Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 75
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 75

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 75
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M 3 Z S CIA Hit for Taking Credit Where Credit Is Due 1 WASHINGTON (UPI--Thet' He told United Press In-1 REP. CLEMENT J. Za-;circumstances lurrocnding: As for the question wheth-jagency, it cannot normally aper secret Central InleB- temational that the Central blocU. D-Wis, used the CIA ts apparent policy shift norr the CIA was trying to use^swer iti mix*. · cf espionage -- a spy never* 5 *TM c TM lor * briefing on for his longtime drive to get:' takes credit where credit |$' con * ition s ia Panama. As fordoser control over what the^pprove nomic growth. Using facts from its files JUXEDO, RENTALS super i ..._ u ^_ ^^m** u .^~. «·-..._ -~- -~ . . . . . . . . . j . . .~.~~_. _.,,,,. 'prove its standing with the for a briefing on for hi longtime drive to get, AU^.J, congress must'public, there is no definite appropriations for^answer. But there is no dis- jCIA operation ia Panama.}CIA Is aEowed to do. Calling the CIA. it has no control pute over the fact that the What triggered the charge F » rlln l 'old Scripps-Howard for a join conpessional com- 1 over how the money is spent'agency does get publicity it was a precedent-shattering' 001 TM 111 " 1 Henr r T » vlor that'mittee to act as a CIA watch-| At fTtsent , three congrts-;doesn'l want. And, as a secret news conference staged by,!' *« "mderzealousmknow-dog. he said: |»ional committees do getj --,,,,--.-the cloak and dagger agency," 1 * what *"»» happening in The recent, unprecedented some reports from the agency - Tiivcnri _ . to deflate the Soviet Union's Ptnlm * * a4 overzealous injprej, conference held by the|periodkaDy.. Under the Z»-| claims of big strides in eco- buiWiB l » C *A empire ia the Central InteEigence Agency| block! plan seven members of zon*-"* " [to comment on the state of tie House and seven mem-1 la Congress, the criticism the Soviet economy indicates^! of the Senate would con-, the CIA said the Russian crme m Bother issue--the a severe departure from past duct a "continuous and com-' economy was in deep troubIe.i Uck °' congressional super- CIA practices. Unfortunate- prehensive review" cf CIAj It said Russia's growth rat e visioa OYer the «g en cy- t'y. Congress cannot know the activities. was slowing down, its gold supply dwindling, and to turn' the tide it may have to ask the West for billionj of dol-l lars ia trade credits. · The controversy was not rooted in what the CIA said, but why it said it. In the past the CIA reverj had commented publicly. At most it would give an occa sional off-record briefing to' newsmen. Hence the information could never be credited to the source. HE HAYt TOUR DIUHI ClUIED AT BEACON CLEANERS JND UONDir 10120 ROSECRANS IEILHOWU VN 4-7117 THEN LAST JAN. 9, a change came. Newsmen were Invited to CIA headquarters, given the briefing on the So- \iet economy, and told that they could credit the CIA as the source. The reaction to the new policy waj nearly all bad. The CIA waj criticized by ether government agencies, which like their intelligence agents to stay in the shadows; by some congressmen who objected to what hey believed was a lack of control over the CIA. and, as expected, by Russia, which termed the CIA report "pre- posterous.TM Some o%servers said the purpose of the surprise report was twofold: \ --By showing up the Soviet ' Union as a credit risk, the CIA could forestall Western European governments from providing the Kremlin with billions of dollars worth of trade credits to prop up its economy. --It would allow the CIA to publicize some of iti work in a way that wouM help improve its -image"* with the public. I In releasing the report on, Russia, the CIA's critics said, the agency crossed the Iine| cf InteDigence gathering and! was trying to win support for, a government policy that would follow its own views en Russia's economy. THEORETICALLY, the men FOR BIG FEBRUARY SAVINGS --^^^^----^^--^--^^·^······^^^^^·^····^^···^··^·i^MaMMM^MBMBM ALWAYS BETTER BUYS AT BARCUS REXALL BLUE CHIP STAMPS, TOO! Uarcu Wales 76"x83" I Polished Brass SPECIALS DRUG. DEPT. ALARM CLOCK I POLE LAMPS * Ll " Tcl '* tl -- 1.49 BELLFLOWER and SPRING I We Fill O.A.S. Prescriptions--Pay Less at Barcus Free Delivery on Medicine-HA 9-5921 Asrd. Colors! Mod* In West Germany NOSE DROPS.., aulor 90e 74' i 2» TACIETS 1.98 Reg. 1.19 3-Ounce Jar Smart Final if INS I AN I I COFFEE Regular 2.30 -- All Brands CIGARETTES Ctn. '?* » £· Pink Plastic Case VANITY CASE HAIR DRYER dttackgbl* tool, «aD poii Irjir. 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In a copyright article, Tru- ££, man said he felt that the CIA |'jj had been "diverted" from its : r, original job. He called for a] E* new look at its ~purpose"| ,?$ and said he never intended j£* Re 3.9 8 _ Tr anslstor Radio Tubular that the CH would become *,: pVTrilMAU Involved in peacetime cloak t£. tXTtNSION and dagger operation, that] l?5 tA I LlljJly« would make it a target for, ti.1 ODE All CD ,, -^ .M.,,*, Vrtr zi: «i r r un · ii w-m% tfts *ii^ B-TRANSISTOR i^ : i;; FAMOUS MAKE BIG RADIO SALE 095 Reg. 12.95 Alarm Clock Table RADIOS Reg. IV $29.95 TAPE RECORDER 95 Communist propaganda. Nor did he expect. Truman said, that the CIA would become a "policy-making arm cf the government-" T1IE PANAMA CRISIS created stffl another target for; critics cf the CIA. j -.,-,,. The sharpest words came, f^TTii frcea f o r m e r Ambassador Joseph S. Farland, who returned from Panama in Au- pjst before the rioting began. 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