Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 34
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 34
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D-6-- INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) LM* Beach, Catlt., Monday, Feb. ;4, m? CLASSIFIED HE ?.s«» choels 105, Instruction Can't Afford Job Training? Oh Yes You Can Total Tuition Financed IBM 360 Computer Programming P Operator x IBM Keypunch k NCR Bookkeeping b Electronic Assembly e Indust. Drafting d Typing t PBX Receptionist n. Color TV Repair r j Checker Groc. h 1 Auto Mechanics a Body Paint a Upholstery u Welding w WEST COAST Trade Schools Division Computing Software, Inc. Free Counseling Day Night Classes Approved for Veterans LONG BEACH 437-0497 1633 Long Beach Blvd. h n p k d t x t o LYNWOOD 639-31 1 1441 So. Atlantic Ave. ·ml LOMITA 534-4055 1813 Pacific Cst. Hwy. (COUNSELING OFFICE) SOUTH BAY 370-2561 1661! Hawthorne Blvd. knuty ORANGE CO. (714) 828-2510 2835 W. Lincoln Blvd. (COUNSELING OFFICE EAST LA. 5059 E. Whittier Blvd. 268-2651 WA it Letters Indicate class location · · · · · Last cnance to enroll in this class. If real estate presents a cha lenac to you-- now is the time to ge started. Read Kblincer Leilers-- ho predicts a real estate boom in 196? 1970. Are vou reaclv v/iti enousii knowledge lo take artvnn- tag n oi the REAL ESTATE mone/" market-- knowledge is the d.fference between making sales not making sales. JOE HODGE, Realtor 1400 South St. GA 3-7914 HOWARD BUTLER REAL ESTATE SCHOOL L B.'s Oldest Finest School Approved by State of Calif. Day Evening Clashes 6176 Atlantic GA 3-6478 MEDICAL DENTAL ASSISTANTS - - RECEPTIONIST Train Now, Pay Later Blair College 370-5744 HSCfl S Hflv/f-nrno, LMVNDALE " BECOME A Graduate Practical Nurse Gavlord Scnool o f Nursing r.SS. E. GAYLORD, R.ll. D T. 13', Atl^nt.c Avo. L.B. SVI-7349 ;bS ANGELES COLLEGE OF MEDICAL-DENTAL ASSISTANTS 3633 Long Beach Blvd. GA 6-8388 COMMERCIAL DEEP SEA DIVING U.T.I. 921-6646 13WS E. Firestone, Santa FeSprgs. Driving Schools 110 DRIVING LESSONS a*, lOW fiS $5.75 [/IT W'.'.-".. Drue no//, pa/ late.- rl-irt. S r r u r r t / Dr.-'ir.o S'. h ',irJ Theafrica! 120 YO:J r msi tt- scTiUi: to !·" ·-'· " '·· i V.f rirr I'^im IT r,ror,ir o' ···!! w. Intcr.-irtl m e..'0'. ;'C 'o hi! i,flrf. h cinviT-.i.i!', m.-,i-. ' V 1,'ti t'nin.-nn rr-iuifr-rl. '//', 1 'U, Efflj'LDM-j'rr Employment 125 Agencies (MEN 1 WOMEN) "^ CHECK^ CAL WESTERN EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES 5525 Spring at Bellflower Long Beach 42 1-9455 CLERICAL F C bOCUCCIKr, ailliJ, toS#50 Secy.Vcno . to e ,5?S Fxrc secretary t o J x v l Secy 10 irariic laliOO] Lavout . W.o Oince clerk WCo! Service cisfi'er, auto . ... . Si; Ifi'A KfypuiKfi .. . _ . ii J ' Dem cirrk, purch.ii rig . $j?J · Bli'e:vm: c'o'V. . . . to S??s COMMERCIAL r.V.PlOYTR PAYS FEE Ctvcf 5CCDji:^.n: $OX Sa'PS Tneo. cog $r:C-fO«» AF'PLiO'.N'T PAYS ft':; Pro.cct, BSFS to 51*" Cr"^*riT' r- *;·/·. 'r.v.e! ^V Ge.i ,wcount.- : iu . t.-. ' .:-;· A.Tivn ngr Knee . tJ 5 V) /.'iBr Irnoo, )i.-wce t a S 4 ' S Genor,-i at'.ct. :\ce . . .S-iio ; INDUSTRIAL i A'.eitianic, marine e;:o - - .- V 7$ D del mecrurirc SJ-5J Valve repair _ SJ.iw) Front end er.ik* . $3..v- «.i.nt 'me-c.i, fines to 53.75 /.'.eta! buficr ...2.7* Fdcrwv workers ..toS?.25 P sslic buiier . ._ ,,.. .5?.::. Assemblers to Sl.M ) 7 Ijc.itians to erve you Mon-Thur* $-$; J-'na.iv to o cm j" M EMPLOYMENT" AGENCY · PUNCH P R r S S OPRS If) . . Sl.ES GiN'L HEUTR (CD $?.so TRUCK Dt'ivf R Id 31 S-'.7' DRII L PUNTH p«r:s OI I P to$3 SHEET METAL LAYOUT It H V.f-L Jt"R rl i 'I r ks 10 S4 J G FIXTURE WAN S.'.^O M-MNT. MECh. (ind'l) . . W!'. SKIPPERS S REC . V.i.50 . BiS SCR-EV/ ;^ACH. . lo S'J.'O V.'ARbHOUSEMbN . . 10 i3 LAB TECH . . . . . . S5?i IHD'L Ll.ECTRICIAN S-1.50 AVtCHIHISr .. . S:.M SPRAY PAINTERS .to«.50 PRECISION GRINDERS S3.65 TURRET LATHE OPR S3.B2 ELECT. AYTH. REPAIR io S4 ORDER DESK MAM UyDlno) S5CO GEN'L OFC. GIRLS -- 5413 GIRL FRIDAY 5500 PBX OPERATORS id S390 KFVPUNCH OPRS io 5605 STENO lloail) to sfflO 4934 L.B. Blvd. H.L B. 423-79i9 636C6S9 Flo Bailey Agencies LONG BEACH OFFICF 42/0 L B BI"fJ St'i'o C .122-0-17 LAKE'.VOOD OFFICE OT7 Snulti 51. Snilr C 86S-7001 DOWNEY OFFICE 8555 E. Floirncf SM-9231 EmpioYmenr UO Agencies (DOMESTIC) DOMESTICS ALL E^L°LEa L T ITIES , Live in's or Live out's Professlonallv Screened CHILD CARE . S125 F/C IISKPR-CO'OK -_ $300 Long Bch. Ofc. 426-3929 Beverly Hills Olc 278-2033 LA v C Ofc 62/-601I S.F. Va lev Olc. 788.2020 Abode Domestic Agency 4014 Long Beach Blvd. L B. 2-l-hour service / dnvs a week MBC Agency 432-6444 7'- AVAILABLE NOW :'·; Maids Spanish $30/wk. up Housekeepers exo S40/wk un Couples S400 up, Ihmen SjOO UD 254 E. 1st, I.B., 432-6444 Help Wanted 140 MEN ft WOMEN NOTICE JOB APPLICANTS The LONG BEACH INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TFLEGRAM does not knowingly accept help wanted advertisements from firms covered by the hedcral Wage-Hour Law, If they offer less than fhel coal minimum wage. If vou are offered less by covered firms, or If you have questions concerning this law or other v.'riQo-hour activities of 'lie U.S. Department of Labor, coll nr write the riensrtment's local office at 4134 Athmtic Avenue, Lor.o Brfich. Telcolione: GArfie'd 63331. ACCOUNTANT -- HR BLOCK E30-777I ACCTS. PAYABLE CLERK Experienced. Moniehe!'o area Call 685-S220. Ext. ?95 Assemblers Prec sion mechanical assemblers ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLERS With minimum 6 months experience on P C board find harness chassis work. Excellent working condtions Excellent benefits Profit Sharing GENISCO TECHNOLOGY 18435 Susana Road Compfon (213) 774-1850 An eau:il cooortunitv cm Plover CAR Wash help needed. Apply, CLERK-STENO Work for district monger. Hcavv dictdphone. No shorthand. X!nt. employee benefits. Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalof Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce An equal ooDortunity emolovor Help Wonted 140 MEN A WOMEN CLERK TYPIST Tvoe financial statements, file. nmc.» clerical duties In our ac- coL-Jning deft. Fast accurate 1,'ping required, (electric). Minimum 1 yr. similar exptfl- cnrs rrauired. Pacific Scienlific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 Cily of Commerce An pquat cpportunlty cmployffr COLLECTORS ?o' floency, laroe smalt clalmi. A litNe exiwrienc* needed. Call 4 p. ni. to 5:20 p.m. for amt. Mr. B-uflt, -J25-6310. ! DATA PROCESSING OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY For vouna man or women know · e-:-3eable in disk R.P.G. and svs- le:iis prosrammino lo establish onj manage 3iO/00 dma nrcccss- ma dent, m Wiiminaton. Excel cnt s.iljiy, outstanding company bene- f.IS. Korody-Coiyer Corp. 112 H. AVALON, WILMINGTON PH. (213) S30-0330 DESIGN DRAFTSMEN Winimnm 3 vrs. exp. Including slice! nirml. lite structural, nii'ina. motor nnvcs, ccnvevors. Perma- ncni, f*i:i tiiTio e.-ni'io/mc-r.t. txce!. em-iluvce ticr'ei.ts. ' Pacific Scientific Co. i 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 i Cify of Commerce An eouol ODWorSunhy employer fTXPER. Mflke up artist, part time. Genie Coiffures, 634-2241, Lkwci. KELLY SERVICES 23D-?36 t. third St. ^32-8791 KEY PUNCH OPERATOR (TRAINEE) A mo. io i yr. PXD. reaulred alpha - numeric Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce An enucl opportunity rmnlever Lab Tech $800 s '%% ?f'l^Pk Y "-!i T F MU" CY MAI b or icm-iie, Junch truck opeia- lor, 636-1315 for app'1. AtOILL Clerk, onrt time, exp. Apply In person, 8:30-11:30 AM. The Bench Terrace Manor Mote 1700 MULTILITH OPERATOR Individual with recent exp. required for In-house printing deot. Run 1250 multlp, black color, use Clydesdale camera and ektaliln paper plate maker, make catalogues, run Elliott addressing machine 8. other retntedduties. Well csUb. C'JUtDcViy cffrrinn excel employee benefits Including profit sharing. Permanent position. Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce An equci! opportunilv emnlfvcr PART time. Flexible hours, Dass out snmoles, Dick UD orders. Fuller Brush office, 424-0851 Are You A Salesman?? --EARN 80%-on your soles 22-year-ols firm has one floor-tlrrm oocnino three area assian- ments. Call Mr. Moora or Mls$ V'MOORE HAi-848i R E SALESPERSON-- Draws available. Spanish sneaking or ? PHONE 425-6485 California Licensed Tech. parl- iime full iimr, salary open, con- fart Mr Johnson, Pioneer Hospital Lsb. UN 5-6291. TELEPHONE SOLICITORS A FEW Choice Openings Still Available Don't Delay -New Sales Program Kicks Off Get in on the ground floor now. This is a permanent job with a long established concern. Experience not n e c e s s a r y-Complete training program furnished. Take Advantage of PREFERRED LISTS CASH PRIZES XLNT COMMISSIONS CASH ADVANCES ON EARNED COMMISSIONS Apply in Person to Bill Wright 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 302 E. Anaheim St., Suite 200, Long Beach, Calif. Help Wonted 140 Help Wanted 140 MEN 4 WOMEN MEN i WOMEN DIMM UNDER NEW DRIVER. AGES \ , . .* ." * ^T" ^t^i 5 CAB CO. MANAGEMENT S NEEDED 75 to 55 PAID VACATIONS FAMILY MEDICAL PENSION FUND APPLY 8-5 Week Day! 444 San Francisco Ave. i Long Beach Help Wanted 140 Help Wanted 140 MEN * WOMEN MEN H WOMEN MOITCOMERY WARD HAS IMMEDIATE OPENINGS for Male or Female Department Managers for the following departments: · BEDDING AND LINENS · GIFTWARE · FINE JEWELRY · CAMERAS Profit Sharing Insurance 40 Hour Week Paid Vacations Health Insurance Retirement Plan Top Wages New Facility Immediate Discount Privileges MO.\TI;OMIIV mm AikforMn. Jonci 868-0911 12051 Imperial Hwy., Norwalk Bclwoon Pionoor Norwalk fllvdi, on Imperial An tqual opportunity Employer Help Wanted ISOHelp Wanttd 150 (MEN) (MINI ( SEARS ANNOUNCES CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AT TORRANCE FOR EXPERIENCED PASSENGER TRUCK TIRE SALESMEN OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED EXCELLENT EARNINGS PLUS · PROFIT SHARING | · HOSPITALIZANTION · GROUP LIFE INSURANCE · PAID VACATION · 8 PAID HOLIDAYS · 40 HOUR WEEK · EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS Apply at Personnel Office SEARS ROEBUCK CO. 22100 HAWTHORNE BLVD. TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA An Equal Opportunity Employer Employment 145 Agencies (MEN) BUSINESS WORLD AGENCY 3970 Atlantic GA 6-3933 Free Fee Positions Accountant to $800 Gen. flcctm. promising future. Jr. Accountant . $600 2 vr. COU.-2 vr. exp. know c-cst. Jr. Cost Acct. $700 Coll., construction exp. Staff Acct $740 Deg.-5 vr. cxp.-gen. ledger. Ofc. Mgr./Acct. to $850 Mgnit. exp.-hvv. icct. bkod. Sales Rep $700 2 yr coll.-married-sales bkad. Ind. Engineer $700 Deg.-plant layout-exp. Order Desk ....$600 Bldg. material exp., lite }ype. Buyer to $600 2 vrs. exo. -clerical bkgd. Asst. Cashier $550 Hvv. A/R-10 kev-bkkna. tikod. Order Desk $475 Ind. hardware exp., od. future Lab. Tech $500 2 vr. coll. chemistry-type. O/C Mgr $800 Fin. npt.. over see inspectors. Maint. Super $950 AAerh. elrc. bkgd.-niarricd CLAIRE CARMODY'S GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 1 9 Pine Rm 3 14 HE 7-0501 CHOICE LOCAL JOBS Full Chg. Bkkpr $500 Dost rec/pay-payroll, LB Co. 1401-360/30 Opr $8/850+ + strong IBM exa, working super'vr Clerk Typist to $450 sh.irp young Vet, tvce 40-f car Information CJerk ....$465 clerical, pret retired service Order Desk Sales ....$607 sharp, exp pref'd. It type, LB Traffic Mgr $800+ + ";ome coil's, GXK] recent exp, LB Jr. Accntnts $5/$600 min 2 yr coil's accto- Xlnf Co's Indus. Sales ....$600 + % exp'd man, wareh'se equip, Co car Jr. Accntnt $650 + + degree, li!e «XP ok, xlnl fur'r ALWAYS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY APPLICANT PAYS FEE General laborers (4) to $2.50 Shop trainees to E2.45 Personnel clerk Io $100 wk Accountants (4) to S90Q Shoe salesman-Comm + S97 wk Shoe salesman trim comrn-f S82 wk Gen. office trained $42-1 Drufl trainee start 53.12 EMPLOYER PAYS hfcEf Draftsman, mechanical to S500 OD Grinder start S2.50 Jr. Maintenance man start 450 Salesman, off ennt com+$6QQ ADRIAN'S AGENCY Tick UD deliver S2.25 Brake Front end men Slj5wk-f MANY FREE FEE JOBS 5305 ATLANTIC 423-4616 Help Wanted 150 (MEN) ACCOUNTANT -- Younq CPA with partnership potential for small L.B. firm. Office space cer diem work. Character important, nonsmoker preferred. Write Box 8125, Long Beach, 90SD8. Accountant -- Office Mgr. Construction firm L.B. Area. 25 yectrs is seeking man lo accept complete charoe of all office accounting activities. Salary 5800 S850 a month to siad Plus vearlv profit sharing S. HAW. Prefer 30 vejrs pf age or older. Some knowledge of construction procedure desirable. Please submit past present employment salary history, etc. in first letter. Mr. J. M. PO Box 9205, Long Beach 90310. ACCOUNTANT Minimum 1 year CPA experience. Perm position with growing CPA firm, Southoate area. 567-2357. Accountant (Accounts Payable) Will supervise the preparation of Invoices tor payment, in a large volume operation, utilizing data processing (or check preparation and applicable transactions paper work. Should have nooropriate experience sufficient academic tr.iiiiinn to he able to successfully conclude transactions thru lojrnal vouchcis. U.S. Citizenship Required LOCKHEED ELECTRONICS Data Products Division A Division of Lockheed Aircraft Corp. 620! E. RANDOLPH City of Commerce Nr. Florence L.B. Freeways ACCOUNTANT Large hosnltal Is seeking staff accountant for growing accounting department. Minimum 5 years accounting experience or BA degree, S7JO per month. Excellent fringe benefits. Send Resume to Box A- 1C073 Independent, Press-Tele- ornm. Accountant $575 some Ipdocr. 2 «rm. ncctg. i PROSPTCTORS n.V.Pl.OYMENT AGENCY 34U r. 7th St., [ .Fl. J.14 8.101 We'll Help You Write Ads for Quick Resulfs HE 2-5959 Help Wanted 150 (MEN) Acctnt's to $750 Min. 2 yrs. coll. pref. deg. know nvt. reports lournal* etc. Jane Allen professional Agency Advertising NEWSPAPER LAYOUT ARTIST Experienced artist to work with established art copy dept. capable of roughs, comprehensives some finished art. Speed, knowledge of cola type operation a prerequisite. Top Salary And Company Benefits Apply Independent, Press-Telegram Personnel Office 2nd Floor 604 Pine Ave. Long Beach ARTIST NEWSPAPER LAYOUT ARTIST Experienced artist to work with established art copy dept. capable of roughs, comprehensives some finished art. Speed knowledge of cold type operation a prerequisite. Top Salary And Company Benefits Apply Independent, Press-Telegram Personnel Office 2nd Floor 604 Pine Ave. Long Beach Auto Body Metal Man Experienced only need aoply. 1710 E.ANAHEIM Excellent opportunity for neat appearing man wi1n experience interested in mdking 515,000 per veir 4- benefits in large volume Orange county GM dealership. 5 day week. Call 714-5421701 for appt AUTO SALESMAN for new cars. 25 to 35, ftggresslvt* must hnve some basic sales exo. wilt tram, top pay plan. SUY MOOTHART ASK FOR DON LA MAR CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 1112 N. Long Beach Blvd. COMPTON NE 2-7171 AUTO MECHANIC FOREIGN CARS. L.B. 435-1214 AUTO SALESMAN Wanted used car salesman. Excellent company benefits, outstanding comm. program. 25% of Ihe gross, demo plan. Contact In person Mr. Clark, Frahm Pontiac. 72L5 E. Firestone Blvd. Downey AUTO METAL MAN Hiflhesf wages. Group Insurance Ask (or Mel, -126-6-133 AUTO PARTS COUNTER AWN 12242 Firestone Blvd., Norwalk AUTO PARTS Rapidly expanding chain Mas openings for clerKs manaccment trainees. CHIEF AUTO SUPPLY 975 E. Willow, Long Beach An equal oorortunitv Employer AUTO SALESMAN Need 2 aorcsslve vouno men who want to make 51,000 per mo. or more. Free demo S400 mo. guarantee. Oniv eager, enthuastlc young men need apply. Lakewood's fastest arowing new car dealer. Coll Mr. Harold Rowsey at 63J-7530 AVIONICS TECH P.A.C. Call 425-6475 BARBER-- Men's Hair Stylist, advanced apprentice OK. txccl OD- portunitv. Wei's Place, 315 E. Soulh St., N.L.D. 423-9873; 43S-5J09 Body Man Ford experience preferred. Imme- rtiaie opening, must have own hand tools, excellent working conditions plus all company benefits. See Lou HutcWns at MURPHY Line-Merc. "BODY SHOP" 1S43 Oblspo Ave., Lono Bead) BODY MAN old estab. shop. CXP. body man, 5175 wk. ouar + comm/ Paid vacation benefit* apply. 7:30 to 6 D m. 2S25 E. Anaheim. BOYS: 18 to 25, Interesting work In order desk dept. We train no exp. nee. 19 Pine, Rm 509-- 10-1. BUMPER GRINDER Bumper exner only. Swing shift. Ton p.iy. Lvnwoocl, i.18-8519 ; BUS BOYS SEE MR. ROMEO. 10 a.m. to noon or after 2 n.m. J.ivn Lnnes 3900 E. Pnc Cst. Hwv. " "BUYER §600 FRrT ALSO FEE JOBS 2 vfs. coll., assist P/A. Jiinr Allen Professional Aaenrv 3605 L.B. Blvd. Suite 312 .HM-Mfl CHEM. LAB TECH IW vrs. min. coll. cnem. No experience. $603.70 mo. Call Dan Miller 436-6271 CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY 19 Pine, Sull»]2 L.B Help Wonted ISO Help Wonttd 150 (MEN) CAEN) LECTRICIAN JOURNEYMAN INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIAN Thorougly txpertenced industrial plant m«mtenanc« ( high school graduate. Permanent position, excellent benefits APPLY UNION OIL COMPANY Los Angeles Refinery 1660 W. ANAHEIM ST.. WILMINGTON AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER »elp Wanted 150 (MEN) CHEM PLANT TRAINEE Eaual opDly. HS or GED. orofer usi out of service. No exp if me- cfiaaicai. 15/3. ?3 m. Call Dan Miller HE 6-627] CERTIFIED Personnel Service Agency 19 Pine Rm -112 Long Beach CIVIL ENGINEER Asst. City Engr. Salary ooen (ores. sal. S1127/13M). Responsible tor admin, engrng. ofc. Incl. supv. o! personnel. B.S. n civil engrng. and 4 vrs. responsible civil engrng. work exptr. incl. Cily Irfc. cngrnti. exoer. Calif, civil enging. registration reqd. Submit resume by Mar. 7, City Hall, Personnel Olc., Rm. 8, 12700 Norwalk Blvd., Norwalk, Calif. W65U. ENGRNG. ASSOC. Salary WSO'1100 (Mav be hired above entrance level.) C.E. Deg, and 3 vrs. C.L. \voik exoor. in inu- niLipa! public work!, enl. tund iinrt misc. orcjerts. Annl/ bv Mar. 7, Ciiy H.ilij Personnel oidce, Rm. 8, 12700 NorwaJk Blvd., Hoi walk, C.ilif. UOMO. CONTROLLER $850 3 vrs. automotive mom!, or conf. txp. Jane Allen Professional Agency 3505 L.B. Blvd., Suite 212, 427-54:8 COOK-rry or Broiler SM to S?5 GWINN'S Employment Agency COUNTER SALESMAN AUTO PARTS WITH EXPERIENCE. 8:30 TO 5. 5 DAY WEEK. HRINGt BENEFITS. Ask for Bed Adamson HE 6-9241 Curtis Cnrislcnscn Incoro. COURT REPORTING Day Nite Classes _ s l^!?!YPf_Schqo!_ J28-1 _?M Credit-Collection Man for retail Ic\velrv stores in Nor- vvd k area. Good solar/. Many company benciiis. 1'leasant pros- DFAI.FRS needed in 1 ono Reach, Orange County, nearby. 300 fast rrpeai Household Products. Some earn W. UP hourly. See or write R.iwleigh, 4707 E. 49th Street, Los Angeles, Ca. 900SB. $3.50 hr. 19-35. 925-5001. D1SHVVASHHR tOver"?!) """ srpfo GV/INN'S Eniplovmenl Agency 31A t!lm, Lono Beach HE /-?835 Draftsman Detail For valve rnmufac!urcr Phone tor ADD'I VAREC INC. 770-1500 An eaual oncorlunllv emolover Draftsman Who enjoys board \vork and Interested in drafting procedures. Mechanical background helpful. 2 vears mechanical experlenca des rable. excellent working condition* Excellent company benefits Profit sharing GENISCO TECHNOLOGY 18435 Susana Road Compton (213) 774-1850 Near Long Beach Freeway An eaual oDportunltv cmolovcr DRAFTSMAN To detail designs cf Co. products draft misc. drawings peculiar to the Petroleum Bit Induitrv. Prefer 2 years college with math thru Trig 1 year experience. (A oood Jr. acceptable) SMITH TOOL CO. [a division of S.IJ.) Corner Avalon Comoton Bl. Gardena Heights or call 324-4977 An equal opportunity empfover Help Wonted 150 Wonted J5 9 IMFNI MEt " " BA "' A1 NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER Leading Savings and Loan Association tin career opportunity tor promoiable man to dt- velope new Savings business in iri» Long Bvach Area. Must havi financial experience, sales ability and b» capable of working outsid* with lift!* supervision. COMPENSATIONS will includ. bas» salary, plus generous incentive bonuses and benefits. Send replies to: P.O. BOX 46575 LOS ANGELES, CALIF. (Our employees Inow of ihis ad} (M l ? N . Wanfed !SO Help Wonted 150 Help Wonted 130 DRAFTSMAN- STRUCTURAL Exnericrre rr wired in limber, sioel and concrete. MOFFATT NICHOL, Engineers 250 w. Wardlo// Road, Long Beach -52i-?55l or ( L.A.) 774-5650 Draftsman -- Senior 3 yrs experience. Complete know]- edoft of mechanical hydraulic blueprint readino Isvouls, and checking. Sprague Engineer no 193W S. Vermont Aw. Gardena DRIVER SALESMEN, LIMITED OPENINGS Mel 0-Dec 1601 V/. 15th LBch ELECTRICIAN-INDUST. National non-defense manufac ur- er tins opening for electrician witn minimum of A years recent Industrial experience with -«0/22a. 1 10 AC/DC electrical system controls. Starting rate S3.I6 per t-O'.ir v.-ith time £ one half ovrr 8 hours Saturday worit. Double time for Sunday work. Presently worxir.3 6 day week. Company pate health welfare plans. Apnty Personnel Office Monday through Friday only KENTILE FLOORS Inc. 2979 California Street TORRANCfc, CALII-ORNIA An Equal Opporutnlly Employer Elect Maint $3.24 hr Mathews Employment Aoencv 11627 L.B. Blvd., Lynwood 631-6155 Gaylord EmDloyment Ancncv 1E36 Atlantic Ave. 591-2319 ENGINEER Electrical Engineer Construction Maintenance Electrica Supervisor OPPORTUNITY FOR EXPERIENCED SUPERVISOR In construction maintenance of o 1 field electrical equipment facilities. FF preferred, long Beach area. Salary commensurate with experience. CALL 436-9211 bNGINfcERS -- AIRCRAFT Aeionca Inc. 326-8MO ENGR., ind. deo. Pref. ..- st. $700 Gaylord Employment Agency 183.5 Atlantic Ave. 591-73J9 ENGINEERING R D TECHNICIAN To iiiiist (? 8. D engineers I i n rcsc-Trch ; nf] oroiccls uc- culiar to the oil drilling in- ritjjirv. Prefer ? years col- icnc-- good niechanicat ap- trnin. SMITH TOOL CO. (A division of S.I.I.) Corner Avalon Compton Bl. Gardena Heights or call 324-4977 An Equal Opportunity Employer Estimator-Salesman FOR ROOM ADDITIONS Call Mr. John 9Z5-22I3 tar ADDt. FABRICATION Code Welders Metal Fitters Layout Man Press brake operators Steel Straigtener FULLER CO. 2966 E. Vicforia St. Compton 639-7600 FACTORY TRAINEE, car S1.65 Gayiord bmoioyment Aoencv 18M Atlantic Ave. 591-2H9 FISH CUTTER Experienced In cannery work or similar. 25+, married. Heat, in e - ligent, responsible, sober dependable. Permanent work, fringe benefits. Write Box A-10039, Independent, Press-! cleqram Help Wanted 150 Help Wanted 150 (MEN) (MEN) Employment Opportunities for Permanent Jobs HARVEY ALUMINUM · AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE OPERATORS (Multiple spindle} · DUPLICATING PROFILE MACHINISTS'^" · GENERAL MACHINIST JOURNEYMEN · MAINTENANCE MECHANICS · MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIANS · WELDERS, ALL POSITIONS · ID, OD GRINDERS · E.D.M. OPERATORS · · HYDROTEL OPERATORS "B" o MODEL MAKERS Also General Factory Help Openings on AH Shifts Steady Employment Appty In Person Mon. fliru Sat. 6 A.M. Io 6 P.M. HARVEY ALUMINUM 19200 S. Western Ave. Torrance, Calif. (Corner of 1 90th and Woslorn Off Snn Diego Freeway) J. W. BUSSE, Personnel Mgr. AH EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Irado dispute exists Finance Asst. Mgr. LeacJina tndjstr-M i.o^n Co. ha^ o.-wiina for A«'t r.'uinaser. a^e 2327. .V.arrifd. Requires minimum 1-2 yrs. Con^umr Finance Co. ex- perioncc. Auio required. £xcc-'!pnt salary. Advancement bcnciiis. All Interviews confidential. Phone mqr. Rrst Tfirist of America, L.B. J26-5S66. FINANCE Westinghouso C r e d i t Corp. Unusual opportunity for ambition vowig man interested In working for national s.i cs un.ince corn, previous bank or finance company c-iocr. outside collection*, desirable but nol essential. Good siartino salary Dlus company Complete insurance prooram. Planned salary incrtases oiner attractive benefits. For interview c.HI Mr. Ccwoer. J?3-I2il. An OQ-j.il_OPO.ortunUv__t/n)3lovor. UL HR"P WANTED : LARGE: co. EXPANDING IN BELLFLOWER NOW HIRING Permanent work, no exocr. nee. In som? riepts., as we have a training program for young men 1B-4U. TOP WAGES + PROFIT SHARING PLAN FOR QUALIFIED MEN Start Work Immediately Call for appointment Call Wion. Tues. 9:30 io 4:30 92S-50S7 FULL TIME Travel Trailer Mfgr. Needs exper. Cabinet Mdkers. Fiberglass help, Ol-coat Men, Hand Lamina tors. Rollers, elc. ALSO Asscm'ilers, Plumbers, sldcwall. floormen. topocrs. riveters, etc. OASIS TRAILER MFGR. 1013J Washington St., Bellllowcr GENERAL HELP WANTED 12 Men 19-35 IMMEDIATELY Part or full time $3.1 Hr. No bperience Necessary 925-500l;53l-7730 Ask For ShlDDlng Deot GENERAL HELP needed 1or mattress mi ft. 15320'/j I nkev/oorl Blvd. LAKE'.VOOU COTTON PROD. Gen 1 ! Laborer $3.10 ECHO AGENCY 17057 Bellflower Bl. 92S-667J · GUARDS Wm. J. Burns Det. Agcy. i Full ovi time onrninqs in Lonn Bench nrc.i. A'.ust have car, phone honorable dich.niic. Mo felonv rpcnn). Uniforms All cauiument furnished bv ccmoany. Time one hdlf for overtime A 6 legal tioli- davs. Automa ic pay increases, paid vacation older fringe benefits. Advancement opportunities to Qualified men. California State Employment Office TIIFSDAY 9:30 TO 11:30 A.M. 1350 LOCUST AVE. L.B. TUESDAY 1 TO 2:30 P.M. 212 E. ARBUTIS COMPTON or weekdays apply 9 am to 8 pm 2323 BFVFRLY BLVD. L.A. ASK FOR MR. ELY An equal onnortunlty emnloyer GUARDS FULL PART TIME PINKL'RTOHS. the nation's num. ber one Security guard service has oneninos thrunnt all the 1 ona Beach area. Openings also exist Huoucjh areas of Los Anides. Hiqrhest union scale In Industry fringe benefits. Excellent owoor- timlty for advancement. Uniforms equipment furnished. Car phone essential. Vels bring dis- chnrtje papers. APPLY IN PERSON 417 SO. HILL ST. L.A. WON THRU FRI AM TO 5 PM SATURDAY 9 AM TO NOON An equci! opportunity employer GUYS HEY SWINGER!! If vou are young, attractive, hate getting up every morning, tired o 9 to 5 lobs, routine duties, boring everv day schedules business formalities ... but ... enjoy par- lies, traveling, un, music, dancino mingling with a swinging group of people, then plan that future for vourseli. We will troin vou evenings. Ho exoer. nee. Apply in person 6 Jo 8 p.m. Mon. thru Fri., 1 to 3 n.m. Sats. Mr. Morgan, Arthur Murray Sludio, 2-17 E. 5!h St., L.B. EXPERIENCED teachers Into "virwers needod immediately. Earn UD to S5 per hr. starting NOW. Call 432-0976. maintenance. 3341 Wilton St., L.B. 59i-3653 IMSURANCb EETEN SATISFIED WITH S200 or S250 a week. Need not call for an interview. Ages between 25 -15. Must have at least 15 hours of evening lime available per week. (213) 532-6090. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING MTM Immediate Opening With Industrial Manufacturing Company For Experienced MTM ENGINEER VIRTUE BROS. 19801 So. Santa Fe Compton JUST NORTH OF DEL AMO INSIDE SALES to $500 FREE ALSO FEE JOBS read structure prints re-inforc ng Jane Allrn Prolessional Agency 3605 LB Blvd. Suite 212 -127-5448 Inspection Lead Man Steady work good pay for right man. Cnmm'I mfg. ADVANCE EQUIP'TCO 4GO E. Euclid -- -- Comoton Free-- Also Fee Jobs. Mfg. bkgxl AFA AGENCY 18M Atlantic 591-4J01 Insurance PROVEN LIFE PRODUCER Who wishes to move shear!, contact The Womaclt Agency Fire Casualty Insur. 10 FIRE CASUALTY We tra n you to sell personal commercial You will also work our qualified life prospects $800 Mo. Salary While you learn the casualty bust ness. Only proven Life producers need apply at ... The Womack Agency 4925 Long Beach Blvd., L.D For appointment call J2B-53 Monday Tuesday A.M. AsK for Mr. Bover WE ALSO DEAL IN MUTUAL FUNDS Insurance Agent Hoy/ would you like to be fur ni'.liod with an inexhaustible lea service, renrcscntinci the largos S.ivinflb f, L'lon A?soc. in CHIP Collrct no r.vney down, Inrlufl premium with the house payment S1?S per wocK flUcimnlce Io Mar v.'ilh rr,mml«ion nolontlfll o( ove S2000 a month. Call Mr. Troy H.I District Mgr. M7-755J. JOBS at McDonnell Douglas In Lon Beach Huntinoton Beach Laborers -- unskilled TEMPORARY Ions-- alt shifts Cars or no cnrs. Open i:30 a.m dally. DAILY DRAWS. PEAKLOAD CO. 212 W. Anaheim Lab Technician Need man to ?.'5rX In Mechsn; ni Lab. Min. of 2 yr$ college 'o- auired . with a background -n /Aatn i Physics. Prefer scn,eon» niaionng in Mechanical Engine-v- ing or related exocr. APPLY 9-11 or 1:30 P.M. ROBERTSHAW CONTROLS CO. L.B. BLVD. AT L.B. FREEWAY" An Equal Opportunity Ernplover LABORER Trnte 5561 QuoliTcd Agency 1J17 S. LB Blvd. 639 T,12 LENS Grinder, exwr. Bauscn Lomb inc.. Km. -J03, 19 Pine Ave HE 5 894: Liquor Grocery Clk. Exper. required. References. *, niies week. L.B. or -i-^ia LIC. INSURANCE SALESMAN Tni com.., lop draw, all the- tenls vou can hanale. 634-5207 Mr Sthwarlr. LINOTYPE OPERATOR 27E9 Lono Beach Blvd., L.3. LlOtJOK Clerk, exper., local r c [ Full time. L.B. 431-29?]; 599-10L-9 ' LOT MAN Exp. necessary. Salary open. LUTZ AUTO SALES 714 N. Long Beach Blvd. COMPTON Machine Operators We need oood qua! iled turret lathe operators for 2nd 8, 3rrt stufti. Positions onen for stead,- t, oermanent einolovment. (Ami have exyeiiente, Willis Oil Tool Co. "J451 PA! M DRIVF 1 B. MACHINE SHOP TRAINEES fjo'.v accepting applications. Interviews \Vednesdny 8, Thursday am to 2 pm. Excellent I-'rlnoe Benefits and retirement clan BAASH-ROSS D1Y. OF JOY MFG. CO. 195)1 S. Santa Fe Ave., Compton North of Del Amo Blvd. An Equal Opportunity emnloyer MACHINIST Radial Drill operator wt!i boring nnr EXD. SPANO CRANE SALES SERV. 1770 Crcs!on L 3. ico Preston MACHINIST tn learn *ool A die mnktnn. Wi'l teach. Must h-we good technical background. Comm'l nroduct ADVANCE EUUIPMEtJT CO. 4K) E. EUCLID COMPTOH MACHINISTS BURGMASTER, Gdrdena 321-3510 Maintenance Electrician Willing to work 2nd shift. Minimum 5 Yrs. recent exoer. In repairing trouble shootino In automatic precisiCTi production machinery, stfch as autom. lathes, milli grinders. Knowledge of electronics desirable but not required. Steady employment overtime. Paid holidovs. vacation, health accident insurance, bhlit bonus 8. Incentive. APPLY SMITH TOOL CO. Corner Avslon Comoton Bl. Gardcna Hoirjhts An equal ooitjrfunltv emDloyer. MAINTENANCE We have opcnlnns for men who have had industrial maintenance experience ahle to burn ft weld. We offer a six day work week with time and one halt over eight hours and for Saturday work. Double tin e for Sunday work. We offer free grouo insurance for employees their dependents. If vou are tired of lay-offs, lob shop work are lookino for permanent employ- mCnL APPLY KENTILE FLOORS Inc. Z9» CA1 IFORNIAST. TORRANCE, CALIF. An L'tiucil opooriurutv employer MA SWIM C POOL ROUTE F-'ocriOiictd reliable, nnne other neen npalv. bicndv emplovniLni. Too ',-iiary frlnae benefits. Call alter 6 p.m. 421-5959 or J294W3. MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIAN For ooneral Plant Maintenance- /V.ust lave control circuit exoen- eiirp. StMdv work. NE 9-0£W. MAINTENANCE REPAIR MAN FULLER CO. 2966 E. Victoria St. Compton 639-7600 An Eauol Ooporlunltv FmnlQvcr MAIHTENANCF LLBCTR1CI/.H narvev Aluminum, Totranrp . MAINT. SUPER., den. St. siu M Gavtord CmDlovment Aoi;"« 1B36 Allanlic Ave. 591-W' ' M " EXECUTIVE MATERIAL DESIRED Multi-million dollar company commencing the laracst expansion in the country Is m need of men who are wllimo and capable of assuming managerial positions within 3 months. V/orkino arrangements open INTERVIEWING TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25 7:OS P.M. SHARP WEDNESDAY, FEB. 26 10-35 A.M. SHARP HOLIDAY INN 2640 LAKEWOOD BLVD. LONG BEACH (At 5.ln Dicoo Frcowav) Inquire at (leak. Mr. Ctutwood No Phone Calls, Please MAN with mechanical abilliv. aie't consclrnllous with Dcople as well «s automobiles. J G Union sta. corner Arlosla 8. Allantlc^LB. MAN Yo assist manager 'nfaann branch appllancn itort. Must »· Paramount' Store S^'lSo Lono Death Stor» S9I-H2 »AAN, over 45 Yrs, single, emoi. iA; or rclired (or light malnt. 10 un ; ^ for turn. apt. Adults no petijrc.i- bondable. 1162 E. 3rd nol. *» -MAN PERMANENT Full time position with west coast firm for active man over 35. Mm'- mum b years experience In item sortino and distribution. P»« p:ivsi;al eK.immalion lor 1;'""?! AAuit he hin'l.ible. Atinrox 5550 per month alter prolnlionarv re"??- Orr.pfits. Opporlunltv tor ndvanrc- menl. Call between 10 a.m. and J D.m. wfi-kd.vs/M-OW; ~ " Man-- Part time Married, now working, wl" 1 TM...!? work 15-20 convenient hrs. weeMV. To earn Sin extra Income. C -°' necessary. Military aoollcotTM 1 M St)« rJ , '"SSiMf^e* MAN for Horns Cons ructlwlS^J.

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