Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 26
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Helpers $2JO Arc WeHers to $2.98 J2.8S * Driver T^ Omamenfdl Iran Meek ___ $3.00 MANY MCP.E AT 12 EMPLOYERS AGENCY 2 YOUNSMEN. 21-31 Interested In si'«s career with ~ EXPERIENCE ' ' ' t-it voo. .. \aiMHt OEMOS VACATION INSURANCE p--See BiB SAakrides.' no chone carr FRIENDLY RAMBLER 419 «. IONS BEACH BLVO COMPTON TECHNICIAN ELECTRONIC t*i^i tasic e't*r!ric.fv. e'ectrofv tcs. wse ct test egu'p^etc. Oual " INt 5T^COA$T*TRACE*SCHOOL 1WI At1«otic CA ft-53* S-e * C T V School Ad Cl«5. 72 FACTOBr BRANCH -- n»» P*ct * - -- iw PJW Se Personnel W Br-T_ Coll oa Eiptrt . . VICTOR Comptometer Corp. 1324 PINE AYE. Long BeacK YOUNG MEN AAA-I CO. NOW HIRING ACES Tl TO » 3 Depts. Open M» ooeriertet nreiTed. ComoanK tri rtro- $480 Per Mo. tt euittfied at eersonil Interview 43.I209 Men Over 19 Ta deliver Coffee kftakers m«ki atfvertiiine fl'iO'm. Eam lisa per wrek to start Aoorv to a m. snare, or 2 p.m. sharp. 1717 Long ee*d. Hvd-. Si/itt CT, Comcton. MEN me^Oy Inclined for t ectricatf disoiaw. tC3 c ma, to start * auaiitied. C il fSJ-4A6l, ._l_a.m. to S_». PENSIONER. SA*n iftANAC-E Sm INDORSED 26 Help Wcared ~~~" lUqji. wame«v_ W3 l«3 WfiS!f -%3oB TOCX^O.A^r. A-TV-^ ^ ALIS Order Out, A-lf7i .. UOC INSURANCE $**». A 1C*. S500 * ASST. A-IU7 _t» t3» ESTIMATOR* A-Ui* 1708 AGENT trainee. A1«T _._..,«· WOO JR. ACCOUNT ANT. At54 . IC4 ___ .. SOUTE Jalrl. A-1M »t !· »t_ IRUtfc San.. A1ML ArlW 27 «At EiTATl SALtSfEOPLE v* fcava aoar.inai cr »ograsslv« ··at tfat rtcola ut afraK » Mart. Eara mora an! »·« =XT wan ai» »^raea. Art about aur fconvs rlan-- nona bmvr. AsJt lor t?i-nn MA saci OBAN REALTY. INC. rukxiTuKE SJM. » n.t. vat » IS IS IS V V NOW HIRING ·"VofTSSSiBJi""* $452 STtlTINS SALtir IlPiO ASVAWCEMCNT TO JWO + PER MONTH GE 4-8405 OPENING APRIL 1ST New factory «uf!d Meed men ta alt pnaxes ot our Business. Cuar- antee tCS per mo. if ouaiifcd. Can IfjT3tn. t A a. t rm.-» p.m. GENERAL OFF3CE tfknl tt fam;Har w.M bookkee.*- *.« precedurn 4 poitirta »· A r fc A. IL Ex»m«tc»d. USJ ma. BO. LOCKARD TOOL I ENGINEERING 13030 E. Fimfgn* 11. i Sanfa F* Spring UN S 47? I 72 VACUUM SWEEPER Si!e The lanes* « w in x teauflM alt ·ecuumt, to the area, s* ·· main, s» , »JO I n. I iVtvol irMia. pe*e tied es at Employineo! PrepVt'a 29 RESUMES! GE 1-3560 Property Management 30 Ot_C£R wom«fl w emoiev«4 ·pensioner lunand. 14 uruTL Fwrm. wngli * wtiL + craning chareev CC too. tCft Hoover*. kMecwn,! ·.tfiaXA. Corn=*rt etc »t t* Eundreds of machines from t'' ML Parti tor aH machines Mratti* prices. CssVnf tp VACiryM LAMP. U11 CHERRY GARBAGE DISPOSERS ·t i ·»--CU A RAM TIED ·minkerror »»J tn« Waste ·tin* »71 «-g ·m.Tik*r»tor JT? **fi Waste KLnr *^0 -- Wi Ottvert CemparijTV Priced L A S PLUVB1NG : " 12.1 E. Afiafvtirn FBraltwi for Sdi 73FuratmrtforSJ« 73 W*OU6HT IION-- Porct) I stair raitlnes St-SS «. STONE-Lew. tree eurblni . ---3Sc tL u *%V8ff! c .ft.t» Harwi.Hi Hvi. Hawaiian C^rdens Bom »ards ope* »v»_daw__ MARRIED coueie to irunag* ' - - . ^ ^ -- funL aofs. tor f 4- ctcanin* aote. Ac«iy W A N T exoer ccit-. (nanaot 1? wnitx T/estuiM. SOTTK maintcnanct. Fwnt *at* wnt OE t-«m arrcr ifl · m. WANTEO -- Mid-aged ecus"*. .-, drinkers, ^for maid 4 Iwjtor work. rows Work Wanted 3) Help Wanted M«L Womnil 27 X-Ray Lab Tech Art vaa hit»-r!irt in a lob wtm rtsuiar twurt rr*rBn« at to» t*i- »TY periodic inert r*v Fald w»- cafiom tncr««inB tacH year A a pension program. Win ffi« DO- porlunirv to fraift for B movt u» to Kuoervlvon nanao^ment. MA I-K3S HA 1 SCWtftJ WANTED I Wort at Dom* doing ilmplt tew- tno. Wt SUOD'V mrcrfais and pn thipoing botn wavi. Good ratt of p*v. Piect work. Aoohr Deot Al T«1L Box 7010. Adelaide Pwt ot- lic*. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. * e r v ^ . 32c ear tint tor be prare Wanted CtsvticaTlorx PE« ·3 at a^v ot cur offices: in A Pint «··*""' TRASH CANS DELIVER SI Cal. nti a.K: tktn. Jl JO tin. vcUnt-jH k "fan, ·wr. mow. «h-Dn 14. Ontntul · m. t tun. PP1 Cherry CA -*il3 nted 75 **"* SALE--I fOR VM.t--Pert,ct faeer box, converted for S kess. Comaiett win snaports * PcriaQie draw statiots, va.,Md at WIN take JHO cask. Must sen kTrmediatehf. Cotv tact Tenv Araanete at O1-W30. «ewi "O»ur* dispenser, encteses firotects toonibivsnes · toottv * tube. Oisoenscs paste wittv MOVittG: Caraoe Salt. 1L ,^. Bov poot Campinq eouip- tool cabinet, car racfc. lumber, hedoe trimmer, picnic table. d.nLng rm. coudl » misc. TO T-TOeS ° V PUT ttn mfnti era 1 matt: Bassinette w/cad; comb, cria a»r«ll«n conil NEW TRASH CANS GALVANIZED t STEEL lh«4 can. IV« t Kber. Aam torn B»aa Blvd. CA «-au TEACHERS needed for summer .work. Can tsArv Jcfinson. TQptu 9 6335. DRY cleanma e«oeri«nce--re»erv sean.kfresses fc counter girls. 1120 Ariaintic Ave.« L.B- EXCEL Ironing HE 2-0025 DAY work »L1S hr. *, bus fare. tADY WOV1.O LIKE DAY WORK. 35Cc3 ca Expert 3SCoH on Eiptrt 35 Yon Safe Time and Money When You M ILACKTOP DEE? SEAL WAYS ft PARCINC LOTS · RlttHCCAT-KO THIM SPR»VTS Free LOW COST Estimate CA I-5M3 or GE »-.nC7 BLACK Tea er Cement Drtvewttw ratios ft ·arkinv tets F ft 5e«* Coatvtf A* arfvtirrte for tr« A*Y COLOR. CaH .Rfin-jTt. Ph. CRJVEWAY teoair service. tvpes of antHfiaJt ft cencr*P . Free erf.mare . cr*Pe we IM »H ATs Lawn Sernct Lawn, mowing, rialno, rtnovatlno. *e« MonmJv or weekry rites. Trii!i_tiayljn*_ Free erf, . . . FREEST. HA Auto-Piintin* AKY CAR. any color US. Bamcrfl f _ faint. 17CB Aalmilns. HE -2S7S Service I CUSTOM Hie* cabinet puiUrtan. Ce«s rttev Pao« Ca^ U'« Bedonda. O-PC. RENOVATING Cleanua ft rrjJnten. -- Mow ft edge Sttton. F ree est Ltc. C* COT COMPL LANDSCAPING AA-tgs BENOVATEO ft SCALPED Seseedirra ft tertibzmo BEaBROS. HAT.1612 PARK'S LAWN SERVICE HE IXt? g - Rotof3Tng 147* rttr 1 t , can PAnMTlK.W euality at rcas. prices. Scec disorunt ticw. tnfcr. ·. ·«- ler. 30 *TS, exper* stucco "a trim specialist. Ho tat l-e. foe or smafl. ME »UIt; CE 1-CTOt. E XT t RICH. MTerior. KesldentlM _ mctustrfal. Bruin or Sar*v Re*v * Oo . rt*es Free eif own work. MATERLALS-. , m, a SPRINKLER PIPE MM *-. UTS ofi la.- Bran tcnnkler tieaas. 29c C^l Sfirav Hrr Ca. ISial. CarlUld. faram. BRAKE REUNE--$12.95 tabor, Llfilna * moca mil* ouar. Poop's ShetU IX E Pac. Cst. Hy. · ·* EASTERN Hard-Rock-Maple RETURNED FROM MANUFACTURER'S SHOWROOM. FOUR ROOMS OF QUALITY SOLID MAPLE FURNITURE GROUP. INCLUDES: 7-PC. EARLY AMERICAN UYING ROOM ENSEMBLE INCLUDING TABLES AND LAMPS. TWO BEDROOM SUITES WITH MASSIVE TRIPLE DRESSER -FRAMED MIRROR-- HEADBOARD BED AND TWO NlTE STANDS. TWIN BEDS WITH MATCHING CHEST, LARGE FAMILY SIZE MAPLE DINING ROOM SET WITH MATCHING BUFFET AND HUTCH. ORIGINAL PRICE $1389. YOURS FOR ONLY $589--"EASIEST TERMS." WILL SEPARATE FOR QUICK SALE. 1 OUT-OF-STATE-CREDIT "OK" EDWARD'S Discount Furniture Ii39 EAST ARTESIA NO. LONG BEACH OPEN DAtlY 19 f* t SAT. 19 *o t TOP PRICES PAID! **·**·*.*. rtvvtitortr "LAST CHANCH -: n«M 2 f avt ^ u ^: Or* E.sTa*vs. business TOT t Anihain _ Ct ·« FURNITURE NEED'EO CASH PAH) CALL 864-7474-- DIr. Houseteld AppCoacet 7t GUARANTEED VALUES MAYTAO autam. ««h«T. nbuJll " in, near new. Vvr. tuar. s V»r. t"»» »T RE retnt Ctiar_ BC 1-*-, nfnn FRI F R 1 . - , freezer, very *ct_ Cwar. $T2S PWIVCO rerri*. v/cross to» treeier. Cuar. _ til K.ENMCKE X «- PutP. wr-V, bk* new. Full puar- I yr. (Ill COLOiPOT rttrig. w.'t.T. Irteter. ctoan. Cuar. C«AKOJlA»iO «V«UTZl« 1A« «» riAHO. aoow. ».» l»«. , E S T E R N ' S Radios Te!cmtoi · »t- rso COME AND GET 'EM U's e*?er. j U-* Sitwtorw ·onatiia. , . . ^ KELV1MATOR retr-ft. VDOTtorn ·--·jawsste -- IUI * HILL'S . 5650 ATLANTIC AYE. eon M3rt,Tur«--Tun-frt.' Ill t YOU CANT BEAT THI* . . . Estati C.«s Ranga -- ela»-door- Therm» controlled even. Very »'c» 4 spec 4!'v priced »t Band-i V», ktctuding lns1«itat,oa 1 I vr. Hon. GA 34)421 SUN. II la i * * * Furniture for Sole 731 Furalrurt for Sole BCAUTV'inea snamooe bowrs. } never m*d: I barber ctialr; Ahj4 tvcewrlnEr ft Portable TV. Reasonable 27-CT^ VTCEL leflAf iranfer files; office iJeiki chairs, Farmiount Sales, 40CO Parimeunt _HE IRONING-- .Oc, 15C. 70C PC Vic. Pet Ama 1 Pioneer. UH S-TtXI. Work Wanted (Men) 32 etc in ~UBL Home "wreck 1 nsT T n - - "tall Boa, HE S-MTt. feiutiRO. Bar* t o. Mouse wrec remevai. Call Rob, HE S-M DAK--THE HAMDY MAN CTean op. kauimo. Tree work. Odd lets. A 3-23U BfjCrata? STORE cierk or stock clerk, factory £ railroad exoer. U6f Prov pect Ave. CE HM. APRIL SPECIAL Prtct Reaucflon I Exeert p«intJrrB B color vuidance I 30 vrs. exp. Lt. ·! Ins. Free e*t I Pecor.tor Coca. tv£ »W* CRS, saws, knives, etc, shar»- . E- ttt HE 4-t?7l : aLOUr* ron-»w*v bed witn oood sorina -filtd tnittms Cxclt. COTV g.tton. t23 JE T-2AJ1". CANVAS wont, nurtn* or comml. Yardage tor anv tne. Vtt-R.te Sjilmjaten. 13O W. !im. HE *-«g4 SAVE 120L Lew fet. cockwere waterless, stairless, K9, wint:«i cftina. Stf new. Qir., VI 7S39I CLOTHES poiex Konawt* ft pulley lines, installing, repair, rtlirte. B8 f. Marfcet CA 134.17 REDUCING TABLES '-Reiaxacfsor -- Vib. Be'ts Saiea VHrti^ HE 5-WTtt; CE 9-XlO ELEC. ranoe, retrtB^. washer, end rabies ft lamps, tron-rite. MJSC. 1233 E. tTtfa U. ME l-U TRASH CANS DEUYER Ofa HIM Ooea Sun. VOO E- 17TD ta ft « bans, . VffH. ESTERNS, . Cst. Hwy. $ 30 73 · nflr* eoulB. Creative, ffD aniretf scfioot type. Cham EnK . mauf.jrtiects.. ae. I CAENETS--From iV to r. slarn- less sTeeftop S-fUu 43» Ak tantlc. Sjlfe 15 GA 7-I9S3 O E. wrinoer washer. S2 Kenmort uprlonf *«ccvm cleaner, S20. ·125-.W31 GEORGE DO I OWER-MOW lawns, edge flower torts, w«ik*-trees. Av. ImlfJe lot M; comer tlQ me. W-JUL Carpentry f A-1 CARPEKTE 1 REPAIR; PEMOCEL O I NEW, addmons, floor 1 t:« * *X- AKa fi.nfn.i ' TE i-nyi famlM man. GAtadO. nance and U7^3a6Q Plastering PIASTEDINC aunont. acoiAl ctilines. Datcnlng. 15 OB- Bestucca. GA 2-4S4I FLOWER: Bed. clranup ft trash h . Free e»nm«Te. GA tlttli* PAUL O. BADGE* DUTCH carpenter. » vrs. ener. repair, tomes. J. Ellens. TO J-t CAI-PENTE*. remooellng flons. B» ftr, er too. Carpeting CARPETS SI ever cost. Can IAE J-C'J Ceramic Tile Concrete Work REASONABLE. Mow 1 Hani ing. Erpresj FUKU --OARACES -- CLEANED MOY1KG -- TXASH HAULED. ALLOWANCE Grvt!« On rsab!a turn. I. Ju^se. 7 days. CE HOT er ca»77S *w~f j o^i^lL- - rT - I Srash cleareuo. »» Up -- PiTcJung, Stucco I CALL abYTjon - *?P »-«Aii 1 S«MUJLJ' Ht IE. eiectranics tech- 4 writer. Some tao.tal. Hew e Pft54C] l_ Waullnu. Carnae, lot ft *-*sh dtan-ufl. -. Uc. $5 UP-PLASTERJNG l- LMT nautLns -- Q BRAKES REUNED Tlbberfs- I4rt E. 4th. HE a-540 S£LL or srade. Rrflci camera. I custom Venetian blinds. W~ TV. iVLATTREJtS renovated. Ttwr cow. ''"^ fU *U* L.B. Biv'tt! 4734 L-B. ftlvd. CANVAS, fiaugctfivde by the vardL Tav-os ft recair. Parsmount S*lei- 4000 Pyamntmt r OOWN W.I furnish your hami wltt, ·! na« fura, including rirga. ra- fnj, TV. d*inina mu S*- tra room I te/room ufi. RETURNED FROM SWANK OCEAN BLVD. motJel apartmaaH. 3 d*i- luxa rooms cl fi.Ti.jfur*. Hi^uTtr $1295. Kow only $S9S. Iadud**s ling sTia wluft tedVm. ut. Buy *3 or par!. Cask er fermi to SuTtLettij Beact Furniture,, 4-rli *l L.B. |]vi Open ·vary ftlH *iJ 1. axctpt Tatsa*«y. doiad* Sunefty. Frt» farltnq rrta Detivtrv LONG BEACH FURNITURE CO. tTH i LI UYTX ONTN. APARTMENT and HOME OWNERS Trae'enm F-rom Quatfy Sfera Sofia* mepTe ^repTeaf tabTa awl 4 cfcaTrs. YOU CANT »£AT THIS . . . UKIYEUAI. las range, auto- mane toe burner Eentino; Vier- mottatlcair* corvtrotled even mf tower broiler. Fu« (rice »S». m- cnides mstananoa 1 year SS(S. tI »el t m st^ HE * Ocen atoi. «, Frt. to t. Sun. Ui ir" Maonavtx pert. _ U" HCA. ula inoiial Tl* Mclorola. l»lv«t IT* Ka» Haftert ramof« cxiwt new «ub* . _ . Tl-Maonavai «aO la nodrt.l5»U - la - salts L=i3:S . k not* ,, f Masnavei csnsola _ 1M A3 n- Safi Cuaranttfi E S T E R N ' S 1344 tad facXc Caarf Tbona 6E 4-7457 BRAND^EW TV. 25c PER DAY Ka red tape Ma caia needed YOU CAICT MAT THIS . . . ftoeer Gn tanoe -- 1uH llza 4B* 1 moael viln ifaaaered burner IDDS. auta ctock contrallea aven. lua auta tiohflna. fun price ar Bonn »·» nctudlni antallatloa : ««»..« i»» Frt. » i. Sun, t: 1 o n v t Open Hoa. . Sold mapTa efinrna rm. i Wir. «pk.cpli tin. tITS l-pc. manoj. Duncan PbyFa cflninj room stl - |M5 Uanog. IK sat. F sfr. la j J85 Plarforni roclar _ $25 £arfy Amaritaii »ora___J65 Walnirf IH *ff f t t Coffee tB, r at, anil f.otti, tamps, lee's, dies*, loj springs 1 math-esses. YOU CASl-T »£AT THIS . . . BLefvinatw rernoeritw--* e»- .tt, verv ttulet rwininv. Nea exterior tinrsh. fult trice at Borers Set, tncludlne Oeliverv a mos. euar. Bond's. «4J |. *m St. . HE f M6» LOWEST prices In town an Fn Uaire. Kelvlnafor. HoTceint refrt erators* washers ettier ape Trade m toe! BaKer-l Mi K facific. ances. T Apoliancr eves. Ht~ » CU. FT. retrioerator. not Ireuer. inelvei on door. tain. Your refrta. UJO me. Guar. ·akert AooHanca. rtlt » fjcrtie. Open eve»- HE »-3«4- lEAUnfVL STEIEO CO ML SACRIFICE FOR $245 Stereo AM-FM radio, recsr* cnanger comb. W.*iul«o!ex. I matcnini aaeaken. Len ttiait 4 mo. altt\ CnY aver $909, Sac. n«ca ca Ct aua UiEO TV S£TJ Table, consoles, ^way combination. AM^M radla phonoeraob ·dm etareo. Cxcettent Bun. credit. ».». n- nan, le» Bo». ftew picture tube. $4.00 mo. Others from 13 ti imcerial. Om Suo. _I75* AJamtlos. GET uo la S2» en your o!d TV set as a trade-to oa Via nev Emerson CoJor TV wttn na money eown. A A Aastiances. 711 Lang Beadl Bive^ HE a-gi» HOME RJINiSHIIMSS 3033 L 'acHtc Coast H.T. HE 1-9971 Open Wor,da» 1 Fridays 111 f t.m. O.OSEO SUN3AY B F Transfer STORAGE OUTUT KAake eo vour ewn aroua cr Pirr I cc *rom our laroe selection of GOOD USED FUHK.TUU F JUCES AS LOW AS p. Bedroom Set . Dinette 33 CCTUNCI -- plaster Batch, ctucea patch. KB tea too tman, CE *-C33 | _SAI.JOBLAST 4. RESTUCCO MEN--WCWEr*-$TLrOEM7i In your area. TIE. srtp'i Stoc factorv' Cterbcal. etc. Part Ti/ne -- FuB T^ne A-lRLtKE SCHOOL PACIFIC Can 127-1 ui AAARICIT disalav sne^res ft ±r~ ._ . _ Bedroom sets, uaota !· Wanes. Cetrlo. 1 Stove. X5I USED PIPE ft PLBG. SUPPLIS tAUEB, TVZl ReOonOo. GE 4-3S17 ELECTRIC toD too small C7-T Core of Children mrs Ontr) 33-B Sporliag Goods 72-B HAPPY HRS. DAY KUISERY Ages 2 lo ICiRd*«rqartB . A.U. to « fJJL Transo. awaJL PECIAL. Furm. serr M, Thermo-1 Momer^ car*. Homelike atmciv- stat. Heirerv CA -ntS: GA H?W | _ There. R««s. CE »327. Sumet «cti Plnrnbln^ Heattng TRASH HAU 1WG-- LCTJUEST IN TUV£~AKT DAT. cr V.E ma TOP SOIT.--1iH enrt--T.-esa Haul to scl I deliver X. skip loader s*erk. free estimates--IKE a-103a ARTISTIC PATtO CO. Presents The Finesi Cemenl Worl (Drfvewarvs at erouo prkcnt troert desiBrt--Free evt. KftO CEJWEKT const. A« tvoes. sio tab too larpe er sm«n, L.C. ft In- · felTaa" "V"* "t-E?7sii fcC*a STATE CEWEMT CCNTItS. All tvccs cf tiTTr^Tt wort, II yrs. · L.B. 1% thnartcino. LIC* t - ARAE 4 vari cteanua. Trasn haul. Erpert free servtca. Vic. Pree Est. Cuaranreed, CE i-za? TRASM HAUt_ tjt clean I NOBLEHILL--24 years' excericncc. Cera dairy ( a.rrv-4 fjn. ercep* Sum. P.ckuo service available. 1«7B Qttisoo Ave. Pfc. FE »XM pair water Jieaters. Ridio, TV HiH S«rice | e tntferenoent, rress- T * i ec?am *ecamm«nds .fiat all ··eterences tt caretul'V ctieck*d res* din* Baby tina antf ca^e ol nunor children. ·da. ma 'JN SALE I Ooen Sun. [11 C. Carson. Artesla ._ . ._ ... rres* { e:eo» am HOME FURNISHING AND MERCHANDISING CLASSIFIED ADVERTISINS CODE An* attwertisemer* wtjJcft eonfairt* fnjs^ copy tt tot accnriao!«. placed fc» C · m m t rclal advtrliseri jnwst tnctuot the -firm »am«~ or wor« *-Oe»!er." WHIRLPOOL wasfier + a Miirtpool r, most exoensfve tnoaeU t'*e V Dem Sia.tS. Yourcitf w.»her 40T.PO1NT tottom free. . ttl Frost tret, Tflur c:5 refr trator ·% D* ma Baker** ADDIH ances, rti Pacific. Cpea eves. H£ 1-392*. HEW 19 en. tt. Hotpolrt rewoer- arar. only S7JO ma. Kl casn neeoed. Bakers Aonflar Pacific. Cipet* eves. HE HOTPOIKT Itocrt washer, turn. Your «ld washer I. SlS no. takers Aooliances. et» «, pac»lc "E -3e:i KEKT TV ar tft^Fi. Lowest weeklv · monltily rates. 1-hr, delivery IX midnlotif anywhere, ootion Sa buy. Mo deposit. No crttl erect. Klna Ka» TV f.E aflfl 2T* JMAPLC console, new elctjre tube. nev. euar- sllt.B. your a d set A SIJB mo. Bakers Aoouances WALX. tianelrtff stereo. AM. fVL. t t]- LANSIN woofen t stev eft twee*ers enclosures. tnB. I Fl^er f M. tuner. 13S. I lei AM-FM tuner, tq. tlT V7T3B. MOT POINT waiher a\ dryer. Bom s^Tl.n Your washer *11 mo. B«ei-» AooHance«.f« a\ Pacllic Open eves- HE COLDS POT--M eo. «t- real clem. i6»i. Guaranteed Bafcera Anl- nces. m 1 *ife Ootl tv * 1 __ refrloeratar.S3l.eiee- Ivered I. Buar. rakei-sABillances Pactflc. Cwte. eves. COOO llver . _,,_.. refneerator. ranoe. rent aceDes to purcnase. , Aacnancev .IS t- B- Blvd. (umiturefc aootiancts at CSoys savings. 1131 GAYIOTA 3 Street! West of Cfierry HE 1-USI SCUBA mar. outfits. San or truck ot equal n I to s. Fsnitare for Sole 73 SERVICE MEN Donl tu anv FURNITURE until no see m.s CAMiShl AUdera s. Ltv. ntt^ epc- Bedrm.. S AKAHEIW TV t Radio Rnair I Service Service can S3, pa cxaooa I HAU1.CN I. movma. Tresh A aa. _raoe CTeanuo. free est. CA -7a3 TRASH H»UVmS -- SJ A Uf HE 74OT WE BUY OLD MEHVSPAWCRS OPENJ SAOtL THRJ SAT. tajl Oa!ST HE 3S41t Harbor Furtuturt NEW USED * OUTLET -fr AUCTION Clos'na TTiaTf Doors Fortvtr TUES, APR. 9. 10 AM. 315 eTH ST. SAN FEDRO AILOa? SaTa t C. -EJ- JaTiirrs Aucruinti nOrmandv S- STATE credit O It. at Huo, 4T9 ATLANTIC AVE. SUB. Ptlone GA J-7TO or KE HIS?. BLT-WEU. HOC* CO. * Est, iri I Ho en svmr. Bana tenns. ALL I types recover n4 nrl. VIS! arsaal Fuvii Horusedeaners CLA RSI'S Housecleaninfl » )tu«. oe. hclstenr. roots, windows, wills. LOJ» PRICES- Insured HE t5 Contractorj-Buflden P*rco Consfnjcflbn Co. room additions, sign senn. FinancjTg. a CC t-TOTl. SALISBURY Const. Ca, adcStions ft rempoelinff Free esl ft Onion Service. Lie. contractors. OS-r9G4 FREE EStlMATCS--BAKK TERMS I BUT ala njos. k»w ----Iv» MAODOeK ROOP Cq CE t«ot) Clean ear. Maul tr«-Ji CA aita FREE Sandblasting w.rj too. fREE 1AKOBLAST « tnf aj FREE SANDBLAST j»Zrt-tuce «r paint. CE t-l Machiccry end Tools 65 3-CAROKER Denver ar camores- sors. ITS e. tt. Cas driven,, Sk . . . or truct mounte driven. $*·« OA **i*i HtOE-A-BEOS Our como^t stock of foor samples at discounts co to 50%, Alsa Biauryrett imattTesses In tuIU twin, eueea 4 kltif sizes. THE SLEEP SHOP Stti and L.B. ftrvd_ Acrou tram^Sears^downfjwn. _ LRnarxB- Co. Repossess comp!e*e rms. XtnL cond. ·*!· ranoe. Worst refno- »vm9 rra.. prtmi^ din. rm. ·rout* wintrrt *«tr*v B« due t2t», Pav U »k. EZ terms. CM ct sta^e credit OK. MU»-*0» Sa tors Biacl. Blvd. ·t AtonOr« IComptot* store BQ'v) REPOSSESStO tpC. SviTff room orous. J DC. bedroom prouo, dinette set, eas ranee * retrio- wian¥ extras. ALL FOR J247 ^ERieTME» t «rSa«5? OUT CF STATE CRt-Dlf O.K. H U B IQ20EPciT7eCsKHwY. flistrea daimi* antf personal oronourrs art ao.eoie.4i · from conw APT. su* retnperatora. ««.»i euar anteed. Batefa Aopllancev era^t STOVES «. Refrl_ S..B. Blvd.. HE used when Dealer can sulv rantir« tha calm. Ptvraws or dtims Crfer- IMS tnercftanrJie n con- aionetf are not acc*pt*:«. S F-TRANSFER TAX TIME n HERE SACRIFICE SALE ON! . Open eves. IBS. Pvt. ptv- 4-- -t-an. after S _ wanted. Hiotiest .. t or not, -ten.- HE a! SEKVEt. » 10. ft retrlo- C4. eoni 151 HI Koycroft. CE t-ta UOVtNO-Year old Kanmore stove. 4 turner ranoe. Xmt cont. Ct-OKt Musical tatruments 79 R£KT A TV AAAOD^ BARGAINS to TVs Phonoeraohs. UOSEY1 M-dIC ITODE 30 Pine Ave. HE are 10 aAONEY o«wn. wew t used TVs en aooroved credit. Anaheim TV. an w. Ananeim. HE 1-3000 TV RENTALS f MO. UP »eadl TV . a s E. t* HE tSd TV SEKYICC AKO SEKTA1.S Used sets bote, sold. Pb. 426-O Vet TV. aosarta Fa Chan 34 Tonli* UN 4-2711 TV! S2S B OB. sve bkr TVi A re- ' »airs. ta t. tn. Olr. HE MOTDROtA iteno AAlUFM-pnene. GA - 70 dlr. I BASS universal accontoa »ua GA a r f , = . B . n ALL NEW FUKK1TURE y Sectionals __^ _ CT t mattresses _ ."bom s" U Atedera Barm, sets _ ts« II exii RUSS - til 24 Dinette sets - n Rouna. evaf t rectangular I sAaele Bixrm. sets, dressers .. and mirrors - s» 1* Bookcase headboards _ IS 17 Maoera Nving room _ la · Waole eVIim ream _ t 4 Antloue wMte 1 gold bdrm. CA fmi - t(a5j £921 ATLANTIC. NIB Warehousamjn ait duty _Man. Frt- M sat, a. tun, f l Piques tV Organ* 79-A t eit. CA tva. CCMPLETE BUILOINO SERVICE HueJBuHOers CE t-KJ cr Vl totl CARAES. additions and Bonnes. Draftsman 6A 3-4337 or HE 7-7143 Arrertrnxri ft Ot-e^ tStl Orernr CA K5 rJmriclics "BORSMAN^ ELECTRIC lmure.1 Free est, Mattresses IKATTRESSCS RENOVATED S7n. Same cover, same sprmn, 1 «Uv senrrce pret inTrmatrs. isl l«a Cafl CC »a7U er ·· Santa Ana If iff M A T T ·?*««; PACTORV -*«"· ^^ Shett Metal Gutters CUTTERS spowtx r _ _ _ ,, , ventiiatina, restaurinf ·nd l«ce s-nk Inods. iTjirrim strvt* recair- mt * werdtra. a:r cond. WacCLOSK/V SHECT VfTlL Tjii_w, irtn St. HE -- Mot'fT HondTq Equip. TOW^JWOTOR-- 4-000 PX cap« _Jtecond!tlpf.ei. Chess ^^f -- M ibTT Morinj £ Storzje Painting.. Papcrfa.tnjrjDg AVERAGE ROOM $12 t«-er. tura. SCT_«rj refe-ePces. Insured. R A T B Sons. CE · Tilt R. L JOHNSON tn«er liter. Paaif*. Taur saf faction h me fluaranlee. 47* Mn. ft drve ree For ih» Jw«f twcme Ltvint * RewVt ftr Momfpower * tTAR C«LTA ELECTRIC CO 1IORTH LONG, BEACM CA S7S5 SPECIALISTS Outside aairrtine. Reasanaola re*es. _trc_ t insured. en Wt Camero. Sappfiei tt EYerytfung Priofogr»pWc first anst Finest Cfllor Laa In Lang Beaca BLACK AND SVHITE LAB. B'JY-SELL-TIAOE. CITY PHOTO tTIf E. Aninetrn __ME 3 *inr newt Store Repair, Cleaning ANY STOVE cle aned i«3 TOUR tcevt fE-Tltn ar resaired SprinUinj; Systems LAWS1 SPR1NK1.ERS reoairrtf-- Expert a. JA -tm tea TO : Tree S«rrtc« LlCEKSEO Ouafiiv wort, fctrw comt. Free est. wort, remoor, rec»ir. TO T4ia. i sy, sarvsta. HA artv amal A H37. CCRDAT (iecinc Ca. lic atsa ·» smal tops. CE renciag tanca matenaf tEX Hear sandln* sxautM itnisn. ' cWSt.^'TM* "Tu'TSra *«Et SANDBLAST svitti resri^ca er exterior aa : nl loo. TO «.aara CE tea CALL JIM lor aanr t aainr t taDernane.- tirre B irenev 21 nee. OC »rm LOW COST. M Quality van c M S l * - r FREE SANDBLAST _s»Wi«ucr« ar M!n«. CC M7I4 L. H. SPAiKMOWE* EXTIRIC*. A» AI colors, fret est DO vo« want She BEST M p»»t ·-» Tree can HA e-TTa PAnBTmO A PAPER:stG Fea A neat. Ca» AU. AROUHO I repaf. Rtteieiices. ... CT«S», '^·.^rTM 1 SCajSDiM Painting rtter^nter. C »CTa. Flooring «t TPe CAMPBEU.1 FLOOR URYKE- IATD- IK. I u'-Ksat?.^' °°a.a ·W'AU." piPE'r" "-* * rAiNTiNC I, Paoer KemevTfiR. »a watna. CE I'M So. Cal. Tree Serv. ** " TREES-- TREES Trammed, toooed ar r«iT»B»eil ar. *-wfr. i H« avnta. insured, 24 bar · ELL ALL! m T*C C IE RVXC. . TOP-TR1WREMOVC. mSUREO LtC FREE ESTIMATE. CC M.H JOE Ridges Tree ·cA^lS" 1 MERCURY PHOTO TCB ten. BeacH B1va\ HE 7«01 tmlctags ta te Mered 61 AUCThON Evenr Wednesday J ..m. Mew B. used tumitura. aoetances and intsc._t^nlture boiratit * sold M AUCTION CARPETS Wide selection tfscorrnnved rtema. Jfan4iw*. Cullslan, JVlcOe* ^ ^.s^ottj^..; JIM Orange Ave. DREXEL irtatroa aval dinini table ft cfta r\.- Hand carved mane*. r»cf« caotnet; anfloue twin beds ft i dr.Tss.nj mjsc »on TC3J I. a*m wa», ML» WANT A REAL BUY? SEE THIS 4-ROOMGROUP_$I99 tret, ranee retrlv EASY Credit TERMS Davs's Royal Furnlfure TXS Aiam^tos Ave. HE ,-TCt «rx«t eft An.rheim St^. Lung B»?*cl» FURNITURE UNCLAIMED Deoosit tostl Irma tew Aroora outfit Ce LB.O Admiral retr:g« sun sira ranaa. Kv. rm^ tedrm. st.n. tm. ffrousa w an accessories Jvs vcJ. save sua Pay S4 week. REPOSSESSED On Sale A Ttie WAREHOUSE STORE Stoves. retrtBerators. be Jj uoii is, I vina rooms, russ. ctiesls, £- Itettes J-roorn groues. Leonard's Wrehois» S3t Atlantte Ave. Open Daily FREE Organ Conceri- MOREAU Hi-Ft Stereo 80-A CLOSE out floor samolrs at near cost prices. L-B. FunL, «m L-B. civd. ' Wonted--Radio. TV. Hi-H 80-B INTEO fox CASH-AJIT cont TVs .. . Stereos Kadlos IKOEHTLY neadedL med oon TVs. wortma or net, anv stza or ouanfttv. Top casn. Olr. HE a.P«3 TV Radio Kepqir 81 REPA1X to rour Borne. Servlca ' PIANO I. Bdrm. furs, tor sale. Ph. Ct IUM between U t a a in. Antiques 74 "GALLERY «4~ BEAUTIFULLY c a r e e d Italian . OUT OP STATE CVEDIT CC HU8--ia» So. Long lead, ftlva at Afondra. (Comotoa store anivt REPOSSESSION proua B , . Oiiting rm, Ptiilr* RrVif, Cas rarrpe. FULL PR1CC CM-- E Z Term* vt Hub. tl90 ATLAMT1C AVE. ML*. Or* rootn, Uviitg i A buftet. SI JOO. cswu-yarr- sat BECK BUYS. 6A 44611 FVRHmiRE - CMHA - JtWEtRY CROW1S Ornan. aak. *5.vrs tja trtifa- 101450. -- Fnnitnre Wonted 75 A! The Lewr«Y Festival Orgsn also LYsim CAIOL. Vocalist MONDAY NlTE APRIL h! AT 7JO PW. Come ·artv tor besf seats HUMPHREYS MUSIC COMPANY IH E. 3rd" St HE M»i · AUTHORIZED FACTORY LOWREY ORGAN SALE SAVE $50 TO $200 lira 1H mode's. Cntv « left, USED ORGANS K-Sa CALLS B^y San TVs. EfS TV. CE MtU; lot C. ni Sewing Mochinet 82 it Used machines srora $te. Office Sup, Equip't. 84 RENT new Victor Addlrs MacHina for as little as tt» »ar monnx American, m E. ra HE -Z!ei Lireitack 8 3 , S?*S ft -- - - -- CutVamon. Thomas, , M4 «ow«- · mantns to pay free lessons, deliver* ft vuarantee, TAILfORD'S Coen weekdns til f. Sat. r.t t. Car. of Bennr. A Artet'a.TQ'-ecs? J30» Mawtnome »l. Terr. tTSOO WHY HASSLE? YOCTLL find wtiot TTO want pi in* aip LEO SHVLTZ. "ACRE OP FUPJtlTURE 1 * 7TH ft L.B. BLVO. MOVING -- «Unt sen appliances, liri. ifvCL anfiflut pootca«, wise. hs*he!d. (terrrs. PrW Fttrsirare for Sol* CEH741I HoSf's.^'^ KS-^f^S Miscellaaeoin f or Soie 72 FRJCIDAIIIE. mamoartv furniture EKellent core R«es TE Itut B DtAtca »«. aaa. aia. set. ov. _teie._t cnrv ttE IKO. QUICK CASH tor furniture and »A HJ]J CL01H Melon B ItftT «? RUCS--AJ siev :· B we . tfjS Cherry. Ht SI «J T .*i".l! Tj i »2.'»*S.»»J r «J5j| Rer^ Ktt.1 CONCESSIOK Sra ler. fSv~ · vi Mia; MA r SAVI STtL La-vorrage Par* RanrL »K. Sac. C» Vt tin' 50V. Upho Ctl S oMiry l SM flown, tl CusTom FACTCRY DlU Terms; fREE e 7 davs t a-eek 1«ar ar ixarin; «re« prc*u» ft denrar; re m** rter T-fct new ar vade M vour ·id Iwmifore; fc* aBualif.* r.a*«- rars. ··*·*» .,rc*"; ft Ntaf- vra. rt3 Annia (1 Ml. W. *f Latxewood tr.| Ocen SaU 33 "^--'-^a^TS: f?SS' A WE LOST OUR CONTRACTS 7S Aroor . Sacrifice arrei t=r anlf CAFFEft ft $amer stcve, rttr!».' wtutv *ausanvC« coucn, red ·Xrohler svcfionaL AIM b*m. suite, tfnen* set. ft sen* fur*. fumistk rtmer saonsie'a eiour tfl rew furniture. Cnoice l a a r l c s Rvtnsi room areu*. Ian lamrs. tetter mar. proof tab-as, aetoiatur .Ictures an« .iiiews. n-ec. radi 001^ vtn ffiar.areof toos. lac. n I-IM.S f AT- MtXTJ ranees , avail- 22 f U WttI AVON FURNITUftE twa pc. mwis* am ions BEACH HOVSEHOLD Fvmitfilnos. tncL aa- %" drtK pits. TA**D4. Finfoire for Sole 73 WE BUT FURNITURE on'i 14U Oiernr eg aotn 1ASN OAfiCK . - ,« ^fliM '"'HE tiCT FURNITURE .ETTY- BEST PRICES e a a lor toed sure. Ca.1 BSB Furniture fcetore Toa sen. r.afe. FOR ·, next 30 eavs vU *a« ic. dollar tor reonoerators. freeiers, ranpes. AAA AOQP ances. C AI ssa SPOT CASH HE 2-3033 1 STJ Fornirore for Sole 73 GOING BACK EAST sDvc, * .Wusf se* touitv free. S rootm M funtttwrt and appTancrs, c a a s l s l i R t af refnoerator, wasnifr. dinettar JJ^ r . vnv TV. rrnfs. tt llZSt Mf. Fd fat. CM S21IJI Sal (aiff » ta f 1 ei. tat K I:»; te*. n M 1 lea at MM Alum Are. Una. Bead ·r cjt Duta. BV. *A Man MirOsV I I rW^r^r-m Vr, m. *J»qtt* ^^f^^^^*^^^^*t.m,^^^--^^^*^^^m^ t l^^^mmmmwi^a-as^--^-- MisctBcmtetnforSclt 72MbctHc»towftv7Srl« 72 I fmtn»J*Siai~ 73 RELEASE . lervtn» for Oversea*, kff I raoms «f mooem furniture and moR ances ai sltraoc con- SftTrng *f; s*ov«, rress-tDit retr-B^ J pe. dwfiff rx»n» set live. Pv"i*» room w, I ked- roerft s*r?s. Bunt beds. aui»- name w«i^er, (Urlnr Tac ro». Take ""." Eaifira Farnilnre CM A-"jrf« Ifl, I1J. GA 3-9078 re* W!L.?CIIK»T WE reoa:r1n« u* prtcev reuBft.Wfl.wVtf. ft rtcev CA 1ml VetMtiia Blind* Ckanctf. VVashfT-Drytf Repair KIMWORE t svturspoot watfiers re- | Xarr««4 Eatererftes * £SCX) DONATED ITEMS Front SaeAent CsiCfanVi Fmii* Hamaf cnJ Storis -- FURKITURE-- -- CtOTHlKG-- Babr tads. (am. s . ranges »adHrs. TVS. radws camaiev ·arsrave Our taw-trf mm ssreo tar aran eccaslea Mats S an« fnatsress. tie. tfteev wvlt. areas. Rlav. HUsrx Wemasn ondran Sa AS-IS DEPARTMENT «nt«aes. 4Mev caaaMsi efeMH. ortaen I drsors afcrs -- fran fvee aad rvseraynaai at Rams esad as ana Am , - MtLnART Ot«» OP Tut PVRPLt KCKT Uarsarad n ·» O. S. Ca OrtN ETIIT NIHT TTl f tM. 218 LOCUST 5 ROOMS Ucclalmcd PIANO - ORGAN SALE Hew Same's. Save (145 to S3a5 vanv S3SS3aIAstsn ost MANY HNE MAKES S*Yt$200fa$IOOO (I man.) Was m. HOW SS«1 JMm. was viSlo. MOW siiel ( manj a Md. svas SOTS, wov» sisei FOLKS--· OrtBton «E J." " Tllf at. Lent BM3 Bt. Daily. . . 40 YRS. CF SOUN9 EXPER:E«CJ Com n CorM JMi Com! tl Borses, lust --i. vi.v EL"OORADO Btoomfiald. Art Pet. OPEN FOR BUSINESS fOKMEl OWNH' ANNE IS 1ACK ANIMALS WANTED PVDDies, K.ttns. Birds, FijJi WHAT HAVE YOU? ANN'S PET PANTRY ~"4 ut Mrt; sheBKere. Me:e. ScMolad. . waiai oct oood «nn cK ---i 1 * IT^" 4 TaerouB?*red. 30£* BOltu Terrance. - ^ . 1 roors ot pianos Fiercer AjTHOfti arians. LE or tiiEa SAL eVURLITZER SPISIET -- COHSL. PIAKOS-AU. FINISHES Plever ·'enos. roTts, nevj. esed Vied Semets. Crands. Orians FREE CRSAH -- P1AISO RtLS. Par arTy sor lessons. Phone aw. « Pve. K"*" « .fa XQSI. t fai. to f-- SU»^ US. CHIMUAMUAPUF..^ jyyyya.*"*.' ·4 SAMOYED PUPS *· _AIC. Terms. ME «PS« _ . DC» CROOMmS - AU. ' POOOLES. Smal miniature, dots^ wormed. B^. cnamoaone, SS* no. lad tacJIle St. 6C._JI J7131 WE RENT or-a-ors-- Ra-ors TVs-- $730 MosHi Up Aeiarxtr Ilectnc CE J-t«4 KENT AN OCEAN UA»M TO nAT Me seryicg arfi*ns ' STONtl S MUSIC CtSTU SJO E. »i« Sf^ OE a KM ForsufBT* for Sole 73 ef O unwfure · I · s aoati antes, mciwdes a bejiaern »«-«. J wtt* twn* lads, s t a * 1 · ivtrt room ·rtKj*. corrwt wrtn tje'es, (amcs, i»c1i,r, «j*c. For- fnica taw cncT* set pum t a m 1 1 T *re retno*. atar, fttpvc. ajitQirnaiic wasner and 71" TV. Baanct do* GOING BACK TO SERVICE J-rocm BTTX* ntf Ktzsfxn tetl * sior»g«. _BaL due ft. nance eomp.rnr. t»1. R enable MCO · tak* aw t»»vwentv U )· ·*. *-ider» tvmt room set, t.*»» A lames Camp-sr-e aedrm. sutt» Sa-er* d*ner» set, retnoeriror, ffwt t aut*. matit winner. t w f tnfniiSin t TIMES (RtOIT C9. in I JLSwfi* Ir« IX Doen Rtav B. FrV Cvenindi CASH Far lne4 Pianos. Panos A'sa Turwdl B ReBatretf ·SCRET1 MUSIC STCRE 1C Pew Ave ftf *: TKI I. jtac Cit. HiV A1LI fmr · " 'OT ai.a. B standards Poodles. 1 A 1C re- Black. anr«. t aoncot.: \m tart VHITE toe w«s. t'3» PIANOS RENTED Rent cae aDO*v * CrcredV A'U2RCY'S MUSIC STCRE 1C Pine Ave. HE aaa «7WT MnOPT. ask ri r*v GUARANTEED «USX STCtC ined SO Pe^a'A.* U.I · CUlBtAMSE* a nEA« ORGAN i nANO CEKTEX aa Lena Beaa Blvd. HE *gn BUT USia Caii»» AK9 F-1AROS FO* LAM!1I MEitBoca -gn .3 UP. VERT TltlT CH:MUA HUAS CA «TB AFT. « PJ. IPPlES Llt_Brvi SH.VE1 tor Rood'es. male. sent. Sr«mcst irrfcns HA 54973 W ^*cTiV"aer*.Hj? Foooctv A«X. - - - - - - nM. t»T IdrTi »cfca ^ · » · LAMfS 'CO. * I CM Oranee AviT^ C *«_ i UNI TO OWN flANOS UJORi^as). HtT-HTI *re A tnu 1A, OCCL1--Black, an snot* t ir«. aa. »A Ht3Si TE Min. Tr»Y, T»» wtii-e fS *ma'e . Pootfa. 4 mos. A« stiets. 4IHr» iM. | ACC'ltver ma'e aocJa. ' . . PARTr WAMTS TO BI/T O F O R CASH. T O ttlbt _ _ . . . . Mod. Cams* Teat S^l ACC'ltver ma'e aoed-a. Asa o- K HC Ira ar CC 11.». 1 sb«ua t*aa lor lasrar. tt J-TJ7

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