The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 2, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS •liar • : i f«E DAILY FREE PRESS MARY E ROE Established Weakly 1877 Press Publishing Co. JOHN T. GALBRAITH Editor and Manager Telephone - - 218 TERMS ' 16 cents & we*k.,' bills due weekly. .Jot-worK strictly i»)Mi. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION .$7.80. Entered at the postofflce at Carton- Hltaols. sis Mcond class matter. In ,the Free Preai Building, Main Stwet .Feb. 2, 1920. ALLIES DUPED Cross Role Assumed by Bot- Shevik Messengers~tb Cross Borders. , HIE-U. 1 PASSPORTS USED f>snt« firrr.r . I. rtt-rn Concealed In ^ ->3%eSlr Neckties in Their Efforts to ; _:3jH-«ad Communist Propaganda, to All Pa.rts of World. ~ '.' "fcoadou, Felx 2.— Bolshevist agents Vii&fagted with messages regarding . sensational widespread red plans have ;.'ax»n.for a considerable time traveling "-between" Berlin and soviet Russia on "dfatse credentials, it is stated in official quarters. The credentials they carried ••-described them as delegates of the .American Red Cross mission in Berlin rfcp conduct investigations regarding the ^exchange of German prisoners from Mary E.,tv»e is genera! manager for the : Shelby JS'-rthwesli;rn railway, at Shelbyville, NT C. : . .IS BURNED wiH •pslc .lor TJr. Theobald von Beth-' mann-Hol.lweg, former imperial. ^German chancellor, while England will demand..-Admiral von T.irpitz;. former German, secretary of marine;';AdmlraT : Reinhart von Scheer, former chief of the Ge'fman admiralty staff and ;con- mander (if the Geimnn fleet in tne'Iiftt-' tle of Jutland, 'and former Prince Oscar Qf' Prussia, fifth son of former Ehiperor WNDENBURG ON NEW "LINE" Says Germany Must "Trust Gnd ancj' . Her Sturdy Youths."' and H*d "•ogether. . ^ Berlin, Feb. 2.—"Germany must trust God and her wtunly youths!" Field Marshiil yon Himlenburj; shid In addressing, a demonstration at 'Hanover 1 In protest against 'the'surremlei of_G_ermans. demnnded by the :lll.ies. • TUB • .natkin "must liold together stfcon5ly,"Atid ,,''not -lose:', its .•courage,"' tire field marshal, declared. /" Protest meetings were tyelng helif" 'ftiioiighout. the - '.nation. -iiT^eBSfc'.- was every, indication the" ireetihgs have been .'-'MnspireiK'" to worki'.iip popular sentiment against the allied demands. • _i : _ t DRY AQE,NTS OPEN COFFIN Prohibition Officers 'Stop .Funeral Rro- ceislon in Kentucky—Find Real Corpse in. Hearse.- •' ' Louisville,, Ky., Feb. 2.—On a tip that a casket in.a funeral procession was'in reality a cache for llqu'oiv dry enforcement agents .at Glasgow, Ky., halted the cortege on Its way from Tomklnsville, Ky., to Glasgow. .Over indignant protests- of,mourners they entered the hearse, pried.'oven the coffin,, took one look, jammed. do>vn the top and hurried to Glasgow. . "It was a bum steer," was all they Xvould say. NEW GOODS JUST IN AT KRYSHERS East Side Square Carborvdale, UK Fire Destroys ^Edwards" Sani„ . tarium at N'ape'rville, 111. Lithuanian authorities discovered 'the Illicit traveling and a number of arrests followed. Two men who carried Red Cross ; 7>asses admitted they were working •for the communists. One woman, similarly "'equipped, who worked from 'JDv'insk, said she had been .instructed deliver documents to persons she \ slid not know. Two Important Captures. "Most interesting of the • captures . -were two men en route to Moscow by ' -way of. Berlin. They * curried letters ^.concealed in their neckties. One of !/i4iein . was a_Gorniap. and a memb&r of • ••the independent socialist party of Ger- i • -snahy, and uie other was a Swiss be- .'^dnging to an extremists' organization -•^called the Socialist-Democratic Organi- ^zatiou of Young People in Switzerland. T3ie German carried a letter from vthe head. of a Spartacist organization via Germany to M. Tchicherin. Russian ' ^bolshevik minister of foreign affairs. TPne letter indignantly • denied the re- y3>or.t that German Spartacists were •counter-revolutionary to the Russian >bolshc;viki. Radek Is Mentioned. "It declared that Karl Radek (the '-.bolshevik propagandist who recently OfeCt Berlin) could testify to the wr!-' *ter*s communist sympathies. It wa& said further by the writer •r/ifcat he was arranging' with the Rus- •isia« bolshevist^ ZinovicfC with regard tto '•spreading communist propaganda in -raM. parts of the world by special cou- ..irier service from Berlin. The Swiss courier carried a letter •ifrora' the secretary of an organization • .of extreme socialists in Berne to an tedUiOr of a red paper in Moscow ac" J.knowledging the receipt, of bolshevik vsliteraturc from Moscow, of which, he =:salfl, he had made great use and asking • jfurther supplies. Nurses Carry Tubercular Patients to • ,' Safety From \he Flames—Heroic Scenes Mark Rescues. Maperville, 111.. Fob. '2. —Mnro tl;tin :>' score of bedridden tuberculin- pntientj" wore rescued from ileutli l>y the hern- Ism of a group of nurses and doctor* in u tire that raxed the Edwards sanitarium to tliLvKround. Most of the patients are Chirasioans. . The buililip.g. a nvo-.s;orv *::-;ict:iri- iif wood and brick, burned. cur.i;ilL'ti'i> in an hour, Inu ilio bravery ;'.!ii! '•""! r.t's.-i of tin 1 p.stiiMUs pri'Vi'iUPd Injiir.-. ti 1 :iuy of tiiciv nuiiilu'r. At 5:15 :-.. M. Miss M;iry ".!\I!::H : iii^lu nnrst 1 . iioti'd ih(.- iuills wert 1 fi;;- in;; \vilii smuki'. which was comiiiR from tin' walls. A iiininfi:! l:in-i llaiues broke through, tin- walls sinuii- lanoousl^' on The first and sci-nnii llniirs and spread with alarniini rapiil- iiy. Miss Hulme awakened thy nurses and doctors. , Clad only in batl'i robes, ihey cnrripd tlie lielpless piuii-nts down fire escapes and through smoke-filled hallways to safety. There was no scream ing or hysteria from patients. They had the utmost confidence In the nurses and remained quiet while the work of rescue went on. BELGIUM MAY TRY HOLLWEG Engalnd Will Demand Admiral Von Tirpitz and Other Navy Officers, Cays Paris. • Paris, Feb. 2.—In addition to already published.lists of those who M'ill be demanded from Germany by the allies on charges of violations of the laws of \var, the Matin says, Belgium -YANK MATERIALS FOR POLES Hundred Carloads of War Supplies Purchased From America Arrives in Poland. " s Feb. 2.-—One hundred car- ,'Kioads of . war materials purchased ; •Trom J the American army have arrived -jii Poland to outfit the army. An issue --of"underwear, socks and sweaters has .Jbetu provided by the American Red • -Cross. A new levy of 300,000 men .is s.beAns outfitted 1 almost-entirely with .American army uniforms, including '—apvereeas caps. A halt-million pairs of -jtonerican Red socks and 250,- V 000 sweaters were distributed in De- '--ceraber. American uniforms are being - worn by most of tlie Polish army at '• /-tne front. Seventy thousand nion of - .the army either are American born or -.^naturalized Americans. -7 KILLED' IN TENEMENT FIRE £8lpze Destroys Three-Story Building ' at Newark, N. J.—Mother and [ Four Children Perish. ' jfewark, N.-..T., Feb. 2.—Trapped by -wnoke and flanius before they could^ •Breach windows^rom/'which to jump, -.-seven persons, including a mother and Jher four children, were burned 'to -.-tl'eatJi when, fire destroyed a .three- story .'double\ tenement house in Ef£- -sleentn avenud," How They Shiine Shoes sKined with I^agle Brand Polish look fc.etter and the shine lasts longer. There is no doubt of this; once you try these polishes you Vill use no other. Eagle Brand Polishes For Black and Tan Shoe* "Slayafcinc" for black Shoes only —Paste Polish for Black, Ruwet, Ox-blood and Brown. Both give a brilliant, lasting shine. Both axe made of pure -wax and oils only— will not injure the finest leather. Ask for Eagle Brand. The American Shoe Polish Co. Chicago The following goods we're well bought so are half sold we invite you to inspect them. Our expense,, is low; our turnover is large, we are not speculating but mark our profit low .to make a quick sale. Money will .be refunded on any purchase returned in good order; ' ' 37 boys', wool suits, up to date models, brown, blue and gray mixtures, lined pants, ranging in price from ....; ;,;_..:. . .',.... .$10.00 to $15.00 $500.00 men's Rice and Hutchine shoes in glazed c6lt,ma- hogany, gun metal and dull calf, bought several months ago, price ............ ...,.... ; ... $7.50 and $8.50 A few pair of men's genuine Good Year welt army shoes, extra well made, water proof, marked to sell at .. $8.75 48 pairs of ladies' black and mahogany dress shoes, military heel @ .7 $6.50 A new line of ladies' comforts at....'.. .'.. $4.50 (We have in stock a complete line of men's and women's felt slippers. Our stock of children's shoes is now in i good shape—Educator, Simback' and other well known! brands. " i 32 new suit cases just in, only two of a kind, ranging in price from $1.75 to $6.00 Heavy leather mittens •....•. . .$1.00 Canvas and jersey gloves 15c, 20c and 25c 20 dozen children's hose to sell at '.. 25c 30 dozen children's hose to sell at ..< .-...-. 35c 240 pairs of ladies' good black hose to sell at ...,.-.'.. .20c 120 pairs of ladies' lisle thread hose to sell at 50c 240 pairs of ladies white and black hose, fine gage, to sell at ....' /:25c A good new stock of men's hose in.assorted colors,' black and white,all sizes, ranging in price from 15c, 20c, 25c, 35c and 50c (We have a large stock of men's wool hose at reduced prices, 39c, 69c, 89c. Now is the time to stock up before these are sold.) : LADIES'WEAR. / 18 Georgette waists, ho two alike, some slightly damaged, sample 'waists, to close out at, each $4.50 24 voile embroidered waists specially priced a $1.85 24 white waists nicely made at :';•...,. , $1.50 j 24 striped gingham petticoats priced at ........ ; ..'..'. 75c ; 12 knit striped petticoats, ve ryp retty, at ..,.. ,$1.25 24 .white petticoats^ well made of good material at . .$1.50 7 changeable silk petticoats, well made, up to date, assorted colors, at N .$6.50 5 silk petticoats, checks in as sorted colors, hurt your eyes at .' •--. .,$5.00 10 silk skirts, assorted sizes, beauties, better buy now at , .„..(-.... ....... ...$6.00 10 silk skirts, will go well with any waist, no twb alike at ..........., .'.'.- /. $6.50 7 dark silk skirts, blacks and blues for more modest wear at ,. ._.: . $6.50 12 beautifully embroidered silk poplin skirts, assorted colors and sizes V..... ..$6.00 24 assorted sample skirts in voile, poplin and other ma' terials, well made and new, up 'to date patterns from ..:.., ' .• $3;50 to. $5.00 The above skirts won't last long and I may never run onto another lot as good that I can sell at these prices. 48 new bungalow aprons, all assorted good materials, well made, stylish $2.25 Ladies' summer gowns, beautifully embroidered, full sizes, well made, ribbon trimmed, extra good material^ priced • at \i '..-.... ...$2.25 Another lot not quite so good but worth the money at<$1.85 Plain white gowns, well made of good-material at . .$1.50 A few beautiful sweater, coats for ladies in bright colors, made for looks/wear and comfort,priced at ; . .$5.00 and $5.50 A few wide, long, wool scarfs in dark- colors at ...-.'.. $5.00 Ladies' summer union suits, bleached, extra " well made at .'...' :.;'.. ; . .-. . .. 85c Children's dresses, all sizes and numerous kinds : .$1.25 to $3.00 Ladies' house dresses, a good assortment«at'........ .$1.95 Others ranging in price from •-.-. ........... .$1.00 to $4.50 A complete line~of men's work pants and overalls,Ball, Brand overshoes,"rubbers and rubber boots and a thousand other things all at reasonable prices. If you find it at Krysher's yo;u know it worth„the money. , . $3,000 worth of new gods jus tin to choose from? The largest electric sign in the world advertises on Times Square. New York Citv: it is 250 feet long. 70 feet hi£h. Made UP of 17.286 electric lamps. The fountains play, the trade mark changes, reading alternately WRIGLEY'S SPEARMINT; DOUBLEMINT. and JUICY FRUIT, and the Spearmen **do a turn.** This dm Is seen nlfhtly by •bout 500.000 people f rom «U over the world. Kept Right A7 Seated Tight My-But Youll Like Corn Svjrup! 'No naatter what kind of table syrup you've been using, a pleasant surprise awaits you if you haven't yet'tried TOST RIGHT Corn Syrup. It.has a flavor that simply can't be duplicated. Pure and healthful, too. Order a can from your grocer today. ' THE AMOS-JAMES GROCER CO., ST. LOUIS "Just Rigftl on the Label means Quality fir thtTable, " Deakra.who diiphri i this sicn handle J use RicitFood Product.. PRODUCTS HANDLE' SHEEP WITH PROFIT Good Drainage., Pasture, Some .Shelter .and an Interested Attendant Are lmpoi*:snt. •" • The requirements of a farm where sbeep ,c."in be,•handled wtin profit are good dnUmige, plenty oC .fresh \pus- ture. land that will produce clover, alfalfa, cowpeas, or ,soy beans'; a sood water supply, fences., that will keep rteep out of growing, crops and furnish two or three fields for frequent .change oC pasture, a shelter^that will .protect the'flock from'cold rains', winds and storms, and an'attendant wbo can give the flock interested : and; intelligent . care. . ? . SWINE CONSUMED MUCH. FEED Devoured More Grain Than Cattle Last Year, Being Fed 50.3 Per '' Cent of Corn. " • ; .' Swine consumed mow gfnin than cattle l_nit rear,^ULith Being" fed 50.3 'pe* cent of the corn, 10.8 per cant of the oals, SO per cent of the barley, 29.1 per ceut : of the wheat and 41.5 per cent of the mill feeds fed to all farm animals. - BRITISH TO SELL VESSELS Admiralty to Dispose of 183 Warships, Including Battleships, Cruisers and Torpedo Boats. t • '- • *• London, Feb.- 2.—One hundred. and eighty-three ships which, .tlie British admiralty, i^ seeking to dispose of are now lying at Devonport. Of these. S4 X are to be sold and f)0 arc to be dis posed of In some-manner not yet cided on. • _ • • • Those on'the sale list inclii'de thcjA battleships Albannrle,' Exmouth-. : anil L -\ Jupiter.and the cruisers LeandWr^Ac-.. tive, Bellona and'. Eclipse' together with IS sloops, 22 destroyers,/IS torpedo 'boats, nine patrol t>oats, seven submarines and eight vessels .-.described as miscellaneous^ • .

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