Independent from Long Beach, California on May 18, 1957 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1957
Page 2
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«. '»« · ·-I Japan Student Parades Protest British Bomb Test . ";· *M») j · ' . v ', V . * . . , '.." t . . * \ i . - " , " - ' " . .-V , 1 "" . . -* -- - ' "-' * * " ' / . " '· * " :l ' : ' ' ' -'" " '- ' ' * ' ' ' ' * ' " * ' ' 1 -' ' - - ' . " i · _ By HOWIE DIEHL · ~ After committing one of the cardinal sins of show - business and leaving a couple dozen vice presidents of : the BBC Television aghast, Prince Philip, spouse of En : land's Queen Elizabeth II, wound up as England's fa . vorite "Telly Boy." v HANDSOME P h i l i p ap- 'ipeared before the cameras on : · network program to narrate ' ·'Around the World In, 40 Minutes," a movie of his own travel* and talked 16 minutes overtime.' , ' . ; ;I-tHB PRINCE ad 11 b h e d wflMclsms, talked with hi* back · to; id* camera and cleared his throflt at the wrong time, but he underplayed his own part on th«!ihow and did a professional ' Job- of appearing amateurish. . The.' public loved It. · ;BUT.THOSE vice p r e s l - dehtt are'atremble. There seems to;B« a custom among the ordl- nary; Joes In England to follow the t example set by the Royal Family, from haircut* all the PRINCE PHILIP w« down the line. i ' ' Profmnlonal Amateur '_ ,'rHE BBO 18 DUE for utter chaos If other entertainers In England emulate the Prince. · ;AND TO COMPOUND the deed. Philip wound up the show I wfth.a great, big smile and the bllth* remark, "I'm overtime asf . . . _ venge Backfires '' jRe ..- .,,T.-~~"~e' -- · Minneapolis, took a strong ., dislike to the owner of the corner grocery store and decided 1 to "make him pay" for what they called his stingy rudeness. . THE THREE OF THEM, Mrs. Patricia Lett, 21, Mrs. Delia Haynes, 22/and Mrs. Joyce Cooper, 19, hatched up a plot to get r.' even." ' : · THEY SNEAKED Into his store after he closed up 'and . atarted to fill up bags of goodies, gratis. But a nosy eopman , »m«lled something wrong and blew the whistle on them. . · THE THREE scattered like scared hens, but alas, were · snared and cooped, charged with burglary. · ·:· ,.,.-, , * * * '·"·-·'"· ·''·· · · ' * Dnrftrv D/iintf* ' Beaufort, S. C,, boasts a canine good ' ""PV · trt/ *'*g a · Samaritan. He has added a lot of life to, the dog population'of the town. , i .'KINO, A PEDIGREED Great Dane, owned by Dr. Bruce Prirtt, a veterinarian, has "donated" about 50 pints of his blood ' for transfmlon* for other dogs. The Doc gives 3-year-old King; an extra couple of can* of dog food after each donation. .. -, KINO SEEMS to like It. · ; - " A PACK OF FOXHOUNDS flopped on the job In Somerset, England, when they wer* set to tracking down a fugitive, INSTEAD OF CHASINO the escaped convict, they picked · up th« scent of a fox and all the hounds galloped off thaUway Initead of thliaway, , C-THE WHOLE THING became a fiasco--the fugitive still . U Jdose and the fox escaped. _ _ . , . . . ... /lV; .. -_ ' TWi' T\ifo ·· "· wlfl of Happy-Go-Lucky Norman John · *TM*:*«i«« " Mead of Baalngstoke, England, Instructed his relative* to roll dice for his estate, but when the will was read the survivors learned no bones would be rolled. , .' THE WILT, specified small bequest* to his nephews «nd ,.*·.: nieces and said the rest of the estate should be settled among . hl -brother and sisters "who will.throw a set of dice--new and unused--on a' green gauze doth." ' I .; -THE WINNER of the roll was to use part of the money to atatfe-a party "for my .friends at the*country club," he decreed,! ., BUT THE ATTORNEYS announced there would be no game! of crap* because the dice would only.come up "snake eyes."; Mead left only $364--not enough to pay even the attorneys' fees. Out Of the M«"fJsej TM" ^B"' " " P l a i n why daei. , Johnny ns . .· .TO A FIRST GRADE pupil In Woodruff, S. C. who wai ba((lcd by the expreulon, "Dear me," the teacher laid, "Doesn't your 'mother ever lay that when ihe'a worried?" ,., . " ... «OH. YES MA'AM," he replied. · ' ' · ' NEXT DAY, tame leiion, lame pupil. The lad had no hefltatlon read the expression. "Lordy mel Lordy me!" he laid. Sen. Knowland Raps U.S. Rescue' of Reds CHICAGO, UP --Sen. Know land (R-Callf) took Issue Frl day: night with administration proposals he said would itart a program to "rescue" the Com rntlnlst world from an economic ·ltd political crisis. .., ·Assailing proposed agricultur. al aid to Poland's Bed govern. -menT, renewal of Jct.Jlghter · ahlproenti to Communist Yugo. alavla and negotiations to allow expanded Western trade with Red China, Knowland declared; quet. , -,.. · "1 do not favor taxing the American people to s u p p o r t 1 Communist economic or pollt* leal systems "abroad." f ,, . ; . - · - » . . » · · ' ,, ' . -,', 1 ! THE SENATE'S Republican · leader, frequently at odds with the Elsenhower administration, INDEPENDENT _p»r_ f Dslhiwy U- ^Suo* «*y» - h* (telly «iM*pt . an* MM Avfc. ilrt, InWrM a* Mar. W, 1HS, ·! Calif. A4JIMIMM4 b «laM spoke out In a speech prepared for an Armed forces Day ban- (juent Knowland expressed opposition to the Soviet proposal that the full air Inspection proposed by President Elsenhower as a disarmament measure be modified "so that In exchange for ou» air Inspection over Siberia" the Soviets would "be allowed to Inspect Alaska and all of the United States weit of the Mississippi." ^Weather: High and law Mmparaturai n ra. parttd by tha Unltad SUtu Waathar luraaui H. L. LtnjBuch 71SS LaiVagaa Milan Chleaga . Clavaland « ·Mlt Palrbank«,A M S9 Miami S37J Niw OMlini K II Thannll ' H. L. Okti, city ' M S I OrMhn W 4 I PhMnlx ' M M Pltliburgh . 71 42 ,. »B u 7»M 4 § 4 J M4I 7«S« is» «140 (242 It, Loult : Ptrtlind M. PliUl S74» ' M ( NawYark «74* wnihlngtan 71 Mj| * ' " ' TIOI* ,, Wind tlda Uday will ba I.B fail I t lilT p,m. and law lldn will ba" 0,1 faat at Tin a.m. and S.» fait I Tin p.m. High tldaa lundiy will ba 4.4 faat I iJiM a.m. and 3.S faat at 1)41 p.m. and law tldia will b. D.S feat t Sii* a.m. and 1.7 fwl at SiJl p,m SunrlMt SiMl luntill 7141. HEAR-"BOTH EARS KIW *· WORN IN THE UH 'Ar MTIBILY OORDLIU THHII TMNIIITOM EAR LEVEL NURIM fiijin III «·· Itki lH| IWta M Mill «a M Mi* liltm*- «···. LONDON * -- Britain announced Friday night that her Drst H-bomb test-explosion In tha Pacific was "In the megaton range" -- equivalent to one mil lion tons of TNT. The announcement, by Aubrey Jones, Mlnliter of Supply, was made as Japan formally protested the blast In the Christmas Island area of the middle ^aclflc last Wednesday, and re- erved the right to claim compensation If Japanese citizens suffer. "" " " ' "~' In reply," Cmdr. Alan Noble, Minister of State for Forelgr Affairs, pointed out that Prime Minister Macmllllan told the House of Commons Thursday that Britain's -tuts would go on. From two to four more test explosions are expected to be carried out. The British government, however, promised to consider any Japanese claims of damage, · In Tokyo, Japanese students snake-danced ' through · the streets Friday night, carrying lanterns and placards, In con tlnucd protests, Four demonstra. tors who managed to enter the gates of the British Embauy said they were pushed out. Tokyo police estimated 33,000 students took part In protest parades .during the day, but the numbers dwindled at night to about 3,000. Some rightist students,' supporting bomb tests, hired an air- plane to drop leaflets over one protest rally. About 30 members of the Great Japan Patriotic Society marched on thd flanki of on* parade with banners dp nounclne "Fifth Columnists of ·«« «°°n to all world atomic the Soviet Union." Representatives of 10,000 itu. dents In West Berlin's Free University appealed to students throughout the world to demand , n t er national cancellation · of bomb tests. Tho West German Foreign Office In Bonn said a resolution of the lower house of Parliament asking for an end to such tests 'for a limited time" would be official details for the first time of the firing of the bomb which wu dropped from a fouixtnglna Valiant jot bomber. 'The detonation took place high In the air above the sea In an area carefully choicn to avoid any danger to Inhabited anan and to be ai far away as ONLY ONK CONCLUSION pwnlble from normal shipping Is poulble: Classified Ads lanes and air routes," ha said. powers, , . Jones, In his statement, · gave are so well used becaust they get results. Put one to work today. Dial HE 2-5959. "Careful search before the test showed that the area wu clear of all shipping." STARTS TODAY! Shop Daily 9-9, Sat. 9-6, Sun. 12-6 \v \ HUB'S e-2 HRMS! 2-PC. MODERN OQ98 DIVAN SUITE -.'asOT Suit* tnr 2-PC MODERN n - c DIVAN SUITE 0^97 ·W«||/ vv tfrfljat. Uftmtllm MSI*» * ' ' w i ROOM OUWIT TAIWMD »UU .III $,.99 SOFA WILLOWS 2-PC. COLONIAL DIVAN SUITE S: «art 3-PC. MODERN DIVAN SUITE J 427 ! 3-PC. CURVED : SECTIONAL 1 Hlj itr/T.t. i 136 OOaOIOUl 3.0IMINIIONAI 54,50 Va/ FRAMED «I* ' EL'HHB?.!, 1 c?. t Smart Marpraol Top SI0.95 Vol. STEP END -no TABLES CV5 cirt*, C.ny 2-PC.MAPIE, inoq DIVAN SUITE ·.»] JV 3 "" '' «»». m ^^ * ' \ ttmte, MI | ( , «ioii»Toa. -^---r_- lT ROOM OUTHT __ _»··. *- Smart Marproot Top $10.95 Vol. COCKTAIL roc TABLES V« tJxri ^3-PC CURVED f ^-75 SECTIONAl ;-;»I07 i j?*'* * ·"·' ~l »l».f »WI, PLATFORM ROCKERS $39 y^/ . -PC. MAPIE |«7Ot Liv. Rm. Group o. 1 " I/O 1 I ,J -_ " '« '»lr Amy!,,, ,1,11,, A - i ? 2 ? IAMPU$1 BI$eOM - NUMIIM" AT 4QQ/Q to 60% SAVIMCSt 1'*^ RICHBOUCIE BROADLOOM O49 ^ » . CM.. fiJPC CHARCOAL 'ft MAHOGaBDRMio^OO* AIW.M. M» ».;/.». ,, ,.,^ ..u... i 3-PC. SEA MIST ..-. 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