Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 58
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 58

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 58
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Autotf or Sato 17* PO.NT1AC_ i 6TP~ONTIAC~..... $3195 CREST RAMIUXK Autot for Salt 174 HAMHU'-R XltlNIION RMlllK IUYCKS Autpi for Sol« ___ ""TIIUXDEKDIKD 174 HUGO BAIUSHROS ·t $·»«'· R*mbl»f u:» i«»i et:^ *··* ft ···*' . V'i'.'tn 41- I _Ai» A- O'RA' t ,,.*.. A V I » · .,,,.,,, ,,v. |.' cr-m: P -9 l*»^ .^*'£',.'J LCOM t J/Jjr, 1 "" 5 "" MEL BURNS FORD _ STL'DUIAhtK . Hi.I H.rJtop Sport Coup, li/l i^«f. «'l ·'''· »'"«."·'. » .t, ·, c.-.ncr. Ih'l or« II l-j»l I k* jl ·-« CM t*t ifiowrtx^ '^-$3395-* COTTER Cadillac Center VJ.T I..' in Uora ""iX 7145 L B. B'.J. H£_6.7»4 ·"·i MUl'l S P r t b S T L R . GOOD rC'.n ii» ' «'· ""TEMPEST Factory *vr __.__,. Mw**f fr*if». p*x*«r »*·( 1 "»··*· ·/fjK «»t*S,j toe*. l«»Mr. HOAKOOM KLW COTTER'S ik. e;i ut Hofih of H.n st. 79 »«rt t* f · r D*«l «« JHJ L«. ILVD. GAJOSH " ·tory Air Cond. " " :trlc wMetvt 1 1(4*1 tl*(* *titf IntfflO'. All W*titf (Qlor. h i * t it l«rtt c*^t cil !f« «rec*n t'oor. * $2795 * COTTER Cadillac Center Win lei In Lcng R**t*i 2U5 L ^H-_HE_6-7:J4 BiPD~m4 CXULUHT CONOf- liUN. Vivf CAn. tTN'J SHLLL M~T-BIRO~Iri~r**.~~ica~V* V. bjtwx» T.1/II. Inc1vdrg I "T BIRO "t ul~i*C~%»ittf I Vr\ Inferior. Nt 4-1/11 D.r. *iriV C*H'* A'OTORS. 1700 A«*- '59 Rambler custow lf, R ,, ; i, CA 'J.,,. »^"l'm,^Y' ''['^1 «.*c"'.^ w?fT '·" / '·"·.** l ,V-«'"'"i '""" C $I595 Downey Dodge. Inc. t;:5 r ' '^tSTO'.f "i vD. . - . ri.c* ril* JtSSi. TO-.'' iM'ft eyff 1S3 tse^ t«'» A.-» c*r cur- « n»*ed C*" t * ' r 4 Jt J * m '' "~ 7 6tTRAMBLER-$l895 SUPER * STATION WAGON R. H.. O'drNf. loo f..-f i9f. J4-0_I_B BLVD " ·it K A W B L l « AwtfUan. tt.c.k (ail Mr. SWfl t'_SP_jV:» Dn Pioneer Ford ... OFFERS , , r »-d »;» T B rd, bfowi fnnh, t*3* " "\iw FIONltR"(LVD. A O T t 5 1 A _ _UM_SI7M : 56 T-IIRO HARDTOP Fo-«r Sl»rq t tnln COTTER Cadillac Center win let In Una Death 3165 L J._eiyD._H|_»-7JM 1T~T BIRD. ljiftie*ef «"f. Ll» Oown, ill r*' l-Ofltri'. HALE YOUNG fORD 3580 t. P«c;f c Con! H«y. GE 4 W 3 blocVi »«it of L.B. TriHie CrcV. '59 T^BIRD te.ii/FicTorv'IT und.l.on. 21.00 tAUCHINCHQirSE M.OTORJ INC M^3 L B. ptvn OA 70W irrBIRO. P'^"'» f*"',-, Sim! on KIU. Just Purchased! 25 Factory Executive Cars Low Mileage--Like New 90-Day or 4.000 Miles Unconditional Guarantee on These. Most Are Loaded With Equipment at Give-Away Prices! Me! Burns Ford 1 2000 Long Beach Blvd. at 20th St. GA 6*3311 GA 6*3315 Autos for Salt 176 lilUNDUlOlRD A-1 H»D TO "XO T.BIRD PRICED TO SELL MEL BURNS FORD tt'.l ICXf, BrACH BLVD. V.llt 1C« Cl BI · Off. CA 7I»S'. WHY PAY MORC --SCC SAVE MORE. VU U*"V »fCll l'e«_JUr6or. : S4 T BIRD Autom'. ,.... P*Mf. _UA»«»T; CA M7I9 «ttf i. 'IS T BIRD. RtH, tilrav IISO* »7C1 t. AJUf-fim. Wilmington. Autos for Sola 176 __ VALIANT" A- 1 I960 VALIANT rOHOOK 1CDAN t6l.d UMk wim tx^ll *n f««. tTXt th'tt. r«(1« hit« »»ll ttfCl. A 0n ««wr. r»« i»r «·** TK.| K ii · ?««urr. lie. J lit 731. JI39? MEL BURNS FORD 2tt LONG BCACH BLVO. tl*.» w.m UAM'L . - . or «rd »mtfw*:i tret. A wrw l.kt r^w t*r for COMPA DC VlllE COMPACT CORNFB 'nVnVnVp^VnV-V^B PONTIAC CENTER 3-SPEED 4-SPEED Ready for Immediate Delivery NEW '62 TEMPEST 5 SPORT COUPE With Normal Down Payment As Low As Mo. -? PLUS AN ADDITIONAL OVER-ALLOWANCE cart 19 w« art offering on additional · D» to public demand vt« ero In rrtd of o«d B a«ei*ollowaaco for yoar car an any new ronti '! TEMPEST V-B SPORT COUPE u 1 '*-!**if, r a d i o , f.ei'f'. Oft I««t5. Mli*?tt*U*. C*r- t m»*». e»r. Ai »»ecnt'»t »r tn*t I LIKC NCV.l ^2595 B . '57 STUDEBAKER ·»,, PRESIDENT 4-DOOR ·61 TEMPEST STATION WAGON Th« 5«ari wim »ulOfTni.c. powtr Itftrlrg, r«d e, hf*'fr. low, low nn»»3*. Bt · rucr* l'onti*c Ownrr *"d flit to 19 :t n it* ttr ciilcn. '58 PONTIAC SPORT COUPE Iht Bomtvlllf wi** ·u»»- nvr, po*w itwrifij «"a I f*k ri. rtd.9, t t»irr. f ff Vif m«n'j rr-.rf«1 t on-ry ,*'· *^'ff r-»*t contiOtfitt m tirt » r burnfl. 1959 T.BIRD no*rr i^r«np3. rowrr Dr«kn. M ' power w"»do*. t-I E»« o'«si ·, ··^4 ·'! tti« extra oocdft · I a tcT^i'na!.n3 buvff wia^tl. · Autos for Sato 176 Autos for Salt W IND?·fNOKNT -- rrW»t, *l«r. M. 1M1 rttUMlLiOtAM. HiffJ. AW. S 1NJ Peg. Ill 1 ) 1 1 1 1 Competition Champion ARE SWITCHING TO RENAULT ·59 PONTIAC CATALINA VISTA Cl*Mr* Tklll tltttt TIKES (3 yn.) -- HtlNTENlNCt __ CIS (pir 1009 ml.) INSUFUKCl Rlilllt 1ISXO S200.CO I II.CT (O.C9 IKJ1 1IJ9 ua :«.o» iszjo I2JW IOI.CO J5JIS KONTHIT PATNENT ,, Jf.cs to^o :zuo (Sill Ii.. It ll.) TOT»t SAVIKCJ PER tEAR _ JIJ5JI (Tti MI 'Hi'l it ii IMII jr. rnil) ·lull w lull! (rtiil I tin IHli, 11)1.. III. Inn. All t^llrll Itritll fn« Ittillll llirtn. $1595 MANY OTHERS FO* TOUH SEltCTION ·g FRANK RE1MAN PONTIAC ·"· 412 W. ANAHEIM IN WILMINGTON »° TE 5-9933 PHONES TE 5-3141 P B I "a-a n a" 0 V nn p"n II pVnVnV. B n BB Vn B n 0 nVQVo«n B ." California's Oldest Renault Dealership GLEN ORGAN ^r*^ j m^l-i 33 jB8B3TCf3BtH| G NOW IN PROGRESS -- ENDS APRIL 1 INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW 00EIH J ^ss^sgS- ~r | SEE THE HARD-TO-FIND CHEVY II NEW USED CARS IN STOCK NO ONE BE/ITS SI/PERMV1RKET PRICES AIL MODELS ALL COLORS NEW 1942 CHEVY II ONLY S 2187 60 S10CK NO It'r '53 BU1CK IAL H A R D T O P COUPC . . S 1299 '56 CHEVROLET · CL AID ironr ccurc VI. 1' 5 999 NEW 1962 TRUCK ONLY S 2066 LOW. LOW PRICES on all 1962 Trucks ON ALL '58 CHEVROLET · ItCAtNE 9 DOCK G*» i*» "a v - » . t * n 1 A f t. »^" r » tj I C ttt't t i e . NO. iO*,**0 l»rt» » 1199 '56 OLDSMOBILE II «DOOR SEDAN S 699 '58 STUDEBAKER SllVCR HAAK COUrE *,"v »"i rrd VI- «^'c"-»'c crvtr i'f rj. r*a», rei'tf t . No N T H . 171. S 1099 '56 DODGE IORONIT 4 .)OOR 5 399 '57 FORD rAiRLANr VICTORIA 1099 ·57 PLYMOUTH 4 DOOR JfDAN v I * u io"-.»' c. r*^'*r. L. f f C 1 I 2 'cwt c-ffo. Ai ^1 S 599 '56 FORD victom H»oiop crc. ,dry. V I . 5 ' i H 799 'S6 PLYMOUTH · E L V C O C R E 1OOOK -- y »-* (-»»! V * »· S 399 Is the King of Compacts! Over a Million Happy Owners in Only 2 Years. It's America's Lowest Priced 6-Paisenger Car!* 6 6 7 9 The Ncw-Siie Ford. It's Siicd and Priced Right Between Falcon and Golajie. A MINIMUM DOWN PAYMENT -- ENJOY -BANK TERMS OPEN 7 DAYS Every Model and Body Style in Stock Ready for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY The Big, Big Ford for People with Tundcrbird Tastes and a Ford Budget. Powerful, Luiurlaus! "Wl TOtiUHl OPEN 10 to 8 SUNDAY '£ OPEN 8 to 8 DAILY $ Ranchcro · Econolines Pickups, Va-Ton and Up TAKE ADVANTAGE BUY NOW WONDERFUL SELECTION BANK TERMS SAVE! SAVE! A FEW MH EXECUTIVE CARS Ready for Delivery TAKE ADVANTAGE BUY NOW You'll Ii Clad To. Did! = YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER SINCE 1923 HIGHEST TRADE ALLOWANCES = '? . 7 ? AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER * CARS. TRUCKS. FALCONS. T-BIRDS W- 22Q S. 1 3770 CHERRY Fill GA 6-3344 1

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