Independent from Long Beach, California on January 20, 1975 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1975
Page 6
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PRES5-TEIEGRAM (PM) ., MM., j». u, im Irish pray at peace rally for new IRA cease-fire :·-. BELFAST, Northern .VrplanrJ (AP) _ More than ;2B,000 Irishmen led by ~ ~ ~ v*nmvm\, un ;testant clergymen prayed .tor peace on both sides of ·the Irish border Sunday as British officials held talks w i t h Irish Republican Army political leaders in a bid for a new cease-fire. " A crowd estimated at Grandma Finds a Gold Mine- in Plates! NORTHBROOK. I I I . - A successful art dealer in this Chicago s u b u r b h a s a n - nounced a new. easy way to start collecting rare porcelain plates with high resale potential. A c c o r d i n g t o T h o m a s Gilmore II, president o f l h i s dealership, one c r a n d m o i h e r of modesl means bought one exceptional plate for S25 in I 9 ( ) 5 t h a t n o w s e l l - f o r S 1.0 5 0. a n d p u r c h a s e d another at S10 in l%9 t h a t now brings S245. Mr. Gilmore says, "Since many plates do not increase i n v a l u e , a m a t e u r s o f t e n make serious mistakes." He offers a free report on w h a t to look for, when to buy. w h a t to pay and much more. 11 even i n c l u d e s special offers on eagerly-sought collector plates at modest cost. To get yonr free report with no obligation, just send your name, address, and zip code to Bradford Galleries, I5IC B r a d f o r d P l a c e , Northbrook, Illinois 66062. A postcard will do. Because of limited quantities, please mail your request before February 1, 1975. 12,000 converged on Belfast City Hall for a service led by both Protestant snd Rorp.5n Catholic clergymen. In D u b l i n , crowds estimated at 15,000 gathered around the main post office on O'Connell Street where t h e y wore led in prayer by clergymen of the f o u r main churches -- Roman Catholic, C h u r c h of Irel a n d , Presbyterian a n d Methodist. THE British Press Ass o c i a t i o n q u o t e d I R A sources as saying Prime Minister H a r o l d Wilson played a major role in arranging the talks Sunday between top government representatives and the Provisional Sinn Fein, the political arm of the IRA's Provisional w i n g . The n e w s agency said the, sources did not clarify Wilson's exact role. However, they said before he took office in February 1074 he met IRA leaders in Dublin and proposed a policy which would allow for gradual British with- d r a w a l f r o m Northern Ireland. British officials, reporting Sunday's meeting, did not say when or where il was being held. An IRA source said two Sinn Fe ; '.i members w e r e d r a w n from its Ulster executive, but he declined to name them. T h e R e v . W i l l i a m Arlow, one of the Church of Ireland clergymen who assisted in the 25-day IRA cease-fire that ended at at the scene of the talks but declined to say whether he 'sat in. After the meeting he told newsmen: "So far so good. I am still hopeful." HE SAID the IRA's ruling council was likely to meet soon to decide whether to resume the cease-fire. It called off the t r u c e on grounds that Merlyn Rees, Britain's minister for the province, did not respond adquately to demands for a general amnesty for IRA suspects interned without trial and a pledge to eventually w i t h d r a w a l l B r i t i s h troops from Northern Ireland. During the cease-fire Recs released around 50 of more than 500 terrorist suspects detained without trial and said thai Britain's military presence in Northern Ireland could be scaled down only if there was a genuine end to the violence. Some observers believe he may now be ready to release more detainees. But he has shown no sign of m e e t i n g the I R A ' s b a s i c d e m a n d s for a general amnesty and for a British statement of intent to withdraw from Northern Ireland. Machine guns fired at London hotels; 7 hurt LONDON (UPI) - Gunmen shooting from cruising automobiles fired machine guns into two fash- GLENN E.THOMAS CO. DODGE CAR-CLEARANCE CARNIVAL UNHEARD OF CASH BACK OFFER Buy a New '74 or '75 DODGE MONACO at Glenn E. Thomas Dodge Dis- A / count Price and Chrysler Corpo- M ration will send you an additional check within 30 days for... 7 DAY OFFER GOOD JAN. 20 THRU 26, 1975 $100 EXTRA REBATE IF YOUR TRADE-IN JUST HAPPENS TO BE ANY BUICK (EXCEPT OPELS) OR ANY OLDSMOBILE Traded in Mon.-Wed., Jan. 20-22 0BBHHBH9B99D3 GLENN E. ·· --'.;---··,·- :-.;.:,. i V;Wii ; 7V i .-I'f.Yf- ''fits-.-'I'*-; 7-v- homas DODGE GO. 340 E. Anaheim St.] LONG BEACH (213) 437-4491 ionable L o n d o n h o t e l s S u n d a y night. Scotland Yard said seven persons were injured. S c o t l a n d Y a r d detect i v e s s a i d t h e y w e r e investigating whether the attacks came from t h e Irish Republican Army, w h i c h formally terminated a 2 5 - d a y cease-fire Friday. T h e I R A w a s blamed for a similar hotel attack last month. In the first shooting, the g u n m e n r i d d l e d t h e g r o u n d f l o o r Captain's Cabin restaurant of the Portman H o t e l on Portman Square. Four women and a mart were hospitalized, but only the man was wounded. None of the injured was in serious condition, Scotland Yard said. In the second attack^ on the Carlton Towers hotel in Belgravia 1.5 m i l e s away, two persons were wounded in the establishment's Rib Room restaurant. An A m e r i c a n and a S w e d i s h t o u r i s t were wounded in a shooting attack in December on the Churchill H o t e l across Portman Square from the first of Sunday night's targets. Two pairs are a good investment! Not all sizes in every siyit... uiii o yw^ u 5ci£CiiCn 3i 9"** u * **«»nm»* FLORSHEIM SHOE SHOP TELEPHONE INQUIRIES: HE 6-6572 DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH: 154 Pine Avc., HE 6 6572 LAKEWOOD SHOPPING CENTER (on the mall! 634 0343 LOS CERRITOS CENTER: 860-4010 WESTMINSTER MALL: 714 -894-5056 T O R R A N C E -- DEL AMO FASHION S Q U A R E : 370-1496 . CARSON MALL: 532-0497 American Express Money C.irdt and most maicr cioD-t c.iros hc-.orod. Kissinger invited to Israel ^·^ ' ' . ' I ivinMilt JERUSALEM (AP) Israel announced Sunday it had invited U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to Jerusalem, indicating he might conduct a new round of shuttle diplomacy for peace in the Middle East. Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin told a cat)inet meeting that the invita- tion to Kissinger was extended by Foreign Minister Yigal Allon during his visit to Washington last ,, version of Rabin's statement that was issued to newsmen did not say u Kissinger accepted, but Israeli newspapers were reporting the U.S. diplomat was expected here next month. The cabinet announcement also said Egypt was willing to enter a second phase of negotiations but had not yet replied to a compromise o f f e r by Israel. This compromise plan is known to offer a 20-to 30-miie withdrawal by Israeli troops from the Sinai Desert. ·jjiiiimujiiniiiiiiiiTi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - |N LONG BEACH INTEREST COMPOUNDED DAILY SAVINGS ARI NOW FEDERALLY INSURED UP TO $40,000. NEW CERTIFICATE RATES 6V2% 7 3 /4% ONE YEAR SIX YEAR $1,000 Minimum 51,000 Minimum And Other Savings Plans ^ iCa^iTooroi«ice for details ·« A CHILD and two British soldiers watch the peace rally outside Belfast City Hall Sunday afternoon. -AP wirepin Land mine blows up Irish boy E EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR Funds received by the 10th of any month earn from the first of '^ month. Funds received after the 10th earn from the date of rece.ri. Funds earn from day ot deposit to day of withdrawal on passbook accounts. FREE Safe Deposit Box, Travelers' Checks, Notary Public Service Money Orders and Note Collection Service with $1000 Minimum Balance FIRST FED1RAL SAVINGS FORKH1LL, Northern Ireland (AP) -- Security officers watched helplessly Sunday as a cow tripped a terrorist land mine in a pasture, killing a 7- year-old farm boy. Pat Toner became the first fatality since the end of the holiday cease-fire in N o r t h e r n I r e l a n d Thursday and the 1,144th known victim of violence since the sectarian conflict erupted in 1969. The boy was driving home his father's cows, an army spokesman said. OF LONG BEACH NOT THE LARGEST - JUST ONE OF THE BEST Open Until 6 P.M. Fridays FIRST and PINE 135 E. OCEAN AVE. At Out Sect Entrance _ ',725 XIMENO AVE. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiSH^ THE COLD FACTS ABOUT HEATING COSTS. Because the cost of oil is soaring/if will cost you more to heat your home. But there are ways to save. Home heating costs are up, regardless of the fuel used. So is the cost of producing electricity. The price of foreign oil used in electric generating plants has more than tripled in the past 18 months. And we must use foreign oil to meet rigid air pollution requirements. Electricity is involved in most heating systems indirectly or directly, so budget your use of 1 heating wisely. There are several ways to do it. Here are some suggestions: D Consider lowering the temperature setting. It could cost about 28% less for heating to keep the temperature at 68° instead of 72? D It makes sense to turn your heat off when you're away from home. However, in freezing areas a 40° setting is advisable. D Are your doors and windows ,,.,-,-iilini- ctriivwP PniilUnrr » » \ _ t , n l ^ l w % . . r r - - 0 small openings and seams \viii save energy-and money. D Closing draperies and curtains will hold heat in-and cold out. D-So will closing your fireplace damper, and vents in rooms not in use. D Are your filters clean? Perhaps they need replacing. D Dirty retum-air grills and warm-air ducts can drive up heating costs, too. D If you have electric radiant Make every kilowatt count. . -- :-· ^ heating, you can save by turning off thermostats in rooms not in use. As winter approaches, you'll need more heat. But by budgeting your use of electricity wisely, you can hold down your rising bill. For ways to do it, why not send for oui' free booklet? Write: "Conservation 1 ,' Edison, P.O. Box 800, Rosemead.CA 91770. Southern California Edison An Eaual Opportunity Emoloyer

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