Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 45
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 45

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 45
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,. KM., u.i/... Minim, im i M U t r t N U E N I (AM) PRfcbS-ltltluiA.'rt (I-MJ 'Who's who" of sailing off Breakwater Congressional Cup Series under way By DON CULPEPPER Stall Writer. The 12th Congressional Cup Series of match yacht racing gels under way today with a forecast of cloudy skies and a chance of showers. The first 15 of ·15 match races will be held today over the Congressional course off the I/mg Beach Breakwater. Before the racing ends on Saturday, provided the weather remains fair enough for sailing, each of the 10 skippers will have met every other skipper. The Congressional entry list this year is virtually 'a who's who of sailing, with two skippers from foreign countries and eight from various parts of the United States. The foreign skippers are Pierre (Poppy) Delfour. representing the Yacht Club d'Hyeres o( France, and . Hugh Trcharne, chosen by the Australian Yachting Federation as its foremost skipper. Of ail the competitors, Poppy Delfour will have .one of the hardest tasks inasmuch as he speaks little 1 English. His crew will be composed of Cordelle Laurent, Frotiec Michel and Twist Georges, all of whom came from France with him, plus three U.S. sailors who have been recruited here. With that mixture, it will be difficult to bark commands. Laurent serves as an interpreter, but he admits that his command of the English language also is limited. Trehame, competing for the fourth time in the 12 years of Congressional history, feels that this might -be his year. In his first appearance here, he finished a poor sixth, then fifth on the next try and, in 1974, he . was the runner-up. He said at the skippers' meeting with the press: "We're getting better and this may be the year. I have an Australian crew, plus one remarkable sailor from England and it looks like a winning combina- ! lion." 1 · The Australian has an outstanding record in his '·country. He has been an 18-Fooler champion several limes, and anybody who can sail and win in such craft has to be better than just plain good. The foreign skippers will be meeting some of the best that the U.S. can offer: Dennis Conner (San Diego Yacht Club), already a two-time winner of the Congressional Cup and one of the most dangerous competitors in any Kind of sailing. Ken Young (U.S. Yacht Racing Union), Tony Parker (Annapolis YO and Graham Hall (Naval Academy Sailing Squadron!, all young and exuberant sailors who have won numerous championships. Dick Deaver (lxs Angeles YC), famed sailmaker and always a threat; Marc Hollerback (Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes). The other two skippers are Ted Turner (Atlanta Yacht Club) appearing for the sixth or seventh time -- he can'l remember how many -- and Barney Flam of the hosting Long Beach Yacht Club, who will be trying for the eighth lime to win the Cup. Turner is so involved with the Atlanta Braves, which he now owns, that he may find it difficult lo put his mind on the sails. Yet, he is one of the country's best sailors. Klam, looking over the youthful skippers fired with enthusiasm, remarked: "1 am going to try just as hard as ever, but at my age, I feel that just getting into the Congressional Cup Series is quite an accomplishment." Flam's wife, Evelyn, will be on the lorcdeck and his son, Steve, will be one of the crew members. Pairings and boats for today's first 15 matches: . I -- Cnimcr (Ahsarrtfl is. 111 v.C Parter (I'Mlrrai: Hall iHTiis- rt»r» vs T»racr (PersophooeV, r\im fCrtcbrilyl vs. Treharrw iSfcibuJl and llnlk'rbsKh i(\jwna vi. Dfliour lArfio Slart 1 -- vt. Parkor; Halt v.. Younji. Treharne vs. TVIfcmr; IVavpr v. Hijli-rbirhi Tunwr %s. Connor, Start 3 -- rvlfour vs. Flam: Hoflfr- bach vi TurMr- Young vs. Parter; HaJI vs. Comwr; trrharrw vi. Dfa%?r. Ted Hood LVe* York YO, skipper in Ihr suoowsiin dflrnse ol the America Cup in 1*7* p4-k«] aj one ol Uit 10 rc£u].i[%, had \o uilbdraw because of Ll!nci In ttw [amity. Tony Parfca, Hie alternate, took his pure. Foreign threats Competing against eight top American sailors in this year's Congressional Cup Series, starling today at the Long Beach Yacht Club, w i l l bo Poppy Dclfotif from France (lefl) and H u g h Trcharne ot the Australian Yachting Fedealion. PboU) rwiru'sy F'rOfloraj' Afajtt/hw Off-season athletes won't collect benefits MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Professional athletes would be prevented from collecting Wisconsin unemployment compensation in the off-season under an amendment approved Wednesday by the state Assembly. The amendment, added to a bill dealing with changes in jobless compensation laws, was aimed lit reports thai some players with the American League's Milwaukee Brewers, earning a minimum $16,000 annual-, ly, are collecting jobless benefits from Ihe slale while wintering in other slates. .'. "If he is down in North Carolina sunbathing, I don | think he should get Wisconsin unemployment compensation benefits," slale Democratic Hop. Gervase HephnC'c said. '-. Patriots say Plunkett still No. 1 9 but. . . SAN DIEGO ( A P ) Trade rumors al Ihe Nat i o n a l Football League meetings here center on quarterback Jim Plunkett of New England, and the Patriots' coach and general manager, Chuck Fairbanks, readily admitted Wednesday t h e r e h a v e been several discussions. Plunkelt, t h e f o r m e r Stanford star, has only his dplion year to go with New England and his fulure course of action remains in doubt. Currently t h e r e is a moratorium on any trades in the NFL until A p r i l 2, when the v e t e r a n d r a f t to slock the T a m p a Bay and Seattle expansion -PLUNKETT c i u b s will have been completed. 'Fairbanks said, "Possibly we will trade Plunketl. He hasn't made up his rhind what he wants lo do. II will be a major impacl onus either way." The Patriots recently signed r e s e r v e quarterback Steve Grogan to a Boosters to fete Poly cape champs Poly H i g h ' s sludenl body and Booster Club will host a banquet honoring the J a c k r a b b i t s ' CIF championship basketball t e a m Wednesday night, M a r c h U, at Adolph's, 6-.fflp.rn. .The event is open to the public. Information and reservations can be ob- lained by calling N e i l Rradley's o f f i c e at the school. 501-0581 or Ed Rice al 591-3410. five-year p a c t following his rookie year, when he filled in for Plunkett while the veteran was injured. Fairbanks said he would like to know Plunkett's status before the collegiate draft April 8-9, and said Plunkett "told me he would t e l l me by t h a t time." San Francisco, Los Angeles and other clubs are reportedly interested in the New England quarterback. San Francisco has reportedly offered New England quarterback Tom Owen and several draft choices (or Plunkett. In addition, the 49ers would pay (or a complete physical (or the quarterback who, they feel, has built-in gate appeal in tht Bay Area -- in addition to his demonstrated talent -- because of his collegiate exploits al Stanford. Fairbanks said he had talked lo clubs bul avoided specifics by saying, "The number doesn't make any difference. I hear a different rumor every day." Fairbanks said t h a t with Plunkelt, New England would be just "where we'd like In he in the quarterback situation. We'd have Ptunkett at 28 with Golf results HOMKN Scott few*: Odd Ifoirt. clau A. Ivfllioa; clau B. MutTilul- )p: (law C. Pik*. Gal*. Daily Ti Ki F's. d.i« , ieton 33, I«-ddm 114: class . Ifim E4, Gfsthrklrr K, I ' w t e r t J S ; rlas C, Ward .114, Hmsta* 32. rlati [. Marl/xnib. Carvtr H. Ijlfwood Pckrr. rla» A. Bl.vk- bum ». F.aurrla SO; rlasi R. R a M f M. A POT/ 90; tla« C. Ta)lor 91. [Uvu.WHshM. RrcrratfM Park: Nrt Thu 5 Bnl IWfi. clan A. Know n. Anifrvo ffi: fh» R. Marlin Kl. V2-jjduo ft, clan C, Bwirfr *), ArwrvHi 91: rlajs D, experience, and a f i n e young player in Grogan." P l u n k e t l s u f f e r e d a separated shoulder l a s t season, but Fairbanks said he bad completely recovered. "The guy's got a lot of guts, a pretty tough guy," he said, referring to Plunkett's comeback after surgery to repair the shoulder. The New E n g l a n d official said he knew the problems Plunkelt was debating on whether to slay with the Patriots, but said: "It is personal and nol to be discussed in public." He indicated a contract was not Ihe issue involved. "The issue is purely whether he will return to Ihe Patriots and play out his o p t i o n . The initial proposals, for a new con- I r a c t between his representative and us were not that far apart." F a i r b a n k s said the Patriots signed Grngan lo a five-year c o n t r a c t because "we (eel he is a v a l u a b l e property, did well for us last season and was deserving of improvement on his contract." lie denied t h a t uncertainly in the Plunkett matter hnd an influence in the ( I r o g a n c o n t r a c l . T h e coach said Plunkett still would be No. 1 if he re- Uirns lo Ihe Patriots Colt signups The L a k e w o o d Colt League will hold signups and tryouls Saturday from 9 a.m. lo 3 p.m. at Heart- w e l l Park, Carson and Bcllftower, for boys 15 and 16. Further information can be obtained by calling Tom Raymond at (213) 425- 5-1R7. ~ BMW/AUDITM SPECIALIZING IN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS THE 591-1338 TRANSMISSION HOUSE 550 E. PACIFIC A T A T L A N 1 I C - O P E M K : S»r.. TK Enterprise* REPORT TO CONSUMERS Ih« («tl ctynpsny n (M world (6 nlroduc* *« Cotwi SOO, i*d no* M t * t. T K. E Mil prim it · pro!»lt:on«l iirx* If S T.K. UTERPRIJES is THE PUCE TO oo TO BUT CALCULATORS. pmmm SOD MORE THAN HP-45 COMPARE: . cnmit son HW5- K I ' N iRi'Misi" Polish N u l . i l i c i n ) . . Y i - s Yes Slim' .nvl Ki-r.ill 1(1 i i w . i r i s . . . . Y r % . . . . Yrs 1 l i ' M - l S l . i c k . KcH.ili' Yrs Vrs II! M i - n i i n v I " I I . I I I R I ' vMlli V . .. I f S No hill. I N . 10 ·· 'ii". Yrs I r i H lS,n. I n.. T.m. I N V l Y r s . . . . YI". H I H K U U I I C S Y I S . . . . No ) · "\\.\l\.\ · y . T f . ( I I S . , v Ws Yi-s V^ tllflMis'.ll INV M * . . . . No C L I I I V Yl S . . . . No QflflsP"'^^' 1 '^'''''' ' id Kn 1 (nnv UfvVi . . . . YI-, . , . . Y-N K i f . l l l I.IM V Y I S I,-, Sc i m l i l n N n l , i n c ^ t Y i - ^ . . . . Yrs I i v i i l .iiul I I I I . H I I K l l i - N i ' x . . . . Vi-s c «( l"j|. l ) l ( , 1 1 AC U:k-\( 1 I.' 10 WurlMy niM'l AY ( I I I ) ' . ( , ! is I.' ID ^^_ 'i , .' '1 . \ ^ Yrs 1 i n lUSHE (.nr,: I'inf.l M I ' K I I I r ; Y I S N i ··· ami O,'i . . Yrs. . . . Yi's 'iWK lli/C,AI; (.AI/111 (ONV Y I S . . . . No MAIL KII/1IIS, II1S/KII (O.MV Y I S . . . . No (XIMRS INyiTTO CAt/lN'CI I: INCj.l/t M CONV . .. Al§;.-..- · N" 1NTIRI HOVUS lIMr, AtSO TIXAS INSTDUMlNlSl HIWHTT.PACKAIID. COBVUS t OTHIBS | 16611 Hiwthorni Blvd. Blocki lauth el liHdnia Tur. ' ' L.wndjl. 90260(213)370-5795 OPEN THIS SUNDAY 10:00 A.M. - 5 P.M. Grcvu. n THradi: IX nithl. ilibbi . n« s 73, M (Ijht. Tuck« - - . . ;« LG. Pn«ll X LV, , (Ijht. Tuck«r «7 (r,. -,i LV A Io»-a 75 LAY N'rl. X «7 Cmft n {f,. k JKVM r« i.v \nknm 71: (Oi niiht. D. I f i . R^ifbtob flTX. VI 71 GRAND PRIX --REPORTS-5:45 P.M. KFOX 1280 "Your Country" FOR THAT NEW CAR LOOK VIKYL LAKDMI TOPS CONVERTIBLE TOPS 538 Long Beach Blvd. 435-746 7 · OPIN »-6 Dally · Sat. »-3 _ WE SKCIALIK Id fflR£l6K TOPS wt BEPilR Oft KtniCt TOUR OR16I1IU IHTHIOH Chief DELCO "ENERGIZER" BATTERY CHIEF'S SPECIAL $ REMANUFACTURED STARTERS HEAVY-DUTY MUFFLER TUNE-UP KITS SAFETY RADIATOR CAPS . 113 III HEAVY-DUTY INNER TUBES F i ! ' . flTV,| (X-tW. Weller f SOLDERING GUN KIT SNAP-ON OIL POUR SPOUT 2 - V O L T UNIVERSAL CIGARETTE LIGHTER 5949 JOi EACH BONDO REPAIR KIT SPARK PLUG W I R E PULLER REG 1.49 SIPHON PUMP R E Q . 1 29 REG 2 D9 CHIEF'S SPECIAL SU( PfiKXS VFlCnvE «l III I I SOtlTHEfH C l l l f C K H I A Will SIMES SALE PRICES EFFECTIVE THUflS., MAR. WTHRU SUM., UAH. II 1»7»

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