Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 76
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 76

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 76
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f 1 4 2 5 rtiiiTtuctAM. «rf. FN it. n IWDtPfMCIMT. Tfe*l* ft*. M. I1W Director of Texas Boy Choir Believes Everyone £011 Sing By DICK KIX1XES YORK (NXA,) -- U a monotone in the in person lO-gallon hats and long as there Is inflection in they can learn to distinguish,Worth outbid DalUJ and^ie being on the Texas Long the world,'*?*** 11 . there . cln ** differentjbetween notes, then to imi- [0^ Bragg away from Dea-'born varsity or rming }-our A - ,~-*,r^ [notes in staging. 1 started him tate them vocally and * V * 1 H. 0 _ He has found a home and own pipeline, and oa record, i ^ . , Thrw years tually to »ing out to living, . an. not'...~ v ^ j ejd sinjerlmultitones. ·* **"*· cction. He is a' today.' ciwd? A listener? A Johnny-.Bragg is a Mississippian, i {Jne-Note? 'a native Texan; he ( iTalte heart You too can his independence by ** t ** w *6 minister toCjy" · v -- «K # rt»*4 'r» .v»i* w *** l- * v "' · ··*- -- ·- ^ . **- - - - - , ^Ir?-^^^ such thai? as a rnonototie. headgear 'nonsinging children can be state Coflege. He needed tr.;" 0 * ro M " ^""^ And be should know, because . . . . . , . » . FOR QUALITY, CUSTOM-AAADE D R A P E R I E S Just phone . . . ME 0-2929 rot ntn atuuns MIO rACutrr AVI. JTOXIW009. DOWNIT -- TO M1SI : Rs business is leading one of THEY LOVE him in Texas, America's most distinguished anyway. For 18 years, he has Fort Worth taught mtiodie Joys. He saysVarn his tuition, and some- Ibody in Denton suggested the fathers hire a man to Discover Remains form a choir. For $40 a vbeal f roups. |taktn average leaS L°S S^^^ 0 ^^^^ Of Old Cave Bears Wth, they got Bragg. , tie 150-boy group -ntuch vultures off tlie c«l rigs. The] PIETRASANTA, Italy 0?--| By the time he graduated, rrexas Boy Choir has reached jjhe den where a family of the choir was so popular he 1 a point where, today, Braggjcave bears lived, perhaps 30,-lmoved right into a permanent JUXEDO, RENTALS 'operates a school (The Trin- 000 years ago. has been dis-'job. Some years later. Fort [ity Valley School) in con June- covered near here by a group lion with it. Bragg mi?ht be'of Italian cave explorers. |calltd the Paul Getty of boy i a a jrotto 90 feet into a 1 'choirmasters. mountainside t h e y f o u n d He is positive in his belief | bones and teeth of several that everybody can sing. In cave bears and bones of fact, he's been called on thij,'smaller animals. All these and'emerged smelling like a'were sect to the University of| soprano in a high wind. Pisa for study. "I made that claim that nobody is a monotone.- Bragg ill ISJYS. "and a teacher in Fort 11 [Worth said. Tve got one.' I said, 'Send him over, I'd like 'to meet him.' '$· . * * . "THE BOY came over. 1 heard him speak, and there . ( ! was inflection in his voice. As ·/ GEORGE BRAGG ''.Males Singers of All Ofjan StfTiee Special SllStmct Cf* rin Ckarae Y ^ fam t NOW ONIT J Ubor Phoai 428-2414 2(i SOUTH ST. SPECIAL CAR WASH! Big Stock--New-Used--Floor Samples--Pianos-Practice Pianos NEW DANISH WALNUT SPINETS · Wt CilIT OUI OWN ACCOUNTS · fill B t U T I » T -- f l i t TUNINft Hozelbreok end Dan«lond Lakewood Shopping Ceiter LAKEWOOD ONLY Gelatine 4-29 We lltirc n Good Selection of \ I'lSIl and SEAFOOD for Lc/U.' j STREAM FRESH [ TROUT - 59 WAt£F!ElD a 41h WEEK of BIG BONUS OFFER ON CORNISH THERMO SETS! LAUIA SCUDDU LAUKA ^wwwuci^ ^_ ^^ MAYONNAISE ! - 39'| _ 1 ·,^^RK^R^^HRl^PnHV19^HBBBB^^^^B^^^^BHHi^^^^^HH 1 |4 FREE 50 ORANGE STAMPS H i. · f\ -WITH ruioosr CCXNTSH it! (· Wv TLIP-niJ^ /·DCAJ C CIIAAD Mi 98 voi ° HALIBUT Fillets 79* CRAB MEAT Green SHRIMPS CRAB LEGS S89 1 QU-ILITY BLLF -KADOTA : : FIGS - '. 'jilASOWOOUJ : ^COTTAGE T CHEESE crjAit ...t"t »»«rf OACm TREATS s 29' CHUCK ROAST 33 KAAPPAP MF 9 «£. T9 ^^^MHSEHJEB]^^' /Y\AKvjAI\llNL 4* O7 Kj,--^ faHUh a jiu tiiwA 1 raeL - ,wi Y. v/ SWIFTS rtEMIUM CORNED BEEF JJOt. CAN ' 'fi 39 C 1 ·7-BONE ROAST *O.BONE ROAST ·^."SHOULDER CLOD 79£ STOKELY YELLOW CUNG PEACHES HarvtJ er SEccd MILK rC« COOCiNS C« SAlACi \ CRACKERS ': [ PEANUT : :-BUTTER I I SMOOTH ci 27 C PRIME SHORT RIBS 33S SMOKIE LINKS'^ 49 C 1 1 WORRELL PRIDE ; irtESH WASHINGTON rC« COOCiNS C« SAlACi -^ --^ CRISCO OIL ss 29 59' JHCHTtNINC CRISCO GOLDEN DELICIOUS · ,,,,,,, id E L ??W · i n nn Apples 9- i 99 «FRESH 1 . joian i SCOFFEE I69=! III. C*N . . . I'l GROUND MEATS GROUND BEEF 35: GROUND CHUCK 55-' : ttftmr* 3l*mmt*t't QmmlUg ttttl Vrrmmt* II* TUrtr · Art f»ntlittmHf Smfrtitr *·* ft Frlrrt MACARONI 111. KS. riEVf swtn JUICT AHZONA __ ^^ ^ GRAPEFRUIT 5.- 29 £ | LBWO A ^Af POTATOES 2-29' rrT.?32TErM coco uia DAHO DQTIXT , KiSED . ......_- it EACH rAOU£( IQUUS 1$ J-Ot SnWiGt I - - · | 0003 AS COUJ CAUFCKMA DATES 1V.-U. IB.1UU 39 e I *jy«s. .THQtCY IOOD- FRENCH FRIED HALIBUT '^ id in ·TINY TATERS · ITALIAN BEANS-9-or. · G R E E N PEAS-10-oi. 4K1°° · ! IU I ·· STRAWBERRIES 4'el 00 · C H I C K E N CHOP 5 U E Y · EGG FOO YOUNG IKSJ3 i /"\ DETERGENr-49 Z E E p^3-s5^nrEr ffiyfON ±^.±^-~^ Sandwich Bags2-37 c 1 FREEfeBACON '' CAT FOOD 9 SS 1" Waxed Paper v 35 ttont Ttia Will WE11ISD1T, FEL »t S£»^ JACK CHEESE OU · w w o -^ WIENERS '"""' · · TL American Cheese Of JIA I OYSTER MNOU s,^ «-. t O Y b l t K i 1(W COOKED HAM \ 59]STEW 4 ^ 10W. $1 CANS | 00 n q i o n COUNTTT MMC «5?J. T I« STRAIGHT BOORBOH · J.H 2.C» CKSON RUIT puvot WINE -59- t«vi r*-ci WITH ORANGE PREMIUM SUMPS I I l l l i n i !K» IM. C l W f l » l tlrtj Ilic I IS2I I. l:t'i't «·«· Owxri Mi IK, ii »9 ;JL · 3584 PALO VERDE at LOS COYOTES · 4929 WOODRUFF at DEL AMD AYE. OH» oiiir i A.K. tii ti r.M.i *·». n tit i - ITKU HIT1T JTIIIl II · ftuliM · Mttn* · f»r« · S»im ttuiitt · Fnn.ii · Cisti »««

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