Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 16, 1969 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 16, 1969
Page 14
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14 · Mwran TUNIS, Wetf., April U, 1H»|| Um. MHUOMM ___ Time Alone Will Reveal The Mystery Of Cancer By ALTON BLAKESLKE Associated Press Science Write; NEW YORK (AP) - Is can eer research winning pay-offs Once a year, the American Cancer Society stages a kind o annual check-up into this ques tion--at a seminar where scien lists report their latest findings to science writers. Early this month. 51 scientists spoke at such a seminar in Nev Orleans. Many in effect lightec new candles of hope for better detection, treatment a n d pre vention of some kinds of cancer and new insights into the puz zling behavior of cancer cells. But, as in the past, only time will tell whether initial hopes will sputter out or become en during contribution?, to resolve the mysteries of cancer. Cancer is not just one hu probably many diseases, de pending partly in what organs or tissues it occurs, specialists point out. An immense chal lenge is to loarn why a "wild 1 cancer cell behaves diffcrntlj. from the normal, wcll-bchavcd cell. HUGE PROBLEM Faced with this, researchers peck away ;it bits of the huge problem. They place bets across a wide board, since no one can be sure there is one big pay-off number. The "answer" might come in knowledge of causes--and therefore means of prevention--or in cashing in on ways in which a drug or radiation could kill a cancer cell but not harm a normal one. or through basic understandings, of normal life processes among the billions of colls that make 11 p a living body. Thus, this year's research checkup produced a number of optimistic reports on small pieces of the cancer attack. Among them: --A blood tost might become able to detect cancers of the bowel almost before they really become started. That could mean early removal or special treatment before the cancers sjircad. even before radical surgery might be needed. Cancers of the colon and rectum are expected to afflict T.'I.OOO Americans this year, killing 40,000 of them. That toll will be second only to lung cancer deaths. The basis fnr this preliminary hope is discovery by Dr. Phil Gold and associates of McGill University in Montreal of a detectable chemical substance-characteristic or .specific only to bowel cancers - t h a t circulates 1n the bloodstream. Testing for it. they were able to identify a small number of patients with bowel cancer. CAUTION EXPRESSED Dr. Cold expressed a proper caution. It's easy, he said, to bat 1.000 in a few times at bat. hut it's the total season record t h a t counts. In other words, several thousand patients must be tested before the value of such a blond test can become clear. --Cancer cells growing in test-tube cultures arc lound to connect themselves by bridges nf their own cellular material. They apparently communicate this way. When one of these cancer cells divides, it apparently shoots an electrical signal through the bridges to make all the inter-connected cancer cells split into two cells at the same t i m e -- f a r sooner than they would if they were not in contact. A chain reaction lakes place. Tint unlike the chain reaction of splitting of atoms in a bursting A-bomb, said Clarence D. Cone. Jr.. director of the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics at Lan gloy Research Center. Hampton. Va.. of the National Aeronautics and Space Administra lion. If the SHtne thing happens to cancer cells w i t h i n the body, it could help explain why cancers grow so rapidly at the expense of healthy cells, which divide a a more leisurely pace. And ways might be found to inter- nipt the process. --Plans are afoot, said other researchers, to use fevers of ar lificiaily induced heat to kill off cancer cells t h a t have spread t h r o u g h o u t the body. Their approach is based upon past find- nip^ t h a t heating the blood flow ing into cancerous arms or legs has helped cure or control some m n l i g n a n t growths. Anti-cancer dnms could be added to the heal treatment for a double punch. NEW AVENUES -Promising new avenues are being explored to increase na- tural resistance to cancer. Cancer might be a pretty common thing-- repeatedly a few cancer cells may appear, but Ihcy are conorolled by antibodies or other mechanisms to kill them off quickly. Boosting natural defenses would keep such cancer "starts" from taking root. --Evidence keeps growing that viruses may cause some- human cancers. Scientists are chipping away at identifying and isolating some suspects. Vaccines might be made against the culprils, as against polio virus. --Up to 80 per cent of cancers might be caused by chemicals in our environment, by one estimate. Delicate new tests arc exploring the cancer-causing po- lenlials in things we eat, breathe in or live with, including air pollutants, pesticides and drugs. Once causes are pinpointed, they could be avoided. --Newer studies find more evidence that some cancers--such as breast and stomach--may run in families. If this is proven, then people in such families who face higher than normal risks should have more frequent checkups to delecl cancers al a more curable slage. --A new operalion is helping some people whose arms or legs swell lo painful size because cancer surgery removed lymph glands, part of the body's drainage system. The operation connects a litlle known organ in the abdomen--Ihe omentum--to the swollen limb to drain off accumulated fluids. So go some bits and pieces 'rom the research roulette againsl cancer. Frisco To Mark Anniversary Of Quake of 1906 By JACK SCHREIBMAN Associated, Press Writer SAM FRANCISCO (AP) doomsday prophets or no doomsday prophets, San Francisco will observe Friday the i3rd anniversary of one of history's worst earthquakes. The srcrs are invited, but it is reported they are pretty far off. vaiting for California to slide nto the Pacific. They'll wait a long time, said .layor Joseph Alioto. Going along with what he hoped was a ;ag. he announced a predawn quake party on the steps of City Hall in honor of one of the grandest cracks on the face of the earth--the San Andreas Fault. The guest of honor will be iresent. for City Hall sits almost on the tremendous frac- ure of the earth's crust. Promptly at 5:13 a.m., 63 'ears to the minute after the :ity was shaken by the giant luake a 1906 fire engine will lang up to City Hall to start the ostivitics. Poems of the earthquake will be read by two newspapermen; i government expert will speak n the impossibility of predict- ng earthquakes; vintage music vill come from the brass of Turk Murphy's Band. Police Chief Thomas Cahill vill tell the role police played back on April 18. 1906. in the make and fire that took 452 ives and caused $350 million in osses. Meanwhile, the prophels wait The state's obituary has al- ·eady been written and set to music, in calypso, yet; "Where can 'we go when here's no San Francis-Co?" Then there's something about California hippies tying up their loats in Idaho, which is where Pocatello is. The residents of Pocatello wish some other state had been chosen by the fearful, because a leading San Francisco hippie las threatened Pocatello with an influx of 10.000 of his kind to escape the deluge. Last December, the Phoenix Gazette quoted an architect as saying the entire 800-mile-long state would he under water at the latest by 1980. leaving 1'hoe- iix' 50 miles from the sea. Similar grim predictions have come from mystics, and novelist Curt Gentry's hook "The Last Days of the I.ate. Great State of California" is a hot seller. Agencies have been swamped with inquiries about earth faults. and Opera Workshop present Benjamin Britten's Comic Opera ALBERT HERRING April 21 thru 26 Box Office Openi Tomorrow Dial £75-4752 Hours: 1-5 Daily for Reservation! 9-12 Saturday Box Office open Daily thrifty food shopping Del Monte nun DINKS WE WELCOME U.S.D.A. FOOD STAMPS PORK STEAK 3 46-Oz. Cons Marvel Made SANDWICH SPDEiD g r 45* Western Maid Sliced DILL PICKIES 16-01. Jar 35* Riceland R I C E Lb. Box 2 £ 39* BACON Ends and Pieces Frein deliciously tender and tasty! 4 $109 Boneless Boston Butt Pork Roast Capital Pride - All Meat 59 FRANKS HAMS CRACKERS l-Lb. Box APPLE PIES 4 99 MACARONI Budget Pack PIZZA Totinos Frozen Hamburger - Cheese - Sausage Big l-Lb. Size 59 COFFEE Maryland Club l-Lb. Can With $3.00 Added Purchase Exc. Tobacco 46 POTATOES Gooch's Instant 1-Lb. Pkg. Zestee Strawberry Preserves c 18-0z. Jar College Inn TOMATO COCKTAIL C 26-Oz. Jar Royal Garnet Frozen Grape Juice $100 6-Oz. Cans Strained Fruits - Vegetables Juices GERBERS BABY FOOD RED Hales Pride Stuffed SPANISH OLIVES Jar POTATOES Griffint Fancy COCONUT 7-Oz. Pkg. ' · ^ W · 39' Rhodes Frozen Bake n' Serve HOMEMADE BREAD Hales Pride Pure Vegetable Oil 48-Oz. Jar BELL PEPPERS GREEN ONIONS FRESH «, 1Ac CARROTS . . . ' - . HI Oeumak MUJHMMIOWJ 2ia 4fr Reynolds BROILING FOIL 20-Ft. Roll 49* SHAWNEE 7'/»-Oz. ^ Tmtee VANRU WAFERS Mb. Pkg,

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