Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1929 · Page 22
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 22

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1929
Page 22
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THE ALTOONA JTIRROR-TtJESDAV, NOVEMBER S, ALTOONA HIGH POINT TOTAL ASSURES 1929 Undefeated Record, With Victories Sure In Two Remaining Conference Decisions, Places Altoona Far Ahead of Other Entries. t'or the first time In the history nf football at Altonna High school, a team wearing the maroon anil while, has pracllcnlly clneheil I he western Interscholnnllc conference footlmll title. Altoona High hns the llWD record elnehed, not only In winning games but also according to the Intricate system of points us awarded In the Central P. J. A. conference. Two more conference games remain for Allonnn, the one with Johnatown on Saturday on the Point grounds, und one on Turkey day with Tyrone Hifjh, in thla city. Altoona should win both games.- Even With a defent In either game Altoona has the title cinched, both on Its record and on Its point total. But one thing remains in the way of Altuona's 1920 championship, however. That is the Wlllliimsport game. Wll- llamsport represents the eastern group. Altoona is In the west. But the two meets in Altoona on Nov. 10. AH Wll- liamaport Is tied for first place In the eastern championship, a Billtown win would automatically eliminate Altoona, especially If Wllllamsport goes to the eastern title. It's a cinch the conference wouldn't pair off the two teams In an eastern-western playoff, especially after they met once. So it's up to Altoona to lick Wllllamsport. Altoona High now has seven straight Conference wins. And the team bids fair to make it nine successive conference, victories aa both Tyrone and Johnstown have been consistent losers, Huntingdon, Jersey Shore and Bedford High teams can all finish the season with an undefeated conference record but neither will benefit much My points, due to the few games played. Even with Altoona High losing one game of the remaining two conference tllta, points given Altoona by reason of the maroon-defeated teamw beating out conference rivals, will greatly exceed the totals of the unbeaten teams mentioned abovo. No matter what happens Altoona High has the 1«20 western section conference title cinched. The Coach Snaps Emanuel 1D29 maroons aro champions. Altoona High now has a total of ICO points under the scoring system. Thin is tho highest total ever made by a team In the group. Altoona has played seven conference members. And these seven teams have won ten games from other conference rivals. Each win gives Altoona 10 points, or a total of 100 points." But these same seven conference opponents lost eight conference games, and 5 points are deducted for each defeat, or 40 points. The difference between 100 and 40 is 60 points to the good. As the conference awards 100 points for each win, Altoona has 700 points by reason of the vlctorlles. Divided by the games played, seven, this leaves 100 working points. Adding the 00 points given on tho win-lose decision of Altoona's beaten teams tho official point total Is 160 points. Hero's how Altoona's 00 extra points aro added: lost to Windber nnd Jersey taking 10 points from Altoona. Loss 10 points. Willlamsburg adds 10 with ft State College win and loses 5 from Bedford. Gain 5'points. Bellefonto adds 10 with wins off Windber end 10 off Tyrone, losing 6 with a loss at Huntingdon. Gain 15 points. Hollldaysburg added 10 with a win off CloarUeld. lost 5 with a beating to Bedford. Gain 6 points. Lock Haven, added 10 with win ovor Phillpsburg, and 10 with win over Johnstown. Lost 6 In defeat to Portage. Gain 15 points. Clearflcld added 10 with win over Tyrone and 10 for beating Phlllps- burg, losing 5 for loss .to Hollidaya- burg. Gain 15 points. Windber added 10 w.ith win over Portage and 10 with win over Crosson, losing 5 In loss to Bollefonte. Gain 15 points. And adding and subtracting thn gains and losses, respectively, Altoona has 60 added points, or 160 all told. A team that could defeat Altoona right now would benefit by Just 70 gift points, because that team would get 10 polnfH for every win gained by Altoona. But Johnstown or Tyrone don't Intend beating tho maroons, although both of them are going to try and try hard. Neither can take the title even wjth the big point gift. Altoona won't likely have 160 points by the tlhie the season ends, because wins oft' Johnstown und Tyrone will lower the points, as tho conference records of both teams are poor. Here's the official point summary as well as the win, lose, tie and scoring record: W. Altoona 7 Bedford :i Huntingdon 1 Jersey Shore 'I Bellefonte , To Muse and Amuse By SPORTS EDITOR Inspired Altoona According to pre-game advice from Windber, an "inspired team" was coming to Altoona to meet tho undefeated Altoona High maroons last Saturday. And the pre-game dope may have )>ern correct but tho "Inspiring" part nf the battle was furnished by the Altoona High team. Altoona had all the pep and inspiration. Windber may have hud some but It wasn't the winning kind. And Wlndber's drubbing cami; about through an event just before game time. Some Altoonan, armed with paper diagrams and all, was explaining to Coach Earl A. Unger of Windber all of the Altoona plays and doing It openly right at the clubhouse. When Altoona High found that out there was no stopping 'em. The dope gained by Couch Urigcr didn't help his team any, for the maroons were stopped but once during the entire game. 1'lny Clean Football Hero's an Interesting piece Qt news for all Altoona High grid opponents, past and future: Altoona High hasn't suffered a single 15-yard penalty for any violation of the grid rules this season. The only penalties Altoona suffered were for 5 yards, off-sides. And that speaks volumes for the Altoona High 1029 creation. It shows that the marons are drilled In good clean football, and that they play the clean. Altoonu. has always been noted for decent players, They take no unfair advantage "In the pileups". Rest assured that If Altoona played dirty or committed any foujs, that Altoona' would have been penalized. For In every Altoona game*thls season officials strictly neutral have been used and they didn't ignore any happenings, just to please Alioona. Altoona Intends to keep the play clean. After all, that's as much of a credit as winning. "Not who won but. how did you play tho game." Try Three Forwards Altoona High didn't have to take any "air" against Windber on Saturday at. the Cricket field. The maroons gained all tho ground needed by hammering the line. The ball game saw the fewest number of passes of any Altoona game since the opening clash with Cresson. Altoona tried but two In that first game. Saturday the maroons attempted only three forwards. The team didn't need to take to the air to gain. One pass, Milton to Calderwood, gained 20 yards In the first period. Two more 'wore thrown later In the game, but both were grounded. Altoona benefited by Wlndber's use •of the aerials and three times Altoona Intercepted. Thompson intercepted one NEW WRINKLE ADDED TO MAN IN MOTION Portage Lewlstown Clear-Held Windber . Lock Haven 2 Hollldayaburg .... 1 Tyrone 1 Mount Union 1 Phillpaburg 1 Williamsburg 1 Cresson 0 Johnstown 0 Milton 0 Stata College .... 0 Li. T. Scores Pts. 0 0 231-12 IttO I) 0 46- 0 120 4(1- 0 75- « 45-8-1 Ul-20 30-19 73-58 97-8(1 43-31 19-51 2 115 110 80 77 77 fift 60 50 48 n midflckl and Altoona went on to score. Weld Intercepted in the third period and that led to a score. Lobre, sub. Intercepted in the fourth quarter and went 40 yards but no score came of It as the final gun was flrod. Must Always Down Ball One happening in the Altoona-Windber game Is drawing more discussion than even the game itself. And that happening is tho run that Windber was allowed to complete to score the team's only touchdown. In the third period with Windber on her own 40-yard line, a pass was thrown to Edwards. He made the catch. Before that the head- linesman's horn was tooted for an Altoona offside penalty. Altoona players listened to the horn and made no effort to bother Windber. And the Windber ball carrier made no effort to advance. He stopped. When appealed to «by fellow players he ran to tho goal lino unmolested. And Windber took the gain, Instead of the 5-yard penalty, which was perfectly legal. Altoona made the mistake by not downing the ball carrier. The ball Is never dead until the referee blows his whistle. And he is tho only official in a game with a whistle. The head linesman used a horn. The umpire used a gun. Rule 24 of the football code explains that "the referee only shall have a whistle." Other officials must have different sounding horns. Rule 25 pertains to the umpire which says that "the umpire must signal all fouls with a horn, but the piay continues until the ball Is declared dead by the referee." Tho same rule pertains to tho head linesman or fleld judge. And the rules provide that the umpire, field judge and head linesman must designate at once the noting of a foul, remaining at that spot to confer with the referde. Play, however, keeps on going until the ball is downed. The same thing pertains to time end- Ing a game. The gun can be fired any time but If the play is still in progress, that play must be completed, Tilings You Should Know Altoona High now has a point total of 231 points, which, is the largest score ever run up by a modern High eleven . . and more points are coming In the last four contests of the season. 'Turk Azar, 1 former A. H. S. guard,' Is playing for G-Burg frosh, his team losing 9-0 to Gettysburg academy on Saturday. Harry "Spook" Temple, Altoona, fullback for Bellefonte academy, drew words of praise in tho 0-0 game against Penn frosh . . , and the Ponn wrlteups say that "Templt- is one of the hardest line-plungers in prep school ranks. 1 ' Huntingdon High keeps right on winning games . . . and taking over the • St. Francis Reserves was something worth while . . . even though it means nothing in tho stand- Ing. Bollefonte High broke the "Jinx" held by Tyrone, and the Centre eoUnty team won a 'game just for luck . . . although Tyrone hadn't tasted of a defeat at Bellefonte since 1922. A little thing like rain didn't bother loyal Altoona High fans at the Cricket fleld . and athough It poured down in the second half nobody seemed to llnd need for an umbrella . . . and lots of folks got soaked. "Come get me" yelled Tommy Thompson, Altoona halfback, as he got through tho line against Windber and the whole team gave chase as the fleet back gained distance to rip off 59 yards and a score; . And "Sonny Boy" Milton also did some talking as Marron, Windber back,' tried to get out of his grasp In a tackle. . "Stay put, boy" said Milt, and the Windber player did. MARTIN HIGH IN CITY PIN LEAGUE Twenty-one scores of 200 or over were made last evening In the matches In the City Bowling league, Harry Martin, of the Morgan-Martin company turning in the high single and high match score. Martin got a 234 game to start off with and finished the evening with a 635 total. His high scoring helped the M-M team to win two of three from Machine Shop. Car Shop won a pair from Yon- Gerkcn with J. Langguth as the high scorer. Middle Division annexed two close games from Mllllkan Motors, margins being 9 and 32 pins. Hart Electric took two of three games from Dlxon Motors. Scores: i Mflllkan Motors Inc.— Boldt 204 202 173—579 Kehr 178 190 171—539 Germain 179 147 181—507 Epple 159 194 185—538 Russell 202 183 163—548 Totals 922 916 873 2711 Middle Division— C. Buck : 180 Guyer 174 Sherry ... ; 167 Hoffman .; 201 Donnelly .; 172 192 151 213 168 201 181—553 181—50G 184—564 168—537 191—564, 20-42 18-71 n- 4» 7-146 0-25 IMS 0-70 DEFENDS MAT TITLE. NEW YORK, Nov. B.—Oeorge Slilknt recognized world's heavyweight wrestling champion, successfully defended hit title for the second time in two weeki by throwing Glna Garibaldi, Italian Btar, after 26 minutes and HB seconds of struggling at the 71st regiment ttrmpry Monday night. In the semi-final, advertised for the cham- pionship'of Russia, Dimltrl Dimitroff was defeated by Vanka Zelsniuk in 14 minutes, 51 seconds. Jim McMillan, Illlaols, threw George Blackstone, Texas, In 6 minutes, 18 seconds. The 30-mlnute bouts between George Man- Ish and Carl Pojello and Hans Steinke and George Galza were called drawa. BATTEHIES KECHABGED AND UEPAIBED Call for our service truck when you have battery or ignition ^rouble.' We repair all makes of batteries, also Bell the famous Exide at exceptionally low price*. VON & GEUKEN UUIVE IN 1007-09 mil St. 1'liuue S561 Battery Repairing Ignition Service (.berry Ave. a «Ui bl. Dial .1-UtiH 01 8-871* H • H lly SOL MKT/GKK. When Fordham knocked the cockeyed football world silly a few weeks ago by upsetting Chick Median's string N. Y. U, team 2« to 0, one of its ; touchdown passes came about in an unusual way. The man In motion before thu ball, No. 2, In this case, 'no often ran behind his line to his left' und then came back to hfs right, much as hiu course is pictured in, the diagram, that Kordham's backs eventually stopped covering him as he swung wldu to the right, thinking ho wa» merely a decoy. Eventually ho mudo himself known In a most unkind way. As he tore widely to thu right on the particular play shown here, the ball was snapped to No. 1, who started to his left behind No, 4. No. 4 partially hides No. 1 in such That permitted No. 1 to circle to his rear and shoot a pass to No. L'. No. 2, being uncovered, breezed along easily for a touchdown. West Virginia will have to cover thin man in their gam« with Fordham today clue thu Mountaineers will get one tremendous walloping. Let's see tomorrow how the Navy uses the man in motion play. (Copyright, 1U29, Publlaheru Syndicate.) 1'LAN FOIl 1'KNX STATE. PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 5.—While tho University of Pennsylvania's var- Bily football team was given a full day of rust yesterday as a reward for iU surprise victory over the Navy last Saturday, the quuker coaching stuff held a meeting in which It began to lay plans for Penn State's downfall at thu local stadium thla week-end. Totals 894 925 905 2724 Hart Electric— Franks 159 180 192—531 £howalter . .• 188 146 .. .—334 Kilty , 175 108 171—514 Freeberg ....,.,..' 199 205 178—582 Anderson ... .1 154 ... 182—330 Cheers .'. , 162 146—308 Totals' .........875 861 8692605 .Dlxon Motor— Wood •'. 181 173 127—481 Stoiber 172 182 180—534 Boslet v .... 130 170 155—461 Dixon ,..,.. 209 179 194—582 Curry .< 144 202 189—535 Totals 842 906 845 2593 Yon-Gerkcn— J. Langguth 183 181 196—560 Weber 144 171 :158 473 Wihnerl 154 154 150—458 L. Langguth 197 168 ...—365 Kenner • 209 159 182—550 Apple .-....:.' ... ... 146-140 Totals .• 887 833 8322552 Car Shop— C. Bickel 146 187 170—503 J. Bickel 168 174 169—511 Martz 118 193 140—451 H. Bickel 159 161 212—532 E. B,eecher 172 150 200—522 Totals .._.. 763 865 891 2519 Morgan-Martin— Martin 234 187 214—635 Fink 165 158 212—535 Lafferty 182 163 162—507 Appier 144 154 199—497 Idelman 179 ,142 .. .—321 Kearney 200—200 Totals 904 804 987 2695 Machine Shop— Bauman 201' 169 Opatz 160 ... Lyons 184 164 Rothrock 188 202 McGarvey 162 222 CAM., FOIl BASKETBALL,. CARLISLE, Nov. 5.—Looking forward with assurance to another successful season on the court, 'Coach R. H. McArfdrews today Issued the llrst call to candidates for the basketball team. Seven of the probable squad membera are now on the football team. Headed by Captain Hoffman, three of last year's regular starting quintet including Captain.Bill Angle of the football team and Paul Smith, will.likely hold their berths on this year's live. Six of last year's substitutes, some ol whom could practically qualify as regulars, will likely report and battle for places, Brlllhart, Shomock, Jenkins and Forcey are on the football squad, while Johnson is nursing a broken collarbone received on the gridiron, so Barron will bo lone reservist to report early. YOUNG MEN/* ./"HOP 1113 ELKVUNTII STREET GENERAL TttUC Goes a long way to make friends. J. A. LEAP 1728 Eleventh Ave. Everything for the Amateur Movie Maker COHEN'S Agents For Ftlmo Equipment 1117 Eleventh St. Open Evenings You Can Win! $300 In Cash Prizes 6. M. S. Motor Co. Oakland-Pontiac Sales and Service Sob Green Avenue Christmas Treasure Hunt Contest &j^0^£^A^ii^d^ 189—559 223—383 200—548 188—578 .. .—384 164—319 Werner 155 Totals 895 912 9642771 THOMPSON HEARS TOP IN SCORING Only players from Altoona High And HolHdaysburg High added points to the scoring summaries as a result ( of football games played over the week-end in Blair county. Williamsburg, Roaring Spring, Tyrone and Altoona Catholic High teams added no points, the first three being held scoreless with the Catholics Idle. Doc Whlttaker, Williamsburg captain, retains first place with 13 totlch- downs and 6 added points. Harold Thompson, Altoona, has the same total of touchdowns but 1 extra point. The point summary of all Blair players follows: Td. Whlttaker, Wbg 13 Thompson, Alt 13, Milton, Alt 8 Rush, Alt 6 G. Campbell, Wbg. .. 5 Williams, Hbg 6 Hildebrand, Tyrone . 4 Friday, Tyrone 4 Conlon, Catholic .... 4 Kifer, Wbg 4 Weld, Alt 4 Stultz, Hbg 4 Derr, Tyrone 3 Helsel, Tyrone 3 Albright, Tyrone 2 Roush, Wbg 2 Hoover, Wbg 2 Berkheimer, R. S.' .... 2 Slpes, Altoona 2 Miller, Altoona 2 Kelly, Hbg. ^.. I Jones, Hbg 1 Burke, Catholic 1 Heinlnger, Hbg t. 1 Shaffer, Wbg. ../ 1 Walters, R. S. 1 Heuston, R. S. 1 Calderwood, Alt 1 Crawford, Tyrone .... 1 Irwin, Catholic ....... 0 Tjacrossa, Tyrone .... 0 Kerlin, Altoona 0 Pt. 6 1 4 S 2 0 2 - 2 1 1 1 0 1 1 2 0 0 U 0 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 Tot. 84 79 52 44 32 36 2(5 *26 25 25 25 24 19 19 14 12 12 12 12 12 8 8 d 6 6 • 6 U 6 6 1 1 1 THREE TEAMS ON TOP IN PINOCHLE LEAGUE The third week of play in the Blair County Pinochle league was finished this week, Bellwoqd Eagles, Altoona Eagles and Altoona Firemen winning matches. The league summary and schedule: Standing. Won Altoona Firemen 3 V. F. W laj., 3 Altoona Eagles ....... 3 Independent Oil Bellwood Eagles .. Bolt Shop Junlata Firemen . Johnston Sign Co. Bellwood Firemen D. O. K. K Lost 0 0 , 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 2 Pet. 1.000 i.ooa .667 .500 .333 ,333 .000 .000 .000 GUIDE DESTINIES Of 1 NEW YORK U. Schedule for This Week. Altoona Eagles at Bolt Shop. V. F. W. at D. O. K. K. Independent Oil at Johnston Sign Co. Altoona Firemen at Juniata Firemen. Bellwood Eagles at Bellwood Firemen. The summary: Altoona F. O. E. Bellwood Firemen 422232 2—17 0 2221 2 2—11 .... 121123 1—11 ...... 323321 3-^-17 Junlata Firemen Bellwood Eagles Altoona Eagles 141322 3—18 Junlata Firemen ..^.503122 1—12 Altoona Firemen ... Bellwood Firemen 221233 3—17 2 2 3 1 1 1 1—11 Leopold & Biqlejj "Lam-Fleece" California Weight TOPCOATS Fon the inaji who objects to the burden of a heavy, cumbersome overcoat . . . Hand-tailored of soft, durable Australian short nap fleece —warm as toast—wrinkle proof— showerproof . . New Blues, Browns, Tans and Greys. 35 See Them In Our Windows - "': ..-:'* > -. Among the coaches oft the New York university football team Is Al J.assman, captain of last year's great tenm. J>nsgm«n, star tackle, who was mentioned for All-America honors during the last two years, was severely Injured In the Carnegie Tech tilt last year arid recovery of his mental powers has been a matter of concern to followers of football. During the summer he had been resting- at long Beach and during the early practice sessions at Varmlngdale he seemed to be fully recovered. In the picture above are, left to right, Leonard Grant, captain of the tenm; Head Coach Chick Meehan, and Al Lassman. • GRIDIRON BRIEFS. (By United Press.) WEST POINT, N. Y., Nov. B.— Army was scheduled for a light scrimmage today, in making ready for Saturday's game with Illinois at TJrbana. The squad, without injury, was given blackboard ^ecture and then a light signal drill yesterday. NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 8.—Yale was ready to start practice for, the Maryland game todav. The plavers were given a rest on Monday. Bob lall, quarterback, and .b'red Linehan, guard, are on the injured list and may not start against Maryland, PRINCETON, N. J., Nov. 5—Only a light workout for part of the varsity squad was scheduled for Princeton today. All varsity players were excused yesterday after Saturday's hard Chicago game. Trlx, Bennett, with an injured leg, is the only casualty.. Lehigh will be played here Saturday. HAMILTON, N. Y., Nov. B.—Offense will be stressed in practice this week by Coach Andy Kerr in drilling the Co'o-atp. Hcivnd for S»*»''rta'"'' 1 "p-^o with Columbia. Kacaluso, 200-poun4 baicenng ru.ui, has IBI.UIUV.U ui ...o mU post at fullback after a two weeks sojourn with fhe reserves. The trading season Is near and McGraw wants a right-handed pitcher. Hang up your stockings, boys, and see what old Santy brings you. START WORK MR JOHNSTOWN SCRAP Altoona High starts a. new football season on Saturday, the maroon and white annually taking on a new lease of life with the Johnstown High contest. Altoona High will on Saturday forget the early part of the season, will '' forget the seven straight wins and attend strictly to the Winning b£ the game at Johnstown. A much harder game than usual Is expected this year. Johnstown's .record Isn't Impressive. Altoona's Is. And the difference on paper In the team records Is bothering the coaches somewhat, as the hardest task Is to key up the maroons. Johnstown is Altoona's hardest annual rival and a Win each year over the Johnnies is always the most desired reward. Altoona holds just two wins over the Johnstown team" since 1920, winning that year and again In 1922. During the last two seasons the teams played scoreless ties. There'll be scoring galore, maybe, ln< the Saturday game. Duncan C. McCallum of Leechburg, who was the whistle footer last Saturday In Altoona, will be the referee at Johnstown.on Saturday. He is head of the western Pennsylvania officials association. The klckqff at Johnstown is to be at 2.30 o'clock. > The Altoona High school band, th« maroon clad musicians, will make the trip to Johnstown, this being the musicians' annual "reward trip". Carsj will be furnished to transport the banajf The Johnstown High band will alsd'tfiP'-* at the game. v ONLY SLIGHT DIFFERENCE. A variation of only 10 seconds from the regular 15 minutes was noticed when the forty-playsrto-the-period method of football was tried in the ' game between Boston university and , Worcester Tech. 1 HAS BOWING TEAM. Oregon hopes to enter the intercollegiate rowing circle by scheduling races with the California and Washington freshmen crews. At present the squad is coached by a student. A man entered a police station and reported at the desk: "I reported yesterday that my watch had been stolen, but I have learned that I was wrong. The watch was not lost at all." "You're too late," the alert policeman replied. "TJie thief has already been arrested," We try not to have any mistakes If you buy your lumber from the largest lumber yard in Blair county. Jas. S. Fleck's Sons. Phone 7427. , Adv. We will be glad to demonstrate to you the Pilot Ray Driving Light This light turns automatically with your steering and puts the light where you need it. ! ' American Garage 800-808 Green Ave. DUTCH RfQ. V.S.PAT.Off. MASTERS Capitols Foil Z for 25c fint as any imported ciqar \ Fifth Avenuo Foil 10c SMOKE TALKS bi}the DUTCH MASTERS Aside to the ladies! Yes, we know that huj>by has plenty of money to buy his own cigars. But some day, why not give him an unexpected present of a box of Dutch Masters? You know how you feel when he remembers to "say it with flowers." * * * Comparable only to the thrill of his first long pants, is the moment when a young man realizes that he actually enjoys & good cigar. , , , Yes, there are men, "who simply cawn't abide anything but an imported cigar," or read anything that isn't "literatoor." But what do we care, as long as there aro millions of honest-to-gopdness regular fel« lows, who smoke Dutch 'Masters and read the sporting page every day? * * * The man who loves a good cigar need never be lonely. He can carry a whole crowd of jolly good fellows in his vest pocket, Time In the DUTCH MASTERS MINSTRELS Every Tuesday Evening at 8.30 Eastern Time— 8.30 Central Time, Station WJZ, New York, and Associated N. B. C. Station* Cop«cli4»uJ Ctaa Com.. Ntw York OPPERMAN CiQAR CO., 903 Green Ave., Altpona, Pa.

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