Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 2, 1960 · Page 7
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 7

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1960
Page 7
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THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 2, I960 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE? Ready To Turn Fast Buck On New Liquor Permit, But Airman Arrested For 5 [City Petitions Larcenies, Auto Thefts · 09 Solution of five larcenies and live a u t o ( h e f t s was reported by police today with the arrest, of an a i r m a n and implication of seven other persons. Seek Bigger Tax Share By JIM COOPER as the method of conducting the County's total population before J market. A man with a $50,000 gleam in liquor business. figuring the available licenses, j licenses his «yewalked into his attorney's! Old-timers recall that the state T" 6 Census Bureau has not re- j pands, In other words, add as the population ex- I n i t i n i i v c pennons asking no in- rreasp in Ihr municipal share in r,, , ... j i . f i A o r - t - v u i r - i the StfUe-fOllcCtcd SfllfS tflX Will Charged w.th grand theft was A.3.C. Donald 1. Cole,, prob|bly ^ circu , ated in TuC80n 20, of the Air Force R a d a r Station on Ml. Lemmon, Det. Capt. William Ross said --...,, _,_ -- -- j _ , viu-iHiivi. *^»i. u.» t u.v. »..iv , . . · i warrants weer being obtained for I The captain said information office today, plunked down $2501 had some difficulty in selling: leased the Indian population fig-'- TW efforts of the association four other airmen in custody a t ; obtained by the detectives and within a few days. The measure is brinR initiated and Mid: "Get me a No. 8 liquor license, buddy. I'm going to open me a bar." The. man (he is fictitious but he probably has many real-life licenses. After the "first rush of ures.) j failed for a number of reasons. I the Ml. Lemmon base and a Tuc; OS! dovetailed, and a tip roreivrd applicants, no one seemed to j So it can be expected that there j Perhaps the outstanding reason ! son woman. Two teen-ape jsirls j yesterday afternoon enabled the want : to go into business. Times will'be a rush of applicants for at'j was-that the lawmakers felt they ; were to be taken into custody and J officers to make the arrest. were tough. Money was scarce, The old-timers say that the state encouraged businessmen to least the No. 6 and No, 9 cate-' had ianother year in which to I turned over to county juvenile gories. j study the situation 1 . They believed ! authorities. There are, however, certain j --andithey may be right--that the ! About $1.800 worth of goods. counterparts) had read the new j go j n t o the jfquor business. The 1 factors preventing immediate is- official census figures will not be : most of it stolen from cars, has ff , ·»*· . . _ /"I _ J * . ,, · _ _ - ' t, -.* ' " " · » ' . . _ J _ - _ t*At A*l f-mft U n t i l fK A An/4 *\f ti\A U n _ _ _ n n r . . i « « ^ ^ « U . · i* I" n f T5 f\f- f census figures for Pima County-162,139 persons. He had rea3 the statutes and knew that the valuable No. 6 licenses--permitting sale of all Kquori, for drinking on or off the premises--are issued at the rate »f one for ejery 21500 persons residing -in iKe county according state had to sell the men. A few years later, however, as money became more plentiful and as businessmen saw profit in liquor, a state law was enacted to control the issuance of licenses according to the population. Controlled were three types of .licenses--No. 6; No. 7, on-sale of suance of these'ljcenses and perhaps future issuance. They are: io the -official U.ES, Bureau- of beer and wine only; and No. 9, Census.-- i ' . off-sale (by the bottle) of all He had made a phone call to form's of liquor. John Duncan, head of the State j Counties the size of Pima and Department o f ' Liquor Licenses j Maricopa were limited as fol- and Control, in Phoenix. Duncan j lows: No. 6, one for every 2,500 told him that in Pima County | persons; No. 7, one for every there were 72 existing No. 6 j 500 persons (with the inclusion of licenses. The.man took out his pencil, He ftvided 2,500 into 262,139 and found the No. 6 licenses); and No. 9, one for every 2,500 persons. BECAUSE OF the eagerness "of that Ptma County-js-entitled to 1M j the state and/or those who No. 8 licenses--32 more than now i wanted to go into the liquor busi- ·xist. | ness before the controls were He knew that No. 6 licenses sell j enacted, Pima County was over- fcr as high as $50,000 in Maricopa I subscribed in two categories, the and Pima counties. (Actually, it! No. 6 and No. 9. After the 1950 released until the end of the year. 1--The census figures are still un-| IF THAT holds true, they rea been recovered thus f a r , Ross said. The five autos taken were recovered earlier. Sinclair and Kiere at noon today had been working 22 hours straight on the case. The juvenile girls implicated arc 15 and IB, Kiere said. Property recovered so far includes luggage, guitars, a movie projector and by the Arizona League of Cities itml Towns and asks for a statewide popular vote. If successful the move would increase from 10 per cent lo 25 per cent the amount of the stale sales tax distributed In cities and towns. A league representative today delivered the petition lorms and publicity material on the initiative, to City Hall. City Mgr, Porter W. Homer said it has not vet hrnn de- official and Arizona law will i soned, "then Duncan can withholdj Complaints against the other \ screen, and a Magnum revolver,; ridcd exactly when the petitions permit'issuing licenses only ac-j issu ' n S new licenses until the Leg-i adults are expected to include j police said. ; will be circulated, cording to the official figures, jislature meets in January and can j some charges of receiving stolen! The federal government has not! reconsider the quota question. j properly. announced when it will make j So what happens in the mean-! Ross said Deis. Jacques Kiere the figures official. time? Probably this: " ; and Russell Sinclair were work- Clients and lawyers, like the: ing on the case in cooperation 2--Duncan is on record as saying he will not approve new licenses first-come first - served mythical ones mentioned above, | with an agent from the Office of on a basis. In other words, our mythical man may not have j the chance of a snowball in July. will deluge Duncan with applica-! Special Investigation of the Air tions. Duncan may have to go to court I to defend himself if he decides to j withhold new issuances. Duncan has said he will a P - j . H e "«* * fo [ ced to defend ,,, himself on his choices for new prove licenses on a number of factors -- the person's character, licenses, should they be issued. finances and ability; the location nfD "" CanS ***«*««· has "piles - t h e proposed license; a n d ; o f " cense «PP''«tions on We of which applicant will better serve the public. This is a I now." There will be more. k not a sale as such, but a transfer of - ownership.) He found that a No. 6 license costs an original $100 to the state and census, for example, Pima County had 72 No. 6 licenses outstanding when allowed only 56. It had 71 No. 9 licenses outstanding $150 for the yearly fee. The gleam ! when premitted only 56. The No. in his eye?-- $250 brings $50,000 i 7 licenses-- beer and wine only-- « at least the privilege of. open- j were under-subscribed because ing. a. bar with, an assured income profits are less. based, on his business ability. BONANZA! But with the new census, Pjjma County should- receive 32 more No. 6 licenses, ^3 more No. 9 and But is it? Let's take a look at history. - - · i an astounding 151 more No. 7's. When, repeal came in 1932, the j (These figures are not exact, Mate, took the pathway of private j since the. reservation Indian pop- enterprise, not state-owned stores, ulation is deducted from Pima . 0 0 0 Liquor License Rush Starts; Laid To Census A rush for ««w liquor Heenses-- apparently triggered by.Tftlesst of local 1960 wnsus figures-- was on at Gity K*H today. Applications for 1 original liquor licenses had been early today. Several of them were connected with according to {he application. Henry M. Amado is the applicant for a series six license at the Open Door, 742 Benson highway, another property owned by Edward C. Jacobs, according to the application. Two of the applications are from Safeway stores for series nine licenses »t stores located at 3566 E. Speedway and 1940 E. Broadway. One is from Harry Young for the U-Tote-M Market, 5726 S. llth Ave. Tliis in the only one with a ·(ate number on it. One is from Randolph W. Richardson for the Congress Street Liquor Store, 104 W. Congress, another property owned by Edward C. Jacobs according to the application. yardstick and other factors could enter in. 3-- The Arizona Retail Licensed Beverage Assn. does not want the license gates thrown wide open. REASONS: It will lower the "sale" or transfer value of licenses. Secondly, the association honestly believes that 104 No. 6 licenses in Pima County, for example, would be too many. The association is convinced that a total .of 420 beer and wine places would be too many for Pirna County. A bar on every corner, the association believes, would be detrimental to the business. During the past session of the Legislature, the association attempted to have the quota law changed. It took the approach that the additional licenses should i be released over a period of j years so as not to glut the fl ... Somehow, the average man with nexime i that $50,000 gleam in his eye seem to chance. of a Force. -- " r ' : COOL QUEEN Auto Refrigeration Completely Installed Unconditionally Guaranteed NEASHAM SERVICE CENTER 124 S. Cherry, off B'way. Phone MA 2-5514 t** 11 ij^^i $ 259 Mr. Businessman: No Maintenance Worrits · Nc Repair Bills » No Insurance Problems Simplified Accounting · Totally Deductible · Only On* Bill ORMCO Division of O'RIELLY MOTOR CO. DAY PHONE MA 4-0421 · SOUTH PARK AT 22nd SLEEP COOL;.. SLEEP COOL this summer · in light-os-air, Sanforized cottons in an assortment of styles and colors ·from 4.00 FINE MEN'S WEAR 2932 E. Broadway Vucfpn businessman and bar owner Edward C. Jacobs. The Bumber »!kw*d any one f)rea fe governed by the population..)* th« last census count and k i* Anticipated that many MW Rceiue* will be granted, although ·to figWM are yet available as to ^ow.-'fliany will be authorized for Ate Tucaon area. Meet ef th« new application* have ·* atata number on them, which M unusual since the normal procedure is to apply through the pffice ef the superintendent of Liquor' - License* and Control, where a number it affixed before Hie application is sent to the city. City officials have only advisory power. They consider the license application and then recommend approval er disapproval to the etate. Jacobs, who says on.his applications that he has been in the liquor business for 20 years, made three application* himself. They. are for the Coney Island Restaurant, 102 W, Congress street, the Beach Combers, 76 S. Meyer avenue, and Ed's Liquors, 10 S. Church street. The first two are for seriec six license which allows bar sales of a liquors, and the third is for a series 9, allowing package sales. Edward B. Jacobs Jr., who has the same home address as Edward C. Jacobs, is listed on two of the applications. He is applying lor- a aeries six license for the Catalina Tavern, 1104 S. Wilmot Rd., on property owned by Mr. ·nd Mrs. Edward C. Jacobs; and »s a partner with Donald JL Bowers .for a aeries six license at fake'* Cafe, 70 W. Congress St. iPhi* property is also owned by Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Jaacobs, Says: Painting? A Paint Job will give ymirl home lastinK beauty and real protection from the elements . . . at low cost. Do It with DUNNE Color-Suited PAINTS! Painters Warehouse Ml E. 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