Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 28
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 28
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D-2 INDEPENDENT-PRE5S-TELEGRAM If ^·l MEMBER _ I RfiNWfiMPHJPflRfl . r-or Convenient, ^oroUes bhoppmg THF^F FIRM^ HnNHR i liCoc ritinio nunuri BANKAiERiGARD. DRUGS AND PHARMACIES Migdnll Pharmacy 588 1 Atlantic Ave. GA 3-8437 Vermillion's Renall Drug #3 1942 E. Anaheim HE 2-0949 FLORISTS AND NURSERIES Circe Nursery 4/60 Los Coyotes GE 3-0513 GENERAL SERVICES Allied Carpet Cteanon 1345 Newport Ave. HE 8-2086 Bonnie Bennington Beauty Salon 189 Argonne GE 8-3602 Sleeping Beauty Hair Styling 3920 Atlantic Ave. Open eves. GA 4-9397 HOME FURNISHINGS AND APPLIANCES Acme Mattress Factory 3415 E. Anaheim St. GE 8-9785 MERCHANDISE AND MISCELLANEOUS American Jswelry 35 Pine Avs. HE 7-3545 Chrysfecn 4518 Atlantic Ave. GA 3-8451 Contey'j Records 1200 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. HE 2-9226 Fun Harrii. The Tailor 122 E. 3rd HE 7.4406 Herbert's Jewelers 122 Pine Ave. HE 2-2232 Jo Kaye (Women's Apparel} 401 Long Beach Blvd. VIE 2-3692 Village Baiaar 139 Main. Seal Beach GE 4-8042 AUTOMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE Advance Muffler Service II 10 E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. HE 6-7381 A. E. Iransmission Exch. 553! Chorry Ave. GA 2-6575 Ed Barbari 6200 No. Beilflower Blvd. TO 7-2731 Barnes Delaney 2600 Atlantic Ave., L. 8. Tires 4 Retreading Bill Barnett Chevrolet 14*0 E Onr«-!-ii Blvd. Compton Bixby Knolls Garage 3619 Atlantic Ave. First in Auto-Air Cond. Blvd. Motor Cf : c 3250 L. B. Blvd. Clayton Dynamometer Serv. Cormier Chevrolet Co. 601 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-5291 Dale Brown Motori 2440-2441 L. B. Blvd., Autos Motorcycle! Dick Browning 1227 L. 8. Blvd. Olds. Parts i Service Guy Moothart, Inc. 1 1 12 No. L.B. Blvd., Compton NE 2-7171 Jamestown PRO I. B. R'vd M/-- '· · Bnm Port. * Sarv. J. P. Lamordin Ponliae 302 No. L.B. Blvd., Compton NE 9-6666 Hale Young Ford Co. 264 1 t. Anaheim Parts Service Harbor Chevrolet 3770 Cherry GA 6-3341 Harry C. Clark ISO So. L. B. Blvd., Cmpln. Buick Sales-Serv. Kott SSmolar Ford 338 W. Anaheim, Wilm'ton Ford Sales-Serv. Long Beach Engine Rebuilden 3525 Long Beach Blvd. GA 4-0407 Mel Burns Ford 2000 Lonq Beach Blvd. GA 6-3311 Nationwide Safti-Brake Centers 1430 W. Pac. Cst. Hwy. HE 5-7550 Rancho Rambler 2160 Long Beach Blvd. GA 6-2111 Severin Motors 1427 Long Beach Blvd. Rambler Parts Serv. Snavely Langford 410 No. L. B. Blvd., Cmptn. Dodga Sales-Serv. Announcements 0 F E A Te D e B B B B C E D D t F C 1 1 r t oc 30X REPLIES F Tha Independe/if, PrelS' sgram offici for tria fol- H-10353 S-6146 L VIH H-10598 S - I O I 7 4 2115 S - I O I 7 5 r 16P6 J.S4« S-10374 5493 10303 K.8t07 T - 1 0 3 3 10375 T-1034 L- 10323 T-4926 ·10211 T-10234 [ ^628 M-4659 T-10322 -2347 T- 10343 ·tUt N.5270 T. 10368 N-5455 T-IQ37I 10241 T-10372 P-525 T-10599 4178 P-5I40 V-4902 ,.5568 Q - 2 I I I V-8671 (.13.12 R - I 0 6 I W-4644 H-4672 R-8608 W-6124 H.546S W-4IM H.6072 S-5799 W-6130 S-5837 ) Florist FROM $2.50 FLOWERS FOR Forest Lawn Funerals DEI IVERED INSTANTLY HELPFUL COUN5FLIKG CHARGE BY PHONE The Fl:v,'«r Shoo m Foresl La-An GEnivs 1-2517 or TAylor J3I31 MOTTELL'S PEEK FLOWER SHOP 3rd and Alamitcs HE 2-6907 HE 6-2284 piinprol Notic« 1 Dil^ 3 * Uuillu funeral ^Directors 1250 Pacific A v t HE 2-590P ROWER SHOP HE 5-6388 o- HE 7-5901 BEAR _ Grace, ol 23? E. Willarrf. Servio will be arr.cur.ced. SAUNTIME -- Jacl R., itji 25, a! 2313 S. Everglade. Santa Ana. S e r v i c e and Inleimenf DJ Boll. P«nn- lylvania. a9e 76 ol 2225 E. 2nd Si. Service "ill ba an- LENO-- Slcrlirg. age 44, c( 22« V/. 153rd St.. Coirp. ton, Semca T u e i d « y, 11:15 a.m.. al Ckrisfi Second Bapils* C h u r c h , 92nd Normardie, L A . 6305 T u r n t r g r o v e Dr. Service Monday, 1:30 p.m. at DIIDAY CHAPEL PIERSON-- Jodn A., ag» 72, of 901 W. Spruce, Compton. Graveiidi t e r v i c e Tuesday 2:30 p.m. al Vat- *ran'i A d m i n i i i re *e Cemetery. REEG-- Ed-ard L.. «ge 86, of 46? W. IS2nd St., Lavnjale. Graveiide seiv- ic« Monday. 2:30 p.m.. al t r a n s A d mi n i s 1 r a Ion Cerr-clery. Thl «b4v* nrvicai will b* f ·naRnlfy iuD«rv1»d by * member of IS* DILOAY FAMILY unera! Notices 1 3RNACHON-V«r8, ol 4124 Gflvi- o a. Survived bv husband, A'bert C. irxJ sisters, Mrs. Mabel Ma'ev. M r i . n a B . Sta rV, /,\rs. L o r r a'n MaT. Servlte Mondiiv, 10:33 a.m. w '-*. Ruben L. AncJcflon o(Fic3l- ng. PATTERSON t SNIVELY UCAS-- Jof-n V., a^c 74. of 1C07I Ro swell. Service Monday 1 P.m. A\ chaoel ol cCRACKEH--.',«.!ch.iel Jarr.cs, ol 5726 Penniv/ocd Ave. S-Jfvivcd by mo^fr, Wrs. j3^CTh're A/.cCrisc- ken a'.rf slslcr, Mrs. Helen Kalh- cen Vitrli. Service Mor.dav ? n m. LAKEWOOD MORTUARY CHAPEL 3936 V/OOPRUFF AVE. Rev. RobeM A. Burns, otlic-alirg. "ICUOLSOIJ - - Geoigr V.'irJield, 63V/1 Pacific Ave. S-jrvlvcti b/ son, Earl G.; d-iugnlers, Mrs. Alma Everetl and Mrs. Je-.«!e Janncs; slsler, Mrs. Mabfil Dclh; 15 grar.cftriNcirenr 20 crcaVgr^nd- chlltjrtfi. Service rV.or.cfJv 1:00 P *3RD ALAM1TOS CHAPEL WOTTELL'S PtfcK 1AVAO-- Marv J-, of 4J21 D'ack thorn Ave. Survived bv hjsbond, Dav:d C.; dauoh?er, Mrs. Ji-d Ih Kavcncv^ hrolheri. Lu.ien s^d Jcieon OMveira; sls'ers. Gfrlrudc Chsnrre- Costcd'a Dids and Kalher ne Feri-clra. Rosnrv AAsntf.iv 7:30 P.m. SI. Cvwlj-V's Church. Mass ol Requtcm Tu-p'-div 10 .1 m. af rh-s church. LAKEV/OOD MORT U A R Y directing. (HNHEY-- Hdrold H. of il« Cjli- (o(n a Ave. Survived by v/.fe, Margarel; dsuo^itp/, Mrs. Audrcv Ku- b3dc; brolhcf, Charles; w'^rers, Mrs. L«l« A r k w e i r and AA : s» nle So'rney. Service Mcndav 11 SPONGBERG MORTUARY CHAPEL HEFFFR-Harrlet Gertrude, 7*5 Orartje. Survived by h-Jsbar^J, H9rrvr sen, Lowell Luccelord; dauahltr, Mrs. Shiriev Van Sicklo; brother, Jose oh Triie- marji; slsrer, Mrs. FMroHolh Kri.'ptenbaci n er; moHier, Mrs. Eliiabtfr. ih'emann; lour srand- chi fcf r P.I. 5e r v Ire Mo ndav 2: 3i) P " 3 R D ALAWITOS CHAPEL MOTTELL'S PLEK : uneral Directors 4 WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK Martuaiy -- Chapel -- Cemcfarv EVERYTHING I f J ONE BCAUTIFUL PL ACE GE I-6S77 U30. Beach Blvd., Wesinvnslcr "MOtTELL'S PEEK 3RD «. ALAMlTOS ME ^3734 HOLTON SON HE 6-?i79 Cetnetertes-MausoleumsS (And MonumenlSi) ? OUTDOOR crvPli tn Su.-aivs : ie Cierloo^ir.o pa-k. E*ce!!ent icca- licn Value S1050. V/;il lake S550. GA 7-436*. FOR SALE-2 kils V.ESTfAIKSTER Memorial P^rk. "Garden ol De vo:on." Wuit sell. HE 7-8W ROSt HILLS-- 1 craves on liie h aM^e ch:,?»i. GA 3 7770. OREENHlLLS^"irbt'rin"bc^o"lTc~n Lavm seer. Urg:nl. Gt 1-9312 CHOICE:. Proved rots. r'«n"n us S3~, Pedro. Muil Sell. GE \ 063^ 'CHOICE "LOTS. GRE'ENHILLV" TE X-J137 ' CREEBHlLLi. "l""lot In Liilhcran . sed on. Call eves. GF. X-75S9 nsurance 10 IM5UKANCE FOR ALL Auto -- Vfe insure those caree'M. refused, mllirarv ?«/or anyone tfr a^rdln; of record or age DA/iV liimcs made same tfav LOWFJiT RATFS-- PAY //ONTHL f GA 40/07 JAROSSE V38I Al ant-c ^UTO, II r* c loyally Insurance MonSfilv crE.miu.Ti on aulo All risks CnN tcr Irlor Snlf'e 414 E. Broadway. HE 7-6359. Personals 11 DON'T SIT HOf.».E ALOtJE! Have a Iflpndry nood Nmc ar our eel acquelnleil datcES. Old t*rr-e f, nwdcrn dancing, all H.KS v/rl- come. V/ed . Ihurs.. f-'fi. Sun. Arfm. SOr. Sal. 75c. Sl.irh 8 o.m. AL SKIP A ORCHESTRA 3 cash ilravrncs Tliurs. i Frl CLOVER BALLROOM ft Meel 1 Thai SPECIAL ON El Vr t, CONTINENTAL FRIENDSHIP Y* * CIRCLE 6 Only fines! ol character acceded. HOURS 11-7 HE 5-9994 COMF-rETE D*FNTURE~~5 F"R V 1 C E Repa'rs VJ.Til* YO-J Wait 13 months lo D.IV Pension v/ork DR. C A VARVEN SESI Cherrv Ave. GA 7-7506 WILL Ihe genlleman \vha a«l3»ed a vouns ladv En wttte frcm d Valiant af Canlie*cod Clftrk en Ji,ne 15 al 2:3J D.m. clease con- hid Miss Teubcrt at GA 3 6707 CM (JA 4-3591. LEARTJ fo snuare dance. 1711 E. 20f!i. L.B. rS-\v»;. clas^ slarrs J-jlv 9:iD-ll:li. Inilrucfor'tarl Jch'-^son. Fa.- info, call a f t . 5. HA 5-W73; ME 44SM cr TO 1-17W. Annlysii thru SCIEHCfc* OF HLJMBLRS fi;!l nn.n-.c-Wflh dale. Love offer- rrs. Ross L'Amour, P. O. IA24, L. B. I. WIDOWER, W-- Have car 1ra er. Wv.1 parrner oo Klama^l. salmon li^hing, shdre, no (are. Give ad- cfrcsi. Box Q-10389, Independent Press-Telegram. BEVERLY~~Sotiar"Club is plaroi ng 3 ru.-va.n1ic ove/nile bus loor lo Lai Vttf..'. Those Interested wn * P. 0. Bo U7-A. liclhlower. TONI FRIENDS CLUB Alor.c-- CrieeruD-- Ton! h.v, d frler.o lor vcu EC? Atlanlic HE i-MS/, M-/ FURS R E S T Y L C D Bcnldm'n Fu.-s HE 5'?0*0 US P ne WHEN IN DOUBT ItWESTICATP SCOTT INVESTIGATION BUREAU SOO E. OCCSr. Blvd. HE ?-9?EQ EDUCATED Anner. Soanlsh c rl S'4.-- 1)8 iV.eel a genllcman i5'M DETECTIVES-- A!l tvocs i.ivcslipa lions. Calif. Oct. f, invest Service. HE 6-5311. 532 P-r=e Ave fewerrv. Don Lcake, Mlq, Jewel AA ALCOHOLTCS AHONYMOUS AREA OFFICE -- DRENKINC PROBLEMS CALL HE 5-533, ALONE DESIRE FRIENDSHIP Lcno Beach 1. HE WSft LONELY ocop'c seeking friendship \V(i1e Beverlv Social Club- '.O Box 177, Bel mower, CaL TO^7!1 LADY, 33, 5'4", 125 Ibs., cood n come, car, 1 child, serks oen Club, Bax A0610, Ind., P-T. Paint. 17CI Alamilos HF7-3S7 Afore Tonlohl? JE 4 ^ 4 SUZY PA^IS Sacidl Club 2 to lOo.m PRIVATc C h a r f e r Boat-- 1or t.shina For aDDt. ask lor Kir-o. JE 4 3 7 2 NICE PEOPLE ONLY'- WRIT LORI CLUB, BOX «23J._.Q._1 "PWCKICT "Carman, no* at 403 V/. Imperial, Fnoitwood. OR 3-5*47 Cemeteries-MausoleumsS Cemcteries-McrusoleumsS (And Monumtnli) (And Monuments, ^\ ¥ % l "cl^ 1 thing in one bcdtiiilfil ffacf. Beautiful Lofs $100 Mausoleum of i Including tndov/ed tar* reace ryp P including endowed care ; $5 dm -- $5 mo. $10 dn. -- $11 mo. No Intcreit or Carrying Chars* F r e * Insurance Avai abl* OTI Unpaid Balanc* Comparable low costs for complete Mortuary Services Be prudent -- Do not buy anything jroin anyone . until you bat-c your own i-wtal eowftamon 1 And determined the east of the opening t\nd clowig charges including the btnirtt box or \anlt, Westminster Mcmorinl l^irk 14801 Seoch Blvd.. Wesiminsier GE 1.6577 HE 6.89-14 ··'"··""· Ti S o v « at tov Speflrf Wlf* £··"' Green Stompj Pico l^our luylnrj from Tfien /Sulhorlnd flrmi Vr Ted Brown, J e w e l e r ·418 Lonq Beach Bird. HE 6 - 7 3 2 6 Finer Pharmacy 255 Lonq Bsach Blvd. HE 6-1494 Mayfair Markets Pioneer at Orangethorpi Arfisia Mayfair Markets Manchester at Grand Buena Park Mayfair Markets 10700 Garden Grove Bl»d. Garden Grove Mayfair Markets 4 1 2 3 Ealt SoutK SI. Lokev/oad Mayfair Markets 2 3 0 9 E. Pac. Cit. Hwy. Signal Hill Moyfair Markets 4700 Loi Coyolei Diagonal Lanq Beach Mottoll's Peek Flov^er Shop 3;d and Alamiloi HE 2-i907 Santa Fe Drugs 2 4 3 2 Sanla Fe Ave. GA 4 - 7 9 2 2 Personals 1 1 r/AY introduce vou lo Tupcer- vvdrp. Save t:me, food money, cuaranltcd a g a i n s t chlodng. c r a r k f r o brrnklno. FucDer- wa.'e It sold exclj^lveiv en the pcpular h:me carl* plen. vt.n free giMs. Wain., aFr. cr eve. Tuccfnvare pnrliei are fuo. Your TuBBerware dealer is Na.icv June 2101 'OCAHA Gt 1-ira Sir ckly Pprsorel InlroducMons r Wctl Ihal SPECIAL O.'IEI t: THE r: CONTINENTAL FRIENDSHIP ft :. CIRCLE t, Only Fi-^1 OF character acrenkd. XOURS M-7, HE 5 9974 Frc« LUcr.iture Interviews Social Clubs 1 1A ADULT Gel Acqu.i'nled rJarllei, dancino. Ire* reiresliijwnls. grcua nslrucliwi. ST.SQ weekly. Ca' G6 t 1737. Miss Phillips or Mr. Mlrriflels, 2-10 p.m. r/fin.-Fri. CALL CLARA LANE Personal Inlroductfon tesvlce. Call 4-1 ihli week. -119 Qianae. HE Wil5; HE 2-3877 Lost and Found 12 HAVE YOU LOST vwjr own pet? Would you like lo have A new pel? Call at M-_nlcical Animat Sfiel er, 3001 ET. Wfllaw, and check O-jr *en::eli. TJi.i Ts Ihe (Wily agency authorized by fa-v jo p ck up s t r a y .iTmnls In Lena Beach Phwic GA 7-59*5 REWARD LOST DIAMOND WATCH, arrair, rcurd. whi!c so W, Grucn, wiih dMim^rtd w'r.cs Perhaps In viclnlly of Towne Theater. GA -t-7733 LOST-- Eve Blades. Vic. 3500 tfbtfc Atlantic, in open end ease, dark color. Reward, GA 24957 ACOUSTICAN hparino a'd Jos I 1 about 4:30 Thurs, p.m. Wilton Ho_ H p r e l . G A 2-6719. £17.1 Wai. Rwd. SIM CASH RENT MONEY (Olt bv 13 vr. old oirl, v;c. AllanHc South. Reward. GA 3-1755 SIAMESE, female. Seal Point. 1 vr. old, iosl vicinMv Park: 'Lstajes. _Keward. GE 8-2/i. LOST-- ^Man's trifocal craise*. aluni. frame, vJc Ocean Blvd. Paclf't Reward. HA 5-2741. cards pacers. Reward. Call W.lscn. GA 7-0447. LOST-- White boxer, i^g Mo. 18438 Loa Ara-nitos area. Reward. GE SHfcEP dcg. bl.icK lema. Tost J-j:y 4. 3?59 Wesrcn PJ. GA 7-4335 Mike. Rcwdrd. ' '«E 0-137.1 Reward for return. TE 4-73S2 Co.-nalcn. NE 9-2932. Travel 15 FLY "EL CAPITAN" --CASINO-- HAWTHORNE. NEVADA ° r-t T . E Every Day Won. thru Sun ·* Includes FREE air tranjp. rovn trip · Diner * Cocklail * T_lm 1 service · Lounge en!«rlainment $50.000 per passer.cer seat Enhance Irrc-- S25Q cash «iven aw. "i itcle 1 Thursday a mo. + SPECJAL DINNERS + WEDNESDAY- PRIME RIB SUIIPAY -- HAM TURKEY (Overniter fnc.1. Above Tour + DC Luxe m -DAlLYFLIGHTS-- 1 Ceoa-I l.or.g Beich ID a.m., 1 o.m. f p.m. Speci*! S'--n Ff'ght TO a.m.-! D.r Fcr rcbervalicns ' schcrtu e ca Long Beach HA 5-6309 LOS ANGELES TR 7-S6' Or see ycur local Travel Act i LADY ~ wan :s ridiff ro m Lkwd. i dim. L.A., arrfve L.A. 7:15 3 i m. HA 9-46 j GAU taVe 2 refs. Dh. HE 7-41 CHICAGO DETROIT soort. K 1 School Instruction i : CONTRACTORS UCEIISE LAW AND ' ESTIMATING COURSE WEV/ CLASS: Lor.g Beach, July 10 Snnla A-s. July 1 1 Pkon. (m T r t o Bullcl n -- A t t e n d One Seuion ai Our Gual MONROE INSTITUTE 1(09 Pin. Av.. HE 6-262 ovel IS Se Fl Y r L T TO VEGAS ON THE FABULOUS HACIENDA 80-PASSENSER 4-ENGINE AIRLINERS RADAR EQUIPPED GLORIA CARPENTERS FASHIONS IN FLIGHT 1 'LORRAINE SUTHERLAND of Alhambra Diet Willow at Sty Piano CHAMPAGNE TOUR S 24.50* l! J GOURM S tT BUFFET DINNER 2. LIMOUSINE SERVICE IN 3 ? £ ROUNDS GOLF KITE 1' 4 CHANCES AT 15000 HOLE- 4. CONTINUOUS ENTERTAU1- 6 DANCIKG ALL NITE 7. SHOW RESERVE. *r th» NEW FRONTIER HOTEL AFTERNOON EVENING DAILY RIGHTS FROM vV L. A. International it Burban^ *£$ Long Beach O'Nighr IncL Above Plui DU. Rm. (Dbl.Occ.) $31.50* Diners all Hat'l cardi hwoied For rescwalicns 2. schedules call LOS ANGELES TR 7-3456 LONG BEACH HA 5-1269 *SS Add FrL, Sal 1 i Holldavs 3XPER ENCED ladv driver leavlr.g (cr Vancouver Viclorla. TaV« 2 LADY passengers. Leaving Juiv ?3. HE 2-7M4. 3RIVING to Georgia. Anyone wishing to sh»r* expenses to Georg^. F crida or Soulli C«rohn* ~ADY t3 accomoanv eltierly lad/; f slit to Clcvt'and, OTito. GA 3-5617. TRUCK oolng lo mkl^eil. NE 5-6835 GOING ST LOUIS-- M. H«lo drive, ^hare. LO 9-1711 cr GA 3-94/5 *F1. 6 Health Aids 18 RELAXING MASSAGE i M) m'JCh m o re rc^ai- tr.o n 1 So kfij Sail waler showers, loaii rubt«r tables, i^HIJul und« rslarvd- iro masseuse';. Sam« //.abasement for 15 Yean 12-13 o.m. /Aon. thru Tr-^jrs. 112S Atlanlic HE 7-3SS7 LA PARLSIENE /AASSAGES Masnetfc'* prosfrale. French Pi aiti rubs, Jaoanese batfijj "music-" LU M9 7 Days HE W829 For A Better Massage Ca HE £-3830 1310 F. IQih JEAH'S 'fXa'ssaoe Studio, 5?5 E. PftC. Co ast Hvvv- G A 6-3523 . Hours: /Aon-Frl 96. bat. ?-E. TERRY'S STbAM BATH 09 F Isl SI. HEi 2--US3 BATH-CoIo-ilcs. T. mssjao* 1011 V/. Cnn-Dlcn Hivd. 10-7. NE 5-4579 JANS-- WHIRLPOOL 7173 PACIFIC AVE. HE 5-W7* IDA IKV/ flt Cinderella iV-a«io?. 22? E. rh. HE 4-07SI GOL-DIF'S Swedish msge. sleam balh. \Veekdays Sun. HF 3-6315. LEAHNETT'S-Kavfflllan Masseuse. H.'S. 9 10 9 S19 E. Odwv. HE 69M2 VEST'S, 173? E. Pac Csl. HWY. Hrs lo* No Sun.. MM. HEA-33G9 MAY'S MASSAGE-OPEN 1 DAYS. t H 2-5133. 1151 E. 7ih 5t. C KDY- -Holland Dukh Masseuse. 2^55 Pacific Ave. GA 4VS Sanitariums. Hospitals, Homes 20 Si. Christopher Convalescent Hosplta and Sanitarium COMPLETELY NEW MODERN BED AND AMBULATORY PATIENTS Beautiful Recreation Room With TV and Pat o SPECIAL DIETS ai Required 24-Hour Nursing Car* I860 DAWSON GE 3-0408 CRESTWOOD CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL K N Svoe rv i scr 24-hr care Grac'o-js cfieertul surround:r.os SPACIOUS GARDEN PATIO Modern -f Modest Rates 1775 CHESTNUT HE 2-84W PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST INFLATION ar.d coils ot unexpected iliJWSS with a LIFE MEMBERSHIP at ihe BASLER HOME, mod i cd 1 and numnq ce fcr ll!e. //.3 rfes if YOU oretcr. 1015 ». Brf*v- Snr.ia Ana, Calif. Phc-.e Klmbcrlv 2-15K. LOS ALAM1TOS SANITARIUM » Y E A R S eKKr.enc* h Board, Guest Homes 20-A rm. fcr ambulatory lad/. Lcvirvg care. Best fnad. Rid? to church. GE 3-6517 PRIVATE or 3«ml-priv. for Isdtej FOR t, k .e Best In Board Care Pep/, rm. Ladv. GE 3-2J31 VACANCY-- Elderfv fadv. Good food TV. cailo. HE7-4U1; GA 4-4007 Loans 21 -A (Saiarv Auto, Ftfrnitvrt) VACATION LOAN PLAN GET $100 CASH NOW Coifi Only $5.00 If Repaid in 3 Mo. Payrneri.* d or gel any Btnounl trn to '- iiiOO . . . l«rms to 24 mcnths Phone ahead for your lo^n . . mcniv on vour firif visit! Local Loan Co. Our 53rd Yiar 306 E 4th St.. 3rd Floor \ Corner 4lh B. Locu;I HE 7- 03 ' Ask for Ed Sheefan, Mor i Frw Parking 344 or 355 Lccuit ' Oocn Friday until 7 p m. " School Instruction TA PBX OPERATOR Earn fo 5375 mo. M«v/ class i ar ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLERS n. Earn to SI15 *k. Ne.v clssi $1ar 1 ing July 171h. Call HA 9-1B65 VOICE -- Ojwra, standard, rxij!a ! . TUTORING 4^h 5!h grade* cmv 1 Your home or mine. GE 3-365 ORGAN rnst/urlion. Bcgir^ers we \ SchooJ Instruction 2 93 ·w California College 2 A diViHon of Sawyer Schooli *t = t "Over 100,000 GMdwatu" 1 IBM- NCR Career Tra'nJng · Tabular. ng Machines- Kevrxneh « Wiring t. Octralian 034-W6-054 NCR "3200^ Dental T«hn'cJan Complelp Secretarial and Accounting Ceunet Grepg cr Speedwriling Shorthand s ""*"- »gSSf. 1 HEnlock 6-9767 Leng 8«ich. C*!H. hool Instruction 32 5 MEN Prepare Now For Heavy Equipment Operation We have graduates who ~~ are now heavy equipment operators earning $1.91 to $4.21 per hour, who toolt our training as iheir first step. "/t Estimating ·^ B'ueprinr Reading · Gr*da and Grado Stakes ·fe Oprating Controli E ^j- FloW Mainlenance c ·j^j" Htgli*ay Conitruction ·^ Operation of Dozer. Gradfrr. Loader, Olriafi Gratiuale trainees oef oplicnal JT mov no ewlpireni. Get Ir.torma- - t : on abo-jf ag« and olher rc- auiremenls Ksli'ch must be me 0 qualify for pmalovmcnt In 11* HEAVY EQUIPMENT INDUSTRY. No obllgatfon, no read tact, but nwst be SINCERE. W a s CCUDOO Today. HEAVY LQlilPMENT firviSIOH Horlhwc^f Sclrcols Dept. H/-153 Bo* A 10334 Indeoei:d«nl-Pres- Cily ,, _. A g e - -..-. Stale . .. Nearest PKont MEN A t J O WOMEN T R A I N LN A t J Approved School ELECTRONICS f-UIURE UNLITAIFED ASSEMBLY-4 TO 8 WEEKS TECHNICIAN-- 6 TO 9 MOS. LO'.V rUlTIOIl-EAbV I L K f A b FREE PL ACFWEN1 SERVICE CALIF UCH. T R A D E SCHOOLS 5505 A T L A f l T l C . N. LONG BCK GA 2-5467 Aulhorlzcd by SL-P!. ol Public l:iilru!it:cn to issue cooler cer- Jif cares or dlclamas tot Ins above courses. AIRLINE Pos lions cf Dreitio* as STEV/A R O E 5 S , RESERVATIONIST5, COV^UNLCATIONS, STATION AGFNTS, TICKET AGENTS, A RLINE StCRETARY. TRAIN NOW can aua'iFy vcu for 1h«e millions lhat oifer FREE T R A V f c L panes, paid va:,it:cni cubllc contact. If vo-j a'o 17*39, 'ligl achcsl gradjale, see how you can iuaN» fv. V/ri:=, Jnclutfino age. of.ant TM mb GALE INSTITUTE Box A -1038 3, Indeocnderil-PreiS- LEARN A TRADE n T/t !o 6 weeks as; E cctronic A s s e m b l e r . S75-SH5 wk. PBX Rccsation st , _..S!HO-SJ25 mo. IBM -. . W10 rr.o. Grocery Checker .. ..«6-SHS wh. 0!*se) orlntcr __. 1 S3.3Ot3 60 hr. Weat V/raocers 587*125 wfc. "Train v/ilh real meal" DAY * EVENING CLASSES Free Placemen! Service Enrol) Tod.iv, Starl July 1!th Woit Coast Trad* Schoo t Mew Lkwd. lotalicn HA 9- di5 134 Atlantic, L.B. GA i-3349 ^^R.^^i'fe'yilll'r. 'ttffift FREE PLACEMENT {or GRADUATES. Be a PROFESSIONAL BARTENDER OR COCKTAIL WAITRESS DAY OR EVE. COURSE: WEEKDAYS 10 A.M.-- 9 PJA. N£W METHOD BARTENDING SCHOOL 416 LCCU51. L.B. HE 2-564J GROCERY CASHIERS We're accecluia 10 anP'-'ran s to tra : n tor groceiy chetKers. Earn S98 to il-O a w:. £~t. terms. A sa train PBX recear. !o WOO ir^j IBM kcvt-'-ncti. Earn to WOO ir.o. Mcore School 245 E. 7th HE 2-09JS LakewCDd area GA 2-96W Noiwalfc, Arlesia HE 7^890 START TODAY BECOME A GRADUATE PRACTICAL HURSE FARN AS YOU LEARN LOW TUITION-EASY TERMS Gaylord System of Nuuing Mrs. E. Gavlord, R. N, Dir. 153A Allantfc, L. B. GA 6-1707 MEN, LEARN A TRADE Auto iransmlision 1 tune up. GRAD5 FARN TOP PAY T R A I N MOV/ -- PAY LATER MID -'.VEST TRADE SCHOOL 9735 Long Beach 81.. S. G. 10 9-62W LO 9-67M M3nv 1cal ocenincs for elwlron c assemblers af!er sl'Jirl ira n ng cw.'Icd. Mew class slarrs July h?. Call HE 2-1335 BARBERS IN OEMAND Enro 1 ) now! 57 week c o u r s t AMER. BARBER COLLEGE OF- Long Beactl. H£ 2-92^7; HE 2-9113 School Instruction 22 r7S |l TYPING 5-FOR--' 1 | EiWW^lSK PAGERS I THIS SUMMER HAVE YOUR Son or Daughter LEARN TO TYPE Special Typing Classes for Ages 10 to IS 6 Weeks Begins July 10 9:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. · ! frMfli^BHff^^Tv U New Classes Begin i Every Monday · Secretarial · Stenographic | Clerical · General OlMcs 2 i Bookkeeping · Accot.nliri£ Office Machines ABC Shorthand CAREER TRAINING Programs for f^Sftfjs " Dental tfW · Medical \^/ Secretaries A^TW CERTIFICATE ' vA rVj COURSES / \ f / / PLACEMENT ' ' CLASSES BEGIN Women JULY ICm Aoei 11-41 Long Beach Business College sin:* ltt$ ^1 t.B.Btvd..L,B. HR 4i» .hool Instruction 22 E Howard Butler SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE START RIGHT -EARN RIGHT -- EARN MO HEY P«rionallv cornered clan In- irucllo:.. Ind'VlCual ailrntlwi Jo MONDAY, JULY 1CTH FINANCING FHA-- CAL VET-- Gl Guesls Welccmtl Many v*arj et an active Realtor Teacher has hniperj me d«veloD nv esiv-to-lfarn merrKKJ. Comp « c ccvr rflct en all svbleclv EMROLL NOWI 5 E P A R A T L RENEWAL COURSE For derails and brochure 6176 ATLANTIC 1A 3-W73 Barbara Moss College of Real Esrate Knowledge 2S Vrs. ex Dfr. as Realtor sec- r«l.iry lo L.B Board ol Realtors. 99i*i*: · gradja!e. Salewnsn or DJ-cker licence. DON'T WAIT, Trv the rtst -- Teit us for the twit- 5 vrcfks. Call for brochure. SALCV/AN'GROKER RENEWABLE 500 E. 4TH ST. HE 7-0^1 riving School 22A ftLrFORNIA DRIVING SCHOOL Largest In ihe United Stales Private L*«ons. Home Pickup FREE BOOKLETS Call HF 5-7E?? PACIFIC DRIVING SCHOOL 139.50. Hcme Pkkua G A 4-091; Eelp Wonted (Worn.) 24 PAYROLL CLERK Manufacturing · end g e n e r a l off cfl bactgiound prof. V NCR 3ICO exper. helpfu bui not required. \ f Payroll «)r.d labor diilrfbu- 1 on eiperftnce. V Typlnq n(J adding mdch. · ciperience required. «v»ninq shift. APPLY IN PERSON 8 A.M. fo 5 P.M. BMW 1740 ABALONE TORRANCE SECRETARY to GENERAL MANAGER Torra-.te dirocrl ,TCJ TOP posi lie*. Excellent rJrA' IY oHlcp n0an ' AUTOMATION INDUSTRIES INC. ULTPASOHtCS DIVISION I n t e r v i e w i n g al 77SO MOCfROE ST. PARAMOUNT NE 6-9341 Medical Records CODING CLERK V Fulty ixoeriEncerJ V Permanent cos i lion. V Ulwral fmDtoye* benefilj. GA 7-9891 P.o!VoT'l428 BOOKKEEPER Trucking company rtas Invnediale oaen rvq for exoerlefKed book- kcctwr. W.U5I b* familiar v^ilh a'l Teasel c( acccunt.r.g. Be ^b'e fo ocEr.ile ?rWinp machine and calculators, also tyce. 49 hour week, 3375 to itarl. SOUTHERN TANK LINES T6SI3 Mlnwsta Avt. Pardrrwunl 1 b!X Fast of Carlieltf 1 blk. south or Jackson Phone Worlc Filing GIRLS 18 TO X? To J2 ctr fir. Atlas Advert,! na 3074 Pacific Ave. Aoply in cierson only frcm 1 . p.m. to DRJG COSMETIC TRAINEE Collece student, alternate sMIti, 5 p.m. lo 10 p.m. Mon.-Sal. Inc. MIGDALL PHARMACY K'-l AllalnUc Blvd., N. L. B. MEDICAL ASSISTANT for LaXcv.ood OB -- Gvn o!flc». Hours: 9 a m. to 3 D.n. AND SATURDAY A..-A. SUN. WON. OFF Gfc MfiW Your Drcamed-Of Trip can become a reality in '42 If vcu slarl- "AVON CALLING" tcdny. F«i. r n to S10 more por day. Stwrt hrs. G A / - W 7 1 , Ext. B BEAUTY OPERATOR APPLY 4377 Allrllc GA 7-8$?? OR XEOJ E. 3nd HE 3-7X53 EXPERIENCED" COUNTER GIRL For Naw laundry. U-S, Naval StaCon, Gate 1, B\do. Xi. L.V.N. -- P.M. BEACH CITY SANITARIUM 917 E. PAC. CST. HWY. GA 7-1414 LADY to share hem*. Accept super- v s-cn, responsibility ior .roth-e.- wd boy Th vrs. LliR work^ gcsd nay to cuallficd parly. For f u r t h e r iji form at Ion call GA 7-3602. WAITRESSES total Restaurant Chain WAITRESS Aopiv 1:30 p.m. ween! Sun. Ray's. Range, 1190 E, Carscn. L.B hit be'ure Xmas. No tily., no Coll Car nee. Goofy Goose Par les HA 1-7306 thru Financial Statement anC Taxes. CPA exce/lmcs on v- suMrviiorv ability. GA 7-9507. WOMAN 43-50 live in, care for " children, motherless twinne. Do mirKufiz area. TE 5-3210 PART-TIMF sccrcfarv, mornlno^ Tvo'nff, dictation f.llno. L ( nsurance Office. Call fAontia morning for aorif. GA 7-3933, GIRL wilh cstnte liccfi^c fa m'.de office work. Salary £ coiim. Oeo'«V. 900 t.B, Blvd. s LAUNDRY crialn needs twesier silk an d.'or n AT Is . Ove r 35 yn VacaKoo re'^ef. Co-jfd be oerm 1 for ripht girl. 2201 E. Carscn. GOOD TYPIST. Doctor's "office Exo. c referred. Salary ccen. ME 0-5W5 b-tween 9 5 Mon Fur Telpphcne Solicitor BENJAMIN FURS 1 HE 5-2060 115 Pin ! RN SUPERVISOR FOR S/AALl ' HOSPITAL, 3i98 Century, LYNWOOD HE 9'532 L VE IN twusckefcer or cple. Pciv rm. Full chiwoe. TOD salary. children. Refer. E*per. HA 1-532 EXP. FRY COOK Ape ?S fo 45. 2252 L U B. Blvc UHATTACHED'fftdv wantino hcm'e- age 40-W, tive in fo ass^f mc^# i LAOY, single. 4S-6Q. ex saKi abillt Hrs, 11-7, for aoo't. HE 5-99?*. t BEAUTY~bor. wil'h followrno. iSO j tomrn. basil. FIE 6-50S9; HAS-65 I FIjKPtf for'hnKdiCBOOpj" nisnr*Llv in. 415 E. Seat de, 9 a.m.-6 p.n Help' Wonted (Worn. J 2 Want Vacation Money? i DO TEMP. WORK Office Job* NO FEE ... GOOD PAY . . . ' TEMP., G/0, NO. L.B-, 3 \vfcJ July, 3 wks, Scot *1.50hr TEMP.-DICTP. OPR., Trrinc* ieci. tvcw., 2 win. .treojir P/T STENO. Wilm!ng!on elec-tvne. ?-3 da. wk. Sl.Hhr ! PFRM TYPIST dntwrK L.B j slat, scec. ..._ SAS wK ! WESTERN 1 giriinc. A5ENCY HIW.OCKliRm. U.L.I. · L mpl.Ag'cleslWom.) 23Empl, Ag'eles (Worn.) 23 - CU pi flVUFMT AfiFHHlFS CfflrLUTMCni AUCNUICa WOMEN eoftiult The« PlMMiMf Expert* LAKEW EMPLOYMENT 4143 Norsa Way Lakewood Blvd., Car GENERAL OFFICE CLERK, (or · xcfllFent iyping tlectric, good COMP. OPERATOR, 4 ptam. b BILING CLERK TYPIST. .lactrTc, 9 BOOKKEEPER. Sav. cdjrg. of A/ GAL FRIDAY, in new air-ondlti and accurate typ» potting, nic* phon* personality STENO wilh variety of worlr, btii CLERK TYPIST, phone manner mu P8X-RECEPT.. typiit. good loca GENERAL OFFICE. 9 d. ivpist, ne GIRL FRI., variaiYi interesting du STENO.. with G/O bacVgd.. pre FLO S KNOW THE SATI BEING GAINFUL! FREE JOBS P EXEC. SEC., reliable, attractive. EXtC. SECIY., tain not« and ac SECTY., IBM e!ec., opportunities SEC7Y.. well-groomed Ian to rr young boss and greet hil clil STENO. think lor yourself when DICTAPHONE opr.. varied dul e COMP. OrR., 4.phase, bul juit SECTY. lor mgr. of construction i SECTY., be in the know in this LEGAL SECTY.. for industrial p S1AT. CLERK, pricing, use Friec BOOKKEEPER, through T/B, 1 g FILE CLERK, type orderi, ditto ACCT. -PAYABLE, stat. typing a FEE ON GIRL FRIDAY, asst. buyer, folio HAND BILLER. price tidati *nc I-GIRL OFFICE, some cost ace talb on phone and type PERSONNEL CLERK, t y p e elect ords And talk to people MEDICAL LAB. TECH., license MEDICAL SECRETARY, assist it F/C BKKPR.. wily, payioll. It. ty ASST. BKKPR., payroll, ofc. mac IBM KEYPUNCH, AN, will con NCR 3100., A/P, A/R payroll, PBX RECEPT.. som.. typing A fil PBX CASHIER, type, like to met PARTIAL LIST FLO BAILEY 141 W. CompTon Blvd., C 8731 E. Firaiton*, Do 1409 Cravens. Torra -- Open Saiutdd GOLDEN WEST AGEtJCY 19 PINE. RM.9I4 HE 7-0501 MOST OF OUR JOflS ARE IN LONG BEACH ARFA COMPANY PAYS FEE BKP. RetepL. 1 g'rl ofc,, snaro u'35, pood Co. car _. lo 5*00 etc., IvOlst exo'U u/35, ofc. on Cetallna island it. UOO APPLICANT PAYS FEE Sleno. Clk.. sharp sal u/35 for Pers. Dfot., pluirt ofc. sf.53COf FXEC. SELtv. lo orod-jct. rtKr u/40 s^iarp versatile gal ... . lo S-JCQ Rem. Rand Key Punch cpr., od. varied exp. Xlnl Co. .. si. J3W tscrow ofcr.j Torrar.ce So .... M5Q BJtpr., acct'g. elk., oil *XD. Dr efd- Clerk ;P tvpfst,""iiefi"of flee/ "19/30, st.-hle alnl. Co., L.B. .. «/0+ Pr.or.e collecfcr credil txp. 5175 IBM Key Punch ? vrs exp S325 C^lculfltor o»/., figure elk - S7/5 T¥pls^, sen. ofc., Torrancc . W7S CasVer, Restaurant exp.r mafure, L.B., car net 512 day Saleslady, ad. exp., iO/45 S3?5i- Sierlingwood Offers STFNO .«11 d'ctaphcne, lite S/H, Dcwney. 23 vrs. excer., Downey. S/H A dkfrinhcne, prev. exp. adverlliing hoped for, 23-30. STENO _ - . . tn 1375 M/so-viel depl., o/21. S/H 100, poijid groomed, putl. reiat. Type 50. varielv ICb. GENERAL OFFICE . .. SJJO Typ- 50, eper. payroll. PERSONNEL CLERK . . - V 3 2 5 Type SO. some col.. 11 4 . ASM". BOOKKEEPER V300 Use ca'c.. lite type. Dcwrey. 1 GIRL OFFICE . lo S4» Bcoks fmu f / 1 3 . So. Gale. STERLINSWOOD AGEHCY 7639 E. FIRESTONE, DOWNEY TOpai 9.0TO4 SP 3-0454 VOGUE AGENCY 4740 Allanlie A 7-4277 FOR PARTICULAR WOMEN Sa^es, hvv. «xc. . ,, i?5 wl S'eno, clerk personnel ..._. ... £300 Med. ReceDl., Iniur. _._ S3. A-xr. BkVor to »CO Models, full Dart time. PARTIAL LISTING ONLY B O W E R EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 3X1 Pire Avn. Rm. Xijl. HE 6-3211 E x e c , sectaries, car .. . 13.50 up Gen, o f c - . S hra. day _ 51.50 hr. Sfrro, 3i'4i, csr _.. . 4300 S1en-- fecal - 1200 UD Gen. ok. knee, 19/73 . . .«35 Recent., iir.o'e. ?5'."iS, car S300 NCR 3000, typJsl, car W35 OD A'R !vp:Sl _ .- . - S260 PBX tva'if, 23/3S _ .._.. S275 LP ^ A/P, typlsl _.._.S260 ! DoroT^y Sterling Agency Sec*., S/H E. dcia. Io J350 Sleno. 30» vrs., L.B S3 Typj ? t-PBX relief . «00 Invi.i'ory Tyoist «p. S2 7 Clerk, Lt. Tvoist. t; 40 vrs_.$? ^ ISM feeyourvcri, 2 vri, e*p.., 533 * AND MANY OTHERS. J - 115 P.'ne. Room 420. HE 5-« -; -; VON V EMPLOYMENT AGENCY ^ 5375-A Atlanlic GA 3-« WOMAN v/anled Io care for 3 mo. baby lire h^kpg. Live in. //.other In hospital. TO 7-7948 MATURE ladv for light housekeeping fw eltfcrtv oenlfeman. Must drive. References. GE 4-3312 WOVIAN to care for 1 ichool-80« bovs. Very rite housekeeping. 5 days onlv. Rowrnoor. GE 1-7773, PRESSERS -- Spotters -- Markers Couriers. EXD, Hartxir Cleaner Assn., 2»3 L.B. Blvd., a.m. orly. BARMAID V/ANTEO Experienced. 1404 w. Willow COCKTAIL WAITRESS-- THE PLAY ROOM, 34 Locust Ave. DANCE Instructor, S? hr, elm i bonur C^lr MISS Mason. NE 6-916: EDITH RehnboVg Cosmelfcs "biJ triu'ors V/snled. TE J-80M. 'BEAUTY OPERATOR- fceach area" Call GE 1-W/S EXP. bar wfliircties. Atlractivc- Gocd MY . Apply tn W. Oco?n BAR /.'AID, day work. Jack's Grill*. 4319 E. Carscn UNDERGRADUATE" nurse "for or va^e practice. GA 4-9H5. EXPERIENCED *hlrt preisas. Vaca _ 1 WOHE Ks T «lY C ^ l HA''?.llli OME OOD AGENCY HA 9-5935 on St. Diagonal nici company in «rtd, figur« sptHuds :....J355 J 3 phaiBj will Jo rf 2 ny, k«n.(:il J350 by.....! -.Jo $ 3 2 4 R, A/P rkru T/B. payroll Jn! d o f f i c e , ligkl S/H, $34 JEI S/H «nd typing J3K 1 ba charming, top co. $310 · ,er a dull momanr S280/S325 i ftl, work without lupvr. $325 · er matur« lady $375 B AYS: 1 FACTION OF :| Y EMPLOYED i OR YOU 1 ikgd. to auiif div. mgr. $425 B t it Girl Fri., lo VIP, .t. $433 | for trio c a r e e r girl $150 g ata appointment, «llilt. R nil - $450 B bois ii away $3o4 Ij !, naf. ulel offica ^^...$329 K Hgkl division - $3M B or for. and $400 1 it aga mlliile CO to $400 | jtent aitorney $400+ fj en calc., light typing $304 || hr typing $375 t naiferj on eloc., mature $304 I nd 10-key adding $304 « IHESB w.up ordan, typa elec $325 uia 10-key add. mach/ $260 ounting, q r o e t cijitome/j, $100 -f »i. ric, poll employees' roc$325 d _ -.$500 + admitting and iniur. $350 + sing, nice Tf tram. exp. $345 + s der sharp irainae, to $ B O . w k . ite typing $350 ng $300 + t public · $300 NG ONLY AGENCIES ;omplon -- N£ 5-8038 »ncy TO |.?28I nc , _ FA 0-3722 s 9 fo 12 -CALDWELL PERSONNEL AGENCY W P-ni S'jlla 312 Kt= ?-3H EXEC. SECTV,, b« tht ^ig^l^ han^ of orod. mgr -io SJCX) SECTY, if you cdT relleva en PBX, 1hlS IS fops ;._... S390 STtNO. for dnln., L.B., lecfll o ffcc, 9 lo 5 MOO FULUCHG. Dkkpr., to 35 V/s- talce hwv. re^ocn^. ,, 4433 BURR. BKKPR.. banX exp. to « vrs.. rast L.B. _. - s?7s GEN/OFC.. type we!l on IBM elect, relieve PBX VJ2S PflX recent. , .iflrattive girl w/ accurate Jyplna ~ S325 STfcNO.. It S/H, w/a ocod personality _ ,,-. . 53*1 NCR 3000 oor., accts./rec., ^ccts./ pay., tvc-c well , j, 53SO FULL/CHG. Bkkcr., work lor xlnt. CPA, ntc* ofc. .._. 5400 up SECTY., gldmour |cb dnfn. lor.g B., hvv. figures to. $350 IN5UR. Aoency girl, must have ? vrs. Insur. exo. , to S3£0 TYPIST la work ki pronressive IBM Key ounch. It. CXD., tan BKKPR., check cash reolslcr, bslatce the cash .".. .. 1300 STEHO.. can becom* secfy., io f^ad ,, . _ S350 desk, mat. control _ V100 FINANCE, 5h,wp pfr who tvo*s. Mett people - S3J8 RECEPT., do ft* bfllino fnr rV.«!lcal Ok. .... _ M50 ui EXEC. SFCTY., treJn suoervnc Ofc. 0;/ls ,, _ S300 UD MARINA PERSONNEL AGENCY 563 K R E S b BLDG., 5IH i F'HIE HE 2 8 ? l l COMPANY PAYS FEE R E C E P T . Sltno , DiulTi S340/1331 JR. SECTY local gd. Co. S3jfl-S150 APPLICANT PAYS FEE SFCTY.. ^c.nse o» humor VIOO 5R. SIENO.. sliroirtief. .... S376 FiGS. no type 25'« 53« SECTY., local iitty. Mln S375 TYPIST Enx. De'ot ' ^.. S?75/S» GEN'L OFC., Bd. type _ KM/S??i BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY AUTO RATING CLERK _ lo S3M TELLER TRAINEE . lo 3750 MEDICAL ASSTNT. TRNE fo 1150 SECIY. STEHO _ J375+ EMPLOYMT INTERVYVER own Woman's World AGENCY PRESTIGE AGENCY FOR WOMEN \' Our Monday 'ad' for Thi BEST JOBS IN THE AREA 3970 Atlantic, Rm. 205. GA 6-3933. F R E Y EMPLOYMENT AGEHCY mr Aiiannc GA c»;i EXEC. Sccry., aih c«n. mor., SH IM; tyo« to 1350 up DONUT maker, ca*» or raistd J1.7S hr. TYPIST Ihe cl«rk c/21 lo . J7W CANNON'S AGENCY Fac!ory tmc*, fe« ^ $K33 f;f. 8712 Flreifor.c, Dawncv. TO M3U BKPER.r STENOS. TYPISTS, "Vic. PERSONHEL Emo!oyment Acfntv «02 E. 2,-KJ. 414 Krew Bfcfg. COCKTAIL WAITRESS Yourg, altractiv*. 1« E. Ocean, A days, some eves. No ties' EvDer_ R«(#r. ME 0-iiSO GOOFY GOOSE TOY PARTYS Manager dealers. No collecting, no del. LO 7-7318; HA 9-1340. Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 Sieno - Clerk Shorthand 1 00 WPM Typing 70 WPM Dictaphone Experience Mutt n[ov public t*3C/| Ptr coolacr. Salary OOU mo. Excellent w o r k i n g conditions a.~d emokive* benefits. Kaiser Permanenfe 1 1 00 W. Pacific CeoitHwy. Harbor Cirv DAvtnport 4-T090, «lt. 4(7 APDjy Monday thra Friday 10-li ·. m. and 2 p. m. leip DENT rot k by th miniii or 0' tho ca'.l Irxrnl A Op the shi iro blc ea ex ee as; ele els qu frt an an fo A r 0 PI at D C N. lr Vr W M W A» H . - ) i i? t

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