116. 2 WHEEL Trailer, 4x7', A-1 ccnd 1 " Clean GA 7-71A5; GA 7-1506 CHINESE hcofced rvg. All wao . 12x15 Earoaln. IfA S1575. ;.v-5c. Sac. GE 1-03SJ. TRAILER cooler (Arcllcl. Hear ne//, 5125. GE 8-6775. PLYVr'OOD. all tyces slzts '351 Freeman Ave. GE 4-7«5. 1 COOKWARP. S'niess-la-ht , wlrlBiS. ccm»., sac. *25. VI 7-1994, D r. i ROYAL Portable rypewriler J37.SO i American 1« E. 4fh HE 2-1S4? · STHER FERTILIZER-- 3 bio sacfcs. too orade-- 9ic. 3Stl E, Anaheim s CLOTHES POLE 56 GA 4-4223 _ USHO RUGS. AJJ stzes. 510 UP 1335 Cherry HE 7-5170 ' 0 YOS. CARPf=T TWEEO H9.?S Ortscoll Carcel, ^OOS E. Anaht:rn · HOUSEHOLD soodi. SIovi 175. ll/ Co.-Kju:sfa July t?. ^ 4\'jx9. Bolh w/accesi, LE 6--5S- 9^15 ALL wool Wilton. Grny SOJ!P rifle seo. Wood lathe con-voie^e, ; O'KEEFE Alcrrlll r*rvs*, i« v w/toah, !fa'« A n!r. $90. TO6-S«1 7-cc. living rm. set, S5S GE T-?4W d" ^j" p-/;«. rnov^er HO. Laches d : c mcrd r'nn, s"t'n d.v'r.g oear, she o- sn-.m a c c e s s o r i e s . GE 9 S9 - 3 F-TS roi'-r rink sValcs. S-iei ^ 3-,j, 6V;, Extellen) cond.t.on. ^ CE 3-allj ·»· ' JlOTecustr'L C B. tM! a ' 9x12 WOOL' rug, c«d co-d. V? ^ Miscellaneous for Sole 7 | e»9®d«««e( '" S STEEL RULE J T · TAPES M t^MMM by Lufkin (or ttt pro-^ M. ^ t-loot -- white V*ce l ." Cr '( *? ©THIS WEEK ONLY il/ S1.35 VALUE 1 "' ® a 0 « ® mip c ho, A wf^I^w j *" · «j, ^ \V-5« 1 er. 0 WITH THIS AD ONLY , ork O W. M. DARYi ^ Evervlhlno lu- BalMng ^ m: O 3605°E. Anaheim 4 "un BISP5-IM4 C E 3 - W ) 7 | --? ^ Open 1 a.m. to 3 p.m. ll A »»- wu Sal. | ^ »$6OQ«a®« - 24 FT. DOUGHBOY pool, Wl. F:He - svstem, 565. HA 5 i'l J 2-FCrdVBRSET sfl. morffrn, black 3, GDCd cond. S50. GA 2-3418. GAFrERS AND Salllers rar.y: jj oval bra'd rug. HE 5-9J92 alter 9 s - AUTOETTE. Gcod as rJev/. MUSI move ojfck. 531 Malino. Hi HAND CROCHETED dcutTe tfd 2 MODEL railroad, A3, 77 ga.-oe HA9-T£00 I STAUFFER redudna macttne v; · timer. Reas. Like r-e^. HA S- jOj 1 PAY TO S150 for yied Spinet o » Grand Piano. GA 7-03?t. DESK, all me'al, 3 drawer!/ 1 n: 9 torn too, TO 7-6919. CRIB 510 -maa'e $25. AH «m; a Old d : ctlonar/ $25. GA J-4173. " A . R . A. c ar a! r-ccndtt'-cne r, a 'mo » new. Sacrifice. G= 1-5WS. 2V' TV. Gcod cood. Pair of taU k !?IT;DS HE 7-53S4. » iblne!. S175. 935 Cherry. 1 ' BOY'S o'/l's W freycle, OM fc . cond., S15 ea. GA 4.S233. * U. S. COINS, Lincoln i Je». set £ uxro'ele. . GA 7-75 * G.£. Th.r Lin* 1 h.p. Mr COM § GA7-03 IT STAXJFFHR Posture R«lt, *l ft limar. S?5. IfA 1-5174. Jr - GO K A R T me 4, slicks, llfcf « a Trade fcr Sabot or sell. G A 4 - / O ^ DlNtNG KM, set, 8 DC. a mj* fum. Hems. Reascnab'e. HE * J » STOVE^ FlRPL, enierrble, rnaho · nlck-nacki, fel. ibl. re*. GA 4-74 ^ POWER MOWER * edcer. *50. ? P bike, 51. ME 3-8787. ^ WODERN RED Koch barer chA. | hackb'd mirror, reas. ME 3-92 ^ COOKWARE, SINLESS. Mi- « C I954 STENOGRAPH ^aC^.tS'e^ type). Never wed- J7S, TA 1-13 1 r r . · n d ft r ? ri v. S3 fi ! ? 2 : " r, » AS r. ·o Jl

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