Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 41
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 41

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 41
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It's picking u p , s h e admits · - , . - · Hey Laura Baugh, how's your love life? BY DOUG IVES Staff Writer How's your love life, Laura Baugh? Answer: "What love lilc?" This paraphrase of the television commerical featuring the form e r Long Beach b e a u t y h a s prompted reporters to ask Laura h u n d r e d s of t i m e s a b o u t her romantic pursuits. When this reporter asked the same question Tuesday'during a round of golf at Canyon Country Club in Palm Springs, the director of golf at Canyon Hotel and llac- q u c t Club gave a surprising response. "I think I'm in love," she giggled. "It's someone you know, but 1 won't reveal any names. He's a very nice person and he's going to improve my golf game. I said a year ago I'd probably marry someone who is a better golfer than 1. He is." On the subject of matrimony, the glamour girl of the LPGA tour, who is in the desert to prepare for the rich Dinah.Shore-Colgate tournament March 30-Apri) 4, said: "Can you imagine living your life and not having anyone to share it with? 1 still want to win golf tournaments, but I want to win for and with somebody else besides myself?" Witt matrimony change your status as a tour golfer. Will you give it up in a [cw years? "I love to play golf and I'll keep playing as long as I enjoy it. 1 do want to gel married some day and to raise a family. At the same time. I know myself, I know 1 enjoy cooking but I'm not the chef." On miming, aren't you overdue? "Yes, long overdue. But I'm pla.ving well this year. In order to win you have to be in position to win often. If you arc there week after week eventually you will break the ice, I'm not saying I'll win this week, or nest, but as long as I give myself a chance, I think I'll win soon." Whjit if you mn the Colgate and collect $35,000? "We'll have one helluva party and we'll probably spend the entire 'purse. I'll tell you this, Ihere will be champagne in Ihc press room." Your golf swing and lack of distance has been criticized. Have you done anything to (his? " I ' v e d o n e a t r e m e n d o u s amount of work on my swing this year. I've changed a lot of things and I'm hitting the ball extremely long. I'm using a graphite driver and 3-wood, which helps, but I'm getling stronger, too. I'm working out quite a bit. exercising and building my legs." Does your busy schedule hurt your game? "Golf is still the most important thing to me. 1 want to be able to practice when and as long I want. Bui at the same time 1 love life and 1 want to do other things. Yes, my busy schedule has hurt me sometimes." It has been said that your health IMS aKcctcd (or the same reason? "I'm very healthy right now. A year ago I went through a lot of tests. I was sick because 1 was doing an extreme amount of work. B u t ! took every lest possible and it all came out fine. I don't sec any future problems." Do you still desire to be a i»i/- liooairc? "I've probably changed, and people will say the girl can'l make up her mind, but I enjoy making money. As long as it doesn't take away from my health and happiness, I still want lo make a million. It would be nice to walk away from this gnme with a million dollars." There was a kookie guy fallowing you around the tournaments not long ago. What became ot him? "I don't really want lo say much about (his. On lour you have too many problems to add another one. But Ibis went on lor a year and a half before 1 reported it. My mom and dad were getting phone calls and he was tmspttini; me. But it has come lo a climax and 1 believe il's straightened out. 1 don'l want to talk about it any more." (Continued on C-2, Col. 8) LAL'llA BAUGI1 She's In love II\\K 1101 I I\4.WOIITII Probation rankles Howard W a y n e Howard is suffering Ihrough his third term under the yoke of NCAA probation, but the i almost-always b u b b l i n g Long Beach State football coach is worrying more about it now than ever before. "That's the truth," sighed Howard, who. is in the second week of spring practice with a team he considers Ihe best of his three -I9er productions. "I always have that probation I thing on my mind lately and I I worry about it a lot because it's j hard to always be able to tell exactly what to do. My biggest burden is ; that it is important to the school lo ! do ihings the right way. . "I'm more alerted to the rules than ! ever would have been II there wasn't any probation. But, to be honest, I would read the rule hook and still wouldn't know the rules. Now I know the book real well. "Yet, the hard part is to understand the interpretations and implications. Sure, I know not to offer anybody a car, but il goes beyond that. "For instance, there's a new rule that you can visit with a prospect just three times. If I bump into a kid on the street, I find myself wondering, 'Do I have lo count that as a visit?' "You've got to be so darned careful. You can commit a viola- lion without having the slightest idea lhat you're doing so." HOPEFULLY, THIS s e a s o n will be Ihe 49ers' final one on probation. (The school'was penalized for "at least three years" and it apparently has kept its skirls as clean as the ones you see on those TV detergent commercials.) Surprisingly, the ban ilself has not crushed Howard's spirit nor has il been an obstacle to his winning ways. Taking over a club that went 1-9-1, Wayne has powered the 49ers to G-5 and 9-2 campaigns. Over (he last 15 games, Howard is 13-2 at Long Beach Stale. Yet, now and then he muses about things that "might have happened" if not for Ihe yoke. Even a successful football coach Is human, loo. "Along the way I sometimes think of the great chances lo have been on TV that we missed," he sighed. "Then, I w o n d e r if we might have lost a couple kids because of the probation. "But, what the heck, we did pretty good, anyway. I'll still worry constantly about the NCAA rules even when we're off probation." HOWARD HAS NO crying towel this spring. Right now he's one of Ihose r a r e animals--a football coach whetting his appetite in anticipation of the autumn madness. He thinks his club is loaded, and doesn't mind saying il. "This is the best team I've had al Long Beach and I thought the one last year was great," enlhused Wayne. "Defensively, especially, I doubt if I could ask for more. "There's no defensive position t h a t I ' m concerned about now. We're almost two deep in good people everywhere. Thank God for thai. Depth has always been a problem al Long Beach, but our defensive people now are experienced, q u i c k and l o u g h ...and there's lols of them. [Continued on C-2. Col. 5) JOHN DIXON, Sports Editor THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 1976 SECTION C. PAGE Gl Lakers Ml to Bucks MILWAUKEE ( A I M - Clary Broknw hit a hnl scoring slrcak in I h e third quarter Wednesday lo lead Ihe Milwaukee Bucks lo ;i Iffl- 9(i victory over the Uikers.. Scoreless in (he f i r s t h i i l f , lirokaw delivered nine points in a 2'A-iiiiiinlc segment, helping I ho Bucks convert a GS-liS deficit lo ;i 76-73 lead. Ttie UikiM-s h.itj held ;i 57-55 advantage at intermission. (Continued on C-2. Col. 7) UCLA FAVORED BY 13'/2 POINTS STATEL1NE, Nev. (Al') -- Top- ranked Indiana is favored by 81$ points over Alabama and defending champion UCLA is a 13%-poinl favorite over Pepperdine in NCAA tournament games Thursday night, according to Harrah's Reno-Tahoe Race book. The UCLA-Pepperdlne winner will meet the winner of the Nevada- Las Vegas-Arizona g a m e . Las Vegas is a 6-polnt favorite over the Wildcats. In other games tonight, Rutgers is favored by 9 points over Connecticut, DcPaul by T/i over VMI, Mar- (|ue(lc by Vft over Western Michigan, Missouri by Vh over Texas Tech and Michigan by 1'A over Noire Dame. Commissioner speaks: 'Let there be baseball' By GARY RAUSCII Staff Writer If A r i z o n a and Nevada-Las Vegas haven't turned Pauley Pav- lion's floor into a pile of splinlers w i t h Iheir Cobra-quick offenses, UCLA and Pepperdine will stage a D a v i d and Goliath battle in to- nighl's N C A A Western Regional basketball semifinals. Both Fred Snowden. the Dcserl Fox from Tucson, and Jerry Tarka- nian, the Pied Piper of the nation's gambling capital, realize the winner of their 7:05 contest will likely f a c e U C L A in Saturday's championship game and they relish Ihe challenge. UCLA coach Gene Bartow ami Pepperdine's Gary Colson appeared lo have their roles reversed on Ihe eve of Ihcir meeting (9:10 p.m.). Ac Grrfufcr*. \ C. Court orders new trial for Hurricane Carter nr II Uutitffl utitfflr. Kr TUT T"h r. ', S"rf f*nf. i N.Y. Times Sf rvicf NKW YORK -The New Jersey Supreme Courl unanimously ordered a new trial Wednesday for Rubin (Hurricane) Carler and John Artis. convicted almost nine years ago for the murder of three persons and sentenced lolife imprisonment. In overturning a I967 verdict, the courl ruled that the Passaic County prosecutor's office had concealed evidence that had "substantially prejudiced" a fair trial. "The withholding of material evidence favorable to a defendant is a denial of due process and the right to a lair trial irrespective of the good faith or bad faith of Ihc prosecution," the seven-member court found. (Continued on C-2, Col. ti OKT lly Associated Prf ss Baseball commissioner Bowie Kulm ordered major league spring training camps to "get underway without further delay" after the players union's executive board declined to take action Wednesday on (he owners' "final" contract offer. The Dodgers and Angels immediately announced plans to begin training. The Dodgers will depart Ibis morning al 10 aboard their four- engine jet for Vero Beach, Fla., while (he Angels have scheduled Ihcir first workout this afternoon at l:30inlloltville. Many of the Dodgers arc already in Florida as is manager Waller Alston and Ihcir first work- o u t w i l l be t o d a y . The only unsigned D o d g e r is calchcr-oiil- fielder Joe Ferguson who is in Florida and presumably will con- linuc contract talks here with vice president Al Camparis. Of the A n g e l s ' 39-man r o s t e r , e i g h t players remain unsigned. The executive board of Ihe p l a y e r s association, meeting in Tampa, had urged the opening of spring training camps and Ihc reopening of stalemated negotiations wilh Ihe owners. "Because 1 think it is now vital that spring training gel underway without further delay, 1 have directed that all camps be opened al the earliest possible time," Kulm said in his announcement. "While nobody is more disappointed lhan I thai we do not have Bartow nervous, Wave coach nonchalant on showdown eve Ilarlow was nervous, again, seemingly carrying Ihe weight of the world on his shoulders. Colson was loose and nonchalant. NCAA Playoffs "Don't even Ihmk about asking me about Las Vegas or Arizona," said Bark/*. "All I've got on my mind and all I want my players thinking about is Pcppcrdmc." (Continued on C-3, Col. 1) riff l RUBIN CARTER Will get day in courl TKl.FAStON CnllfKf halkrlball-- ITI.A % * P P f»-rdinf. KCOP illi. '. D m . . I ' X !.!·. VCS.T, \. An;ofi.i. KCOP il.1i. .ifu-r UCl.Vfi.vne. R A f l f O r«Urj(r Kukdtwll- UCLA vs Pep- pvrdinc. KMPC. 3 p m Sailing -- (VinKrrssiflrul Cup. lif.-jrh hrrMku.'ilcr. I I n m HOTS* racing -- Thorau^hhfrfH. S.'int.n Anita. !..» p m : Harrows how. !/* AlarniiM. * p m JC ba»rt»ll-- l/ine Cil Col \t-ff al W C.imijvi. 2-^ p m Prfj track-- Poly .11 Cnmwiin. J"f- 31 \Mrvtnt. Mlllik.-m M Wilwin. Si Anihir nl Servile, all 3 I', p m Gymnastics -- Jordan il Poly. ^ J'» p m ; Wilson ni Million 7 Vi n m Crllrxr tmkrlbill- NT AA Wrs! He EkiiiaK al P a n l o y Paulino I'S'-lji Vog^s \ Anz/.na, 7 p m . l'CI-\ v PepfjcMinf. 't p m B««in«-- rrankic huanc ^ nV hrintarrmfiilhK. OljmpK- A u d . X p m BOWIE KUIIN Orders camps opened solid progress lo a final ugreemenl. Hie fans are the most important people around and their interests now become paramount. Opening the camps and starting the season on lime is whal Ihcy want." Kulm had said last week, under his authority as guardian of the best interest of baseball, (hnl he v-ould slep in and order Ihe camps opened. Al lime, ho said he would intervene if there was no progress. However, this week, while in Florida, site of previous nr(;oti;ilim sessions, Kulm said lie would slcp in if he saw progress ami (lie camps slill remained closed. The owners had announced on Kcb. n thai Ihe camps would be closed indefinitely until there was a new labor contract or sufficient progress toward reaching a now agreement. Although Marvin Miller, executive director of the players' union, had called for Kuhn to step in and order the camps opened, they remained closed. This would indicate thai Iho owners had not seen sufficient progress. A spokesman for the commissioner said Kulm had pretty much made up his mind before Miller's announcement Wednesday lhat (he union's executive board would decline lo lake action on the owners' final proposal. The spokesman snid the commissioner nuide up his mind and Ihen informed the Player Relations Commillcc, Ihe liiirgalniiifi agent lor the owners. of the n u m b e r of players In (he s p r i n g Iraining areas, (he spokesman f e l t t h e camus, in one form or another, could tie opened on Inday. John Gnhcrin, chief bargaining agent for Ihe owners, has bucn asked lo advise the clubs Wednesday as lo Ihc procedures lo Ix 1 followed in inviting the players to camp. A mccling of owners is scheduled for Saturday in New York. (ConlinucdnuC-2, Col.1) Messersmith will go high, but won't match Catfish A N D Y Tirnn Ky GORDON V E R R K L L Stall WrlUr If Andy Messersmith expects to extract n supcr- si/.cd wad of money, ala Catfish Hunter, he might as well forget il. That, at least, is the feeling of two of Ihc clubs thai have contacted the newly-liberated Messersmith regarding his services for 1976. "Hunter was a once-in-a-lifctime Ihinn," said S;in Diego general manager Peter Havasi. "Bui Mcsser- .smith, because of Ihe recent arbitration decision, ap pears lo be the firsl of a long line of free agcnls. "The bidding may be pretty high hut I'm f a i r l y certain it won't be like the Hunter case." Hunter last year signed a mulli- year contracl with Ihc New York Yankees calling for a reported $3.75 million. He was rjranled free agenl status because of a conlracl breach by Oakland owner Charlie Kinlty. Ted Turner, Ihe new owner of Ihc Allanla Braves, is in Long fieach for Ihe Congressional Cup yacht race ami has been in contact with Messcrsmilh and his agent, Kerb Osmond, the last two days in meetings al Ihe Long Beach Yacht Club. "I'd love lo have him in Allanla." Turner said Wednesday, "but I'm nol going lo give the fctier;il mint to (jet him." Besides Ihe Parlrcs and Braves, Osmond has talked briefly with Angels' general manager. Harry Dallon. and with representatives of the St. I/iuis Cardinals and New York Yankees. Asked il the Dodgers-- Mcssersmith's team before he was given his free agent status--suxxJ much of a chance in the auclkm, Osmond, rcpied, "I doubt it." "Bui now thai the camps are opening I think Ihe tempo will pick up," he said Wednesday ni«hl, fully expecting to gel in touch with every club before he and Im star righthander decide on a (cam. "It's gelling quite interesting. I know Andy want? In get it settled as 'oon as possible, c-specialty now l h a t spring training is teginnin?. So far he hasn't missed anything as far as working out goes. "So far our talks have been preliminary in n.-iture. They want lo know whal we're looking for and wh.-it guidelines we have sel down" Osmond had said earlier lhat he was seeking a four- year contract for Messersmith. bul ridded. "Thril s certainly nol a life or de:ith thinfi. We're pretty o?*n " Turner, for one. docsn'l object to the free a^cnl status of players. "I think it's great," he said. "In fact, I'd like to sec every player made a free agi-nl . . and (he manners and (he owners, too. and even Ihc newspaper fiuy*. If lhat happens maybe we «n lift the pricti down where they belong." Turner, one of the nation's lop yachtsmen, so f;ir lias nol been able lo spend much time sailing. Besides spending Iwo days talking willi and about Messcrsmilh ho was oul of lied at ·! o'clock Wednesday morning. His wile became ill. PEOPLE PLEASING 3300 CHERRY AVE. LONG BEACH 595-1622 Leasing All Makes Models WORLD-WIDE DELIVERY SERVICE · CARS · TRUCKS · EQUIPMENT Kennedy Service International

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