The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1946
Page 9
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.THURSDAY, MAY 110, 1!M BIAT1IUVIU-E "(AUK.) COUK1KU N1CWS ymes-Mololov leach Broadens U. S. Official Says Any Retractions Must from Stalin PACE N1NB ASHINGTON, May 30. (UP) Lcrcl-.iry 0 [ state Jamas p, lies served notice today thai will let only Generalissimo ef Slnllu retract an earlier cement in principle lo the u. a. for a Tour power, 25-yt-ar ity lo kce[> Germany disarmed, oviet Foreign Minister V. M. lolov denies—after more than ee months of tacit acce]>tanee :iat Stalin ever approved in iclvile o( such :i propcrscil. Cynics has Bulled out ,Uie re ds of three confeienc^s to prov t he Is ritfht and Molutov wrong out Stalin's coininllinciit lasi ccmljer lo Byrnes. Byrnes hasn't challciv;ed M 1 \~f '•; veracity cllrccllv. lie just sail lyrically diplomatic InnRur^t it Molotov was inncciiraicl) iled or thai there was a mis- ter.standing. Tlio reference to the possibilitj Molotov bHiitf misquoted w: vicnsly Incctlotis. Molnlov- :li'iuenl wc:s made in Pravda i! Soviet uoi'ci-iimcnt's officia vspaper. Stripped of -ill its details, lh( spule now has boiled down t tether Slalin told Byrnes i )stow Inst December thai h :nkl suppbrl such a four-pcnvc -aly to kee[) CSertnnny clisarmtx Byrnes says: Molotov liked Hi ca in September and OM Dec. 2 Moscow SUiliM staled tin uivocallv that if liyrnes proposed ch i; treaty lie (Stalin) would lolchmi U'clly support it. They're fn Again Jlnl^e l^n'l Convinced LINCOLN, Neb (UP i William A. ildie hr.d a r.ew excuse for run- .ig a step sisn, but. ho still was •d SI bv Municipal Judge Ed-, L^''. c. Fisher. Wc were looking for a bHck t—"ii a treasure hunt," Waldie l>laincd. P-T Head Central and southern lowo get the 17-year specks Southern, or 13-ycor specie*, swormi from Misiouii and central Illinois jouth Through Aikcntas a 1 ^ Ihertcc caslward to the Carolina! 5"? ^^w^^p^pr -^ fi i \mrnr iTr^ ^^S: Operation Muskox Ends Need a 24-hr. Sirvic* TAXI!! Call Bonded and Insured 968 Bill Wundcriich Operation Mushox, the Canadian experiment win, fi«hllni; men ami wiuipmenl, will into the fur north lias ended in Udmonlcn, Alburta. U. Col. P. |). miird, rh;ht. commander o; the m<ivlii B forces. Is 1; rei>tci by Col. J. T. Wilson, left, deputy director ol the operation. The operation went far beyond Iho Arelk. Circle and covered 3,100 miles, in the center Is Col. Nurnmu 11. Kdwards of Hmlllitown, Loin; Island, the senior U. S. observer attached to the opera lion. (NKA Tclcphoto from Canadian Army.) CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! l''nr u <iuick sale sou me. I have buyers for hoaica. 1-tst your |»n>|:vrly wilh me. My commission ia 5%. 1 htivc no sidvlincs. H. C. CAMPBELL <>mc« I2U So. K«ona Phen «, iMvtt* il Due to darken the skies of mid'.veptcrn and southeastern stales indicated on the map above are huge clouds o( bis. brown, shiny, winded. bu/.xniR insects like those in the photograph below Most people call them IT-ycar "locusts." but they're not the ravenous insects that plagued the ancient Pharaohs They're- really innocuous cicadas, of two species The northern type has a 17-year cycle, while those in the south have a 13-year life span. They'll be wilh us feu a month 01 six weeks, singing, mating, depositing their cfigs • in young tree twigs 7 hen they'll all [lie. and we won't be pestered again foi another 13 j-r 17 years, when the young they breed will have matured underground and emerge lor few weeks of sunlit life. jMrs. L. W. Hughes, of Arling- Iton, Tcnn., is the new president ver, Colo, Linking Nylon Sales With Barter of Shoes Draws OPA Attention LITTLE ROCK, May 30. (UP1 — If there arc any nylons to be had. and the female shopper decides oil a pair, she can buy nylons and nothing else. That's the way the Office of Price Administration sees the pic- j.lure, and they've termed any infac- I lion of Ihe view a violation of federal criminal statutes. To show I they mean business, the district of] fice of the OPA here filed in federal court at El Dorado against B. J. King, Beatrice King, Earl KinB and Hcnriette King. • A Camden newspaper ad last January offered nylons for sale, if the buyer also took a pair of shoes, the OPA said. At the time of the sale in question, the defendants operated King's Department Store at Camden. Officially, the O! J A held that "forcing n shopper to buy an unwanted item in order to gel the merchandise she does want constitutes one of the worst forms of I inflation." General McAlester Gets .Army Citation LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. May 30. (UP)—Brig. Gen. Hebcr L. McAlcs- ter has received a citation and Army commendation ribbon for "especially commendatory service as plans an<t training officer at the Seattle Board of Embarkation." Now state adjutant for Arkansas, McAlester served al the Seattle port from June, 1942, until August, '1943. SAVE UP TO A DIME A POUND The construction program fo Kcrrvlllc, Ky., lists a sewage disposal plant, airport, administration building, new streets and sewage extensions. EST in Tailoring! We Use Only the Better Methods in DRESSMAKING, TAILORING, AL- TERATIONS and RE-FITTING Bring Your Problems to . . . UDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. BIytheville, Ark. Phone 2612 C8G&RETTES Chase and Sanluini 1 Pound Tin HUMO SHORTENING ^!;!: 19 I'KANUT JUJ'iTElt Ki-Oxf Jar 28 GRAPEFRUIT Deer Vnrk AsSftried 8-O/. Piiekajje KROGER ICED TEA 8-0*. 35' Picnic Supplies Gherkins, Uaiiilm Sweet IB m. ....:... I'ifkit'H, Kainho Dill, l(i m. Mustard, Cure Del. ;t2 m. Totled iMcnl, Ktur I!'/, n/. Chopped Ilnin, 12 <>•/,. . . 'I'reet, 12 o/, Deviled I him, I'uri. ,'J o/. Jlustnrd^ Krertcli'si 1j !>/., •'{. t'iiper Nn!»ldns, : ''<iO-C(iunt Waxlex Caper, 12 r.-l'l . Wiix I'aper, Handy . . . . Wax I'uper, Superior Kin 22c 22c l.'Ii: ()C -Klc :t:{c Me •fa* M< '!)c He t Sc R£PAIR BILLS7 know the old saying about "an ounce of \ V ^K prevention. ..." Well, you can guard against ^TN 1 \ costly breakdowns by changing the filter clement M ,\ •*\w a j* W £ in your tractor every time the oil is changed. Next time you are in town, take home a carton of three niters so you'll have them handy when you need them. ICE CREAM SALT 4 Ibs. 8e GRANGE JUICE, Pkrs. 46 oz. 39c PRUNE JUICE, Sunsweet, 32 oz. 29c TOMATO JUICE, Pkrs. No. 2 1 Ic CLAPP'S BABY FOODS 3 for 20c Duff's HOT MUFFIN MIX 14 oz. 22c White Shoe Polish, Shinolo VOc O'Ccdor Polish ......... 12 oz. 2Sc FLIT FLY SPRAY, Pts. 25c; Qts. 43c A. & H. SODA 3 for IQc Clabber Girl Baking Powder 10 oz. 9c TSjREX Qts. 15c; !/z Gal. 23c SK1DOO CLEANER 3 for 25c Van Camp BEANS, in Tomato Sauce No. 2 can 13c Diamond MATCHES 6 for 25c MODESS 22c Alpine VANILLA 8 oz. 9c Crackers, C. C., 1 lb. 17c; 2 Ibs. 32c Graham Crackers, Country Club 8 oz lOc; 1 lb. 17c Spinach Country Club, No. 2 can lie Kroger Saltcr Peanuts 41/2 oz. lOc 91/2 oz. 17c Trump Fly Spray, 16 oz. 19c; Gol 69c Embassy Peanut Butter, 16 oz. 28c Corn, Country Club Whole Kernel, Golden Bantam, . No. 2 Can 15c Cut Green Beans, Avondalc lie Grapefruit Segments Country Club No. 2 Can 24c DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Blyrhevill*, Ark. McCQEmiCK-DEERlNG MACHINES, PARTS AND SERVICE CUT-UP CinCKKN KI-:AI>Y TO FKY I.KOS, UKKAST, anil THIGHS IV- "3c WINGS :iml Giy,/.AUI>S lh. -Kf, HACK and NECKS Hi. 22c rrilE I'OKK SAUSAGi: tli. 37c SAI'S A OK 1 Hi. roll 3!>c Wi:i.\i:ilS, Skinned Tyiic »'• 37c ,XI : .W I.NCiLANI) LOAF lb. Sic Sl'i:CIA!, - T.urchcon Mc;il Hi. 51c PSCKU: I'lMEXTO LOAF H>. 33c MA<'AHOXI anil CllKKSi: I.OAI' Hi. :«c ISAKINO HENS ">• •Un EDAM CIIKESK, Red Kind ">• S3c CO» I'll.I.ETS, Skinless 111. 30c Ii. ft O. WHITING <!•- He HOSE FISH. Fillets H). SOc ritESI! KFVEIi CAK1', i)rrss«i lb. 35c NEW POTATOES, U. S. No. 1 Red Triumph, 10 Ibs. 49c; U. S. No. 1 Calif. Whites, 5 Ibs 29c GREE NCABBAGE, Fresh Well Trimmed, 5 Ibs. 15c 50 lb. Bag $1.35 LEMONS, Juicy Sunkist . lb. 9c WATERMELONS, Red Ripe and Sweet !b. 5c CHERRIES, Ccilif. Grown . lb. 49c PEACHES, Ark. Grown lb. 15c TOMATOES, Slicing Quality lb 19c GREEN CORN 4 cars 15c GRAPEFRUIT, Texas Marsh Seedless lb. ! limn nil othi u Hie II Monsters NEURITIS, ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATISM Ilii'st! three monsters have caused more pain and imf- iHiinan ailment;; combined. And 'ill's Mountain Valley has fought y out; mid has to it-s credit many ilmbly (J to B ((lasses of this nat- iny 1m Ihe Krcnlcut blessing you ry It for 00 days. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Muln and Division Blythevilte. Ark. uolaljli! victories. I urul luivc uvcr known. FURNITURE Of coin-so, we don't net all wo could sell, but as wo get It our policy will be first, come, first served. Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. HOI Knst J\Initi I'honc 2302 AH inir l-:ni[iloyces uro War Veterans. Whore Your Flowers Arc — You Are! Ono cull t<> UN will iirnuijjo to have your remembrancer sent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan. SHOP .'' TJ) - 8e " lce We IfeUrcr . Ml Mr*. J. M. (M»e) WlUlnnu, «WD«r HAYS IMPLEMENT CO. ZOO ]•:. Mr.ln, lllyllievlllc, Ark., rhom*2Ml' " SALES AND SERVICE OF J. I. CASE EQUIPMENT JusL Received a shipment of CASE HAMMER FEED MILLS 8 Inch $105; 10 ^USED CARS-^WANiiP** We will pay you the full OPA Ceiling plus your extra equipment. HROGER S'Jf.RWTKD EIUNDS If you arc KoinK to keep yoitr present car let us (rlv* you an csliniiilu on reconditioning your motor, body und painting. Credit U-rni.s can bo nrningcd. Tires, Tul>es and anto and home radios fur sale. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Oldsmobile East Main St. CMC Tracks Phone 519 Look Out for the Tetsi Fly AND MOSQUITOKS, IJECAUSK the Tctsi Fly causes sleeping sickness ami mosquitoes cause malaria, to lake precautions t inlay, and have your home and property sprayed wilh DDT as it kills both of these dangerous insects. II also kills roaehcs, flies, anls, bed bugs, fleas, and lice. lloyetl DDT Spraying Co. will rid your property of these pests. Guiininlec your freedom from, insects for 3 months. Price for Homes $LGOto$l,50 Per Room Hove it Sprayed the Boyctt way. We do it the Government way. Phone 3602 BOYETT DDT Spraying Co. Offices Temporarily Located 111 f. Vint St. Gco. (Buddy) Boyctt—Owners—Fred Boyett Jr.

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