The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 30, 1957 · Page 13
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 13

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1957
Page 13
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iff?ff 1 ^, T "/'k ' ^ , t * t f I "*!. 1 »• ^" J- , * 5* J •/** f as y A OT 9 Bun Ad At SunFest thff ?*ac* ,OJ^6tf8 f>i Iw&f (itt^lW^r who th*tr»ffl«*a#flf»* «» th« ^ - the bt« job. >dvi» that trifflt r r .tt Jetttei shmiirt turn t the Holiiny ion after t futfslde Btldge, as the L,.=V.. from the Beteh Coital WWtrd ft* .lettle* slfnost to CutlMcfl't tm be closed to auto thrtngB the close oftne acll « mm JBrirJtjt'JiaW aVaasjaafsa * eB|9imaalr ayaung, m pw™^ headed to ihe •tur^K^WI StmPttt ictivlUel itim. lo Tru kilft *f^A Autfefi win also turn »«... «»,**-IMU« - toft, ^d mei t^n i«ft «th. ffiSSM^f^ *^-&8ft&lE m6ftd6 8nttW8^ #ftd Mt&i4s>i»a H c« fiand 16 direct tftt W trafflo Into the park* lot* iffle heta-ed f<* sets Loll tttiua straight dn to the b*ich i cl«ffeet ft* Afte^ettasin* the bfldje, and i turn left on the Beach, Gladntf " The blocked ett «rei MI the belch h« been Mt up to assure tefcfty ef the K6te* et pCTlWSr* * 1 ** t * ; * d which todudf'gameTand"^- - Tfe* tfrl itwetffie i afid MflQ (JJjJctAWifii [t in Suflday. TH* CORKBLi will be featured entertain ers at lha latent shew lor the Miss KmTest beauty eenleslaflla which wQl be presented Saturday event** at ihe take Theater te Lake Jackson. Tha lalent show is under sp anto'ihlp of the LI Jsreees. The Cetkels have appeared In many shows in the area, and are comprised of Dolores Cerler, Vat Kelly and Brenda Corley, all of Lake Jacks on, TALENT PARADE TO BE SATURDAY See the talent show*at the!any Lake Jacksori Jsycee. Thet The "Sand Hop" is free to' Lake Theater in Lake Jackson!ticket also entitles the holder the public, and Is Just one of Saturday evening, when the to remain for the film attrae. I tha many event* being planned b'.utl.,T vielng for the "Miss lions of the evening. (for the big fiunFettOaya' cele- Surfslde-'title will be parading, f Lake Jackson Jaycees are oration in Brasoaport. Maj M—• then go to Surfside Beach I handling arrangements for both June 2. TIM " ijoy the Sand Hop, i< the*the talent show and a breakfast 1 Shows win of the ilttee. SunFeit Days t. Yvonne Myer, conductor "Young Ideas" classes, Ige the talent show and iauraer will serve as em- Featured entertainment, in ion to the beauties, wilt titt the Corkels, well known singing trio, comprised of Bren- day and Dolores Corley and Fat Kelly, and a male quartet from Brarospcrt High. Alvin Dugat will provide the organ music for the parade of beauties . Tickets to the talent show are 800 and may be obtained from ven at tha conteat- ants. And just Ift case you are won- whlch Is being given Lake Pavilion for .the Beach all week, begirmig Wed nesday, with rides of all types, shows and concession*. The talent shew 'a. the CLASSItllDSI NOW SHOW1.XO Walt Disney Presenu Westward Ho the Wagons! —Plus; 2nd Dian«y Fntore— "DISNEYLAND^. U.S.A.'' dcrmg'about the'sTnd Hop- phase of the Judgtarta the that's dancing barefooted in the "Miss America" preliminary land with the stars overhead, I contest. Contestants are Judged and the breaking aurf newbyfon talent, appearance in ev«i- .. . At.t M A..M 1.'In* fli*«» nAlAjl ftM TMnanultT for that joraething "extra" in settings. Music for the event is being furnished through courtesy of Leo Wasek, district distributor of Lone Star beer, and will feature the "Lone Star TratJblas- era," a group of music majors at Sam Houston College in Huntsville. ing dress, and personality and beauty and the winner of the SunFeat Days contest will go to the Miss Texas contest in Kerrvlll. Winner of the lllaa Texas contest wffl go to the Mia* Aroerisa contest. To date, approximately 13 girls are In the contest, with more expect. ed to enter. •, • OCTTIHa A PREVIEW of the fat In stare f«r vUUon to BreMtpotl's Surfslde Beach dmiac BoaFesI Days are these hre hMal beaottee, Barbara Penny end Judy WannalL Beth are eatered tat she "Miss SunFeei" beataty eoatest which Is beli-9 ooatfucted on Ihe "Miss America" rules so that the let*! winner can go OB late competition leading to the "Mies Am-Jlra" till*. A WORLD* •»•»»>*«« «» C nwUt WW** 11 * •« *• fl ' r '*f Id)*, Me'« em«Bf tk^a* saembsrs of tha Bridge Cily Ikt. Daja wbe w'U ha anterlsinlng Jhe crowds a! aHwTeal ,' jpieif *«tt» aWnrtej a«d Sunday near turifUe Bridfa, W. UQQM FOSTK& Tev vipfled eandlrtata J.,f*» COtTWrr TBEAKCREB FaM r*Utlcal Adv. VELASCO k BW • • «n>r-» • THE Vtl LOH MOUNTAIN Lex Barker, M»l» Powers llowvd Doff Alw "COCKLESHELL HEROES" NOW SHOWING Jofl MrCrta In "HtACK IIOB6K CANVON" Plus "LAND OF FURY" NOW gUOWDKO '« a4T. Us '«i»«et w»»4 fn»4»r ***** *• " NOff IBOWDia THE OIBL HE LEFT-BEHIND iter . HataUe Wot* aoarcMNOUN Ftas "TARANTULA" J MOVIE . THEATRES PROVE WORTH TO COMMUNITY Few if any citizens, merchants, or risiton actually realise Just how vary Important their theatres an to the community. Aside from the commercial Mpeete of luring trade and provldine entertainment, the theatre brings life to » town After dark as well a» matinees. Drive dmmtown after dark any night of the rreelr yon diome. Motice ihe deserted street*, except In thp immedl- nf» area, of the- theatre. Their •wtww, In loinu »r.d cominc fax the liphtwl dlr>'ay» in wJraJiW an4_jiJ«nit of erfher nwrcbunts. W'tinnal figures rhow that W<^ of the after hoars wtndfsr thopoinK W rtirv by theatre patmns at n!ght. Close thp theatre and those who vant to see moriee trtll ririve to other town.' doing: •heir sho^n'ng >h«re »!»o. The ctrixi* wou!d Indswt be drab and desert»d csme dark- Free-, oort would indeed miss ita theatre. Freeport Is one of the few remanUu? towm vhern movie* still come M low as (Oe. They have been trrtna 1 dcsaer»tftj- to hold tn rnat prlra in spite nf sn nrlrnT\en \r\ film rental •.vh!ch Is almon Wf within the lw« fl** yemrs. Volume bu»lii«3 would help them hold tt. AH community aetivltie* are wonderful and we roust promote thorn but we dare not let our tfwatr» go neglected either. It M Important to the life and happtnem of our community. One night» week given to <olag out to the mnvit* for every family in town would serve tha doable purpose at rnsartaf us of continued operation of our theatre, better picture* tn •*• and a doggone good time tor alt Try a night at the movie* . . Let's make It a regular community project. ADV. HJ. "Herb" Myers Is Qualified To Be Your County Treasurer R. 3. (Herb) Myers was born in Esthanrood. Louisiana and moved to Houston, Texas in 1927. Herb waa married to Marie in 1933 end they now haw two lovely children, Herbert Jr. 16 snd Phyllis 14. In 1945 Barb and Marie moved to Angletoa, where be was employed as Manager of the Consolidated Locker .Plant and ha* been for tha past 12 years. Herb has not only proven himself In the business world, but also in »U kinds of Civio and Cnwob Wart. 4* Ifee meant be U Presideu( of the Angieioa Indepwitumi BcliooJ \Bo%r4 and oaa bean » swmbar tbawa tor th* PMt * y°»«Whan flacU4 Bart pkggM Ww»elf to be a fuU tuna enployca of Ui» people «| Ooucty, VoungsterS who register for Vacation Bible School at the Pfrit Baptist ChurcH W Sweeny Saturda? at 8:3o a.m. will >e treated to a ride on Swee- By'S ttt trteck* which will ead oft I downtown parade lhat will emphasiie the beginning of the classes oft Monday. The paster, Rev. A. J. Pat*, Wifl be superintendent of the Parade Features Fire Truck Ride school 3 through Jun» if. wtu be Mid ttm 1 tft ll-M etch day o) th* IcKaA with the ttceptiofli et day. Classes have Men for age group* fram * to years, and all the youth e* I community are invlttt te aV-V^ ** ?P*" Smart GALS... shop the -yv« TELEVISION LOG TMOR9DAY 4:00 ' (2) Star Performance .(13) Kltirik's Party 4:30 (2) Looney Tovm (8) American Government (11) I Led 3 Lives 5:00 (2) Roy Rogers (11) Range Rider (13) Mickey Mouse Club 5:30 (11) Sport* & Weather 8:45 (11) Doug Edwards and the News 6:00 8:10 8:45 (2) World At Large (8) Recital .(11) My Little Margie *(13) T. V. News (2) Today In Sports (13) Weithergal 8:15 (2) Channel 2 Newtreel U3> John Daly and the News 8:25 (2) Weathercast 8:30 (2) Dinah Shore (8) Industry On Parade (11) Sgt. Preston of tha • Yukon (13) Lone Ranger (2) NBC News (8)-The Christophers 7:00 (2) People's Choice (8)'To Be Announced (11) Bob Cummings Show (13).Jungle Jim 7:10 (2) Tennessee Ernie (8) A Prospect of Literature (11) Playhouse 00 (13) Superman 8:00 (2V Lux Viedo Theatre " '' \8) America Looks Abroad (13) Danny Thomas Show 8:30 (8> To Be Announced (13) Bold Journey 9:00 (2) Groud.o Marx (8) Sign Off . (11) Conrad Nagel ' Theatre (IS) Telephone Time >:30 (2) O'Henry Playhouse (U) Climax (13) Chiiia Smith 10:00 (2) Frontier (13) Movletlme U. S. A. 10:30 (2) Final Edition News (11) Late Show 10:40 (2> Movie Spectacular 10:45 <2) Mann About Sports 11:00 (2) Tonight 11:55 (13) Late News (13) Sign Off v . 12:00 (2) Sign Off 1:25 (11) New* Headlines 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn tHIDAY 6:25 (11) Morning Hymn 6:30 (2) Morning Devo- tionali (11) Rjral Rmreill* 8:35 (2) George Roesaer 6:45 (» George Roetner 6:55 (11) Isliad Headlines (13) Sign On, Anthem, Prayer 7:00 (2) Today (11) Captain Kangaro*. (13) Soundtrack 7:2S (2) Today's Weather 7:30 (2) Today . ; 7:45 (11) 11 Video Leu* ' 7:55 (2) Today In HaustoH (11) News " ' 8:00 (2) Home (li> Garry Miore 8:30 (2) Ho«M 8:35 (2) Window In Horn* 9:00 (2) The Price Is Bight 9:30 (2) Truth or Con**- — quencea (11) Strike It Rich. .. (13) Romper Room 10:00 (2) Tic Tae Dough (11) Valiant Lady 10:15 (U) Love of Lite 10:30 (2) It Could Be You (11) Search for Tomorrow (18) Hollywood TheatM 10:45 (U) Guiding Light 11:00 (3) Movie Date (11) Amos 'n Andy 11:30 (11) As The World Turns 12:00 (11) Our Miat Brooks (13) TumblewMd Tinw 12:30 (3) TeiuMftM Krnie (11) Linkletter's HouM Party 1:00 (3) NBC Matine* ^jr. ; S : . , Theatre ' . ^ J hi) The Big Payoff 7,5 a (13) Afternoon film "li ! Festival . ~*Z : 1:30 (11) Bob Crosby Show.^g i 2:00 (2) Queen For A Day (11) Brighter Day • 2:15 (ID Secret Storm : ,2ttO (U) Edge of .Night ' (18) Action CaWacade' 3:00 (2) Comedy'Tima>. •"'3:00 (11) Early Show 3:30 (V Happy Home , (rS> Kruqr Rat Theai . 2:45 (2) Modem Romaneaev |I! employed Ilect- EDWIN C. MASON COUNTY TREASURER CAPABLE — EXrmiBNCED — QUAUrtBD TOtE VOTE AND 8TJFPOBT WILL M PAID POUTICAl ADmtTIUlfBNT The Community Calendar TBIWSDAT, MAT 39 7-M pjn.-KtU|ht* at Ool- umbus OommittM meat* inga,-K of 0 Hail, Frea* port T:» pjn.-K of P Lodga No. 475. K of P Hall, Fraeport T:30 pjn.—Brazoaport Concert Band Rehearsal. Dow Plant B Cafeteria 1:00 pjn.— Fraeport Babe- kahs Lodge No. 2*7, IOOF Building. Freeport FRIDAY. MAY It l]:it pjn— Bnuosport Rotary Club, Port Cafe, Krw port 1:00 pjn.—Alcoholics Anonymous, Anflinj n n y^niftf*flan l£gion HAll 1:30 p.m—Oulf Coast Duplicate Bridge, pow plant B Cafeteria MONOAt. JUOT I Amenean Ball, West Columbia 7:30 p-m— PWWan «MMr». Freaport Templa. port • .-•-••• 1:30 pjn- Rainbow Wrla Uaeuay. lUaoaie I*«ge. Fraeport 1:00 pJB^- Lake Ja«kaae> Hall g:00 p.m,-F»eport 1:00 P4P- AJ0feoUc* Freepcn «atl fat TlTKiOAT, JVX* « 9:00 a-ro- Srasoajwrt W*. man's (Jotf. Fmjwrt *« Opuraa- 1S0.4J* « UK* lCJ.vajKlit.Clt7 Cafe, ' • |;30 pjn.— Lake Jackaon LjoOf Pub, Lludvalt . Qouse, Lake Jackson Columbia (PM ftw»aft l-mi. t«t»a»HB HI fW }S A mm OF afA$V9§ JIODCEMBNT AXD fU6U MORAfe Th« 8e»i OperatiPii Of Your , VoU fw »• J- (Uwb^ My«H P» fOUTICAL AO. Dow Clerical Tew*

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