Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 28, 1950 · Page 11
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 11

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1950
Page 11
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M C L A S S I F I E D ADVERT I S S N ® DIAL For ALL DEPARTMENTS of Tucson Newspapen, Inc AU claims of «rot In publication ·hull be. mid* within 14 boon aJW toll Insertion No claims will b ·ilowtd for mor« than one Income Minimum Cnara-ed II 10 days - »1;30 Word ID-word Minimum An alphabetically tory of ousiness. specializing in, serv JCQS «uch as contractors, landscaplni vacuums, fans, washers.- ,-U8bu equipment and heating*, ^ , Open Sundays 8 to 4 Cancellation' D«adlin« «:3o PJd. Weekdays 1 P-M. Satuniay 8u It 21 11A 23 I3A SI Acr»K» Apartments-Unfurnished Furnished Autos-Repairing FaintlnK f Tor Sale For Rent Wanted pus Director? Bus Opport'y Bus Property Bus Rentals ,«3 Bicycles . · - a Clothlnc for Sale ZA Poll Cats Pets 59 Dude Ranches' IB Kmploy ABoncy a ·farms .Ranches 93 rinanclal Serv 19 Guest Ftanches for Sale ' MA Quest ^Houses . it Hotels n Help Wanted-Malt · « Male Femalt 9A T cmal* . 10 K'sehold Goods M H'skpX Room* 76 Houses. for Rent-- Fumlsh»1 81 Unfurnished · 92 Bouses for Sale 96 Open for Sale 9Q Income Prop'ty '80 E«'s .Swan n Livestock «. Loans-Money JO «4 Real .Estate · IDA Lost and Found Lots for"Sale ! Money . Loans 2 Motorcycles · " Misc for Sal* Misc for'-Rent. «l/ Out of Town Rentals (1 Out o* Town Property 94^ Personals Ptry · ecus, «ta « Radios Musical Instr · K Real Estate^- Exchanca - « Wanted Rest Homes lit Resorts · 7 ·Situations. tWante · Hale Penult n_ Suburban ·Property Boom -Without Board Rm Board Wanted T_ Rm . Board 1 Trailer Courts ~ Trailers- New' Used ' _ Travel Oppor . .1 Trucks. For Sal a · For Rent HA Want to Invest 1 Wanted to Buy ! Wanted'to-Ron) 8 "AUCTIONS GENERAL AUCTION W* buy for cash or sell for-you on ·ommljulon AU kinds · o* tumltur. and household items .of-value. Sales Every Friday, .7. p.m 1UO S. 6th Ave/-Ph. 2-3285 TUCSON AUCT1OJM EVERY SATURDAV-7 P M. --· W* buy rurnlture -for e«Ea jar ,iel] for YOU on consignment -^ 76 W. JACKSON 2-4371 BABY 'RUNTS , ttrollera. etc. 1223 I 6th cribs, 'high 3-0 'chalriit ·0181 BOOKKBEPI1TG SERVICE AND . small business. C. M, 'Morgan. one 3-8720, - BOOK STOKES NTAL 'Ibrery. j-reotlni: cards. «ta- inary.' Swonbcrn's books.-loan N Ave.. i - urtfc .taua rnaRazinM boumht ' jBook NooX. 47 W Conpess, CEStBNT WORK : JPXRT workmanship -- lour.Jntloni floors, aldewalks, patios., etc, Tree ·itlmates,. 4-0333. · ' , · ' . CONORETK Hours, sldowalkt, (ndnu. latlo wall. 12.50 iro, Ett.: 5-7501, ...'CRETE firs, fndaUons, .-'drvwys, li!e_walks._.Immedlate service,' 5-2501 ~POOLS--SEPTIC TANKS K 4e M PUMPING CO Cesspools and MpHc tanks vacuum cleaned..Latest ·quip: prompt, reliable., Dial s-oim HAYDEN. EXCAVATION . Dial 5-6451 .Our Heputotlon Your Guarantee. BASON precast concrete septic ' Approved county-city '- F.H.A. delivered. Ph, 2-2260. · - · ·· -- ' "' tank. $ Ceptlc system Installed and cleaned. Tro Insp. end estimates. Licensed con- fc««tor. 327 E. Adams. 'Phone 3-1435. TONY F. WARD'S Cesspool -Pumping CNSED CONTRACTORS - 4-1533 C3SFOOL£ septic. lanxs clean ea: licensed plumber. J * : W , Q a n x P ·nd Hentini; ion N. 3rd; Ph. 3- BROS. EUMPING 24-HOUR SERVICE ^and septic tanks vacuum - o r - reliable serv. .Plal .i,-;*!!, CHAIR RSNTA1, RKNTS chairs Ubles «v.ry- for vour partyi S-01S1 BLOCKS , "PERFECT BLOCK CO. 4x6x12 -- -$49.75 M ·bice 1947 We Sold-Flv* Million H»_aT._ Lim berlost Drive WEBB DIAJJ 3-2711 ·2847 N 1ST "AVI: CONTKACTORS JCLL ..ELECTRIC HOTPOINT _8-7471 ask .for-Harold -Low at ft H Electric' Appliance Co- DNTT1A ana CTOR. ET MCCARTY Heat- Injt Co, ^ontracUng. Tfimodeling. re. pairlnit. free estimates. Satisfaction jryarlimeed. Ph. a-3071.. ' WINDOWS tmd doors weatberstripped. Aluminum awnings, screens remodel- Inf, Uceniod. Insured. Skilled work, xnen. Paymenls If .desired, Trea cs «im«t6. Dial 3-7530. . KITCHEN BATHROOM temod«l- in| FHA financing · For estimates Cllll Peter L. Cooper'. 5-5SQ4. WANT tp add an .extra room, remodel or build a netv home? Call' Elmer B, Dobson. gen, contractor. Ph 3-4350 Irt CLASS new consir.- Repair remod. L»rge--mall Uc. «en contr 3-6328 iUB CONTRACT block laving bi- censed contractor. .£ B Baker: Ph 3-0167. , PLASTERING, stucco work, patching, Good work. Reasonable prices, 5-859B. 1ST CLASS work, New. remodel, re- Dalr._Uconsfed -contractor -Ph: 8-8489 -,FENCES WOOD ornamental mnci construct. Clotnesllne- Doles ,.'Fln(..''Claw- worr Phone 5-9748. ; ' FURNITURE REBUILDING fURNIT (IRE REPAIRED:' ceflnlsk Best in the west Pb 8-8888 BERNKARD MANDL'S COMPLETE ;FURNITORI, SERVICT 320 E. 6TH ST.--4-0342 HAULING LIGHT HAULING with '4-ton pick-u truck. Yard scraping. Prompt sen HAULING, -Flagstone Spec! long or short distance peclalty Ph 219063 Tavl. HEATING DUCT WORK.- CENTRAL ..HEATING COOLING SYS.. FURNACES COOL ERS INSTA1IJED SERVICED AC COOLER MAINTENANCE PH. 11211 HOUSE MOVING ARIZONA .HOUSE -MOVING'. CO. . H..Smith -'Free estimates; : 2-10C HOUSES MOVED Frame brick o stucco Call 2-3331 for free estlmat Tucson Warehouse .-Transfer Co 110 E «th St E8labll«hed-l«aa HOUSEHOLD · REPAIR TUCSON -MAINTENANCE SERV Remodeling contractors Patio wsjl fencing, roofing cooler service, cir »tate license Guaranteed work_i^7a) THE FIX ALL SHOP 150 W Indlo Dial S-8133 DecoratlnL farn. rep appliances fttrt -carpentrv COOLER SERVICE JEWELER. WATCH REPAIR EXPERT watch .-ana. itweirv repai Pitt's Jewelers tANDSCAPIXG SHAMROCK LAWN CO Winte Lawns. Tree" PruolnK.; Vard .Clean Ing. Phono 3-7282. · NEW lawns -tree trimming shrubbe win^^yree_est. Nordstrom 2*273 MOVING, Shipping,. Storage ARE YOU MOVING To or From Arizona Tor:' all your shipping, and moving needs, 'factory--or"-office equipment. household goods. All shipments receive eaual core and dispatch, tow rates to and from all states. For fast, economical .chipping tall .3-2541 FREE ESTIMATES STORAGE FACILITIES OLD PUEBLO VAN' STORAGE CO. 361 Toole Ave,. Tucson, "Ariz. ALL, SHIPMENTS FULLY- INSURED AT NO EXTRA COST ACROSS the · street-or across the -Nation Complete movlnK. packing, storace. shipping 'service. Tucson Warehouse i Transfer Co.:'110 E. nth st Ph 2.8381. Established -11192 NURSERIES. OREL'S, Shrubfi. I^awns. Eenovatint Park Nursery. W Wetmora -i-.N IroouoiJJ, 3-3S01 [ANUNCULAS and many .other bulbs Sweet pea . seed. Rye grass eeed Mum stock ond other bedding plants ' 734 violets. JEastburn's, 3-0332. 4 z._8 TFERTIL-IZER. $4 yd.--2 -vds. .' DELIVERED .PH «-0«8l OFFICE StlPPLDES DRAWER letter flies. Ball bearing Reasonable Phone S-2S50 - ' PALVTBfG DECORATING NTERIOR · EXTERIOR painting, ml- nor repaint. - Prompt; efficient rea- ranable senHce. 1 '3-3412. · 3-M77; -_. UNTlNG at 'living payment'arrnngi'd. Fi ^ price; TTl. ^-0507 TERIOR. exterior painting, plaster MitchJng, spraying. · hondejclng.-S-ag?] fTERIOR. . exserior paintinK $1.50 ir. or b.v contr. Jblsc. Free est. S-7fl94, A reliable painter? or 5-4090 ·JTER1OB Si- exterior .palntGx" -, laper hanrfnx. Color specialist Call EXPERIENCED BAKEKS. KOOd pay. pdv work. .Inaulre 3837 E. Bdwnv CARPENTJBRii BUI1J3IN.C MECHANICS Build Your Own Souse e' furnish 'eastslde idt ·· and con- strucdon monev . nil for 175 · dn 140 jonthlv- Ina SM7 E 4;h St Ph ' Mi- 3^6!U2 . JOIN clean. reliable nor repair · Prompt- efficient" onable service. 3-3412. 3-0971. . icensed. real'. Bar Hall "Ph.- ~WELTrn3E55ea~ OYCK B WELLS · Licensed . mnger and painter. Dial S-QB20. ELIMINATE .oeallne on brtcH and ·tuceo Guaranteed ' PATIO "WALLS 'ATIO -Walls, cement work, rlan- stone te:rr9ccf, Free -Y«»tlmaU. Ph, 1-4724 ^ ^ HIGH concrete block 32 23 3' 12.71 . 13.20. Includes all-labor aifd ma- :erial. Lie. Contr '5-7591 - · PUMP REPAIRING ?ucson Pump Repair Co, Sales and Service rompt eiflclent repairs and Installa Agents for Byron Jackson and Reda 544 Los -Altos ' -- ' ' -Dial 4-0273 REFRIGERATOR SERVICE OMMERC1AL Reirtueratlon Servic --any hour of the twenty-four CaU LOVER-CLARK. INC.. 2.4628 OH RELIABLE service on all make refrtfferators call Prtnc» Enirtneer. Pnone RESTAURANT SUPPLIES HOTEL i 'RESTAURANT SUPPLY. Mi] a s 4th Ave.. Dial 4-0401 ROOFING Tucson at E. 7th. Supply Co. . 5-5413 AVS on rootlne and Insulation Al work cuarantecd Free «Umate»., V OFFMAN KooIinK Pa!nt Co., Re- ooflng 2513 N Stone Dial 4-0312 ;UPPL1 Pa!nt RUQ CLEANING UG if furnlturo -cleaning. Carpel st-rvice. Stanley White. Phone' 2-5163. SAND AND GRAVEL TALL OUR far-Tn for top .soil gravel mortar sand, fill fertilizer! Ige. rock, ractor for rent. Ph - 5-445 or 4-0183. SCHOOLS: CERAMIC- ART STUDIO Lessons in. Ceramics , .719 TT. Campbell Ph. g-lB»l ARIZONA COliEGETOF COMMEHCI Fully- accredited business school. I E . Broadwnv "Dial 4-1M ATUN'S SECRETAHIA1. SCHO . Stone,,4-0282 Indlv COX'COMMERCIAL COLLEGE DAY AND EVENING.CLASSES outhem Arizona's Oldest and Finest 4«3 S. STONE D1AT. 2-3361 SEWING MACHINES OR EXPERT sewlr.2 machine repair' ng cAll the Stnfter Sewing M Co Free estimate Phon Machine .. and-our ervlce man will. call ! ~SS ONLV Sinter Sewlnj cantar la "ucson Is located at Stng-pr Sewing Machine Co St. Phon».2.74«8 N machine sales and 4th Dial 4-1411 XEMODELING, additions, or new con- ·tnictlon, v Plrst-auality work . only. Call for fteo estimati. Carl Nielsen. COOLING AND HTiATlNG COOLINO HEATING electric repair and tmiihj* wvte*. Cfttl Mm? X-4(Mg DETERGENTS. CLEANSER, an All-pur. _ . Detergent. .for-Commerclaland Household use,-t3J9 per xal. For-tm mediate deOivci-v. call 3-6232 t- ·. -DRESSMAKING rAlTH Orielnali bord to fit alterations 1ms E nth '»-4477 DRESSMAKING alterations 1!. Le« St. in sJteratton*. 2B09 K.- Sth; . ui- CRJESSMAH1NG ' alterations, shirts and sulu. belt*, buttons." etc. VI-Anj " ' t itervlot 3» E Jackson ELECTRIC SERVICE HINT A Hoovra CLEANER Tank or Upright TUCSON'S ONL* Xb*FHORlZED SALES .SERVICE-AGINC* . MITCHELL PURN. CO. WnuNO, snyTclad,, any ^tlme, any wh«r» Best for less Mil-Its: 5-4H1 WIRING) residential and commercial aervioe. JC, Oostrieh; Dial^s^iaai Hill Electric Co. 7 radio and .appllSLnc*' -repaJf. ting - TM»1 S-3101 .EXCAVATING 3/JUl.T, ·conomlcal trenchinjt field ,, fouadatlon with machine ? ) BAYDEN-5-6451 " · - BULLDOZER t-7t»l- " control - ipravlni. All - SPRINKLER SYSTEMS epnnKlinji systems Installed esumatts. .Folger'3!-Ph.- S-T345 STORE EQUIPMENT KUSSMAN Ccm'l relrts Frank Samuels Dlst^ Co TABLE FADS BEST .TABLE fHOTECTIOS with HYLO heat - it -waterproof.? washable pad*. Sfa samples. Free'-estl: .1-1553. TILE DR A1NBO ARES, bathroom floors, rr«e estinuMs D. L. Phillips. 5-5843 - ' UPHOLSIERIKG a it M STUDIO--Livliw, room furnl- tur«--new, .'repaired--upholstered.' 509 T«p«lrlnll. 414 iSON--VpholsterlnK THE riNBST wort- Mlchptt Fu JPHOLST nricen PCTE' Phone 3-0913; J013 S 4th -at the, . loweji 7S W Conrr*** 1 Y and repairing WASHING :MACHINES MAYTAp .. --M HODB SERVICE ON ALL MAKK AUTHORTZED JDKALER; f - i - f BXACB WASHERS *-' APP. CO. * . 170 W CONQUEST DIAL 3-Km MITCHELL'S Pick-up and-deJivery Mrvlo ·H makes of wasberavLftt^cxptru- puri-mi fcct 101 W CONGRESS WELL .b ' , CAlU. KISTOB- 7 BRILL1N- CONTRACTOH Cor jgOi and'5 4th_Av«^ni«l rORSYTB DRrtLrNc"c5 C3 B Mnbfl ' ' CH«1 s-^Hl JT A. UdbAMIEL, drUUnx conVidir UM X. Bo««T racr mi Phone 1-WU. LOST-AND^FOUND LOST--German (Shepherd, .medium size. Reward. '4614 E. Howthorne. Phone 5-8071 LOST Assistaift-Pa»s--ReadlHu T. W. Groh- Enfflncer on, Southern Pflcilic, on or about- Oct 17th Heward ULTIMATELY Jf O \t WILL DHINK' vRAINBOW · 'WATBR PERSONALS DEER AND , ELK HUNTERS Guides., saddle,-horses"and pock*''snl- mals-for. hire , durliur deer 'and.; elfc season* at ;JTho';liee -.Brothers'' camp at- Double Clencca In the Blue BanRe. elk · district number «. For further Information contact Ernest £. Lee, Ph. Ko. 5-7857, ,. MRS. BROOKS Born psychic Can help «olv»' all problems 2424 N Stone GLADYS ' Mcacnam 0fted psycblc confldential; advice'· tells Important dates and cnan*cea 302G Falrmpunt Teftcun-rdtrs. -'Thur even SOc 5-7708. SWEDISH. MASSAGE itiaS bntHT :A«nea,3?bompson.. 42 3. Fremont. Dial 2-2MS. --" : X DIAMONDS- -, X OL-CKGOLD X ANTIQUES . Cash Paid at Once" Grunewald. Adams :EQ E. CONGRESS HAROLD RYAN. Special Accnt. Kep- rescnttnc PRUDENTIAI. Insurance Comoanv of America Insure Your Ixians. ' Phonff 6-0872 KINDERGARTEN . AND NURSERY SCHOOL. PH.'2-0884: MS3 .ADEN OLSEN SSs EDWASDS Psychic advice on all -nuptecfcl 212!l S. 4tb Phom- 2.2434: VOICE OF TRUTH' WORLD'S FOREMOST SPIRITUALIST ' LIFE ADVISER Mrs. Myrtle , _ ' TRUE -ADVICE. Even, deepest mystery solved. No heart .so sad I .cannot chant-e to happiness. I'm unequalled- unfailing advice - r $1 SPECIAL READING $1 Dally in trailer at Lacy's Dugout, corner S 6th Ave and Benson Htway^ HELP WANTED. "Female JO CURB GIRL. -Apply after 10 AJl L. L Drive In", ]S31 S. 4th Aye, **.,. ....-WAITRESSES-, "*:- ....-WAIIBESSES -, '.Experienced 1 vountf women wlttv r«- erences -- . f or · exclusive^ tea room Luncheon or dinner or both on split 3hljt.-Phone-Mffitf°'' appointment. COOK-housekecper. experienced, with references For .family of four. Live in. CPU 5-3489. ...: i. BUYER -COSMETICS '· One of-Phoenix's-larger department stores has immediate opening lor thoroughly experienced c o s m e t i c buyerTwrite giving full · particular, and Qualifications. Address Star^ Citl- 2en.'BoK':-13B9. SITUATIONS, Male"'-- 'H BLOCK WOHK. uainttei!, carpentry work CaU after Z. 6-1311 Gill. ALL. yard · worn.:.-Cenarai-cleaning. Call : after 5. Phr 3-S27!i: PLASTERING, block laylnK. rou Bvjhnur Ph 5-6J.10 ' CAHPENTRY: New construction- - Itoish - cabinets - doors - f locks hour'rate' 2-4437.. Cabinetmaker. Finlsli Carpenter Hang Srrtl-J- Ph .5-8638 - - - · ^uvr^.,»»tYt New remodelinc mod- ernlzlnx linlsn work, doors Hour Iry cook ; counter SITUATIONS. M. F. 11A PRACTICAL nurse .by day Persona, laundry,--Lcvlnfl "care - children my home- or yours. 'GOOD YAHD man avaIlable.' ·'watchman.' 2-7157. SITUATIONS. Female 12 WILL DO - LAUNXJR-Y. my . home. ·Reasonable. 119 I. palmdale. WHITE mlddleaged lady wants light housekeeping Job for elderly person, Call 5-0717 for informotion. EXPERIENCED ^bookkeeper office p» ranch,, cashier:' sencral office work. Stnr-Clt Box 46B OOK'S helper, pantry -g\tl, senc kitchen work--experienced. Star-CiJ Box 472 EXPERIENCED IRONING 75c Hr. 3801 S.' 6th. APt. IB EXPEHJENCED white girl will take cnrp of children Phone 3-0812. WASHING and. ironinR. ray home. Also babv sitter by day. Ph. 5-457fl, WILL BABY sit. Ph. .1-7754. or nleht. LEARN TO DRIVE Arte-'PrlvIng- School '6-1383 oi-' : 3^1 -MRS. LEWIS ' vt .~.,~*-l '-"csychlc reader. Will advls and help you on all problems, business or personoi ,Hrs '-10 a.m.-8 D.m 2513 N- Country.'Club; 5-9860 -olay aonooi .aces . Phone S-0021 NEED 'QUICK CASH Turn' vour-'DlnmondS' Into Dollars CRESCENT JEWELERS 200 -East _ Congress WHISKY "STRAJCrHT KENTUCKY Bourbbn -Palls. 4 -years old, 5ti 54.1' BROAUWAV VILLAGE DRUG Alcoholics · Anonymous Olal i-1!iS3 -'-. Bon »: SEV. KISSEL spiritualist render will help you, .113 -W. Lacuna._3-6318, 1OCK stcom Dqths. Swedish mssilaEe Colonlc Irrigotlon S-flgiO !,,_,, »IEDnJM READER. Crystal. Palm- Istry ;eard readings. 200 E. 33rd St. OAY- worfe maid in motel- or. rand DM 3-6094. ' · -'' 31FFIOULT prohlems confidentially discussed Elizabeth ~Hulloelc. z-3174 ILLEN Stewart chlroDodlst Foot correction specialist, 270 N Church-Ph 'ACRTNER wanted:, woman with little cash for service station-coffee, shop, Star-Cittern Box 70. BMPLOYMENT AGENCY 8 SERVICE -UNLIMITED '3 E. PIJN'NTNGTON - OIAL 3-8792 HELP'.WANTED; Male AMILY man.. 2S-3S. white. "Ueat. clean, eome fountain expei-lence. Apply Foster. Freed... 3« S, Stono. General Aulo Sales. 294 S.--Stone servldna amateur Icense .Enroll now Dnv -and eve start :toon., 2-1050 evemnga. ., HOE SALESMAN wanted. eXperl- enced Steady work, good pay. 121 E Congress. _ SKILLED RAILROAiD : - MECHANICS NEEDED NOW Apply In person to Office of Master Mechanic. Tucson, or by mail rstating past experl- , cncel to 'General Superlntend- "cnt Motive Power. 65 Market Street, San-Jranclsco. .Southern-Pacific R;R. KELIABLE man who can skin u=v.. wrap meat do ccneral-locker .Plant j, 1 work. Apply 2310_N. Country 1 Club, » EXPERIENCED Pin Boys needed. Ap- Dly alter n a,m. Speedway Bowling anes. 124Q N. 'Stone VANTED -- All around body roan. J«ck'8'A-l. 37 W. 29th St. UTSIDE salesman -:for . electrical and hardware 'supplle3 familiar with, contractors and builders. Commission basis. Write Star-Citizen Box 1387 rad- LAN with' truck for yard .worlc. Kit? Motel. 1038- Casa Grande Hlghr way. _ -- atipnai Pood Concern 'etail salesman tb call on local trade a«a-' between 25 5r30. State experl- once. Stftr-Clt. Box 4SS. _ , ALESMEN.: We offer.the Best Educational protTram possible for Home . School. Qulclc" sales, easy terms, cads furnished, -training given, excellent commissions paid immediately Earnings from $100 up ·weekly. Inv(*$tieat* this. Need two to fill organization. Call for -appointment, J-42JO, ' - WANTED! EXPERIENCED -PAINT SALESMAN Excellent opportunity for man who nows .paints .and paint, supplies. Just havo own car. Please submit ood references .and 'salary expecta- on. Inquire Star-Cit..Box .1391 _ MAIDS at "your SERVICE For. reliable domestic help by the hour, "day or-jjermanent. Ref, .checked " l F : Rripy jtra 8^0 to 5 2-6497 " . hoosc- AUTO REPAIRING'. 21 Car Need Motor Repair! Expert- mechanics to erv« you. Easy ^paymenu .may. hA'arranKtd. AUio Boys 1501 S ilk phone-2-im TRUCKS !FOR;'^AtE- 22 1840 INTERNATIONAL H4-ton"plcHup, 300 3673 S '7th Ave 2-2141' Cali 2-2BH5. Mr. LyncK' '46 Intl. Pickup -.. '4Q-IntL Pickup ... '41 Chev. Panel ..-.$795 ... $425 $495 702 S. 6th/ Ph. 3-3732 3--194] '(-ton . cancU. International DodRe Ford. In aiood working condition Dollv Madison Calces M7 E Toole.l.Ph.'.2-051iL 1B33 Chcvjf uanel, -good -shape. rcbul!1 motor «325 -.JS-SOM. AUTOS FOR-SALE 23 l»t] PONT1AC tudor, cjaan, completely equipped, apply at Gateway ivTofe] 14.^1 Benson-Highway: Apt. iJ lfl, FOK SALE BY OWNER--1819 Ford V-8 tudor. 12 SCO miles A-t condition Gi'ey colorvSeBt covers. J1.400,: Days rv»n 'g-nsil ··; nvontng*! R-BSflS. 194a borJGE' -clean ist 41,100 .ukes Cnll ll-llflffl .2808-E'Sy;vti) '39 Quick Special Tudor Sedan Radio. Heater: · Excellent condition. .'Phone nftgr fl p.m. ft-2522. 1030 PLYM. sedan: will take *2M. cash TOT So. Stnnp-Ave 1U5U FORD couoe must sell cl-- .._ a filn' woulrl accept older car In trade Phone Mr. Lee. 3-1340. 715 So. ith Ave MODEL A Ford. 4015 E.. Lee. 48 DELUXE Plymouth tudor./low mileaize, fully eouloped -Will-racrl- flre. Call S-271 ia40 OLDS 8-cvl 'tudor sedan -1275.00 vaih SM at 702 So Sixth BIIY A. NEW ones: tool Ga authorized-dealer -Ri ·dner Cook -Co, 12 E flth* - Phone 1949; Jeepster excellent cond. Low mileage. Call a-°534 D .- -companion. keeo'or. Adult;, only.- Ph. ^-7385 service.ior .room and^ Citizen 'Box 473, householc ard.^.Star- Curtains any style, wash, stretcn Mra GQrdon'flOQO E Spring 2-- ^ - - ~ ' - ' - m - i n y - b o - -E Prince Ph--5-0851 BABY SITTERS adults health cards Brendle'« Parent Sitters t Exchange - = ' · IRONING--Ca.-e o£ children my home Gardener Houseman available. '5-1977 DRESbWAKER tjettor "Kind .Heler- ences. .Ttemodellnc Formals Rea' IRONING done in. jny homo or yours. R°p*onnblo Ph 2-7783 HOUSEKEEPER. Live in. Adults: No hpaw 1 laundry. Ph/5-5312. PRACTICE- Nurse ·. or Compa Gen, or O.B. cases. References, All ·shifts or llve._in. 3-4188, ' FAMILY LAUNDSY--The way YOU lllte it--My. home.'.2820-.N, Balboa. 3-3f!3 .. RELIABLE couple will en car to Chicago or vicinity. Pi-fore Nov. 2. 6-07«. 801 I ·ivo your MONEY 1OANS 20 'ACIFIC I'lnanco loans, S3.1- Broad: Dial 2-2318 Diamond and" other loans, i Safe, quick -Easy terms. -les Loans i from OLDSMOBTLE. hydraulic, very clean radio, henter. new tires, SSS5, Phone 5-02S7." 2G08 N". Country Club. , People CASH The Sensible Way Your choice el repayment dates and amount... ,'.: payments, to ill your budRct . Charges only for th» Hm« you *«P the money Ko co-sljtcers. Loans--as Utle "« t2C. as much ai f 1000 -- on furniture, auto salary. Persona] said "yes" -to -over a-.million customers las year.. Coro« in Or phone WE UKS TO SAY "YES" Personal Finance 12 W; CONGRESS--PH . I-4M1 fAcroM frnm PQ3t_-Theater 50 PLYMOUTH, seat covey*, radio he'ater.'.a mos. 'old. tlftOO.- 'U Chevy Kood cond. Make offer. 4109 Flower. S-B741: BY OWNER 11)50 Chevrolet Deluxe 4 door-sedan $1700.-See It at : 1133 S. B tb- Ave. 1:30 to 8. · Loans $15 tb $275 or more Signature - Auto Furniture" . . . I l l small paynnnts t h a t i lit your oodcetbook ONE TRIP ONLY Phone, tell us what you need, hen come In for the money Pav all ·our -debts with a loan from us 'astest service. Commerce Loan Co.- 100 So Stone Ave. - Ph. 3-7579 KU. jw^ui^E maintenance encineer Kr-- uate, supervise plant, maintenance, ~ Good .'opportunity, for younj: man fr /- A OTT TUT 4 TJTTDTJV t with, initiative. Ebllltv to Dlan, .and. j CAotl JIJN A i t l U I U V l !p eadership potential. Previous mainte- / E nance experience not .essential. Sal- 1 ary plus overtime approximately $315 J"^, per . month. Contact United States ' oaj " Co.. Plaster City.. CalH, : Deal with a local company and njoy quick friendly confidential jan services "Liberal". lendinu policies n your auto .-furniture truck cr trailer · Paid- for or not. Payments educed and bills consolidated. Cars k -ailers financed for-buyer or, seller ARIZONA CREDIT, CO. 1 K Vrnrtdwjtv ' ' ' .TJliil ^-n'Wi :4l CHEVROLET, clean.- 4-door ,S4B5. 33SO -E. Wlllard. (3 blocks .north El R^ncho - Market) COMPLETE paint 1ob minor body irk .K15 Auto BCVS. 1501 S .|!tb '38 -PONTJAC $133 Two '38 Cnevro- ^·MO cnch Ph-*-C6« v.iest ·38. POHD coupe. Excellent cond.. 8200. Eh. 2-3917.-1410 E. 13th St. 1949 OLDSMOBnj; "SB " -door sedan, 'Blue, -new white wall tires. 12.100. Ph. 5-Q731 after 9 a.m '43 CHEV, Stylemaster.4-door sedan, hentcr;-J1045. 2136 N. Madelyn. Ph. $80 FOR EQUITY in 1939 StudebaHer Champion and take over monthly payments. .1137-E. Rogers Rd. 2^0582,. 1847 BUICK ROADMASTEB 4-DOOR SEDAN. E X C E L L E N T COND. RADIO. HEATER. ORIGINAL 1 OWN- er. 51,230, 120 ·CaUe-de.Jardin. Call 1341 -FOUR-DOOR. jBuick mdan. orie innl owner. · Excellent cond., f .yi-go. AUTOS FOR SALE 23'AUTOS FOR SALE 23 '40-LJNCOI-N. Club coupeTnew. brakes Kood rubtjer. li^zht *{ray. Owner mus --· -1TO N. jrk_Am_ 1841.-JORD Convertible,;' 1848 ... .. tudor. E«ellent'condltlonPh:';».83«2 '47 BUICK Super sedan. Radio, neat er.one owner.f-'Low miteaw ca «38JLdn. _llp_S_J3tone.._ I«S. '31 . Brondw ·30 MER e.- S«3J n d w a . _ __ ERCURY sedan. Radio. SeaWr overdrive, w. wall tires onei owner «XM mile car. 1765 dn. 11H S. Stelne. W DeSOTO Convertible? 1125. ZJOO N Stone. 2-2692. ·48 · OLDS. S8;_.convertlble.-. Like" flew Fully eoulpped. »595 dn. 110 S. Stone CADILLAC, convertible. '41 - 61. Per feet condition. One owner, new top Low jnileaKe. motor completely over hauled bv Cadillac. All extras. Ph -8-0500. '48 STUDEBAKER. Commander Land cruiser.'-The finest made' 'full. equipped «498 dn.'-tlO S. Stone, W i i a m -s ' Used Cars · "That Can Be Used" TERMS" "LIBERAL TRADES "All Makes Models" 1 ·» FORD Tudor custom. J Clean u a pin. Down PLYM'. coupe. You can't ! tell from new, . , Down CHEV. Tudor «nd Tordor. J Quality autos, Down FO5D club coup*. , ! Fully equipped. Down 49 48 ATI CHEV, sedan, Fleettnaiter. $071 *'' Equipped, ( Down 0 » i Ford Tudor, Overdrive, ' Equipped, · Ford Tudo 1 new tires. CHECK THESE PRE-WAR CARS THAT - ARE- VERY CLEAN AND READS FOR-SERVICE. '41 Ford Convertible '41 Dodge Cpe.--excellen 1 '40 Ford Tudor--ready '39 Dodge Sed.--clean '38 Buick Club Coupe '38 Ford Tudor Sed. W i l If a m-'-s 702 S. Sixth Ave. 3-3732 41- BUICK. EXCEtLENT CONDITION. BY OWNER. TERRACE MOTEL. IHI CASA GRANTJF -HTB7AY; -848 CHEV Areo ' Fleetline deluxe only_-2a,ooo miles, excellent-condition -First *1.250 takes 1t, Can b» financed INTO E. North.- Ph:.3-7l7B. CAR3 FINANCED TOR'BUYER , OB SELLER ARIZONA CREDIT CO. MUST SELL 1949 FORD STA. WAGON-ORIGINAL OWNER. Ph. 6-1485 1S50 PLYMOUTH. Substantial savins on this spotliss new Dlx, 4-dr. ,Sd» healer, under .1000 mi. Ph. 2-1130. LAM J94S Rocket OldsmobUe "W deluxe: Almost new. Excellent cond Only- IS 000 miles Hadlo, heater suo1li?Ji'ts. Only S2.4SO. · '2810- Exeter Tr. C .T Hall owner. ^ , '47 CHEVY. Soort ctfupe. 5-pass.. onl; '16,000 miles, For snlc by . origins owner..No 1 dealers. 821 Tf. gnd Ave. '33 FORD convertible, $375.' Rehuil enzlne. 000 miles: n'ew.nalnt.' Interior Columbia rear end. Car- valued. a f NEW 1950 · Chev;"-station wawsiv l"or 'Ph.. 5-B3S2. '. '50, 2 door sqdBn.-Many-extra! Reasonable,_343a_QEchflr.d 1338 PLYMOUTH 4 door_ *«dan Good Cond. New tires. 834 Ft. txiwell Rd. ·47 OLDSMOBILE sedanet. Badlo heater, one owner. Low mileage cat onlv t335 dn. I1Q 5,_Stonej LINCOLN ZEPHYR 1930 Good nm- nin« condition.. 1200, 2307 ,E, .21st 5-1074, '48. CHEVROLET Convertible- Nicest one in Arizona .with radio., heater w. walls-etc.--Only 1395-dn. 110 S stone. '41 NASH.._ GOOD condition. Private party, cheap. 2-5269. '48 PLYMOUTH Club coupe. Radio heater/absolutely the nicest In Arl- zona. Only J435 dn, 110 S. BUICK 1947 Special sedanette. tnw.. Excellent- condition. S1200. 1035 S. RUB-mll. 3-8582. ·50 PONTIAC Convertible.' Radio heater, Hydramatlc. ,w.r..walls. · one owner/. 5,000 mile car, 1835-dn. -110 S. Stoni- CHEAP--'37 Plymouth, good tires * ·ood mechanically. Ph. 8-0642, 3118 r. Jackson Ave; . . _ n l _ _ LOANS Real-Estate 20A ,VE .specialize in buying aeUinn an trading 1 mort«H«es. Oracle 1 Realty. 2223 Oracle Rd. Phone 3-9351. EXP/HAffi STYLIST VIVIAN'S-Beauty Castle.'Ph. 5-5102 IT 5-0234. UTO mechanic, .must be llrst. class and _sober. ,2901' N. Stone. HELP WAN I ED, M. K 9A GENTS - churches - orranizations, -omnlete assortment metallies nlas- tlcs Catholic Christmas cards sta- I6nery. wrapplnes. alft items. Whole. only: 204l)lSi'.-.6th. 3-4440. OUPLE cook housekecoJnc sub- orbon home. 4 in family Live on premises. See Mr. Solot. 123 N. ,6th Ave, : HELP WANTED, Female 10 TENOGRAPHER -with some -book- kcepin£,cxp.- Must,be-accurate with Igures --ond' .fast-- typist. ' 30 'E. Congress. ·KITE or- Indian .woman, general lousewprk. live_ln: 1735 E.-3rd. MAMCURIST - Vivian's Beauty CasUe. Ph. »-5102 ' ' ermanent;. ior.. general . S-791B; V p 1 s t. .-no shorthand necessarv. jshould::---know · office machines and okkeePtaK. able to handle detafl 'assume rcsponsibUitv: nood salarv .woriie conditions. AH, reolles art Star-Citizen "·Box '467. OUSEKEEPING, OerttUunait, 9:30 to " lac or' Bleco-in;--.No- heavy "' E gth iaundry; fountain drl. full time Cata- Store.,2303^ N'Campbril - 7908. Arirona COOK"9 a'.mTto 4 p.ip. J»hone Toltec Tavern.- Tsltec. EXPERIENCED · - BEAUTICIAN 5TONY.'S : BEAUTY 'SHOP · EXPERIENCED-reitaurant cook: mld- Je-ageti.--P3i.'-2-900a" after -6-p.m OMAN--ceneral -housework.- "live-inl O'Jaundry ::pr · coolcinq. Fh. 3-4679. MTHESS:"wanted -at .-the- - College _Inn. Apply;in person.-942'E. 3rd.- ~ XPEarESCED .-fry cook .: experienced wdn-essJ-'Madlson Cafe.- 5226 «AI1Y (wlth.cldl -to answer phone 't -do vlicht housekeeping-exchange or.-home.' Ph. 5^0617; ^ FEY COOK Short-oaurs./s day week, eveuinn caUonly, Carousel Tra. Room. Ph. wTl ZOT- Appointment* ·r FOR ttRST 4IOP.TGAGE LOANS 1 ON OWNER' OCCHPrED SrNQI.'^ FAMILY HOME SEE TUCSON FEDERAL SAVTOGS LOAN ASSOC. CONGRESS AT STONE' DIAL 3-4T2] 1st MORTGAGE LOAJNS BY MORTGAGE SPECIALISTS Offering the best form of mortgage loans: on residences, hujlness or Income property for a-^tralBht term oi ^ to 10 years or on easy monthlv repayment plans- to eult vour needs LOWEST RATES. MUKPHEY REALTY MORTGAGE CO. ' 200 N. Stent tstab.1895 · Dial i-1898 - $ Liberal Mortgage Loans Refinancing See ^TALBOT of Tucson Realtors 36 S. Stone Dial 3-0521 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ S Want to Borrow $12,500 on 1st Mortgage ,, on New, -OFFICE BUILDING Phone 'Williamson ' , Personally , . t '5-2586 0/4-0403- IF YOU HAVE f4.000 i«asfy. mort- KC. you double Itr One acre. 4 u^CT Star-Cttiien "Box 4«4. MbNEY AVAILABLE T^ for sensible loans In -all noocr locations. Low nayment. * terms ' Kelly Realty.' 3701' E Speedway" I HAV£ CASH to buy several tni mortjfases -or contr 3-M20 dayy or fr-0764 contracts^ Call -m* at evea' -.. ·- CONYENTIONAL AND -MORTGAGE: ' . .. Construction mong PAUL -E. GBEEB:, 1 41S K SOL St. - Ph. "Goodwill" Cars By Hackett Whiting 2419 SOUTH 6TH AVE. 3-6183 46 Pontiac -1150 Streamliner- 4-door. Heflnlihed la beautiful Coventry gray.. Clean and lovely inside and. out, 48 Chevrolet ^1-395 Special delure Pleetmaster CONVERTIBLE. Dove gray with rei interior trim NEW TAM TOP. and nearly new. whitewall tires Radio heater, and plastic covers.-too. 4DeSot66 1395 Black deluxe 2-door. "From ori(t- 'inal owner and ]mm(»euliitely : cl«an with 22500 miles Hafiio heat«r and excellent tlrei.. * 48 Pontiac 1495 HVDRAMATIC 8 deluxe'Stream' llner^ sedan coupe, A 2-tone beau- ity. with every mice extra you could imagine. 48ChrysIer6 t 1495 WINDSOR 4-door In Catallna tan with Royal Master rayon toM, radio heater, -tailored covert, and -full,-custom Interior. 48 Pontiac., 1495 HVDRAMATIC 8 dehnc,e Streamline)- 4-door. 2-tone icray -Loaded with extras, and ' --49 ; Ford . '1450 S«» mist'sreen CUSTOM CLOB COUPE with the economy t cvl. motor, and OVERDRIVE. Radio. heater, red plaid covers; and nearly new SEfflEKLING~tires^N«w rinfs, pins, ud Inserts initaUid In our shop." ' ^. - 49"Pohtiac : '1795 fcBEEFTAIN » sedatl la-beautUul MAYAN . GOLD! Plastic covers, radio, etc r Immaculatel / ~ - '^2419 SOUIH 1 ' ' 6TH- AVE; - * '3-6183 ' " - HACKETT · .- MOTC)R CO, Pqntiac.'Dealer"' _ ::38 V E. ATameda/'- FALL HARVEST - FRIEND FOR LIFE' USED CARS No. 122A- '46 Dodge $. 99'5 A Friend for Life Ca'r. No. 187A · , '47 Chev...:. $7045 Couge. A Friend for Life Car. No. 208A- · '49 Willys ;..$1-19. Station Wagon. A Friend for Life Car, No. 211 A' " '49 Chev. .j.'.. $762 2 door. A Friend for Life Car. No'. 200A '47 Buick : $7395 ' Convertible. A Friend for Life Car. . BUY ONE ' OF-THESE GOOD USED CARS · Become-Our Frien'd, - , For life Tucson , Equipment Co 1 . 49'W. Drachman ' Willys Open' Kaiser Overland · Eves: Fra^er "Eye'ryone Drives A Used Car" ' · SOUTHWEST ; Has The: Best'" BUveritreaK '»'i Hydramatlc,'- S door. 2 tone blue (tray. Seat coyerj, ; radio; "Chrome -wheel '- zinKS. Low mileage. Clean in. every . respect.- ..White wall tires. A sacrifice at ..... .81315 wall '47 CADILLAC 4 door Sedan. White tires. Sun visor. Low j n H . Radio heater. A well keot, one owner car. Priced to sell immediately at . ,,..,,·;;. 41745 ^ , -47 CADILLAC MS ^neetwood body. New tires. Gray.- .Sunviaor. Complete .«n- Klne tune UD. Special at . .11043 " -'41 CADILLAC «OS Complete new motor. Seat coven, radio, heater, new brakes and'.shodtt. New motor -.'guarantee ' 4000 '- miles .or 90 dayj ..... .......... . ....... M02J / ' . "The 'Lot ' · - -Is Never Closed /Southwest- Motors- 91S_E.;Broadway _- _ "Ph. 41-4-DOOa SoedU Deluxe Chevrolet. Excellent. 1198 N. Maple. Ralph's Mobile St»tlgti.__}-»Tai,. ·ROBIN AUTO SALES- lili S. «th Av». - , ' v ' Ph. 3-4M2 Down Monthly " A-l 40 DODCE- Club Coopf. 40 PLYMOUTH Clean. 4-Dr: _- Clufa"Couio«^ '150 *26.05 '150 *26:55 *125- »19.10 ·150 ''23.88. *so:oo" ^ Overhauled -Mtr. -- *1'QC --I-OO d. Cf*. tu-ton« : r We're", - Calling Tha _/Signals ' \ - This Weekend ' RO'R LOWER PRICES! 820' S! 6th '49 Ford Club coup*, freen. heater, tires'- Jike new ., radio »1 '47 Lincoln Club cpe. blue, radio $-1 heater, new paint , ... i '49 Mercury 4-dr. sedan, two tone, radio, heat er, O. D. *l CQC "White walls. ............ J.,U '41 Chev. I ,dr. sedan, radio, ,heater, etc. , . '695 920 N. Stone '50 Mercury Club cpe. blue. O. D 49 Ford -·^Tudor, maroon, radio heater, seat covers .... '48. Buick Super.conv, radio heater, white walls .,, '46 Hudson -Tudor, brown. '2,295 : '1,495 '1,695 ,'895 Livingston Selby 2. Big Lots 2 820 S. 6th 920 N. Stone 3-7501 ' 2-8783 MUST SELL 1949 OLDS, DELUXE S T A T I O N WAGON. "OWNER 5-6082 READ THIS Wake up John Public. Maybe we-didn't tell you. Here's the scoop. You can still get 15 months to .pay off your postwar used car and only % down. ; Pick Out a · Car Today 49 Pontiac ' $1695 CLUB -COTJPZ,- X ton* gray. One owner. 50 Ford ..$1845 TUDOR.' Sadie.-'heater ,·' w.w;, tires plastic seat covers. Sharp.- One owner. ^ 46 Cadillac $1595 62 SEDAJT. Hydra. H" H. Local car. SIM-.- under. Phoenix prices. 46 Olds $995 SEDAN, ! Hydra., radio, heater ·2 tone; Local. On* owner, 46 Dodge * $995 .SEDAN. Today's best buy. , BUICK ' Used Car Center YOUNG" BUICK, INC. 635 N. Stone . Bowyer Motor Co. · PACKARD - WTERNATIONAI. Cars '49 Packard DeLuxe '48 Packard Super '46 Cadillac 4*dr. '48 Pontiac Sta.-Wag. , . Trucks '46 Ford Tractor. '39 Ford Stake ;«4 Ton. A.real bargain. International ii- ton panel. Excellent- selection, of lower priced- cars and trucks.' Bowyer Motor Co. PACKARD - INTERNATIONAL · SALES - SERVICE 22T.K.'Stone" · ' Dial'5-7411 EXCELLENT U47 Plymouth, will;take $300 down. Owner. 2901 E. Iflth. CURLEY MOFFATT'S Tor^ Better Automobile* 1400 N. Stone" Don't Get Caught Short! -Attain we wish to Inform' the public that much more stringent credit controls are on the way. The next change will be . a lulul 50S down and 12 months to payl-We have rea- ·on to believe that the new controls will be upon us in a few short weeks. Now is the timaf Buy jour late model, low mileage.-100% guaranteed car at* CtlEEEY I MOFFATT'S. This may b« your last opportunity to do no at 1£ i down and 15 months to payl We ha.ve a iJUfW selection of late model* at low prices that carrv our unconditional JOC5 guarantee. -Check with u» nowl -Week End Specials 49 Chev. F/eefJ/'ne Deluxe 2 door sedan; shimmering ma- oon' beauty with ,low. miles radio. lastlc seat * " " " ' ,lkc new I 48 Ford For,dor. , Local car. lite itrey with heater. ea,frvcovers and new fi ply tires. Only s 47-Pont. Torpedo door sedan." exceptionally low'miles noV immaculately' clean. It s original throughout. Yes, It has a,' -I \ QK idlo. Only J.J.3J -And* many'nior* to choos* .from - at comparable low .prices! . , '' DON?T WAIT! SEE' US TODAY! Always the~Best ' " For Less at' CURLEY MOFFATT'S 1595 till 9 PM. siit!' : an'd"'sun. .ai'. 6 P-M._ BBBBBBBBBBBB B B BB B BB B BBB BBBBBEBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB IBBBEBBBBBBBSBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB EEBBBBBBBBEBBBBBBBBBBB Hallowe'en- ,, SALE! , Pumpkin Specia'lsl '47- Chev; Sed... '47,Plyra. Sei .'47 Chev. Sed.-, AUTOS FOR SALE 231 fiicson, Arizona '47 TUBOR Pontiac- Special Acces ·ories. JExcellent lies N.' Maple Ralph's-Moolle Station. a-HTO. {Saturday, Oct. 2»,'1»50 Tuesan. Arit. ' H R S a y s , ".You CAN AFFORD, '"TheseFine Used,Cars" Total '47 Buick Conv. »1395 '47 Chrys. -6' Sea. 1195 '48 Plym. t dr. J1B5 '47 Ford 4 dr. 995 '47 Etude. Sed. 1095 '48 Olds. Clb.-Cp«7 89S '48 Plym, 4 dr. 885 '47. Dodce Pickup. 760 '48 Ford Pickup ' vss Down'- : ' Mo: Payt Pay' «475 $69.7 405 ·405 342 '-S75- 342. 302 255 305' 87,4 oe.oi ·55.6 61.1 55.3 S0.3 42.1 50.45 , Valley Bank-Financing H 'R Auto Sales 1125 S. 6th- ' r Ph. 3-951: ' Open Eves.' Sun. 1948 KAISER, radio, heater. . sea covers. Ph. 5-89BO. · T 0 ' AUTO SALES 2000 ORACLE KD. Come'-and-see us we-will Rive you jood'faJr deal. Check these prices. '48 FRAZER ....,..,,,· ..S89S.OC 41 DODGE CV. 4750 39 FOHD T 445.01 35 PLY. CP ,'.V.., 345.00 30-PLY. 2 DR ..;..'.' 325WO 38 STUDE.' .-....· 3450 37 FORD CF. 245.0 And others to pick from. Be Safe! Be Sure! Be Smart Buy at 3451 E. Speedway Alan C. Coe 1949 B U I C K Headmaster, convertible coupe." Metallic , blue. Dyna-flow transmission. Hadlo, heater, . new white wall tires, new top, electric windows. A :$4.000 dreamboat." only a year 1 old. £2100. 1349 CHRYSLER WINDSOR. 4 door sedan. -LlRht tan. radio, heater, automatic transmission, two- tone blue interior,- whit* wall tires, -««»ced Just about on .wholesale $1699. 194^ CHEVROLET' stylelin* Deluxe, club coupe. Ll£ht xreen. .Radio, heater, sun- visor, fender skirts. A little .beauty, S1545, , 1949 DODGE Wayfarer two- door sedan. Light tan. new , tires. . . Southwind heater, Clean as a pin. S1345. 1948 CHEVROLET . Aer» tudor sedan.. Llxht jrreen. Radio, heater, new tlrei, Keally a nice «nc. $1295. 1947 STUDEBAKER Champion, '4-door .sedan. LUcht xrey. Radio, heater,- overdrive. An economy £ar 'that il5 clean' and ^priced" rij[ht «1I95. Alan C. Coe~. USED CARS 451 g. Speedxray " Ph. RELIABILITY That is the very e'ssence of our 0. K. Used Cars. GMAC terms. F A I R - P R I C E S . F A I R TRADES. CHEVROLET?, 49 4~Door'Sedan ' Original inside $1 CA c -out. Very clean. XO^J 49 2-Door Sedan · Meetline -Deltace.- Can- t-[ cnc not tell from new Av» ( u 48, 4-Door Sedan rieetllne. Low mfleaj-e. tl O4C ' A perfect car: 1^*J 47 4-Door Sedan Stylemaster. Completely $·) -I nc overhauled tt KU»r»nt*ed. J. J. I u 46 Coupe Hew finish. Txctlltnt *07c; tlret. 0 ^ 0 FORDS 49' 4-Dopr Sedan Deluxe,: and very dean. '1445 4-Dbor- Sec/on luxe. "Very lo Solid., Cleaa *up« deluxe. "7ery low 'QQg TRU'CKS'., , A complete selection-- · all'makes) all'sizes/ and, .-at reasonable, prices! O'RIELLY MOTOR CO. CHEVROLET' 7 -',,· SALES jrad.-SERVICE-' , .K^AVE. ' PHONTt-JWl "OOTf PROMISE IS AUTOS FOR SALE 1343 DODGE --convertible, iully cautapcd. Radio, heaur. whit* walls. clock. ctKarctte lijhter. Low mile- -HKC,' - Very.;- clean.. Must '· sacrlfio*. »1525.. Cal 1 Towlcr. ·»-84C!i: APACHE;,MOTORS ;I ; Cadillac:.- Oldsmobife »k- Buy With Confidence '49 Chevrolet" $1675' Convertible COUM; 13.000 'mil t«. '48. Chevrolet : $1395 yieetllne_ sedan,. Very dun. I ' '49 Ford l-door. ' '48 Buick $1450 $1795 Convertible coupe. New to» covcre.,.Low .$79* '48 Nash * -$1275 Ambassador BoduL.- '46 .Nash : Sedan .(mo). '47 Volhwagon $425 ? door,, sedan, 'See thit on*. It's ready to jell. APACHE MOTORS ', No Doubt WeWBN ShofforSelling Cars So Cheap Square Deal McNeill and Reliable Roy Dunn are cleaning house! 49 Ford Custom Convertible. COUD* .with new top. WSW. Overdrive, radio, heater, log lite fog torn »i ^QC Friend for wif» car at J-^tJJt/ 49 Dodge. Coronet. « ^ir. .with. Gvrm-matl« t heater.' and · custom . ieat covert Nearly new -tires and only IffflOO miles. Light mist green V I O Q C Will you civ* .......... 4 - f y w 49 Buick Roadmaster 4 dr with Dyniflow. radio .heater WSW.-A beautiful bronze crecn that U *1 Q Q f^ perfect.^Sncclal at ,,...,. XJJ7J 49 DeSoto, Custom 4 dr -with !»ito-M»tl* automatic transmission Radio. heater, spotlit* and WSW UTH. · Low inllcag* *17Q^ * - Specisl v ..,,....; * * ·»« 49 Chrysler · "Windsor "G" Club fvouv*. Ha« automatic shift, radio Ac neuter. The tires are good for . J-i '7QK t yc«r». -Kbit muit aro at ·*·' ^ ^ SO'Ford' " * / Custom Club COUD* with" Ov*r^ . drive, radio, heater. WSW tirw. -Fender sklrti and under- ·* 'JQK coat. Sauare deal cpeclal at^ * "^ 48 Cadillac "62'' 4 'dr with Hydramatle. 1 soeakcr radio, heater, new WSw US Boyal : ties..-Beautiful ' (tray finish. In-jnaculattt ., 47 Cadillac "80" Special f^ltetwood 4 dr.'Rad- io, heater, spotlite. new Selbcriinl WSW. tires with ^sfEty,- tubes; Nylon scat covers. Recently over-, baulcd. Bright green JfiAfl finish.. Down D u u Valley Bank Termi ' Fair Dealing. Vs Down Payment We bu^ clean cars and pay cash. "LAST MINUTE" SPECIALS 50 Studebaker · Renal Deluxe 4 dr with Overdriv» radio,'heater. WSW and only 7000 mileron this little "S5 rones gallon" beauty. Nearly new and only . 49 Oldsmobiie' 1 "76" " Deluxe -wilh Hydramatle. . radio, heater. - and seat covers. 2 TO \ choose ' frojn; ~ These prices , cannot be beat.' l OQC , Choice 10aO Central Auto Sales' 818 S. 5th Ave. Ph: 3-7597 J-i 7QC . *··'«' AUTOS WANTED 24 us! '-We 'pay::mor» for^vour ear. or or not ^ · Consolidated 110 S. SffONE CARS WANTED . f Jt'runs,,.run · it. into,. BIRD , lS14_So. Ave. WE BUY - Jsed Cars-Top Cash' Hackett Whiting; JJ S ALAMEDA WHY TAKE LESS- WILLIAMS' " . Pays More For Clean" Used Cars S-CTI truilef I84«; tiiththoute truile for, car.' Trailer,- vuluetlOSO. '-Royal Court, 2500 ,S. th. VAST moSel A or B Ford. GOOf condition. Call 5-4150. RAILERS, New Used' 25" Just Received New 30 .FT. AMERICAN 34 FT. SPARTAN'ROYAL MANSION- ' ' COMPLETE ^BATHROOM' ,, Walker Tr. Sales " " ' JLROE SELECTION W nSED-TRAlLUtS^" , FROM.$395 JJP-- - S. ^LEd.'iffiroiu arai WA; · DW * 0 "'$» ' Walker Tr; Sale's MM 9.' tU' TAT*. TXR. MM P. M ·«* nt . 'Sk'iClMS Padflc Liner i*» traJleJ-. Good CondlUOD. Jtt««P» «. JB«. hot OUKK Trailer.-Un»tt*eh»d ·« OMll Court. B«KO*V JuOioaM.

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