Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 7, 1976 · Page 32
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 32

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1976
Page 32
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Ask Beth «, JSS r you 8et VD by comin e vet Y close to inter course? Can you get pregnant by coming very close? If I had sexual contact about a month ago, shouldn't VD (if I had It) have shown up by now? ; - ii lSt * her ,L a IS ?L in Massachus e«s that minors can't be medically treated without a parent's consent?Can a doctor treat a minor for VD without telling his or her parents? -- Lacks Info Dear Lacks Info: 1 -- You can indeed get VD by coming ' very close. If your partner is infected and your sexual organs come into contact, even though there is no penetration, the germs that cause VD may be passed from one person to the other, spreading the infection. 2 -- Yoircan also become pregnant by coming very close. If the sperm reaches the mouth of the vagina it may be able to travel into the Fallopian tubes by itself, and hence to the uterus. It is not very likely, but it has happened. 3 -- You could have VD and not know it, because the symptoms are often not noticeable at all, especially in females. 4 -- Minors can be treated for VD without parental consent. 5 -- A doctor who treated you for VD would not tell your parents without your permission. · Dear Beth: I am a freshman at a large university, and live In a coed dorm. Some males make a habit of peeking into the showers. This is very embarrassing, and I can't face these people in the hall. How can I explain to them that what they are doing is wrong? -- All Washed Up Dear All Washed lip: Tell them they are acting like fourth graders, the age when little boys are apt to spy on little girls, and think bedroom jokes are a panic. Mature men don't act like Peeping Toms, unless they are true "voyeurs," those unfortunates who get their kicks out of watching naked women because they are too sick for normal sex. It is their problem, really. Stare them down in the hall . Or better yet, say loudly for all to hear "If you idiots peek in the shower any more, I'm posting a.complaint on the bulletin board, names and all." I think they'll fade into the woodwork. » Dear Beth: I am 13 and haven't started my period yet. All my friends have started theirs. Is it normal for a girl to be so late? -- Frantic Dear Frantic: Definitely yes. You are well within the normal range. · Dear Beth: I have heard that during pelvic examinations you have to lie on a table with your legs up in some kind of stirrups. Then the doctor inserts instruments inside you. Exactly what does the doctor do and how old do you have to be? -- Afraid To Go to the Doc Dear Afraid: You are essentially right. The stirrups are to raise up the knees, which makes it easier for the doctor to examine you. The instrument, called a "speculum," holds the walls of the vagina apart, so the doctor can see inside. It looks scary, but does not hurt. The doctor looks at the vagina and cervix and then usually takes a '-'Pap smear," a sample of the natural moisture, on a cotton swab. This is sent to a lab for a cancer test. It is a routine check so needn't be alarming, and it's very important. Next, the physician will reach into the vagina with a couple of fingers, while pressing down on the abdomen with the other hand. This is to feel the size and shape of the uterus, ovaries and so forth to make sure everything is in the right place, and that there are no lumps or swellings. Sometimes a similar check is made via the rectum. It may feel uncomfortable, but not really painful. The first pelvic exam is usually given when a girl has a problem of some kind, perhaps a vaginal infection,.or needs to be fitted for a diaphragm or IUD, or suspects VD. Therefore there is no "usual" age. · Dear Beth: My man won't use condoms. He says it isn't worth It because they aren't very efficient and often rip or leak. So at the moment we are just riding on luck. Is he right? -- Nervous Dear Nervous: No. Properly used, condoms are probably as effective as diaphragms and have the added benefit of giving some protection from gonorrhea. When they are rolled on all the way to the penile base, and care is taken in removal, there is little danger pf leakage. American-made condoms are carefully tested by the Food and Drug Administration, and tearing or bursting is practically unheard of. Those from other countries are not subject to our regulations though, so they may not be as good. (Beth welcomes letters and will answer as many as possible in her column. She regrets thai she is unable to give personal answers. Address your letters to the Tucson Daily Citizen, P.O. Box 26767, Tucson, Ariz. 85726.) ©IJ75 Los Angeles Times SATURDAY. SUNDAY APACHE (1) "Hard TlrtiDs" (PC) -- 7. 11:16; "LWlc 81s Man" (PC)-- S-Ji (2) "Manson" ( f t ) -- 1, ]fj- IB, "No wav Out" |R] --8:*. (3) "Wild Party" (R) -- 7:10. 10 2B; "Cliaslitv"(R)-- P.OJ. DUENA VISTA (1) "The Hlndentiuro" (PC) --3-50, 8"Airport 75" (PG) -- I 6:05, 10:15. 13) "Black BeauV (G) -- 12. 2. "The Man Who Would Be Kino" (PG) -- 5. CACTUS "Killer Elite" (PGI -- 7. 11:11; "The Wllby Conspiracy" (PG) -- 9-K CATALINA "The Adventures ol Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother" (PGI -- 1. 3:05. 7-15 v:15, 11:20 (Salurdav only). CINE AZTECA "Caljomln inspector" (NR) -- ISalur- davU:l5. 8:02, (Sunday) 17:45. 4:3i 8:19; "Rio Salvale" (NR) -- (Saturday) 6:05, 9:52, (Sunday) 2:35. 6:22. 10:0). CINEWORLt) (1) "The Lies My Father Told Me" (PG) -- 1, Z:«, 4:38. 6:30, 8:22, 10:09 (2) "Three Days ot the Condor" (R) -: " ; " wittl Parlv " IR) - COHONADO 1 '* Ghost " G LA PLACITA (I) and (J) "Atlantis" (G] -- 1, 3, 5. 7, (3) "Torso" (R) _ 1:30. J:So, a 10 ' " 5 TM Massacrc " ( R ) MIDWAY "Aloha Bobby Rose" (PG) -- 7, 10:21; "Whitelinc Fever" (PG) -- g s? MIRACLE "Blackboard's Gttost" (G) -- 7, 10 45; "Trapped on Cougar Mountain" (G) ~ 9:07. NEW LOFT "Love and Anarchy" ( R l -- 6, v-30; "The Seduction ot Mlmi" (R) -- 8 PARK MALL (1) "Mahogany" (R) _ 3:JO. 7:45; "Once Is No! Enough" ( R ) -- 1:30, 5'35. v;40. (2) "The Story ot 0" (X) -- 1:45, 5'.CS, 8:25; "The Hapoy Hooker" ( R ) -- 3-25, 6:45, 10:10. (31 "Jaws" (PGI -- I, 3:10, 5:20, 7:30, 9:«. (4) (Saturday! "Black Bird" (PG) -12:45, 4:35. 10; "The Sunshine Boys" (PG) -- 2:30. 6:30; Sneak Preview -8:30, (Sunday! "The Sunshine Boys" IPG] -- 12:45, 4:30, 8:20; "Black Bird" (PG)--2:40. 6:30. 10:15. PRINCE "Cover Girl Models" (R) -- 7; "The Arousers" (Rl -- 8:45. "Strocl Girls" (R I --10:09. RODEO (Saturday) "La Justlcia" (NR) -- 7, 9:57; "Contrabandlstas del Carlbe" (NR) -- 8:39. [Sunday) "La Gatila" (NR) --7, 10:32; "La Muerta cle Pancho Villa" (NR)-8:46. SHOWCASE (1) "Swept Away" (R) -- 1:30, 3:30. 5:30,7:30.9:30. (2) "The" Romantic Englishwoman" ( R ) - l . 3:05.5:10, 7:15. 9:20. TUCSON! (1) "Torso" (R) -- 7:10. 10:25; "Texas Chalnsaw Massacres" ( R ) -- B 50 (2) "Mahogany" (R) -- 7:05. 11-10"Once Is Wot Enough" (R) -- 9 (3) "Fritz iheCat" (R) - 7, "ihe Nine Lives ol Frill Ihe Cat" (R) -- 8:30. "Heavy Traffic" ( R ) -- 9:50. (4) "Atlantis" (G) -- 7, 10; "The Neu tune Factor" (G) --8:40. 21ND STREET "Nioht Call Nurses" (R) -- 7 ; "Candy Stripe Nurses" (R) -- 8:30; "Young Nurses" (RI--9:50. Tucson Network Stations KCEE (790) -- (NBC) Popular, standard and classical music. 24 hours. KHOS (940) -- (ABC Entertainment) -- Modern country music. 24 hours. KHYT (1330) ~ (Mutual) Contemporary music. Sunrise to sunset daily, KIKX (580) -- (ABC Contemporary). Progressive Rock music. 24 hours. KOPO (1450) -- (CBS) Adult and pop music. Tuesday through Sunday, 24 hours; Monday, 5 a.m. to 12 midnight. KTKT (990) - (UPI) Top 40 Music. 24 hours. KTUC (1400) -- (ABC Information) News and information programs. Tucson Daily Citizen News, 10 times daily. 20 hours. KUAT (1550) -- (NPR) Educational, cultural and public affairs programs; jazz and classical music. Sunrise to sunset. KUAT-FM (90.5) -- (NPR) Classical music, news and public affairs. 6a.m. to midnight. KWFM-FM (92.9) - (ABC-FM) Multiplex stereo. Adult contemporary music, special features. 24 hours. Tucson Independent Stations KAIR-FM (95) --Stereo beautiful music, 24 hours. KAIR (1490) -- Contemporary good music. 24 hours. KCEE-FM (96.1) -- Multiplex stereo. Adult music. 2-1 hours. KCUB (1290) -- Modern country music. 24 hours. KEVT (690) -- Spanish language, Latin music. Sunrise to sunset. KFMM-FM (99.5) -- Religious programs. Sa,m.-I a.m. daily. KXEW-FM (93.7) -- Stereo Spanish language program. KXEW (1600) a Spanish language, Latin music 6 a.m. to sunset. at the Community Center FEB. 6-7 TIWSON SYMPHONY I'll! SI VIS "IIEllllIE MANN" FEB. 6-8 SPOUTS, IKOATTHAVUL SHOW FEB. 6-8 ANTUgUK SHOW FEB. 10 .1 VMS IAN m m:\ WAII\WIIH;IIT. in No Cameras or Recording Devices Allowed No Checks Accepted Wilhin 7 Days of a Performance · FOR TICKET INFORMATION 791-4266 Main Box Office M-S 10-6 ^1, ,---) La Popular Nogales M-S IO-S' Eostside City Hall M-F Dial-A-Tidwt 862-fio2d El Con T-S10-5 Davis-Monman T-F 11-4:30 Ft. Huachuca T-S 12-5:30 KVOA KUAT KGUN KZAZ KOLD NBC P8S ABC IND. CBS Saturday Afternoon 12 NOON O CURRENTS © DESERT TRAILS 12:30 P.M. O OPEN MATH GJ MEXICAN MOVIir 1:00 P.M. O COLLEGE BASKETBALL UTEP is host to New Mexico Live O AMERICAN ISSUES FORUM OJ MOVIE 'Cat Ballou." 196S western comedy with Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin (in Oscar-winning role as a drunk.) (2 hrs.) 1:30 P.M. 8 LA COCINA MEXICANA PRO BOWLING Finals in the S65.000 Cleveland Open Defending champion is Paul Colwell or Tucson. Live. 2:00 P.M. O FEEDFORWARD 03 CHALLENGE OF THE SEXES Figure skating competition belv.een Melissa Militano and Gordio McKellen; In-Sook Na vs Danny Semiller nl table tennis 2:30 P.M. O JAPANESE FILM "Sanjuro" slais Toshiro Milune as a wandering Samurai who lielps a band of young idealists overthrow a corrupt legime, (2 hrs.) f9 SPORTS SPECTACULAR Singles final in the Sctiick Tennis Classic. Live. 3:00 P.M. OGOLF The Pro-Am competition in Ihe $201,000 Bob Hope Desert Classic is covered live Irom Palm Springs. £) WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS The U.S. Grand Prix Molocross Motorcycle Championship at Carlsbad. Cal.: and Ihe World Weighllilting Championship in Moscow are covered. (90 mins.) O CINE EN CASA "Marisol flumbo A Rio." (2 hr.) 4:00 P.M. O IRONSIDE 4:30 P.M. O CALL OF THE WEST O ROCKY MOUNTAIN MIX O OLYMPICS See 10:30 a.m. 5:00 P.M. O NBC NEWS O FIRING LINE O CD NEWS G LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE 5:30 P.M. O HIGH ROLLERS O FREDSNOWDEN SHOW Cl LET'S MAKE A DEAL CD CBS NEWS Saturday Evening 6:00 P.M. O SPACE: 1994 Science fiction " series with Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. [I hr.) O ANIMATION FESTIVAL Jean Marsh introduces animated films. 0 THE F.B.I. O COUNTRY SOUNDS OF TUCSON CD FACE THE ISSUES 6:30 P.M. e PLAY BRIDGE BONANZA (D LAWRENCE WELK SHOW 7:00 P.M. O EMERGENCY! Ruth Buzzi and Dick Van Palteri play a married couple who become overzealous fans alter being rescued by Ihe paramedics. Paul Brinegat, Royal Dano and Zina Bethunc also guesl H hr.) O KUfS SHOW O ALMOST ANYTHING GOES Teams vie for Iho Pennsylvania stale title. (I hr.) 7:30 P.M. CJ UA-ASU BASKETBALL The Wildcats meet the Sun Devils at Tempe. Live. CD ooc Doc learns Iho hard way (Dal old is beautiful." Jack Gilford guests 8:00 P.M. O MOVIE "Rio Lobo. 1971 western stalling John Wayne as a brawling. ex-Civil War oiticer who Irces a Texas town o( carpetbaggers and settles an old score with a warlirne informer Jorge Rivero, Jennifer O'Neill, Jack Elam, Chris Mitchum and Victor French costar. Filmed at Old Tucson (2 hrs. 15 mins.) O SOUNDSTAGE .Anno Murray headlines concerl. joined by Dobie Gray and her biother. Bruce Murray, (t hr.) O OLYMPICS The XII Winter Olympic Games Jrom Innsbruck, Austria. (2 hrs.) O MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW Mary's Aunt Flo returns to challenge Lou in a writing contest. Eileen Heckart guests. 8:30 P.M. CD BOB NEWHART SHOW Carol is driving everyone bananas when she decides to enroll in night school and become a psychologist. 9:00 P.M. O MONTY PYTHON C3 CAROL BURNETT SHOW It's the all-lamily, no-guest show, with cast regulars in the spotlight. (1 hr.) 9:30 P.M. O TOPIC OF TUCSON Marlin Nizlek ol the city's Planning Department lalks about an alternate modes sludy, O THE COMMANDERS 10.-OOP.M. O HILL COUNTRY SOUNDS Bill Anderson traces the history of country music. Stars performing on Ihe special include Roger Miller. Minnie Poarl. Roy Acull and Chet Atkins. 1 hr.) O © NEWS ,, 10:15 P.M. O NEWS 10:30 P.M. O MOVIE; NEWS "The Postman Always Rings Twice." 1946 drama starring Lana Turner and John Garfield .is lovers who plot to murder her husband O MOVIE "In Cold Blood." 1967 chiller starring Robert Blake and Scolt Wilson. Based on Truman Capote s story ol a real- life murder (2 hrs., 30 mins.) CD MOVIE "They Might Be Grants." 1971 comedy wiin George C. Scoll arid Joanne Woodward, is about a d a f f y gentleman who believes he is Sherlock Holmes and his psychiatrisl tagalono. whoso real name is Dr. Walson. 10:45 P.M.- O WEEKEND Features look at Ihe rampant inflation in Argentina, and Buflalo Creek Valley in West Virginia where Ihe promises that followed Ihe dendly floods of 1972 have produced litlle but disappointment. Also, an inlerview with Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. co-creators ot Superman 1:OO A.M. O MOVIE "Games." 1967 psychological mystery wilh Simone Signorel. James Caan. Kalhenno Ross, Don Slroud. Kent Smith and Eslelle Winwood. ANNE MURRAY On "Soundstage" Channel 6, 8 p.m. Information in these list-, ings is provided by the television networks and local stations. This newspaper assumes no responsibility for errors caused by late changes in scheduling. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1976 TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN PAGE

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