Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 20, 1973 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1973
Page 16
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16 · Not West Arkansas TIMES, Tues., Feb. 20, 1973 F A Y E . ' V a V t L L L , ARKANSAS QiniiiinuiiniuiM^^ HELEN HELP US DENNIS THE MENACE Lederhosen Feud To Be Arbitrated By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Ollllllll!»IllllllWIllllllilllllll! Ill IIIIIIIUIINIXIIIIIIIWIUI! 1111 WUilllin Rap: | I'm a 20-year-old college man and I'm having a big hassle with my mother, which would be funny if she didn't take it so seriously. Back in June my girl brought me a pair of lederhosen from Germany. Those short leather pants are more comfortable than jeans and I can wear them for anything from yard work to a party. They never have to be washed or dry cleaned which .saves me a bundle, and they're great for hiking and camping. For my birthday, my girl knit me a white turtleneck sweater and knee socks ,and I.have ,a cord jacket with leather patches, She likes me to wear this outfit to football games and fraternity parties. Okay. So far. But, I wore the o u t f i t ' t o m y cousin's engagement party and my mother said I embarrassed her before the whole family! She absolutely forbids me to wear them tor the big wedding in March, and to prove her poinl she sent me a newspaper clipping about an English hoys school which is now going co-ec Promoted Larry D. Shaffer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shaffer Sr. of Greenland, has been promoted to coordinator for the Western United States, witli Republic National Bank of Dallas, Tex. He will lie in charge of sale and public relations of Republic Money Orders in the 11 stale-area. nd, therefore, cancelled the equirement that boys wear hurls because "in shorts boys are at a great disadvantage" implying they look ridiculously oung). She says I'm r e f u s i n g to grow up when I cling to the ederhosen, which is pretty silly as, when I grew a moustache at 17, she complained I was lushing adulthood. The truth is r ve worked part time since my dad died when I was 13, and none of my friends complain a b o u t my "immaturity," no matter what I wear. If my mother had not made commotion, I would probably lave worn a suit to the wedding, but now it's an issue. (My cousin and her fiance don't care \yhat 1 wear.) Helen, my mother swears by you and probably would accept our advice. Sue, my girl suggested this .letter and I'm sort of committed to do what you two think best. Shorted Out Shorted Out: This hassle boils down to plain old stubbornness. You know that well-worn' (and never cleaned) lederhosen are as appropriate for a formal wedding as a tux for a cross- country bike hike. But no card- carrying American college man ill let his, mother tell him what to wear! impasse. But wait--there's an alter- n a t i v e , a n d your clever girlfriend suggests it: Bring in mediators... Write to Rap. So... our answers: To Shorted Out: Wear your suit to the wedding, but keep your mother wondering until you show up at the church. -- S u e To S.O.'s Mother: Tell your son he looks s m a s h i n g in lederhosen - inywhere any time--and stop vorrying. Just take a lesson "rom the clever girlfriend and never boss when you can arbitrate. . (Inasmuch as you've all read our "solutions," w h y not celebrate a mutual victory--in shorts, of course.) --H and S Good Idea On Paper TV Special On Comedy Years Called Failure By JAY SHARBUTT NEW YORK (AP) -- Ever feel like the guy who bought a pumpkin farm only to find they d cancelled Halloween? You may get t h a t feeling watching a CBS television special that's on tonight. The show is "Ed Sullivan Presents the TV Comedy Years." It runs 90 minutes and is billed as "an affectionate look at the comedy stars and programs of the past quarter century." 'THE GUY WHO DELIVERS OUftMK JSNITAVUWB) BIHW. Things A Columnist Often Finds By Opening His Mail Students Surpass Federal Standards ROMEO, Mich. AP) -- The U.S. government may have to change proposed safety-belt guidelines for school buses because students may surpass federal standards. The Romeo School Board hit a snag at a recent meeting while discussing the purchase of six new buses and the federal guidelines for seat belts transportation supervisor Chris Holmes reported. He said the federal require ment for three safety belts pel seat is based on "the measure ment of a 13-inch rump per stu dent." "However," Holmes said "many of the students probably surpass federal standards." It 'was a fine idea on paper md gets off to a promising tart with an ancient kinescope if Jack Benny's first TV show. In it, Benny talks about his riendly arch-rival from the ra- io days, the (ate Fred Allen, 'wo of Allen's most prominent acial features were the pronounced bags under his eyes. "Allen looks like a short b u t c h e r peeping over two ounds of liver," Benny says. Alas, things soon collapse after this in a barrage of so-so clips from past and present alk and situation comedy shows. They far outnumber the T ew inspired moments in' the Sullivan special. It's a shame, because there is a wealth of great material still urking in network film vaults. Six-Fool Cherry Pie Whipped Up SALT LAKE CITY (AP) Jay Jones, baker for Ballif Hall at the University of Utah, whipped up a six-foot cherry pie weighing 230 pounds in honor of George Washington's birthday. "It wasn't really difficult to make, just tedious," Jones said. "I started at 6 a.m. to get it ready for lunch." Jones baked the pie in six sections because he couldn' find an oven big enough. He glued the pieces together with whipped cream. Jones said the pie contained 30,000 cherries, 4,071 squart inches of crust and 13 gallon; of .whipped cream. .He said i' was 19 feet around, cost abou' $100 and fed 1,018 persons. The students ate it all. Helen and Sue: My guy doesn't like me to swear or tell dirty jokes. Says it's unfeminine. I say if fellas can swear, so can girls. Please tell him about equal rights. -~ i r l Who Is One Of The Guys irl: Would you date a guy who wanted to be "one of the girls"7 -- Sue GWIOOTG: Equal rights are great in business and government, but vive la difference" keeps a boyfriend happy. How about mixing feminity with your feminism? -- Helen By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) -- Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail: U.S. women have been lightening their clothes burden for years. Are they now heading for a slockingless era? A recent survey found that 82 per cent didn't mind going outside the home without stockings. And 71 per cent said they now felt free to go out without putting on makeup. The place on earth where carpenters are most spoiled is among the Dorze people of Ethiopia. They believe their bamboo-and-thatch homes are built better if the builders are well- fed. So, in addition to paying the craftsmen, they ply them with native food delicacies. Know your language: If you're "in the doghouse," it means you're out of favor or in disgrace. This slang term originated early in this century as a purely domestic expression. A drunken,, philandering or otherwise misbehaving husband was thought fit only to associate the family dog and belonged in the doghouse. Worth remembering: "Luck is usually a four-letter word spelled w-o-r-k." Health in dreams: If you say you don't dream, you're either mistaken -- or may be in for a bad time emotionally. Scientists now tend to believe dreams help keep you stable mentally The average person dreairk about a fifth of the time he's asleep in episodes from 45 to 9 minutes apart. Nature notes: Rainbows can be seen at night, but they an (Got a problem? Or a subject for discussion, two generation style? Direct your questions to either Sue or Helen Botlel -or both, in care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES if you want a combination mother-daughter answer.) unar rainbows not solar raln- lows. A strong winter wind and iandstorm which blew into Los Angeles from the desert in the vinter of 1933 left $56,000 in gold dust and $8,000 in silver dust on the city's strets and lomes. The Amazon river, as it lows through Brazil, increases Is width from one mile to 150 miles as it enters the ocean. It was Benjamin Franklin who observed, "He that falls in ove with himself will have no rivals.",- heir new show. "Got that, Charlie?" Caesar sks the laugh-track technician t one point. "That's one sni- ker, one medium smirk and ld the guffaw." But there aren't many guf- aws in the entire show and it's maddening. I'm sure the pro lucers did their best to compile a representative collection of 25 ears of TV laughter. But the collection contains c ot of duds, many of which stil are making the afternoon rounds on local stations. That they wound up on a rime-time comedy special is sufficient cause to request a court of inquiry and have it run iy Steve Allen, Sid Caesar Jack Benny and Carol Burnett. Fortunately, a few were re ;rieved, one a brutally funny Sid Caesar skit from his "Show of Shows" era. It featured Carl Reiner as an oily-voiced host of something that suspiciously resemblee "This Is Your Life." The life belonged to Caesar, who sat in the studio audience. Caesar wanted no part of it He leaped about, flailing his arms wildly, and dashed for tin nearest exit, only to be pouncee upon by a squad of pages and a host determined to honor him. Caesar, Martha Raye and Red Buttons appeared a guests on the Sullivan specia in a mildly funny skit abou three stars arguing over wher to put the canned laughter i Munitions Plan! Workers Laid OK TEXARKANA. Tex. (AP) -Some 220 production workers at he Lone Slar Army munitions plant were to be laid off today, irst step in employe cuts brought on by the Vietnam cease-fire. Col. Richard Huff said cutbacks of employes will continue until the plant reaches peace- lime production levels. "I wouldn't sav this is the end of it," Huff said. "Since the . cease-fire and the wind-down of the war in Vietnam, as our business is to make, ammunition we're cutting back in overall production. Located 18 miles west of here, the plant was built during World War II. In 1971 its payroll peaked at $40 million with a production staff of 4.600 workers before the cutbacks began. STARRING: ANGELIA CARON V ALAIN'G'ERMAINE . f riiO»r in Vfarn Risk Pool Program LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Sen. leorge K. Locke of Hamburg introduced a bill Monday to create a "mandatory risk pool program" to guarantee insurance for public a n d private schools. The bill is an alternative to ;he administration's self-insurance program approved last week by the Arkansas House. Locke's bill would create the Arkansas School Property Insurance Underwriting Association, composed of all companies writing property insurance for schools in the state. CLOSED TUESDAY CLOSED TUESDAY HWY.Tl H. * ROUIHMULU 521-1920 NOW 7:30.9;15 JOHN IUHBNE HNN-MHRGRGT ROD THEfLUR Weekdayi 7:25-9:15 .Jeremiah Johnson NOMINATED FOR 4 Academy Award i Including Bttt Actress Beit Actor Beit Picture ROBBERS "SOUNDER" NOW SHOWING Open 6:30 ·) Starts 7:00 Ends Tuesday KWT, 71 NOUN * FAYLTTLYILLE * M1-4SU STARTS WED "IT IS A JOY!" Killed Near London RUSSELLV1LLE, Ark. (AP) -- Stale Police said that Blanche E. Horton, 65, of Mountain View was killed Monday in a one-car accident at the rest area on Interstate 40 at nearby London. Officers said James Albert stated he had stopped at the rest area, got ouc of the car, leaving the vehicle out of gear. He said the vehicle with the woman in it rolled down a 25- foot embankment and slammed i n t o a tree. HAROLD and MAUDE CO - HIT ni usxummn fumw , PHHUITI ftKNIuKOLSFILM KUCH rj GOOD WENDS W OHO PRBWNGER FILM PARAMOUNT PICTURES PflEStNTS "friends" TECHNICOtOS' S»[R) A PARAMOUNT PICTUflE WASHINGTON^ BIRTHDAY SPECIALS . · * . ' ' , , - , '«' Tues., Wed., Thurs. (Feb. 20, 21, 22) SAVE 36c DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject lo change wHhont notice KTEW, Tuko, Channel 2 KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulso, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburg, Chcnitel 7 KTUl, Tuba, Channel 8 (Channel 4 on Mbit in Fayrttevliml KOED-TV(ETV), Tuba, Chnml II KODE, Jopfin, Chanml 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 (Chafiiwl * «i ubl* In FiytHrnlrW KOTO, Fayetfeville, Channel 36 (ClunMl 1 «n akte In FaycttwIlM For Only Pennies a Day . . . Trans-Video 103 W. Mountain St. 442-7TT1 MOVIES ON TV Tuesday Night 7:00 p.m. Ch. 2-3-7 -- "Fools' Parade" (1971) Strother Martin, James Stewart, George Kennedy 7=30 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 -- "A Brand New Life" (1972) Claris Leachman, Martin Balsam, Gene Nelson 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16-36 -- "10 Rillington Place" (1971) John Hurt, Richard Attenborough, Pat Heywood Wednesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 2-3-5-7 - "The Norliss Tapes" (1972) Roy Thinnes, Angle Dickinson, Nick Dimitri 7:30 p.m. Ch. 8-12 -- "And No One Could Save Her" (1973) Lee Remick, Milo O'Shea, Frank Grimes 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16-36 - "No Time for Sergeants" (1958) Andy Griffith, Nick Adams, Howard Smith INSURANCE "Personal Service With Every Policy" For All Your Insurance Needs Call 442-2335 McCARTNEY-FAUCETTE AGENCY 1202 No. College Harris Shuffield, Agent Regular Dinner Box · 3 Pieces Chicken · Mashed Potatoes Gravy · Coleslaw · 2 Rolls 514 N. College 2768 N. College 1973 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound N. College 44MW7J News . . . 2, 3, 5. 6, 7, 8. 12, 16, St 10:30 Dick Cavelt 12 2. 5, 7 Movie .. Dinah Shore * 9:30 TUESDAY EVENING* 5:00 To Tell The Truth .._ 3 I Dream of Jeannlo 6 News 8 Mister Rogers 11 *. 5:30 Electric Co. 11 News 2, 3, S, 6, 7, 12, 16, 31! Truth or Consequences - fl * 6:00 Indian History 11 News ..- 2, 3, 5, S, 7, 8, 12, 18. 3« * 6:30 National Geographic 12 Focus . .' 11 I Dream Of Jeanie 7 Dragnet 8 Mod Squad 5 Petticoat Junction 2 Death Valliy Days 3 Melody Matinee Young Dr. Kildare ..; ........... 16 Police Surgeon . ....... . ......... 36 * 7:00 - , Movie .. ................ 2, 3. 7 Let's Make A Deal . . . . ......... 8 Dr. Seus Cartoon ........ 6, 16, 36 Great Decisions '73 ........... II '*· 7:30 Movie ......... . ........... 5. 8. 12 Hawaii Flve-O ........ 6. 18, 36 Bill Moyers Journal ........ . . . . 11 * 8:00 Toastmasters .................... n * 8:30 - T.V. Comedy Vears ........ 6, IS, 3S Black Journal ..... ............. 11 * 9:I!H NBC Beporls ................ 2 , 3 . 7 Dick Cavett .................. 8. 12 LOANS FOR HOMES For Expansion of An Older Horr.«, or TNe Need of a New One. We Have loans to Su4 Your Needi. FAYETTEVILLE SAVINGS LOAN ASSN. Marcus Welby, M.D * 10:00 - . 5, 8, 12 BOB'S PAINT BODY SHOP West on 62 Highway Now Open! 20 Years Experience -- All Work Guaranteed. For FREE ESTIMATES, Call 442-9151 2. 5, 7 Price Is Bight «, Net 5*or Women Only Ron.jjer Room 5 Concentration i* 10:00 - Johnny Carson . . Movie «, 16, 36 * 1Z:00 News Paul Dickson 3 Pf"' H " vey 2 j G a m b l t * 12:15 -- I Sale of the Century Oklahoma Forum 2; All My Children * 12:30 - I* 10:30 Speaking Freely 6 Love of Life WEDNESDAY MORNING-- Hollywood Square. . * 6:30 - , I?."!'."'TM'' 1 ' ' ' " Paul Dickson 3 : * ll:Dn -World Tomorrow 8|Where The Heart la fl 7:00 - | Password ..... 2, 7 ..... 6, 16 2, 3 i. 1 ..... B, 16 2, 3, 5, J ,.:-' ». II 6. 16 ». 12 Speaking Freely « News 16 The Real McCoys 12 Today 2, '3, S. 7 Country Muilo Tim« f * 7:30 - CB3 News '.:.' « Father Known Best 12 Early Bird Cartoon* II * *:00 - 'jeopardy 2, 3, J. 7 Captain Kangaroo Sesame Street ... Cartoon Circui .,, * 9:00 - . Sesame Street ... Woman's World Joker's Wild «. U 12 «, 16, 3* * 11:25- . News 18 Coffee Break B * 11:30 -Search for Tomorrow 6, IB Split Second Who. What. Where ». 12 2, 3, 7 WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON* I2:M - TableUlk News 2, 3, », T, 12, 16 John Chick » * 12:15 Women's New ..... As The World Turn* *, 1* Three On A Match 2, 3 Let's Make A Deal ........ S, 8, 12 * 1:00 Newlywed Game Days ol Our Lives Doctors Dating Game 2:00 - ·· t. 12 2, ?, S, 7 *. 3, S, , 1 Another World 2. 3, 5. 7 General Hospital ,. «. 12 * 2:30 Return to Peyton Place . 2, 3, 9, 7 One Life To Live 8. 12 * 3:00 Vin Scully 6. 16 Somerset 2, 3, 5, 7 Love, American Style «. *2 * 3:38 Dinah Shore Green Acres Bugs Bunny Flintstones 12 Big Valley S To Tell The Truth · Three .On A Match Cartoon Camp * 4:08 - Fllntstones Gentle Ben Concentration Movie....;....... ' Bonanza · Merv Griffin Petticoat Junction.. Bonanza 32 Wild, Wild West 5 Star Trek 7 Rifleman 16 Green Acre* -- 3 [ Love Lucy I 5:00 Gentle Ben '.. K To Tell The Truth 3 11 0 ...... I 11 12 2, 3, !, 6, 7, IB. 36 t Mister Rogers I Dream of Jeannle ABC New« .....:.. *S:30 Electric Co ABC Hew News _. .. . Truth or Consequences WEDNESDAY EVENING* 6:00- Yoga New* . . . . 2, 3, !. «, 7, S. 12, I«, * 6:30 Unturned World Emergency Petticoat Junction Circle of Fear Drffnet « Mandril: Generation 1« Laaila '38 ..,.'12 America '73 .. Adam-12 ' Sonny and Cher Paul Lynde * 7:30 Movie 2, Eye lo Eye Medical Center r 8:39 Big Easel * »lO» Search Soul .',. ·. Cannon Owen Marshall * 10:00 News .. 2, 3, 5, t, 7, * 10:30 Dick Cavett Movie ... Johnny Carson Oklahoma SpovUman . * 11:00 Dick Cavett * I2:W News ... Paul Dickson Paul Harvey * IMS Tulsa Youth Forum ... 11. 2, 3, 7 .... 6. 16. 36 8, 13 Hollywood Squa A 7.-00 - 3, 5, 7, «, 14 - It ... 6, 16. 38 .. 2, 3, 5, 7 II . . . . 6, 16, 39 8, 12' 8 12, 16. 39 12 6. 18. 36 ... 2, 3, 5, 7 1 News Speaking Freely

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