Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1958
Page 4
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A-4--INDEPENDENT L«n« Iwli, C.lll., TIKI., rk. 11, 1*1* Hie Plans $n Business Demanded t'w A S K I N G TON (HE)--A deeply-concerned J o i n t Congressional Economic Committee Monday demanded a White House report on any administration plans for shoring up the sagging economy, vindicating their g r o w i n g alarm over the business slump, the House and Senate also rushed to the White House an emergency 543,400,000 emergency money bill to replenish the nearly-exhausted federal fund.'.for jobless payments to veterans and federal workers. 'Both chambers acted without debate' or opposition. The administration had warned Con gress .that federal unemployment compensation funds for jobless ex-servicemen and federal employes would be depleted by Feb. 15 unless the extra money-was appropriated; * * a M THE DEMAMS of congressional Democrats for immediate action- to stimulate renewed busines activity was intensified by the.forecast of Commerce Secretary Sinclair Weeks that the unemployment total may reach a 16-year high of five million this" month. " The' Democrats proposed variety. of remedies, ranging from- an expanded public works program to a-demand by Sen · Paul'H. Douglas (D-I11) for a tax cut of more than four bil: lion dollars,- including three billion in income taxes. .'.' Chairman Lister Hill (D-Ala) also -ordered the staff of hi; Senate appropriations subcom rhitte'e to'review hospital con struction needs "in areas par ticularly hard-hit -by rising un employment. . · » * * * THE JOINT committee's de mand for a White House repor oh administration plans Was re layed .by Rep. Wright Patroan (D-Tex), committee chairman to Maj. Gen. John S. Bragdon president Eisenhower's i specia assistant in the public work field. · As the committee wound up 10 days of hearings on th President's economic report Patman said Bragdon was aske TIRED OF GRILLING-OUSTED nr Bernard Schwartz (center) was surrounded by questioning newsmen Monday when he arrived for a showdown meeting with the House- subcommittee investigating regulatory agencies. Schwartz, .counsel, for -the committee, told reporters, "I am tired of. being grilled by this committee in sta^chamber sessions "The committee fired Schwartz Monday mght.-(AP Wirephoto.) ARTHRITIS PAINS 'LONG BEACH--He normal iz ·the systems of the body by his di Kent application of treatment, a sistj pains to leave joints, muscl telix, become normal, circulation.r moves congestion, glands functio better, elimination becomes noima nerves quiet down, food digests be ter, improvement in health, mo energy, better sleep, desire to wor Exam and first treatmen Dr. Duncan, D.C, brings igain. $4.00. 'Spaceman' i ' - · After Day in Tank SAN ANTONIO, Tex. «"--i Airman Donald G. ' Farrell 'began making space history ^here Monday feeling "bright iiand chipper." . The 23-yearrold pioneer of space frontier's completed -24 hours in ah experimental sealed caUin at' the School of Space ,,,,. Medicine at nearby Bandolph _» Air Force Base at 9:35 a.m. Monday. . . ' · ''At .this point I see: no .reason why he should not last the full spent only one. day and night in a sealed cabin where they Dreathe the same air over and over..- seven days,"'''; .said .lit.. -.Col. atvcn \+**j«(.· . i-- --- --- - ,, George R. Steinkamp,- chief of space medicine at the unique school, x ,-, Previously, STEINKAMP'-, SAID he .was confident Farrell,, a blond-six- footer, would emerge unharmed at 9:33 ajiMnext Sunday. . ."He may even gain some weight.: the wav h « i s eating now," .the chief aero-medical expert .said. ·' .. ' · ·'· "This-test was designed to test both the: man and' our machines,"' he said. /'Both are working extremely well." ecret that they, could not ev«n| * named. · j TODAY, AT another press ricfing.'Dr. George T. Hauty, ace medicine psychologist, md Capt. Julian E. Ward, dep- ty chief of.the space medicine epartment, will report on ther angles'of Farrell's test Steinkamp said the tests iyen Farrell in the space lamber are problems '.similar o those that might ,face a rewmah'of an. actual space hip. - · - . J TexasPours Gas Money Into GOP Steinkamp .. explained to humans T have p r e' s s conference JMondaj norhing that many of" the in trkate instruments being usei to measure Farrell's reaction and physical condition were si o tell .the group what federal expenditures, other than defense spending, might be in the offing to end-the business decline. The final committee witnesses were- five economic professors who generally disagreed with the President's prediction ftat the nation would pull out of the current recession by fall. They said the slump was more serious than was believed a few weeks ago. Bickering Probers Fire Own Counsel TEEN HOODLUMS Newspaper Boy Robbed (Continued. From Page A-l.) with Commissioner. Richard A. Mack as a witness, * * « - * . i Ult . . . SCHWARTZ told reporters Harris said Schwartz has ad- he had mentioned to Moulder 'a contemptible liar." He said if Schwartz thought the shoe fitted he was .welcome to put it on. Two knocked mittcd leaking confidential -Information from 1 the subcommittee to Th« New York Times. Harris said later, however, .that Schwartz had advised.the committee when he was hired that he had certain writing obligations. MOULDER said the' 11-member subcommittee voted that teenage hoodlumsjg ( ,j l w a r t z . services be ended a 15-year-old news- "immediately as his usefulness held to t jjg committee and its in- . . . , . , hstins results. Ph. GE 8-2403. Offices 2501 E. Broadway. paper boy down and one him while the other took $30 of his collection money Monday night, police reported. Tony Jay Knight, 6291 Indi- «na · Ave., told officers the youths, both about 16, stopped him in the 3400 block of LaJara St. and asked him to lend them 'some money." When he told them the money he had wasn't his but belonged to his employer the youths robbed him. The thugs were about 5 foot, ., 140 pounds and 'dark haired. One wore blue jeans' and a blue plaid shirt and the other khaki .pants and a white T- shirt. Dale Carnegie Course Public Speaking -- Memory Twining -- Human Relations SEE ADVERTISEMENT TAOE 00 vestigation had ceased." Moulder said the vote was 7-4. Earlier in the day, the subcommittee voted 6-5 -against Iring Schwartz. Then the g ' r o u p ordered Schwartz to appear for questioning and, under protest, the lawyer did so. He told reporters afterward that, at his insistence, a transcript of the proceedings would s be made public today. ·- Moulder and Harris were and other subcommittee mem- jers that .he had information on intervention by White House aide Adams and other high officials in'matters that came before federal regulatory agencies. Schwartz declared he was the victim of a "smear" by Harris over a $400 travel expense account which Schwartz insisted was entirely legitimate and did -not represent camouflaged other expenses, as Harri: charged. . Llvi 1h« LHt *f Rllty it flN HUKTINOTON HOTEL 44 OF A BLOCK LOXG 1290 L OCEAN BLVD.. LOUD IEADH Thl* notel. runs through from tin boulevard to tti* ocean.. Two lobUu. All rooms have prlratt bathi, bfhtxl new wall-to-wall. carpiUni.- wrmu All rooms have prlratt bathi, new wall-to-wall. carpjUni. wrttlnr dtik*. telephone., and dally . mud fervlc*. Larre dlnlnr- room facu 'the ocean.'Room and mealf (24.50. week-" each -nerion. Choice steaki, prlm«.-rioi of . b««f, rout turkey, baked -Virginia: ham and cverytblnK rood to eat. .No better food .any-where. Pn,ne HE 8-6253. Our dln- lnr room-alio eaten to th* outside public. Club breaklait 85c; reitular dinners 12.15. v ' RUBBER or LEATHER HEELS Put on Your Shoes at Any Timt in 5 Minutes While You Wait NUWAY SHOE REPAIRING 64* PINE AVE. EST. IN 1920 Phont HE 7-4086 Throughout the world... has been billing House Republican Leader Joseph .W Martin Jr. (Mass) 'as a champion · of the disputed natural ;as bill, it was reported Monday night. In a copyrighted story The Washington Post and Times Herald said Texas Committeeman H. H. (Jack) .Porter described Martin as the man who lias "to muster at least 65 per cent of the GOP votes" to pass the Natural Gas Bill. The newspaper said the description of Martin appears in a letter on'National Committee stationary signed by Porter. . . * * " « « THE LETTER, which asked for campaign contributions, 'towards the election of Republican congressmen and senators," bore .the name of Republican National Chairman Meade Alcorn in the upper right hand corner. THE STORY was written by the Post's Wh^te- s House reporter, Edward/T. Folliard. It said that a $100-a-plate dinner] in Houston Monday night honoring Martin raised 5100,000 Schwartz said also he could for party coffers. not have accomplished as much as he has by way of disclosing alleged impropriety by members of federal regulatory bodies if newspapers had not printed his allegations even though their release was not authorized by the subcommittee. . "Thank God for a free press," Schwartz declared. ' He expressed t h a n k s to Moulder and .three other sub- the session finally ended, . Moulder said he voted against i.ring Schwartz. Harris declined to say how he voted. Moulder said he -assumed a new counsel will be named. · The subcommittee has announced it will hear further testimony on 5 the FCC today committee port. The others were "Some wealthy men bought blocks of 20 or 30". tickets for the dinner and "either gave them away or failed to use them,"/ it said. The "extraordinary t h i n g about the dinner," the story said, was that It amounted to "a promise · that Martin would again throw his power and influence behind legislation that would help the Lone Star State in general, and its well-heeled Reps. Moss (D-Calif), Mack .(D-Pa) and Wolverton (R-NJ). ' '* * » * SCHWARTZ said the accusation by Harris that he misled the government on his_ expense account "was a red herring to divert the investigation." WORLD'S FINEST CANADIAN WHISKY . -SEWHAU-DI5TILLER5 MPMY. VE» YORK CITY · M.8 PROW, CAMDIM WHISKY-* ILEIIO - Of UK SELECTED WHISKIES · SIX YEARS OIB- i ^^^^^^^^··Hl^lMi^^^Mili^lB^BB^ HIH ^ B '^ B ^^^^^^^^^^^^ YOU GET BETTER VALUES AT THE DOWNTOWN I EO CUIII T7 FURNITURE LtU nULI A. COMPANY 730 AMERICAN AVENUE ... HEmlock 7-1295 130 AMERICAN AVENUE ... HEmlock 2-5449 SUPER DE LUXE MODEL! WORLD'S LARGEST MAKIR BERKLINE VIBRATOR RECLINER CHAIRS COMPLETI WITH »HIOST»T ADJUJTAILI CONTXOI. VIMATOR · FINEST CHAIR 1UIIT « NIW JUPfORTID PLASTIC HIAD- ' HIST . . . Won't t«or . . . «'y '· cloon . . .. Decorator fabrlci. SALE PRICED AT. ONLY Compare With ftfi88 Any 150.00 wnhi 99' ONE Of THE -~ LARGEST MATTRESS DISPLAYS IN ALL OF LONG IEACH S10 DOWN Chair! * IS MONTHLY KIABINO i CONVALESCING . Mtntta · WATCHjNOjry_ Wcrld'f Largest Maker SIMMONS INNERSPRING MATTRESS or BOX SPRING Compan · with «ny 45.00 mitlrisi or box tprlnt. S A L E PRICED AT ONLY 5,00 Down, 1,01 Mo. WORLD'S LAROIIT MAKERS SIMMONS STUDIO COUCH · MAKIS INTO A ' DOUUI IED OR 2 TWIN IEDS · NIW DICORATOR FAIRICS · LUXURIOUS INNIRSPRINO CONSTRUCTION Compar. With . 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This sleek, sporta-styled car actually costs leu than many of the go-called low-priced cars. Yet, though it costs lea», the i Silver Hawk offers more driving fun, more distinction, more handsome styling for your money!, And it offers lots more, too! In its expensively styled interior, it's a beauty! And it performs like a thoroughbred! Today,' there's a whole new world" of pleasure awaitirig you"(anrf the whole family) behind the wheel of,a Silver Hawk! And at a price that makes sense! See your Studebaker- Packard dealer for a guest-drive today! For luxury iporti-or driving-it* the Golden Hawkt With variable speed built-th. .centrifugal Jet- Stream supercharger, it delivers flashing acceleration need it sacrifice in Studebaker's proven economy mileage. " ^Transportation from South Bend and local, taxes extra. Also available'witn V-8 «npne, automatic tram- mission or Overdrive. Alto M* thi limout SftMhbifcwSeottmm 2-dwr iidin-oiilir J1795 plus tr«iupflrt«t|p» ind tun, hit liwm*n| KjulpniMt, Studebaker-Packard C O R P O R A T I O N JAMES MOTOR CENTER 1350 American Avt. Long Btach - Oimstu4 ED BARBARI STUDEBAKER 6200 Btllflower Blvd. v Lakewood JOE NICKERTZ 3436 Newport Blvd. Ntwpwt Beach LEO SHULTZ FURNITURE CO. 730 Anwlcqn - 130 American - Downfown Long B«ach

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