The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 14, 1906 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1906
Page 2
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CH1LLICOTHE CONSTITUTION SEP. 14 1906 ^ " — 1- •- '^_,— w » T » » »- w w w ^ v ^ w I TBe Chillieothe f t CONSTITUTIONS •«••>*•«••»«»«» CONSOLIDATED WITH THE MAIL AND SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1900. STAR J. L. NEWLAND WM. L. WATHINS . EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Terms of Subscription: The CONSTITUTION guarantees to advertisers a larger circulation in Livingston County than hat of all other local papers published in Chilli- oothe combined. the price for the weekly if paid on or before the end of'{he year is $1.00, •or 50 cents for six months. Subscribers neglecting or failing- to so pay, will be charged the 81.50 rate. This rule will be strictly adhered to. , Entered at the-^stoffice af Chilli- •othe, Missouri, and admitted for transmission through the mail as second-class matter. Office in CONSTITUTION Building, 516 4 South Washington Avenue. Teleohone No. 105. .' By Mul—Postage prepaid: Daily, one year ; J5.00 Daily, six months .". 2.50 Weakly, one year.-in advance LOO Weekly, one year, if not paid before year ends....'... 1.50 •Wgekly, six months. 75 . The Daily will be delivered by carriers to subscribers in Chillieothe at ~ 19 cents'per «««8k. Any irregularity n delivery should be promptly reported at this . OPES PUBLICITY THE BEST GUaiWNTY OF MERIT. When the maker, of a medicine, sold through druggists for family use, takes nis patients fully into his confidence by frankly and fearlessly publishing broadcast ^as well as on itstottle wrappers, a full list of all its ingredients in plain English, this action on his part is the best possible evidence that he Is not afraid to have the search light of inves- tteatlon turned full upon lis formula and that it --nail bear the fullest scrutiny and the most thorough investigation. Dr. Plerce's Favorite Prescription for the cure of the weaknesses, periodical pains and functional derangements of the organs distinctly feminine, is the only medicine put up for sale through druggists for woman's special use. the maker of which is not afraid to take his patients his full confidence by such open honest publicity. A elance at the published ingredients on each bottle wrapper, will show that it is made wholly from native, American, medicinal roots, that it contains no poisonous or habit-forming dru Into and ' Democratic 8tate|Ticket. ' For Judge of Supreme Court, Long Term. A. *. WOODSON. For Judge of Supreme Court, Short Term. W. W. GRAVES. Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner HtTBE OGLESBY. sonous or habit-forming drugs, no narcotics and no alcohol—pure, triple-refined glycerine, of: proper strength being used instead of the commonly employed alcohol, both for extracting and preserving the active medicinal properties found in the roots of the American forest plants employed. It is the only medicine for women's pecular diseases, sold by druir- glste, that does not contain a large percentage of alcohol, which is in the long run so harmful to woman's delicate, nen£ ous system. Now, glycerine is perfectly harmless, and serves a valuable puroo4 by possessing intrinsic value all fts own and besides it enhances the curative ,effect of the other ingredients entering into the "Favorite Prescription." borne of th.e ablest medical writers and teachers endorse these views and praise all the several ingredients of which "Favorite Prescription" is composed—recommending them for the cure of the very .same diseases for which this world- famed medicine is advised. No.othw medicine for women has any such iwo- fesstonal endorsement—worth more than my number of ordinary testimonials, tf Interested, send name and address to Dr E. V. Pierce, Buffalo, .N. Y., for his little book of extracts from the works 'of eminent medical writers--and teachers endorsing the several ingredients and felling just what Dr. Pierce's mediclncn are made of. It's free for the asking Superintendent of Public Instruction HOWARD ALXEN GAS8. Democratic County ,Ticket. For Congress • W. W. KtTOKER . Representative , JAMES O. RJWEY Sheriff MARK WHITB Recorder of Deeds WILIiIAM REYNOLDS Prosecuting Attorney E.C.ORR Clerk of the County Court A. M. SHEI/TOST TJ assurer XT. 8. AM/BRITAIN Probate Judge ) PIERCE OVERTON Olerk of the Circuit Court MATTHEW McBRIDE Collector B. F. THORP Assessor JOHN J.MAY Presiding Judge County Court S. HAWKINS Judge Eastern District IRA DONOVAN Public Administrator FORRE8TTK.GILL Judge Western District O. •WVGARLIOK For Coroner. R.'H.OABELL. REBUKE the brewers for their efforts to run Missouri in theirown interest by voting the Democratic ticket straight tbia fall. be- In. off SOME have expressed alarm cause the membership of the dustrlal League has fallen since its organization. The alarm is groundless. The-shrinkage was W be expected. And after all a business man who Isn't interested in the welfare of the community to the extent of 50 cents a month is hardly to 6» counted, a factor in its progress. > , , • *• - state by virtue of the Democratic stay-at-home voter, is. misusing the powers of his office to protect Tommy Niedringhaus, head of the Brewers' Aid society, othor- wise known as the Republican State Committee. He has had eliminated from the journal of the proceedings of the Missouri House of Representatives for 1905 the report of the investigation of the Republican campaign fund for 1904. It will be remembered {that the records of the Republican committee showed that Chairman Niedringhaus had contributed 321,000 to the campaign fund. An investigation disclosed that this money had.been paid to Mr. Niedringhaus by St. Louis brewers and that he was merely a "straw" contributor. This report was ordered printed by the House of Representatives, and it was printed on paper paid for by the state's money and the printer has been, paid by the state's money. After this had been done Swanger. ordered the state printer not to include the sheets containing this report in the bourid journal and \triey were sold for waste ^>aper. • This high-handed misconduct in office on part of the secretary of stata is done to keep from, the" people, so far as ne is able, the knowledge that the brewers contributed §21,000 to the Republican campaign fund in 1904, which SHEEP MARKET WEAK. Kansas City, Sept. 13.—Natives slow and lower; top, §6.15; westerns stronger: cows and heifers slow and steady; stackers steady; calves firm. Hogs 5c higher and closed weak; top, §6.40; bulk, S6.17>6 to §6 32>jl. Sheep weak. Cattle-Receipts 5,000, including. 2,500 Southerns. Southern steers, $2.60@4.00; southern cows S'<2.50@ 4.50;Nativecows and heifers, §1.75 5:00:stockers and feeders S2.§9(§) 4.50; bulls,$2.00(a,3.15;calvesS3.00 @6.00; western fed steers SS.SOfa 5.75; western fed cows §2.00(^3.75. Hogs—Receipts 6,000; heavy S6.00@6.15; packers §6:10@6.35; pigs and lights, S6.20@6.40. Sheep—Receipts 5,000; Muttons §4.75@5.60; lambs §5.50(o)7.90 range wethers, $5.0Q(a5.SO: fed ewes, 84.60(25.40: KANSAS OtTY ORA1N Kansas City, Sept. 13—Wheat- Sept. 63Jj,c; Dec 6'5Mc; May 70>»c; Cash No.2 hard 65^@70;c No. 3,.65(<ij66;No. 2red 66^(8.66^0; No. 3, 65®66c. Corn—Sep 42?£c; Dec 38> 4 'c; Cash No. 2 mixed 4;iM(o(43^c;No. 2 white, 45%@45%c. Oats—No. 2 white 31>^(gj32c No. mixed, ~" Kane as City Produce. Kansas City, Sept. 13—Butter- Creamery, 23c; packing 16c. Eggs—49Mc. • ;_- ; REVOLT MORE'SERIOUS. Havana, Sept. 13—The rebellion looms stronger today than ever. All. the smaller tbwns-in Santa Clara province appear to 'be^ absolutely in the control of the insurgents. Cienfuegos is in a state of alarm. Railroad, river and steamboat communication has been stopped. The rebels out- pide of Cienfuegos continue to receive reinforcements. If all dyspepsia sufferers knew what Dr. Shoop's Restorative would do for them*, Dyspepsia would practically be a disease of the past. Dr. Shoop's Restorative reaches stomach troubles by its direct tonic action upon the inside nerves—the true stomach nerves Stomach distress or weakness, fullness, bloating, belching. Wr recommend and sell Dr. Shoop't Restorative. The N. J. Swetland Drug-Co. If you will eat more The products of this Laundry will correspond nicely with As- piuilt Streets and Electric Cars. We cater to trade that knows. you can do more work, enabling you to earn more money, so that you can buy more Proprietor. Uneeda Biscuit DR.J.C.SHELTON, Oculist and Catarrh Specialist do more work and earn still more money NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Limits his practice entirely to Surgery and Disease* of the Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat, And the correction of Errors of Ke- rnicrion by Scientific Fitting of Glasses. BacrerioscopK: mm Blood examinations imidi- for Physicians who ore not prepared to make them. Oflfoi over GLOBE Jk MILLER 7IS Washington St. C'hllllcothu. Mo. Telephones: Office, in; Res. 353. -H-I- : ** i: -H-M. mini w> CORBIN FAVORS CANTEEN. Washington, Sept. 13.—The highest ranking officer in the United States army, Adjutant General Henry C. Corbin, in his last annual report to be filed be- foro his retirement, which was published today, says he desires to recommend "in the interest of oi the moral welfare. and^Bisiip line of troops the removal of th legislative prohibition against th sale of beer and light wines in army post exchanges." General Coroin retires Friday. It is a well known medical fact that pine resin is most effective in the treatment of diseases 'of the bladder and Kidoeye. Sufferers from backache and other troubles due to faulty action of the kidneys find relief in the use of Pine-ules. SI 00 buys 30 days treatment. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. JOHNNYT8HIELDS TOMMY., fiwoneer, .secretary of Old-fashioiied Paint The good paint which lasted so well a generation and more ago, was simply pure white lead and pure - linseed oil. Paint made of these two ingredients alone is just as good to-day as it ever was. The only point is to buy a brand which you can Fely on. Southern Pure White Lead i (Made by the Old Dutch Process) * is guaranteed perfectly pure. It has the reputation of years behind it. If your dealer will not supply you, it will pay you to writ* to us. NATIONAL LEAD COMPANY Ckrk Avenue and >oth Street, St. Louis, Mo, F<» s»le by frit-class dealers. might also serve • to remind them that the Republican campaign is being financed by the brewers'and liquor dealers this year in the hope of overthrowing the Sunday law. „ WHY- WONDER? Republicans papers are "wondering" on two points concerning Mr. Bryan's appearance in St. Louis. One paper "wonders" if Mr. Bryan intentionally slig'hted Governor Folk when he mentioned Senator Stone's "great work" in the Senate, and failed to say anything about the sweeping reforms which Governor Polk has accomplished. . Whether he did or not is immaterial. The people do not need anyone to tell them of the work Folk has done. Both ia Missouri and all over the country the people all know of his ,work and approve it. Mr. Bryan knows this and probably realized that Mr. Folk does not need any boosting. His work speaks for itself. Another Republican organ eay.s that Mr. Bryan snubbed Harry Hawes and takes It "wonder" on this. There x is no occasion for speculation there. The only wonder is that Mayor Rolla Wells wasn't included in the snub, if theie was one. St. Louis politicians well remember that Mayor Wells supported McKinley against Bryan and that when Bryan took occasion to remind him.\>f this in 1901 when Wells ran for Mayor he was sharply rebuked by 'Andsome 'Arry. They also recall the hostility of the Hawes-Wells faction to Bryan in the national contention of 1904. If 'Andsome 'Arry got a snub from the -great Nebraskan he didn't get any more than was REALTY TRANSFERS Frank M. Connor' has sold to James S. Batr 86 acres of land in Blue Mound township. Consideration §3500. ' W. E. Swann has sold to Albert Zullig 57 acres in Mooresville township for S3420. Not a picked-up cast of incompetent actors, nor no Number Two company will pl ay "The Old Clothes Man" in your city at the Luella Friday night. Mr. Jame Kyrle MocCurdy himself, the au thor (in the title role), surrounded by a company of players especial ly adapted in physique and mim etic ability, will portray the con oeption of his brain. Mr. MacCurdy will not nave an inferioi aitist around him, and the patrobs of the Luella are ?ure of an even ing of most ir.'on^o enjoyment when '-The Old Clothes M ta" appears. Seats now Celling. ALVA ADAMS TO RUN AGAIN. Denver, Sept 13—Alva Adaim of Pueblo was nominated by th. DcTntcratic srire convention fo governor by acclamation. Adaint was the nominee of tao Democrat*two years a/zo and the member! of his party believe he was elected at that time. Tho courts decided in favor of bis Republican opponent. CEO'S AWFUL Screamed with Pain — Suffering Nearly Bftke Parent's Heart— Twelve Years of Misery—Doctor Called Case -.Incurable—Helped from First, and SPEEDILY CURED BY GUTICURA REMEDIES "I wish to inform, you that your wonderful Cuticura has put a stop to twelve years of misery I passed with my son. As an infant I noticed on hisb»dyaredspot and treated same with differentrem- ediesforjiboutfive years, but when the spot began to get larger I put him under the care of doctors. Under their treatment the disease spread to four different parts of his body. The longer the doctors treated him the worse it grew. During the day it would get rough and form like scales. At night it would be cracked, inflamed, and badly swollen, with terrible burning and itching. When I think of his suffering, it nearly breaks my heart. His screams could be heard down stairs. Ther suffering of my son made me full of misery. I had no ambition to work, to eat, nor could I sleep. " One doctor told me thai/any son's eczema was incurable and gave it up for a bad job. One evening I saw an article in the paper about the wonderful Cuticura and decided to give it a trial A bath cleanses the shin anc rids the pores of refuse. A bath makes for better fellowship and citizenship. Not only should thr outside of the body be cleansed, but occasional use of a laxative or cathartic opens the bowels and clears the system of effete matter. Best for this are DEWITT'S LITTLE EARLY RISERS. Pleasant little pills that do not grippe or sicken. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy- ALVA ADAMS NOMINATED. Denver, Col. Sept. 13.—Former Governor Alva Adams was nominated for governor by acclamation by the state Democratic conven- lion today. If you like Coffee but dare not drink it, try Dr. Shoop's Health' Coffee. It's true that real coffee does disturb the Stomach, Heart and Kidneys. But Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee has not a grain of true coffee in :t. It is satisfying, wholesome and harmless even to | the youngest child. Being made from parched grains and malt it forms a food-like drink,yet having j the true flavor of Old Java and I Mocha Coffee. Sold by P. T. Aboil and E. J. Barneyback. They act like Exercise. NICK RAY'S Bus, Baggage & Transfer Lhw, I am now located at M. W. Litton's Livery Barn. All Calls will be promptly attended to. TELEPHONES ' ' .' ' *» 1 RESIJ>H2rCE - - 43 HENRIETTA HOTEL No. 10. i-HS-M-M-M-I-l-M-t- Annie F. Hurxthai t Stenographer v Notary Public Fire Insurance OS -TE-OP'-A-THY. ;ly for the relief of the suffering. Is rapidly w . ... For further Information seu Dr, T, 0. PhsSps Or. lavina Baaussmp Cu Consultation mid Kxamlnution FItEK. tf ±S «e TliH d rimless remedy for the relief of the suffering. Is rapidly winning favor with thinking people. For further Information seu £ Over Oanhy A \Vesr. .* CUILLICOTHE, JIO. J* i * Phonos: Office 111; Uosldejsce: Plielps :!US: I5enuclinmp*tM. Postoffice Building, Chillicortie. •• 4- Phones, otlice 318: residence <&('%>. II i' i' 11't 11. M OOlct' Hours: H to 1-1 A. M. 1 to - r > P. JI. ^Vlsltlniz hours l>y uppolntinent. OHilu«:nuiiki>r illillllcotbf lildic. Telephone :170. one,, Osteopathic Physician Fifth Year in Chillieothe SPECIALIST IN CHRONIC DISEASES CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATION F K K E . The ojily blacking for Gas Ranges — = Dissolves Rust as water dissolves salt! Is applied like paint, so saves daubing and polishing t Shines Itself and dries in 10 minutes 1 Is waterproof and greaseproof! One application wears for months and saves much hard, dirty work, time and money. Nothing else is anything 1 like it and nothing else is "just as good." Sold by JOSEPH BATTA and MINTEER & WILLIAMS. Or. Frances H. Singer Gsfeouathic Physician Successor to Di. Geuevieve F. IjtughUn FITZPATRICK BUILDING, 504 Washington St., Chillieothe, Mo TELEPHONE 4i4. CONSULTATION FRbE of a MOVED TO HANHiBAL The G ilUtiu I)eun:c.-;it 3 i.s ormer Chillieothe preacher: Rev. John Anderson and family moved to Hannibal, yesterday. where he takes chnr^e of the Arch street church. Rev. Anderson has been pastor of the Methoiist church here for the last two yoara, and is an able minister and Christian gentleman. ManZan relieves instantly the I tell you that Cuticura Ointment th its weiht in gold; and when I. coming to him. Tone the liver, move the bowels, cleanse the system. Dado's Little Liver Pills never gripe. Sole! by the ^.7. Swetland Drug Co, "' is worth its weight in gold; and when *. had used the first box of Ointmentthere was a great improvement, and by the time I had used the second set of Cuti- cura Soap, Ointment, andResolventmy child .was cured. He is now twelve years old, and his skin is as fine' and smooth as silk, (signed) Michael Steinman, 7 Sumner Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y., April 16, 1905." Complete External and Internal Treatment for every Bnmor. from Pimplet to Scrofula, from Infancy to Age, confuting of Cullcara Soap, 25c., Ointment, 50c. t Resol- vent, OK. (In form of Chocolate Coated PlHi, Sic. per vial of 80), n«7 be liad of all druzfltti. A "Injle F«t ofttr. CUN;, Pottor nruft 1 Chcm. Corp., 9»!« Propi., J|—™ OJ-M«U«lfrf«,"{Io#loCiOTnuDiOr> NEW FEED STORE I have opened a now feed store on south Locust street opposite Platter's stables. I will handle wholsale and retail feed and coal. I invite all old^and now customers to call. Prices right. L. 13. Fullerton. Phone 691. d2w You are wasting time if you are waiting for nature to do all I ho work. Everybody needs a 'liule help, so does nature; assist her by taking a course of Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea. Tea or tablets, 35 cents.—N. J. Swetland Drug Co. •BIG PEARS CHEAP TILL SAT. Sform blown down, good as tho ;, 50cta by the bushel, Green's fruit f^rm. Phone §78. sJSdtf NOTIOK TO CONTRACTORS. Notice Is ht'rt'by glvon thru soahnl proposals will hi- ruci'Ivi-il hy the City Auditor of the City of C'hllllciitlie, Mo., up to 1-2 oVIock, noon, on tht> llrst day of October, 1MM. lor thV furnlshluir of all material nnd tlio doinv of nil work ami labor necessary to construct n sidewalk, 31 fwt in IfiiKth nnd 4 fwt wide of the material described by and In ai'conlance with 01 dlnnnct No.2:M:u sidewalk ISO feet In leiinth am! 1 feet wide of the nmterinl described by and In accordance with ordinance Xo. •«!>; a sidewalk 10 feet in leiiKthuml » feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. -.'10: a sidewalk I" feet In length _.. _....__ „ and-lfeet wide of the material described by pain caused by those blind, bleed- ;«»'Hnuc<.-<miaiu- e «itu ordnance No.2ii :i , . .... ,. ., j sidewalk in feet In leuKtii and 4 feef wide of ing, Itching and protruding piles, the material described by and in accordance It is put up in collapsible tubes in • with ordinance No. .'ii':a sidewalk 120 feet In such a way that it can be applied ii* n 5, thlll f ld4fe t t , wi ' 11 ' of tl10 """erioi de- J . , ls>c:lbed by nnd In accordance with ortli- where the trouble originates, thus I nance No. Ml; a sidewalk 31 feet In lenitth Stopping the trouble immediately. |'""l-lf«et wide of the material described by ~. " , ... -, ... . I ami in accordance with ordinance Ju> •'!!• Try one bottle and if you are not „sidewalk*,feet in i^thai,* . feet wide relieved, your money «i|l be re- (of the material described by and in accor- funded. Try our free offer. Sold d ' UK ''' wltu "«»"»»ce No. i-is: a sidewalk 171 by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. '''"' ll111K 7f th "" u . 4 fwt wldeof the "'".-rim J & described by and In accordance with ordinance No. SHI; a sidewalk Mi feet In length and -1 feet wide of the materia, described by and In accordance with ordinance No. 21S; a sidewalk IX! feet In length and I feet wide of the material described byand Inaccordance with ordinance No. 2ltl; a sidewalk 30 feet In length and I feet wide of the material described by and In accordance with ordinance No. 2.">1; it sidewalk lit) feet in length and I feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. 252; n sidewalk 112 feub In Irneth am! I feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. 2B; a sidewalk iiu feet In length and I feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. 2ol: a sidewalk 112 feet in lenKth and 1 feet wide of the material described by and In accordance with ordinance No. 'A~>; n sidewalk 00 feet In length and ! feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. 25!i: a sidewalk 112 feet in length and 4 feet wklo of the material described by and In accordance with ordinance No. 237. The proposals must be according to form required and furnished by the City Engineer. A certified check in the sum of $25.01) 5 j must accompany each bid to Insure tue making of a contract. The right to reject any and all bids is reserved by the C'lty Council. BUEL WISELY. . lOSeptdtd City Auditor. DR. H. M. GRACE, Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 3, 4 and 5, Wall- brunu building. Phones: Office 398; residence 3!)9. J. E. CALLAWAY, M.D Anv Chronic Ailment. Disease. Bye. Ear. Nose and Throat eiven special attention. Office in Walbrunn Bld'g Office Phone 57. Residence Pho»~e tl. 08. W.H. PERRY, Homeopath Office Rooms 1 and 2 Wallbrunn building. Residence 1542'west Cai- houn St. Office ohone. JIo. 531: residence ohone. No. 593. AH calls in city and country answered promptly day or night. McGormlek Bros. THE SOUTH; LoarjsT ST. LIVERYMEN have added to their stock the finest Funeral Car ever brought to Chillieothe. Besides doing- a general livery business, they (rive special attention t o funerals. They also make carriage calls (day or night) to any part of the city or county. Telephone 150. 410 S. Locust St. For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of STONE MASON House Moving & Raisin* jt Leave orders at J Saunders-Turner Lumber Yard £ J. R, KcGLELLEH •i-H-H-M-M I I I t I' H-H ; i H-I-HI J. N. Page | LAWYER. ? 5O7 Washington Street. T-r-H-H-H-1-H-w-i-.H r •! i r 1111.* X ; i; i CHOCOLATE MINT CRAPE KOLA ORANGE-ADE COCA-COLA AT 'ARRINGTON'S H-H-M-I- JJOHN H. TAYLOR. I * ATTOKJfEY-AT-LAW. ? £ Office: 2nd floor Masonic Temple. 8. * ! WuslilnKton St. Collections mode 3. T and promptly remitted. Notary al- 4> v ways in offlcw. • 4. H-I-H. IIH InM... Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar, the original laxative cough syrup, acts as a cathartic on the bowels. It is made from the tar gathered from the pine trees of our own country, therefore it is the best for children. It is good for coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough, etc. Try our free offer. Sold by the Jf. J, Swetland Drug Co. COHL £«1 FEED EH! 75 THEO SHEPPARD AT TALENT'S BARN. HOU.ISTER'8. Bocky Mountain Tea __ i. Busy Madldns for BMyieoBle: Brings Uoldm Health and Kenewei Vfeor ; nunqETs FOB SALLOW terns

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