Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 9, 1972 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1972
Page 2
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N»fthw«t Arkcmsai TIMES, Wed., Aug. 9, 1972 - FAYKTT«VILU», ARKANSAS Secret Japanese Plan To Bomb .New York Near WWII End fold oTOKYO * (AP) -- Tamolsu ftak'ahashi ,was a 22 yeai old Bjiman in Iho Imperial Japa ^sc Aimy nnd his country w a s aj wai with the United Stales -Even so, he stiffened when'he learned about his assignment: Bomb New York .Illftvas Aug 9, 1945 -- 27 l^ars ago today -- and Japan's ratlitary leadeis icalued they wtere Stast losing World War'II: Ah atomic bomb annihilated Hiroshima Ihrce days earlier; a ecbnd .devastated Nagaski on . , iMartin Discusses ·Hailing Pollution *. , , , ' , , - . . !Northwest Arkansas is in an epviable position to-:, prevent 'njvironmental pollution by profiting from the mistakes of other aieas, "Ranger 'Jini' 1 Martin of the Arkansas Education . Department : told members o'( the Fayslleville Kiwanis Club Tuesday al Ihe Holiday Inn, iMartin said this area is aTnong the few in the nation cited a being relatively free o'f.pbllution, but that all possible .steps should be taken to keep it that way. · , . iMartin said the noise level in tne US in increasing . to such an extent that by the year 2.000, deafness may be a major problem .-.: . . . . : · . j · £He cited water pollution and waste disposal as Northwest Ar- K a n s a s ' biggest · potential problems, ,and the automobile as .Ihe nation's greatest offender of environmental control. 'Chairmen ^GREENLAND -- Committee chairmen.have been named by Qran Andrews, president of the Lions Club. .Chairmen include: JJill. Yoes,. attendance;. Marion Oridef, public relations; Gordon Bradshaw, bulletin editor; Mitchell Coder, community betterment; Lewis George, membership. Dr. Thomas Gray, program and Bill Short, education. · : 1 Seth Thompson of West Fork presented a slide presentation tin Pakistan at. the club's meeting on Aug. 7. Aug 8 Japan surrendered on Aug, H. Bui, meanwhile, its leaders cast about desperately for ways !o lurii the tide of defeat. Takn- iiashi s mission·,-- a one-way suicidal flight -- grew out of this despeiallon.' ·'·' . i ; .' ' v SECH ET MISSION He was a wireless operator at an BIT base north of Tokyo when he was ordered to report to another base for a secret misson. . . , · "I didn't know what it .\vns all about, and my-.superiors said nothing," Takahashi recalls. But he .gradually pieced together details: Three long-range KI77s, twin- engine planes developed for civilian use; were to be refitted. They would-carry bombs, extra fuel and a crew of two: a pilot and a wireless operator-navigator. Five years earlier, a KI77 and a crew of eight flew 10,200 miles non-stop on a circular route over Manchuria. This exceeded the 6.750 miles to New York, but allowance was being made for the heavy bomb load. To guarantee success for the mission, Takahashi says, the planes were to cthnh to 29.50C feet : where the eastbound jet stream would give them extra speed and distance. TO CRASH Once .over New York, the planes were to drop their bombs arid then crash. Takahashi, now a bank executive in Tokyo, says the military planners selected New York 'rather than' Washington or another city because it was America's largest city and also because the jet stream coulc take planes there more easily. "But," says Takahashi," I'm happy the war ended before the mission could begin. I didn't even : i have lime to be transferred to another 'base,; and I never got to meet any of 1 , the others who were selected foi the mission." The Japanese Defense Agency says the war destroyed many important military documents, and it has nothing in its archives on the mission. But 11 says it has heard it mentionec and some Japanese military leaders may well have planned it secretly. Glamor Girl r Joi Lansing, Dies Of Cancer H O L L Y W O O D , (AP) -'Glamour is a great why lo gel aunched,' 1 snid curvaceous Jol Lansing, whose image as an no tress was likened to that ot Marilyn Monroe and Jnync Mansfield. ·The buxom, blonde glamour girl died Monday night at a Santa Monica hospital after a two-year bout with cnncer, a hospital spokesman said Tuesday. She was 43. Though never a big star, her 39-23-35 body and glamorous appearance launched her into several sizeable supporting roles in films and television. But in later years Miss Lansing said she regretted the tact that she had capitalized on her measurements. "My being blonde and curvy, you might say, was a mixed blessing," she said. " . . . I was always known as a glamour girl and categorized only as that. It was very limiting." Born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Miss Lansing moved with her family to Los Angeles at six. She was discovered by a Hollywood producer at 14. After attending Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studio's talent school and taking drama instruction at UCLA, she won the part, of Shirley Swansbn, a dumb blonde model, on the "Love That Bob" television series .starring Bob Cummings. Among her films were "The Brave One," "Hole in the Head," "Who was that Lady?" "Mariage on the Rocks" and "Klondike." Survivors include her husband and business manager, Stan Todd, Services were pending. Benefit Game Set SILOAM- SPRINGS -- A benefit donkey baseball game will be played at John Brown field beginning at 8 p.m. Aug 12, according to the Chamber of Commerce. Proceeds from the game wil be .used for . t h e annua C h r i s t m a s parade. Team captains are Carl McQuay an Phil Phillips. Tickets are available at the Chamber of Commerce office. New School CONTINUED FROM.PAQE ONZ) uive n dedicated board" Avlth ncmbers who hiivo la real In- ci'csl in p the nrcas mentioned, ,le sntd one reason he wanted .0 put forth Ihc philosophy statement was because he 'found Ihc tendency was to fall more and more Into what's easiest as opposed to what we truly believe." At this point Turnbovv" said, "I don't agree with you. I think you'll find you've got a pretty dammed outright 'speaking aoard." . ' ' [ The open campus policy was deleted from the policy after no agreement could be reached. Suggestions included allowing student to leave; campus during .heir assigned lunch periods but not during free periods; : : The question was raised by Tltunmm Smith, superintendent of schools as to whether the North Central Association might withdraw accreditation' it the activity periods scheduled at the beginning or end of the day do not require mandatory at- t e n d a n c e . He said the Association had issued warnings in the past tor lack of an activity period. NEW POLICY The attendance policy passed includes:, 1. School attendance is the 1 responsibility of the student and lis parents. . :; ·.. 2. Make-up for credit will be allowed for. all absences except truancy and suspension. It. is the student's: responsibility .to initiate make-up work.,The time for making up work equals to the number of days absent plus one day. Failure to make uj work may result in a lower grade average, (the word may replaces must in past.policy). 3. The school will make daily checks on absentees. Chronic absentees will be referred to the attendance officer for personal contact. , . . A. Parents will be notified by m a i l when .a student's cumulative absences in a class reach five (5)., (the statement in past policy read 10):. 5. Truancy; Any, student who fails to follow all or any part of the assigned schedule, without written parental consen] communicated to' the principal or assistant principal upon thi student's return to school wil be considered truant. 6. Penalises for truancy remains the same as the pas' policy.. McGovern Says Environmental Report Withheld WASHINGTON (AP)' -- Soil, jeovge McGovern accused the Vhllc House today ot suppress- ng 'until after Iho · November lection thrco chapters ol Ihe rinunl rcporl of the Council foi jnvironmenlnl Quality. , . The Democratic presidential ominee ' said ihe admin|s ·atlon was putting Itself in the bsurd position of not wauling j receive completed: studies lat one ot its own ngencles fas trying'to submit. , T h e t h r e e c h a p t e r s IcGovern said, were Ihose oi nergy, recycling and pollution t the Delaware River Valley. "Decking up the'energy study specially ' raises legitimate oncern" "whether Mr. Nixon: is gain covering up for Ihe oil'In ustry at every one else's ex ense," Ihe McGovern slate lent said. "He is apparently overing up about oil imporl iiotas, the Alaskan . pipeline as policy and offshore drill ng." McGovern said no grounds o: military security or politica xpediency "justified bottling ip a publicly paid tor, com ileted study ot major domestic iroblems." MOWER SALE Through Saturday Only NOW 339.99 Orig. 399.99 Penncraft electric start ride-on mower with 25" blade, 4-speed forward transmission,'floajing cutter deck, single lever H.O.C., pqrking brake, geared steering, 7 HP 4-cycle engine, differential and molded black seat. Orig. 298.99 239.99 Penncraft 5 HP; rear engine ride-on with 25" single blade, 3 position outrigger on culling deck, blade clutch, 2 speed transmission, gelr chain, recoil {sorter, adjustable standard or full steering and fully padded seat. Now 77.99 Orig. 89.95 .Penncraft 22" rotary mower with magnesium deck. 3V£ HP, 4 cycle engine. Easy height of cut adjustment. Fold-down handle. No-adjust carburetor. Vertical-pull, easy start engine..'" Now 119.99 Orig. 139.99 Penncraft 2V power propelled rotary with die-cast aluminum deck, 3Vi HP 4- cycle engine, suction lift, front wheel gear drive, vertical pull start, no adjust carburetor, steel wheels, under deck mulf- ler and washout port. JCPenney We know what you're looking for. Shop 9-9 Mon., thurs., Fri.--Use Our Time Payment Plan Building Bridge The county's bridge crew is :onstructing a 19-foot bridge i ladn't planned to build, ovei leweU Springs Rd., east o: S'pringdale, County. Judge Vq Lester said today. The crew had ilanned originally to widen the ridge since the road had beer videned, but found instead tha a replacement was necessary he judge said. Instruments Taken A tachometer and specdo meter were reported taken from i red motorcycle parked earl; Tuesday morning at 778 W Center St., police said today The theft-was reported .by th motorcycle owner, Miss Beverly tfaddox of Fayetteville. Senate Sets Vote On Guns WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Bonnie has agreed to n f l u n l vole lute loday on n bill that would ban the sale ot handguns lot suitable for spoiling purposes. O n e major amendment planned by Sen. Roman itruska, R-Ncb., would exempt dealer's from tha sales ban with .ho result Hint only rmmufac- .uvers and Importers would be prohibited from selling the ;uns. · , - . Hriiska's ' amendment also would require disapproval by the Secretary ot the Treasury )t Individual models of guns bo- 'ore they'Would be illegal. Seii. Birch Bayh, D-Ind., the slips -- chief, sponsor, said Hruska's changes would seriously weaken the enforcement provisions in the bill. He called Hriiska's amendment a key test, and said he didn't know what Ihe outcome would be, Bayh has emphasized that Ihe bill is aimed chiefly at cheap, easily concealable handguns used by criminals, bill Hruska contends .it also woulc exclude the sale of many high- quality weapons that he says "millions of Americans want tor self-protection." Hruska said a nightmare of enforcement would be created by trying to, hold 160,000 licensed dealers "responsible for correctly interpreting and applying the highly technical and complex standards." The ban should be applied at the initial distribution level, Hruska said; . . For Floor Control ·WASHINGTON (AP) -- An appropriation of $7.1 million for flood control work on the St. Francis River has been agreed on by a Senate-House conference committee, the office of Sen. 'John L. McCiellan, D-Ark., said Tuesday. The senator said he expected the conference figure lo be app r o v e d by bolh houses. McCiellan said the figure was $1 million more than the budget recommendation and $425,000 higher than the House figure. Disaster Relief Bill Approved By Committee WASHINGTON (AI 1 ) -- A cmei'tlcncy dia- nslerrcllof bill was approved today by tliu llouso Approprlit lions Committee. It is · scheduled for House nc- tlon next WDt'li. Most of the money would bo used for relict of victims of Troplcnl .Storm Agnes and toi repair nnd , reconstruction oi damage to public facilities. The committee called tills the largest disaster-relief efforl ever'undertaken by the Federal government. .. The totnl ,ls .'$17.5- millloi more than Prestdenl Nixon re quested in a special message to Congress July 17. Included in the totnl arc these allotments: --Small Business Adminis tralicn, $1.3 billion tor,low-in terest loans to an eslimatec 115,000 homeowners and · 6.0W businessmen who suslainec damages. --President's disaster relic fund, $200 million for stale am local governments and inciivld iials in the form of temporary housing, . free food coupons unemployment compensation and restoration .of public facil ities. --Economic Development Ad ministration. $40 million to help the recovery of economic acliv ity through technical aid in damaged communities. --Appalachian Regional Com mission, .$16 million, primarily for subsurface stabilization . in areas where ground surface have been weakened by floods. --Army Corps of Engineers $29.5 million for flood-contro projects. --Farmers' Home Adminis tration,- $1.8 .million to speed ui loans to flood victims iti rura areas. Golf Clubs Stolen A bag of golf clubs wa reported taken from a ca parked on Buctmnnan Stree Tuesday morning 8:20-9:40 a.m while the owner, Gary Green of Route 10, was attending clas at the University of Arkansas police said today. Death JTM?M PAQB ONE) on, Kim, 26, slnllolicd with lllo \rroy in Qonnuny. Tho young- r Powell Is lo ho (lIsuhui'Kcd his : montli. nm.l ho. wiw lo havo olncd the cnilso in the Pani m n ' C a n a l ' K o n o . - ' Tho '1'npltl N u t ' traveled down ho intct'coastal Waterway; rid- oul llurrlcnno Agrios In Key Vest H»d (lontirllng there June ,3 for Cayman Island 'and then ,wo island resorts off Mexico's fucalan Peninsula, "Jsl.a, 'fAu- eros nnd Cozumel, The boat loft Cozumcl on July I for the southward trek lo Ihe Canal Zone nnd Ihe uiikopt rendezvous with young Powell,' She vas not heard from again. \VIIECK LOCATED A Hondurnn fishing boat spotted the wreckage of tile catamaran July 10 but 'did not re- »['t it unl|l it renched port a veek later. The crew snld they spotted one body, thai "of a girl, in the wreckage but "did not 1 approach it. A British Honduran customs ship picked up the remains of Ihe vessel: A pontoon, i cross beam, a mast and a "ew -pieces of plywood. No body was found and there was no immediate way lo identify the boat. . ; , ·. .·:.' , ''. ··'· It was not until Aug. 3 when Ihe six were reported overdue in Panama City and .we found out about the wreckage that the search began," a U.S. Coast 3uard spokesman reported. Powell's brother, Wes, ot Melbourne, Pla., identified tha pieces as being part of the Ta- piti Nui. Wreck Hurts Two SPRINGDALE -- 'Cwo persons were injured - Tuesday afternoon -in separate vehicle accidents. . . . Tim Whittle, 14, is In satisfactory condition today in Springdale Memorial · Hospital after receiving a compound fracture of the left knee in a motorcycle accident at the intersection of North Huritsville and Shiloh at 4:52 . p.m. Tuesday. . , . . · · Ravanda Selby, 21, was treated at the Springdale hospital and released after she was injured slightly in a car accident at the intersection of Hwy. 71 and Moreland Street at 12:50 p.m. Tuesday. PE-DEE SUPER MARKET 604 West Dickson % Prices Effective Now Thru Saturday · We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities Open 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. 7 Days A Week We Accept Food Stamps Foremost Milk...49 1/2 Gallon Griffin's SALAD DRESSING 32-Oz. Jar HW POTATO CHIPS 9-oi. Reg. 69e Size--Now Only 39 Hy-Top All Flavors Canned 12-Oz. Cans No Limit Each POP 9 Hy-Top Tomato CATSUP 14-Oz, Bottle Limit 4 Each 19' Old Fashion or Hy-Top APPLE SAUCE 15-0z. Can 17 Gebhardt's CHICKEN TAMALES 15-Oz. 29 Bunny or Colonial . _ _ BREAD 4 $|°0 l-Lb. Loaf Foremost Family Style ICE CREAM Limit 2 MEAT MARVELS Wilson's FRANKS Wilson's Crisprite Bacon 69 Country Style Pork Sausage 49 PORK Steak 59 For that Cook-Out-Country Spare Ribs Pork Tenderloin Rolled Pork or Beef Roast Steaks and Chops PRODUCE BUYS Fresh Green CABBAGE Lb. Fresh Cello Bag CARROTS 633 Golden Ripe BANANAS Lb. Fresh Head LETTUCE Head 29

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