The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 14, 1906 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1906
Page 3
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CHILLICOTHE CONSTITUTION SEPT. 14 1906 SAL! Six Room Cottage Modern. Three blocks from square. Good cellar, wood house. Price *2200.00. Nine-Room Bride House Incit.v. Modern. Good barn. Price $2,^00." Eight^Koom Frame House Two blocks from square. Price Sl,850. Five-Room House. Three blocks from good barn. Price $625. Five-R.oom Frame House square, square. Two blocks from Price 81,250. Eight-Room Frame House Three blocks from square. Modern. Price 83,500. Six-Room House Five lots, good barn; fruit of all kind. Price 8800. Five-Room House Five room hoose. Good repair, price $525.00. Eight-Room House Modern. Three blocks from square. New barn. Wood house. Price $2,600. BazelJ.Msek Land Co. AT.Cqnningham.Mgr. CityDepL OWN A HOMi We HaVe These and Many Other ''• Bargains. ' $1,BOO—Nine-room dwelling, small barn, some fruit, two lots, in excellent neighborhood. $2,350--Seven-room dwelling, bath, etc., barn and woodshed. Lot 50x112 feet. $85O—Five-room dwelling, on West Webster street, one lot. $1,OOO—Six-room dwelling on North Elm street. Good neigti- hood rnd a bargain. ! $85O"— Fjve-room dwelling with lot 90x140 feet. $6OO — Two small dwellings $600 each, on easy terms. . A\£gefablePreparalionfcrAs- similating liicFoodandReg Ola- ting the Stomachs amlBowels of Promotes DjgesSion.CteerPur- ! ness andRest.Coalains neither Opiuni,Morplune norlliiteral. ~KOTC "NAH.C OTIC . RaprvfOM.jarS6KVE.PmmR Apeifecl Remedy forCoiisUfa- Ron, Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea norms .Convulsions .Feverishness ami Loss OF SLEEP. Facsimile Signature of YORK. Forjnfants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the i Signature EXACT CCPV OF WRAPPEft. In Use For Over Thirty Years THE OENTAUft COMPANY. NEW VOHK CITT. A PAIR OF PATRIOT $4.00 SHOES FUGITIVE CASHIER RETURNS. Hayti,- Mo., Sept. 13.—After having traveled leisurely through the United States and on around the world, a fugitive from justice for nearly a year, Granville M. Gwyn, former cashier of the bank of Sayti, who fled from the city leaving an alleged shortage of §17,021, returned yesterday and surrendered to the authorities for trial. Gwyn was immediately bound over in the sum of 35,000. The bond was signed by his father, F. M. Gwyn, W. H. Foley and S. R. Gettings, and he was released. The trial will be held at the November term of the circuit court. On November 19, 1905, Gwyn suddenly -departed from Hayti, leaving a note Jp^ the president^ John L. L. Dorris, of the bank, stating that the books and papers would be found corret excepting a shortage of §17,021 in the cash. Escaped Death. It is not an uncommon experience for us to get a letter describing how the writer escaped death by taking DR. CALDWELL'S (LAXATIVE) SYRUP PEPSIN for some violent and dangerous stomach or bowel inflammation. The gentle, soothing, curative, purifi- cative action of this pleasant syrup is without any equal in the science of medicine. Sold "by all Druggists at 50c and Sl.OO. Money back if this fails. QUICK DEATH OF GEORGE MILLER, A FARMER Wife Awoke to Find him Gasping For Breath, and He Was Dead in a Few Minutes, George Miller, a well known farmer residing two miles north of Meadville, died suddenly about 3:30 Friday morning. Mr. Miller had worked on his farm during Thursday and retired apporently in the enjoyment of his usual __good_ _health^ _At_ 3_:30 his wife was awakened by the sound of his gasping for breath. Mhe hurriedly summoned a doctor but Mr. Miller expired in five minutes. He was about 60 years old and was one of the best known residents of that locality. The purifying action and curative properties of this great remedy have made " S. S. S. For The Blood " a household saying, and thousands who are today enjoying perfect health owe their recovery from blood or skin diseases to this universally used blood medicine. S. S. S. is made entirely from roots, herbs and barks which possess not only cleansing and healing ingredients! but building-up and strengthening properties to keep the blood in perfect order. No one can be well when the blood is impure; they lack the energy and strength that is natural with health, the complexion becomes pale and sallow, the vitality is weakened and they suffer from a general broken down condition. When the waste or refuse matter, which nature intends shall be thrown off, is left in the system because of a sluggish, torpid condition of the expelling members, it is absorbed into the GUARANTEED Wood, making this vital stream weak,-sour and __.p_ _ _ rt M acrid, and its condition is manifested by boils, •" K E, t r K U in pimples, rashes, blotches and other eruptions of MINERALS. the skitu S - S - S> S° es into the circulation and removes every particle of blood taint or poison of every character, makes the blood fresh and strong and gives energy to the entire body. When the blood has been cleansed by S. S. S. all skin; diseases and eruptions.pass away and the smooth, clear skin, glowing wftii health, shows that the body is being nourished by rich, pure blood. RhetiPj mattsm, Catarrh^ Sores aadTOeers^ Scrofula^Contagions-Blood-Poison^ cCe..';. are all deep-seated blood disorders, and for their cure nothing equals S. S. S. It does not injuriously affect the most delicate parts of the body and can be taken with perfect safety by old or young. Book on the blood and any medical advice desired without charge. THE SWIFT SP£CinC CO., ATLANTA, 64. LETTER TO MR. GILL d Barney Bldg., b RYAN, ChflUcoLhe, Mo. '— GREATEST BARGAINS -IN- FARMLANDS, PASTURE LANDS, CITY PROPERTIES. Prices on Best Crop-Growinjf Lands in Kansas ranging- from $30 to $40 per acre. v -'t ' • Invest now and double your money in five years or less time. Correspondence -given ready reply. All calls of prospective buyers given -courteous attention. LEBO LAND & LOAN GO. LEBO. • KANSAS. COFFEE Co. CITY REAL ESTATE. Modern slate-roof, brick veneer. 8-room dwelling, large Jot, fine shade and fruit, nm location. 4-niom, almost newdwelllntc, near Centra school, price JOM Nice 0-room dwell inc. near Central school »ood cellar, south front, price $»5a <-rpom, new 1 story dwelling on Rayimrd street, price 1500. 25-room almost now dwellingand barn and lots and barn? price $700, ue&r Industrial Home. The last four dwellings belong to lion resident and have to sell. Farms. lOOa'-res T/and—4<l acres fine corn lifnd balance timber, blue'grass posture, unfailing spring. 12.500, $500 down balance fl per cent. '7O-acre Farm—4-rooni dwelling, barn and out-buildluirs, 40 acres One corn land, balance rolling blue grass pasture, on R. F. IX, and telephone lint", unft-llinsr spring In pasture, price $S 1'XI. VMOdown balance at (I per cent. I have large list of all kinds of Rpal Estate and can suit you. Money loaned at 5. 0 and 7 per centra city and farmland. Insurance written In companies that pay losses on farms and city property. Office acros: street from Post Office. L N. PAGE. CHICHESTEB'S ENGLISH ONYROYAL PILLS ~ THE DIAMOS1> BRAXB. Ask your DniPEfct for , -terV Pills In Itcd/ d Gold metallic boxes, senledN with Blue Ribbon. Takcnootbcr.* Buy of your Dropjiist and ask for ' ein-CHES-TER'S .__ I>JAMOM> BBAJfl) PH.I*. for S5 vean' recorded as l>«5t. Safest. Alw Reliable. Sold hy Dmcidsts everj-vfbi Chemical Co, phUrJclphLT, i LADIES! Ala THE 6BEAT TURKISH REMEDY for Painful, Irregular and Suppressed Men- •Btrnataon. Warranted to relieve the inost obstinate and complicated cases. Perfectly safe. Eecommendedbyladieswhohaveusedit. Price II.00 per box by mafl. Sent in plain bos. Address TURKISH REMEDY CO, UUMAZOO, MICH. MEN AND WOMEN, Ufee Big G for unnatural dischargea.infl&mmiuionB, irritations or ulccratiofa ofmuconfi membranei. _ - Painless, and not agtrio- iTHEEVMffiCHEMWLCO. gent or polMmons. kllHI!naU11,tlJH Sold b.T Drucicl«l«. C.K.1. a^T or »*•>' '" P 1 "*" "rapper, ^^ by exprnm. prornid, fol tl J». or 3 !mtll<vi fZ.JS. On Saturday, Sept. 15, there be a party walking the streets of Chillicothe wearing a pair of "Patriot Shoes." The first person who finds the right party and brings him to our store, we will give a pair of $4 "Patriot Snoes." Ask every man you meet. ' &Son DRIVEN FROM MEXICO El Paso, Tex., Sept. 13—The American Railroad colony at Aguas Caliuntes, Mexico, has been placed under military guard as a result of (threats by Mexican laborers to massacre the Americans, according to dispatches received here today. A delayed message from Aguas Calientes states that many ehols were fired there Sunday and Monday and fighting is believed to be in progress there now. The Mexicans declare they will drive the Americans from the town and burn their property. A private letter from a former El Paso woman now residing in Aguas Calientes, says the Americans are thorougty alarmed and many are fleeing. W. W. EDCERTON Chillicothe, Mo. Dear Sir: Thomas J. Bannon, druggist, Westerly, R. I., says: Westerly painters expect a gallon of paint to cover 19 sets of blinds; Devoe covers 25; there is no such thing as rubbing this out. (The usual reckoning is for a gallon to cover 16. We suspect the Westerly people don't wear their paint till it gets very shabby.) Devoc covers more; of course, we know that; we know why too; it's all paint and full-measure. Yours truly F. W. Devoo & Co. New York, Chicago and Kansas City. P. S. Deardorfi & Mecaskey sell our paint. NEWS FROM ROUTE 3 Route 3, Sept. 14—(Special Correspondence)—This section of the country was visited with a fine rain Sunday. Corn cutting has commenced. There was an apple peeling a G. W. Herring's Monday night. Isom Ware visited at the home of his sister.Mrs. J. L. Davis.Sun- day. Doyle Gillispie is moving to Chillicothe this week. We were glad to see our old friend, Charles Erwin, in this section Monday. W. M. Hamley is plastering the house of Charles Dowell this week. Fred Allen, wife and mother of Brimston were the guests of W. M. Hawley Sunday. Henry Smith has moved to Fred Moseley's and is taking care of Fred's things while he and wife are in Colorado. Act. THIRD YEAR IN CHILLIGOTHE RELIABILITY A rare opport .nity afforded the many chronic sufferers to get well in the speediest possible time by treating with Dr. Prettyman The famous specialist of Chicago, who will be at the HENRIETTA HOTEL Chillicothe, Ho, SATURDAY, SEPT. 15, 1906 9 a. m. to 8:30 p. m. Returning Every Four Weeks DB. PaETTYMAJI is a graduate of the College of- Physicians and Sur•eons, New York City, one of the most notable institutions of America. The doctor has had special courses of study in E\E, EAR, NOSE, THROAT, GHRONIC AND NERVOUS DISEASES in the great Bellevue and Charity Hospitals of New York City. The results of this experience are many phenomenal cures all over the state. " • > DS. PKETTYjttAM" is no stranger to Missouri, as he now makes regular monthly visits to Gallatin, Columbia, Maryville and other Missouri cities, and las been doing so for twelve years, never missing a visit. He treats } all ner- 'ous diseases and chronic diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat, Lungs, Heart, Stomach, Liver, Bowels and Bladder. He Successfully Treats Acute and Chronic Catarrh. Rising in Ears, Deafness, Disease of the Eye,' Kar, Nose, Throat, Lungs, Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, Urinary Organs and Bladder, Nervous Prostration, Dyspepsia, Constipation, Rheumatism, .Epilepsy or hts. ' MEN"—Young men, middle aged men, old men suffering from weakness, im- >aried memory, dizziness, nervous debility, loss of power, etc., blood poisoning, eakage, should not let this opportunity passj as a trial treatment will satisfy he most skeptical of his wonderful cura-ive powers in these cases. The dpc- ot carries all his notable instruments and comes prepared to examine the most obscure medical and surgical cases. He undertakes no incurable di- eases, but cures hundreds aftar others fail- Correspondence solicited. In these days of rush and hurry courtesy is often^forgotten. In the mad, pell moll rush of our life little things are done to offend that we rather remained undone. A hastily eaten meal and its resultant headache may cause us social or financial loss. The wise man or womam is the one who relieves little ills of this sort by a littlra dose of KODOL for DYSPEPSIA. It digests what you eat and puts your stomach back into shape. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. KILLED ONE ROBBER. Wichita, Kas., Sept. 13.—An attempt was made to rob the Hamilton hotel at 2 o'clock this morning. Joseph Pitzpatrick, one of the robbers, is dead in a Wichita morgue and John Morgan is under arrest in Hutchison, suspected of being his accomplice. The robbers were foiled by George Robbins, a hackdriver, who shot Fitzpatrick as he was leaving the hotel office with the booty. There was §71 in the cash drawer, all of which was recovered. RUSSIA FACING A FAMINE. St. Petersbcrg, Sept. 13.—Russia is now threatened with famine, which may cover the entire kingdom of the czar. Official reports of special missions sent by the government to Odessa add four more provinces—Novgorod, Via- tka, Taurida and Orenburg— to the 29 previously announced as famine stricken. The central relief committee estimates the minimum fund uec- essary to tide the government over the next six months as S75,- 000,000. Baware of Ointments for uatarrb that Contain Mercury, as nu'rciiry will suivly tl'.'stroy tho sense of smi'll mid <romploti!ly dcninpcc tlm whole system when rnterlnn It through tho mucous surfiu-os. Such articles should iiovtM- he used except oa prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do Is tea fold to the jrood you ean possibly derive from thoin.HAUL'S UATARRII CUIIK manufactured by F. S. Cheney .fc Co.. Toledo, O., contains no mercury,and Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood anil mucous surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you pet the genuine. It is taken internally and made in Toledo. Ohio, ny F. J. Cheney A Co. Testimonials free. Sold by DrnRKlsts. Price, 7fc per bottle. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation Diseases ofTWomen Treated—Nominal fees only, atiou FREE and strictly private. Address: Consultation and exami DR. PRETTYMAN, 4139 Indiana Avenue, Chicago, 111. BSHAGEN FURNITURE CO. UNDERTAKERS. PHONES: NIGHT J53, DAY 397- When two strong men come to blows.even if they are well matched, it is not a pleasant sight, but if the man who gets the worst of it will use DBWITT'S WITCH HAZEL SALVE, he will look, better and feel better in short order. Be sure you get DEWITT'S. Good for everything a salve is used for, including piles. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. TOlANSASCITY. Miss^label Smith was taken >n Kansas City Thursday afternoon where she will undergo an operation. Dr. Morris of Linneus arrived here Thursday morning and accompanied Miss Smith. ^. • • .^ A cold taken at this time of the year is generally hard to get rid of but it will not be able to withstand Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar. That will cure' all colds, coughs, croup, whooping cough, etc., by driving them out through the bowels. If you have a cold, try it and if not cured get your moneyjback. No opiates. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. "THE WEATHER Showers tonight. Warmer nonh portion. Saturday showers, warmer east portion. A sour stomach, a bad breath, a pasty-.complexion and other consequences of a disordered digestion are quickly removed by the use of Ring's Dyspepsia Tablets. Two days treatment free. Sol<J by the Jtf. J, Swetland Cfug Co, HAGENBEGK'S TENT WRECKED From the rJarthnpe Democrat. A severe wind storm which swept over South Joplin was accompanied by a heavy rain storm at 12:50 p. m. Wednesday, wrecked the main tent of the Hagenbeck circus, causing such great damage that no show was givan. No one was seriously injured by the collapse of the tent, though several employes received minor hurts. Piles positively cured with Dr. Snoop's Magic Ointment. It's made for piles alone, and it does the work to perfection. Itnhing,- painful, protruding or blind piles disappear like magic. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. No one would buy a sailboat with sails that could not be reefed. There is always that possibility of a little too much wind that makes a cautious man afraid to go un- provided. The thinking man, whose atomach sometimes goes back on him, provides for his stomach by keeping a bottle of KODOL for DYSPEPSIA within reach. Kodol digests what you eat and restores the stomach to the condition to properly perform its functions. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. TH^PHYSIGIAN TO EMPLOY He must possess a thorough knowledge of medicine, he must be a man who is endowed by nature also with special ability beyond the power of any Medical College to give: he must possess an innate genius to grasp the exact condition of your system; and he must be a man who has had large and varied experience in the treatment of disease. Such a personality exists in the aspiring and ambitious physician. Dr. Prettyman, whose genius, knowledge and experience have enabled him to cure hundreds of seemingly incurable case. |You can employ Dr. Prettyman with the assurance that you will get an honorable and conscientious man,one also upon whomyou can depend for results. He will be at the Henrietta Hotel Saturday Sept. 15. LAME EVERY MORNING A Bad Back is Always Worse in the Horning:. Chillicothe People ara Finding Belief A back that aches all day and causes discomfort at night is usually worse in the morning. Makes you feel as if you hadn't slept at all. Can't cure a bad back until you cure the kidneys. Doan's Kidney Piils cure "sick kidneys—make you feel better, work better, rest oetter and sleep better. Permanent cures in Chillicothe prove the merit of Doan's. Mrs. Leon Pringle, living at 65 Washington St., Chillicothe, Mo., says: "For several months I was greatly annoyed by a hurting and soreness in the small of my back. It seemed to get worse towards night and in the morning I got np tired, dull and nnrefreshed. My husband got me a box of Doan's Kidney Pills ac the N. J. S wetland Drug Co.'s store and I started using them at once. I never took any medicine that ever did me so much good. The jackache disappeared and my eneral health was greatly improved. Although against pub- icity of any kind, I feel it my duty to let others know of this wonderful medicine, Doan's Kidney Pills." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Mill burn Co., Buffalo. New York, sole agents for he United States. Remember the name Doan's and ake no other. Bears the Signature of HOLMES-REID. From the BreckenridBe Bulletin. Mr. Newton Holmes of this city and Miss Mabel E. Reid of Chillicothe were united in marriage Friday evening, Sept. 7th, by Judge Lewis G. Hopkins at his home in Liberty. The bride is a charming young lady and the groom is associated with her father in the restaurant business here. We congratulate. Hard to rli_cl. It would be hard to nod a more perfect curative medicine for disordered digestive organs than that gentle tonic digestanf, and torpid liver regulator, known as DR. CA.LDWELI/S (LAXATIVE) SYRUP PEPSIN. No other medicine has its specific power over these When you have a cold it is well to be very careful about using anything that will cause constipation. Be particularly careful about preparations containing opiates. Use KENNEDY'S LAXA.TIVE HONEY and TAR, which stops the cough and moves the bowels. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. BRYAN BOWS TO PARTY. "If you ask me whether the question of government ownership will be an issue in the campaign 1908, I answer I do not know. If you ask me whether it ought to be in the platform, I answer I cannot tell until I know what the Democratic voters think upon the subject. If the Democrats believe that the next platform should contain a plank in favor of government ownership, then that plank ought to be included. If the Democrats think it ought not to contain such a plank, .then such a plank ought not to be included."— William Womble of Utica was a visitor in the city Thursday and called to subscribe for the CON- delicate and important organs of | STITUTION. your body, upon which you have Mary had a little lad to depend for'energy to carry on your daily work. It cleanses, digests, stimulates and cures. Sold by all Druggists at 50c ? t nd Sl.OO. Money back if it fails. Richard Whiteside of Fairview township was a visitor in the city Friday and called to renew old friendship with~the CONSTITUTION. Whose face was fair to see, Because each night he had a drink Of Rocky Mountain Tea.—N. J. Swetland Drug Co. • ' : ^' •• .» , H. S. Earl of Davenport, la., a well known former Chillicothe conductor, renews |friendship for the CONSTITUTION. From Mr. speech. Bryan's Louisville Good for the couj;n, removes the cold, the cause of the cough. That's the work of KENNEDY'S LAXATIVE HONEY and TAR — the original laxatiye cough syrup, ontains no opiates. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. Woman's NiffMtnare No woman's happiness can be complete without children; it is her nature to love and want them as much so as it ia to love the beau* . . tiful , and pure. The cntical ordeal through which the expectant mother must pass, however, is so fraught with dread, pain, suffering and danger, that th» very thought of it fills her with apprehension and horror. There is no necessity for the reproduction of life to be either painful or dangerous. The use of Alothi r's Friend so prepares the system for the coming event that it is safely passed without any danger. This great and wonderful remedy is always applied externally, and has carried thousands of women through the trying crisis without Buffering. Send for frefl book containing Information of pncsleu vala* to all expectant motuera. The Bradfleld Regulator C«., AtluU. it.

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