Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1929 · Page 24
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 24

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1929
Page 24
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ft* 24 Tttfi AtYOOMA MlRftQft--Wa5PAV. NOVgMBfeft 5. SLIGHT HOPE OF AVOIDING CRISIS British Labor Government's Plan for Relieving 1 Unemployment Fails to Enthuse London Press. ll.v TIKNKV T. lirsSKM., Staff ('orrpspomlrnl. LONDON. Nov. ft.- Tho phniH of 'i'1-f/it Britnln'.i 7-.nbor /,'ovf>nnmuit to iilii'VO the present. iinfinploynn-nt situation, iilthiiiiKh supported by n votn nf roi)/j(loncn in the house of I'ommniiH lust niKht, wore nerordi-d :> none too enthusi.'iKlle reception 10- ihiy by this jircss, which iccn'Tnll.v saw slight, hopo .if avoidlM*' n. ilif- tri'ssitiR winter crisis. The honse'a vot.i 1 I'MMK- a Tier .). It. Thomas, lord privy snil, hull outlined tho Kovprnmcnt.'u pliin.s for Hprndlng -tH.ono.OOn poiiiiil.s Hti-rliiiB (approximately .$204,niO,fjOO) on public. nnd semi-public, wrirlcx to relieve tlif unemployment Hit mil inn in the ti'-xt few yarn, and additional projects involving rxpcnditures of Hcveral oiii- lion pounds which would be announced later. No record vutf wan RELIEF WORKERS SEARCH FOR BEAD Estimated Death Toll of Latest Eruption of Volcano Now 300—One Entire Town Wiped Out. I BITTER FIGHT IN CHICAGO ELECTION Battle In Windy City Over Twenty-two Judges and $50,000,000 In Bond Issues Marked by Fireworks. (By United 1'rca.i.),A CITY, Nov. 5.—Tho estimated (lerit'i loll of tho eruption of Santa Ma Ha volcano stood at .'{(JO today, while- .soldier.** tirtfl Kovernmfint relief workern sought to restore order In Qnczaltennanno nnd other stricken villii#CH uboiit volcano's base. The '»00 dead wan the eHtima'.e. of U e lorelKn office. Only twenty-seven bodies have been rpr.overed, aithou(jh thu search for DodleH v.-as handicapped by the ashes and luvtt and subsequent heavy rains. An unconfirmed report said tho en- liro population of 101 I'atrocinio had been buried by the, iTiolten flow of the volrhno. Que/altniKiUKo, a city of HI,(XX) population, still was in Krr.ul ronfusion. f'omimmlralittn.M worn disrupted and further dlspatch- ini; of aid to tho Injured. Keil Cross worUerw and volunteer pb.vslrlaii:! were snnt on a Kovornment Hy OWKN I,. SCOTT, Staft C'orrr«j>ondYnt. (Copyright. 1920. by Onnsollrtated Presii Association.) CHICAGO, Nov. 5.—Kchons of the remarkable public revolt which eifrh- teen months ago provided Chicago the j \vllJj u new orde.r of ofliclals, were heard again today na voters moved out to select twenty-two judges and to pass on $50,000,000 In bond Isflties. The Chicago popula.ce turned from marvelling at the brilliant pageantry taken by the house which merely approved a. supplementary npproprin- i train to Quexaltehnnga. tlon of JflO.OOO lor Tlu>m>>.»' office. IIJ Kaulu Maria has been active Inter- wan aslied by him as a test of tin: j mittently since. 1002, whim its eruption house's upproviil of his policy. I and an accompanying earllu|uake de- Tlie press was not the only "''Hie! H "''". v ' 1 ' 1 Q'lczaltenang.-i and other vll- of Thomas' speech. David Moytl I '»»?<"• (leorge, former premier and Liberal leader, critii'i/.ed the lord privy seal for hl.i recent Camnlian trip as a "super-salc.sman." Lloyd (ieorge Maid "It Is incredible lo me that Thomas should have thought It necessary -to leave Groat Britain for tiovcral weeks before any of his schemes had matured, before he really had had time to think them out. "Thomas should Imve sent some 1 equally good man to Canada who could have reported to him. It Is a serious thing, and I cannot understand the prime minister perntiUiti/j him to do It." The Liberal Dally News today described Lord Thomas' Canadian yhsit as "apparently a gigantii: bubble." "The ranlt and lllo of the laboriten .surely will be most disappointed, and a.t the time it will produce despair among the unemployed," Tho Daily News said. Tho Lriborilo Daily Herald said "It cannot bo expected that, a solution of tlio unemployment situation will bi: accomplished in the twinkling of an eye, but Thomas has revealed prae tlcal measures to deal with the situation which are sure to leave, behind a national asset." Thomas' speech was "undeniably disappointing," Uic Independent Dally Express held. "It revealed that Thomas returned from Canada virtually empty-handed." The Conservative, Times charged that Thomas had "disillusioned fireat Britain when lie showed that the results of his visit still were largely In an embryo state, while his attempts to solve unemployment were meagre." Thomas' plans "will scarcely scratch tho surface." the Liberal Dully Chronicle said. "Distress may ho expected this winter while the results of his Canadian visit are hardly more tangible." Tho Conservative Telegraph commented that the lord privy seal probably hnd done his best, but the "cure for unemployment is not revealed." Thomas' references to his Canadian trip, tho announcement that conversations with thu Canadian wheat pool started In Canada would shortly bu ..resumed in London, together with his •'references to plans to establish credit 'by British coal and steel shipments to Canada led political experts to be- llevo that there was a strong likelihood that ho was contemplating an arrangement similar to thu projected exchange; of credit between Great Britain and Argentina. In view of the fact that Britain In 1028 Imported over 41,000,000 hundred weights of wheat from Canada, It was believed the development of such an exchange arrangement might open .vast possibilities. Regarding Ills Canadian trip-with special reference to the wheat conditions there, Thomas Halt!: "From an examination of all facts, 1 have no hesitation in saying (hero is A trade improvement prospect. f nm tailing a long view and am con- lldent we can make, a permanent, contribution to the problem of unemployment. "I know there Is real sentiment and anxiety to help as far as thu Canadian people are concerned," hu continued, t went to Canada, because, entirely upurt trom a i|iiuHtlon of spntimcnt, we ar» entitled to consideration he- ouuse we are Canada's best customer for her natural produce. Fifty-two per cent of Canada.'s wheat Is purchased by Great Britain. I told Canadians that although wr were her largest single customer, and that although she, was a part of the empire, that last year for every pound she spent with us, she spent iivu pounds in the United Stales. "I thought someone ought to try to reverse that, and thereforo went to Canada with that object deliberately In mind. "Although I did not gy to lilxiMi.s.s emigration, T did discuss the question with the Canadian government. We found there are two barriers: Firstly, there urn 50,000 unemployed In Britain who for three years have hud their names down for a chance to go to the dominions, we also found that many men arts not prepared to take the risk of penalising their wives. Today, If they emigrated to Canada, Australia or South Africa, and If anything happened to them while they were trying to make homes for their families, their wives anil children would be made to suffer lie- cause they would be deprived of their pensions rights in ilreat Hriluln. This is not fair, and it will lie altered next year. "Secondly, we found that there are a large number of mothers and fathers in Britain who would lllic to spend their declining years will) their children In tin; dominions, but they did not want lo burden their children. It has been decided that commencing next January this barrier shall be removed. No old persons who wish to join their children shall be deprived of their pension. "In 1828 there wus an unfortunate breakdown in the training system. Thousands of men had been promised jobs In Cunuda, but at the last moment the scheme broke down. Now, however, as a result of my discussions tho training term has ht-en altered from eight to twelve weeks and the the Canadian government definitely will tukc a,000 of (hose trained In turn. "Lancashire at present is .suffering from tile uutuir way in which the preference for Lancashire goods is in- terpretr'J in Canada. I'l elcrunce. is given HriU.ili goods provided it ca.n be shown thai it is the product of 50 OLD FAMILIES TO LEADJ1[ FINANCE Some Changes In Personnel Will Probably Result From Action of Veterans During Market Crash. Hy LKMI'KI. V. I'AKTON, .Staff (!«rrrspoiid«iit. (Copyright, 11129, by Consolidated Prcsa As.HOi:intion.) NEW YOKK, Nov. 5. — The future roll-cull of Ameririin finance will bring nn«\v«ro of "present" from many old families, formerly eclipsed in the pnhlli: vluw l>y the rise of during young opMni.torH, but now rt'tnrning * 1H the I'idi'r HlntiiHinon of financial diplomacy. DiHtliiKiilHhed old numeH will he brick on hoards nnd dirnctorntef), and executive personnel iignln will include vel- ern n« who hud been pu.shcd usldo In (hi! building of the oolUwiio of billions. This is the viuw of penetrating observers uniilyzing the great glacial shifts of wealth of the last few days and Interpreting, particularly lurge- Hculci buying in Monday's market. Largo blocks were brought by families whoHo names have been Identified with American big business and linnnce for generution.s. So far as uellvo participation In management \VIIH concerned, many of these patriarchs had dropped from directorates. Their present gleaning, it Is believed, Inevitably will bring them back, not only Into the Held of great holdings, but Into the field of operations. Among the H'igeH oC Wall Street there IB nil almost unanlmoUH prediction that one vital result, of. the deflation of tho bull market will be nation-wide changes In operating personnel. This it is explained, will be merely tho result of tho fact that participating management will go to the restored HhcphertlH of tha old millions. By way of precedent, It may be remembered that when Homo WUH nt- taeked by 13ourbon and hl.s hordes, they hnd to dig Remivanto Culllnl out of u dungeon in the castle St. Angelo. He. potted the Bourbon, not with the new-fungled shooting iroiiH which had been net up on the castle, but with one of tho old 1'HHhloiied rlgn which he kimw how to IIHH. When it (jitmn to they really expert trouble .shooting, had to bring out the old timer. I;PHM magazines Jiuvo made much of Ilia ascendancy o f llnnnclern scarcely dry behind the euro. But when the wind whipped up n sizeable gale, the gnarled old skipper took the helm. Not only did the disordered market turn to J. P. Morgan and his tried •mil proven usmicluleH, but John D. Rockefeller gave his benign reassurance to help turn the tide. ]n this history Is repealing itself. In 19^1, when the market was bucking like an old channel boat, it was whispered iround tho Street that, at a conference at tho ofllees of a great corporation, George- F. Baker, dean of Wall Street, hud been heard to remark to JudgH Clary, "I never felt more, bullish In my life." This little vagrant whisper WUH enough to start thu tide of millions running up hill again—so [intent are the words of tho old musters. In spite of tho new economics iind the "Indiiritrliil revolution in America," us Professor Curver of Harvard calls It, it again appears that tho grand army of llimnen is still sit- ing In, While the net result of thu mark at -rials Is (liiiH lo restore, the veterans at .hu top, (bore will II!HO be vast changes nf permmnol in thu minor membera :if Km cant. Thin is n. phiiHu wliicli may be easily ob.Herved and does not ilepend ii|jon expert prophecy. Odd lot 'IOIIHCH report morn new faces in t|i« biiylnt; line-up than at any time in tho [last. It appciu-H Hint them -WIIH u large section of tlio public which had been waiting for tho lliiaiiRial chariot to swing low, for a long time back. With tho other sidn retired, they now go to bat. There were, and heavy withdrawals from savings banks. The 'milks, to meet these, drains, have 'ecu showing out truck loads of dusty ild bonds which hadn't been moved lor so long that they «ere getting yellow iroiimi Hie edges. These old bonds lire again out In midstream, having provided money lor tlie bankers willi which to grub.ilalie the newcomers. These cash buyer.-; aro moving in legion. (Mil lot buying has been extraordinarily heavy (since Die first hesitant up-tiirn, inter tlie crisis, unquestionably largo numbers of the shoo Miring margin buyers were shaken out by tliu recession beginning | U st September, but others aru crowding into line. Kegistor anil transfer oflioes are swamped by incoming orders. In many cases, brokers found it impos- slbli- to liil orders to buy at the opening price. In such instances, they refused to execute t| H - commissions. In 11ns Ui.-y «re Mislulneci by the boanl of governors of the -ixch inge which ul sucli limes does not stress red tape' but allows reputable brokers it, ui-t uu of grand opera performed In its brand new $20,000,000 opera, house, to n,n- eomplishing its more work-a-day business at the polls. It was thoroughly impressed with the evidences which the magnificent opera gave of its cultural development, and expected to be equally pleased at the result of Its own performance with tho ballot. For n, judicial election, the present one has been unusually bitter in its invective—even for Chicugo. So vigorous has been the campaigning that the buttle is rated as merely a skirmish before the big fight of next spring when n. new set of officials and a new United States senator are to be selected. Tho city has enjoyed the strange spectacle of Republicans and Democrats transforming themselves into simple Democrats on tho ballot under a coalition agreement. Only live candidates are found in the Republican column for the twenty-two jobs. But there Is a third ticket classed as the "People's ticket," which harbors the principal opposition, backed by the faction which opposes United States Senator Charles S. Deneeti in Republican affairs. In all the fighting not a chirp has been heard Mayor William Hale Thompson, or from former States Attorney Robert Crowe. Hut the former political associates of these officials, B. W. Snow, Charles V. Barrett and Edward J. Brundage are running the People's ticket. "After the homes of Judge John A. Swunson and myself were bombed, the associates of these gentlemen charged that the acts were committed by two ministers of the gospel and by the political editor of one of four independent papers," Senator Denecn has told the voters, harking back to former days in Chicago politics. "The public will remember they plastered the city and county with a trick offer of a reward of $05,000 for apprehending the culprits and that Messrs. Snow, Barrett and Brundage offered $fl,(JOO each of this total of $05,000. Their associates charged then that Judge Swunson and myself had caused our homed to be bombed and that they would expose us. "The people were not deceived then and I do not think they will be at this election. They recognized the old actors playing different parts, but they know they belong to tho same troupe." To which the anti-Deneen faction retorts : "Judge Swanson told the people that If he were elected states attorney ho would stop crime. The people responded and he was elected. But he has not kept his pledge. Since Swanson took otllco there have been 104 bomb- Ings. Tho pineapple brigade is still operating. "Any intelligent citizen knows that crime and politics are in a death dealing alliance in Chicago. Public oill- cials after election arc forced to become sometimes unwilling tools of tho bosses. Swanson is merely the victim of bl-partlsanshlp In politics." The qualifications of the judicial candidate are obscured by tho fire works directed at the factional leaders. It is generally anticipated that Senator Deneen's coalition Republican-Democratic group will win nearly all ot the ofllees and have its position strengthened for the light that comes in the spring. In two previous elections the citizens have turned a cold shoulder to all proposals for new bonding to 'carry on public improvements. They have been educated away from giving additional money to ho spent by tho present city administration. This t|me emphasis is laid on the fact that proceeds from tho proposed bonds would not be distributed by the city officials. The voting will be watched to see whether tho public temper lias changed. CATTLE BECOME WILD AND ELUDE CAPTURE Nov. G.—Three or four head of cattle belonging to William II. fitoner, near TussuyvUle, put Into pasture In the Seven mountains last spring, during the latter part of last week shot down like wild game alter repealed efforts to capture them failed. Aided by scores of neighbors, Mr. Stoner had driven the cattle for miles through the mountains in an effort lo round them up, but they were as elusive as aeer and always succeeded in milking their getaway. Unlike deer at the sight of man, they started to run and outdistanced all pursuit. Hunting at night with lights also proved futile, for the animals, instead of blinking at the lights, turned around and ran away. Finally Mr. Stoner and his men got guns and one of them, John Venrlck, succeeded in bringing down three of (lie animals. The carcasses were dressed and used for food. All were in good condition. Tho fourth animal remains in the wilds. All this week dully hunts for the cow have been made but up to this time no one has even sighted her. RABBIT WITH"HORNS is QUEER BAG OF HUNTER far us on grounds of safety HARRlSnjJRG, Nov. fi.—Law cn- i'uiveiiient uniat bo breaking down. Kither llie> rabbits have got the idea .hat thu game laws will no longer >rotort them, und they must tlieru- Ure, develop their own defenses—or •lac tliu prohibition laws mean noth- "g In Cumberland county, und half hu population (hero need protection igninst the. results of their own .sins. A cottontail rabbit, usually large, armed with spike, horns similar to iliosu of a biujk deer, and as thick as a lead pencil, has been shot in New Cumberland. Kliner C. Myers, a perfectly moral man, did tho Job. And local naturalists and hunters from all over the region have- seen tho untlers on the animal. Tho one. on thu left side, of thu head was two inches long, and the other one an Inch and a half. OPENING OF PARLIAMENT POSTPONED FOR 30 DAYS If Your Garage Has ,Heat Put That in Your For Rent Ad LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN THAT ON TO THE STOCKHOLDERS OF ALTOONA anil after November 20tn, A ». 1029, the TEXTILE COMPANY: undersigned, voters and property owners In Notice Is hereby given that pursuant to a East Junlnta District, Logan Township, ! Resolution of the Board of Directors of AL- Pcnnsylvnnla, will circulate a pctllon among TOONA TEXTILE COMPANY, adopted at , the voters and property owners In tho East a special meeting of the Board, held on the i Junlata District of: Logan Township, Blair ] Tenth Day of September, 1929, a special County, Pennsylvania, for the purpose of sc- meeting of tho stockholders of the Company curing tho signatures of three fifths of tho I will be held at tho office of the Company, voters of said district >anrt the consent of a | Industrial Avenue and Twenty-ninth Street, JJEJL^JVAN^ GIRL. TO ASSIST WITH HOUSEWORK. Ono\ who can go home nights. Apply 403 E. Wopsononock Ave.. Falrlawn. per cent British labor. ! UUJTOW. "Obviously, when it comes to eot-: L .m i was tun goon's, the fact liiat raw male- : stn'icli by an rial is sought outside the empire prc- j Hubert ll'ilion, ., vents Hie M per cent quota, being : in the ClaysviHe High established. Conhe(|Ueiuh . Lancashire two had b'een attending has long sullcivd. Tlie mailer is be- • ing- invtniiguu-d ana 1 have the strongest ground fur hoping tliut the difficulty will bo removed. SCHOOI, 1-1 I'll. KII.I.KIJ. 1'a., Nov. 5. aged H, u high school „ killed last night when In.- was automobile driven by IS. a student .school. .. basket practice in the .school building. It wus ' crit-U of last ... said Hinlon stepped out into the street 'fulled to open bee truin under name tree! into the path • I'ilsiidsKi's army 101 the uutoinobiltj. WARSAW, Poland, Nov. 5.—President Ignucy MoscicUi issued u decree tuday postponing the opening of parliament for thirty .lays, shelving an j anticipated attack by Uui opposition John j on government policies. .•,tu<J-j Jlo handed the decree to Premier Swilalski and it was transmitted to Ignucy Uaszynslii, speaker of tlie Sejin. an hour Ijelore the .session was The | Mi'heduleU to open. ball | The. postponement grew out of tlie when parliament t; Marshal Joseph uiiicers took com- majority of the property owners, In numbers and Interest, praying for the annexation to the City of Altoona, Pennsylvania, or tho herlnafter described section of Logan Township; said petition to be then presented to the Mnyor and City Council of the City o£ Altoona, with a request that the said Mayor and Council take the necessary action to annex the said section of Logan Township to (he City of Altoona, Pennsylvania, In accordance with the Act of Assembly dated the 9th day of May, A. D. 1929. The hereinbefore mentioned section of Logan Township Is more fully described tts follows, to wit: Beginning at the existing City lino of tho City of Altoona, at the intersecton of the center Ine of 10th Alley (Junlata) with the center line of 17th, Street (Junlata); thence along the existing City line on the center lino of 10th Alley, Houth 18 degrees 45 minutes West 410 feet to the Southwesterly side of the Puhlli Road; thence along the Southwest side of the Public Hoad, North 88 degrees 30 minutes West 495 lineal feet to the Northwest property line of 12th Avenue produced; thence along the Northwest property line of 12th Avenue and the extension of name, North 1(1 degrees 45 minutes East, 028 lineal feet to the present City line at tho center line of nth Street; thence along present City line on the center line of 17th Street, South 73 ilrgrees IB minutes East, •182.5 feet to the center line of 10th Alley which IH the point of beginning, containing 9.48 acres. J. W. CHAMBERS, 1023 Eleventh Avenue. W. II. CRBPS, 1025 Eleventh Avenue. RUTH FOnSHT, Attorney, Itooms 18-19, Myers Bldg., Altoona, Pa. AUDITOR'S NOTICE In Re: ESTATE OK BEULAH R. SMITH, liitc of Altoona, Pn., deceased. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed Auditor to distribute tho funds in the hands of Oeorge P. Kmltti, Jr., Administrator, in the estate of Beulab It. Smith, late of Altoona, Pa., deceased, anil that he will sit for the purpose of the appointment at his office In Room No. 3, 1104 Twelfth Street, AHcona, Pa., on Friday, November 22nd, 1920, at two o'clock p. m., when and where all parties Interested may appear and present their claims or thereafter be forever barred from sharing in said fund. MITCHELL MacCARTNEY, Auditor. Altoona, Pennsylvania, on the Twenty-third Day of November, 1929, at 2:00 p. m., to take action on the approval or disapproval, and to vote for or against tho proposed classification and conversion of the capital stock of said Corporation, by the creation of and authorizing to be Issued out ot the unissued stock of tho Corporation a class of preferred stock, consisting of Twenty-five Hundred (2,500) Shares, of the par value of One Hundred (100) Dollars, per share, with dividends at the rato of Seven (7) per cen- tum per annum out of the earnings of the Company, such dividends to be cumulative, payable seml-annually, convertible into common Block of the Corporation on tho basis of Twenty (20) shares of common for each share of preferred stock, at any time prior to January First, 1B35, and with the right of the holder of each share of preferred stock to purchase One (1) share of the common stock of the Company at Five (D) Dollars, per chare, at any time prior to January First, 1936, such preferred stock, If not converted, to ho callable on or at any time after January First, 1935, at One Hundred and Five (10J5) Dollars, per share, and accrued dividends. The preferred stock shall not be entitled to any additional distribution, other than as herein stated, anil shall not have voting privileges unless default be made In the payment of dividends for a period exceeding Thirty (30) Days, and during default In the payment of dividends the stock shall be entitled to the same privileges as the .common stock of the Company. The remaining authorized capital of the Company shall consist of a new class of stock, to be designated as Common Stock, without a nominal or par value, which shall consist of Four Hundred Thousand (400,000) Shares, of which One Hundred Eighty Thousand. One Hundred Forty (180,140) shares shall be Issued In exchange or conversion for the present outstanding stock of the Corporation, on the basis of Twenty (20) Shares of the New Common Stock for each share of the present outstanding common stock; Fifty Thousand (50,000) Shares shall bo retained In the treasury of the Company to provide for tho conversion privilege of the preferred Block; Twenty-Five Hundred (2,500) Shares of the common stock shall be/retained In the treasury to meet the purchase privilege of the preferred stock and the remaining shares of common stock shall be held subject to direction of the Board of Directors. F. J. HEVERLY, Secretary. SALE—MISCELLANEOUS 1 UPRIGHT PIANO FOR SX.LE CHEAP Becker Bros. make. Inquire 716 19th S PORCH CHAIRS RESEATED — RUS style chair seating, chair caning of kinds. Also rag rug and carpet weavln DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE WANTED by national organization for special children's work. Real opportunity for educated __„ __„ woman 25-40, capable of earning $2,400 i Work called for and delivered. Weavln yearly. Give complete qualifications. Ad nr«>*« "in> <""• A..« m.i o ami dress E. 8. McKean. 2233 Grand Ave Kansas City, Mo. '> WANTED—EXPERIENCED WAITRESSE with neat appearance. Apply Gregory's State College, Pa, Phone 462. GIRL TO WORK IN RESTAURANT. MUS 1 know how to cook. Apply to 812 17th St A GIRL WHO CAN WORK IN KITCHEJV and watt on tables. Inquire 1511 lit! Ave. WANTED—WOMAN FOR NIGHT TRICK Apply Lake'* restaurant, 808 24th St. EXPERIENCED SALESLADY WANTED Must have beat of reference. Steady po sltlon to right party. Apply M. Arstcln, 50i 4th St, WANTED—EXPERIENCED FILE CLERK and telephone operator. Stale age and ex perlencc. Wrlle 5195-C, Mirror. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE IN RE: ESTATE OF WILLIAM BOUSLOUGH, LATE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF FItANKSTOWN, COUNTY OF BLAIR AND STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA, DECEASED. Notice Is hereby given that Letters of Administration on the above named estate have , ------- -- - — been granted by .the Register of Wills of tho,funds In the hands of Ida Irwin and W. AUDITOR'S NOTICE IN THE ORPHANS' COURT OF BLAIR COUNTY. IN RE: ESTATE OF L. W. IRWIN, LATE OF THE BOROUGH OF BELLWOOD, BLAIR COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, DECEASED. Notice Is hereby given that the under- Blgncd, having been appointed Auditor In the above named estate to make distribution of Blair County to tho undersigned. All persons Indebted to said estate will make prompt payment and those having claims against the same will present them for settlement. THOMAS N. CALDWELL, Adm., Franltstown, Pa. B. F. WARFEL, Att'y., Hollldaysburg, Pa. NOTICE In tho matter of the paving ot 8th Street, Junlata, between 4th and 6th Avenues, In the Clly of Altoona. Notice Is hereby given to all parties In Interest that the City Engineer, as required by Ordinance, has prepared a schedule, showing the cost and expense of the foregoing Improvement, by an equal assessment of the property In proportion to tho number of feet the same fronts on the lino of said improvement, and that tho said Engineer will exhibit said schedule at the Council Chamber, In City Hall, Altoona, Pa., on the 15th day of November, A. D. 1929, at 10 o'clock a. m. II. J. BAUM, City Engineer. SOME SAY OPPORTUNITY ONLY KNOCKS once, but you can't go wrong If you read a classified section dally. RUSSIA HAS HUGE CROP OF POTATOES By CAKItOT,!, BINDEB (Special Cable to Altoona Mirror and Chicago Dally News.) MOSCOW, Nov. 5.—The humble potato has suddenly become the preoccupation of every Muscovite and Len- ingradite. An avalanche of tubers has descended upon the cities, thereby necessitating feverish activity on the part of every body to unload and distribute them, which -is a pleasant contrast to the customary experience of standing in a queue for rationed foods and textiles. Peasants who have 'been harassed by the government to disgorge grain, butter and kindred commodities required to feed the city, are being ordered now to hoard potatoes until the urbanltes require them. Nevertheless Moscow and Leningrad stations and sidings are encumbered with thousands of cars of potatoes which the authorities are trying to-dis- trlbute and store, One hundred thousand young communists and sympathizers are to bo mobilized for four hours' volunteer service on each of three revolutionary holidays. Nov. 6, 7 and 8 to unload these cars. Three shifts of workmen pursue the same task daily, but officials complain that the place is still glutted with 15,000 unloaded cars which greatly Impede traffic. The contents, of course, are in danger of being lost through frost and exposure. Storage Is almost as grave a problem us the unloading. Boy ScotitH have been scouring the city for sacks. They have collected 680,000 of them. They are also searching for storage places In apartments, factories and other structures. Householders are implored to buy big stocks of potatoes, for which three months credit is given. Every office and factory IIHS a potato subscription list. Every house committee is ordered to seek out storage space and report under penalty. Already employes are being tried for negligence in unloading and storage. Churches and synagogues are being enthusiastically commandeered as store houses. One sees a fantastic conglomeration of potatoes'and icons in certain places of worship, while others are converted Into granaries. But the authorities still permit worship in other important edifices and the services are well attended. Weather continued to favor the government grain collection, which was 75 per ci^nt completed on Nov. 1. Hallways throughout the soviet union ure hurd pressed to handle the resulting traffic. ENDEAVOR TO ORGANIZE CENTRAL REGION SHOPMEN ( 1U and O i tho buildin PITTSBURGH, Nov. B.—The American Ktderalion of Labor is moving to organize shop Central region employes of the Pennsylvania railroad. According to the organizers, fifteen loculs will be formed. Already eight have been organized. According to S. L. Watts, Eric Pulerson and C. A. MuoDonald, union organizers with headquarters in Pittsburgh, the movement is for cooperation and is not antagonistic toward the railroad. Kcc-ently President William CJreen of the A. F. of L. conferred with President W. W. Atterbury, president of the P. R. R., and secured thu letter's ussurunci! that the men could organize without fear of losing their Jobs. • ALDERMANIO NEWS. Charles E. Blake of this I'jty wus accord t-d a hearing lust evyniug before Alderman H. C. MeC'lellan of the First ward on a charge of desertion and non-support preferred by h!s wife, Mrs. Fuyo Blake. The defendant was held for court under f300 bail. P. Wray, Executors of the above named decedent, .as shown by their second and flnat account, will sit to perform the duties of his appointment at the office of George M. Myers, Esq., Attorney-at-Law, Bellwood, Blair County, Pennsylvania, on Friday, the 15th day of November, A. D. 1929, at two o'clock p. m., at which time and place you may appear and present your claims or to be thereafter debarred from partlclnallng In the same. B. F. WARFEL, Auditor. PUBLIC SALE PUBLIC SALE Wednesday, Nov. 6, 1 p. m., In Carson valley, 2 ml. west of Cross Keys. Truck, car, horse, Shetland pony, 2 cows, 1 with calf by her side, 9-mo.-old heifer, brood sow, 2 shoats, chickens, farming Implements and feed, chicken house equipment, other articles too numerous to mention. W. S. ' McCOY. MORTICIAN. No • Charge for Use of Memorial Chapel Funeral Director 1421 Eighth Ave. Phone 7552. PERSONALS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR SPECIAL tuition for students starting this week. Curry School of Beauty Culture, 1224 13th Ave. Dial 2r3505. HALLOWE'EN SUITS FOR RENT, 50c UP; also masks and faces. 113 3rd St. SULPHUR VAPOR BATHS AND MAS- sage. Dr. Kruse system. Dial 2-7635 for appointment. Mrs. Cuos. S. Cusner. MAKE CHICKENS PAY BY STUDYING our Poultry Course In your spare time. Write to International Correspondence Schools, Room 41, Goldschmld Bldg. LE MUR PERMANENT STEAM WAVE, 55, with settlni; marcel 35c. Manicure 35c. Finger wavo SOc. Dial 4213. REMOVAL NOTICE MRS. JEAN VAUGHAN Beauty Salon removed from 1411 llih Ave. to Suite 3-11 and 342, Third floor, CENTRAL TRUST BLDG. Elevator Service. Phone 2-5830. LOST—FOUND LOST—BUNCH OF KEYS ON RING, FROM llth St., 8th St. on Sth Ave. Dial 2-5893. SUIT CASE, LOST OFF TRUCK, OCT. 30, between Altoona and Tyrone. Reward 118 6th Ave. or Dial 4049, STRAYED FROM 817 BELL AVE., BROWN Collie dog. Answers to "Brownie." Reward If returned to above address. LADY'S COIN PURSE, FOUND LAST FRI- day. Owner can have by paying for ad. Dial 2-0929. LADY'S WHITE GOLD HAMILTON WRIST watch, lost Friday. Reward. Notify Dial Q339. LOST—GERMAN POLICE DOG. CLEAR- tleld Co. license No. 30, Dial 2-4230 or 122 23rd Ave. BLACK SUEDE HAND BAG WITH AMBER top, lost around 4th Ave. and 21st St. Reward If returned to 2105 4th Ave. or Dial 5442. HELP WANTED—MALE~ '^^^^^^^^V^/^^^^-sxs/^^v^^x^^v/V^x^^x SALESMAN—NATIONALLY KNOWN MAN- ufacturer wants one good man to act us lales representative In the Altoona district The man wo hire must have experience in electrical appliance, own a'car and furnish A-l references, State salary expected, pust cxperlcncii In flrst letter. Write to 1205-D care Mirror. A YOUNG OR MIDDLE AGED Y.ADY AS housekeeper and companion, by a wldowe living alone In a small town near Altoona For a woman preferring a quiet and re spectable home in preference to wages, thli will offer a comfortable and permanen home. For further particulars please write at once, giving full description, etc. Ad dress 5156-C, care Mirror. WANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work, In family of 2 adults, In small Apt Apply 2402 Broad Ave. SALESMEN—AGENTS SALESMEN Experienced canvassers to sell householi necessity through W. S. Aaron store. A rcn job, steady work. Commission paid weekly Beginners earn $9 per day. Will cover city and surrounding counties. Interview by ap poinlment only, 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. Phoni 7138. Ask for Mr, Baker. SITUATION WANTED—Male WANTED—POSITION AS CLERK OR stockman or light delivery by young man 21 years old. Has had experience In shoe store. Write 6905-L, Mirror. YOUNG MAN, 20 YEARS OF AGE, WISHES position, chauffeur or driver of delivery truck. References. Phone 2-5815. Situation Wanted—Female VX*V^^s^*.x>*-W^\^w*v^*V^^XV*^\^v'S^'X^ CHRISTIAN LADY WANTS PRACTICAL nursing, core for Invalid or companion to elderly couple. Write 1027-D, Mirror. MIDDLE AGED LADY WISHES COMPAN Ion for Invalid or semi-Invalid or care 01 bsby. Go homo nights. Write 6200-C, Mir ror. CLEANING—RENOVATING N^^s^^^V^^^^*^^-^^^*^.^^*.^^^^*^^^^ CARPETS AND RUGS CLEANED TO LOOK like new. Monarch Carpet Cleaning Works Telephone 4H84 for quick service. We Recommend The Altoona Sanitary Laundry For Prompt Service.and Good Work Telephone 9468. CONTRACTING—REPAIRING «^^/S/N^*X^W/^S^XSX\Xv^w'\yN*"^XXX^XX*XS GUARANTEED CARPENTER REPAIRS done on short notice. Also garages. Rea sonable rates. D. E. Salsglver. Dial 2-0152 Sheet Metal Work Roofling—Spouting—Metal Ceilings H, SABATHNE &SON 708 Eighth Ave. Dial 6512. KEYSTONE Armature Wqrks 1811-16 Union Avenue, Altoona, Phone 2-6742. Armaluro .Wliidlnp, Motor Repairing, Winding Ficlda, Colls, Electric Magnets, Motors, Generators, Elevators, Machine Works. Concrete and Cinder Call East Side Coal & Supply Co. 812 8th St. . Dial 8175. FRONT RANK WARM AIR FURNACE Call and "Look Over Our Line I J. W. SHOENFELT 881 17th St. Dial 2-6145. PAINTING—PAPERING PAINTING AND PAPER HANGING— First class work by experienced men. Estimates cheerfully furnished. J. B. White, 217 E. Crawford Ave. Dial 2-6092. A. HITE Dependable House fainting. Wall Paper of Distinction. 2510-14 Seventh Ave. SALESMEN WANTED—EXTRAORDINAR- ily profitable proposition selling flue quality radios in Altoona. All sales-leads furnished. Commissions are averaging better than »100 per week. All applicants must hHvu tact, education, neatness, ability, ambition and sales experience of some sort Write 1281-1J, Mirror. rW ,°, BUTCHERS WANTED AT THE United Meat Market. Must be married men, neat appearance. A-l butchers. Sal- aryjio object. Apply 1513 llth Ave. A LARGE CORPORATION"SELUNO~A national advc-rtlacd product has an opening In this territory for a man looking for a real opportunity; men that can qualify for his position can earn from $75 to $100 per week. We will demonstrate to you that you can double your present earnings. Do not delay. Write T. W. Cole. 1031 Green Ave., Altoona, Pu. ' AMBITIOUS MEN TO LEARN AVIATION, electricity, welding, automotive mechanics with tools. »2u-$45 week while learning. Mr. McGouuh, Room 214, Elder Bldg., lllh St. MOVING—HAULING MOVING—LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE, with largest padded vans In city. Piano moving, crating furniture and storage In fireproof building. J, H. McKee, office 825 19th St. Dial 2-0010. MOVING—MOTOR VAN SERVICE TO ANY point. Local ami long distance. Movintf by padded vans. Also trucks on contract. Filer's Transfer, 1808 4th Ave. Dial 2-8739. Office phone 7779. KILL1NGER — LOCAL AND LONG DIS- tance moving. Experienced piano work. Contract hauling by day or hour. Dial 2-0716. ASHES. RUBBAGE, PAPER AND GARB- agu hauled from restaurants and stores especially. Dial 2-5807. LONG DISTANCE MOVING. PADDED D,^ an - n , st , orag0 ' "^parole, booths. Fireproof Bldg. Ruie's, U19 3rd Ave. JJial 5510—2-1261. PIANO TUNING PIANOS tuned. to run down hot prospects. Must have un auto suitable tu huul one radio set. Inquire A,. ------ , AND RADIOS REPAIRED AND Your old victrola, piano or radio accepted as [.art payment on new players or electric radios. Any old records or rolls you are tired of, bring in and pay 10c additional ?,' "l.Beta new one. Keystone Piano and Radio Exchange, Dial 3-9736 803 Chest- Works, 2119 flth Ave. Dial 2-8513. SPENCER CORSETS AND ABDOMINA supports for dropped slomach, floallng kid neys, rupture, maternity and sprama. Mr Laura Valentine. Dial 2-1395. USED FORDSON TRACTOR WITH PLOWS Mechanical condition O. K. W. S. Suck ling, Hollldaysburg. Phone 652. ONE REPOSSESSED GENERAL ELECTRI refrigerator, G-G5, all steel model. OBI In use two months, can be purchased at saving. J. E. Spenco Electrlo Co., 131 12th Ave. COAL. MINE, NOW LOADING 100 TON per day t places for 60 men. Can easll Increase output to COO tons In short tlm Good coal, favorable labor conditions. Elei trio motor, electric fan, self drainage, Ion siding, mine cars, mules, fully equipped an going, $8,000. Fred B. Moutiy, P. O. Bo 474, Portage, Pa. Dealing in the kind o real estate or personal property you wish t buy or sell. Specializing In the sale of coa mines'and Industrial plants. FOR SALE—BED DAVENPORT, $5; ELEC trie heater, $2; child's electric range, $3 3 chairs, box springs, $4 each. Call be tween 6-7 p. m,, 3025 Broad Ave. or Dia 2-7204. POOL ROOM OUTFIT, COMPLETE. WANT ed, 'working men with large families for ' room houses and lots very close to Junlat shops and warm dinners. You can own on same as rent. See owner, 2918 6th Ave. ELECTRIC DEEP WELL PUMP, PRACTIC ally new. Will sell cheap. Inqulro 71 Logan Ave., Pleasant valley. RUDOLF PIANO, OAK CASE, IN FIN condition. Inquire 1614 Crawford Ave. TWO TRUMPETS WlTH CASES; BOTH good condition. Call 2-8387. 1622 Craw ford Ave., Altoona, Pa. PENINSULAR NO. 8 STEEL COAL RANGE high shelf, good baker. Good as new Home evenings. 2518 Sth Ave. PENINSULAR COMBINATION RANGE, It> good condition. Will sell for $15. Inqulr 2925 W. Chestnut Ave. JUST PURCHASED A LQT OF FIRST class restaurant fixtures. Will sacrifice t quick buyer. This Includes dishes, steam ta ble, dish washing machine, etc. Inqulr 1511 llth Ave. $95 VICTOR ORTHOPHONIC VICTROL/ for sale cheap. Dial 2-9004. STABLE, 805 7th AVE. See George Levan, 1509 Sth St. Phone 2-5464. SWEET CIDER AND CABBAGE FOR WIN ter. E. F. Johnson, Alto Reste Cemetcr farm. IRON CRIB, MATTRESS, HIGH CHAIR baby walker, boy's overcoat, fine cond] tlon, size 7 years. Price reasonable. Dla 4954. ONE ALL PORCELAIN BARBER CHAIR Inquire 112 Sth St. LADY'S SEAL PLUSH GRAY FUR COAT In large size. In perfect condition. Writ 4019-A, care Mirror. BOY'S O«AY OVERCOAT, IN FINE CON dltlon, size 13. Inquire at 610 6th Ave. SALE—FURNITURE USED FURNITURE See our stock, before buying. Greates values in city. QUALITY FURNITURE CO., 905-07 8th Ave. Dial 2-8358 W. 8. AARON, 1429 12th AVE. Used Furniture Dept.—Worth While Prices Sellers kitchen cabinet, fully equipped. Very special. 3-burner oil stove with high shelf $8; large oak heating stove, like new, $28. Don't buy a radio till you hear the new Temple. FOR SALE—5 ROOMS OF FURNITURE No reasonable offer turned down. Must b sold at once on account of death. Inqulr 1312 19ta St. USED CABINET HEATER, IN GOOD condition, W. W. BABCOCK, 1312 12th Ave. ON ACCOUNT OF LEAVING CITY, MUST sell all household furniture. Mohair living room suite, dining room suite, bedroom suite bed and springs, wicker chair, spinet desk and chair, kitchen table, refrigerator, rugs amps, etc. Inquire SOS 13th St. BIRDSEYE MAPLE BEDROOM SUITE and brass bed. Good condition. Dla 4815. WOLF FURNITURE CO. OFFERS UN- usual good bargains in their trade-In department on credit. Leather davenports, $15 up; dining room table, $0; sideboard, $ dining room chairs $2 cu. See and hear he- new Victor Radio at Wolf's. Altoonu Av Ru-lio 1318 12,1 AGED WOMAN I.-OK GENERAL r> housework In family of twu aduk-s. Dial YOUR CHILD WILL NEVER LEARN BAR- mony on an out oj tune piauo. For expert work, Dial LaughUn 2-1S08. 20 yr.i. ex. NEWER AND ;>inno tuning yuarunteed. R, BETTER METHODS IN and rpimlrinis. All work D. Knti-rlliie. HioHs -1021'. WANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE- : worn. Must huve experience and be able in.'"/! 1 . 1 "' 1 ''"'"on"- Dial 2-0227. Inquire I 101 Aldrlcn Ave., Llyswea. SALE—MISCELLANEOUS INSURANCE IN OLD-LINE, RELIABLE stock companies. Louis Lelx, Union Bank DON'T MISS BOTHERT'S SPECIAL SAMS OF TRADE-IN FUKNITUKE, STOVES, ETC., AT A FRACTION OF THEIR REAL VAt^E. Golden Oak Buffet •..;.•.. .$31.50 Golden Oak Buffet a... $23.52 Cedar Chest ..-,.,. '.§ 6.00 Oak Hall Rack 510.50 Oak Hall Rack ...;.- $ 8.50 Refrigerator v. : • ; $9.00 ray Enamel Server ...-.$4.50 iValnut Dining Table .-.XT. .$10.80 mltation Rocker -.m. ? 4.50 tcel Bed and Springs ...-..$ 9.00 unlor Lamp .;,. .-.,c. ..$ 2.50 vory Crib -.1 $13.50 Dak Buffet $18.00 -pc. Vclour Living Room Suite ....$9.00 -ps. Velour Living Room Suite ....$22.50 lak Sideboard $13.50 ron Bed ,$ 2.75 Mission Oak Library Table $4.00 Oak Dining Table .- $8.00 Bed Davenport •.. $16.20 Oak Kitchen Cabinet $30.00 ilahogany Finish Davenport Table ..$ 4.75 RE-BUILT COAL ANI> GAS RANGES All stoves have been gone over carefully y our expert stove mechanics and ail roken or damaged parts have been re- laced, where necessary. COAL RANGES 90.00 Acorn Coal Range $45.00 S5.00 Splendid Irving Coal Range .. .$-15.00 95.00 Happy Home Coal Range .,..$49.50 75.00 Othello Coal Range $31.50 95.00 Summit Coal Range $10.00 GAS RANGES 50.00 Garland Cabinet Gas Range ...322.50 55.00 Vesta Cabinet Gas Range ....$25.00 •15.00 Sunray Cabinet Gas Range ....$22.50 $65.00 Estate Cabinet Gas Range $22.50 $65.00 Mt. Olive Gas Range $22.50 With warming closet and water heater. ItOTIIEJCX COJWPA.VV, 12th Ave. und 12th St., ALTOONA. .MAHOGANY TABLE, DISHES. LAMPS etc. Very reasonable. Inquire 1103 5th' Ave., between 9 a. in. aud 6 p. in. SYLVAN SUMMIT RANGE, CUPBOARD •> tables, 5 chairs, 2 oil stoves, writing desk 5-piece parlor suite, sideboard. Ail Yor Sio' Call quick. Walter Edeveane. 909 E, 8tn St' Pleasant valley, or Dial 2-1200. SALE—HORSES & CATTLE FOR SALE—PIGS, 8 TO 10 WEEKS OLD. Inquire at the Blair County Home. FOR SALE—DOGS-PETS '"^^NXVNxV^XN^XV^XV^SXsXX. A-l RABBIT HOUND Inquire 1814 1st AvB. Dial 8780. BULL PUPPIES, 7 WEEKS OLD, PEDI- greed. 2413 7th Ave. Dial 2-2480. BEAUTIFUL SAMOYED ESKIMO DOO 3 months old, fit. Dial 2-4265 a«er « p. m. " * COAL AtXVNo^XW Only Dealer at 4th St. Handling Genuine Keystone Madiaon Coal Honest Weight Coal Co. J. W. STINE, Mgr. BURN LAUREL RUN LUMP COAL. HIGH In heat, low In ash. No clinkers. S3.75 ton delivered. Office only at 227 6th Av«. Phone 2-4380. BURN PAGE COAL Get Our Weigh Bill G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. Phone Rural 21IS23 BLANDBURQ COAL AND SUPPLY CO. Export Coal .:....•........ .$4.2* Madison Egg Prepared .-. $4.0^ Madison 4 In. Lump S4.00 Driver collects. . . D 2-6298. BEST GRADES OF MOUNTAIN COAL—« Special on Page and Rusty coal. Coal guaranteed. L. R. Gephart. Dial 5800. DOUGHERTY, RUSTY LUMP, C PRIME coal. Best grade. Pick mined. J3.75 ton In 2-ton lots or more.- Dial 6067. A. L. GARMAN, WHOLESALE AND RE- tall dealer of Klondyke coal. Ask, your truck driver or Dial 2-0887. MOUNTAIN COAL—ALL KINDS. RUSTY Lump, 1, 2, 4 ton lots, J3.7S, $4.00, $4.25. Put In same day. Dial 5880. COAL I COAL I COAL! Loudon coal for 10 days at $3.75 per ton. All other hiountaln coal at reasonable prices. Dial 2-1817. WE BURN WHITBRED'S KLINKERLES3 coal with Joy and pleasure. Wo operate mines, buy direct^ get full measure. Holdi flro. Harry H. Flgart. Dial 9083. SEALFON COAL CO. Quality coal, honest weight. 2209 Union Ave. Dial 8908 or 5210. ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAIN COAL, ?3.75 .and up. Also kindling wood. Prompt delivery. Dial 2-6927. PEOPLE'S COAL CO. 730 4th STREET. PHONE 2-7777. COAL, EGG, STOVE AND NUT. MILLER RUSTY LUMP AND DYSART, $3.75. COLLECT ON DELIVERY. • SERVICE FUEL CO. TELEPHONES 2-3501 OR 2-OSI8 ONE OR MORE-TONS: HARD COAL, EGG, OR NUT $11.75 MADISON SCREENED LUMP $390 MADISON EGG AND NUT .^..$3.90 MILLER SPECIAL MINE RUN ... ..$3.30 DRIVER COLLECTS IN ALL CASES. 2 DAYS REQUIRED TO DELIVER. ' COAL! COAL! COAL! Loudon, Page and McNeils. Special rusty Baker and Delaney Black Diamond, $3.7S per ton. A, S. McGraw, 2316 7th Ave. Dial .3-3624. GWIN COAL CO. OFFERS GWIN SPECIAL coal and Miller coal, attractive pit 1911 Margaret Ave. Fnone 2-0404. ORDERS FOR MOUNTAIN COAL GLADLY filled. Bids on large orders. W. B. Hoover, 1301 6th Ave. Dial 2-6846. McGuire Special And All Grades Of Coal. 915 19th Street. Phono 6378. ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAIN COAL, $3.78 and up. Kindling wood and, general haul- ng. Dial 2-8407. K. Zach. PAGE, AND ALL OTHER MOUNTAIN coal. Prices reasonable. Phono 2-4242. W. S. Counsman. ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAIN COAL, $3.75 and up. All other kinds o£ hauling. Dial RUSTY LUMP, McNELIS BLANDBURG, Dysart, Loudon, $3.75 single ton; Madlsbn 14.25; Greensburg, $4.50; Va ton $2.25. Dial READ THEM AND HEED THEM AND DO not delay In answering classified offers oday. MONEY TO LOAN •^^^N^S^^^'VVV-VVNX^''^^ 2,500 TO LOAN ON IMPROVED ' PROP- erty In amounts to suit borrower. O. Dlvely, Lawyer, 1321 llth Ave. MONEY TO LOAN $9,700—on improved property. In amount! o suit borrower.—$B,700. • WALTER J. HENRY, lomhierce Bldg. Phone 6200. If You Need MONEY IN A HURRY! Call—Phone—or Write 1 Loans up to $300 Strictly private—quick and courteous. BENEFICIAL LOAN SOCIETY Room 1, Second Floor 1300 Eleventh Ave,, Cor. 13th St. Entrance on 13th St., ALTOONA, PA. Telephone Dial 2—4-9-7-0 Open 8:30 to 5—Saturday 8:30 to 1. —LICENSED BY THE BTATB— vj A* "**\ Realtor—Insurance nion'Bank Bldg. Dial 2-7925. J.OOO TO $3,500 ON/IMPROVED PROP, erty. Apply zflll Pine Ave. Dial 2-7853. You Are Entitled To QUICK—COURTEOUS—PRIVATE} SERVICE Our's is just that on LOANS up to $300 Come in—phone—or write I AMERICAN LOAN CO. Room 308 Grant Hulldluf Third Floor 1412 Eleventh Avenue ALTOONA, PA. Telephone Dial 2—6-9-6-2 Open 8:30 to 5—Saturday 8:30 to I —LICENSED BY THE STAT£— BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY OR SALE—CORNER GROCERY STORE best location In city. Also sell real estat«' rite 1035-D, Mirror. OR SALE—A TRUCK AND C'AKE ROUTE Inquire at 2936 Walnut Ave. OR SALE—HIGH PRESSURiTTli~H~p' Guyser boiler aud engine and saw'n.i ' °° " °' B ' H ° over ' W1Ula " \ \

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