The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 2, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS I NATION BABY.ED RED department of Justice Urges Americans to, Guard Against Bolshevism Menace. CALLS RED PLANS .CRIMINAL • '.~ ' '. Press, Church, Schools, Labor Unions : and Civic Bodies Called Upon to ' ' 7 -Teach True furpose of ,<Bol- • ' shevlst Propaganda. > , Washington.—Cnjling lor the patrl- Mlc-support of all true Americans in .Its fight, ^o- protect, their homes, religion and. property from the- spread- In^ menace of Bolshevism, tlie United. "States' Department of Justice has is- Bned a warning -against the 1 insidious propaganda of the "Reds" during the •ew^year. It reads: ' ' "U, would be extremely helpful to the cause of good government, the maln- . tenance of law and order and the .pres- ' »rvation of peace and happiness in our country If the people on. this New Tear's dajr would resolve to study, 1 un• derstand.' and. appreciaite-'the-so-called •Bed*, movement They can counteract it imJstf.'-efCectively"Dy'leacliihg "its purpose:, the church, th'e schools, patriotic organizatioas and labor unions; all of which are within the range of its 'insidious attacks. .:• ''Red" Theories Criminal. "The 'Red', movemehydoes'not. mean en attitude of prot'escagainst'•-alle'gefl'" defects in • our present political anfl economic organization. of ' society. It does not represent, the radicalism of progress^ It.represents a specific doctrine—namely, tlie introduction of dictatorships the wort'd over by force and violence.; It. is not a movement of lib. .erty-loving -persons, . but a distinctly • criminal and -\dishonest .movement ~ Lenine himself made the statement at the'Third Soviet Conference, 'Among • 'jenejhundred so-called Bolshevists there I ts one-real Bolshevik,' thirty-nine criminals and sixty foolsi" -It advocates the destruction of all property,the 'destruction of all'reiigion "and ielief In God. It Is a movement or" sanized against Democracy and in favor of the power of .the few built by iprce. Bolshevism, syndicalism, the Soviet Government, sabotage, • etc., are only names for old theories of violence •nd criminality. Russian Labor Crushed. "Though their adherents In this country N are advocating -and fomenting -strikes, Lenine and Trotzky forbid strikes, .and trade unions are being .broken up and completely subordinated •to the will of. the few demagogues .in control in Russia. This Bolshevist experiment on the living body of the Zlussian -people has not proven .in'any •fense of the word • an c leriment in Itemocracy. The '• Bolshevist' leaders Irankly repudiate democratic princi- ,ples as -we understand them. It has 'been a gamble which.meant for Kus- eia, and, indeed,'for the whole of humanity, r enormous losses'in lives as - well as in material.. resources. The Bolshevists have run up' B colossal bill which tlie Russian workmen and .peus- ims will have to pay. "Reds" Menace America. "Hai-lng- lived at the expense, of the Russian people' for' two years, these speculators in human lives and other people's earnings are trying to'move •tp. new fields to the east and to the 1 •west, hoping to take advantage of the economic distress and; confosion of mind in",which humanity, finds itself after the terrific strain -of 'five years ; of war.] ,.- .-•• ' '-• '• — .. i "Its sympathizers in this country are •composed'' eniefly 'of .c^mlneis, mis- ."tilgdts and many Because Her Mother Was Made Well by Lydia E. Pinkham's^Vegetable .-. Compound. * ~" • Brooklyn, N.Y.-^"I.could not write all';my thanks, for your blessed medi- [cine, Lydia.E. Pinkham's Vegetable .Compound. J was •n a very, bad''coriV' ition and had lost jwo babies. One: )f my good' .friends. 'ild'me abbtit "Lydia 1. Pinkham's Vege- ible Compound'and .fter I had taken' tight or ten bottles II a differ- lent woinari.- • I kept last month 'and'we~Kave had her cHris- tened Lydia Elizabeth. I wish you to publish my letter to benefit other women. who are suffering 'as I. was:" : —Mrs?' KATHEKME KTJKZBA.CKER, 1086 Man--• hattan Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. •" ' .' Women .who suffer from any feminine ailment.should not Itee'ho'pe until thSjr have/tried Lydia E. Pinkliam'sVege table f!nrnv*AnnH ' '•' ' ' Vi ' • • The many, convincing testimonials constantly published in the newspapers ought to be proof 'enough for" women who.,suger .from .those.distressirig ills, peculiar to their sex that Lydia.', E/ Pinkham's-Vegetable Compound is. the" medicine they need. ... .... '.': SCRUBS BEI.NG CLEANED OUT with-,varying ^ orm ,, s oi hyperesfliesla. They !,are^ enemies^'of the government, rt'the Srarcli'sind 'of thV'home and ad• •locate principles which, rhern the aboll- "tloiv of all"ttiree of th'ese safeguards of West'Virginia Stockmen Making Vlg- * orous Effort to. Drive Out All • ^ Scrub Bulls. (Prepared by the United 'States Depart• t ment of Agriculture.) ' . ; West Virginia—largely regarded as a mineral-producing state—is on the war-path .to increase beef, cattle pro- duction.'aud itsi output of 'dairy products by eradicating scrub bulls,.which, are primary offenders against profitable and progressive -live stock lius-. bsuidry. Within a few months parts of AVest Virginia where the campaign is most active-expect to round out 'a clean-up which will eliminate the scrub bulls and leave the purebreds as mpnnrc'lis o£ all they survey. The ruse of Roane .county, W; Va.. is an ex- !''inple of what West Virginia stockmen- accomplish when they go over lire top. The live stoctf specialists of the Slate flfirieiilturrjl college."tlie county ayent .and officers of the Roane couniy i'arm hiirenu liave solidly backed up the scrub sire clean-.up. "Not a single man turned-us.down," remarked tlie live stock specialist In telling how the campaign to oust the •'scrub's: was conducted. . , •'The first of the year our local stockmen made- a declaration .of independence against scrub bulls, and work was begun promptly'.in taking a thorough bull census. This investigation of sire ancestry showed that there were 200 bulls in the county, of which 102 were misfit grades and scrubs, while 98 were registered pure-breds. .There '.were 57 registered Herefords, 28'regis- tered. Angus, and 13. registered' Short• horns., Fortunately, the army of 102 .grades an_d_scrubs .was not jaa formidable as it looked on the paper, because 60 of these low grade .sires were yearlings. Furthermore, the census showed that there ; were only 30 men who actually made a practice of keeping a DR. HUGH S. CUMMiNG-- Promises to recur with added.violence Suggestion /or Prevention: '.''•• Don't dopejyourself. with' medicine—infection.. ••;is; NOSE, and THRO AT. "'•r'^h'', . ./. -'-Used as a gargle several times daily and, as <a: nasal,-.' \ : .'."• douche'.at-bedtime,'' '.- ' ; , < ','",-'"'.•.•! VMa-oze Antiseptic . Powder . ' •-.' Meets the requirements of -one 'of' worldsinpst;, '.-.. ;^." famous-medical organizations^ ' '.'•,'•.' ' • -"', Get MA-OZE, from, your druggist while it i»~ . ''.." V obtainable. • ,; 25c 50c $1 :, ..',•• MA-OZE CHEMICAL GQi:; ... 2{C South Statist.,'Chicago'> ,. • ' .pi'. -Hugh-S.fiCumming'df" Va., has. .been' named 'to 'succeed ; Rupert Blue as surgeon.•.general..ol the United 'States Public 'Health service. Dr. Gumming was for a number..of years quarantine officer' at .Hampton Roads'and' is. now in Europe studying typlius conditions.'. '.-• '•" ' Tng" converts. "Most or the. scrubTuh owners were .prompt In admitting .the error pf their live-stock -raising .ways. The Itoane county banks hirve aided the 'movement tc -replace poor bulls with.good, ones] '• five'ry 'HanK'in':the county ,has offered to 'lend : aioney at 5 per cent to farmers for the purpotto of purchasing pure-bred, sires as substitutes for their scrubs. ..' Ex-Congressman ' L'obeck-] Dies.: '. Omaha,. Keb;,' Feb. 2.—Chtirlps-'-6. I/obeck. coiigi-essman fi-oai tlie second Nebraska district from-• isill • to Itrni, died at hi? liome horo'bf lirprt diseasf). JU. -S.. HOLDS ILLEGAlT'JAXES "More .Tihaii. "-$40,000,000 of. P,eopi.e's Money Wrongly Held, Says-Rep--' .*' resentative VV.atson. • -.''"'.. .-Washington,. Fell.' 11.— More than ?-JO;000,OOU-of the •tlixpaye' Is •now held in tlie. treasury o'f'tlie United States, as .the j-esult of illegal cpllec- "tiona during tho'qalpndn'r years of'lOlS •and 1C[19. 'This stateniiait Was made by Ite'pB'e'sentntive nonry W. Watson .(Rep.) o'rT.eii'n's.vlv-ni'ia, wliosu.'Iiivo'gl'ir gayo'u-'shows.thiit'.HK!;:il'.collections, in 1918 amounted tu !? 18,000,000, wiille-the estimate b£ tbe'inU'i-nal reveime' bureau is llie overpa.ynn.'nt in 1019 amounted tci'.llii-B'i;'times 'tli.o'se in 191S. TAKE CAfTOR OF TUDENITCH Esthonian Authorities. Arrest Former Officer of the Russian Northwest .-. • ' Army—Poles. Mutiny. ; ~— A dispatch reppi-ts ' thai the Esthonian auftiorlties have arrested .General Bal- .akpS;itch,: fi foniior officer of the Rus, siaii:. nprtlnvest army,' \vlib is .-said to have been -theicnptpr'bl! General'Yu- clerii'cch. ' ' .."• .'.''. . '.. ' 'v.Tht' dispatch'says'; n Polish division in Siberia has mutinied- ami murdered its ofli'cers und joined 'tlie bolshevik!. It also ftsseVts that General Semen. oft'p troops:have joined the reds. . ARSENAL H~IDDEN IN',BERLIN Prussian- Minister .of i the' Interior - .Warns National Assembly "of ... . the-DangerJ.. Berlin', Feb. 2.—Durin'g discussion in' the national -. assembly - of a jiro- po'sal by the .Independents, that, the state',of. sl'ese' be .aliolished', Doctor Heine, Prussinn minister of' the i~ ten'or.' tleclnrpjl: "There is a secret arsenal sonie\yliere in Bei-lin. but so far we have been, unable- tp discover its whereabouts." . ' . . .- • _ Would" Rob. Everybody... .jiwf w enty"irililion people in tiils, coun- ,1X1'own' Litierty" Blonds;: "These the '^Reds'^.propose: to -take away ;' 9,830,000; United'.States .own farms and 3,838,000/more own homes', which : th'ey would.' forfeit; 11,000,000 odd peo- iple have savings accounts" In savings banks and 18,000,000 people have deposits In pur national banks, at which . they aim. There are hundreds of thou. .sands of. churches and religious insti-." ttntipns, all of which they would abol- !lsh. In: other words. 110,000,000 hard- '.•worklng and saving people .who own •property, love liberty arid worship God are asked to abandon all the ideals of • religion,'liberty and government, ^yhich .are .the-outcome of the struggles of their fathers and their own, development and- "to place" themselves, their homes, their family and their religious' faith in 1 the keeping and their property • innder the domination of a small group >of Lenines and Trbtzkys. ' . Protection Promised. •."This"department; as far' as existing 'laws allow, intends .during the forthcoming .year to keep up an unflinching, persistent, aggressive warfare'against any movement, .no. matter ho.w 'cloaked . 'or dissembled, 'having for its purpose either the promulgation of these ideas or the excitation of sympathy for those who spread -them. The movement will not. be permitted to go far enough in this country to disturb our '.peace and, well-being ..or create any ,'Tnridespread .distrust of the people's .' government.'. It will fall away before the 'U;gh't : 'af popular knowledge and Jon of. Its aim* and; pv.rposea." By correspondence and'personal contact with, .farmers, the. state live stock 'agent and'trie county agent waged, the •battle.• These men toured the,county .'day after: day .'Visiting the scrub, bull owners, holding meetings, and requesting influentjsi farmers to assist in relegating' the scrub • sires into the livestock scrap, heap.- In the main the 'scrub bull owners, once they, learned j, SMryurpose of the carnpaijtn, and ones A Typical "Native" Scrub. Bull, an Obstacle to Progress in Live Stock improvement. ' . • . .tiey appreciated the benefits which . .would result if. they substituted p'ure^- ibr'ed sires for the mongrels, were glad ;tp. dispose of their inferior herd-head- jCrs; "Detailed figures -showing- the.'ln-1 jcreased yalne;of..calves;pure- ibredS;over.calves ..of,scrub "parentage .'jware: particuiaife conYlirclng''liL g«in^ ing r* +~ O for less a Cent Freight rates, haye played a vefy 'small part in the rising cost of .living. ' ;..•'.; Other causes---the waste of war, under- production, credit inflation- — have added dollars to the cost -of the necessities of life, while freight charges have added only cents; ' \ The .average charge for hauling a ton of freight a mile -is less than a cent. - -'..-• .. • . -: '•" . i : ' "': i''..' '.'.'•'. "« .- ; ''-. ' • ' '-' : .'•'.-'- •'- '/•'•• ' : : • ' , • A suit of .clothing that sold for $30 before the "syar' ', was '• carried- 2;265r miles by rail- from- Chicago, to. Los Angeles; fpr .16^. cents. .^. i '•', _ '.' . '•• • /Now'.the . ft-eight charge is 122 cents and the suit " : . .'sells for $50; .'.""'" V. •".'.'' / ; '.' " v •' ";'" : V--^' !.•''""• '"';' '• . •The cost of 'the- stiit has increased 30 -rfo//ars... ' • . . . ' ' .The-freigrit on it has increased only Sa.cenfs^ .. .. .'. ; .'•' . pthier-.tratisportation charges enter, into the cost of the finished 1 • ''article— carrying the -wool to the mills and. the cloth tp .the tailors'. — but these other- charges amount to, but a few.:Cenis : more.' The $10 pair of shoes that used to sell for $5 goes. from the. New Erigland.factory to the Florida 'dealer' for a freight charge of 5% cents-r-only one. cent ' 'more than the pre-war rate. : '• • . -Beef pays only two-th'irds of a cent a pound freight . from Chicago, to New York. . '. • . . ... ; ' , . ; : American freight rates,are the lowest in -the -vrorld. -ff •'''•"' m- ' • • • '• • ' ' • • • • *• ' ••-' • ' • \lhis advertisement is published by\the Association ofSlailway Gxecutives . Those desiring information concerning t he "railroad" situation may obtain literature *Mi£ •"' * fa ^oriiing to The Association of Railway • -Executives, 61 ^Broadway t . Nero York A given unit of any. • commodity will buy more transportation now than it ever did before in the'his'tory . ofthe country. A ton of steel or a bushel of ' wheut will buy more • transportation now than ever before. Walker .D.'' ' . Dir. Gtn'l of Railroads LAURA E. SWARTZ O8TEOPATHIC PHYilCIAH Chronic D',sea«e»:~V *peci«ity Office In Laud»r-Nlchcl» Bldfl- J - Coal and Ice ~ l MAC KEY COAL OFFICE •.'". Phon« 204 '•.'.-.-. ECONOMY. GOAL \ AKD'- J,, B. WOODS, PROP. W«»h»d Nut, EOO •nd ':• v Phone -149 ~K. HENRYBAEN "/ TRANSFER: . GET O.UR PRICE4 Phon» 4W L V-: - •5. -'' H.O.HALL&CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY. r SUPPLIES' ' '•• '.:, Phone 233" . M . W. ^ BRA£fr>CWN, M. D. .GENERAL PRACTICE. AND THB, ] ' : -'-. ..'- r .' ; ' BYE' : '••;.• .V"' ''' '. Eye* TetUd >• ^QIiMM r*ltt«j Virginia Bldg. DR. J.W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON. BUILDING H»ur» 9 to 11 A. M. *nd 2 to i P.' .. PHONE ae ..I . F.L.LmGLE,M.D. Q«n«r«l Prectle* • Special attention to Ey*, Ear, •"/'•'' «ni Throat -- • • • •• : GlMBM Fitted Phon»t: 'Residence 330-2. Office (30-1 Vlrfllnla Bulldlni HA>IILT0^ & BRADLEY ', • Attorneys at Law ' Phone 262 K , Suite 112-11B New HamMton' Building DELIA CALDWELL, Mi McANALLY B04LDING ~ 211 West Main Street Office Hours—8 to lu «. M.; 2 to 4 P. CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candle* and Ic* Cr««Tj . . Telephone S44 Y.' Mr. Glancy ' " of - ;•' . TlieMARQUETTE 18th St. ond'-WasHingfon Si. Louis A Refined Hotel for Your Mother, "Wife arid Sister ' 1 Single Room .-with Private BatK $2.00 ""'$2.50' .$3.00' . Double -&J.OO $3.50 $4.00 " R.opm.wh.Houtbc'lSv single. ?1.50 . Room" vfithoutb'kl}\.do«blc,$2.CD, $2.50 4 Short;;BlocK* froca Uruori- Station. ... „ . __ juestioa if'HUNT'.S SalvcVf»ik in the treiatineritbfITCH;.ECZEMA , RINGWORM;:TETTER erf • other i tthinft skin diseases.' Try * R' 7S-cenc box at our risk. EKv7TTT'$ DRUG PIMPLYMLLJONTBE People Notice It Drive Then T QiffwithDr.Ediwar<^ Olive Tablets A pimp!; face mQ; not embarrass yq» should begin to clear after you have taken the tablets a few nights. Cleanse the blood, bowels and Ever •with Dr.' Edwards' Olive Tablets, the successful substitute for calomel; there's no sickness or pain after taking them. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do that which .calomel does, and just as effec- tiveljr, but, their action is gentle and safe instead'of severe and. irritating; '• No one who takes Olive Tablets is ever cursed with a "dark brown taste," • a bad breath, a dull, listless, "no good" " .feeling, constipation; torpid liver, bad disposition or pimply face. Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable compound mixed with olhraoil; you witt' know them by their, olive cotor. , V : • Dr. Edwards spent years among patients afflicted with Ever and bmnl complaints, an* Olive Tablets are the immensely effective result Taksonsor" aSS^^ajSi^-.-See?"*"^ •~ ,*, •'..^.*

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