Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 24
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V -fi-tC-4 -- INDEPENDENT 1* *·»»** ' " _ leack. Cam, tua« Art L IMliti* IOT.S d *ald Deei ft TnuiLle I _ OFFICIAL. CITY FRINTINU sing in LREnlriesES^TM 1 'Closi Mobil Run ILU.V ima u ma utta M Tru*i.icr BiJajorttif protett, I £*·»., ******* " i **?«»· *« lh*| ***. *· TM CUT Cotxnea ktrtby |Tntst«« *ni or th* irosU created drtenmcfi tad 4»eUrTt th*t tb« , proceeOca ior^th* aforts«lcl to- lit-Tibr rttSai~ef"» YrtVVer I mnmi»t t» that "porttoa cT th* t la tit ·bUfe.ttoc* *«njrt-d Ifflrrrtt u4 Hiclmr* Co4* eslff- herttcfoM «xrctrtri and Ml 1 ** *u tb» **Zmpr«Tim«Bt *ict ot t» the! nB4**ril^irJ * wrul-l 1511,TM »nd tli*t ttrial bodj ·hU __ Default *ad D**Ib* ls*u*4 la*. th# *t* and fora fcrr £», and vrittea cottct proT.4#4 for ta tli StrwU aad ot tr«ac aal ef tItcUca t cauM.Hltfc**?! Cod*, bearlac tatrnst at th* C=drr»-C2«i t» M-Q laid rrof*. th* rat* «C MX prr cntt «»} p*r »rty t« *ati*Ty ·aid · UlrttioBa, »B(J!«isnmn. t» rfp*»»»rnt rarh a.«9r*«- - - -- v -- ,. n t s f nrty iK*r» oscvoo- «r rer Ttxiijutaag tuipaid for tMatr J0 *»yi after th* 4 it* **f record*" By ART STEPHAN L f-T Atts Ctrar SALT LAKE CITY -- Bat tling for poit ion ia the sec- fond tliy of the 2JOO-mile M o b i l Emcnamy Rim. (our Long Beach area driven were closing fan on the leaders. Judy Thompson of Rolling Hills, driving a Pontiac Tempest, was ia second place in her class for large engine · c o m p a c t s . Judy, wife of tpeed king Mickey Thompson cf 27M1 Eastvale. ended the '- day with aa average 26.72 , miles per gaUoa, She is only 1.S7 MPG behind o v e r a l l ' leader Les Viland driving a Rambler American. Mickey Thompson in his Pontiac Star Chief was in fourth place ia his class for medium priced V-8s. . . . fct ucdrrslcaed caua^d aftid ftotxt rf fcr^acb aod of rl*ctiea t» W r*- cordfd ta kook K IliX rax* lit. ol id OfTicU] RKorla. Datt: Karta M. 1KX TITl 1 1XSI-RAXCK AM TRUST CXUJPAST · s said Trntr«. Br JOHS n. JITTRS ioa of the warrant. bonds shaa extend over Ami L L iv IKJ cai u OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING ·ndizr aloe r* art from tat tecoad lay of January next attcteedinr th* itxt Srptember first foOTicr their late. Sec. C. Xotka !s feereer rivra that oa tat WCa, 4ar ef April. 1X3. it U* zoor of U:3» XK. at tte Clamber U th* -· NOTICE OF AWARD OF CONTRACT 'nmact l» Bnolatltia of A C-lSOt ef tht car Cooacil « lit CUT ot Lcnc Btua. ilartk M. 1KX d^rfctlit tMa coUr*. notice U krrvbr (iTta that th« aald Cltr Cotmctl ia opra J»T ned cf VaiTh. I5«i . . examined aai puo!Jclr declared al] i paled rnposaia or bids offered for tl» work, to-m-it: HOLDING the places they set in the first day's run. Jim Wisson, 3902 Fairman St. u' Lakew-ood, is in third place with his Pontiac Catalina in the class for medium priced V-Ss; Roy Swansea,' 3941 Fairman, Lakewood, in third place with his Chevrolet Bis- cayre. for standard six cyi- inders; and Mary Faulkner 1235 J a c k s o n St, Long · B e a c h , dri\ing a Mercury Comet Custom, in third place - in the class for medium engine compacts. , Tli teproirmtit cf AQej east ef Saa rrmatisco Arenne. bet vet a Trentr-Hxta War and Trentj- aerenta Street, ta tha Cttr of Locs SeacX California, er raring the oadvay v-ita Portland cement eon~ :reto fir* inches ta thicaae»; eon* itracticj Portland etment concrete snztter; and dotxaT a3 cecesjaxr rradint;. Anl thereafter, ta-vii. oa the nta air of Xarca. 1K1. laid Cltr Cornell ararded a Contract for aaid »ort t» th« lowest. reiuLar. re- spoadhle bidder, to-wit: EaSr- II iQer Contracting Company, a cor. poratlca. at the Trices specified In ts fropoaal and bid on tilt for laid -vork. to.Tlt: 4.1I4SU. FLf Portland Cement Concrete Pavement, la- chadlnt preparatioa of subc^aae. per ' ' H land Cement Ooa- crete Cotter, ta- cradixff preparatioa «f subcrade. per re foot . ao^iare fo 2 Miaio'e T r a m * »ith Cover reset t» 1.04 «100 Mary Faulkner had an aver age of 25.75 MPG a n d is . fighting a close battle in her set. She was only .47 MPG ; away from the leader, a Ford « : Falcon, and .02 MPG behind · " the second-place Valiant. trade, eaca. 133 Co. Yds. Road- vay excaTalloa. ia- cludizt; c l e a r ic»- aad grabblEr; rx- caratioa and dia- poaal o f s a r p l a s earth, and dotct a'J recessary vorx aot iDcroded in other ttnns of the bid. per coble jard KI TOTA1. ESTHSATED CO^·TIUCT PEICE tS.09 130-K serial verlod iar and AH persons eariBX cblec* kina t» said proposed tmrreye- met. uav appear Defer* Bali Cltr Cconcil and ehov catzs* la th* caa. «»r prescribed by the ttreets aad Uti»ai» Code. »DT said proposed imnroreinet should not be carried out la accoraaact vita tbja resotu- Uoa. See. 7. The Gtr Clerk rhs3 cer- tifr ts th* paasaii of this resotu- Uoa aad shall cans* th* sam* ts b* mbtished ta-tc* ta th* Loir Eeaca ladepeodeat. a daifT ncwrpeper cir. related la said Oty and hereby for Baid purpose, aad - _ e thla resoJttioa ta t* poated la three (3) cosplcoros places ta said Cltr and tt that) ierenpea tsk* etzect. Th* Qtr Cerk BhaU ala« caoa* tft b* xnaJleo^ aoticet of tt adoptto* ef *M* reao- hztioa of xteatloa ta the time, form aad xcnner and to th* penes* lesicnattd. all aa provided By laid -ImproTement Act of 1»11_" I herehy crrtify that th* fore- roiar resohztloa vas adopted by Lh« Gty Cocnril of th* Qtr «f Lor IVaca. at Its meetiar of Marti It. 1551. ty the foUovtzi Tote: Ares: Cocncilmao: KEALXR. EOXD.REESZ.SUIIJVAJ:, CT.OW.CRAHAJl. SPOXCEERG. WADE. Xoes: Coitncilmea: KOXE. Absent: CouncUmea: BA1RD. MARGAEIT U KEARTWEU. (EEAW dry Oerk Pub. April 1. t MM (a--UB-I- Fttaera) Nettcts £OMCY«taiva OlKan. betove* nwttvir *f Mr. siormin BULS. ser. VIC* wit be held el II am. aton. 'ersoads urF«s--Ruuca c. FOUST l*»K UOKTUASY . usiert, Mn. Hiiote* If- Cgmai. «ln. Ckertene Center*. Mn. jftaus ajunow and win. Dortha frl Service Uondm l-caj.). M a a.m. · r« oaoel COON FUNERAL HOM^ i cm t ousro VlTItB--*Nter, It SmlveO , of U32 toveri By son. Walter; Wtttranl Matlash,- i arantkA!kYn.' Service I* Timor*. Maryland. IPONglEKS mOBTUAHY Funeral Directors FROM ,250 FLOWERS FOR Forest Lawn Funcrtri DEUVZCEa nnsTAKTur HCtFFUl CDUNSILINa OiARC IT fIONE lie Flever sno* In Forest Lavrt Ctnevs HSU er TA»ier HIM HOLTONiSON C em* te ries- M atrsoteams 5 itSsrvtis. ^"^ CiLl ° hiU - MARGARET U HEARTWEIJ, (SEAL) City Clerk Pub. AjrU t. a. 13S3 «2t--UB.I. . to. C-1SSS7 of ths City Cosncil cf *B ·J Legal Notxs hs CiSy of Lour Eeaci, adopted March 2t. 19SX directinjt this aollce. r-ON-RESPONSiaiLITY NOTICE Kotice Is lereby fltea by the . ' tmdfTsimrd Winiam M. KcAoaHy. - j miirna; at U(S Appleton, Apt. 7. Lonr £arb, California, that after - ~ the date cf Uarra Z3. 1KX be win . not be resporsible for any debts. liabilities, cr cblijatiora tncorr^d br any persons other than himself. Datrd March a. 1MX (Sirnrd WILLIAM M. KcAXALLT u rub. Mar. 3U. Apr. L X 1J6J «a) L.B.L . notice ia hereby 3ty Cbnncil m opea aessioa ia the ai oar of llarch. ISSJ cpened. 1 NON-RESPONSIEILITY NOTICE · N Soticej is hereby jrlTea by the cndersirned Thmnaa C. Ecott. re- 11121 Uaple CU Loa AJa- . xedtos. ' date e, _,-- ^ _^ not c* rexponsiDl* for any debts, s facmie «r oblirsDona r T'eraona other tl dMarcaXVlKX ed) THOMAS C. BCOTT Apra Li. a, -- -421492 CERTIFICATE FOR TRANSACTION CF BUSINESS UNDER FICTITIOUS NAME. THE rxDEBGXZD 4oea lere by certify that he Is rondactlss; a rTelopment-Inrestment - Conatroc- tion boslneis located at 130 £eaca ElTd-. Zxinr Beach. Ijo rrVea Oonty. California, caider the IirtitioiM tirm name ft THOltPSOS NOTICE OF AWARD OF CONTRACT .?*"«?..»« *}«* I 5*««* »»«·! NOTICE OF FILING OF ASSESSMENT XoUcs U bereby tlTcn br the City Clerk of th* Gty of Locr Beach, California, that th* City tmtaeer of said Oty did. fa tie Sta day of March. 1X3. rJe Tlta said City Oerk the assessmet vita attached diagram tor the Improveznesit of the ALLETS IX ELOCK EAST OF HAREO2 AVENTTE. EirrWEEX SUMMIT ETREET AXT TWENTIETH STREET, la the City of Lent; Eeach, aa df9Crited ia F.f»"- hltlDa of Intentioa Ko. C-1S447. ««. M adopt?d by the City Council «f said sil - ZI City of Lour Eraca oa tie n« day of Jsly. l«i to which F.esctotloa of Lttteatioa reference Is hereby made for a descriptioa of aaid vork Kctte Is forthtr rlvec that aaid City Clerk does hereby fix th* 23rd day of April. 13SX at 15:30 ··clock A.M, ot said day. at th* Cornell Chamber ot th* City Ban of said City, as th* tsne aai place Then ~ where all persoca interested . that the aaid -- Persona _ L work or improvement don* ~ " o f latex ResoXutloa ention C-184CT er ta said assessment be heard by said! Gty Council. AH persons desiiinf to te ceard. shaQ. prior to sail date, appeal to xamlned and PQOIicly declared aH the Cty CorzncU By trlefly atatin ?aled prcpo.taU or Bids offered for| tK the following work, t The ImrroremfBt e.f AQey la block eart of Eaa Francisca Arene. .b^tarera £,'Tentefnth Street ind Erther Stwt. ta the City of xjnf; rarh, California, by parinr Uie roadway with Portland ei-me»t onerete fire inches la thickness- onstmctinj; Portland cemtTd coa- cret* jBtter and cmrb. eonstroctizr coanectist sewer cf t-lzca yUrifled "«r Pipe: and doins; *a xtecesury the frosnds of appea Any eDlectiii ^not made la' manner hereinaboTc prorlded. the be deemed toltxntarily waired. and oa eoutd to appeal shall _ led to have consented t he propo!*ed a39es5ment_ MAEGARET L. HEAETWEU, (SEAL) u!. April 1. I. 1H1 . thereafter, the ^T ---- · ---- -----. -- --»*". ^^« ·».» m · ^^u buuc*.hcr. C^V^K, oa me .toa. CalifomU. that after the J6th day of Marrh. MSiTaald OtT .te et ApriTT, 1HX ha »in CcmeU a^rde dTbittractlor iaS work t* the lovest. recolar ra- sponalbla bidder. to-Tit: Solly- 3UHer Contracttns; Conapaay. a eor* poratloa, at the trttcea Bpedf ied ta Ita propoaal andj Bll ea tile tor said vork. to-vlt: MS at rt «* rort- land Cement Concrete Farement. la- chjdinr preparatioa of aobrraja. per ' q * * - * WESTCOAST COKPAXT and that J« Cement Concrete Gutter, ia- cradint; preparatioa cf -- *^ said firm la composed of the }ov/inr persca. whose aanie la fuH andplac* of residence U aj f ollows, E, Eawood Tbompioa. 1471 ES Jardla Street. Lons; B«ach X California. UlT.MJUt my land thJa Sal day cf March. 19C2. E. ENWOOD THOMPSON 8TATE Or CALirORXIA I corxTT or LOS ANGELES as. OS Tjna Slid day of Itarca. A.D. 1K3. before xne. Eata C. rarka. a Notary Public ia and for fiid Ccmnty and State, rrsidini therein, duly commisaioned anc · twora, personany appeared E. Ea wood Thompson knowa to me t* be the peraca whose aame Is stib- acrlbed to the withia knstrament. and ackaowlrdred to zoe that bi tx^cgtrd the rue. IS WTTXESS WHEEEOr. I lave brrrcct* set ay band and affixed ET offtcial ml the day and year ta . thia certificate first above wnttea. i (SEAL, ISJH^PA^ tljg f VT comjnljsloa expires . Mar. S. Apr. 1. «. li. 1X3 (it) LEI abrrade, per Rotary Public IB and id Conaty aad State. ltd KOTICE CF HEARING OF PETI T1ON FOR FROSATE OF WILL No. W( tM Ia the Cnperior Ctmrt cf the State ef California, la and for the County ef Lns Angeles, la tbe IZatter of the Estate ct WTT.TIIV JCAiCC Xeceaaed. Notics Is herehy tfrtn «*·* the retition of EALDO 1C KHISTO- VlCH. Pnblie Adminirtn^oe ot the County of Lei lezelea. l*r the Prohate of the wm ef the arxxre xazned decea^d and for the. laao- anre et Letters ot Administratioa Cement Concrete C a r t , tncludins; preparation of sub- frade, per linear foot _ I 1 ftrt Kt nn 1.00 14 00 . . Oly Clerk ot the City cf Lori Beach I. 1H1 «H) -- L. Funeral Notices ANTHOKT-- Jamev ot IW1S ctart, BeliriDwer, died Uarck 3Ctn. Sur. vived bv tfauotiter. aArx. RLsnchs Ware of Beltflower, and Mn. Oadvx MottieneH; sons, sterling Antherr* end Tteodore Anthony; , 1220 **· Survival By wife, tm»; Ft'iDC, Jos* Normarv; r, RatMt; 1 Br«r«*cWli*TPU JkOontUv. 7.M B.n^ sncck Cburox . i rm-. SL DE LAP-- 4jeu!$« L, »0» 303* firm Avt, Survived tf rw, IHannr C. Uiiltr; vrva JWrx **rt*r« HocDus. .WondaTV. 1JO p.m. HUTiTER MC^TIMRY CHAPEL _ UO t- B- BLVD. _ fglEBSON lltim-'r Alfxander. FOR£ST LA*T« HAORTUARY _ CTf BESS- _ . of Vitrified C l a y P i p * Connectlat Sewer, each SS.OO Manhole F r a m e wita Cover reset ts jraJe. each 50.00 100.00 .SO Co. Td. Concrete rmoTal. per cable TATd 4300 £7 Co. Tds. Road*~iy HzciTktion. fi- cludlnic cUrftTixr »nl frutbiEC. mnoTtU aof! ttUposil of *x- Isticc aspbalt ctB- crttc mTzidnc' «-x- r»Titicm tunl diypo- »J cf »nrphi» *»rt*v and Ooixx AH tecea- »«T work Bot b*T -. rhidr-i ta « l k f r ttpms of Ue txd, p«r cubic T.vrd ZC (OC.72 TOTAI. ESTIMXTED CX.VTRACT PRICE- -_ PATTERSON SNTYRY 53 tOCUVT AVt- O«nm tttwira Sr. HATCH--Miss Jand Evchm. 7*X E. ra. Survive fty «-*c», Un. Hazel Simrrrorn Servtct wit b* PATTERSON SNimY P5 Locvtf JORDAI*--Anc* « 4 as* 4a, ef 1?ea MorOnta Or* Norwalk. Survive* tv Btonand. tt**ra » ,- lora. F.9- wartf ML Ar. and Demii L.: fnonv er, Nln. EDS AiranA; lather, Ar. ·njr RieL brotner/ Robert Reed. Service JMondav, 11:30^ HID. side Ourctt. Rote HlDs aumorlil ret- HUNTE* AtORTUAUT «1- KARCARET · JEAL City Oerk. Ptth. April 1. X 1K1 tn--L.E.I. FtESOl-UTION NO. C-1UM A RESOLCTIOS OF ESTEX- TIOS TO IMPROVE THB JfOfcTH-SOTTH ALJJTra IS BLOCKS EAST Or ORIZABA ATE9TZ, ELiaUJI rtFTT- SIXTH WAT A-TO SOCTH STREET. M THE CTTT OF LOXO BEACH. CAUrOSXlA Tte Oty Counca ef the Oty ef Long Beach resolTea aa foQows: with the va annexed tatreoa t» Zectloa t. That the Ctty Couacfl ths Petitioner to which reference Intends t order the tmproTement la hereby made lor further par- of the norta-aoota ALUTTS ta ticulars. win he heard at, lilS Nockf esjrt ef Orlzaha Atenue. te- e'clnck Alt. ea Acril 19. IKX. tweea riTty-slith Way and Sooth at the enort room ef Department » Street, by constructing Portland ef the Superior Court of th« State cement coacreU cerement I tnchei ef California, la and for the County ia thickaess; Portland cement coa- «f Los Angeles. Oty cf Lcs As- " geles. Iated Uirch It; »ct aa KIARP. Clerk and Clerk ef Comity Clerk ... the Superior Court ot the tnabote State «f California, la and'pined. Crete gutter. I Inches ta thickness: Portland cement concrete curb- do- mg an aecrisary rrading aad any otter related work, jeflutred. excepting any ef the teprcTemetU here- described already coov- for tlie County ef Loa Angeles. By E. Kohayutt. Deputy HAROLD W. K E N N E D Y «50 Hall of Adnimittrstiea Les Anoeies tz. Cabf. (Pa. MA »-3«l1 Ext. U2Cf Xarch . Attorney for Petrtiofier. 3S. April I, »tl (a LEI. TA P _ 0X4 NOTICE Cf TKUVTEE-* *ALt Tt*t tit* »h«Il t* pcrtornwi ta vtm j-Una, prosTil*!. *S«. UUed tir*Tt£n and .rpcrincitl «. K-Sttl. vuck docaacntj «r» l« ta li« cSic* e-f th« Clt e«r. an4 rtf**mu:« {· tcnb t* Ml4 ocomfDtJ fcr ijtieE ef ni or tb* d»cn. la Ttici th« tetproTexDn:t« .Ut* t* miant t. IVed cf Tr« daSd Say gtSSt 'SerebV' ^j? iV »V 11. 19«X txecirted by BOWAElTK ie»ed t* rsV tna costa asd n CTEKN aad EHAKoSr STERjr. bri »3S ther^f U ahSS ia Iflp I 25°ri« ia ti* cfTic* cflhereby *L*tt*lcr a drarrtptloa c Kecorger of Lo» Argeiet' r,* vmessmeat district, and tbat ,petsea for Bal4 _ - - CASH fcayabt* at ttrrt. fifty per crat «»*» of tbe tane of raJe U lawful xooner cf the coat of th* aSW entrance* axd Cft Caited Ctaut) ta th* lobby «f the p*r cect (104) cf th* rott ef th rjalaeBrraac* of Tie* Insnraar* envy rntereectloa at nfty-seretta EaUdlnr. C3 «oota »prlt» Street. Street Shan be »»id by th* CSt Le» Anreles. California, a4 rtcbx. froea rh« Oreru Psrpo^* Foad. tifl* and teterrtt toaTeyed U and tVe. L Th* Cotzartfjpropcaet t taw aeld by R cadrr aaid IVed of.find and debrmla* that th* public Trast U U*_property situated la eoEmienre and xmrsnity revsre th* City of text »««·» ta salj soch tmpro»em»it. At the tim* an Coratr aad State described as. place terrra fixed f^r b»art»» «b- tX 1 tl XeO* aad PatrVa Re- Jectiozs U the proprwd vork e · doad* Jasctkxa Tract, as per nap zmprovrmeat a pubbc beartcr m*i recorded ta Book II pats II if aiao t« beld puriaant t* Oronanc Maps, ta tie offlc* of th* Ccoaty X«. C-34M t* htar abXctioca t* U itrcorder of said Cooarr. msktec of sues findlnc sad deter Said aa! wtn b* aaade. bet wtti- mlzaUoa ty tt* Conacll. After cut eovenaat er warranty, express voca pubfia: ararax; tf th* CenaeiJ er trptied. rrrirtlii cue. pew,- by B* less thaa a focr-fJtia Tot le el tU s Berared~_\jJ_"sald~Ee*d cf trnjt|vcnlrnce and"iecti«ty f^~jtre_ aaca . . ilex er eacnmtraacea. to-rar tt remaixuxr pradsal raa ef ue tutfe deteratec* snembers taereof. finds aa that the public coa - to-«tt: {4 5M.H vtck tntrreat frota tmcKjumeat a cay erder sock bn- October li, IK2. u ta said note nrovemeni ittiout further procerd- trovlded. aliancea. If any. trader infs ta respect t* debt liinitatio MURRAY-- wiEJiam A-. n yiara aid, a tia f. Kroadwsv* Passed awiv Marcft 39rx Survived BV vita, Jos:e; djuotiten. Thetrna Ward and Ln~e Tnoen; sons, Mile and Marvin; sisters. CTadvs Fltzcatrtck and Anna McCormlct; II erandchildren; 17 aresterarid- cMloren. Service Tuesday. II e m.. urrM 1 Peekl Ckscst. ment, W ss tffl I aster , Prt. Directed by WESTMiHSTt*; MtMORIAL PARK MORTUARY, Fonercd Notices OFFUNEUL SERVICES to .bt coaddctri tv mottell's Mtrs *urkiarV.~ (XSOK-Or. Fiaf retell, m fffSFiJt-- *"**·· yrefa Lawn - ITOUfBJ --"Vre*r1t« *U TO ·- §r»aftrty. fnvt^ s«r- etct was tft- }*·*. JTTf e ·londav. Fa^efi Are. II an., jw rbwtf Uip 141IT ' Iftif I ML KI I-I2U lacomt Tecc CPmarafloel Socid Clubs Income Tax N Returns PREPARE) BY EXPERTS IT'S NOT TOO IXTE FOR LEGITIMATE SAVING! SAAZIMUM LEOAL *EfUND3 f * ' 1 LONELY. «M«1 tie cerson et nor ctwlce. Lm« Marlt's Social CJuft. 532 Pine. * A cg-*oa MAC FRANKEU LLB. PVBUC ACCOUHTAKT HeTM a i yean tEstaa. I MIL, Avan«ie lr« viar "round for consurfatloa and advice. for* i travel hundreds M miles lor eur service-* TRY US Bi FIND X/T WHY! PERMANENT OFFICES IM lElLFL-ll * CAROEI«eROVE 9CZ7 Aiondra Krvd^ Beltnower I Just East ol Lakraood nlvd.) / WADIS* s-:ns '""* ChaomaA A«« Garden Orove (Just west ri HarBor Blvd.1 / Jcrranoa 7-2002 COM Alt to I P-U. every day tnclvdtrfl SaturOav A Sundiv ADDOtnfmenti MOT Mecessarr lOWcST STAMOARD FErS ·ft »tE tSTlMATES r ASt and Found LO$T--Tn-colored lassett vie. Arteta * i r FAST 44iR. SERVICE klEW Machine FToceis D us. 15 yrx. » t_ K. ADAMS ACCTS. SERV. 3355 Ar1.nf7c GA 4-8535 OPEN »» ALL DAY SAT. OJQSEO IITOOAT .W» Com* to Your Horn* FCR APPOINTMENT CALL GA 2-4241 Gene L. Soratt rVtRc Accmmtanl Km Atlantic Ave^ tong Btaeft . Oo«a OAHY t «.m. HOME or eur effict. ·ffictcnt vf *rountf tax scrvic*. Dccendaai sinct ITU. 12 A UP- S9U Atlantic *x. C* t-CB C E. FRUOHOflX-Cx. Oovt, T«» 39 rn. cxa. 1 INCOWE l BookkeeiHrtB R«V t. 1640Q e«miowef alvd. to EDWACO 1. WORTOtl INCOIKE TAX Canton Flace CE INCOME TAX SESV^-Oevi. Eves. Sun. br aoot. Home L OK. p_oo A-l AceourrnnB Sere. CA a^SC . RtasOTiahle . xza E. Brcaawar Ket. T»x Aoen aiao-- CE unl or BE MUI 'W^tfflgvarffg.ja: TRUMPET player wlsrirt to form. Vn. jaxt tr Dixieland Corr*. .e*f musician* enrtr. "* "" IMCOM£ TAX. HOME OH OFFICE. Davt, evenlnoj. SaJ. or Szymarofcl Pbone Personals otve ttmporarr care to bd Call iAn. Grant. HE -08SV AIXOMOtlCS AJUONri/IOlTJ 31 MRS. DAILY 6E t-kn roPCORl?_rsat t ta ··t HA ». Fnaerol Notices t! Hypaeth MORGAN HALL 17 aatn available lor nur tan. auex tuften, tincn. veadWB r» Irera 9 M 1.000. Keaa. rarea. Ample tree partkiB- EstOCUST HtlfftS ,50.00 CASH Tl cKrchea. lodges er ettter ar^ Em J»IVt«KU- DA*IC£ CLU1 Camera Is rcn * poii'na witt BLicrjnlnaflrt tastes, rrtvato Mv sons, arouas,. dance garHet. miroduciorv mambersnis st-50, 1:1 I. Ocea. HE HIM. NTL-«E SEKV1CC WRite »o» Wa MWork--Creoui V OULO vo« bke · meet ne« "8 rsrre°cis e .J K. take Are-, tulte . Udv. . e^T OMLT ceoo^t «e«Ji» «r»nOBiis write tever.» Social Club. .'. O. CT. ni«»«er. fUL TO «.77l» -- ALCOHOLICS ANCmr AtlACIHTIUU. OF H men rrlvite dandrft Csl Ellen, HE J-jTMlAontBrv. Frliuuxn. exduirveiy et ;«we. BI LanB "TlA Tker Isn't Any Excuse tor tains alone. Club. CE t-CX4 GVU Under 30 Fre* MEET THE RIGHT ONE Thr. Clara lane's fertonal '»- Or»n»e HE t-75ii DATE TONIGHT HOLLYYTOOO SOCTAt f 12 REWARD Lost tl*drical «-wiy bo« */5» fL cord. HASItlAr CAaxa. : Lse. Kci Hair male grey V itiite cat. I loced ear. »i« evej. name -Uletey.* Rtv/- CA *»aa. . bound. Hypnosis 13 or memorvT Lack of conflceftcet IT^f^^l^locTa* afg^'a'^ HA .SIP IYPMOSIS-R«I*«- ·«»» B« e« me onrv k«^ * i-^' *" J frrc ID «in$w«r ttuvrflorts. loscroae* AUTO-WE INSUK ANTOMt Tcna cancelled, S3T"- ef - ·- ·jrttirn of age^.'er record. lule Itudenra S% KK. --' ~S' sverege, tefe AT~ JMOiw TH1V CA 4 t7C7--JA»om ptT A Travel 15 Fly Vegas ON THE FAMOUS Hacienda CHAMPAGNE TOUR *$24.50 KCLUOei: . rd. ana frm. «· 4en9 sircrsft X iotn* viritBg* 4. ajiitbut* aho« at strtp 1 CacktaJIt at stow a Oanctra DM aawn % Rvs* r Oiamoagne- cottta!i*eartr. snt Long B.adi HA 5-U9 B^btni i LA TR 7-3456 Ate OvOTin* 4 Weekend Tsun ·yi.-* t»«, » ««?. FrL. l»ti t Hoi. Cusfom Deluxe 4-ENGINE AVtuitf rf«3f fa ftbtdcut EL CAPITAN LOOCE CASINO KAWTMOR.ME* MEVAOA $10.00** faplA9'd«tWsg.l 23 Etnpl As'det (Worn.) 23 Keund trto Air* Fv«--Gourmtt dinner-- 2 cactnarti·· Ummnirri vervict--LAuno* «ntt*rt*inm«nt. For Info. r*n«rvjnora cjtt LcngBeacJi HA54J3II CHARTER FVICHTS ARRANCEO iot driwirifl ti n oie» ia ChJc«3o Aor. 4. wantl *om«ont lo »h»r* ttnvlno. t*c. win txcftingt r«f- 10 C*n«. ABrtr 4th. wnt* ^ ru-7t!c9r»rrv BOX T-1073t HeoItrAids 18 School lastrncrioa 22 School lastrcctioa 22 Instruction Information Preparation ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING Only 32 lAos. lor DesrM ef 8.S.E.E. ELECTRONICS E N G I N E E R I N G PACIHC STATES UNIVERSITY ESTABLISHED IR1 AfPROVEO FOR. VETt *r« Eve. a«so Start Aor. U ENROU TODAY CALL RE 1-2383 Or vrrtte for Free Cataloe PACIFIC STATES LTirvERSLTY DtrrTil isia s. WESTERK LOS ANSELES «. CALIF. FRE£ PLACEMENT for GRADUATES. B. · PROFESSIONAL BARTENDER: 0* COCKTAIL WAITRESS DAY OR EVE. COURSE WEEK DAVS UA_U.4 rM. NEW METHOD BARTENDING SCHOOL . »ro*dwtv, L-t HE «MJ funeral ^Directors USSPocIlle Ate. HI2-S(01 4 Araian- eaca. Masonic service Monday. II Di* ttl Chaoet, _ -- Edwin SJL. IBB It Anorewa Or, Sesl Ceeca tLrsure world). Survived br wire. Beryl; salt, Robert BLi I Brandcnlutren, JefErev and ..lie CsmncML Masonic service Tuesday, II a.m* Dlt- a» Oapet. ts~ anneunced. BViinam. T2R Serrce vll ONLAnl--JoseoK K, IM W. Jnr St, SurvSied ky mil*. Etret; deugrtter. M:sa Wv · " " Mn. lerri vice Tve«_.. ·ev. WUIlam 'jgpSKlSt. Ht Sarvtca w l R t * anriouncio^ t t t r t R --~oioa. o. S*nnct will B* artfiounced. UmOOOIST -- Klneer. Service w.3 t* arvnuncetl. Sarvlca *n P'TTERSOK-Jsmn L, a So. Ce:sv. iarvlct wtM be *n. KHincsd, . PHOEm*--Mam* F' l*a r, 17m St. Service Wonosv, i *m^ w'tn Rev. Aoann* tmctafinx D l t f t r Y 9UJS-*s 1. 3711 Tyler W. Service Monor., I7ijf am.. w« »ev. HewetvK Er«r effictsfno. D.W»v CkaoeL DIIOAT FtOWW SHOf HE HUt or HE 2-S99I Fsicrol ProtfcMoRj tHUayfamfr GoldSHeW Announcing Our Grand Opening April 1,1963 P.V.I. Pacific Vocational In.titult Oeolcated to yeou tts oeoore r Souttiers Csltfomia. Lei in Ircto voa meet ttie chslienge t hidustry Bi mis *ra of suto- mation. n* r«-it S Sfadeatl tnronid ht cadi class »m be admitted ror Vi *» 1st rrgalar f aities Compare *ur regular BT-KCI vita emer leading schools If yea art mmtd ta ont ef m* tollowin* trades: 1401 ·roejromalaf Ana. Broorarruninx maoretlc oe soeratuma, ftuslnesa Cam* puter BpoElcaliOna. II WeeU IIM Kty r«aca C0mott*e frslnlnt for · G4-C* A e* wactitnes I to I neat FIX leeepflos'ut 4 It I areeks 'Trp'-l Mmual 1 Electric *jr teg:imers ar semi skilled « tS »TMkJ SttrtaaadT i cnlness tffl" tocMed inimum 1 Semester H.S. inormana reoulred ts I (reeks Trstnlne on Catculstor 1 II Key sain* fneaunt IncMed Offic* Mocatan A Varied ef HadiMea Blvs aovsnced typtn* i t s * areeas A at* Oftefxreriaaj Ctrtverfib!* toen *or *sne*s Castom Bi'tomi--seat Cavara Q weeks A at* Mecaoalcl AB atisies axUiftn* Tit*-uot. Aut*. Trana.- trail es-Antnmant AH* ttflabUs) lasic SV* casloni ref-jiivijr W*U!*9 Css aV Henarc Wel«n* an W«sr Fret I f KI Tenrt A« Pacific Vtcational Imtltnfi 1121 W. ric.Csi.Hx7. lounA SP S-tIM OA I-JII er Can ·£ET TNE CHALLENGE! LEARN A TRADE ' montlts tor «m« of Ih* A: o sijvirff tMnJTtorts now ejr»« dBirutnet * kxi.1 m ·^ Day J Train ' "Jay A eve. clasiei Jrsln now-«av later . Mo aLgti sctiool tfolom^a nee Frea Placeineni Servici VOCATIOSAl. TRAIMING IN: y ClectTonlc assemblef* tctfia. »· CssftiervCfcetxervSloct. ' IBM fceypuoca ooeratora ' lt,A» taB a, wlrtr* ' Tv«ni -- inorthand ' Voholstery -- OOW.T sewlna · or «DDTf M daMy «tr WEST COAST TRADE SCHOOLS ISS4ArUnricGAe-33o9 BE JOB READY! CALY has successfullv TRAINED tlunnandi tor almost a \nn m meeti^B tndusnVs demanda. JOIN THE SUCCESSFUL! --electronic Ancmbrv t Ttdl'B -- IBU KevruncO -- T*tL «inns rf -- TtlrvHicn ·CALY TRADE SCHLS Phone HE 7-223 1 Barbara Mou Cc!«g« : or Real Esfaf* Knowledg* SPIilNS CXASS ST1HT1 Aritlt. I KECISTE* WOW instructor wtta ever 3t veara experience to teadi TOV about sre- parina ffsTlnss, Oeooslfs. leases. tales aids at ofltv » weeks. won. er »to, J rM. COME IH. LISTEH IX. SlCli IK. FOR SALESMEK. IROKERS C* INVESTORS. » r. S'tTf tTOftur «e TBS* EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES CcnsnU These Placement Eiperts '······'···'^·^·^^··'·^··^·^·····i OUR ASSOCIATES SAY: ··WANT A JOB THAT GOES? SEE US COUNSaORS. AT FLO'S" COU'ANY fAYS FEE SECY^figur* commmJoa for tareimoa. Compfoa, CONRDENTLU SECY,-*iec»£vt l*v*T. ComafaA STtNO-rarlei eTufiex, Harior Cr,_ SECIV--tcreei tani personnel. Borra *4 Torrsncs Compto*. . J« .L . HM S/H s.ppy «T;i»otTSoB, Comefon _ $I7S «. FtlOAT--Ms S/H. "left-starrer.* Compton }, $400 I'Jit SENSL IKUL--A/X. sj. «ccfx. Comptoa JITS FAYtOU.--^onrirycfio* anToa contracts. Compfoa____ $400 COMPUTTTEH or REX-O-WirTH-tooi ipol Ht, f» JITS FIUIE CUU--ei* rvpirig. 10-l.y er cilc. Scuta G.'. 1350 f/C UCttL--IMVV A/I, airaWrafirt.' ClrJeae f* $43} COM?. OFt^-4-pniss. B* rvptnj. Sovt» Gtr* fa J350 COM*. OPR.--A/f. aa fyBJii}. SouA Girt f* 1358 IIM KEY PUNCH--torn, wi-tn, and I.V. CerJens $3534- CLERK TYPIST--youna o.t. some a.rper. Hunt fart, to $333 l-Slli OFC--fype else, TV(X t S/H Downe«___ $15 »t DICTAPHONE and 1 lYPING-fieveral) your,, jTris fa $325 fBX--Z-pos."fToR board, tjtl typ*. HanRn;»oa fart f* $325 FEE MED. SECY^-SfanoreHs. 6ird".na (co. tip y t } t ) $3TS · -- ao* tpesj. Important: Torranee $3Sfl FLO BAILEY AGENCIES PARTIAL LISTINGS ONLY 1323 E. Co/npton Blvd, Compforv- NE 5-8038 8731 E Firestone. Downey -- TO 1-9231 1409 Cravens. Torrtnce-- FA 0-3722 500 South Main, Ottngt-- {CocT« 714) 547-9141 LAKEWOOD . ' EMPLOYMENT AGENCY HA 9-5935--4143 Non. W.y-Nr. V939I . lalewood Bfvd, Cdnon Sf. Diagonal COMPANY FATS f EE FiKD THE ciitr w i f ^ " p t - ·"· ' CLCK.K TTP1ST -- rype elec, ei iptnTrij BunctuefTaa *» 1350 ! 5«oS I « l Fi? EUC -f f *f ( - ^ *'^-?- 8S VrV STtrAr* 0 '''"** e "« r ««. eomtme. f/R erp. $400* IBM HEY fUNCH-024. C2S, 054. 8 ,oi «, n i r .f .^ $350+ · scol .penencei. or · f/IL - '»* sp _ $325 manna personnel ·oencv 53 kres t:rJ: SID I p!rt s o y e M9I1 it *t] t pjn. free steno--ensri Otot too Uills brms log -.-.».-i.-«,Ts-a- *"" lit train tflcteohone to USO ton Keypunch exa rec BOO« ca. + benefit! ta J3SO Ivoe, work ea evn lor «an ca» mee tt _ . Ben ere, lots a etiorte, tctsil no Svpina en tfus toa S27) loHow'n) iobs ttre j »;* u cnlv stat. elk, allnkm* BB| «nly to m bookner. r nacnuin here to «M «B crt It kev+calc, imut to »EO coordinator, commua ties*, ta IMC «« peyneiii '£ pay Jiv * MEDICAL--DENTAL * X-RAY ASSISTANTS /Cnro« Nov (or Aara Oesjej / titetlme Jecunty j Free Ftacemenr Servfct SOUTHLAND COLLEGE CF «£0. DEHTAL ASSISTANT Authorized By Surt of Public mttr. State of Catlf. CU R. wtuffier. AAontebefts PA 2-2045 HOWARD BUTLER SCHOOL OF KEAl ESTATE One B» «vj eldest iduots M ti i aria tfiomands of araduatrt. DAtV-9 fM. Mea, t nun. tVIS.--7 tU. Ui*. t Tson. a USSONS--FULL COVtKACE Vliit Anynme- "VfATTiTATE CO-TTBACTJ Advance* vruov Wei. 7 a.m. Can tor · - -- - - T7« ATtAH CERTIFIED rEPSONKEL. SERVICE ACEUCY e «lwaVK" S jut" 271 EMPLOYEB PAYS FIE SECTY to isles nor S3SB TrF-JST, BCCTB eeof toxiz EXPEDITER. accSiteTvorit^ COMPVTYP£R or Flexowrrrer IBW kcvoundi. a mos KS FOLLOWVP c*, purca Best to S2S TYPIST, tl.. f.Bum - tOS27 ATPLICAKT PAYS FEE CISt. Frtdrr. tvpe. PBX _ SECTY. loo tlrt lor toe CO. MEDICAL DEFT. CREDJT A Indusl km __ *" RECErr. » Bsstnf Cm* _C X-RAIT ij. n« tec. if* rx0 ^.t: RECtrr, MKJI x« s: AHRELL PERSONNEL AGENCY 215 Long lesdl 1W. SuTre HZtmel I'.Jj. HE S-S3I; V.W.t.d' Free P.-trnj 145-14: LL B'.i [Jiit Vj bt Eiec. S«cr. r iftno, tocns. IDC*( Ktv Puncfi. ttr*vr«rtl Rey **und. Oprv ,, 3 Tymrt FVxownti VTI-ETIA-I JVUUAGE -- ITesT**. KwnBinc, Cotonic. -tttirn. · t*9*f ten »r*rTtc-«^. Wusie.* HEVJLCt 9T tU J.»4t. Jjp«T«$« ttttttS. Anfa Indosfry Needs U WOVEK «» Auto. Sery. CasMen t Aura Dwv Girts ean unto mo. /AIRLINE trav*L Ts en ELECT ROMK AP^ROVTp.FOBJ SC^a^'***^.^ 3 Trainee! (locat sag MANY UOtE RNE JO IS SOME FEE. SOME FUE Hfoltk Aids GOLDEN WEST PERSONNEL AGEKCY tt PINE. HM. m HE 7-OHI FROM THE · V r l r l * J*^*- ·"**'*·*« A«!a* th» nditar S32 . . . G E N E R A L OFFICE R| 'l«U^MI?.E l CXK S3 *" FuN rtifjti, «rt trr» ___^CB RECEFT,, TTPE 50 TVPfA TroisJ-cJBrX t-^ ear __ i T^lxt-otioni, O.'0___Jarw WJ^f ORW5JYP14T *n»ur tza nee. L*. _ _ t3D CENTAL ASSTMT OR Jt£CCFT txpd. rarierf tin, ca** y?5 CALDWELL PERSONNEL SERVICE AGEKCY It pine. Suite HI HE 3 tffll FX Bkor. smafl efe S3«S (ILUMC cler«, fype SW! A P, fvoe, exod «tq «/p NCR J100. benefits __xr» COUPLE, fi tear to TAPING eira,^^X tx» MffifcAL D~EFJT suarj su. car s: CREOtT »n to RCCPT. lire east ttental , DOROTHY STIRLING AGENCY GOOD OFFICE POSITIONS I IS PI Nt LI- HE MJ59 BENEfrCLAL cMPLOTMENT AGENCY I) f.NE. tU. I2CI HE S-ni BEST JOBS--TO* pay 6F InPlOYUENT ACEKCV We Otter Complex IB eord. Goes! Kernel 20-A J£AM-| JKasuoe FSARI STuciO--enasuoe. steam barn. 7 davs »eea. IB am. ta « s m. sn E. eroadwav. O-TOe O4ERIES H.arm - stcsni Rsths Bv Otcne a Caror. Ml E. »ra __ ME Mta _ s:oe- By spot, anty.' C. Sffl. ME »C«7 ICT t. Kraaaway. Mrs. H-s. «» Sun- not. ME I *ARaCRS lie OCMAaio EnroB mow. I7-«ee« caun*. AKER. ARE« COU.ECC Lout ieaO. ME t-fM?; xi IT JEARM tUVESTICATIOie. S1JW mo. Sacarttv. m lav prsor asa Unit. Enrol* new. HE e-Sni Drhriaq School mnftq .pad' 22-A ^t^^f 1 ""* *8P8h Wamsi EARN MORE MONEY f 'n caw as Long *ock tniitit ColUgt ·Jte-'sV t.t. »,(( Kofoei 20 PIONEER SANITARIUM Ladles OnV TV Kecr«af«nal Rooni Occoo moral Therapy Artesia tm lint * CRESTWOOO ft CoriviTeteen! HospHtl LOS ALAMlTOS UNrTAUUM Over B TEARS eroe'ence M CAU'ORK'A LIFOR^A SANlTAR Kid «JU.«AOtlM» -accaottd. J*«r. ·.I M AA accaotsd. 3"r. ·.·. sua* CA T1U fves, CA »» · YtRSOn Horn*. M I am. LK.tyrt.CC NEW Huntlngton Vista Guest Hofe! {For HA: TV HvnttnBtaa Hot pot · reflifnsnred! llama ·r HtstTfuffoR wiser* everyone In to est At ism* faee*! «t ft* Mint Kme. tut to OMLV 24-Ht. CAU HOME IM U. THAT INCLUDES CHOICE OF ZNTU KNINS IN YOO« UONTHIT KENT Dlninf nans epeq 7 em ta 7 ftra / 50 raotn 1 tpH. a* fri'var* planet eaca reos r' rV.ete tatts / IN. SiretrvTied' ON THE OCEAN FRONT «e»ervrnor» new being arcen-ed O« Our NEW-- MODE IN Un.ts OTaer eoestryeneri. I7M E OetM HE W2S1 Arbor VZi Guttt Horn* .OUI1»»URY CUCST HOJKE Ao» aMnmtj^ Ho'nt-na. sir*. BYAR.X Bome-ut* art* prtv. rm. 4! -IIM. it ar. car*, xnt food ·* ntt Afaimc. CA «mtl IEU.^LO»E»._ «13irTV_care__R_H ro in Kra.- TO anc fACAHCY for amtvtatory latfei oermiefwra, venue. Hew horrte. 3 nr. care- m» C- «3. Tg SA77I . , Ba. lor ladet, sli FiivATE rm. lor lady. Kin. r**n. X. mean. M br. cart, c* mag Help YVaarrtf, Woo.) 24 HOUSE HI EPtR--iutt«.»u Horn* TcMIOTn. Hug By* m\. HA Mt»7 corsctwa saars. (lajjified Sedlon

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