Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 44
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 44

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 44
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C-MNDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TEIEGRAM (PM) low BMCH, cmt., Tmn.. Mirer, n, m He'll never fall off any horses ;,. Coeyrlfkl 1171 6y Trlanftt PublkltkxH. Inc. DAILY RACING FORM ... L« Araekl Torf Ck*, Inc., Sardl Anita Park, Arcadia, Cjllf, Wednesday, Mirch 17, 1»7( - mti cUy e4 77-day vlitler meeting. All flnltlm confirmed by S«31 - FIRST SACE - IvTntrkrss. i year okl» t of. CU tstto. Price U154. ( n B T i i S F S W l PPSt t.i fT S3CF«lmba 1141! I 3-l 1! Don't worry about Shoemaker's future in .................. SKIGalliteo ................. 114 M mWnhJutxIW ........ 114 II S 4 uScWrcrSST ............... Ili I ) 11 So Tim N 1 Tumble ............ HI « II » SWLongHOTl ............ IIS » 4 M 1 !·*! 1-1 I M 7-tl 4-1 J-l I1-) Wtt · .. .......... S3S!Ahleu ........ Ill I 10 10-3 1! §4? El Torlwa ............... 114 ! I! I1J.1 !«'» II .". Lu*YB«l.. ............... "4 7 J 5V, 6-rt M Jockey M l-l Hawtey l-l'.i 3! Valdei MM 3! Ahum H\ 4-1 OJivares 3-1 y^i Skinner Wl frh Ramrrea U\ J-'.l Pierce Wi Vi Rosales U'l *'i Morales Vena Kowei II .Jlme: - :!!Vs, :45, I:IO«/S. 1 lit J/j. Ctea r, track fast. nnamba S.« 3.« 3.00 ntdFocJer S.N 3.44 aaliiteo s.w T Starl good from gale, won driving. b RASIMDA broke on top, dropped off 'pace, rallied Tnlo Ihe slretch to wear ^ - "s«3^ SECOND RACE - I Kirkogs. 3 year eld fillleVrcllTrning~pur« Eft ooh I.TO 6.11 740 1IU USD 4 W JS60 116.03 W.I I lain stride. Ihe laller moved up to take the lead from COSTRONAUT on the turn, drew clear and weakened. GAL1STEO had no speed for hall a mile then raUttd SCRATCHED -- Rukatl, T«l ROn, Scudaha.Jahost. Wtppsf V, 5--!fr" ...Hi I 3 111 111 l-l Hi ! 11 II '-'I Ic'l . . 116 9 / »1 5-3 4'1 , IM ! II 9-1 104 6-"! 5244 Sweet AsWr.... IIS I I 4-1 4VI l-'fl SlODraftOne tit I } h HI 9! S73LoveTa!e illl II I 5-Vi 7» HVI CM TNrleenrh Hope US 10 5 3-1 3-1 3-1 »JU Tu-or Me Buda Ill 3 4 3-ii M ]·! SJ43 Wrshln Anda WisKn MIS S 6 4-3 l-tn 4-4 fQ5nilTheJackoal 116 4 9 IV.l II " Toro Valde Pierce Alvarez Aragon W.i rjtvares lfi Ramirei Skkner 140 ID IIJO J Time: - -n. :«l/i, :574/s, I II t/s. gear, track fast. FMfitvUppity 11.E 4.40 I.M -^--oRoft. 11.11 I.M . siarl good from Mate, won driving. I Muluel Pool -- »»I,BO. Dally Double Pool --12*0,335 ' FLUFFITY UPPITY outraced TUTOR ME BUDA Into Ihe slrclch to a clear lead men CAMEO ROL6 had no eirlv weed, ralHcd wkfo and cfrllfed out all through the ilrelch to uxillnu* her bid 10 'he IWih. MAJINAI, itow to settle, closed to FXMS ttie pace 10 mloHlretch and knJ vome of her punch. SCRATCHED - CrnlJl HI, Dive Soval, Fresh Frull, Pourtalel lle, Ethel wafefs. DAILY DOUBLE, I) FA!IM,BA i t-FLUFIXITY UPPITY, PAID »!« MM -- THIRD RACE -- * Kirt«».3 rear old imlilea'cohTMMMi bred Irfctlll. CUImlw. Puoe IHM. To. claiming price liljtOO. fOitSnt «rfnnr~v5 sir HI saa 5900 Fleet BcJoro ill 7 r 4-h Hi l-l un Toro OH Snrllng Time Ill 5 4 1-V1 3-3ft 3-1 1-3 La"*erl SMI TheeKinq 114 6 II 7.'.1 5-'l 4-1 33"^ Camnai 91) Prince Mchdob I13 10 e !·» 7-'.i 4-lVi H Calva SKI Time For Glory . .. . Ill II 3 l id 7J.1 5n Mena SM Royal Sporting «« I S 41 *1V1 mi 4H1 Rosalei 5354 Dance Champ 115 3 (H-3VJ1OS W 7-3 divarej Tr? erldutrellhrr Ill J II 13 11 KH l-n Vakta « Brogo Illl! I l*i l-t'-l 3-4 Wl Hawley 5JX Proper Sesulli IIS 4 i S-l 6-"i l-l W4 Hoguei T. Overcast -N Cloudy II! 1 11 IU ll-l 11 11X1 Maese dj)S 6ipt.'BerlSci'«r.'.. ...... "i 8 1 "5 lime":"- :»!'/!. :4S«/, :»'/. I II 4/s. clear, Irack fail. FleOBoKre ............ 7JO 4.8 4JO SportbnTIme ............... SM 4.M " I I? P«rce 27.« II.7D 1410 in 74.10 ilB Now that Bill Shoemaker has managed to avoid falling off for the 7000th time, you commence lo worry about his future. The thing is, where does he go from here? There isn't anything left to do for an encore and he has been through the entire list of stuff they give guys at roasts and testimonial dinners. Mr. Mrs. Shoernaker do not open closet doors at home lest they be buried under an avalanche of loving cups. The next plaque has to go on a ceiling or in the garage. .There is money In the bank and steaks in the freezer. There is a live-in maid and a guy comes by once a week to trim the shrubs. Besides, what the hell does a guy need with 8,000 winning horses or 700 stakes triumphs and 200 huddred- granders and $100 million in purses? NEITHER is there much left to prove. That Bill Shoemaker is one whale of an athlete is obvious. He has competed since 1949 in a highly physically demanding sport that operates 12 months of the year. At the conclusion of the 196fl's, one of the world's leading wire services selected Arnold Palmer, a golfer, athlete of the decade. From a strictly athletic standpoint, Shoemaker -- not to mention several of his colleagues -- made Palmer look like a bedridden octogenarian. Bill Shoemaker need not be required to furnish one more shred of evidence that he is a good human being. He never passed a tin cup in his life. He plays in charily baseball and basketball games. He stages celeb- Sinsome tops filly field at Alamitos rity golf toornamonis and banquets and sends the proceeds to the retarded and crippled children's charities. Also important to being a human being, The Shoe is all man. Ele wDl enter the nocturnal contests in which men sometimes engage and when dawn breaks, he'll still be standing whan far larger bodies have fallen. HE STANDS still for backslapping and handshaking far beyond the limits of normal endurance. He sits still BUD TUCKER n9 .................... . rart oood from crale, won driving. iMuluol Pool -- 1W.7I1 = FI.EET B04.0RO rallied midway on tht.luin lo gel Ihe lead Irom DROCO ttvm oVcw out and wrn En lull stride. SPORTING TIME, close up, stralflht- ened lo mldstrelch, responded but was not good erojgn. THEE KING rallkd dncttvung In the fnal furloog. SCRATCHED - Klni 0 Rtiythm. Otlocamp, Smuyglcrs Kid. Don Esle- phan. SIB _ FOURTH RACE - i furtont*. Fillies marts, 4 yeit oMs t ue. PvrveJIOWO. __ _ _ ---- !lr~Fin Ill SO II! 7 9 Hi X113 t 4 7-4 Ill I 7 Jh 113 S 13 l-l BQHeler,KarMe«i 5»3 SeverJh M'rJ SM4. Steal *.» if'TotjnJrt ................... Sift' Summit Pi rty .............. m i S iffi Green Delia MO W!sslk-?fc*n ..V-SolanoFleaih W' Gent IV Ahead Ill 9 3 3 1 Ill 7 IH Ill I 2 . ..... ....Ill ) i :S«"'/», Time: -- :72Vs. : 1:11 Vi. Cl«r, track last. MilLadv ............ (.* 3.U I." Men KalUeen ............... 4* ).« s«ye«ttMim .................... 4.00 iStarl good rrom gale, won driving. ?BEST LADY, »!oc jround Inr lurn, 13Vi M Ha.ley 7-n S-Vi HI Mena I 1 .! 1. rt Arapjn 5ri J-' 41V1 Larntcil i-l'-l 4-1 S-lto Toro *Vl I1M 43 Pierce 4-1 t-fi 7n Va'dci 10 HVi I! Ranker 1-li f-1 5-i Morales -I _°J'.l 10 16 Alvarc? ^_^ responded" when settled Into ihe strekh lo rally aad wore dawn SEVENTH MINT. HELEN KATHLEEN showed no early speed, tosl ground lo the stretdi jrxl closed Die. SEVENTH MINT sn-lred rhe lead from between hors« and llrccJ In the lasl tlilccnlh. Ho scrntches. 1-W "- FIFTH RACE -- lr milts on hirl. 4 yeir okh JTw. AHowanSs. Sinsome, f o r m e r California filly of the year, is among eight fillies and mares in the featured seventh race at Los Alamilos tonight. Along with the eighl- horse distaff lineup, the Southern California Racing Association has planned the f i r s t Celebrity Derby of the meeting with such s t a r s as Richard Anderson of The Six-Million Dollar Man and The B i o n i c W o m a n , Claude Akins of Movin' On, Slu Nahan and Christine Lund of KABC News and Lawrence McCutchcon of the Rams. Sicomc wiill be making her fourth start of the cur- 6 Dumowjtler SRueOeRivoll .,'» LoveBIrd SW Pouc^ar Victory s«l EceKo WO Kni9hllvAse 51t Kiciinj Up 4 11 fl 4 4 Sli HVj 1-", Ih 1 I l-l 1-1''. \-V.i 1-1 3 2 Wi 11", H 9 ) Sh 9 4h S 9 W.i ~m Snoemaker l.« Oliwes Toro Sk'rmer 4'1 7_9_ 5-P.1 51 Lamheit 44 4» Pierce S4 Ik Mena ': 115 ll.i.'fv IM Jockey stniidings use n.n 43 « lj.» '·Time: - ^33, :44'/s, 1:104/1. l:tS Vl, 1:47 Vi.Clear,turf firm. 6( HO 3.M 3.W Dfltibwiller '. 4.10 7-40 RwDeRiVQK 2.40 "Start good lor all 'bur Exceplo t Pobular Vktory, won driving. IWulucl Pool-- llrWev. Exacts Pool --1342,470. 'DIODE raced unhurried e,iily while linding his lull stride, moved up Into the fart urn to be blocked, found room after reaching the upper stretch, rallied lo wear down [HJMBWAITFR and won convincingly. The laller closed .liter Ilie half to get tne lead Irom BLACK WATER Into She slrelcji men cwHd not contain the wlrner. RUE DE RIVOLI shovwd no early speed, moved Into contention from the middle of the course AndlMjng SCRATCHED -- Sarco. Pass Thru, Edirqlon, The Giant, Mr. Uo'd Batter, T.V. Mission, A Dreeie. AT SANTA ANITA Mis 1st 2nd )nj 4!i IS Si il 170 77 M «4 JJ4 H a U 31S 53 « « 363 39 40 41 297 a 39 42 Sandy HawVey Ljlfit Plncay, Jr.. Fernando Toro William Shoem.1 ke Francisco Wena .. Fra-V Ollvares ... Jerry Lambert !» rent meeting after closing out the Bay Meadows meeting In February on a winning note with a 2.03 3/ 5 triumph in a Cal-Bred Stake. A winner of nearly $23,000 lasl year with a 2.00 21 5 mile, Sinsome was a sharp third lo Counsel's Demon in 2.02 2/5 in her last starl here after showing Ihe way through the first three-quarters of a mile. Veteran driver Ken Cartnal will handle the daughter of Lumber King. Others in the field are Native Sue, Midnight Choo Choo, C a p e r R i c h a r d , Gypsy Paloma, L a d y Linette, Timely Arrival and I'crFavore. Trainer standings AT SANTA ANITA Sll III Ind 3rd Garv Janes Robert Franxel L. S. Barrera Charles Whirtlngtun A T. Doyle Gordon C. Campbell - - - · Anally... for interviews when the same questions are surfacing for the third time. The point is, where docs a 44-year-old superstar go when there is nowhere left lo go? "I'm not going anywhere as long as 1 enjoy this," he said. This is the stock answer of 44-year-old superstars to questions regarding retirement but it is acceptable. Still, The Shoe must have given some thought to the other side of the horizon. Trainer? "No," he said. "I'm not that fond of getting up in the morning." Owner? "That would be nice," he said, "but I don't think 1 have enough money." June's Blazer shows potential at S'Anita This was encouraging. Perhaps hell slay around for awhile and save his money. It is dislastelul lo think of (his game without Bill Shoemaker. ; ON THE OTHER HAND, there is the recollection of horse players gathering in groups to talk about Johnny ' Longden when he was approaching the midnight of his career. They didn't mean the old man any disrespect, . but they feared he no longer cared to dart his mount into · a bole between horses. ' There is the memory of Mickey Mantle coming one i painful step short of catching up with a routine fly ball. There is hurt in remembering Willie Mays taking a third , strike on a pitch he once have dispatched downtown. Johnny Unitas stayed around so long there was nothing left but tears. "I will know when it is time to go," The Shoe said, "and I won't stay around one moment too long. "I promise." Beautiful. Bill Shoemaker breaks records, maybe hearts. Never promises. GIFF HARDIN'S LOS THURSDAY, MARCH II, Ifrt Flnltxntlpm. _ itHi d»M el a nW mnluM 'FIRST RACE--I Mile pact. Ml »iei. Purs* S),7». Claimln? prkt Hone Driver The Derwcnt A, Vlnghm .. Mary Rhonda, MarVwdl .. Fragrant, BeitUcli Hanalel Bay, Blackman ... Blailng Kerwood, Brunei., RouslTi House Pete, Cronk . Pp Octets i M 7 3 1 /'.'.'. I 9-! 3 4-1 . 5 l-l Ronald ... M II IS 121 27 IS 73 lit 24 17 IS III 19 10 II m 17 t; is !l 14 20 10 U 14 1 13 June's Blazer, son of Kentucky D e r b y wtnner Majestic Prince, romped to an easy victory in the $33,500 Bradbury- States W e d n e s d a y at Sanla Anita. Showing Derby potential of his own, June's Blazer won by nearly four lengths in the lii-mile Bradbury, posting a time of 1:4R 4-5, jus I two-fifths off the slakes record. Ridden by Don Pierce, Ihe Canadian-bred 3-year- old look Ihe lead on the first lurn and was never headed. All e l g h l Bradbury starters carried 118 pounds. P i n d o r o was second, three lengths ahead of the f a v o r i t e , M c K e n z i e Bridge. June's Blazer returned $5.40, $3.80 and $2.80, while Pmdoro paid S I B and $5.60, and McKenzte returned $2.80. The Bradbury draws 3- ycar-olds pointing to the $150,000 Santa Anita Derby March 28, and is restricted to late-developing horses that have not earned a purse worth $10,000 to the winner. A field of nine evenly- matched grass specialists clash over the infield turf course today in the $1G,000 Papac Ranch Purse al a mile and one-eighth. The Giant will be h a n - dled by l e a d i n g rider Sandy Hawley, who is closing in on the $1 million seasonal earnings mark. Bill Shoemaker has the call on Advisedly, one of two Charlie Whitlingham- Irained entrants . Advis- dedly was a winner at today's distance in his last effort over the main track. Stabelmate Sarco, imported from South America, has yet to earn a placing in his two U.S. a p p e a r a n c e s at S a n t a Anita this meeting. Sieve Valdezwill be in the irons. MluGer*Meadows, UCIalr.... 10-1 CaraFrong.Worslwn HS-I PalsanoA Scrakhed Dandy Boy Scratched THE DERWENT A.: ShouM rever Miss at Ihls level. VARY BAR KltONDA: Woo last very easily. FRAGRANT: Way lake a part from the k-.v-de. LOHOSHOT-ROUOH HOUSE PETE. SECOND RACE--I Mile pace, t- year-olds and ondtr, maidens. Purse il^ot. MalestkSlipper, R. Williams... 7 5 2 KkiyrnanPidc, Tlsher 5 3-1 Baraneler, J.Dennis 1 7-2 C. J. Primrose, Elvlns 6 0-1 Ccrfberon, Crundy 3 A-l C.D. Ruth. Ferguson ! S-l Andy's Harriet, Oesomer I 10-1 Princess UI, Brura 4 IS-I WAJESTIC SKIPPER: Jusl missed al even money. KINGMAN PICX: Win win soon. BAROMETER: May hold the others. LOW SHOT--C D. RUTH. "THIRD RACl^/ll furionSTi"." All nn. Pun* SJ.IW Too dafmtng prkj ts,s«l. Lucky Coin, Longo 2 J-l TonyTona. Desomer S 3-1 Unar Hill. Gregory ( M SnowGo, Kueler . . 3 9-2 Jim Raid. Holl 7 6-1 Halcyon Herllage. Bailey 1 H PrlnoSam, Beilllch 4 HVI LUCKY COIN: Gels a boiler chance tonlyht. TONY TONA: FIU well here. LUNAR HILL: Would be no surprise. LONOSHOTHALCYOH HERITAGE. FOURTH RACE-1 M1M Mc«. 3- S rear-olds. Purse S2JOJ. I a fJ5?vl IT tlnv. Holt 3" 7 1 Bramble Brooks, Desomer A 3 - 1 ' Andy's Jes'er, BJackman 7 7 - 2 1 King Away, R.Williams I 9 3 I Andy's Wd. Gregory 2 6-1 . aDiamanleSlar, Holl t 7 1 , Classic Design. Tlsher S H ; Big Roxburgh D., RcynoVh 4101 ' MARK IT TIME: May hotd an ' edge BRAMBLE BROOKS: Last was an Imcrovemenl. ANDY'S JESTER; H»been third his last lour slant. LOI4GSHOT-CLASSIC DESIOM. nn. Purte ts^M. *' Saransc, RatcHforci I iT-f ArmbroOilon.Vln5tim 4*3-1 NoBel,Meeha.i t 7-2 M«tc Air. Bay lets 7 6-1 Barb's Pride, Ackermai ? SI PonaRou. Beillkh 310-1 Endplay Scratched SARANAC: May come Dent h.ick:R ARMBRO ORION: Shoufd lake a narl. NO BET: Ncl too dependable, but besl rakes ll an. LONSiHOT-SARB'S PRIDE. "!iXTH~RACE-l Mile Ncc.'-All »g«. P»n« (5JOO. T«p clalmlnfl price _ Roval Rick's Way. Vlnghni. Arrlva Bvrd. Desomer Image MaVer, R. Winters ... Sirf Board. J. Dennis Curious Kote, Ackerman .... Racing Colors, Wheeler Mr. Mclntosh. Grurrfy Stero Lad, Bladtman , ROYAL RICK'S WAY: MaY.iSUf, orise Ihls field. ARRIVA BYRB- Wou'd be no surprise. IMAGE MAKER: Pacing In top form. LOMGSHOT-atCIMO CO LOUS. TEviliTS~lU«-t MM. pice. AM ages. FittEes and mares. Purs* U,M6. NatlvTSuV I '2,1 TVnely Arrival, Hosan 7 3 1 Sinsome. Cartnal S'7-J PerFavore, R. Williams I 9-3 CaeerRk-hard, Lackey 3 4-1 Midnight Choo Choo, Harper . . . . 2 »-l Gvpsv Paloma, Bartone 410-1 Lad yLlnerte. Allen 610-1 NATIVE SUE: Well placed from the Inside. TIMELY ARRIVAL: Pacing and working well. SINSOME: May lorget to weaken. LONCSHOT-MIDNIGHT CHOO CHOO. ;·-. -GIFF HARDIN'S. EXACTA, I DIODE » 4 DUMBWAITER, PAID K5.0I S-A.3STT.Au A.TSTIT-A. T' 5437"- SIXTH RACE -- or» mile. 3 year dd flBes. Alkwances. Purse I14.WO. («5rFftfS SrrpFSTTI H l K Fln~~Sck7r fSckis aa Green Indian l» 5 I Hi 4! 3-1 1-1 l-5'1 lUi-ey ISO lUMlJjnGta 114 3 4 3 1 J- 1 .^ 4-l\j y-i I-l Stccmaker 360 IFlashyPass 114 I I 5-1^ 1-1 3-Vj 1-1 J4'l Olvares I.M .... It/Hit Dollars . (»85quint l» 5 . 114 3 . 114 I . IIS 4 5 4 . 1 1 4 4 3 1-'^ ~5~!F 3-1 1-1 4-i\j y-i I* I'' In 4!i Time: - :13. -4J1/S, UIJ'/S, l:3f Vl CkMi.lrark lasl. Onjienlndraa S.OO 3.10 JartOln 4.0S !.» FlajhyPus 1.40 Start oood Irom gate. »xw handily. Muluel Pool-- $JJ4J19. GREEN INDIAN took her lime lo seine, rallied atter tie far turn lo ovcr- ·' 1431 -- SEV8KTH RACE - iltfrioncil. Purse tli.CM. InSnHone " 53T3 EITarla 3Q Pass Ihe G'ass.. (STOIBirrvdown 53HW1 · ISTfJlSKI S'.» C.v^oas 5 Mcouei JttMtt- THURSDAY, MARCH II, 1I7( FIRST POST 1-30 P.M. list day of 77-djy nweflnsi a NjnvroUno II lake the pace aid drew out In the final furlong. JAN GIN steadied oil she leaders Irto Ihe firs) turn, raced between horses to the tnr Krm and laclted a needed closing kkk. FLASHY PASS look up early when btaXed, cut be- iween horses to nxwe up and 4orce the pace then weakened In the drive. Ho scratches. 5441 -- FIRST RACE -- 4Vi hKlows. 4-year^lkis and up. Purse H400. Top clalmlrw prlpMI^HO. TndeK ftone " Joctey" " 'PP "Wt~Commenl\ Odjs . I 114 Edse In an open race M .. 3 114 Would be no surprise . 5-3 . . 3 lly Can and musl lirprcve 3-1 . . 4 116 May need racing l-l .. S III Comesolfa lalrell:rl »·! .. 4 lit Besl pots right there 4 1 .11 114 I4ol loo dependable it . 1 3 114 Hasa lonosnol chance II .14 116 May need an easier s«l 101 . . 9 116 Comes here a wirner lij-l ..I 114 Lets see one lirsi 1 5 1 .. 1 116 Rider besl recommendallon .... 15 1 II 114 Field kx*s tco lough Ml 10 114 Figures .imonq stragglers »l lit Notoff lasl li-l »l Oft HamatGan, Campas ? 5W Tell Me First, Alvarei 4 S1S4 Eve's Lasl Turn, Bacon 5 1S04 Sea Blend, Rosaes 7 SSI Saralevo, Lambert 10 LONG5HOT _ HAPPY PILOT. Ill Figures In Ihe rear. IIS Needs easier siol .. IIS Figures In the rear. Ill Lets see one first... Ill FUurts least likely 3-2 l-l till 5^3 Lambert 4 3111 3-1 4J1-J 1-1 SI Skinner IIS 3 7 I I 7 7 7 Vddei .v. a Numero Uno II a. Canvasser raced couoted. Slme -" 131/1. '47Vs. 1:11'/s, 1:15 lurned back SfET to rruvt cleii 1/1.1:47 l/ Clear, lurlllrm. EITarla II.M 4.11 1.43 PaMThe Dials 141 I w BalYydowl I.M ilarrgood from gate, won driving. Muluel Pool -- 51I1.75. Exacra Pool - (77S.I30. EL TARTA ciossed over toward Ihe rail early while establishing the . Jockey SW Sadrullah. Shoernaker ... MS LadyN«*Him,01ivari?s ... 540S Br-janl, Verga'a Tfm S4kxwryAnn, Lamhetl 5311 Punrwl Souare, Valde/ .... S3M Aim Of LoverMge, Mena.... Sin Ramaellta. KawSey 5139 Irr.rwl'ail, Harris S2U Glorified. Camws (ISM)HjHiu. Ramlrer uu, Thoughlfull Joy, Noguez.... A4I8 Sandstorm, foro 5780 Ang Kellisbec. Svinner ... S360 Cetary.Ferndidc/ 5401 Lita's Rising Star, Lambert 5JOS Stratford Couil, SJclnner S4A5 -- FIFTH RACE -Purse tl3,0». Alh». -- furtonrs. 4-yur-oliis md up, fWlts and marts. __. _ velvet Isle, Kawlev. 5051 Accra II. Toro 5451 Dock Folty. Shoemaker 5357 Devil Did It, Oltvarcs II SB7 LadY Lunar, Pierce 9 5*0 Baby Times, Mena I 4*53 Calrry Charmer, Harris 7 5357 Folly Me, Rosilei 6 3530 a Count The Take. Ramirw .. 10 .... Conluncllve.Valdei . C.miellia Queen, Skinner 5357 Bel Across, Lambert a--Middle R.inrhcnvred entry. LOHC5HOT - CATHY CHARMER. _ __ ... 4~IlTCookTl ke ihe spolT ........ 3-1 114 Heeded lasl. should m-.prove . - - - 3 - 1 IU Figures for a part ............. -3 " 114 Would be no surprise 114 Willing bm In tough. 130 Must concede the weight 114 FatrOak Trie form in Not ko dependable IU Stablemate looks much better 1 114 May need racing ..., J 114 Long idle, may need racing ... IU Figures lo Irall LOHOSHOT -- IMOALLAHT.. ~ --"SECCWD RACE -- » furionsn. 4-vear 114 Figures lo scratchOkV IT aMlri the stretch lten responded ra hold sate PASS THE GLASS. The laller raced In hand early while finding hH fuU stride, saved grouixl 13 close and press ihe winner then htng 'n rhe Ikial seventy yards BARRYDOWN checked lo roov« to ine outikfl. had his best bid wide leaving Ihe far turn ta prompt the pace and lost his punch Psirse tllfOOfl. Top claiming price 511,500. iiSiTaTrwsy Phyllis. H.r*ley . " : " " 5151 MoctM Frcrtl. Howard . _ 5306 Rebel's Own, Noguci. .. 5345 a My Lovely Girl. Valdei. SOU a-Iurn04Fare. Valdei ~|J1 I IIS Figures lor a part 113 Came close lo easier .... ]i; Entry could take a part . 117 Parr ol a oood team . 117 Would bea surprise xll? May need a race 117 Making U.S.debul .. 117 Trailed better . . 7 - 2 . 9 2 . 9 2 II KM 151 ..IH . Restless Heritage. Pierce 6 5404 Dr. Felix Sta'r, Toro 4 4933 RubvE.,Mena 3 t5303)Nliciar. Skinner 1 5714 Krlghllv, Lai*ert I ... Mata'pa, Valdei 7 l May hold the edge 120 Flguresctose 118 Requires his besl for a part 116 Mavbelhlsgood 116 Beal easier In lasl Ill Holds a tongshol charw 114 Figures least likely .75-! .'7-2 . . 9 3 ..6-1 ..l-l .W-l " I! EXACTA, t -EL T A R T A 1 . 1 PASS THE CLASS, PAID till .00 S4»~- EIGHTH RACE - lit ralWl. 3 en added. GrcSS 133,558. Bradbury Slakes. fndexHone WP?il . ··- " - ' I-1H l-n Ml olds. Stakls. First l»,m MSI April's Itopc, Ramlrei 477? Winwr Kiss. Semlln DouM Me Not. Harris 5157 Millennium. Lamcxtt a Heardsdaleowned entry. = LOWSMOT-APRIL'S^HOPE^ __,...___.., '5443 -- THIRD RACE -- ("furlongs. l-year^W maiden ftlly cafbreds. Purse S7«O.Toecl»lmln«prSer " -i'ji^l ir'TTIT--T T*lVT--fv-- Lf^fCSHOT-KNiOHtiV^ S*47 ~HvENTM"lIACif - Ivi furiorss. tiear-okft aod up. Pun« Ill^oo. SM P'^cbro lilUIWcKenile Bridge (SJCltl Porlx.«.... 1524(1 Around Wl Go. 5D7 W'sllr SVo) HU TregHlk-k. S3U .. . m 7 1 . .. M . Ill 3 I I I S-'-l . Ill I i 3n 3U1 3-1 . Ill I 3 1-\1 411 t] 111 5 4 MM Ifl l-t . Ill 1 I 4" 41 Hi ^ 111 I S 5-1^1 4 4 I .Time:- :ll'/s. :47i/s.l IH/5.1:36 1/S.I-4IVI. Clear, backUsl 3uM1Klner 5.44 II) I.M McKtnilt'B'rldti'i"'.'.'^-*.''. 1 ··» Star! good from gate, won easily. M.luel Pool -- W5U13 JUNE'S 8 L A 7 E S lound his lull si'lde eaily 13 move to Ihe lead, saved somerhing for me llnal run and drew 4h 13 Pierce Lambtrt 1^ Snxmaker 40 fAena 5-2 Toro 4M Skinner 7-K H»«te» Olivyes _ 1.70 S.» 1.50 HO I » J1.90 1360 1700 4-1 M I 'ojrio"inTwHh speed to spin. PlNDO- RO brake cleanly to s-va'e rhe early tcad. took back alter reaching Ihe backstretch, responded lor his best bid against Ihe winner to Ihe furlong grounds then hung. McKENZlE BRIDGE was stow lo utl'e, maneuver, ed through Irilllc alter the live-six leenth pole and Imorottd Ms position In the drive. . . 5.VJI Divine Bernke. Noauei 3e09 Lcal's Jewel,Cairpas .. Asuka, Olivares 2919 Chiouita Tryst, Toro 4395 Wool Jacket, Mena . p,nk CnanllHy, Valdei ... Candy Swirl, Velasouei .... Sovereign SM4. Rotates .... Slay Free. Valdei . . . . Wa'^rfordCrystal. Harris ... .... Orknlat Princess. Vergar.) . . . La Hoist. Ramirej . fount My Freckles, MoraVs. S31I Mia. Amica. Atvarei ... Magc.ificent Lady. Howard "lITTootsbesIirslirl 117 Fill we) here. 10 117 May need a local race . 3 - 1 7 7 . 9 2 6 1 .6-1 . . 1 1 10-1 . 17 117 May need a race 3 117 Not overmatched here . . 13 117 By Walter Raleigh . 14 117 BvKnhjrcO .. IS 117 ByVlno. 19-1 . 7 III ByDratlCjrd 151 .. 4 117 BvCrystalBall 15-1 .. 5 117 ByEslambul »-l ... 4 117 ByHolslBar Ml . I 117 By Cocmt Of Honor 75-1 .. 9 114 Figures among slraggkrs 751 7 117 By Bold Combatant 25-1 Allw. (SWfK WFs Holiday. Vcrara l530llMaleslkWonder, Toro W» Sonic Shuttle. Valdei 5351 Bold Preference./*TM 5344 Big Excitement, shoemaker 5358 Galloping Pine. Hawley .... 533' Super Tobin, Olrvares 5345 tVscarles. Harrts 5177 King Al. Skinner .... Maririmer, Ifeguer , LOHOSHOT -- SUPER TOBIH. i HI Looked good winning liU M I 171 Figures only a lump away 5-7 6 -ill Filswtntiere 3-1 7 114 Comet off a oood try 4 1 . » 114 Chance with this rkier 9! 10 131 Hard lo place Ihis low S-l . 3 111 Bestputsctose H 4 114 Far OH best form HV1 . I 116 Another racing Inpoor form.... 15-1 ' 114 Been Idle, needs racing XVI CLEAR « FAST (Alsarans listed m order of finlsil). FIRST R A C E -- MIH pact: NallveTargel, Dm.... 4.20 3.60 3.20 Pi eslon Creed. Brln ........ 4420 13 W McAlisler, Ackerman ............. ISO Time-- 2.057/5. Also ran: Red And Whit, Gcod And True, Liberated Lady, Dfrectoress, Hasly Express. S3 EXACTA 14-3) PAID J47J.40 SECOND II ACE -Mile h-ot: Andys Speeder. Holl. .5.80 3.63 2.M Flash.Lonoo ................ 3.60 IX Carl Dart, Grvndy ................ 303 Tlme-2.0«/s. Also ran: Native Slailine, Sea Fury, Llgtil House Chip, Andy's Fllel. Arbiter Hanowr. THIRD RACE --MJleMC*: CarinyjJack.Pe(ng..l2jOO 3.» 2JO F amo Hanover, Akrmn 284) 2.40 . Smoky Vic, Dennis ............... 2.40 Tlme-201J/s. Also ran: Good Lancer, Dutch Shannon. Senator Jack N. FOURTH R A C E -- Mill trot: Travelogue, Grndy ... 10.40 4.20 300 SeJd Strtlk, Lgo ............ 3.00 120 OlreKeed, Oaulton ................ 7.» Tlm-!.04'/s. Also ran: Pin Mate. Francis Snowdon, Armbro Prise. FIFTH R A C E -- «l» pace: BCCouol, Vvdghm.... 143 210 220 Va'erlan, W i l l i a m s ......... 520 3.20 Away Bret, Dennis ............ 7.40 Time-M9Vs Also rans: Royal Horse Po'-w, Royal York N, Sclo Dancer, Toronto H. SIXTH R A C E -- Mill pa Cl: Count Paree. l«o ...... 6.49 3.60 300 MysteryGeo. Dim ... ..... ISO 3JO Flanary Hanover, Balky .......... 4.20 Tkne- l.OJVs. Also rans: Von Von, To/pedos Sunny, Sinoa Imlach, Wee General Fun. Dusrypvte Win IS EXACTA (S-l) PAID 114 M SEVENTH RACE-MM HO: Counsel's Demon. Tlsh 1.00 4.2) 24) Oee Bee Flyer, NoWe ....... 7X0 140 True Gypsy, Desomer ........... 400 Time-- l:a2Vs. Aho ran: Corrers Cand-r, B. C. Dauberess, Senga Paula. Sea Fktdier. EIGHTH RACE-Me Pice: EIGHTH RACE-) Mile P*M.TU! ages. P«rse I1.7C*. clalnKnt prtc« 17,00». "' I FIjmlngo'i Pride, Vhtghm 7 5-1 Lillolkld, Baytess 3 3-1 Von Rommell.R. Williams 1 !·' Dr.AlanK.,Mar»wcn..... ' " Eenatla. R. Williams FLmlngos Miss, Gregory . Ringing Time. Tlsher Bay Flight. Peter sen Dusly's Knlstll Prudent Boy Scratched FLAMINGO'S PRIDE: No lelllng how good. LILLOLK1D: Mlsl-.l take it all. VON ROMMELL: Drops Wo'a likely soot, except for trie oulskte post position. '- LQ*4OSHOT--RIHSIHO TIME. ', NINTH RACE--I Mile paC4.~Aj1i ages. Pgrse ll^OQ. Claimiog price S4.ce», ..a - * ; 9 3 . 4 4 - 1 .i 6-1 I IQH Scratched it. S44I - EIGHTH RACE -- Hi mlkl on rorf. «.ytar-eJh and up. Parse 11(^00. Alhr. .. . 4 ftTMay come rlqfiibaci ... The Glanl. Hawlev 53W Mr. Bo4d Barter, Mena . S!»4 T.V. Mission, Vervara 5!i5 Sarco, Vaktei 5177 Edington. Tom 5a31 Pass Thru. Harris «9to Prlocfpoum. SemUn 51S5 ABreem.Gnllgart.. - Ht-MTKTH RACE -- |V rnilll. 4 y ' sisorvev.i £350 Saserac SIS'Grsled 5053 Ch*l Psm'th . 55* America.-! Hero 541! JetPorl OTrPa.TM 531*. Ice Cao . . 115 » I *t! 31 111 13 I 71'? M II? I * S3 4 1 ] 4-1 . Ill 3 1 111 I'l Ii 114 I S II II I' . 115 1 ) 9-'l 91 W . Ill 7 I01'1 II «- . 11 II II II I'l I II) S I I! S 1 V 1 1 6h 13h 10 Ids i up. Clalnlni Pars. 15500. "ii~ "!lr~Fbi Jockl'y Oih lil Hi l-r^ Lar-twt " * Sh In ... .Ill 3n Tors 3111 4-'i Hawley !·'! 5k Mena 4 2 i-l Cimpas M 7-14 (*J9uei l-l I) 33.10 3.X in 4.IJ 4 7 9 TIM 71.50 I 70 II 7J 5377 Bank Me. Hawiey ... 5311 Le Petil r«rcixi, OKvares S3S3 The Overcwner, Howard . s 5J71 King SetvstIan, Campas . . . . II B54 Onanvn.Toro II Wl Always Remember, ftoguez ... 3 . Happy Pilot. Valdei 1 Sell Flying Xansu. Vakfej IS 5353 B-g Waddy, Pierce . 53W On Ttx: Rlgfit Track, Verga'a . Descriollve KW. Semkin 54441-- FOURTH RACE -- »(» lurlorm. IrearoM mjksen colts JXl ~S! 7 ! 9 3 6 1 ..6-1 31 »l .151 in 151 . ill Mavneedarace 7 114 WaytaHea part today 1 114 Can run with these 9 114 Dangerous off best I 114 Can and musl lrnoroe 6 IU Wculdba a surprise . I «109 Needs 1he BsKi4 wtlgH 3 114 Figures kail Ikely . "M . i! . J.1 4-1 ..4-1 ..4-1 ...H .15-1 ~4 111 WelTplaced to graduate ' IU Coming up "o best Ill Lltlte Improvement needed IU Chance i( slam II I Not n-ermatched today .. III MMM take a part oft best ... 116 By Pollys Jel Ill Should scratches! Ill Nd too dependable Ill Not of lasl - . , , 5441 _ NINTH RACE -- I Ai miles. 3-rwr^Wi. p\jn« »^M. foo claimiog 14 II «II3 May need racing . fiS'bandy Career. Mawtev " 5J7 Ispy.Arwcn 5315 Fleet Rep, Fernandei SJ17 It'S Today. Tonj S375 Wj'kln H ! gh. CrBvarw UMTalarlk. Mena 5775 Sir Gun Bex. Lurtte. ... 5J07 Fleet Haccma Noouei LONGS HOT-TALARIK. 7 IU Gefsalx-fler cha-« lor_ 1 xll3 Comes of* a sharp try S3 5 116 May ho*d the others 11 I III Could be rhis good *3 3 114 Maywant aneaslerspct . . 6-1 i 116 Only a longshot chanc« today ...II I I is Appears overmatched vo-l . 4 114 HarSty trouWe tt»se 151 Tsm. Jvngd 540 310 7.40 Arrr.broNilly. Crine ........ 440 J.M 5l««i-ing Baroness, WMIams ..... 140 Time-- l:04Vs. Alio ran: Mister Fallacy, Brawler, Farm All, Armbro 1SEXACTM! !1 PAIDSS4M. KIKTHIACI -- Mil Ha: Dark Oilier. Toronto 29JO 13^0 4 70 Beth Ann Tass. ViWgham .. 300 ;» Andy's Chuck. Hirper ......... 420 Time - :91i/i. Also rin: Ho-wCir Ooll, Wee Richard 0, Dominions Star, Seeceirfarer. 1! EXACTA 14-11 PAID 1411 H Wutull handle: I43IA35. A 5.413. Ckxxftxinl A., Vlnghm 1-7-5- K.T.A-.Loroo I S-2. Willie T. Xntght. Baylesi 1 /·! Mlndy's Boy, Gregory I «·? Golden Lynn, Haymward 3 4-1 FanCall.Bailey 4 l-l' Brother Adios, BahoutJi 7 101 · IrhhBethM'Cal, Oescrrer S 15-1 SI. Clalr Chief Srakha3 RicardoSpur Scratched CLOUD BURST A.: May prove the. most dependable. H.T A.: May laVe, i par! from Ihe outside. WILLIE T. KNIGtlT:Hast«nadisappolnlmenl.-. · LOKGSHOT--FAN CALL. ' OTP1SSS NO COVER CHARGE CONTINUOUS fUfi l CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT SINCE 1365 COCKTAILS6 BEEH Vf t I Pf fa-ir to '·· .^ WASni'irjrrvj DM B A v e i r » s i ) " "* 1L,RH BIGHT O'l 7hO LIGHT RATCH ·"" Satktt^Jr^ -. lli_.Ll !'.J H^Brtiitfifa*n rlafiiS *3W T\iff -- -»*/i. :S, 1:l3Vi. " J* f* r 'wn. ralW In the rnkMI* of rhe, ir*ck f*vl. irj(k tg yet IV fejd l«'o rt* 1're'ch a"*t ^ dre-out. SASERAC ihowfdiitiie nverf lor .1 niHe inon imrroved hii wsit'Q*. f . 11.19 10.31 7.00 TIM II.M 4.40 SlartflOOd (rom »j'c. *on drrvirw T - i. EiarM Pool l Pool- S27J010 PEE JAY Kir jcrd ii hand o il tv slretch run CIUARRON II ia:«J dow -P bfh'nd frV pace a"id hjd J r S C R A T C H E D -- Fleet C«"'ixlon, Hotline Hiir.iii's Hotline A T S A V T 4 A N I T HOST PROBAB1.K H 1 N N K R Fairway rVrtl tn ^4 (IfST BBT-TailiHialk In bb BEST HONKf TROt-rfUT-nV IlltUI It4 WTN PARHY-Baol Me I. Ii* la Tbnjj rreer ll ttk IANCSKOT tiflyLi 3rd. yiOW BET h ATI/WAI-IMTTOS MUST I'ROBABI.K H1NNKR-TV Den rM A ll it. BFCT BET-- Majnlle Mlp»er Ii B1T MONO nirtiltXT-l^Bjr Hill » W WIN PAH3.AV-Raial Rkks Way l««ikU4T«i«T»r»l \ b * h I.ONC.S1IOT SrF.CIAI.-Barol SPKriAI. E X A C T A CflMBO- CkW IMldi; inJ Mi)e4k Wonder InTli. . Lucky Louise AT SANTA AKITA BEST BET-CWefs Holiday ii se e«th BEST CHANCE BET-Bet Across . SHOW RI-T SPKCHL-niinliw PrUeb«U SPECIAL K M A C T A COMBO- AHL results Rlctvncnd 5. HeiSW 4 Providence 3. Nl« H4wn 4 (OTK N:v« Scotia 5. Rxhester 0 Tire Center 3519 L ALOXORA BIVD. BELLfLOWEfl.886-8279 Serween Selinowrr «!«!. I, Clart Open 1^5, Sal. 13 GENERAL JUMBO 780 FIBER BEL Tto urn* lire vod! M* on mny MW cart. Two e*u bHn jirrf 4 fwo P*V PoJv«ter cvO body for grul pentorrn- FRE£ MOUNTTNO h tira P»p. on tit* 10.95 J. C. Asojcnlan PrisinU: 13th RUNNING 100 LAP MOTORCYCLE TT CLASSIC Featuring National TT Winners DAVE ALDANA CHUCK JOYNER RICK HOCKING SONNY BURRES JOHN HATUEY EDDIE MULDER 33 STARTERS-11 ROWS SUN., MAR. 21, 2 p.m. Junction Harbor-San Diego Freeways 18300 Vermont, Gardena M 100, (213) J7HH2 ··

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