Independent from Long Beach, California on January 20, 1975 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
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Monday, January 20, 1975
Page 4
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A3-MKPENDENT (AM) MESS-TELEGRAM JPM) PRESIDENT FORD listens Sunday as daughter, Susan, shows him Mollie, the sister of First Family's golden retriever, Liberty, right Apparently asking if she could buy the second dog, Susan ': was asked by her father, "You want two?" Then without giving a final no, he told her, "You don't take care of one." Mollie and third retriever, left, live at Virginia kennel. -APWU Ford parties with old sidekicks from House By HELEN THOMAS WASHINGTON (UPI) President Ford motored to eastern Maryland in a light drizzle Sunday afternoon for a reunion with old Republican sidekicks in the House of Representatives. Ford said his w i f e , Betty, did not accompany him because of a recurrence of a back ailment. But White House doctor William Lukash' said she was just tired. The President was guest of honor at a gathering of the Chowder and Marching Society at the ranch-style home of former Sen. Charles Potter of Michigan, in Qucens- town, Md. The society was formed by freshmen GOP members who c a m e to Congress in the l a t e 1940's. - Ford arrived at the Potters home at around 4 p.m. EST and was welcomed by Potter, now a legislative consultant. Wearing a black double- breasted silver buttoned blazer w i t h matching black slacks, Ford told the Potters that Betty was "having b a c k problems again." The First Lady suffers f r o m osteoarthri- tis, a chronic ailment in her neck and lower back. She had made the social rounds with her husband Saturday night when they attended an AFL-CIO construction workers testimonial dinner; the 10th anniversary "non-inauguration" reception of Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., and a late seafood dinner together at the Sea Catch, a restaurant in the Fairfax Hotel a few blocks from the White House. Promising his daughter that he would "be back for dinner," Ford left the White House in a blue C o n t i n e n t a l , r e a d i n g newspapers a l o n g the w a y . When Ford walked into the Potter home he was applauded by the other guests. Then Potter, in a motorized wheelchair be- Udall hits Ford tax rebate plan CHICAGO (UPI) -- Rep. Morris K. Udall, D-Ariz., a Democratic presidential h o p e f u l , said S u n d a y President Ford's .Jx re- b'ate proposal would not cut into inflation soon Enough. ' Udall, who announced his candidacy for president last November, said the President's economic proposals were "the wrong way to go." He said that instead of the tax rebate, "You could get this purchasing p o w e r immediately by cutting the withholding t a x . The rebate w o n ' t come until April, but the country needs the money now " Worried About Why worry needlessly when a Thomas hair and scalp specialist can help you determine the cause of your thinning hair. Local scalp conditions, anxiety, even vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss. Thomas has been helping men and woman solve their scalp problems for over 54 years. 40 clinics, Call today, for a free, private consultation. % 3ma HAIR »SO SCA SPECIAUS1S Doilyi 10 o.m. to 7 p.m. Sat., 9 c.m, to 2 p.m, LONG BEACH 444 West Ocean Blvd. (Suite 504) 436-1321 cause of crippling World War 11 injuries, took him on a tour of the 48-acre estate. The President has a busy week ahead with several meetings involving his economic-energy program, a news conference early in the week, an address before the Conference Board made up of the nation's top business executives W e d n e s d a y evening, a televised interview on NBC Thursday, and a probable speech in Pittsburgh Friday. Ford has summoned his top economic advisers to a meeting this morning after signaling a -willingness to compromise on details of his program to c o m b a t the worsening recession. . Among the advisers will be T r e a s u r y Secretary William Simon, who was vigorously reaffirmed as F o r d ' s c h i e f economic spokesman Saturday even though Simon has been publicly opposed to the huge lax cuts and the massive deficits the program will incur. Others attending include A l a n Greenspan, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and W i l l i a m Siedman, Ford's assistant for economic affairs. 2 ousted chairmen score low WASHINGTON (UPI) The two committee chairmen ousted last week by House Democrats scored among the lowest of members whose voting records were rated by the Americans for Democratic Action Sunday. W.R. "Bob" Poage, D- Tex., deposed as c h a i r man of the Agriculture Committee, was one of only 11 Democrats who · scored zero on a scale rating 100 as a perfect score from the ADA's liberal viewpoint. F. Edward Hebert of L o u i s i a n a , ousted as chairman of the Armed Services C o m m i t t e e , rated a score of 4 on the ADA scale to place him far below the Democratic average of 51 and the overall House average of 39. C H A I R M A N W r i g h t Patman of the Banking and Currency Committee and Wayne Hays of House Administration, whose attempted o u s t e r by the Steering Committee was overturned by the Democratic Caucus, scored 26 and 30, respectively. As if to underscore the contention that the 91 new faces in the'House have made it a more b'beral body, the ADA said that only 9 of the 435 members of the last Congress rated perfect scores. All nine were Democrats. THEY WERE: Reps. Bella A b z u g , Herman Badillo and Elizabeth Holtzman, all of New York; Robert F. Drinan and G e r r y Studds of Massachusetts; Don Edwards and Edward Roy- bai of California; Donald Fraser of Minnesota, and Sidney Yates of Illinois. Twenty Republicans joined the 11 Democrats in voting wrong, by ADA standards, on each of the 23 issues selected as a basis for the 1974 rating. The 91 representatives who retired or were defeated for reelection last year averaged 24. The ADA includes absences in its scoring system, and since 1974 was an election-year requiring frequent absences for both primary and general election campaigning, the ratings were generally lower than they normally might have been. THE 21 committee chairmen, all Democrats, averaged a score of 32 last vear. Health Questions and Answers BENDS HEAD FORWARD HAS LOW BUCK PAIN Q. Doctor, 1 don't have any neck or back pain unless 1 bend over to workon something on mv bench or dHJIiill^. bend it over to read or fitie rny shoe ^H^ *f *. 1 Then \ real- \WTMllJMy have a sharp pain ivo* in mv low | | | ' back. Occa- K ' sionally it Dr. Lowell botners me Ward, D.C. m . "'P" places but not as much as my low back. 1 don't do anything about it because as long as 1 don't bend my head over, 1 don't have any problem. My wife has been bugging me to find out what's wrong so I'm asking you. A: 1 h.ive in idea that you have been involved in an auto accident or have injured your neck severely in another way. It sounds like you have some torn ligaments in the top of your neck underneath the base of the skull. When muscles anil ligaments are torn in head forward allows the lop vertebra, the atlas, to move too freely. Therefore, when you bend your head over an abnormal stress is exerted on the spinal cord irritating nerves in the area of this vertebra that effect lower back areas. Do you think that this is a serious problem? A: Yes, it is serious and one that certainly requires immediate Precision Chiropractic attention and care. Usually, a ma'-position of the atlas vertebra prevents the muscles and ligaments from healing as well as the continual bending your head forward, this sets up a dangerous condition in your neck and makes it terribly vulnerable to additional serious injuries should you be involved in another accident or neck injury. It just is not worth taking a chance on not having it properly treated. You "might not be as lucky with pain, etc. the next time. Q: What kind of treatment will help me and not hurt me more? A: 1 recommend Precision Chiropractic Methods because effective treatment can be given to correct the problem without use of heavy force or traction. In fact, you will hardly feel the vertebral adjustment. In the meantime, continue reading this column every Monday. Attend a FREE Spine Care Class at the WARD CHIROPRACTIC-ORTHOPEDIC OFFICES, 3535 E. 7th St., Long Beach, 433-0444. ? LEW -1975 10 BIG SALE DAYS! 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NORTH LONfi BEACH SHOP MON. «. FRI. 9-9, TUES., WED., THURS., SAT. 9-6, SUNDAY 10 TO 5

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