Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 29
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 29
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Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 H ' NOTICE TO - JCJH APPLICANTS Th« LONG BEACH INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM dots rot know ngiv accept help-wanted advertisements ficm tlrms covered by the Fcderni Wane-Hour Law. II they oiler less than the leca. minimum wane. II vou are cllered less by covered firms, or II vou have cues Ions concerning Ihls law 5? ot".w-viaoe-h:wr acllvllles ot th« U.S. Oenarlnient of Labor, ca'.l or w r i t e the dCDartrr.cnfi ocal olMo at 4IM AHoijIU^ Av*Electronics Assemblers Openings exist on bofh t h a f i r s t a n d s e c o n d shifts for qualified electronics b e n c h assemblers who have had at least one year recent experience. E m p l o y - ees will be required to assemble and s o l d e r electrical chassis, panels and cables. Jobs re- quirs ability to work from procedure books and w i r i n g diagrams and to submit own worV for inspection. All nua'.ified aop'icants w:il receive ccnydemticn Icr em- p ovment wi:nout recard ro race, creed, cclcr or r.anoral origin. Please apply in person at Employment Office 12214 Lakewood Blvd., Downey, California. Space and Information Systems Division North American Aviation I SANTA'S HELPERS ARE COM1HG TO TOV.N1 World's Laree-lt Tov Parly Plan WOST liberal O V E R W R I T E S MOST earned COMMISSION NO 1 BOND NO Deliveries NO Handling of Cash NO Investment DEMONSTRATE T O Y S Cn' t. Phone Hece.wrv nt«rvie*s In Lono Beech Julv 25 F, 'A , j Mrs. Bcrtine STi-all Willcn 1 o e] W R I T E TO: Santa's Hriwri Co. Clcvela-.d A. Oh'o 1 NEED SEVERAL YOUNG LADIES to merchandise aslo-jnrlinq new prodjct. Acs 21 10 J3. Ne^t ar.d aoaressive. $20 PER OAY WHILE TRAI'NINS AH Prinoe Br-netils FOR INTERVIEW SEE MR. MORGAN · 10 A.M. SHARP W ^^ruFr, to c H niv- B . " H A R B O R t EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 1 HI W.-OCEAN HE 2-8993 KEY nunch IBM tap. ... «j RAPID 'tvcist. U/35 '. V PAYROLL exo.. U/30 - . . 1}\ SECTY. U/."O, rxo'd -il L 3 T i V i 17 j i I 0 ' · s - DW! LOW! FEES :lecr". Assemb. (12) $2.3 vrs. exo. wiring, so'ciering. elr ^actory [obs $1-5 ''EMPUOYEES AG EN c S07 E. Alonrira Comole- TYPIST-CLERK Ace 21-W- Tvce 40 wpm c!us 1 vi-. General Ofllcc wnti r.umrrkal filing e«D. itg. Sta'l I»l. to «0 irn. Gccd Compdnv Beneiili! «RS. LANE CA «M " F-I-S-C-H-E-R EMPLOYMENT AGENCY - X E C . Setlv - H 1 BM vilriro exo. ^^ -LER«. PBX. car « JCR o.'oo! cpr., TO.T ^ . --/Oi \ GROCERY CASHIERS ) : We're aceent'ng 10 wcircanls 0 train for grocery checkers, Ed S «3 TO il-O a wfc. E-Z terms, At tra:n P8X reccot. to WOO m - . IBM kevcunch-E-irn i lo WOO m Moore Schocl. 245 E. 7lh HE 3-D? : Lakewood area GA 2-W i NcrvMlK. Arlesia HE 7-3 t rfl * 0 ,0 f 6 ? "j i M | Jl · 4 i 5 e "s *' to, i 4 I- ; r 5 r AHRELL PERSONNEL AGENCY Suits 411 Times Bing. HE 5-53 f»t«r Minded? Let us fr'e EXEC S7CNO . - ... -to W TAFFY'S DRESS SHOP IN BIXBY KNOL Needi c^oerier.ccd S^les Pers to sell our DfCilv dresses. Pleasar.! Workir.0 Cor.rt ion APPLY IN PERSON 4573 Atliniic Avt- L. PBX RECEPTIONIST Shaft Course-- Free Placemen CLASS NOW STARTING L. B. BUSINESS COLLEGE 404 L. E Blvd.. L B HEW Long Bea"cli~fema!ovment Ager.c IIS Pine Room 4'A HE 5-1 ^Wanted (Worn. J 24 He SERVICE ; REPRESENTATIVE IMMEDIATE OPENING TOP SALARY To laU ofd«n fcy telep^ionQ from our c u i t o m c r i for gAl MUST BE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE VACANCY COMPTON 5-day, 40-hour weeV, paid vacntioni And Widays. SictncH allowance dnd oilier fifngi benofiis. An equal opporiunify employer. APPLY Southern California Gas Co. 810 S. Flower Room 3 4 1 L.A. POLLY PRIEST EMPLOYMENT AGENCY - !ffl PINE AVE., 1- B 13. CAUK PHO!IE HE /-CM' SERVICE IS OUR PRODUCT CO. PAYS FEE Exec, secretary V*2! Teller trainee 5250 Exec, secretary $365 Stenographer... $300 File clerk (type) $250 - PBX (type) $275 Legal secretary $325 Biller (PBX] $275 Policy typist $260 Medical ins. clerk $300 + General office $235 Dictaphone opr $300 MORE JOBS AVAILABLE General Office National S a l e s 8. Service Orcan- rzalion rcajlrcs permanent s e r v ices nl esoe.'ienced woman in a Kc J auir : "m°"s C : C 'Assi!lanl bookkcep- nq, hie- s'lorrhmd. 50 '*pm m n - mim Ccrr.oany oilers hoso.'.il Ja- lion, Ir.sur.^ncc. profit sharing plan etc W.u5t be- mature-- use 7S In 40. For a emdSenlial Inlerviow HL 6£?is Mr. HPdrath VICTOR Adding Mach. Co. 1324 PINE AVE. Long Beach INSURANCE GENERAL CLERICAL MIMIW^rA AGP 21 t Excellent Salary j. B or.u s Cr Frc!it Shir".na i- He.* .V.cdern O»ic* ·fr Free Parking FaciJilici 5-dav, 33'i hr. vwV. 8:33 to 5 Loca'ert in bcauliiul Bixbv Knoll died of tJorlh icng Br^h General Insurance Co. ol America 1155 E. Ssn AfireniD Orive GA ;-0911 Mr. D A Y i S LADIES 40 + AND TALKATIVE We will pay for your UlL nq over trie phone in our pleas anr o f f f c c ^ doing «asy parl iirr.i survey worfc. For aro'l Call Mondav or Tuesday 9 A tVi TO It MOOM Mrs. Logan HE t- 1 5 S3 GENERAL OFFICE A c c u r a t e reNab'e, knowledo of addmo ma:h:nc, typing he P fu\ f. seDd handw.-idn^;. Coot Co. s-nol. tecncf;iL. f Aoslv in per "SHORE-CALNEVAR, INC. o 770t E. Condon, Paramo-Jn I WAITRESSES ° m LOCAL arxJ cut iao P^V ?; FRY coo'?. r/anv - - SAC-S75 wk 7j NO DeoosiJ. Feei 15% of HI rV" t; G'.VINN'S E.mplovmpnt Agenc- 70 316 Tim. Lor.g Beach. Ht 7-^3 STEVENS FMPLOYWENT AGENCY 21? E Ccmnton Blvd.. t',E 8519 B'cr, Full charge W3 37 TvO'st-t^Ilers. Manv . lo S3. NURSF " Civ Serv Era'ii, by L.B. Ac 21 -43 R'J f icens-. ex Der;».-ce nurse. Gtv res , dence rca^red. Drivers license - - UP TO $2.00 PER HOUR Scliolcrs canvassers TO 7-IK-l Botlilowc WILL so-ne fcir.d lady al'er clolhm (o: or.c dfflictcd wiih arthnli W r i f e Box t-10173 Ir.d. Pres r CARHOP i?9 far Gris r r.p«r's, -W At'.mt'c Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 Help Wanted (Wom,)_2^ WANTED FOR Z QD YS w fc^ i + LONG BEACH Department Heads and Experienced Men and Women for the following departments: ·Women's · Family Shoes Apparel * Infants' · Men's -Boys' · Toys · Domestics * Cosmetics · Linens * Sporting Goods · Cameras · Major · Hbusewares Appliances ·' Hardware · Jewelry Interviewing at Z O D Y S * Los Coyotes and Spring Daily 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. p Wanted (Worn.) 24 Ho SECRETARIES Personnel Purchasing Traffic Stafistical Clerk IBM Keypunch Operators II vou are voung, a-nbllieus, well rained . . . 11 vcu are a res'denl ol this Icca'.e . . · we win! to talk 10 vou. Thce posiHcns are In our Fullertcn General Office. HUNT FOODS Industries, Inc. 1740 W. Commonwealth Ave. FULLERTON TR 1-2100, Ext. 506 FRANKIE BARNHILL'S ALCO Employment. Agency ??1? Lona Beach Blvd. GA 7-7dlS F/C Bkpr CPA exp. SJW+ ,, + , Bkkcr. Med. exo " w Bkkor. Typing I'-cirl ok.) i»J Secretaries .. - to MW Typ 5. s. Aot. lor figures . 1330^- PBX Sr corrp ocr - 90 WK. WLrs n s -- Drs. o f f i c e s =3" AMI'LF PARKING PARTIAL LISTING Electronic Assemblers ATTENTION WOWGt! n'e acceptir.o 50 trances, aces 18-55. pr.or !3 Julv I4lh. Lornl electronic lirms need all v;e can- rd n. AoolY In person Krtav. New Lkwd location HA 9-l»fis ISM Atlantic. L.B. GA MJW J20S fc. Alonrtr.i, Comp. NE 9-0313 10M Rosccfjr.s, Bellflr. TO 7-27H be* o-jr ad class 22 IBM Kevpunch Opr. Terr.ocr.iry position with Port ol Los Angeles, San Pedro. (C v I bervice). S355 A'.o., 5 dav week. ?av shllt. Apolv Bl Room 412. Ssn Pedro Cilv Hall, 7th I Bt'flcon. X-RAY TECH Registered nr cliolblc for T«lstr«- tlon Xbt emolove bcrefUs, good starting salarv Rio Hcnda tlcs- pltfll 83CO Teieoraon Rd.. Dcw.TCY. TO 1-4761 TELEPHONE SOLICITORS Must be · xcaricnced. V/i'l pav ^ per lc,.d or pay per hcur D us co^imisiion. Anclv In oerscn · on.v. iO?6 PflCiiit: Avc. 1 P.m. to »0 p m. DRAPERY" SALES Exwrinite reccssary. Llbcra Con oanv benefits. Aoalv PARKER BROS- Ul E. Brco*.vav. 1 cna Bench Give hyno i, if necessarv. C a r e (or elderly cojale. 1 nurse- 5 days, 1 for 2 cJ-ws. Pr.vaie rc^fn. na laundfV- SB per day. G A i - W l f l or GA 2-9?65 COSMETICS LADY Drua or tkat. store c u p e r . or. v^ ar ^-T^STF'^SS CLERK-TYPIST Ovrn ortice. Bypcricr.t:"d. Si arv crxn. Co--ncrinv b e n e f i t s . Mu^t h.ivc own transport.! t.on. Soulh G«1e a r c s . TOaai 1-220S TYPIST Excer'cnrcHd IBM electric. Acni- rncv a must. Comn.iny tencliis. /.'ust have c*n tf niitx3.-!rtt en. 5j- v i fi.ite lire*. TOna? 1-7205 LOCKER CLUB CLERK 25 'o 40 y e a r s . Must be permanerk . Ab'a to wark any shift. Apply "TYPTST-PBX RECEPTIONIST / A m m u m ? y e a r s . excQnence. Under 30. For manufaclurinu concern in North Long Beach. B Assemblers. elcrVronicIlV Jl.»jr- CO?APTON Employment Ag-ncy 71? SO L. B. Blvd. NE 1-11/3 TYPISTS" Home addressing, apply tvced teller flivlna ? rcfs-. ie'« no. fe'JU'Tft^T"^*!:^ DIRECT icll r r.g or parlv olrvi c j o tdn cjalifv vcu dr once for BONUS PERCENTAGE iirned FMCORES -- Jcwclrv -- Toys GaJCClS ME 2.89M._WA_3.1«7._ V;OMAri. Vxoer., for" photic pieien tation work. In vcur home. Senior cir^efi, medico' care prosrArn L A H A HE7-U34. ask for Mr Frcetf' and. ncc. Forn. apt. Cnlc "?£,. ^ .» Adults. No Mts. APPly ONLY 3 la 6 n rn Monday. «03 E. 7ifi w;«e Bros TToO'SE" KBEPER 7:30 to 7:30 P-M 5 or «Javs wit. Preaar* supccr Fnm'ly of -*. Prefer m d accd while viarnin. Belmcnt nil Gt ^-95S4 eve*. 1 OPENING Reg:stercd Nurse lo BelHIO'.vcr Medical Grouo. No n le or 5u-.dsy v/ork. PH. rV^i- Harrp- 3 HOUSEKFEPER far man i srna i boy Board, rm. K. small salarv ' or will live In VOLT home. tJE - ?-lS29. _ _ _ . MERCURY' PKoro, soso tone HHUSF KEEPER, Scandinavian n German nref. Live :.n. Pr.v rm M-jsf drive. No srroV np. VVril HOUSLTKEnPER. Live-m Driv. rm r m-jii drive. Ho smokmj. V-'nIe Bo g P-3?iS Indea.-Prcss rclegram. - BAfTK~S1cno ClerK -- Expcricnrcd Security l i r s t Nations Bank 6351 E. Sorirp, L.B. HA 1-37i- counter. A c o l y Paul s F-ounia.n 3COO Bellflowcr BlvtJ , L,B. sal,irv. Live in. Exaeclant rrvolhc O.K. Life duties. GA 3-65CM. | S r L K FINISHER. QualitV work slead/ 8rcv/n!c Cleanrra. 1172 E 1 Ward law Rd. GA 4-3340. BOOKKEEPER, experienced, med ; cat office. Ace i/ntfer 4d. Lcc. refererces necesiarv. HE 6-]Jj EXCELLENT OPPORTUHHY fa e*o s^ieiMd,,'. Jars Sporfswc,! . 1S31 Bellfrower Blvd., Bell f. \ Help Wanted t Worn.) 2 FITTER Experienced for High Grade · Women's Apparel Permanent Job ! 40-Hr. Week. Good Pay t Other Benefit! Buffums 1 Dept. Store Pine at Broadway HE 6-9841 1 Personnel Offic» p Wanted (Worn.) 24 Hcl Steno ^ Secretary Exc« lent ocrxirru.iirv (or experienced personnel. Pay According 1a bnckcrounrj. Prc!cr o.rls Frons » 1o 45. Alr-cor.Jl1 Toned o f f i c e s . En- 0 nee-ring aacKoro'jr.d nre- fcrmd Bui not rcaulrcd. Ci1 icnshlp and own Iran*; porlaToo necessary. Fu.l company bcncFMs. All qua ilfed flspt'cnifs will receive consider a t"or\ tcr fmntovrr.ent wirhou* t c o a r d to race, creed, color or national origin. APPLY IN PERSON Harvey Aluminum 9330 5 Western Ave., Torrnnrc P 5-2l»l or FAIrfax 8-0640 X 314 NEED 5 TELEPHONE SOLICITORS TO WORK AT HOME ON CIRCULATION DRIVE WRITE 1 MONTH ORDERS We Furnish Non-Subs Lisli TOP COMMISSIONS CONTESTS PRIZES GALORE Call dt 302 E. ANAHEIM, RM. 2 ASSISTANT MANAGER FOR LADIES APPAREL SHOP Experience essential Soterdld oaporlunitY for vigorous becoming slore manaaer, Gcoo lartr.g »la.v. ppl y LERNER'S Bl PISE AVE. LONG BEACH MEDICAL PLACEMENT COUNSELOR Want to chance your orofcsslon? We have a position o c c n in cor ^cniy for a medical course or. It ycu know medical tcrrrologv. ch clii5iflcalicni, can flcceot a challenge and work 5 days cer v,e-k from E:30 to 5 P.m., we wil! rain YOU for a very perim- Bane HE 7M31. CALDWELL PESOS N EL AGENCY NCR OPERATOR Trucking Company h^ Immed-a e nia^i r.e BcoWcccer-- Wusl be 1a- 1 rr, har with all« nl Poking 1 coerallcns. 4Q hour week. ^325 lo j SOUTHERN TANK LINES 1W13 HrVmesoM Ave. Paramount 1 blk casF of Garfie!(* 1 blk. scuth o( J a c k s o n iVO~MAN~WHO 'CATj DRIVE . . . If yfvu v/ould enjoy v;crltlng 3 or 4 rKiur;. a day cal' rccula/ y . cac^i rr.cnfh en * gio'jp ol Stuaio I 1 Girl CciineiiL cllcnls en a 'cu!c to b5 esia^lishcd in and a r o _ n J .cng Beach, ind are will 13 make lichi del-.verfes. rtr , V//-HE to STUDIO GIRL COS.ViET Ci. Dent- JYD-4, Gle-.da'e, Califcrnin Roble vjili pav up to 15.00 per hcur. GIRLS MODELING as a C A R E E R . A' 1 agci, Bl» dcmaiKl ior maiure wcme-T In exciiina glamorous lip!ti. Excellent cav In TV COMMbK- C1ALS. FASHIO1I5 PHOTOGRAPHY If qua'ifled. vou will be : trained 1 by itSff of TOP E X P E R T S on \Vest CoRSl. Graduates p nred Wilh AGENCY. Call for FREE: mcrfc Ing analysis. Limited Hours 10-10. GA 4-ES7I. NURSES R e o ^ l r r e d In Catlr. (or DosHior.s in oeriafrics In Lcng BCr\ch HOSP. r-3 exacr. rejulred. Sal. iJ17 Borus for night w a r k . ADB!V c ef J ;jr.n e 1 o f f i c e , 1 Los Anoele^ Ccunfv Lena i Reich Hcso : .rai. 2i?7 RP- ospdo, Lcng Beach. Tel: GA 7-99 SI. EXP7 WAITRESS FAST NLAT. OVER 31. NIGHT SHIFT APPLY IN PERSON ONLY. JIM'S DRIVE IN. ·fiOO Er. Jr.rJ NEED CASH TaVc order j fcr ladies, men. children's e c c a r e U hoiicrv, rree lamnlr^. \Vritc Real Sl'.k. 305 So. V/esrern Avc.. L.A. 4 CASHIER Exp*r. resf-urant food checkpr- taihicr Fcr pcrmar.ent pcb t on. t, davs week incl. Saturday R Sundav 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. CALL THE; CAPTAIN'S INN GF 8 W36 for 3BPl. 10 GIRLS AGE 18-30 Pnyiica'.ly fit. rV.enldllv ^tert. Sfradv 3i hour week,. Experience urrf-.t-ces^arv. Aboul S3J9 hourly. Aup'.v A to 7:30 D.m. only f'nl Lona Beach Blvd. GFN OFFICE WORKER lor or Z . c r l ofc. /.'.ust r-.,ive II. bkpg. a recent sm. trfo Co. ofc. exo. Ace 32 TO 42. Top PVW. Call Mr. S:hmltlt, SP 5 339i. Torrance. WAlf'RFSS Wa n 'ed applv \~fMl Bellf lower Blvd., Relmower. Help Wonted (Men) 26 FRANKIE BARNHLLL'S ALCO EMPLOYMENT AGENCY «19 Lcng Beach Blvd. GA ;-7ilS Chemists- Many - . · -Tcci Cos' ClerV. 2 vrs. cell, acctg sava E crl. Engr ~. - f*j.^ Wcch. Engr.-Colleoe .SMO Machine designer ,, S6M Como'jter, 3 vrs coir. m3 'JV 5 wh ElectrcnYc "tedti.-- 3 yr* exo ^ tranS " PARTIAL" LISTING AMPLE PARKING SERVICE s1dii.n. Full time work Gcod salesman. Lufcc work arn] 1 ghT mcch. Loc. refs. rrnj-r GA 2-S631 a'.l day Sun. Af er 6 v.kdavs. YOUNG MA!J/~lYto 24, fcr park ng lot attendant. Exccriervced L.B flrea. Ca'l bery/cen 10 a.m. and 4 D m VErmcnt 7-?7JA. fcSTAB food route, 300 custamers Take orders by aopt. $2.50 hr. Fu' or P.T. ?0-^S v^s, V/c sh.ov/ voj ELECTRONIC ASSMDLR. exp, S7.3 * L!ec ironic lerwiman . S2.J Comoton Emalovmcnl A-lcncv 719 SO. L.B. Blvd. NE 1-1173 AUTOMOBILE "SALES WAN wanred 5 X f nt. wwX'ng ccnd. Vacation wifr 1 EXP. grocery, liquor ere r k-chetVe r sober, bontJable, group insurance r KIRBY v.en w a n t e d ior new tra-.c distributor Hiohcr pay than tv*r UN 8-54^?; TO fM-!33. · WOOL PRESSES. MUST BE 1ST CLASS. EXPERIENCED ONLY S»l E 2ND ST. j YOUNG man 13^37. Perm, s^le career AH Co. fcenetifs. «o f»P r nee. 53^ v;V. Cuar._HE__7-SY03._ ' GLA7ER -- Experienced. Herri* 4 Help Wanted (Men) 21 BOOOCOGOOCOCOOOOOJ | Wanted | 10 Men for Guards In Long Beach, ; Los Angeles and 25 to SO Y e a n Old 190-200 Lbi. Muifr Hove Own Phono Jn Home. AUo Cor and Ablt Jo 6uy Uniform. Good" Pay ond : Fringe B e n e f i t * . 512 Hearrwell Bldg. LONG BEACH SECURITY PATROL p Wanted (Men) 26 1 Help Wanted (Men) 26 H ^ERONUTRONIC Has Immediata Openings for General vlachinists all basic machine tools. Work from blueprints and sketches on prototype machined parts. Must be able to improvise t e m p o r a r y too ing and fixtures and adopt standard tooling for precision machine work. 5 to 7 years precision machining experience. Qualified applicants are invited to call Mr. J. Aldahl, MA 9-5561, Ext. 2214. AERONUTRONIC Division FORD MOTOR COMPANY Defense Products Grou| NEWPORT BEACH. S A N T A A S CALIFORNIA AH qualified nro'.ir^nK will re CP.VC ccnvicferdlion for cmo'ov n'eni v»i!*wjt rcg.ird 1o mre creed, cc'or or na'icnal cri£in INSURANCE SALES GOOD OPPORTl tl TY w.lh cxoar.^rg Insurance ancncv. f.'.cn w'.rii cxccr - crte in, Cavjaltv 8. Fire. Hcallh f. AcclrJcn^sl ^n;l L.le. Full or oarMine. Same Ifftris ft s n l c ^ '^ si- a- co. Go^d ccrMniissio.ns. A^lc fcr invjrcinLC D c c f . ME 3-5134 GA 3-647 Personnel Counse or Slicu d have agency exo. or vr BFNEFIC1AL Emplovnient Apervc MACHINISTS Engine Lathe Tracor Lathe Turret Lafhe Hardlnge Chuclcer Grinder (External) Horizontal Boring Mill Keller Jig Bore Boremafic Require! experience Jetting up from prlnli and producing j o b *fiop loh of vsort. Muit havB r e cent oipenence and h a v » own toots. Good wortlng conditions, ratei of pay, benefits, pcnsioni ar.d opportunities. WESTERN GEAR 7600 E. Imperial Hwv- Lvnwood T t 0. DIE CAST OPERATORS co:d" chamber (a'uTilnuii) d.e Excellent v/orkmg conditions and liberal employee benefits. FOLLOWIKG OUR PAST PRAC- T ICL : , all a'jallficd w i l t r e c e v e ccnsiticraron for em Tjlovnert wi-'icut rcg.irrl to rricc, creed, co'cr or crig : n. APPLY IN PERSON CANNON Electric Co. 666 Dyer Rd. t Santa Ana T E L E P H O N E SALES -- Gacd vairc Fircc::nl earnings. ABO'./ Oepl. of tmcicvrrenl, 117?3 f ire^'cnc B " v d . Norwaik. \Vin dov/ 11-- .V.r. Y Pc^crso.-'. 8 to U a.m. fV.on. S, 9 H ne, Rocm 203 HE 5 £91 1 TUPS. Help Wanted (Men) 26 Help Wanted (Men) 26 iBifSfg^f^^^^^^i^Ba^iaffi -*-^s*0/e£~ *£ ^ ^ C O R P O R A T I O N D O W M E Y HAS FOR ¥ T i · I eSL» Must be familiar with operating Billiards, King and G L Vertica Turret Lothes of 54" and 64" d ametcr. Must have minimum of 4 years experience and able to use general shop math. 3 Years Experience on All Types of Engine Lathes and 1 Year on Tracer Lathes Position Requires 5 Years Experience and Mathematics Through Trigonometry i T W*A£ t Ml BeaBVt M.l Layouf/Deve opmc for Asscmb! Pro ecf i ALSO C TURRET LA CAL TO 1-9711 1 1 7 1 1 V D O W N E Y PLATE ^KiRS it of Fabrication Templates ?s ond Tooling for All and Loft Data PENING FOR THE OPERATORS L OR APPLY SP 3-013C ^'^V^^^V^/ C O R P O R A T I O N W O O D R U F F AVE. C A L I F O R N I A ALL OUALIFIEO APPLIC»NTS WILL RECEIVE C O N S r D E R A T F O FOR EMPLOYMENT WITHOUT REGARD TO RACE. CREEC | ; COLOR CR NATIONAL ORIGIN naauaueasmHBBBBHBi ;lp Wanted (Men) 26 MEN 2 1 vou *re workina dliiflliif cd r nst «3Tk r.g A Iroklno, we .ire ilcrcited In s'rccrc men who wanl to tHjIld a soyrd future. / * A prcit'oe product. i LMc'Ime srcurilv. Vi Eniov » o!uih n'moiolvf rt ·ff Tra;-i while on, orticnt | C b. f vcu arc In'ereVt'd l.n w o r k i n o lard !o bf In Ihc loo Inco.-r* bracket in Ihc USA. o^esse call 'or furlher Information. Success Requires Sacrifice CALL GA 7*0989 Civil Engineering Assistant City of Anaheim SALARY $6l3-$745 Starling salarv may bo above mln. dCDer.dino on rndividual qualifications to perform nrofCb-.lD.na1 civl enc'necring dcifon of streets, = E,vers And drainage sUuc^ure^. Mln. reauirerrents U. S. Clliicn- sh'p college doore^ In Civil en- g'reerlng or California E. 1. T. a-.d one year o* DrofessIooaS civil ena neering cxDerifnce. LAST DAY TO APPLY THURSDAY, JULY 27lh AOD V Pcrsor.nel Dcpt Citv H.ill 2W E. Center St. KC 3-1321 ext. it, Police Patrolman City of Anaheim SALARY $469 - $570 rAJnlnu-m rcajlremenls U. S. CMirer.ship. Age 72-35, He'ght 5'E" -- i'-T'. Xlant. physical condillcn. Gr.-Ktuare from High School '.or ecuiva'ent. Apt!?ca'iri must submit orcof of meelino educaHon^l reaucir.en1s at Ui« llrrc ct sub- mMiing aoo^cation, LAST DAY TO APPLY WEDNESDAY, JULY I9fh Apply Penonnel Deph. City H^ll 2M E.Centor.KE3-n2l,exl.'!6 NEW CAR SET-READY MECHANIC MUST HAVtT EXPERIENCE SEE MR. HICKS MEL BURNS FORD 7000 Long Beach Blvd. i ir/^ i i A K M r^ Mt^HANIC Combination / Gas Diesel 101 18 ARTESIA PLACE, BELLFLOWER TURRET LATHE Sr UD ind cperato en imall ols o w o r k : tcoli reu-jirctl. WESTERN GEiAR 2600 E. Imcerlal Hwv. LvnwrwJ th's Co. ccmolies wim t.O. 10725 ! ~~LU¥RI "CAtrdFTw ECH A N i c" OR AUTO MECHANIC Montebello Ford Agency 1112 \v. VrTiillier Blvd. Aik fcr Ed Kurtz PA 2-1010 . SEE OUR AD CLASS. ?? GROCERY CHECKERS ^ ;AEAT WRAPPFRS fi URGENTLY NcfcOfcD Aajly In Person W t S T COAST TKADt SCHOOLS 83* A t l a n t i c Avc., L.B. GA 6 30*9 : 2206 t. Alor.tfra, Cmotn. NE V 0213 10245 Rosecrans, Reid. TO 7-27U WANT R . E . SALESMAN or wcmsn for ton-lrxated of ce n Plaia area Soetlalfze in Lakewood 5 Los Alloy All call; con- fiVenl;al. Cdll today for Inlcrview. LOU HARMATZ REALTY W2; E. S o r i n o HA 5 74S4 Cost Accountani For national ma-nufartL-rcr TCC.I ed In CcmDlcn flrea. We'l excericnced In analysing cost f. sv^te-Tss. Cool s a l a r v Ma'l lesume lo: Eoif A-XB56, Ir.d, Press-Te'«oram. BOYS AGE 2-16 V*ar1erJ to g=t orders for Irde- pendent and Pres^-Tclcarani. Ccm- ! m:s!lon and Bonusci. Transoorta- tlOT lurnh^ed. Phone Ale vn 1ST CLASS WAITER For Irslian Dinner House Muit have lomo wine cip. Houn 4 P.M. io II 910 E. Willow after 12 noon USED CAR SALESMAN MUST BE EXPLRILNCED Prcfil Sharing Basis. Mcnlr-ty . Guarantee Pli/i bar.ui v^ical on. APPLY ITJ PERSON ONLY ! 850 LONG BEACH BLVD. 10 MEN AGE 18-30 1 Physical !v lit. Mentally n'erf j i Steady 36 hcur weeX. E x o c n c n c e 1 L-n-,ecEi5ary Ab^uf S1.19 hourly II APPLY 6 TO 7:i3 P.M. DULY 2?72 LONG BtACH BLVD. i FURNITURE SALES ! 3 to 5 years recent crcr.T;cc *i*c*55arv; also carpef cf^r.-.crcc icquiced. Aoalv-- BARKbR B R O T H E R S 141 E. Bro,idv;,iv, L. B ESTABLISH!: D b-j-id-no crga^iza lien his sales poMicn with un Trailed potenlidl far rtidn hav^r. loo cor.1,d«rce sales abi ty V/ill ccns ; de/ oar! f.rrc sum-vie vrcrker. Train'ro oroc-nti f a"a 1 Ifird. L A I =??0 cr UN S-321 ! - * f: SALESMAN - Exa-r'd "TV stereo. Guaran ee ' Se: Mr. Lvon. : V/ALL1CH'S MUSIC C I T Y TEACHING Rocm A v a i l a b l e in or va'e music school for SIrinas Wocd'.vird and Bra^s 'cac.^e/s . HA 1-6732 before 1 P.m.; TO 7t4\ aVtr 3:jD D.m. JUNIOR ACCOUNTANI Rcqj"r«d 2 vri. v,ork cxocr. vrs. acdx schi. Ace 75-35. Pub 1 .«S*'J°/ c -_ So - Ga - LO 7-7JS?. 22 Pro motions !o ftw call hav bcrn made. Ou!standina DOS lion cce.n in Cai:icrna. \Ve ira'n co-n 53larv when 'oualificd. HE 2'29/ | APPLIANCE SALESMAN ODDor t'jn ; ty. Local. Gold's, T679 V/. Crescent. Anahe'r R.Ef. S*ALESME:ri-M«n full cr oart firrvc. Vfe t r a i n . Max 1 Interview TO 6-U13 or UN 5-E7? PART TIME SO weekly gjara-itc* ilart. Tt-c Fuilcr Bruih Co, i HA 5-C42; GE; 8-43J?; NE 3-65J , WAITED-- Parl'tirr.c tot "boy. ».or · inji or.^v. Aocly a f t . 10 MONDA morn'r.g OFJLY! Quality Wo tor oly. V/ill train. Guar. covnm, lacal rnan. EstabKshcJ rcu e. 1 724 E. BROADWAY : No rrvcchan^cal wcrk. Sta'« a« 1 rcfs. salary. V/n!e 1ndo., P-T ' Box A-4927, SERVICE STATION MAr EXD. a oood salesman. Sal. comm. 1735 BclifEcwer BL, L. FURNITURE SALESfAAN i txo.. Full Time, ACDlv 5?5 Haitlbroov Lakeww ASSOCfATE. DISTRIBUTORS-- R fundab'e dDQ5lt. Amerfcan 0 tr.b'jtor* Control Inc. See our u-.rJer Business Ocoorrun'h'es. , FXPERI'ENCED /irchifeTtur Draftsman (or varied v/ork. ML handle ccmote'e [cb. HE 5-29 between S A . PR E SSE'RT "CLEANER. 5Doi(TrrE Harbor C'ear.ers Assn., 2W2 L Beach Blvrj., 8 a.m. to 12 en ' ROUTE //"EN-- Relundable CCDOS i Irst-sn-aid. See ojr ad urx Busir.tis Ococrtunilies. V TERMITE Inspcttor «u*,t have 3 license, Gocd pav. Call · ' 7-3074 before R or alt 3. ! ARCHITECTURAL ORAFTSW Or.'v experienced need apo y CushrnarvLcna GA 6-1 ENGINE LATHE MACH1H SI 1 HOWARD TURNER MFG. C 1 GA 4-197? H WANTED-- Bov:.i3 instnjctor for · yr. o'd boy. HA 9-2 INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM-- D-3 !p Wanted (Men! 26 Help Wanted (Men) 26 CTRONICS MJTONETICS Downey ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS · and MECHANICS To be reiponiib'.B lor fjnctionall/ iesHng electron c lY'temj. Requires aiperferce with traniis- ion ar.d fc^t equipment bul'd-up *rd check our. nvo ves trouble ihooting. maintenance And ca libra - A Two veari mi lit A ry or technical icJnoal iraininq ard t h t a a y e a c s induitrisl experience required. S a f - ilfactory icoro on olcc- troric^ tiiccry lest required. All r.u.illfled .lon'lc-Tnts \viH re- menl wilhsu: regard to r.^cr, creed, co'or, or nat onal origin. Apply in person: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday AUTONET1CS 12830 So. Clark Ave. Downey, California AUTONET1CS Division of North American Aviation WEN Long Beach Lakewood Lge. So. California iirm v;'ihp$ !o n!c-rvicvj nuilurc. r e l i a c l c ar^l ag- grcsjive rr^cn. Ace- 30 to 55. Drive own car. GctxJ l:oa!:h. This Al- traclive saics nosMlcn oflc"; tx- ccllcit oav. Icnp ra.ige scLuriiv a"d ccwrlur.'tv for advancen-.eni. CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT of EMPLOYMENT nn PIN C AVE. LONG BEACH Asv : [nr Wr. Siv^rr.v \Vind-n 'V; 1 ' 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. C/-0' oav cnly. Julv ?Erh (JO PHONE m r j U l R l f c S LATHE TRACER-LATHE 3 vri. exDonence in id ur rorr s*-.03 basis. Tools reajircd. WESTERN GEAR 7.X) b'. Irnaf.'ial Hv/y., l.vnwwd Thii Co. ecu-pile* with E.O. 10935 YOUNG MEN" NATIONAL FIRM Opening new branch. Meed 1 men irrrredifirf Iv. f;o prerienc ncccssdrv. '.\c irain vou. For "nlc'vlew c.-,ll UN 3-5492 b e t w e e n 9 R. 12. JO MONDAY. JULY IOTH SALES APPLIANCES, TV HI Fl r-*cencnce nfieciiflrv. InrcMivc basis. L he.'dl ton;prtny be.ncEils. APPLY BARKER BROS. ROUTE SALESMEN TOP RATES OPEN NOW Mo Cjniul Meu»*-v. Yfar Rcunrf Income nlc^v.e^ing hcurs 9.11:30 D.rr GOOD HUMOR CO. [601 W. I S T H ST.. L. B. Men Aqes 23-55 MEN -- Part Time Certified 7 Plan Cer!ificd to Make Wore/ No Soiling Involved Work 'n your ow . ,vca Oil 9. JO 8:30 DUnkirk 3-£0 SALES OPORTUN!TY POM' on offer? bast irvcorre S4.0C Oj.ililior will r e c e i v e ccrrn'e training. /Aanagorncnt n rtel.T vCii's ccl eve. sa'cs or bus. c c.ill TOnai 9-5^15, 9 fl.m to YOUR OWN BUSINES S103 v/cckly ^ u a r a n f e c star IJA e x p e n s e allowance wilh «J program :o SI 51 v;cckly ta liorr-e Warned, car, aoc 25 to 4 Tre Fuller Brush Co- GA 7-0232; GL 1-*1M T,TY Atco'jn!nl Degree W As»l. Budcct Analyst etcg. SSM Lnn Tech Coll - cxn. re SDOROTHY STIRLING A G F N T IIS Pinc-Roo.-n 420-- HE 5-63 BOOKKEEPER FuM charge throufh balflncc ^hr · Z, P. L, BclHlowcr C. P. cflice. TO 63757. 2 EXPERIENCED ii'k* screen sh nan (or *njeeee nrd fob s c J v;otk. Pr.cne HEmicck (M79 e CAPABLE S A L E S M E N ' -- Assur 4 inc. Age oo. WE 3-1373; HE 6-W SERVr~sra7"a:ren"rJ, rnccti. c*a.. j vrs. erj., I5-33. salary. TE 7-J4 ( CAR coliih'er, 3 vrs. buffer «y,v 1 BARBER WANTED. S90 CJ3ran1'er. ^721 L. B. Blvd. College Students FOR SUMMER WORK n'ernallwul Trm to enoaw 3* ^id*nli for summer rr.onifij. JULY, AUG. 4 SEPT. "a flss'sl manaper In new croduci $120 PER WEEK f v o j CruMv fr nicer our r«- pay check, ccm?«r» vrMh fellow ludcn!s for; A-- 12.000 cash scholarship. B-Add.llanil 11.000 ca^h schoN arjJiio awarded weekly. C -- To win ore of Ihc many lei irins arcund 1h« world. D -- To win cnt ol 1h Ausl'rt Hcaiev Sporl cars. WIN ONE OR ALL CALL PERSONNEL MANAGER HE 6-0404 1IORMEY ASSOCIATE COUNSEL Inirrcdia'c ccening in Lcno Be^cb w ih the- California Sfate Comoen- sallOT FurrJ. 5al. Range $862 to $1,048 Ch,mrpina ODXirlunitv for a-ja- mcn-fccrshiD in 1hc*5td?c 8* C r ' c* CAi-1. 3 vcd'b cxocrirnc* ;n \t-t nr,ictice oi '?w 'ncludlng 1 ve^r irt -hp :'nlcrcrcl.Hion ^?a' lea- lion ol Workrrcn'i Conicensdlicin CM cr V;rife T. E. AlcCart State Personnel Board 1 07 S. Broadway, L.A. 1 2 MA 0-2830. I AM LOOKING FOR A PARTICULAR KIND OF MAN 1 want a rron who is not inlcr- Cilcti in a 'u:i of \nt mill posilioi; r a r r - e - one lo whom the unusual is j ch.iller.oc, ft man wfio Is not int.iCcd v/ith lull a leu, rrtlhcr ic-king for a Iremcntioys oppor- !_nnv. If vcu IATI fill my fcnuire- mcnl vcu can Draclica ; ly wrils V3-jr o^/n llckct. E seek ,T man c---D-ib:e of carnina 113,OW to ilO^- OOCi -x-d Lp n mud 1 ry. For appo'.nt- m c T t arid interview oh. JHE 7-7MM. SALESMEN DUE TO EXPANSION LU5KEY BROS. CO. Ci:v Dlrcclorv Publisher! wilt irain men lo handle cur accounli v.ilh f e c a l tU5 ; .nrss«. F^collent earnings, oa'd vacallor,!, perm*.. Car csicnMal, mat aoDaran:e. PERSONAL Inlcrviowi at Field Oflio Thursday Julv U 17 NOON S. 7 P.M. SHARP SEE MR. BOXLEY AT KS EI. Comc'cn Olvd , Ccmolwl RCDni 200 POLLY PRIEST EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 17*1 Pine Avc. HE 7-CT07 S-rv.ce is Ojr Prrxluc! Cost a c c o u n f a n r $S?5 Sales ( c o l l E g e ) 5450 + CertiCed woljer SJ.30 hr. In, adjuslor lo ttW MORF JOBS AVAILABLE POLICE OFFICERS INVESTIGATORS NEEDED Prepare now Wrlre Acarfemv of Law rntorcfmfnT. 70-t S. Soring. LA H. Phone dav- r.lle cr weekend?. WiA J 5713, col- ccl. See ad In class 29. Horizontal Boring Mill Set LD arodute precision oarli per Wue prints. Mult nave recent e*rjcri-nre ^ fools WESTERN GEAR 7iOO E. Irrperlal Hwy.. Lnvwcod Th-s Co. romplips wllh E.O. 1CTJS MACHINIST SET-UP Assisi operators, schedule w o r k , ch.cck. sel UPS. Gcod cpFwrfunHy lo beccrr.c (oreinaT. WESTERN GEAR iAOO T. Imperial Hwv., Lyr*osd This Co. complies vjirh E.G. 10J75 "MEN~(4) Tirvcsl, cleanest deal we kno*. fum. $120 wk. casv- Co. tenedts. 19?2 W. V / I L t O V ^ MOH. WED. 8:30-9:30 A.M. F-I-S-C-H-E-R EMPLOYMHNT AGENCY T a x acct , ,, . «50 Svs'cm^ nnalvsi^r . . SASO 115 Pir.e Rm. 621 603 HE 2-SW SUMMER WORK Can Die 6 mon for f-jll Ume div w o r k . «-hr. wk. A o a l y fn oerscn 3'5 D m. Won , Tucs. cnlv. 1922 W. WILLOW SALES REPRESENTATIVE A prod'jct needed bv every bu^i- ness Rcnres miisr be neat-no- twaring oole 1o conve.-se w/ businessmen. Car r*c. Acoly l-S p.m v/k. d.v/s, -HX Soulh SI., L.B. V/ASHER-DRYER REPAIR WORK FROM HOME 57 HR. Marl tra:nina to Jay. t-2 lerns f.^tcrc Schoo!. 24SE. 7fh HE 2-05J5 SA"L E~SO"EH~-- ~E P cr i enc c~u n"ncccs" s n r y . Loc for rew coHee ma- ch'.-es. f x c c f . areas. Ccmm (- « boiji. Call HA 5-37?a be»-jv. LATHE HAND, experienced on tn. so 2«a CCHTURY' BLV., LYNV/COD (yj 3 T R Y ' r a c k ^ . Ace 13 lo 7i. Ex'se- Y ritoced. Also 3 bcvs (or ami,;e- ^T rreni ccnre^icn aoents. APD'V T U R R E T LATHE ooeralor, m'nlrr^mi -i 5 vi b eiofi" Oayj, 40 Nrs. wlc, r Friroe hcrcf.ts See Bill Dle!rith, 4?0 OinD.T, Corrplon. La^CO A'.«- rhme MFj. Co. 0 A T T E N D A N T FOR" parades c vef- P cran, live-in, must drive. Rrrv, .- board i, s a l n r v Rcsrriclcd a-e^, ed A g « 25-iO. Phane Mr. Beisler, ''J Gt J-9W7. 3 WELDERS-- Cn-rb'nation oil r«ld r\ 1 pj[x: line. Refs. rca'd. TCP DAV. r ADD!V be:*acn "2 Z. 5:30 a.m., ?906 Chcrrv Av«.. L. B. e MASTER BARBERS, steady woe*. 11309 E. Carson. HA 9-1362 ; Help V/antcd (Men) 26 Help Wanted (Men) 26 H College Students ; Wonderful Summer Jobs H , i Work in Resort Areas c, Swimming -- Fishing -- Boating "J Golf and Travel - Work 6 Hours a Day on Sale* Promotion Job of a Largo Retail Cham 1 APPLICANT REQUIREMENTS !d 1. Exceptionally Neat Appearance. $ 2. Above Average in Aggressiveness. " 1 3. At least 1 8 years of age to 25 years. 3. '^° ' For thois who quo If/, ttafe ii an opportunity for tKa j continuation of rrrploy-Ticnf ne*t icneiter, on o part-time ter baiil. «j $ 2.25 " __. ,7 TEL 1 AN HOUR PLUS-- OVERTIME HE 6-1934

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