The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 30, 1957 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1957
Page 11
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vv*' vr r , 'Xyv* ^ _*, ' . -~ PI TV, aft, r iii wmn "SrJHtN ••ft*! ti-V tfW By PJenie Clate ^ra^W^W^ * *> - ' ^\, V * ' Tf ini^j^ry^jriu^T^mk.mjit^iflflrjtaa New Registrants 1<1 BLOKDH held. WMUIM**>»T iiies stifle •^rVWo 1 8«ito »t «* picnfc *«j* th«WWs**he " — to tM,f g. Jdr«» im** "2'tJ« <ioti in Mr. «ftd Mrs. C. C. Afft- sttafliK and Lew Webb, *«ft tt T __ eotrirnlrtee of ffi* Optl-Mf*. 'Wrro plaflned chtcR«i supper wer« Mr*. Belts' IfBtkfiftutz, Mf«. t Wffiain*-****• W"* 16 Sttat *« afid MrsY JohfirvJe RottHftttH TW8 i5t£,ffl*t «t the RobWsoft ndti& th<M hu"|« teHded. i ' j, FHrti*,**** shown fof ft _, w« ,iS»8» by til "S«««, folio Gold Mine _ ftmt, oftuMftj A M-teat-old wbtn»fi cuuBiFtdfAlFd to pOliKli \nidaAy th»t, » tttHfglw B*d jtottft dtt »^t of falw t**th *«d left Ri* awn «*t Hmft urrfu^ flktmnft. a|t^ ajj^.,^ i^.»_ >AT** fAM*ft riMMfjl PiW WtnftwVft xBiR teeui were i»«M., •wffl i Albert Wu- Wwi Bittm t, OOeSraa; uiarence Drawui tdttli ftdby KeftfietH Mt»c- ftief&y, Late JitfaWn; Henrj ffl«!Mrfd Wh«e Jr.» Old ocean; and 14&fiie Eugene Wftde, of Alvifl. SlUOUeu Wiw* B"i« W.WWTWB rtidi«( th* ttuttufi « tJMwt- OynthlA Check* In ^-Tiflu* L*n » rnatoaf — *ith M*. and Mrt. I*ffl«* of AntleMB. Sh« 6ttn«e« oft »mv»l a.Vst AnftK toft «d«rtt»l «t 4:f 1 p.m., M«y Ot fhi rt^strant* frbtfl AJyin Un: t«1tt A. PugR »-, WU WH L. K«k«t, l*d A. I?a»e*«. ftsakWe C. Scott, and Robert C. Mitt. Anrfeum li*tt these new reg UtHAtx: Melvin C. Pi-euw^ JTt SaitRttl f, Pryor ^^Mt L. fletthet, David O SOMW arid i3r*«M O. ~ " 4te th« Mtlrttantt of ferazoria Clcrte, 'Daiftott and fcanbury .have ai«6 listed new registrants WUlidWi H. Pefry St. *«d Bill? . Ketf«? ot date; La^ence A, K««zler of Dartibn ahd Frank ^. 0**neer at tftfhbury. . - tJufwoflH C. Smith. H»6ld W Saichtar 3t, MarWast S. E. Besss and Joel Rassa* ,f||isi tered from Freepbrt, attd Walter M. Caskey Jr^ EdTHrat/d^l 1 , je«ris, Robert T. Johnirotl Jir., and WHUam H. Garrett *te registrants from Lake Jackson. Local Board No. 12 abta lists the following from various parts of the county: Ruben Banks, Knrlgue Saenz, John 3. Subeaak, of West Colurhbla; Don M. Crossbn of Old Oceans John W. Johnson and George R. Johnson of Pearland; Byron am Jr. and Robert W. « Sheeny; Jotiathan p. tt and Billy C. Burdick UKA, a«d WillUra W. of West Columbia. iailMi d»tum« Atm \t ftwa M«1U* PttftU' *«il«H6l«. th* 18«9 JAMS «ldr!M U MtttClM in 1 «Ui* lift** t*it« fan »lUf •Ad «uHi »nd btaelt »*1»*1. Hfc 4 BMTL1 GET ?EM WHILE THtY'RI HOT.. .A tmdl! Mii-^iyiMnt puts your blonk.rt in UyAw-y... B«y ««W «* SALE prie« and SAVE. All blank** will «• back to rtf tito pile* whiit Ml« It ovtr. " UHEAP.THLV /HOP* rut £%&%•*& «$•»• rH>!'' ••!«"• JIP GKfVC 'MINT.. • RAYON and ORLON • Comts in • $ inch "Safin Binding Jurt Imoaine . . . o 12x» Rayon and Orion plaid blanket for thtt colors with S Inch - •trength ond beauty . . . —•• — --—-- Mnow ... put yours en Uy-Aisw "fcf vtan you HM*1tN^ ' .*W •^1 , 12x90 Rayon and Orion ecterjul M« thrifty, thrifty pnee. In Spy*"' « sotin binding. Luxunou* wyon »•» I, .. orlon for wornim and wta/.^ae* t yours ei« Uy-Ai»oir. « . ••*• «"• ybumcHONCi f ITHtt OF THtfl "I RAYON AHD NYLOM . SOLID COLOR Delightful Ml°n that w«l odd beauty «* Nylon ioJId «otor» «itfi wide « Inch tatin binding. So «acy, *a warm, *• comfortoble. Choose «*om Pink, Blue, Y»ll«w, TurquoiH, R«e. Red, green ond Brown. Individually P«*,,*« If) ,pely«lMene tao. Buy new at Ml* prices and *•>«• Iff 00RDO ?!'!' W«al-Rayti».C«tttii DOUIH BLANKET 4 Ind tin Binding 73X84 BAYOU. HYLOH SoUd Color SINGLE BLANKETS T3 X 8* , & Coltrs 6" Satin Binding ONLY Light as a ftathtr... Warm at toart .. » SIZE 72x84 PRINTED COMFORT Printed French covering, filled with C«lach)ud, a n*w f»*r especially for bedding. !>'« lightweight, tpringy, non-oll«r-' gic, moth ond mildew resistant, You'll get extra warmth and longer wtor with'Cela- cloud. In White, Pink, Blue and Maize grounds with floral print. Choose yours today an Lay-Away and really save. 5.99 A beautiful Rayon and Nylon Jacquord reversfb.1* blanket, in a host of the matt popular colors. Hunter/Ught Green, Cherry/Pink, Toott/Carmel and Peacock/Gold. Wide 6 Inch latin binding. Ideal for ever so many uses. Come* Jn potyetnetone bog. Sale priced for thi« big Lay-Away Sole. ,' 1 • 71x14 • lUwiHbUi • rMVj MWv - -y*. 72x90 Rayon and NyMi HAND SCRIINID WUNTID B LAN Hi 6" SATIN -.*'••* ^ »*^*teJJ!* V "^» *^5>^ ?f^ fxquisitely hand - p grounds of Pink pn on Blue or Yellow ea> I?lqr4.ft tor ?ny te9«i worm, wwj«*la Rsyaft OT91 bindins, You'll t»* fef for 8'ifn (»t thi| J »•>; -*,W*t~*

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