Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 38
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 38

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 38
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: C-IO-INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) IMIJ MKh, Calil.. Mondiv, Fct. 24, m» CLASSIFIED HE J-S«» UNFURNISHED APTS. Unfurnished Homes 875 Wriqley 863 if $H5 Lge. 2-Br. SI 1 5 - S'C.T rc'-o 'v f f ' - C'i's Sf? 'REN-E^ EALT'Y" '" ' c-E i rw L«C-E 3 E R ^ d r n . ^ ? ; M'-^.Co-a : SfC MB' Act! V2~ "' " ; Furnished Homes 865 foi TO i'lO. UN. Pi ime a'fJ $95, 2 Bi. Bl'ns. K'J- IV (*· V.^J 13 SJ-W. o Bd hsei ^Jti 4 8RS-e:ci. kit. 2 twtht, J t n r M ' . ' FVio o birt^KS rvea ok. ^r . S'Oit-- UTIL Pd. 1-B-. (JjE't* r?"C. 1 c-o. Fail", we'.coiK. MSWK. 25-.":.3uie.'Fx= vd. C--- ; o.e:i oet Ok f ^ 1." :7~3 BR"V.~or~n*»r f£ *.·« OK. All cn:cs, ai aress. nrcK- l"ARGr:~?'5"rT~AJUlts. ^ ^',, C^.. :T"= J O - A f , 1 tV , oil U'..1 re s-o. TO r-S5"6 no riv~. i^-J.i^'Lfj ... ' sfj^O ER. Tee:-. age: ·« ok. tit. ':' . ,'.-v-.or:vv 6^._Hj-^ ·::·-.; ' iso - utiLS Paid L«=U. DEC-LEY "WO L.B pl;.jl_ HE t-j.'M . OOJ - "' BR F.i'I nt.-r twee'* " DEGLEY, 9CO L.B. 6U-d.__HE 6 ?7si , ^DEC-LEY" w'i B B'IVQ. f'f.j^'si JVC -- Tfi-R. fenced vir,T, tfi. \ DEGLEY «C"-\L.B_.,B l vcf. HLJ^TM j V i C -- ?-BR Oiaer criii-T. i DEC-LEY vC-0 L.B. Blvd. HE o-'JM J Unfurnished Homes 875 j ; BR Lao iamilv rm, 1 * bath, c.v . cetrd. drapes. Btoct. fc:icc. \d. , \vaik »o Do-jgiss vrar* iraie. S?00 · nio. 421-9116 | RENT TIL YOURS j 3 Bim. $130nio. Pi 1 j-BR.i fenced vd. Croetlng. gar., newly redet. $165 1st f, I5S1 mo. plus deposil. 3442 ihipwav, L.B. (7141 B2B-4294 alt. -1 \vkdflvS- S/5 1 BD. Gar. ULB. Nr. psrk *3Q to S1E5. 2 bd. hsei- anti-dun. Si;S. 3 Bd. Corner hse. Kids oct. Manv Others at HOLLIS 639-4939 2 ' ? bath, psols, air court, w-w cv- eeti drapes Lease WO or purchase S23,?90. I7N) S27-S4J5. NICE small 1 Bdrm. hse. loe. liv. , ;'m. D»rtlv furn. rctng. ulil. od. close to shcpoino Si7.5Q nio. J24- 335 . 3-BR. beauty, 5120. Bit. ins. crot., draoes, riL-ge fenced vd., ready veiling for lor. ianiilv. Comr in today x\ tnls one. PBX 531-0180 WESTMINSTER 3Br., 2 ba. Caroct, drapes Children O.K. $200. Ul 8. Ids! month cleanir.Q deposit 4307406 after S P.,'.',. ! Gl Rent 'ill Yours 1 Bdrm. (118 nio. P 1 REALTOR 925-1245 LOS Altos--Avail. March lit- Newly dec 3 Br., poo!. S225 mo. 5956 Ad- tierlv. 43J-E666 stove- rcfrig. Pool Nr. schls 1HODSS250. (Vac.) 691-1906 CHOICE Plara t Br. ienced, carpets, 5175. 1st last., f o f . GE 1- · J165-- 2 BR- IVi bath. Blxbv Knolls Joe Hodge, l-iOO South St. GA 3- Joe Hodge, 1400 South Si. Ga 3- Sl/0- 2 BR. Kids., Pet. Dbl. gar. ; loe Hodoe, 1400 South bt. GA 3- t 7914 '. Joe Hodge," 1400 South Si". GA 3- i 7914 (fen, Iqs. lot 514,900 F.P. Office af 16S01 Lakewood, Bellflr. BELLFLOWER. 3 Br. Crnis., droi.. electric stove, autom. washer. S?00 month. To 6-6795 N.L.B. 1 Br. garage. Immaculate, j Fenced yd., nr. shoppino traiiSP- 5150 mo. Call GE 4-3417 Rltr. $160. FIREPL. 2 Br. 1 bath. bit-Ins, ww, fenced, kids O.K. Broker 567- 3E61 frpl. V/--AF crp drapes fenced vard. S225 mo. lease onlv. 43I-9S'J7 3 BRs., extra ige., close io town. Suitable for busing v Call aft. 6 p.m. or all day Sun. 599-2326. 1275. LAKEWD. 4-BR. 3 ba. Fircol. 5135. ALONE! 3-br. house, blove. Ww cpts. Tots £1 pel ok. Bkr. (213) 531-a?14; 369-2551 SI 30. 3 BR. house. \V-\v, gar. Fenced. Tots «t ok. 5100. 2-BR. duple* home. Fenced. Bkr (213) 531-8214; 649-2551 BELLFLOVVER -- ?-br.. gardener, water S, trash od. No aar. No uels. CAL. HTS.-- 2-BR. vnv crpt., drapes, garage, Adulls, no pers. Ref. Ooen ? lol. 1069 E. 37th. ·S175 - 3 Brs., gar., 2 children. Wvnns 5307 C Atlantic 42£-4W3 vllLITARY FAMILY ONLY Ro^cho W CCO'. 3 Pr. l! 4 bJ., W W* C - L - ^ )nri r . oi^lMtiic*.. 5.11 'BERYL'LINVILLE co.'"" | R i - A L TO'CS :···»·« · SH'.IOAv' Rii. MA MW2 p'lth. to-ncicV 'v duv:. t l c ^ i:\-\S l «10^? F\Vi «k t"-3i Hf. ^ --.-S ; Hr'Vf- -- l.a l fv.rod. i'OT Ost" c' i Orc-^qr Co 1 COLLINS \ V A \ I S ri , N?»vv' Cff V.3'-T S Ir.i-ti p.1. i r'^'Cf -Vo. Adi.'"v -f?' s( '-'V! 1 -,, 0 ' ' 3- r d'ac-rs. ff;i's, r.ino 1 * S. : c-.r- · sr-o Mew :' :r. a. ;--;r.. : ri-.^vr- S rift. $143. 2 Br j-,r , ~^CU$TO7J~BUILT~~ " j H:s''t.,-s\f Sl ; '0""Rki HA s'l.':!" ' " LOS ALAMITOS" " ; LOS CrRR'i'fOS Wi."c \rirvr!,- "i !·' . 1 j b.l.. t r p t i G'.ir--?-. c!"c Mi m-., l.«. t'Ool.. 01 iv. \vciiicd vci. i-ito. ;V,i:ti tiA'.n. i»l *?U' GA 7 1'4?0 ; AVAILABLE · DcL'-p 2 Bi., QdiflO' 1 ', ie:iceci \ d . ; .iif tonri POO. Sl!0. ^ _ o j T~Pi^"THjf:i lir-r.-.r. no prt\. ? ki;!s OJ m ft . C.ill Vio-i. tti-u fn.i.iy 4:10 to S P m. 1^1 1 S' i-itoii Pijcc, Long Rr.ii-n Pnrnr 43?-3iS6 Sli--LGE:. 2 -Barm tiou-iC. hawd dm. rm , out. o.-.ragf 1 . rir. '.Vardiow «. Atlniint. Mi'ult',. 32S-C07/ 4-BR. 2"-tv. bonus room, hit-mi, rrptj,., drrin^i, La Pdhna. tlo ffi\ M 3 - R E f t L I V EXCMAIIGE 47S-I231 trot, dnii, built ins, d!jle oar, (priced. Xlnt loe 2 Children net UK. Losii\ (7141 E-.-4 1736 ROSS.V.OOR Townhouse 3 BR S. iicn, ? baths, crptma. drapes, all cler kitcl'co. Avail April 1. 430-5059 al- icr 7 P.\V or \iepkenrh. ROSbW.OOR." Immac " E'jDoradn 3 BR. 2 ba, irpf, dros. All c!ec kitfli ncl icinq. S'J25 incL flflrdcnrr. :31i535or aft 5 - -131-2407 -:"R~R , "2~"bAtris.""CARSO» A R t A LOiiflOd with Cxirfii. Olilc. garoyi-. huae V3rd- Avail 3 5-'i9. PBX «1- 01 "0 1-BR. ConaQe, iMitMilv funi. !80. Irieal tor \vnrMno rounlr. Wm'H consider inf.^n' Alvj one at S'-a. 3/0? SAN AN.Sf;LINE 3-Bdrni. witli fdniil 1 / nn.. txtra Miiirn 1 S??0. Iffdip v/ith po?ion U bjy tp Gl. Vacant. 527-J507 LGE. 2-BR. HOU5E -- S7i. Brit Lona Beach location, carootf., vdrd, cnildren pels fine. PRX 531 0130 ~~S135-- Y'Br., fenced yet., oar , Tols. pet Wvnns 5?0/ Atldiiiic. -:26-46J3 LAKEWOOH-- Wire 3-Br. C r o t , dros, disp, dbie oar. Fenced vd. Nr. LkwcJ Center. S1S5. 845-4414 5180 3 BR house fenced vd dbfpar v.'-w, Uius. Liiild R pet OK. Nr. Lnhewood Brk 921-5504 las, 3-Bedroom, carpet, drapes. Built Ins. 438-7400 or 430-0120. Rental Agencies 895 Owners No Charge lo You Save costs vvifh n:p phonr call. V/e nprri 2 8. 3-Br. doujei avail, now I. during March. Joe Hodge GA 3-7914 WRITE-- CALL-- OR COME lo office. (Jo CHARGE; to landlord Kenls or complete nidn- "beolcv PW L.B. Blvd. HE 6 9751 HOUSES NEEDED! 1 have military tenants waiting to IMSC uflrurn. homes. 421-1942 BOB OAKES CWO. USN Ret. · MILITARY ONLY REN1ALS SAl.Eb Properly Management Servlcs in Real Estate Since 19-16 BERYL LINVILLE Co. 425-4022 LANDLORDS FREE RENTAL SERVICE: Tenants wnitina. OPcn 7-dvs wk. OWNERS PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT Wiih a 10-Point Rent Prooram PRESTIGL REALTY 433-W66 FREE RENTAL SERVICE If you want to rent 2 home or have a home to renl, call AETNA REALTY SERVICE. 431-3511. NO CHARGfc TO OWNERS List Your Properly with MOORE -- Trnant* waiting. OPEN 7 DAYS -- CALL 421-3/61 FREE RENTAL SERV1CF. 60?9 Atlantic--/ dnvs wk. 4235473 lords. We have Qualified ten3nts. Burns Rental Service. 921-7012 ; «^.,^° L^v.^.f.f.T^, "" u S utc S!!."w^n-l"«f.'a. induitrv. i3?'-03B4 ! SCHWENN R E A 1 T Y. Free rentaf · SiS-1 BR. sliowor, rtjrnace, stove re- trio 1 male adult only. Application taken. 433-55SI c-uts , drps., patio, etc. Avail, in Mar. Ue S235. CaM (213) 254-«B6 G GROVE 3 br, 2 baths, custom bit firepl, dishwasher, clean S200 mo. 13121 Jefferson, 714-537-8730 4-BR. Family rm. Giroet, drapes, bit-Ins, nr. Freeway. S235 760. M-REALTY EXCHANGE 425-1231 '2 BR. Hse-- 1 Baby OK $160. partly rum. 1412 E. 9th close to schools shopolno. PBX 531-0150 atcly. Nice yard newlv decor in out Kids S- pet OK. PBX 531-0180 oark. Excellent condition. PBX 531-0180 N.L.B. 3-Br., S120. Fenced y d r d freshly decor., Ige. family we - fome P^t OK PBX 53I-U160 LARGE 3-Br., 2 bdlhs, 5100. Fenced vd., dble. nar., Kids A oets welcome. PBX 531-0180 4-BR., 2-tra.. cipts, dros., bit. -mi. Lense 5?25. L.B. (714)539-2952 evei. Crots.. drps. Sl«, 1st last. Refs. Slove avail 598-4759 S275. LAKfcV/D. 4-Br., 3 ba. Fircpl. ' Gar. Ex.tias. KirJi, pets. Bkr. 423-5473 ScS. 1-BR.. vard. Patio, ww crpt. drpi- Adults. Bkr. 423-5473. S165 -- 2-BR., stove, refrig., nr. coll. DEGLEY 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 OEGLEY 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 ISO -- 1-BR. East. Small pet. DEGLEY 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 . $].'-0 -- 2-BR. w/w carpet. FTaslsifle DLGLEY 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 69751 DEGl.EY, 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6 975- S1SO -- 3 BR. Fenced yard. ChilJrer £ pet OK. Bkr. 423-54/3 Avail. 3'10. S230. HE 7-3832 3 BR. ? ba. aaraoe. iircpi. 5165. V;a icr. Gardener Dd. 426-5059 - S130. 3-BR. near college, rilb. nar. DFGLEY 900 L.B.BIvtf. Ht 6-9/51 AV7*(U .V-arch 1st. Belifi'r. 3 Br.. loe vd., poo!. 5300. 925-60»? frL-L hi.'.. 1-BR. Luoiex S125 J-,e Hjdot U3C South SI. GA 3-75H 7BR, houi,e at I206 1 ? Cherry. S125. Adults 436-8709, 4j4-1037 lease. - 597-2481 CALIFORNIA Hts. 2-Brfrm., large vard. S160 mo. Coil a.m. ^j?-10?5 3 B U R V - . S"to/e mclud'ed. Vif.tOMfl 3BR.. rejr, i!50. Water Dd. Crpt, HUIJTINGTON BEACH vricanf 3 4 NAPLES, 2 br., din rm., dbl. car., fenced, redcc. S275 434-3516 LOS ALTOiarea 2-Br. tiojse. Stovr. S175 mo. . _ , 595-43S1 S700--3 BR. 2" baths." Avail. 3 '10 Joe Hodse, UOO Sojtf. St. GA 3-79)4 S1?j -2-Br. Horw-,IK Avail. Joe Hodge I4)0$ouin$t. GA 3-79U 516-3*BR. Kid"^, not. A'vall. 3 U S17S - Harwalk. 3-BR. A.sii ? '/f, , Joe Hodoe 1400 Soutn St. (-.'. J - / / N t J135 - NLB. 2-BR HAVF r.VO * Joe Hodae 1431 Sojtn '^t O/. T /^ f, ' SlTsTj- 1 RE fHT."? BrT f, rJcn/1 1 /boin kids OK. Broker 567-£Ji6l 5100 ^1 OtJE 2 Br. len-.c"). i,cl, 1 iO'- O.K. OOlion. Btr. W7-Ssf,l fjOP'-V/'LK slSO 3 tir f, «, «. ',-,,. i r vd. C l e a n . Option. Gt 6 3-'.S NLB S l ' O 3 BR house v ^ c a ^ l ct/n l for ^nnrox 3 mo 4?3 V,l', L A R D C - r j Hark," 4V,"s?SO JMO.'PL:, Sl?5 SOCurrlv, 714, 897-911? 2 BDR//., rrptmg, riros., bll in-, vd. Near Douglas 59/ ·;!£·! U5~-- 1 Br., loe., oar., slovf f - r . - i W/nns S307 Atlantic 4 2 3 4 W J Bf.-l.LFL07/ER.~3 Br" Children t* . no pets 867-6661 -J, BP. ? ba., cnrnftt, riraofs, vacant, 5155, Gordon Grovf. Bkr^jGEJ) 17JO PAHD new, 3 blks from ocean, 3 Sl/5-- LGE. rtcn, fro!., 2-BR-. d . rm.,Cpts. Nice. CE8-345S service. We'll help voj. 43?-70ig Professional 900 Business Offices \S SMALL |X OFFICE SUITE L.B. Blvd.-- Bixby Knolls u*25' olus suite S"J5 to IHO sll util pd. Crpt*, Air rond., Drps. PHONE SERVICE Public Steno Service Desk Space Available 424-7952 Call for SMC. Lease Terms. 25c PER SQ. FT. DELUXE 930 ft. 5 rm suite. Nrw c.vpct, cfraoci (Choice of colors). Air, ianitor. utilities. Courtesy to Brokers. 477-3953 OFFICE ,').ice, »5r.;np, flir conri. G'O-jnd Moor, clo'ir to 60S ft -10S Frv/vs. Ca'l 4iO'Oi2! ask tor Fran.k, Larrv or Morrie. 11110 Los Alamito; BI. suite. Carpet, d. r ^0»s, air. utilities, tiinitor. Onlv SI 30. Also 2 rm. iuite, $60. J27-E954._ j MO SO. FT nrw caroeis, rirfloe!;. panelled, air cond. ciec. sion. 907 E. A'.Litkef. N'LB GA2-5419. LAKE WOOD VILLAGE Oflice Space, furniture flvml., m . bctnk Dougl'is Bkr., HA J-12QJ t/30"L."B. (3lvd"'l7x52 store or offiCf. Porkinn. SMO. Lease. 631-6176 or 42?-3122. E. Artcsid Blvd 426-5 'SO 550- -OF rlCc, (HMD«. csrptitina. Ut.L ud. 150 E Soiith SI HE 1-4W) 1200 SO. tt., P.irkinq, v/dSh-rnii. - MoMflc. 635 E. ith St. GEJ-1835 SUi'OFC iOO"s[i."ft. ,iir, ulil. who. 4V.U LB Blvd NLB =2 -123-7959 ft FROM 525 to S7S mo. Air cond. Ut|i Dtf. CrDiri._43_824Si_ 377 0571 7tn Sf."iiD m'ontn *433-?S33 Business Industrial 905 i Property (For Rent) GAS AIR Conditioning STORE to- If" ASF" l os Altos irra. ' 17x60. Jr. shoPDi"0 cente f . Mr. ' Sandle' o- ,\\-. Rosen. 597-3387 shop. 3 oh. pwr. 536,000 or $360 mo 632-2252, 636-3100 wkdavv GARAGE for Icose, 1,000 ^q. tl., '.uiMble inccrianic or storaoc 1020 E. 7th. St. Hh 7-4063 C O M M f c R C l A L CORNER near Velv _f;c_ or_business? ^3 : 2SB3 SV.ML oilier warehouse 1015" Af- Unti- Dr. (Jr. Artrsia f - ' W / . dav S T O R E Elfin. snl-Of office for rtt t. Hyrtrr* Pr-st Cfintfol, 30/3 Lo iQ Reach Blvd. 426 ?64J /o-ir' l?'/° 0 |^r,ort VwC. r c5l" JJ3- /: . t P,°'. ( -i L 8 . 8 .^','.. ._ . , V.r'O 'f'hprrv GA S-W.10 n- fvc-, i 0 1 w,19 V.| OS "verdr-.'J'jy, .'/,", ilt slV Drw'r Grounrl f l o o r , s t r r e t fiorit-io r . n r / t 10, _ _ 835_6MS A'JIO n-,i . :. ihoo, ract · ii-. I'.ir^, i.. f,;/,-4J39 S T O P T or d.inrp slii-lio. IISI E. ·,V.,r ( ji',// GA 7 348-S; GA 6-iM8 f/ rVHUUsffJIdH. 1 Oi AlTiniilo 1 . !MO ·/i. it. w o'lrro -US 14V1 lllfi f":. WardloV.*?0»60'Mo'rc."(jfkiig'.' 5160 Ir-.wc. 430-aEM; 431 4/49 Hflrrv L°Co 5 w«n a Co. SM ~HE 548R9 A i LAN TIC nciir'Markrt. 1300 sa. ft". JV-Jl n Oiock hlrtg. v / / o f f n r s 3 phaie Do-ivtr. 1323 V/. IStti St. lwM« MO Mwwy Wanted MS OnnarfHBifUft WILLING to give 15-20% on \ Business Industrlol 90S AFFILIAIE Property (For Kent) ; CHINCHILLAS FOR LEASE $500 P E R ' e^^,^? 0 ^^^^^^ MO. ' EARNING ' ^i'?l ££^^i'^V POTENTIAL ; ii.'tiiV cojid.tipnea off *.cs. 3.Ho -u ; UNLIMITED ; ft. iM).\fr venlil.^ed shorj or »wo- . . SMALL INVESTMENT he-use. 2461 Gardrna Avc irar-di , TRAINING PROGRAM H.ll P!' dd/s GA .17333; Evev , .WORK IN HOWE OR GARAGE Gc 3 ? . S 3 | , -WON'T INTERFERE WITH DIAL kr T R A V E L AGENCY-Aivy | ··uit^b'e to^ r-iwlovmcnt aorncv. store ^r.)'.r 15«32.6. Cir-^ .'.v crt-nlf-d. f'-'.'r mil t-r Ifu^f 1 2^* \tloittic A.-e. HE i S369 or HE ·;$J:3. Sl^:.on J. or J21 SS02 rve- BUILDING. M-?. S'.M ft \v frntcd -,^.3 (C/- I'^ LJtE:J L 3 f;r,ir AiM!'-ci::i $. Re Ion-Jo. AI--.O 35-n 1-t M ·?, 1 cm B?arri GA S 1 ^.J C-,1.^. 10 1 f6l« r,:5'its. CORNER STORE 3rd A Pacific Ave. 22x42. Air con- j oiiioncd. tull nrisr:ncnl. Immediate | FOR'L'LASF, o ; 7d~f7If~ibTMiircAR ; RO'.V. G.irden GT..O Alt lighted, l Ii1;)i:kt0i 1 ':x-rl. '.vilh ntro cf'iCC. 1 019 iri,r A .·!]!_ :.·* .T-:!I M. r^ors ; Warehouse Bldg. j " 103 riONS~BEA£H"BL. 1 ''OR L f A S F - U-O.!? 5 l 3 .'("·(- /.V; A-kfi. ( , A 6 5 : - 3 ^ : Wanted to Rent 910: 3 GR. V B.i. tiniurn liO'i^P or ,i:t. : fiors-.i. itu r-f-.. h't-i:i-, t'cniVr ?. i/ vr. o::f. Brl-noot Si. ore. Sen Eo.ltll, 0' IMr,. E-Jnlfi. o l £ d . 4:9- UlCb (.i^.in T'onVc wai]Trri~b7"l)ii?r ni-*',ri',ii] P. Ininiiv v. 4 ttiildrfn. Prefer 3 Or. cien or 4 br. Will ofofr.t 3 in. if laroe. Call t505j ·:r?-/631, O*n,ird L L I L N t \Mln 2 children Wiinls 2- Or 3-br. home. Rent/option to buy. r-.i: 4??, MSO or HL ss'.'ij. OLDER couule v.'rtni 1-bi. Imuic or riuDlcx. iurnished or o.irtl/ furn. NOT over SSO, C.-iitbide. /.*,E 0-W54 WANT ? or 3 RR hlf. siove. refriq., 1 .B. arM. S100-S150 (5 snil children) 43E-043? WAN 1 ED lae tamilv, 3 or -1 BR un turnKhcd liouic by March lit up to SI65 mo. 531-081V WAHlEb-V " or 3" Br^ iiouse w facilities for kccoirig horses. 3 oft house, furnisticd, HHrdnc, lo ^1'jO mo. Hf.rm or Fast LF1 Call -02-/590 after 3 um 3 OR 4 Bi. v.' 2 car o,irsgr. desire busineSi zoning. StO-5363 GA B-AJ7? MIDDLE itie LOuulc v.'.int 1 Br ft, oarapc;, Aunl 1st. 423-1010 V/ANTED unfuTn. aot. on ucean bv LGE. FAMILY needs 4 br. or 3 Ige. nr. hse. Excel. reK. SUO 633-2741 Income Tax 915 PRUDHOM'S INCOME TAX SERVICE 20 yrs. sninr- location 6134 A T L A N T I C Ave. GA 2-6970 Fed State (Itoin Ded) S15 up. TAX consultant W vrs. to. Bended, 7 days, all hrs., vour home, my INCOME TAX Exrx tax consultant in vour home PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT. 1 come to vour home or office. Call Secretory tor appf. 421-1013. TAX EXPJTR7 21 YH. EXP. in Your Home S12-- 430-6971 Investment 935 Opportunities AFFJ~UA~fE~-- PARTNER, active or naclive. S3000 to 55000 Investment required. For niimufacturino mnrkPling Ihf mo^t uniaue nalcnt- cd oroduct of its kind, with a DO t^ntial of millions. For complete details P. oersonal interview call Mr. Backmun, 6JJ1-59I5. s mmi. Business 940 Opportunities $2000 Firo exliiuiuisher business INTERVIEW bALhbAAEM (2131 429-6280 651-1863 aft. 5 in Due to Illness, must sell. Pioneer Alondra Blvd. Sacrifice $3^00 stiji growing. Or best o!SERVICE LAUNDRY Owner retirina. Boohs show an nual net ot over S10,000. Subm t vour deal! Agent, 597-3307. A W DRIVE-IN Top loacaticn. Park 60 crfrs. Sub- ( MOORli 597-3307 TOWING SERVICE ORANGf COUNIY -I rsdio-controlled trucks. Business can he rxiiondcd. Owner retirina. Call us for details, Agenl 597-3307. BEAUTY sunnlies, wigs, stylma, shopoina center. Will teach. Idea for slvlist, full price $15.000. -11 J- KOSHER-STYLEDELI 20 v-s. best L.B. lot. Xlnt teirm TRICDLAND CO. 432-5072 Priced for Quick sate. For info td Mrs. Beckrr owner. /I-1-876-373I LIQUOR - BY OWNER. Gross 9i . Rent 480. S29,750 + STOCK. Mrs. /-/. closed Sun. holidays. -137-2120 COfTEF bHQP A^odei n cLbtom built, off-street iMirkinq. Docs SI33.0PO vr. 5,27,500 AUTO body 8 fender naint shon for sale. Grossing $125,000. For infor motion, 630-5259 alter 6. GUBST Home lie. for 5. Health forces bale. Inc. over 510,000 vr. \Voncferlul ODDor. for semi retired couple. 591-7340 suDDlv eggs wholesale froni ojr ra;icii. Call for prices Info. r / 1 4 527-6364 LIQUOR -- SLEEPER. SU.OCO tf.Q 533. SCO -*- INV. UNDLR T ? X GROSS. RENT S150. BBB. GAS- LINOLEUM c.iruet store. Ternn. Will toarri exper. linoleum man. Box P-10721 Inijen. Press Tele- orarn. CAR WASH GA5 S13,000 GL Small Inv. Li-.tcr Rlt'/ Anytime -i 25 6436 BILLIARDS-- 16 tables -- cdrpcted, off-street parkinq. COFFEE Shoo S. ^amily Rcitaurant. Excel, potential. Bi/bv Knolls arpfl. Aft r , p.m.. 428-2114. EiLAUTY .Salon Modern, beautifu Owner Must sell. Orange Coun v HOFBRAU REST, one ol finest in Orange Co. Well em'in , lots orknq. fonv Faust, /14-5359B39 ontjc Co. Shonoinq Ctr. ioration. 13 ICOCKTAI'LS. siwb mo. or · br^t offer. Terms. BBB. GA 3- OW5. FRIENDLY 'BEER 'BAR. Rouncfuo, 67?7 Lonii Bcrit.h Blvd. Low down. 53/-48I5 aflcr i p.m. BEAUTY "So loii "CvPfcTi, sule'tc-bVcT rstdb. 3 stations, nice, c.a'l for price. 714 827-4050. 522-l?ivi. SAfJDV;iCH Shoo, 4 coin-on nool f a - bles, luke box and rostauran' oojio. Ailcr 1 n.m., 531-8M1. _ 7-BR. tiouse, laroe vnrd, R"^4 lot. S16.500. 2255 Elm. 476-7557 E. Anaheim, new crpts. prkna. $5200 F.P. or reas. offer. 436-0177 t KERN County. Corktail Bar, dining dancing. S?0,000 down or trade. 86S-OE68 or (714) 576-6997. ! B A R B E R SHOP, Artcsid. 2 chairs, oood business. Rent $60 nio. Must DOWNTOWN Used TV a Gift Shop. F.P. $7,500. Lister RIIv. Anytime 47^ 6436 MUFFLER, bJfly radiator sioos -- PCM. Lwig Beach. Xlnl tenm. Agt. 437-0764. CAR wash -- Coin. $1500 mo. Ront $350. terms. CHIDE$rER'$ BE'ER Solid'lO kegar.r~Dov^r town. S16.5DO. CMlbbTf R'$ 437 0?W L U X E ! " $-5000 rcfi. Alt. -1370764 BI-AUTY "-"a OP. Gross s~7'.oo "·" nio. AAA lor. Agl. 4^-0764 P U P P Y ~ ~ A " u c t iho'p" "A'supplT-i. «0'Jl-'i G.ilr-. Hollvif.ilc disl. 63J JO/l, ORANflf: Julnn. "illness tcrccs sale. Lviw/oori nr Se.vs. 6j?-3',97 ""LIQUOR" LICENSE Off-S.llr rlran 4J9-/9I7 BARBER Sioo, .1 cliatrr,, nr Dougl-is nd nofcn. 477-9072; HA 9-4333. SMALL coffer* snoa, good slioD;)lno ,irc,l. GA 7-8316 A l j r O o.irnge for kasc, l-it loe. 435 4309, rvcs, 5v6-952i SMALL wood IdthO M)CClr)llv Shop. Sell all or i.irt. 434-4162 LAUNDRAMM. Sarnflcr. 16000 1 ill oner. 4?A-d.l5! or 427-9018. POODl.ft Pdtlor, L-xcel RuMiirsi, 13 vrb Eslab. very row. 424-0380 . PKESEHI OCCUPATION . FINANCING PCI IS PURCHASF.D HERE. (Our R ° nChef U°NlVERSAL CHINCHILLA BREEDER )l?0 E. ASH. FULLFRTOr). 714.870-1063 or 529-2161 ( A I L COLLECT. RANCH OPEN tor INSPECHOH ^AJ.. SUN. 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. "CANDY SUPPLY ROUTES IfJO CELLING INVO: VI D) 1-. xc'lpni mcc '-P icr ft/.- dO'jr*. rr),[iii;3 ,-iiid COUCCt'l'iO rncriPv ' Hum cum ootratcd disoenscr in 1 o..y ISf^ili A.Tt ^urrO'jn-.'.:-u air- .is. We eitabliift route. (Han- files name inane c.ind/ tnd '· area, send n-iinr. ^d.lrcis f, mor.*- : No. to MutliS.ite inc.. 90/5 E. linntnal Hwy., Downey, Caiiiorn'a W2W cr coll Sil-05/l M ' SPARE TIME INCOME 'iirn C'tollriit rflfi inr.r mcimf ; tr.r lf-j Mfi. wrekl/ work. (D.iy 1 . i t" 1: VPS ) No e«icricii(.e ncccs · V.HV H.uwilc suDiHns fill:! lollrr ! l;i«iv onlv, m Lo--d Bcocii anil .i-'ni Coinnicrciiil only) set up ov home office. $li^0 T O T A L (ASH required. For immrttiAie tnirrvie,v Send in Mflnic, AadreiS, H»J Pr.onc I Number to- 'WHOLESALE DlVISIOn- P O. Box 53 Pomona, Cniilorma "c AND Y~S u PP"LY"RO uf I (PART OR FULL TIME) : Excellent Intonic for lev/ H^ W.-ekly work D.m or Eves) Re filling and follrrting Money from Coin Oner.itcd DiiDcnsers in Long Bc-^ch diiU iuiiounding arei). Nd Sellmtj. (Hfindlrs tJflme Brand Oindy and Snacks) S1650 Total c-isli rontiircrt. For more information «nd deKiili, Send Nnnie. Address, and Plione Nuinbrr to: "ROIJTF nCPARTMENT" P.O. Box 3S«, Anaheim, Cantor Restaurant Beer Wine COMPLETE-readytogo LEASE OR? xlnt location, icals ICO next to Marri'.i Pizza. Air cond. etc. Call at Msrrl's after 3 D.m. for oarliculars. 449 h. Broadway FRANCHISE NATIONALLY FAMOUS BAKED PRODUCT. Estob. route. Nets S?OS v/k., nnrt business cfln bf rioubleri. 55.500 rp. ,/ MOORE 597-3307 FRANCHISE" INTRODUCTIONS! Do you neerf S20M annual income? v.'ant to opemte vaur own business from an ok.? Very sni. invest- Business Oppor- 9^5 tunities Wanted V/ANTED to lease or rent a qaragc with at Ipasi 2 Hydraulic lifts. Wil be used tor automotive alignment and brake shop, ph 429-0367 aft. 5 WANTED-- Large Beor Bar or Cocktail lounge in (or near) downtown area. Send tull detail* lo: Robert, Box 764, Long Beach, Calif. Real Estate 1ST 4 2ND REAL ESTATE LOANS CASH FAST Consolidate Bills BORROW ON YOUR PROPERIY EXPERT COUNSELING IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME. South Bay Mortgage Co. Contact Broker Direct Davs-Eveninos- -Weekends 772-1134 675-1179 CASH One liav on yood title 1st 2nd R.E. Loans Payments on seconds low Al $8.33 mo. for $1000 Inl only We Come to Your Home Dav cr Eve. 7 dav week AAMES MORTGAGE CO. 432-7474 860-5544 2. MR. PriOHE SERVICE REALTOR LOANS ON HOMES. FLATS. STORES O.V.O., APARTMENTS, LOIS Fasl -- Lowest Payments on 1st 2nd Loans FOR REFINANCING, TAXES, RcmodelinQ Medical bills SHOP COMPARE COST 7HFRF. 15 A RIG DIFFERENCE HANBERY'S 3?00 E. BROADWAY GE d.3419 LOANS RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY 2ND T.D.S No Loan Commission CALL MR. VARHER Toll Free 860-2517 SC ABOARD Iniluit. Finance Co. 252 S. tudid- Anancim RETIRED COUPLE has monev to Icmf on 1^1 2nd rnortBao.cs. Coll Bkr. 860-2294 WAN! QUICK A C T I O N ? J1M.OOO. now CVdrl. (or 1st 2nds. GOHDON OETZ BKR. NEED MONEY? Borrow on vour home HA 5-J2S1 Trust Deeds 960 Will Buy Today YOUR 15T OR WO LOAMS TOP PRICE. HO WAITING. HANBERY'S 3300 E. BrwdAMV OE 4 3419 9n°/ nKr*ni IKIT On several well secured 2nd TD'S on bionnno Orange Co, property, 10% Int., 3 vr due dote Phone or writr for free Info, sheets. Beverly Jackson Realty, 1/171 Beach, Hun- tlnolon Beach, 714-847-6011 CASH FOR IDs M F 1 R O R E A I TY CO. 597 363 / CASH OH HAND -- T PA Y TOP il for Isf 2no TD's. Quick .intlnn. QUICK CASH FOR ID'S IJRACKLH MEG. CO. HE 7-7VJA S5.500 2N~D 1 rust "bcccf." Sc.iioncrt", 6"a. 2' j-vr. rfue dale, will discount. 5V6 OS31 WILL ljuv vour lit or ?mt FDs for rASh. Prlv. iwrlv. 436-1801 Money Wanted 965 PRlVAIt~ciii)ii.ii wanted" 'tor lit TRs above 110,000 7'/s% Interest JEED S32.000 1st T.D. on 6 Sunset Oeflcti uniis. Lots worth more than loiin wanted. .S92-1412 «v«. Amounts ibove MOOO. Bank-tvoc iccurlfv. Mr. Campbell HE 5-5681 550,000 losn for a profitable business. Proleflcd Income for a S vr. DcrlJ, Dlenly of collateral. Ca!) S. E. Krause, W3-496/. SA'FE 10S return-water Co. bond (Public Util.) S2SOO. 85/-I7/0 ~*f .*-* W Si J ^ j Red Estate Wanted 980 OVER 321 HOMES SOLD since Jjn. 1st, 1?i$ For FRHb rail WO'.V-- No obli«al;ort. i D. Van Lizzen GA 2-0977 i HAVE TO StLL YOURb? CA'.H ADVANCED IRALiK-lfJ PLAfl 1 DON'T LOSE IT ! ! WE'LL BUY IT i ! Richards Rlly. HA 5- 1251 SOLD OUT!! m B liilings uiyently needed RAIAJACK KbAUY GA 3-.W3 . S'f 13 Or_dnqp Ati. 6 P.m. G.i 3 3?75 V.Afif fJ.T. tluniinalon Brt. or O^r- orn P,irk ared. fJewi^ti 4 br. ? D ( I . l-i: i n , firfpt. A-'-'j:'? IOTI I .'iM Wii I ' f i V 1'J. Oil) 1 /. JOC Ir.ipH^so (?)3) 639-22M "iOTuTRlGHfVuRCHASF" 1 " \VE'tL BUY YOUR HOME UN FAS1 ESCROW-FREt fcSl. ' IHf RCAi ESIATF SlOPf · HA 1 B3?2 4T1-W, HAVE" buvers foi 2~ S. 3 bi!rm' noincs. We BUY SELL-TRADE. AL RUTZ Really SV1-3164 CASH IN 24'nrs. for vour home or In come. Call :odav. ROYAL 63J-3430 H!:FD"2"~3-Br""lion« "in "Bell! lower. BoD Prlgniore 856-l/W CASH FOR YOUR HOUSE*" WHITE REALTY ASSOC. S^-?j5A CASH 1 WEEK for vour house. mREMOST R E A L T Y ME.4M»_ QUICK Ciisii 1o owner. Heed '.' or Br near Oou«Lls. Bkr. HA S i 4 i * FiAVE ca'Oi buyer 'for i-i? unit-.. Howiird, Rlti. J33-03?! Lib'rVrTb wanioci. h.ive onxio-.,, Duvers. .Vn G.Titn Sha;»v. Co. -'39 '!-·". Real Estate 985 Exchanges Real Estate Problems Iced more Shelter? Less m^nanc nient? Drad Etiuitie-i? flat iomvulc couiisolino bv a quiililied H-E- counselor. HAVE : r ree S. clrai fommercifll, Lonn Bericli. Inc. S2LO nio., SZi.OOO WAN r ; Hio'i p'liilly i»ons in e-U'an : r. 1 1 AV C : 12': Ac.. Biiuivntj. '.'ear, S??.7!.0 \ V A H I : Mobile Home Or Ir.nier Roselle L. Sommer "CrnilicrJ Pnnieilv EAcliiiiUKit" J?34ft0^ fcves. 431-1W3 Beside Newport Bosch In Costa Mesa, I/ unlls (seven 2- bi .. 2 b.i.l. 15 aaraaes. Only A yrs. old. Income 524,600 vr. $7U,OOQ cq- uiiv-lraue doA-n on house, du- ylrx. T.D.?? BOB COLE REALTY 1S9 PARK AVE. -13-: WJ5 TV/0 neat liomes on adioininu l n| s n HLB. Will trnde lor LLtJ units HAVE IRADtS. Write or Call SAL OCCHIPINTI REALTY WANT OYO -- GOOD LOCATION HAVE 4 UNITS $9,500 EQUITY Mine Peters Hfc 6-7278; GE 80675 WANT units or stores. HavP woorf 539,000 2nd TO. Owner. V68-2?15 or 20 ACRFS-Solton Sea -i- duolcx Lono Beacti for income propeity. SACRIFICE 11 UNITS S750 nio Inc nice ^rea GE 9 G429 BY OWNER-- 6 units 5650 income Will consider clear house 434-5558 xviint Bkr. 423-O.liS. TRADE ANYTHI'NG -- ANYVVHE'RE BOB COLE REALTY 4T4-9W5 CXCHANGE Specialists HE 67261 TRADE 12 rms.. 5 Drs.. 3-ba., 2 firc- Dl. Spanish. L.A. HE 6-3966. Business Industrial 990 (FOR SALE1 !6i/ 2 % RETURN On lhi r aood corner oitioeriv. 1 155*130. 3 leases brinn in Ml, i:!A vr. Excenses cnlv M420. full price S89.950. El^m J24-5609. Rex Hodges Co. 437-12BI All renler.!, all Llock. wusi 3dl. Nr. L.B. freeway, make oifur Ashwiil, Burke Co. 598-2484 530 E. PAC.CST. HWY.4?xl35 Alley C-2 lone Snh. dn. O\vner will car- rv 1st at 7% 521,500 full price. SALSMAN REALTY 437-0907 WAREHOUSE BLDG. North Lono Beach 4000 so. ft. ATI A N T I C Ave Blxbv Knolls. 50 ft. 2 tenants, inc. S72CO.Price 560,000 E. H. LOCKWOOD GA 7-8997 Ineomt Property 1 000 , Lots for Salt 1 030 DON'T BUY SOMEBODY'S PROBLEMS j l ti us build YOU a new trouble fire Income proper!/. Engineered for income wilh o -.uniiiiL'in ol vo- : Keep ond o in.ixiinyni of rolyrn. See our Ic3test Go'd /.'-edalison Droiecf. 460 6AV1OTA : OPEH 24 S A I U R D A Y SUNDAY F. A. JONES BUILDERS 111 Temule Avt. 333034 AUCTION Wednesday Feb. 26-2 p.m. j'UNtl A 1 ' Ho'j'-c, 6JC3 CflfU'Cii- fa, Rrii. c.Hi* 20% dn., tnl S5M ii'O, 7", nit. LCI ;y*UV in-,-. SKS nity Lol. '.V-iHv Pl-.Tlf r Hllv. Hr 2 0223 B U BELMONT SHORE t o r j ' f f lo*. Mi b^Ach Avt thot'\ f. funi. i Gr. vootlpu AUK. Owni'i will (titirice w rcas. 00^1*. A 1 Really ^('r^icp !J30lO"J r -;;j F. :tnf M. Cuslouier "TAX SHELTER? " " : 6 U ',- '· BR. ?- 1 BR. gioss l;i C -'·! SJS.OOO. ('.lit i?)'9431 WALKER LEE, INC. 40 UNITS--CLEAR ~~ r\»'ii;m,i 4 10 unit Mihr ',? ? HI f Hir -,. JO (.iriiorts. New rooi. fJr.v m ?. out. N-.v c,ir- - i'pi f. ti',w. Inrome 4:0,COl) vr. SiiDimr ALL Of : rf;RS TPAt)(:i ! JIM PICKI.R1 HP f.-17-J 1 . """ PSST! PSST! PSST!' Pp.11 Ifip (.ro'.-.d Ift Ilic^e 3 iu' ItY'.X'. '" .MOORE HA 1 »i3' ! VA'OR'FHA icrr. .Inisrlern l-'licdnn umli 'in COITIP $i?0j Goo:I rental area. Astino ^' /,«=)· Si-!! , MOORE HA 1-348! ""SELL" OR~tRAbE"! i ! 23/5 Ctiostmit S U Inc. i/SS.10 22^5 Mflgnoli.! S U. . .. Inc. So56.SO ir.vlemuitv -i \sa.000 cash AWRY 0- LAMBROU. Realtor HP 7-«5 or J?d-545^ 1 ov-lv '.' Br. MouSO a smnll flii[\r.. 'IOP CONDITION. FOP IHCO.VE E(isv 10 buy! HOWARD BUILER REALIOR 6176 ATLANTIC AVb. GA J MK pricn redticed $10,000 1? UNITS S vri. OKI. SSO.OOO. I" conir- SI?,9fiO vi. C.ill BILL SPEASE eves -12-1 9SQI LFAR R E A L T Y INC. GA 6-S93 1 . 12 UNITS - 2 Br. ea.'Cood coiid. area. 10 v r s . old. IDL. JI35'.- S1I2.000 f.P. Submit dn cr irarir: s:3,000 equity. Fl.LlSON ReaHv S99-1317 BELAAT. His. Fixer unDor. 9 uniK. Try S4?00 (In. Fin. Il/.GPO at LlOS nio. Inc. S/00. "fiov" Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 S50CO DOWN-- 4 oniK 2-BR. cadi. Income S-I3D. Nr. V/il- son Clvrie S. Rrov/n, Rlfr. 4?' .?i t OO Own Your Own 1010 Apartments VILLA RIVIERA F-ABULOUS VlliW. tlegnncc In decoi. creates one of the most de- sirciulc ants. L R. ? Rr. or (1 A den) + study- 2 baths, bll-in Kit. Air conditioned, loe wardrobes. Gb 4-7407 GE 7-3902 Or von'll BUY this co/v unit ASKING 15500. BC5t L B. loe. OR 1-BR. OCr.AN AVC S I b A L ! RAY HAZLET, Rltr. 59S-3JOV E S T A T E SALF 2 turnislmd sinoio T w o 1-BR. (1 furnished) Two ?-Br. ? halh. Orean VicvJ JIM PICKERT HE 6-J.i-iS A REAL W A Y ! 2 SINGLES. HXbRUPPbR Bolii sold t ib OMB or bcuartitelv. Sncier J37-I711: .)3-J-06'-( :J REX HODGES CO. WITH OCEAN BbACII A real bo/ at S19.5GO. For aniH. Gill Sncicr .137-1751 : J34-Oo« REX HOUCES CO. FULL PRICE $4200 " RrX MODGFS CO. J17-1? 1 !! OCEAN Blud.-- Two 1-Br. uppers. S11.900 M7.950. PtDl. Terms. C L Y D E S. BROWN, Rltr. 4322600 OWNER -- cumrt. furn. I br. flrr. kircti., vvv/ crot., qar. at 1227 E. ]5t. ::2D. 1132.J71J or J32J802. CLOSE: in sunnv spac. 1 Lir. dpi Elcv. New Gold Med. Morrill GA "i-7604 V/ANT ocean view, ocean {ronl. HE 7-618B SIMAAONS Jj7-36tO REALTOR HE 2«01; HE 2-1030 LINDA Arms, fst S.' Lime. Spncious 1-br. Beaut, cond. 426-Ji73 DRIVE BY 2120 E. Broadway. Uc smGLE . NiLe turn . C ] OSE in. iSGOO. residenLc. C-3 for bimness too. (it Terms Flkr HE 5-/J-i9 Commercial-lncfus- 995 Condominiums 1020 IND. LAND-- ALL Areas Industrial Specialists '· nr. Silff. S-0. frwy., 51.10 *a It I'.j ac., Ml, InrJ. Pk., 165.000 2.4 rtc., M?. near f t w v . L8 Harbor 1 ar. M2 10W)' fronl Harbor irwv. Bill Brooks Co. 6A 6-5924 INDUSTRIAL SITES r i ac. indsf'l aarh. Parn S1.50 fl. 1 ac, Wlde, Ni. L.B. Hatljor 5 7 ac, nlanf site, 1 .R. 51 ft. 9 ac, 26W ac, riuc for develop. ASHWILL, BURKE CO. Industrial special isK 593-2JM C-3 LOT ON PARAMOUNT BLVO. Lot value onlv. $10,500 terms. 7S.OGO SO FT. INDUSTRIAL $70,000. We Have Others, call \\AYES REALTY UN S-7M6 "(^"pfTof^ER i Y -CLOSE'I K" " Broker-Owner HE 2-1W Income Property 1000 (f-OR SALE) 6 SLEEPING rooms -i- 3 H»tb. Po- lentifil Inc. S4SO. [ OP 80' x 130' lot all this only Sl-f^OO Excel. Terms. 10 UNITS. T R Y $29,000 S730 income. 10% rJov/n. Norm Icle Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 FOR LMSe Holnl ?e inn -, owners sol or man^acr's. L.ovv Vficnnc/ Liclor. Call HE 8-399] D.m. Ill 9 p.m. ~ BEST'BUY IH'UB.' i Unllb-- 2 xlnl h^cs. Irinler. S??.500 - Hum. Nr. 4lh Chcrrv. Mdv tlfltle. DOHOVOAN. 597-S112 COMPARE ValuL- scr.urilv ?1 units with eslnblialied inccmo. Priced to sell or Iradc. Rltr. B6S- 95(6 1J09 WALNUT Fine Spdilish -I flal. S7000 clown. Owner rflrry balflncr. Only S?S..SG(I HE 51-122 HELOE 597 -2ttO S43/0 income. S3500 down. Retired TD J3D-5W5 GOOD AREA. S87.0CO REALIOR 9?j- 12.15 Y l BdRiV'Tutjifs. S73.SDO ^2350 clown. Bio lol. Norm Idr Rex Hodges Co. 437- 1251 LOS ALTOS 6 unit, "-2 Br 4-\ Br Inc. I930D vr. onlv 1/5,000-owner 5966I2-). Gl' HOME A INCOME S28,56o"1v/o deliglilful 2 Bdrm. homes on street lo street lo:. Submit. SfJAPP REALTY _42i W.f . HOMES f'l hr R 1 bif oil" /Sxl.13 R-3 lol. Both vacant, vciv snarn, only S20,950-witl Gl. 2 SIORY, 8 uniis with 2 Bdrms Pdtli, VOO mo inc. ^8,500 O^ner will heln fmrince. Bkr, HA 5 1251 1311 ROSE AVE. 3 Br. home -i 2 Br. duolcx 5 years old Red TOD Rltv E 9-21/9 CE 805:B S?25 INCOME Alle/ ror. 4AxlM, R-4. S19./50 HOME f. duplex, $300 Income. Clean, Priced to sell. Owner. J34- 250? Comoton. GA MS/6; GA 32618 MONFY IN THF BANK 9 units-No vacancy. 8 x qiwj. L I S T F R Really Anytime -12S-6JS " ~ ~ 3 UNITS" $15,900 i V/RIGl.t:Y S2/$ Inc. Gfc 9 01?9 2 STUCCO "DUF'LEXES S23,VXt"S3W lilt. VtSOOriown. HF7-7A37 7 OM 1 -- S'/',26 income. Askmn WI.500. GowJ lenm. Bkr. «5-7427. iS39 INC. 63*200 lot, S33.DDO. S3.MO rtsvn. $300 mo. 597-7256 STUCCO 4--2 Rr. fla!; .1 otiraoes Cor. WB.SOO; 110.000 rin. HE Duolex and Home. Tcnnnls pw o t Arf/Alex V/1-5A74 92H-I254 BRAND Hew -l-l br. apis, at -181 Srjiilti St. Mr. Buncti TO A-9/91 NEV/ Listino -- Iruilcx ?Brcfl. T a a r BARTHOLOMEW Ro.lltv 438-9.108 DELUXE UnTli or BUlLO on your lol STATFWIDE J74-163/ GOLD Mf- DAI. LION -t-PLEX OH Co ronddo. Call -131-1.1 31. SPARKLING NEW 1 2 BEDROOM CONDOMINIUM HOMES In beautiful 30 unit CONTINENTAL TERRACE 2500 E. 2nd St. From $17,350 Bank financing With Carpets, Drapes, Garage (ONLY 7 LEFT) Security building, j Sound proofed. 2 Blocks from Ocean East of Bixby Park Open every day till 5: TOBIN CONSTRUCTION CO. 434-7991; HE 5-2535 "CHATEAU LISA" NPWf-'^T' Condominium! 7101 B. 2nd St. | { A T Jnniofrol Fauna beautiful Bixbv P-vk OPEN DAILY 1-5 HURRY! Excellent selection still available lor IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY! ALL 7 BDRMS., 7 BATHS. GOLD MEDALLION award tot electrical excellence. Fuinistied models bv C.n l'i ?i Y f A H LOANS AVAILABLE HARRIS ROGERS, Builder Conrlominium SocrMlrsts LAFAYETTE 1:0 LHJOEM CONDOMINIUM A P A R T M E N T S 70 $25,500 Enclosed p,itio. ?-yis o!d. 2-Bedrm, ?bathi. Gflraoe. Storage. Elevn- lor Duplexes for Sale 1025 HAPPING WHEN OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS? Don't miss Ihis nearly new total electric duolex. 3 Br. dining nn. ? ' ? bfllhs en. side -f n gar. Pnccrt under reproduction costs. ^1000 dn, inc. S-17W) vr. JOHN READ Rlty BEST BUY Foreclosure s--5'r. 2 Kcs on lot. Live in this 2-flr. for onlv *H3. 1-RR hse p.ivs rest, dean, modC'n stucco. Xlnt .^rms GAGNON TO. -135 -'Sic DOWNTOWN DUPLEX Urvbunw.ed comforl lor onlv M/,.500 1-Ri r.i. Md-wd. floors, P,v tio. AH m Liime cond. ,ind lor. Rox L Hodges HA 1-8233 1 i?00 bN.'bn"lv~WQO. "MOM ic "or "inc. i GA fiJiM; GA 3-V6I8 rvcs. nn v .MOR[.~orf!.in Virv/, r i bdrms furnished, \39,000 434-365? ~DUPLnx""A~Honir-! IrnnnK nav-oll A R T / A L b X «I : 5|SM; ^-IZW MA PA f flr", "or bin 2 on 1. W trade. Realtor 433-J117 Lots for Sate ~" 1030 H AVF ii 1 an"" VJ~A"o"t~or~i] omes . Will build on vour lol. FiiMntina Avall'iblr. Rcnsoiirtblo. i39 : l??3 f i LB-- R-2 corner iflxl IS. AHcv 510,250. Rllr. GA 3-54M iOxi« ATI ANTIC Avc. Nr. M Mary's hotp. toOOi)ll HE 6-/002 Owner Investor will subordinate DUr«.hKe Of J.?S' ft. toti tO Q'J^ll- f't'i i),Jifv. Colorado Ultimo ·irea. Long Beoth. Choice Ocean View Lot owner R?-42"2 X US'-- S. allCV. 43V/ LivmQSton Dr. -- 433-W R-? ?0 * auurox tw will subor. Will tke ?/ units, BolsJ Chica RJ fron- ! t.ige overlooVing H. Haroour ' 593-0541 WEUS Really -.JQ4026' ? UloiCE rVsfdential tots In center ol Ltwd. By owner. W30-36 Loom is. fAE 3-1491; HA 5-W57. 1 K 4 50x130, built 3-10 units. 130 ft. ot alley on vide, nr. dOA'nlo/jo. 115.000. 5V6-W6/ ALAMITOS Hgts nr shopping i ooli W3-17/3 Bkf. Lots Wanted 1035! RTTcTs" FO~R~BU fLOb RS Older houses O.K.- Bfrtinonl Ranches Acreage 1045 YUCCA~"vSTirv. ia lown "rarichTlo fl-. . stone hse.. u^u^ duulex. Hwv. fi-ii. S20.000. ALSO 0 .ures on ; f.*.f"3, a stcdl i/i". per at " INI r«i:ftn'6tiA"i~AiRj*oRt " n Pai.ndai!;, v.'ilj be world.':* lara est 2'/? Acs, low as 4300 dn. Buy f : RCi: l(iige inao of Sfln DifdO '. tovintv Ivid brociiui'e. Gar*if-» ' f.state, corner H.vv. 39i ,'6, i^v,iv, luiiv cauiorcd. nr-.v liouif, 160 ACRES~v.~ii:rn(?/.' '4 " BR"ho*j«,e! Northern Calit. 8',S-CS53. £W;6m _ 'pin'f Jrcts/CoVir/ Rfi.i. 'UTilint'' Mountain Desert 1050 _JfOR. SALEJ _ · LAKE ISABELLA vour own niobi'e nonsf in. flis.i liome sitei. 50-J v.!s ':'cin !oVc. Cmie to slionui'Ki coi,:n. Mr.!^ ^ ' Couniv tinpioven Lois 0:1 tiii ; . s;iic oi voll.-v v.nn h ii/ts ue.iu: lul view ol Kc;n Cuitnlv VuHe/ f o r information A IILOUS v/ritr P.O. po.-: 53, Isabella, Calif. 93JM or call (71-1) 379-26-1S $'l9.5W! motclctli- on liiKc/RtnldK Loir, ie^i UP. Citiins w.CfOO UD L.Sl nuip. CAROLYN COOKC l?13) 631-3/J5; 1/14) R6o n4Rt S A~ fir "Heine) secluded rurlc.iv/--.v . ; iJOU' cl. v.-aier, I'C't",, deer, n-j^i S'.IOO. S5S Un 7H-633-7/10 iul 8-10 w.iy !^*ll 01 tnrtr lor TD or rum- iv in loe il iiroperiv- Heis Rllv 9 lo 1? ;!in Wl-St* 1 ? .U A C R L b S7C1X1. Victor C. Wood Real lor, J2/50 hv."/ IS, Lucerne Valley. 71 J 1 13-7212 213-8E6-2S27 ~ drrnrss 59500, 580 'mo. P.O. I3ox 2f-06 Fullerton for nidij piciure. HIGH ilr-sf-rt Hrsporia, ? acres, Cash or terms 596 1792 eve? 29 PALMS-- 5 ac. Near 29 Palms Cemclcrv. S875 43-2i/0 PERRIS Vdllev lot. mobile home Cribnn.i. util. in. 3Afi-5fi70 T: ACRES NewBcrry. Old Hv/v on Freemont Roari. S3000 Jit-Eflflfi Out-of-Town 1060 ( P R O P E R T Y ) ft » LEVEL ACRES S5400 F.P. ft Rpfwn. Chico ?. Red Rlufl, ?'/· nil. down town Cornina, In irriq. v/dter dist. Grrnt investmrnt. $5(10 rin. Owner -1721 Laurel Canvon Blvd., Suite 103, Mo. Hollvv/ood (213) S77-1391 or 377 6609 res. iMti ?Dli -5;\L£ All Areas 1 070 LOW INTEREST SMALL EQUITY Rcnuliiul uai lifted 1 bedroom am cieii home v.'ilii lireil.n.o, Hard- \vuod Hours A double ntl.iLhed on- raoc. Onlv ^J./.OO dcnvri lo lov/ m Icrnst FHA. Call -:2? 592-1, open '"WALKER LEE Inc. F'STITE PLEASER! A bparMirig rlpan 3 bedroom Iiomc wi'h Unor knotty pine kilclien. Suollfss soU cornetiiit] R dra»rric i f. rrtras y.i lore! Priced at lust S2fl,5W willi n Ice 5 3 ''i FHA loan you i_rin teiV*? over with SOMIP cash save S35 a month over present FHA Icon rtifli-ocs! MR. WIST: ElUYhR-IN VEST1GA1E THIS!! AETNA, GE 0-1089. ACROSS tne street from Long Beach Stale College, charming 3 Bdrm, 7 bain, family room, on a corner lot, spo- cially ddaaled for Trailer or boat storage. Nothino down to veler- John Read Rlty HA l-l 761 RENT BEATERS Pirk up 113,000 f-HA loan Whv accumulate rent iccuiptv? lor .2000 dov;n you can buv this 3 Bcirni, i 1 '- bo. home w-'builtliis. new L-aruL'l P. n kino S7 y.irfl. JOHN READ Rlty W s Spring Oucn Eves HA 1-1751 VACANT CUSTO.V,l7f D '.' nDKi'A ?. f ' A f l - blED DEH v; Open Be.iin Ceilini. XV '/,' int. Rrii-k frplc, dishv/'-lv . 1 IK losed D-tlio. Owner v.-ill dull) v/iil'i Irnanr.iin WOULD REALTY HA 5-74?6 4 BEDROOMS 2 BATHS SUl Pavmt^ include ln-:or, II v^u .is^u-iic e\i^ti:ia 5' j FHA In. ol ^16.350 1! v o u are a Vci iclinancs v-ith no flov/ii ;i-ivmt. Forced -iir heat 2 car udi.Kte. Gtll for more mfociiMfion-- 430-7WJ. nnen eves. WALKER LEE, Inc. 2 ON 1 $100 DOWN io anyone. Lovclv 1 bedroom home -.viifi 1 bed icntdl. Tilerl baths, hirap Irnced vard, oanelcd alotni- num sldlnns. For only $19,950. Cail 576-4J93. HEART OF LAKEWOOD 3 BR., 2 1 ') baths, over 2.700 so. ft.. l'i jcres, zoned for horses. Homn cost over SEOOCO fo build. SEE THIS MOS1 elegant home now. Homo f P* acres onlv S69.SOO. Jim Hifltt/Alrx 591 -^.W: 424 31-W VALUE CONSCIOUS -- 2 Lois, 2- br., 2-CtU q ( ii. -- oasv to built! on tn. v;illi small dn. D.ivmt. take over oxistimi FHA lonn, p,wmts. of «118 nor mo , total price Sl'^.500. DIAMOND RLTY. 213-578 ?314; 71-1-- 63S-538J. VA REPOSSESSIONS ?. A 4 nr. homes. All areas low dn No loan fees. Anyone mialines but priority fo Viohiam Vets. I AKEWOOD HOUSING CORP .·.21-3376 5-164 Del Amo R6A-3/M "OBTAIN PFRSOHALIZED SERVICE AT ANCHOR REALTY now E. Broadway -1340302 2 BR nr. beach. 127 RnvrroM. l mmrd. occuonncV- 125.500 or trade lor land near Vistd or Carlsbad. $5,000 dn , teims. 43V6?:3 BOY ITS BIGf-"2"BDRM." C.iiDets, Incd. vrl-, vacant, move rmlit m, no dov;n pynit. S16.950. FOREMOST REALTY IAF. J-30^3 " MR'. fntJG RFACH F R E E W A Y ; ijrs 1'* batlib. micbt hie., ti.'c- ol.irc, v: ·.'.: FHA or VA 1 I S T T R Rltv. nnvtinie -iJi-i'.aA hUR PfRSONALIZED SERVICE EQUITY BROKERS 1046 Redortdo Realtors 434-6731 Lflkcwood Plazd, 3 bedrooms, beautiful laran covered oatto, trncctl hacKvard. 6103 Roscbay St. 421-B035. V A C A N T C L O V E R PK. 3-BR, 2 ba. Fi-rol., Ige lot. «0,5DO FMA or Vet Lnris-on Lott - GE 1-1200 Sell of li'ride lor local nroo. or ID. LARGE stucco 1-br., small dov/n. Pawm'l loss than rent. 433-0741 Gl SPECIALIST-- NO DOWN Wvnns, 530/ Atlantic Ave. 428-4643 4142 GAV10TA-S22.500 Call Riverside (714) 68A-7402 WRIGI F.Y Estate Sole, 2 Br, V1W Fucalvotus 591-3158 for anpi Aiamitos Bay, 1075 Naples Islands 3 BR. GARAGE A P T - MUNT7 R E A L T Y Gr 92161 ' MOVE!! 3 DR. IRY S?00 DM! | Bit in-.! Clfan! S?6, ( 500. Owen j R H X HODGES CO. I3M7S1 Artesla ~" 1085 NEW LISTING ·( Flf?. !·'» BA, lulwd HOOfs, c-ir- nots, dr,n;cs; l ( ic rear liv Rm. ili'l inn olass doors to p-lt«f. S?l,vCO. j Assume 5 r .n loan. I CUTE 1 Co/v 3 RR on Ixg Ml lot Ownrr vill finance ,ll 571 Mo. 512,500 FP SEEKING QUALITY See tins custom bll Ranch style home in rholrr Arlesia location Priced lo sell al 535,000. Artcsia-Ccrritos Rcaliy 865-9566 HOMES FOR SALE , HOMES FOR SALE R*llllMMr«v 1090 FntKiri* I1SS R-3 1M85 corner lol. $3X0 doAi. vim fr will iuboiai'ia!e io tonvtrucl.o'i · '°" : ' NO DOWN Gl 2 txtirocni honip, h'.lwd !lfi. "(··/ rainl iisvidc oyt. Onl/ imiwunus I A co^t 1 ,, aukt; Doisession v/tici i gualilinl. »I6,'». DELUXE 3 bedroom honif witn o'jest Jto^^e ; tool on '. acre. Price tcduced . lo SS6.5M Will llndc! PARKER REALTY \'Ml Beimower Elvd . GeNI". , TO 6-5513 -- TO 7-3517 ! fl'f V0','r, it v?7 ili t 'J":'* 1'" ' itJ,/CO V*% FHA Joan, i -HO" t o - ' ner lol with lols of unvHcy. Room i tor kW MfKing. Lnvpl/ 2 t-ed 1 rooiri plus (ozv den li.vdA'Qcd floors, snmqle root, lovciv land i MoDinq. You Vet may /cfmaine . v.-uh no down n.iyntcni. Call to · tiec information -:iO /5i4, oycn '_ 'WALKER LEE. inc. : f ! HbRSE~LOVERS ! ! : lol tv4v.i-4 it-ilt batn. I.v..k · icom. Cus-om buill l l ,00 '.';.-(!. 2 BR. hsnip. F.\ an cawi.. clr" ! tpntp.-l OiVly «V,7LfASulmil vo" leims 1 RAPHAEL. RJUS -- M A 9 S 9 I / : 22 x 33 GARAGE l.o.elv 3!;t. Gold medallion l.o.i'.e. .001 A oxlris! 418,'Af). : MINKS tiff VA-yU]: c 34 35?4 ' Belmont Heights 1095 New Listings j BR., 2 b.t'n. Fift'tJl'ite Too of (Its. 18.'iOO-Irrm;. N«jr i V.'ihon Ml. 3BR. I'.j BATH. ; CLYDE S. 'flRO'.YN. RltV. 432-260Q TAKE KEY SEE" Our T Roilrni , cir:i riioli'.n 1 11,11101 (nil ~ ' '101*1 Ol ROOV. Drive Iv/ 4^41 C. Bdv.v. Call MABRY Rllv. GESi/S? G? 3 3WI ; "EXECUTIVE CLASS f'f" Sliaro! Snacious 7".'i loan. Fv arnt. ?65 Ximcno AMC. O/.-e:! REX HODGES CO. 437 1251 "SWISS CHALET "NR. 2ND ST.! " Secluded slucto. Slt,900. Owen Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 ? RLDR.M, until! lot o:ilv ^la/.UO. Mr. ' bus. ".fhool, thurcli 6 inntkrt K'Al.PM C A R Y R E A L T Y J?;i ISIR 1 Hlbtl on o lull." .{ Sty. W.i'lK to'Low rll, Rotier Wilson ftioh. MADEIRA R E A L T Y (-F Mj;'Ji ' 261 QUlNCY'Y'pR, iJrnV'ili'Gm!" A N D R T W S P E A L T Y 433?'.'iJ HO.ME ?. Income, owner. 9 AAA lo S PM. 43Q-6S5/ BEL. HEIGHTS. J' den." 66xl3STMR"4 for int.. TD's. Land. HE ?-3427 nnt. S17./50 Buys tjood 2-BR. stucco. 31S Argoinw Ave. 439-37S3 Gl NO DN. 3~Br". i-ba. vnv c'rns., S?3,000. VVni^ R:!v 4?l-3?33; .'.W-9L'6! NICE nlfler ? BR 1 ba. home R-4 ; cor. lot, B v owner. _270i_E..__3!_d : _ _ _ j BeTmont Park 11 00 : 3 BR., ftim. rm. 3 3 4 t).i . crnts, p-itm TWA S T E V E N S KLTY GE 8 117,' | Belmont Shore 1105 2-BR. NR. BEACH, 523,750. Bixby Area 1110 Lovelv home. I 3 * bntlt. Nicest den vou'll find. Firepl. Carnct. draoes. //lore! Lois U'i tell you more. HOWARD B U T L E R , REALTOR 6176 ATI. AN 1IC AVb. GA 3-M78 nl. nice vd. Gl nr FHA orGil Vrt fin. Don Rrisiov/. 426-7779 "Fruit trees." SVI-/JOB of Icr 4 weekddvs BIXBY'KNOLLS'REALTY .:w-a5?:t Bixby Knolls 1115 Sell, Trade Up or Down 'j vi old. ? storv homr, 4 Bdrm. den f. l.imilv nn. 3 bnths, over 3000 ".U If, lit'^terl uool. corner lol. y.9.:00. Owner will hcio linnnce. Consider inirtll home tis n^it do-Aii iMvmrnt or trfldc SJS.COfl eauMv lor 16 to Z'J will located unit^. John Read Rlty HA 5-64 1 6 FOR vile or Itvisr brfiut. rm. ' home, 2500 so. ft. fireolacci tit. 42-3SW FOR BEST R E S U L T S RE"G DUPUY R t A L l Y California Heighfs 1120 BY OWNER! ? Brs.. w'w crnl. -i- rlr,Trir"i. iull R'2 lot. Gl or FHA ok or Owner will fin. w/Sl.500 dn. Only SI/,500. 424-3144 Pnre $93,500 Will G.I. Ed Re.iltv 599-3358 Carson Park 1125 VACANT Quick DOsSGbsion. Onlv S21,900. 3- Bednn. "H" model. 1700 sn. M Ciirnctb, dranes. lo\veit onccd home in the droa. Hurrv call . . MULLEN REALTY HA I i7?6 eves: HA 9 1076 2 3 8 1 Ros»ell open 1-5 Vri v shiHp 2 Bcd.ouin.. dclii' h. riimpus room, remodeled thruouf. Bo.iuttfrjl VV \V cph. drones. Thib ii H BEAUTY! ANDRCWS R T A L T Y 43G Wf NR.""HFARTIVELL Goif cnursc."-i br. 1 ha. Huge fam. r with Irnlt. del. «ar. S37.500 terni-j. FORFMOST R E A L T Y ME -1-3055 Cerntos 1127 Builders Repossession Mommolh ? -slory homo with ffl- thedrtil ceilmas. Tins house hiis 2300 sci. fl. living orc.i \vith c t ir- Dnts, drdoes. Prilio, fcncino. lols of decoralor wailoaoer, wcl twi HIH! too mrtnv other extras to mrnlion. Never lived in. Locnlcd in Cilv of Cerritos. Shown by duoointment only. Call Mr. Dimlao 714-3J?-212I. Owner trdnsferred-- must sell elr- qnnt 1 story, 4 br. f- tamilv rm. home, 2iOO s.q. ft. of luxurv! 3 baths, compl c-iroeted. draned, 1 vr. old. Underprlced, assume s?a,000 loan al 6°« int. TIFFAWY R E A L T Y B65-3/88 Circle Area 1128 ""FIXER'UPPER LEASE PURCHASE f-Unlil atlcr orobflte ,it £l?5 v/ith iSO (H?r nanth towards uurdiasc pii.e. Needs o-Tnl clcaninq. Lot 115' deep. 2-Bcdnn. with dble. itiilir_hcd Otiriige. Open Lvcs. John Read Rlty HA 5-64 16 SMALL rest home," Yum ~ Present (tie $350. AHet down nnviiirnl the rest on 6-- mtereil. 14-11 Ximcno Ave. 438-W19 2381 ROSWF1 1 7-FiR A beniitv! ANtJRhWS f!EALJY f3B_993! City College Area 1130 DOLL HOUSE Honeymoon (.olltiac -- 2- Bdrm. lovrlv huae cov'd mtio, nnr- ted for outdoor cnteminiriu, linhl A litinlit kiltiicn, double oar.iti'-. Onlv S'JO.SflO ni.iker, th.r. Use best buy in lown ! ! Gill 421-94A1. WALKER LEE, INC. Dominguez 1140 2726 HARRISON 2 Bcdrms., lamilv-si?c kitchen. VV- W cnroctina. Room lo build. Flcxi- b'e term;,. Only 516,500. ELMFR GOSS -- 411-IW VIKING REALTY - .126-6184 ba., bit-ins. Ciirnct. dmocs. $3.1 ,000. S6000dn. BBB GA 3-0965 Downtown 1150 EXCITING Furnished ^ RR Hse 3 Eastsidc 1155 NEAR 4th CHERRY ? houses on toe. lol-$27,TO. fflll Ruth SMIev eves. Gfc 93709 DEGLEY 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 IBlfi Flor'dci, 3-Br., new nmnt net, little vnnl worK. Nr. Bixbv ! Pk., 118,750. Also 430 Rose Avc.. 3 den, nuiierdl rioliK. verv nicr. Hv owner. .136 0164; -13? f29.} i Ci.EAN"" 5 Br , ?"b.i. "Ni 1 ." -t'lh St" I T r v S9M dn. S7fi,9M. Owen Rox Hodges Co. 437-I25I T [\K , nr schools A [twirls. /44 .Si. Louis Ave Owner M3.7dC.O. I 7 HOUSES-KIM OHIO- 1(1' · dn. j S19.1DO. Owner .J.14-4-1BS; 43.1-5952 OUPLEX Home. Tervinh nnv-nf . Art 'Alex 591-.S674 920 1254 We'll Help You Write Ads for Quick Results HE 2-5959 First Time On Market! Lovflv V.650 50 ft. duolex. Bill bv Diumber m '3S. Lye. wksJioo, w/279 wring. 4 oar. - '.to. Idrv .erner-t vd. A i Jot home ; income or hjmc * tusincsi- Will trade fer 7 si(.'e dome Jim Hiaft/Alex 591-5674 42-1 31 U NEAR L.B. BLVD. 131^ S 47 1 inde:i~? Ho-jsei. 1 Lol. $!/.£« F.P. Drive bv. Sto* D L G L F Y ^OOL.B.BIvd. HE « ?/! El Dorado Pork 1160 L£POE 5Pf-(T t.r i /EL '-Bf. 3 IM!!IS. CtAf.'l FAMILY KtA. (ul!/ .nr corvJ. Trc new vfC'-on m 51"- 9COJS El Dcr.^ Pk EU. PRICF Sls.9iO KC//1 ,^- 6i'iig.Ssriiw"* e ' '" 'ifA'.'^ 1 .' ardena 1165 KOSCRANS' PAHk" 2 Brs. - 1 B-iiii · to/ered i\»i-o - drtD v.'.v C'Trootini. -i'.tfr Realty dnytimv 4?S-y?^ Lgkewood~Area 1 175 CLOSE TO LAKEWOOD SHOPPING (OverC'J u.irio. CR icnct. A Cory i clo.i:! hcir.c. II5TF.D ttt.,'10. SUBMIT John Road Rlty 425-6416 2""Den~$2T950" NEAR L A K E W O O D HIGH Buiii ins, Ceiri'eij, orapei, co^. IM- i."-. niic COi^dilio'i in out. Gu(;.1 FHA 01 10% dn cov. ;/,usi Til soon. Quick uo^essinn John Read Rlty HA 5-64 16 Walk "To "Ucwd Center 4 Beurmi., f, D.iths, l.irac Hkncn \v od ciibinet'.. L ivmq room .vitn f.'ei-trHD new WAV carpet. Cov'd iwiio. Clrr.n R jhai n th'uout. 01 o-- F H A Ipimi. Cnll '"''ELLI'S-SCHRADER 5'li L.ikewood RI-/.1. MF 3 ' ^ i i ONE IN A MILLION! You can't heal this nonr-ncw ") Rrirm, family rm. }'.? bdths, 2-Mo rv willi buill-m fflnne S ovt-n. fur nlace. loniDlrtPlv carpeted f. ,111 lor 570.303-- HURRY ON THil °" E ELLIS-SCHRADER 7651 Brtlflowcr Blvd. HA 1 ?-Si | l'1 CONVENIENT! lor Oad lo mirk his hoof or tinilrr . motltMi kitchen for mom. J Orlnn-. - Hire vi nl for tlic knii. Clo^r m Ldkewood Center o;i a chair P turner lot. Only $?3.7iO John Read Rlfy HA I-I76I 63-15 SPrintj Oc.?n Fvr^ 2-Br. Family Rm. $19,500 Ol or Submit vour terms. AA.ivfmr Hi iirc-i. fjirc ?-BP. Howl. C*ii»ct Tile. Ohle oar. HURRY on tln\ one JOHN '.V. RFFD. RET,M TOR ·iOl E. Mk-t. GA i-/93l; eve GA "Used Brick Beauty""" 3 A family rm with lireplacr S. Ptitieling, I big bdrm { M x l / J PC modeled kitchen with built ini, FHA valuation S27.I50 JOHN READ Rlty 631! SPRING Oocn Eves HA 1 i;M CLEAN SHARP 3 Bflrm, ncv/lv redccoroted, \vnlt io shonniny on a lovrly Quid street. Only S?I,SOO John Redd Rlty HA 1-1761 i3-l5 Swing Open t-\-r\ Divorce Forces Sale BFAUriFUL TRI-LEVEL HOMES ?-4 Brs., 2 bilths. bit in v/et b,ir ALL HAVE OLX C R T S A B t f A U - lirUL LANDSCAPING willi ci"- d?r block walls. I-ROWl 51^.9'.n 3 Br, Knotty Pine Den F-irenlocc, brcnkfflit h^r. nk-, n-if. urtrl wood cabinets, new c,irnet%. Uriiuci. ^liarn inside' LAKEWOOD HOUSING CORP LK'.VD Mutual. . . "F" mofiel no -Hn Gl o. FHA terms OR lake over .Vi T j loan at total mo uewnt cf S'.i?, excel area, nr oolf rours^ ownrr will oaint S. cle^n uD--brf- ter horiv. -.von 1 1 lest ll-.e wreKentl 1 Larwin Really, -130-03Z7 WHY RENT? Sh^ro ? br. w/ crot, dblp del o-ir Condor blk. fence, large kitcii h"St flrcn, owner anxious. J1POCO Gl or FHA flPFANY REALTY S66 37SS Lo\v5'/ 2 % FHA Interest" No Qualifying, owner v/ill heln finance. 3 Br., v/-w g, draoos. Vacant March 1. Near all schools LAKEWOOD HOUSING CORP. 421-8876 5464 Del Amo 866-3734 CAL VET SPECIAL irv S10GO cash lo a new max. Lai Vrt loan on this 3 BR home w. hdv/d floors a dble oar, caw to riualiiv. L3rwm Reoltv 4M-03?? OPEN TIL SOLD 2^02 5ILVA 3-BR. Many Extms. Nr. Del Amo Paramount. CAL K L 1 Y .121-94.11 Eves Bob Brown 425-0255 NEW LISTING ? br. fi, fam. rm. 1550 sq M. ? h.i., re; nod. hitch. Indirect liahtinu. nat. rabs. imniac., extras oalorr. BLAKO R L I Y 4?',-M71 B670=0fi 3503 Chatwin Open 1-5 5-BR. Alum, natio A 1 loe. Sell Gl or FMA. Asking 5??, 500. Rex L Hodges GA 2-1257 $20,950 3 br. nr. Mav To., ww cnits C'crin 8. "-harp! FMA/GI. NEYI.AN R E A L T Y 866-7911 IMAGINE THIS! Sharp remodeled 3 Br for only 521.VUO! No Down Gl. HURRY 1 John Read Rlty HA 1-175! "FHA~5%% FINANCING" 3 Br. Cor. Mutual. Owner will h"ln finance. Exibfinp FHA 1st TD. BURDGE REALTY 597-7JX! WALK TO DOUGLAS 2-Bdrms with w w i drancs, nitn fenced yard. Only 10°'o down. ROBBINS R E A L T Y 473-3W Calif Ranrh "style, needs work btif a terrltic buv on new 1 HA or C-l al S20.700 Rllr 865.9566. 5122 Levelslde Sharp Sbaro 2-Rr., lovrlv private yd., na'- tio. Dumalski Rllv. 633-0?05 ·f br. v/ith heated R fillrred pool, FHA or no down Gl, Ml ,00(1 F.P. FORFAAOST REALTY ME J-305.3' BRS. Siieciofrry S20.000 G""|.' MABRY COOK 43005?! 3-nR.. natio" newlv painrcd"in~ on!. Close to LKwd. Hi shoonino cm Ifr -173-4558 or 421-7330 A RLAL huv! 3-HR, ?-hn. Cpts, n-v tio. Bin lol. Good location. 2 STORY, 4-BR.. POOL 8A5-937-1 N0~ Of J Gl 3 Ueii, l»*~iBHii7 S22,9iO. Nr Mav Co. A3-J 3-CO VIKI'NG" REALTY - 42i-swf 4158 V/OODRLITF {flt Carson) FHA 3Br., P 4 haltr,, huiltms, I25M Blvinv St. or__rrill .S9S-3M9 J BR. 2 batiis, lani'ilv rm. Oprn Rv owner 2727 Yearlincj ME 0-6034 WILL ouarantce sale of vour Inmo JOE WARREN Rcnltv Gb 0-1033 Lakewood Country 1180 Club Estates LUXURIOUS MANSION facing ootf course. -1-Bedrni!., .1- hrtlhv Annro. 3,000 sq tt. AHDRbWS REALTY .UB-^M Lakewood Plaza 1185 Has io be Sold says oul of itate ownrr. Rcdcc. "BR.. 2 bdth, bit-ins,. Firepl. Hea*. rd. filterprf nnol *· sen. 18x2? rm. Asking $27,500 EZ fcrms. 421-B316 Bkr. 432-4253 Drive by 3026 Volk 3-BR. 8, DEM, Bit-in kitrh. Firrrd. F-\ heat. Carpeted A draped tbruont. Added v/orkshop for Da^. S2;,500. FlPxililr terms. RAY SHINN, Rltr. .W833ft3 OPFH house daily, reduced $1700 1 i br. ? ba. Hdwrt floors, llrepl. dil |,ith A plaster, excel neipn- borhnod S175. mo. total nrlut $400 Closing Costs to "Gl Pmsession on credit (ipproval : RR. 1 ho. Nr. srbnoK. CRV SW.SCO LORRH BROWN Rltv 421-3786 Only 3 fam. rm in Flaia Under $25,000. Quick uois. Lov/ down 421-94.11 Cfll Rllv 596-3665 RY owner, beautiful home, family rm., patio, 3 BR. (1-12x29) '/ hiilhsi trpl.f drp^. tliruout. Many extras. Call .121-5531 or .t?/-403B. 3 bedroom, la roe covered pnlm, tcnccri backyard, AlOEt Roseboy St. 471-8035. 421-9441 CAL Rltv -121-67M t

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