Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 6, 1962 · Page 6
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 6

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1962
Page 6
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HUMBOLDT STANDARD Friday, April 6, 1962, Pago 6 Doug/as Profits On Miss//es Challenged By J K K U Y United Press WASHINGTON ( U P J » - Sen. John L. McClollan. D-Avt, dial- lenyett (lie Douglas Aircraft Co. torby to produce itemized cost figures lo prove fhal it did not au-five excessive profits as a major suhconirai'lor for the Nike guided missile. "(live us the figures," McClel Ian told Donald W. Douglas. Jr., president of the firm. "Give us nn itemized list," McClcllmi issued the challenge during hearings by his permanent inveii(j;uiuns subcommittee int( IVmagfii procurement practices ;iiid alk-yed "profit pyramiding"' hy .some contractors. Dotiyla.s' practice of taking profits on \\ork which it farmed out to third-layer .subcontractors has the million since ]952 on Nike component contracts of $599 million. Douglas subcontracted $4$ifi million of this, receiving pay for supervising the work. Cite Supervision Co sis Douglas and a company vice president, H.L. Johnson, argued that many costs of supervision and guidance were not reimbursed and should he charged off against alleged profits. They said, for example, that Douglas' topmost administrative and technical staff must keep close watch over subconlrndars. o ensure technical reliability and; close co-ordination of production and careful attention to the "little details" of producing an enormously complicated weapon. McClellan also planned to call Army officials to testify about re- become the chief issue in the ported attempts hy some contrac- hearings. tors lo torpedo a new system oi McClellan and the subcommitte procurement. have been pressing Douglas par-1 Douglas was the major secon- ticulnrly lo justify profits of MS.e'daiy contractor for research, de- vclopmenl and procurement ol the Nike antiaircraft missile. contracts came from 'Western Electric Co., tlio prime contractor, and in turn Douglas subcontracted out most of the work assigned to it. Jerome S. Adlcrman, McClcl- lan's chief counsel and Robert Dunne, an investigator, Douglqs Wednesday by figuring profits separately on f5W million worth of contracts channeled to Douglas. Mil Figures Cited The two investigators said Douglas completed $103 million worth of components itself and subcontracted ?4£i6 million. Its profits were $45.6 million. Measured against the total con tract, the profit margin was 7-B per cent. But measured against Douglas' own effort, profits came lo 4-1.3 per cent, they said. McClellan Qiul Douglas spent two inconclusive hours fencing about the profit figures. The question boils down to this, according to McClellan: Was Douglas justified in figuring profits on the total job. Yes, Douglas maintained. He said: "It is just plain, common, simple everyday practice to measure a company's earnings as a per- Brother Juniper "One nice thing about tight sandals; they don't let you worry about anything else!" :enlage of the total cosls of doing profit: ihe job--labor, materials, over-' toiad, subontracls, and so on." Douglas said t h e company's! 'its before taxes on total Nike component sales actually came to million, a margin of less than 3.2 per cent on total sales. $2.5 Million For Johnson Wile In Divorce Wrangle SAN F R A N C I S C O Mutual divorces were- granted Wednesday to wealthy industria- jst Waller S. Johnson and his wife, Pauline, who fought one pf the longest legal battles in California history. A Superior Court ruling by Judge John B. Molinari ordered Johnson, 77, to pay his wife $2.p million. They spent 1)5 days ip court. Judge Molinari f o u n d both guilty of extreme mie)ty and said the Mrs, Johnson, 55, committed adultery. The judge also directed that Mrs. Johnson's attorneys should bs paid $250,000 and that she ! should pay a $1211,000 bill In ac-: counlanls who a p p r a i s e d the estate. Johnson is president of the Prided Calculating Machine Company, San Legndro, and board :hairman of American Forest Products Co,, San Francisco. He wd Mrs, Johnson had been raar- ,'ied nearly 25 years, A c t r e s s Ann Miller filed siiit against wealthy oilman Arthur Cameron for $7 million and a sep. arate maintenance decree, charging that he repu dialed their M e x i c a n marriage. The 38-year- old actress a s k e d t h e court to rule that Cameron could not deny they were married. (UPJ Teleplioto) To Your Good Health by JOSEPH 6. MOLNER, M.P. does fi Bear Pr. H)c|ncr: What "t, i.'d." mean on a (ion? Arid some of the.ofher abbreviations'; Why not change plain EnglishJ-K. J. P. "T. i.'d" means "ter in die," which translated is three times a day Sometimes just M t: d." ter die" are used. Several hundred Greek or Latin terms or abbreviations are prescriptions, Tbt custom Started when these were the "learned languages" of scholars. After all, while (he art of drugs and prescriptions been several decades in a fantastic state gf growth 1 , pharmacy is Jiousands of years old, So (J suppose) we just Kept on using terms which had come to 6e · generally accepted among people in !hst phase of activity. "T. i, d." is a lot.quicker to write than "three times a day," Or "bi .i d" [or twice a day A p h armacist understands iliese directions. The terms have become the "language of his pro- prescrlp- little to need ande' used meai for new 16 TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES "Babies" everything you'll wash for baby! OF APRIL!! New Frigidaire Baby Care Laundry Pair Here's a great pair to have on your side, when things get overwhelming-as only you know they can! Washer soaks automatically, too-assures sparkling clean clothes for baby and all the family! 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M O T O R S 10.30 A Month EASY TERMS Direct Financing FREE DELIVERY FREE NORMAL INSTALLATION FREE ONE YEAR SERVICE OPEN FRIDAY EVENING UNTIL 9:00 P.M. EUREKA 37 \\ r . Second Si. I'lionc III 3-3161. FORTUNA LOW ' S 1 ' iirnlllire Main St. RA 5-3141 AWARD OF MERIT SERVICE.., twiy ippllme you bu? litrt I) b«rted br ««Maili| i*Ytw- hownd hr rrflMWn H · rfWtrt, prompt, Dor- tilth, hctorjMnlniil iirvlcg opintloii 'essiqn," In turn, he puts a neat label on the bottle with such directions as the. patent ' will "One capsu'e three limes a day," or whatever.. 'W s the classic abbreviation (or aqua, or water. Why change, so long as iverybody understands? "P. o." is "post cibos", or after eating." "0. D." has come to in right aye or "oculus dex- ter," and "0. L." is left eye. "Sig." means write or label. And so on. No doubt we cfuld devise a set of abbreviations - but this lakes time, and I suspect that 't would have no particular advantage over the present system. It is the same in a good many jlher things, too, you know. What about "a. m." for morning and T 'p. m" for afternoon? We could Anglicize it to "b n." and "a. n." for before noon and after noon, nit why should we? And such abbreviations as A. D. or B, C. Or we could change "per cent" .0 "per hundred" We e use such an expression as ·'"contra - indicated," meaning 'against the evidence we have," Because it's short and clear. But believe me, as intricate as ;he art of preparing drugs has become, no pharmacist need do anything (o make it any more esoteric. It might be worth mentioning that there is a need for young people to lake up the study or training for all sorts of technical or skilled professions related to medicine, We need people who have what it takes to learn these demanding professions. Dear Dr, Molner: My husband !ets a blur in his eyes. Some- imes while, driving he will pull over to the side of the road and vail until he can ne better. He s 72 but in aood health except or overweight. What should be done about this? - MRS, E. T. This is a potentially serious symptom and should be investigated. Causes may range from eye disease lo Heart or circulatory trouble. So have him see his doctor. Dear Dr. Molnrr: I find that I can go lo sleep easily if I imagine I am gazing at a .Jot of green leaves and trying to.cpunt them, Or counting sheep as they ju"'p over a fence. Alao if I count backward, 88, BB, 87, ect, - W. J. Such simple measures often work. Too many people brush them aside because they "sound too easy." j Pear Dr, Molner: What would, you use as a solvent for aluminum chloride to reduce hand sweating? -^P.M.O. Waler. Have Ihe druggist make up a solution, from 10 to 26 per cent, and daub it on hands or feet to retard excessive perspiration. Dear Dr. Molnen I am troubled with ulcers on my ankles. They are painful and so hard to heal, I suppose on account of poor circulation. Can you tell me a remedy that will heal them? -- MRS. D.E. The most useful advice I can give sufferers of these stubborn ulcers of the ankles and legs is to stop looking for a "remedy" and to start long-range treatment for the circulation. Varicose veins arc one of the common causes. Treatment of the faulty veins can be most helpful. There arc, of course, other causes of faulty circulation, but some of them are rather technical. Tha point 'is this: Get expert attention concerning the circulation; the ulcers are a result of this basic trouble, and that's the way to go at it. You can't fix a plugged pipe by shining the faucet. You'll have a tliin lime of it trying to cure ulcers that are (he result of faulty circulation, until you get after the circulatory trouble first. Hemorrhoids can be cured! If troubled with fissures, fistulas, itching and other rectal problems, write to Dr. Molner in care of this newspaper requesting a copy of the booklet, "THE REAL CURE FOR HEMORRHOIDS," enclosing a long, self.nddressod, stamped envelope and 20c in coin to cover printing and handling. Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that due to tho tremendoi:: volume received doily, he is unable lo answer individual letters. Readers' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. KEALi;? SOCKED P H I L A D E L P H I A UPI)- Pitchor John Wadsworth of Louisville couldn't have had too much on Ihe ball, Aug. 17, 18D4, be. cause ho was logged for nn all- lime major lenguo record of 3S hils in one gnmo by tho Philadelphia Phillies. Largest municipio in Puerto liico is San ,Iium, with 451,6511 Inhabitants; smallest is Culobra wilh 573.

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