Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1976 · Page 30
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 30

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1976
Page 30
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· Northwui ArkanMi TIMES, Wed., April 14, 1976 'ATETIEY1U.E. ARKANSAS On Main Link Of 'Oregon Trail' Jewel Parson's Track Stop Typical Of Many AcrossThe West COALDALE JUNCTION'. Nov. (AP) -- The morning sun glints olf a window 10 miles away. A mirage? No, it's "a hinl of civilization, and it looks good to a tmcker after miles of empty Nevada desert. ·Drawing closer, the trucker can soon make out a couple of main buildings, several smaller structures, trailers, fuel pumps, big (ruck rigs and cars. It's Jewel Parsons' truck slop, a landmark of sorts along stale Route 95. The rood is a main link on ihe "Oregon Trail." a truck route r u n n i n g from Mexico to Canada, It's also the main road [or motorists driving between Vegas and Reno. Jewel, after 30 years here, knows hundreds oi Ihe travelers on a first-name basis. The phice is in many - ways Apical of (ruck ' stops', across .10 western United Slates T _24- lour operations located on iso- atcd stretches of road, which provide a borne away from ' ' ' "other Painter Terrified By Full-Length Film PHILADELPHIA (AP) -"As a painter. I'm .something an empty canvas," says Academy Award winning Thompson.'"So imagine how I felt when I learned I would be doing a feature length film lor a screen lhat is seven sioncs lall and covers '6.300 square feet. "Of course it'was a little ler pitying, but al the same lime the possibilities were very exciting. With 1MAX (Ihe cinema process for huge screens). I as a director know I can pull the audience into Ihe lilm to a degree no other technique can approach. The people who go to Philadelphia and see the movie will so away with the feeling lhat they actually took part in 200 years of American history." Thompson was named b Philadelphia '16 Inc., which is directing the Bicentennial et- forts in the cradle ot the Amer ican Revolulion, to produce "American Years." With strik ing vienetles. the movie effec- tived leaps through the key point's of American hislor from colonial times to the present. After its. April 30 opening "American Years" remains a permanent attraction in the 1MAX (healer, which has the largest indoor screen in the world. The Ihealer is part of a 25.000 · square-foot Living His lory Center buill by Phila delphia across from Independ ence Mall. Thompson won his Oscar foi "To Be Alive," a film .tha splashed the joys of living across three screens in the Johnson Wax Pavilion at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair As an abstract pa inter Thompson likes his art big. Bu as a director he found'the gar gantuan screen presented ne\ problems and he says he had t abandon many accepted film techniques. Among the first lo go were lose-ups and especially such ricks as zooming in on a small wrtion of an actor's face for amalic emphasis. "If the camera zooms in on an eye, yo'J wind up with a 70 ool image that the viewer sim- 1 y cannot comprehend. Thompson says in his soil, a most shy voice. Even with long nnd medium hots, he found it difficult to re- trict the detail .to the point hat viewers would not become ·ound up in minueiae that he over-all scene would be 05t. Equally, Thompson found. "I aari to be very careful not to -et too tricky with the camera A would be very, satisfying as a director to have a ball with the cinema process. But then you run the danger of losing the au dience and then the audience loses the story, line." COUUIN'T LOSE IT With the job of covering 2QI years of American history in 48 min-ites, Thompson admits h' could scarcely afford to lose hi audicnce'even for seconds. While the impact can be stun nine the process can pose dan gerous pitfalls to less-than-care ful directors. During one snoot iequence in historic Phila delphia, Thompson was facer wilh the problem of a anachronistic seven-story cm derblock building in the middl of a block containing ISthcen tury buildings important to on- senuence. "You looked at that bmldini with its concrete blocks, am you just knew IMAX woul pick if up in every detail, Thompson said. The solution Wrap ihe building in brick re cloth with cutouts for the win daws and doors. A stickler for historic accur; cy Thompson would consider a disaster if, for instance, or Guidebook Designed To Black Bicentennial Visitors WASHINGTON (AP) 1 -- A new guidebook is designed lo tell black bicentennial visitors to the capital whtre to f i n African jewelry and records, res- tauianls featuring soul food and works 'y Negro artists Ont entry, for example, snys that the National Gallery of Art has works by surh black artists as Joshua Johnston, fa":ob Lawrence, Henry 0. Ta.ner, Walter Williams and Norman Morgan. Similarly, the entry on the Hirshhorn Museum and Scu.p the actresses somehow got in ronl of the camera with a plas- c button on her 18th'-centur ress, or if jusl.the h i n t oi an utotnohile was tucked away in \c corner nf some early Amer can scene. Thompson declaration almost had the o f . Independence cenc in front of Independence lall wrapped up when it began rain. Thompson ordered thi cenes reshqt because then as no rain in Philadelphia on lat day in 1776. __,,_ home away truckers and iqmc for ravelers. - , Some truck slops have an aiw of exclusivity about them. Res- aui'anl counters might be narked "Irucfcers only." Fuel pumps arc often limited lo diesel for the truckers' rrgs.' But Jewel, even though" she suits most of her fuel io truckers, welcomes auto drivers ;oo. They'd probably- stop any wav. Her place is located ' in otherwise empty country midway along a 70-mile stretch between the central Nevada towns of Tonopah and Min\. k What she and other truck stop operators offer is a place to refuel, eat, drink, sleep wash ·'clothes, shoot poo! 01 shoot the bull, dance, arid -- iv Nevada -- even gamble. idea, says Jewel, is t ive . - . try to give service. You have to be'good to the drivers or they won't stop." Does lluU business formula work? Jewel says the rule of thumb is to look at fhe number of t r u c k s parked at a truck i. If there are many trucks, s are the place has a rcpu- ation for good service. MOKE THAN T K U C K E K S "We get a lot more people than just the truck drivers," she says. "On a Friday or Saturday night, all the local people show up." There's no sign of other buildings around the junction But Jewel says miners who dig 'try to make Ihe pltice attract ?sEs, a fund-raiser tor Ihe fire epartment in Mina. maps howing location's of Nevada's egal bordellos -- including one ust a few miles from the truck lop. Jewel's a former slate a's- emblywomari and Esmeralcta County commissioner. She u,teo crved on the state Fish and Jame Commission. Why does _;hc slay out in this seemingly la'rrcn land where even drink- ng water must be trucked in. " For one thing, says Jewel, he place is a good business. She says truck slops often fold for turquoise in the nearbj- Montc Crislo Mountains and ranchers from nearby valleys often turn up. Besides the accommodutions for travelers, her place also serves aF a meeting hall foi area residents. Mail is dropped off daily nnd the stop serves .a; an unofficial post office. On the walls there arc notice: ubout upcoming drivers' liccnsj but hers has operated since Ihei 1940s. ' Besides lhal, Jewel says that dealing with thousunds of iieoplc over the years has given r enough of a glimpse of hu- .n nature lo "write a book." 'After a while, you can tell lat people are like as soon as ey walk through the door, ou can tell a lot of things mul Ihem, besides where Shoplifting Targets PRAGUE (AP) --. Sweets ant high quality coffee are the mos frequent target of shoplifters ir Bratislava supermarkets, a " to cal paper reports. Alcohol, which holds thin place, represents about om third of all Ihe thefts. they're from. It's iriteresHntf." Then there nre the travelers who over the years continue to stop and evcnUmllybecome;her friends. Jewel says. ; They're Ihe people who ,"al- \yays slop. They'll-go 100 miles out of their way to come by here. 1 even get Christmas cards from some of them. Thai's Hie kind of thing that keeps me going." she says.- ; SAVE NOW! CAUL! If You Are Decorating and Need New. Custom .Draperies or Upholstering JACK'S CUSTOM DRAPERIES SHOP AT HOME SERVICE ·; 751-4614 No High Showroom Overhead Myths About Women Athletes Debunked NEW YORK (AP) -- T h e range of injuries to women athletes is for the most part no d i f - ferent frtrm that to mate athle es, according to surveys conducted by Dr. Christine E. Hay cock and Joan GMIete, trainer at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. "Those very few injuries thai appear to he unique to wome; are based on anatomical ant biological differences," Dr Haycock told colleagues at the 13th a n n u a l Alumni Night meet ing of the College of Medicine at Do\vn=late Medical Centei (State University of New York; in Brooklyn. Some of th/i myths Dr. Hay cock, Doxvnstate Class of 1952 debunked were that "wmne are the weaker sex," that worn en athletes develop "bul muscles" and that women art apt lo be Injured for life ant ruin their looks, p a r t i c u l a r l y i they indulge in contact sports. Golden Duck PRAGUE ( A P ) - A Czec f a r m worker killed a duck sh had been feeding for som weeks for Sunday dinner. Whei emptying its stomach she sai a curious goldish-colored piece which she put into her pocket A trip to the local aprAhecar; confirmed she had enough gol for a ring. ure Garden says it ho-ises vorks by Romare Bearden, Jaob Lawrence,. Charles WSvtc and Richard Hunt, all blacks. . The 12-page "Black Guide lo Vashington," priced at 52. is vailable at many city news a no book stores It was pub- ished by a local magazine Thei Vashingtonian. which has| ecently branched out into looks. The authors were Ron Powll publisher of Soul Joucnev Magazine, and Bill Cunning-: lam, a University of Maryland j ihrarian. Walter E. Fauntroy, he city's non-voting member of | Congress, says in - a foreword hat the work is a "highly i n - i formative tour guide of the many exciting t h i n g s to do, places to go and sights to see lere in the capital city." Chapters are devoted to the shops, clubs, entertainment ami restaurants favored by the area's blactc residents; places Lo go with children: tourist, hotel and (our information. There ts a description of some nearby attractions -- Baltimore and Annapolis, Mti,; Richmond, Wiltiamshurg a n d Jamestown, Va, -- as well as brict information for foreign visitors. There is special mention of Thurgood Marshall, first hfacK justice on the Supreme Court. There are entries about the homes of abolitionist P'redcricK| Douglass, m a i n t a i n e d by the government and the boyhood homes of m jsician Duke Ellington and diplomat Bunche, neither of them open to the public. The Museum of A f r i c a n A r t , one of Ehis country's finest col* lections of such works, which is housed in a former Douglass home, is described in some dp- tail, as is the Anacostia Neighborhood Museum a Smithsonian branch located in a black area of (he city. , There are several mention of the Mar'.in Luther K i n g .Ir, Library, the main branch of (be city's public library system. which was dedicated in 1072. II houses several col lections of special interest to blacks. 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