Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 28, 1930 · Page 24
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 24

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 24
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\ The End of A Great Event That Has Demonstratel Gabled Great Men's Suits £35 to $45 Hart Schaffner & Marx Suits Reduced to .85 27 Odd suits from our regular stock, priced for the last day of the Gable Month Sales. Grays, browns and blues. Regulars, shorts and stouts. MEN'S STORE—SECOND FLOOR Automobile Seat Covers tor Coupes Sedans Coaches 1 3 .98 set .98 set These Automobile Seat covers are made of heavy quality denim in several different patterns. These special prices do not include covers for the 1930 models. 12th AVENUE BUILDING—FIRST FLOOR GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS New Dresses $10 and $1035 Values .94 6 Washable silk dresses in flowered and plain color georgettes and printed and pastel color crepes. - Sleeveless or with cape or long sleeves. Some ensembles in the group. All sizes. GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Women's Hats Values to $2.95 Rayon Undies of Extra Size .00 Brimmed or brimlcss models in fancy straws, pedalines, panamalacs and other fabrics. Navy, black and many other shades. GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Women's Shoes $1- 77 Splendid styles in patent, brown, parchment, white and pastel color kid. Various heel heights. All sizes. $2.95 to $5 values. GABLE , S DOWNSTAIRS Panties, bloomers/and combinations of fine non-run chardonize and fine delustered rayon. Pastel shades. Exceptional values for Thursday. GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Chiffon Hose Values to $1.29 lie Women's pure thread chiffon silk hose in the wanted shades. Fancy heels. Purchase several pairs at this low price Thursday- - GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Woven Sandals Worth $4.50 Pair .95 .98 Dresses Clever dresses for summer wear. Rayon taffeta, ratine, voile and widewale^and washable shantung. Plain colors and prints. All sizes. GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Ut O11V4. .94 Child's Shoes Straps and oxfords in tan and black calf and patent leather. Durable <t£ 1 A A soles. Sizes 8Vo to 2. J&1.UV GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Men's Shirts 99c Fine broadcloth shirts in neckband and collar attached styles. Colors, white and fancy patterns. Fast color. All sizes. GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Men's Straw Hats Tmeiollae, Milans, Sennits and Yeddows with soft or aitf brims. Worth Q T ^ to §2. AH sues. 7 J V- GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Athletic Suits Fine pajania check nainsook athletic union suilit in all sizes. Exceptional /I *7 /"• values for Thursday. "T / l~ GABLE'S JjOWNSTAlKS fabric Czecho-Slovakian woven sandals in white, white-black, white-tan and natural-brown combinations. Sizes 3 to 9. All are perfect. GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Women's Hats New white and pastel color felt hats and smart stitched crepes in a variety of colors. GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Bathing Suits Women's high grade, worsted Bathing Suits in the wanted colors. All sizes. $5 values. GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Wash Frocks Sleeveless and short-sleeve wash dresses of lovely summer materials. O *J „ Colorful prints. Sizes 16 to 50. O / Lx GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Summer Coats These are of white flannel and two-tone and figured Celanese ratine in sizes for misses and women. $7.95 tit^C Q C to $9.75 values. 4P vJ . O 3 GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Girls' Coats Fine wool fabric coals for girls lo 14 years. Regularly $5. Spe- d£ / n A A cial for Thursday. Jp£i.\J\J GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Costume Slips Women's metal cloth slips in black and the pastel shades. Regularly * 1.50 each. GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Straw Hats .25 to .00 In the group are panainas for sports _or dress, legfiorns, milans and sennit braids with plain color or fancy bands. All sizes. Stetson Straws" $5 and $6. MEN'S STORE—SECOND FLOOR Men's and Boys' Sport Shoes Two;tone sports shoes in black-and-white and tan-and-brown combinations. Sizes for men and boys. 6 FOR MEN .00 10 to FOR BOYS $ ^™ ~ D .00 .95 Gladiator Keds for Men and Boys, $1.95 Value, $1.69 MEN'S STORE—MAIN FLOOR Men's Shirts of White Broadcloth <fe-| 55 $ I • Or 2 for $3.00 Very fine quality white broadcloth shirts in neckband and attached collar styles. Full cut. Well tailored. Sizes IS 1 /* to 18. These are $1.95 values. Silk Neckwear 55c You can afford several of these nicely tailored Ties at this price Thursday. 75c to $1 values. 50c Rayon Hose 39c Fancy patterns in the wanted colorings. All sizes. Purchase several pairs tomorrow. Silk 'Kerchiefs 79c Fancy silk pocket handkerchiefs, formerly priced $1 to $1.50. $1.50 Union Suits $1.00 Athletic union suits of fine materials. Well tailored garments. All sizes. MEN'S STORE—MAIN FLOOR Boys' Knickers In 8 to 16 Sizes 95c Washable materials in these Golf Knickers for boys. Regularly $1.29. Low priced for the last day of the Gable Month Sales. Boys' Pajamas, $1 Coat and slipover styles. Plain colors and fancy patterns. One-piece pajamas, sizes 6 to 12 years. 2-piece style, sizes 12 to 18. Linen Shorts, $1 Belgian linen shorts in light and dark patterns. Guaranteed against shrinking and fading. $1.50 value. llth AVENUE BUILDING—THIRD FLOOR Porch Gliders Regularly $24.50 16 .95 Comfortable Porch Gliders, covered with quality fabric in bright colors. Exceptional values for Thursday. $39 Porch Gliders $29.95 Another exceptional value in Porch Gliders. These are covered with heavy twill in several different patterns. Loose reverse cushions. .25 Bridge Tables $1.59 Well built tables in^ed, green, and^black. Neatly decorated tops. Special for Thursday only. 12th AVENUE BUILDING—THIRD FLOOR Housewares Dutch Ovens; No. 8 size. <M CA Special for Thursday «P 1 vMJ $1.50 Vacuum Jugs, guaran- d»| AA teed. Gallon size..'. «P1 • W Waffle Irons, regulation d»| AA size. Thursday only «P I • VU Electric Toasters, regular- d»O AC ly $4.50. Special «P£.*J«J Gas Ranges, beautifully <frJO Cft enameled in colors «Jrtfco«JV Connolly Ovens with rack d»1 A A and base. Special at «P 1 • W Moth-proof Garment Bags, 50c regularly. Each Rose Trellises, sturdily built. Painted white 12th AVENUE BUILDING—SECOND FLOOR / $1.00 Glassware Glass Luncheon Sets in rose, green and black. 21-piece sets. $5 dj-'l QC values. 4P s • ' ^ Glass Luncheon Sets in <tM A A green only. 14-piece. JpL»\J\s Covered Refrigerator Sets, 4- ^ Q _ piece. Worth more. ij/^ Sectional Glass Grill Plates, 11-inch size. Regularly 45c each. Thurs- O n J_ _ day only. • • ' ' 2, *-' Yellow Bowl Sets, 6 and 10-inch sizes. 5-piece. Sherbet Glasses, rose color. Regularly 37M;c each. Glass Flower Vases in green or rose color. 12-inch size. $1.50 regularly. Q C ^ Thursday only s *J\-s 12th AVENUE BUILDING—SECOND FLOOR 25c Girls' Dresses $;[.oo Unusual values in lovely sheer dresses for girls 7 to 14 years. Beautiful prints and plain colors. Some have matching shorts. To $4.98 Headwear $1.00 Summer headwear for llie 2-lo-6, specially priced for the last day ol the Gable Month Sales. llth AVENUE BUILDING—THIRD FLOOR The last day! The last great day of Gable MpntK S i values. Thursday's items are offered to Central Pc| ordinarily be marked. A wonderful chance to sayj sizes, odds and ends left from a month of intensive * a triumphant finale. Thursday Central Peiu^lva of thrift—to save on articles for home anil family!]] Thursday the sales are over! Thursday your last c to Central Pennsylvania — s! A last chance to profit from the most dramatic isylvania far below the prices at which they would Ion quality merchandise! On the odd lots, broken [ling! Thursday, the Gable Month Sales march to matches to Gable's to celebrate this last carnival 4&? ~, ''• ' lake haste thrifty people of Central Pennsylvania! ice!' v Stationery $ 1 to Beautiful gift papers for the boy or girl graduate. Many novelty weaves and finishes in single or folded sheets, smart French notes or cards. Some have rich interlinings. All gayly boxed. Pen -Pencil Sets .50 to 15 .00 We have a very complete line of Pen- Pencil Sets in plain colors or combinations. Attractively boxed for gift-giving. llth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR Elastic Belts $;[.oo Quite new are these Elastic Pleated Belts, adjustable as to size. Assorted colors combined with black. For wear with sports frocks. "" llth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR Cannon TurkishTowels 25c Large size, flufl'y Cannon Turkish Towels with colored borders. 22x44 size. Unusually low priced for the last day of the Gable Month Sales. Regular 49c TurkishTowels 39c Very absorbent Cannon Turkish Towels with fancy colored borders. Special for Thursday. $2.50 Printed Lunch Cloths 1 .95 A good assortment of patterns and colors in these Luncheon Cloths. 54x54 size. llth AVENUK BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR > • ^^fzxsieyfr"-- * ;.• -»V * |^Br9p ' . Cqpl jpolles Beautiful floral aBlB aaint y fi 8 ure de> signs on light and •* backgrounds. You will want severM d « 89 len S*» of this, lustrous voile fB summer frocks. 38 inches wide. i^l . • " ' 29d'PfeBeales Jp c Nice quality pewrfH *«» w * ain8 its lustre even after »•*«»* laundering. ^^^^H *• i 9£ * L Both light ana,i«%B|Si*q 8 ' 36 inches wide. /.aj ^f : ^ "~" ' f^^^^H ' •"• 25cclf epe i Plain colors or dai on pastel backgrou for underwear and wide. llth AVENTJ SECOND Babyd $ ^ 1 Sleeveless creepers cloth, dotted swiss leg style buttoned a O / pink, blue and mai llth Jjf guru J Child's 4 Pure silk socks in i Self-color tops. S price for Thursday Boys' ) % socks in new Tan shade only. Regularly 95c. llth AVBN1 ^^H ** i • * ' Mr figure design* •s. A nice quality Hjamas. 32 inches •BUILDING •LOOK 1 1 H lleepers II 8 ill In dimity, broad- Illd batiste. Straight IHoss bottom. White, HI Sizes 1 to 3 years. •U t. P» [NG I 1 i 1 Socks fiu r •' Mi different colors. fatly soiled. Half locks ' t|C icquaul patterns. *!zes 8 to 10 J /21 J BUILDING iPT B " • * ' $1.95 Printed Georgettes $1.00 J. yd. > ., ' Floral and unique figure designs in beauti- N ful colorings. A quality suitable for afternoon or dance frocks. 40 inches wide. Also lovely sheer chiffon in colorful prints at this price for Thursday; , Jap Pongee 35 C Pure silk pongee in natural shade. Lustrous finish. 33 inches wide. Regularly 49c yard. Suitable for children's dresses qnd women's' smocks. Makes lovely drapes, too. ' .' ' ; t Flat Crepe $1.29 J- You should purchase several dress lengths of this lovely lustrous silk flat crepe at this Gable Month price. There are 56 beautiful shades frorri which to choose. 40 inches wide. Regularly $1.95 yard, 1 Wash Prints \ 50 C The wanted color combinations for sports and general wear frocks. You should purchase several yards of these lustrous silk prints at this exceptionally low price. Regularly 89c yard.. llth AVENUE BUILDING— SECOND FLOOR Child's Pumps 2 .19 • Patent strap pumps with turned soles. C and D widths. Sizes 8 ] / 2 to 11. Regularly $2.95. Barefoot Sandals $1 \ For Thursday only we are offering barefoot sandals and play oxfords, at this low price. Tan only. llth AVENUE BUILDING— MAIN FLOOR $6.98 to $12.98 3- 65 to $6 .65 For the last day of the Gable Month Sales > we are offering lovely Summer hats at igreatly reduced prices. There are clever 'sports hats, dress hats and general wear types in fancy straws, panamalac^ felt, hair braid and coiribinations. Black, white and pastel shades. llth AVENUE BUHJJINO—SECOND FLOOR Junior Girls' Sport Frocks i.50 Clever sports frocks of striped shirting, pastel color rajah and flat crepe.' Sleeveless models with- pleated skirt and button trims. Others with short sleeves and flared skirt. Sizes 11, 13, 15 and 17. Exceptional values for Thursday. llth AVENUE BUILDING—THIRD FLOOR Sports Ties 95c Coin dot sports ties for wear with sports frocks and blouses. Various colors. Biousettes Washable crepe, linen and dlM QC 'batiste Biousettes in white JpA»7 J and colors. Pleated, tucked or frilled. Others at $2.95. Still others of fine cotton material at $1 and $1.25. j Sports 'Kerchiefs Large size sports handkerchiefs 'I C /~» of linen, batiste and lawn. J -J \~> Clever color combinations and patterns. Others at 50c. '< llth AVENUHJ. BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR Costmrie Slips to ^Wear with Summer Frocks '2 .98 You should have one of these silhouette Costume slips for wear with your new summer frock. These have fitted waistline and flared skirt, They are of crepe de chine and radium in flesh and white. Others, $1.98 to $6.98. llth AVBNUE3 BUILDING—THIRD FLOOR Women's $25 Utility Coats A remarkably low price for these quality garments. Tweeds, 'broadcloth weaves and basketweaves in green, rust and black. Cape or fitted models with narrow belts. If you are in need of a coat for general wear, this is a splendid time to purchase it. All sizes. lltU AVENUE BUILDING— SECOND FLOOR Lovely Coats \* tor Summer 9 75 to $25 .00 Dress and general wear coats in velvet, silk, wool crepe, polo cloth and rajah. Cape styles in the group. Some of the coatft have hat and bag to match. White, green, rose, mais, blue and black. All sizes.- Home Frocks 98 The smartest summer frocks for shopping or for wear about the home. They are of dimity, linen, ' pique, cotton shantung, swiss and voile. Colorful prints and plain shades with contrasting trims. Sleeveless, short or long sleeve models. Sizes 16 to 50. lith AVENUE BUILDING— SECOND FLOOR .50 Chemise Sun-back Style $1 .39 , M. • • : Women's rayon/ sun-back chemise with French pantie leg. Cool, comfortable garments for summer wear. Pink and peach. Sun-back Vests \ 85c Rayon sun-back yests with built-up shoulder. Pink, peach and Nile., Regularly $1 each. Matching Panties Finely woven rayon parities made with yoke front. Sport length. All sizes. ^ Rayon Bloomers 75c Plain or yoke front rayon bloomers in pink, Nile and tan. Regularly $1.50. Half price for Thursday, llth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR Boys' 39c / Track Pants 3 for .00 Cool, comfortable garments for summer wear. Deep waist band. Low priced, for Thursday. Under Shirts 3 for Full-cut and nicely tailored athletic shirts to' wear with the trunks. Regularly 35c each. Special for Thursday. Hth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR Silk Hosiery 119 I Women's Dexdale pure thread silk hose, service and chiffon weights. Square or pointed heels. Plain and picpt top. .95 Cadet Hose .19 1 Full fashioned, all silk chiffon hose with Vandyke heel and toe. 10 shades. .95 Cadet Hose .19 1 Women's full fashioned service^ weight hose. 10-strand silk. Made with Vandyke heel and toe. 10 lovely shades. Special for Thursday. \ All Silk Hose .°° Service weight all silk hose with French heel and short hem hose with pointed heel. Full fashioned. All are first quality. 12 shades. Regularly $1.50 and $1.95 pair. Take advantage of the special Thursday price. ' • ' llth AVENUE BUILDING— MAIN FLOOR Display Flags t ~~ On Memorial Day Honor the memory of our soldier and sailor heroes by displaying flags Memorial Day. We have a complete stock of flags for home, cottage or auto decoration. Cotton Flags 5c lOc 15c Soft cotton bunting flags, mounted on staff, with gilt spear. Fast color. For automobile decoration. Silk Flags lOc 25c 50c Good quality silk flags mounted on a staff with gilt spear. Various sizes. ' Large Flags .25 to 5 .50 Moth-proof bunting flags for home or cottage. Priced according to si^e. 3x5 feet to 6x10 feet sizes. Large Flags 1 .25 to 1 .75 Fast-color, cotton bunting flags 3x5, 5x8 and 4x6 sizes. Priced according to size. Flag Poles . - 00 Sturdy flag poles, 8-foot size. Flag Holders, 5-prong style, 25c. Other flag holders, 1 and lV(>-inch sizes, 25c and 39c. llth AVENUE BUIfcDING— MAIN FLOOR Mohawk Sheets d jfl> i Regularly $1.49 Genuine Mohawk Sheets, 81x90 size at this special price for Thursday only. Mattress Covers 1 .45 Full size mattress covers, taped, seams. Unbreakable buttons. $1.95 values. Cotton Blankets Summer weight blankets in rose, blue, • gold, green, orchid and gray. 70x80 size. Regularly $1.25 each. I "" ' Crinkle Spreads .79 1 Lovely new Crinkle Spreads in the- wanted colors. 72x105 arid 81x105 sizes. $1.95 regularly. Special for the last day of the Gable Month Sales, llth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR '\.f Rug Specials If you are in need of a new rug for the bedroom, living room or dining room, this is a splendid time to purchase it. These. special values for the last day of the Gable Month Sales: Wool Wilton Rug, 9x12 size, $75 regularly. Thursday, $59. { Fine Axminster Rug, 9x12 size and formerly $52.50. Special Thursday price, $45. Axminster Rug, 9x12 size. $33 regularly. For Thursday only, $24.50.. To $10 Porch Rugs y3 and */2 price Various patterns and colors in these grass and fibre porch rugs which we are offering at reduced prices for Thursday patrons. Figured Aminster Rugs, 24x40 size, $1.98. i Smyrna Mats for porch use. 18x36 size. Thursday, $1;. 12th AVENUE BUILDING— FIRST FLOOR New Necklaces Teardrop Design 1 .50 to 5 .00 Quite lovely for the girl graduate. Various styles in crystal, pearl and novelty beads. Every wanted color represented. See these lovely pieces Thursday. llth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR Women'* $5.95 Umbrellas .75 3 A very low price for these 16-rib silk umbrellas iu the wanted colors. Wood shanks and novelty handles. Special for the last day of the Gable Month Sales. MEN'S STORE—MAIN FLOOR

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