Independent from Long Beach, California on May 18, 1957 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1957
Page 1
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: : ; : 1 : t[y.,. ~ *». ' · 171? ATTTD17C · i~WTkl?V ' · - -· · - · · » · · · ' ! - ' v ·· i ^HP ' · ' « » · : '· ' ^nT ,. i , ' ' . '· · -' '· ' 1J*V ^ M s · ' ' ' ' ' ' · · ' ' · ' , ' , ' · , · ' · , ' - *f. .;· . - _ * - / · . . »V ' /· rliAiUlvliO JilUJbA ,nui- ·· - · - · ; · ··· - i aW^ · / - · · . - . , · -v ^» v , " ' · ' · ' " ' · · · " ; ' ' . - . . ; · · . · · ' - ' · ' · · . ' , - ' ; ' ^ » · ' · . . . - . ,, - , , . . · . . · , - -^ .._ . WtY,. ' , ! · - . , ,~* .\ t J 4 - t i/ ., , , « ^^f , . · ^^m · i. . I ' i « . . · i · · · ^^m ' , ·"· ij-- r . ' ^^* ' ' 'i - ·- . . , - j . 1E^7 A T^U Fi^ '· ** ^V,: L . Amuwanonti .A-1I Editorial A.« :," , . ^f VA ^T*f ^f^ 'flPft '^^ '^"^^ ' atnaW ·"· ' aW WlVrllllJCal, Amuwanonti .A-1I Editorial A.« :," OhVKhM · omk* A.U ' snipping GuM-A-M , , · . : , Detth NotiMS A-1S SporU ,.,.,,B-1, · ,, , · · · The Southland's M Finest Morning Newspaper : '. - ;' v -!. ' ^ ; Phone HI Hl.l · deulfleJ No. HE 24W ^ ! 32 PAGES , ,,^^ ; ; ,' J ,'. LON S BEACH ^ CALIF.; SATURDAY, MAY I., 1757 ^ ^ V VOL 19-Na 262"- Considerable dondbuM today and Sunday, with local early morning drlnlc. Partly tunny after- . noon*. BUrhtly cooler today. Today*! expected high temperature, 70 derma. Friday*! high, 71| low. M. . . . . . . . . . . ,.. , , , . , , · HOME EDITION-10* at FATHER OF FREED BOY MAINTAINS VIGIL . . Benjamin Hooper maintains! a vigil at the bedside of his 7-year-old son Ben- jamln Jr., at Bayvlew Hospital, Mastic, N. Y., after the youngster's rescue from - t h e dry well Jn which he had been trapped almost 24 hours. In this photo the fit Assembly OKsBill to Aid Sinkage Fight - . . - - . - -..,- -, ,.o . . o A bill ipelllng out the city right of eminent domain to a quire property for lubildence remedial project* wai adoptee Friday by the Aiiembly by vote of 31 to 1, . Lone B e a c h Auemblyma . William S. Grant, who iponiorec the bill at the requeit or clt official!, laid the legislation I necesiary "for the protection o , life and property' 1 against lam ' linkage. , . The measure now goei to ttv Senate. It li the flrat of three anti aubildence bill, whlth city offl clali hope will be enacted at the current session. Cue of the ' othen, clarifying tho clty'i rlghi to enter Into voluntary utilization agreements without Impairing lu tldeland grant, li con- aidered likely of pauage icon · · * · CITY OFFICIALS are now de * veloplng a 'campaign for approval of the third measure, which provldei for creation of a lubildence abatement dlitrlct · with procedure! for compulsory unltlzatlon and repreuurlzatlon. A delegation from Long Beach met with Gov. Knight Friday In Sacramento and emerged "with, out * doubt In our mlndt" that the governor will iupport the dty'i efforti to gain relief from harbor aubildence. Mayor George Vermllllon said Knight li convinced that the problem It one that ihould be solved by legislation rather thar admlnlltratlve action. Assemblymen Grant and Herbert R. Klockslem are sponsor- Ing bill! aimed at creating subsidence abatement district. I would have power to fight the land subsidence by pumplni water or gas Into the vast ot Field underlying the clty'i tidelands. . , ,., *»' *, 'Digger O'Dell". Stricken Fatally ·LOS ANGELES un_»Dlgger O'Dell. the Friendly (Under- aker," Is dead. Actor John H. Brown, who played that part on the "Life of Rlley" radio program, died en route to his doctor's office Thursday after suffering a heart ttack. He wai 33. boy Is shown under an oxygen tent. Rescue workers from the atomic research center at nearby Brookhaven National Laboratory Joined In the dangerous tunneling operation to free the youth from what might have been his death trap. MASTIC, N. Y. (AP)--"God was with me." ' : Thus spoke the grateful father of young Ben Hooper Jr., Friday night after learning that his son probably was going to be all right. "I laid all along they'd ge him out," he laid. "God wai with me on that ... "I knelt down and prayed to God ai they removed him from the well." to both him and the mother after reaching ·le added: the hojpital here "He looked at me and laid: Daddy!' and looked at his moth er and said: 'MommyT The' father laid he wanted to xpress till gratitude to the people of, his community and well- wishers over the country., He said hundreds of messages ad-been received by the poll or relay to him. coming fro i far away as California, · · · . · , .;' "I'VE HAD many problems my life," he said. "They alwa; trn out all right," ' Explaining how the boy fe Into the well, Hooper said he himself was working near the shaft and turned to pick up a piece of pipe to put In It. Hlaeion and another boy were playing In the yard some dls- 1 HOOPER SAID the boy spoke tance away. Hooper said. He stated that he had repeatedly JAPANESE STUDENT pa radei protest British bomb tes ageA-2. .- , . ·, j r , ^ THE MISS UNIVERSE Beau y Pageant cracks the Iron Cu: tain with the announcement Fo nd will send an entry. Page A L;A:C.SAYS:- Pure Elections · It if apparent then will b« no m«uurM paw«d in the tint* or leeUral kgklaturM thla y*ar to curb , lorg* t4»cUon ·xpmditim«. Th« aid* bill oppwa to . b« dead. It atartvd out a* a drnpl* bill to require all candidate* to be responsible for all expenditure! in their behalf. But when it got to the committee*-.and floor it had *o many amendment* it wo* unworkable. That k the beat way to Idll a bill - . ; ,-..,,;·-.;,· · Similar bill* hare been introduced In Conare**. · But they are not being puihed by their eponaow, A report oi all expenditure* for congiwwional houce earn- pcdgn* last year chow* a total of almo*t twenty-tare* · nillioa dollar*. But it i* dear thto k but a fraction of ; · (Continued on Page A-6) ·. v , . ,·- :yv Hose Saved Boy as Sand Buried Him MASTIC N. V. *--LHt) 3en. Hooper -Jr.'s .'doctor sal Friday night he believed tha an oxygen tube laved the boy' Ife during the long hours h was Imprisoned In a well. The physician, Dr. J. H. Kris aid a hose to supply oxygen was put down the well ahaf soon after the boy had fallen In He said that In the ensuing ours, during rescue efforts sand from the walls of the weli rifted down on- the youngster H« said one and one half ,feet f sand cascaded down on the xy and covered his head., But, the doctor stated, when Iggers finally reached the boy hey found the end of the oxy- en tube only about one Inch rom the boy's mouth. ...,,.,.. The doctor said this, together Ith the fact that the boy's acket came up over hit head ind created an air space, #rob- bly uved the lad'i life. warned them not to go near the well hole. ·"· - · ( ;~ · · E · · ' AFTER TURNING to pick up :he piece of pipe.-he said, the neighbor boy cried out: "Benny fellln the hole!" *- J The father said he rushed to he hole and looked In and could see his son far below. "His red coat covered his head," he said. "I could see his hand. He was calling: "Daddy!* 'I made a loop In a rope and put It down the hole, but he could not catch It." Hooper said he then nuhec Into the house and telephoned for help. Hooper said It would be "Just a matter of time before Benny will be all right." "I can smile now. I never gave up hope," he added.' i , 'My prayen were answered." WM HAS THAT, OLD-FASHION: FORTITUDE - What does It take to be a good VM? Guts, boy. Guts and plenty of good, old-fashioned, aged- n-the.wood honesty. Like t'other day when the WM was at a party. Somebody suggested a contest . to who could [drink the most glasses of Old redeye. The WM won [ h a n d s down, gulping 13 In On Your TOM al many mln- tes. But when It came time to HEROIC WORKER RELAXES-- ,. = · . Moments after he pulled 7-year-old ' Benjamin · Hooper Jr. alive from the narrow-well shaft In ' · which he had been imprisoned for nearly 24 hours Friday evening, Sam Woodson of Rlverhead, N..Y., . sipped coffee on the edge of the rescue pit beside / t h e well. "Lordy, I'think 1 he's alive," Woodson cried, as he brought the youngster out--(AP.) FiscuSvMom Happy " ·'fuU-' "· ··" ' · ' ' . · " ' ·*······'·· Oversell Rescue Struggling Rescuers Employ AEC Device MANORVILLE, N. Y. (AP)--Seven-yeawjld Ben- :. Jamin Hooper Jr., was rescued alive Friday night, after * being entombed upright and all but motionless for 23/£ '. hours In a 24-foot well. ,, , At 10:30 p,m., three hours after rescuers had clawed ,". · through the last few feet of earth with bare hands'to \--, reach him, the boy was reported reacting nicely to treatment at Mastic Hospital. ·- ·- . .' .' Dr. J, H. Kris, the attending physician, said "the; '.'.'·; boy's condition is good. He Is able to talk and asked for food. He has taken some food. Everything Is on tha.; · up and up." ·' . . Dr. Kris said the plucky little fellow had come . around sufficiently to show some temper. "He's mad at the nurses. They wouldn't let him go ^ to the bathroom and Instead made him use a bedpan," the doctor said. . , , ..., · ' · - · . r: · , - . v «- - . ,, "HIS PULSE IS GOOD--normal. He's warming up. His feet are still cold, but his temperature is getting · back to normal," the doctor said. The physician said, "He was frozen stiff when taken · out--his Jaw was clinched and we could not get It opened at first", -., . . . - · · · - . , However, the stiffness soon wore off and the boy Is moving his arms and talking, Dr. Kris said. . , "He's quite a happy boy, but he doesn't realize what happened or where he Is. He thinks he's at his grandmother's house," the doctor said. "', · The physician said, however, It would be necessary to keep a close watch for the next 24 hours, because of the danger of pneumonia In such cases. Weak movements and the flicker of his blue eyes signalled the miraculous survival of the little chap, tot. whom hope had been all but abandoned hours earlier. : · : · · · · L · " -· ^ , HE TUMBLED INTO a newly-dug well In the back yard of his father's Long Island home at 7:30 p.m. Thurs- r * ' day. It was 7:10 p.m. Friday when rescuers--heart- . S4 breaklngly frustrated through most of the day by land- .''"" ^ slides--finally broke through to his side from a rescue shaft. In a few more moments, Benny was taken from the dark, cramped well bottom by Sam Woodson, a Negro rescue worker. Said Woodson, beside himself with Joy: · "I was the happiest boy alive when I saw his blua ' eyes." Benny, his color good and his eyes open, was rushed by ambulance to a hospital at nearby Mastic Beach, N. Y. There a doctor said he was conscious and "called for hls-Mommy." The boy was suffering somewhat from exposure. He was put in an oxygen tent for the night * * * · ' ' -";· ' DR. KRIS PUT AN oxygen mask over the boy's face as he was brought out of the well. A reporter asked: . . . · , , "Is he still alive?" *"·- '· ' ···-· "Yes, thank God," the physician replied. Then, forgetful of everything else, Dr. Kris grabbed the reporter's -. hand and wrung it In elation. Several hundred persons looked on at the climax io '*' a feverish night and day of rescue efforts. From thejr throats came a hoarse half-shriek, half-sob of exultation as it dawned on them that Benny had survived. "It's a miracle, It's a miracle," sobbed one unldenti- fled bystander over and over again. · . . . Benny's 1 father, who had worked with rescuers until he collapsed, then came back to keep vigil beside the well, shouted almost Incoherently: . "He's alive! He's alive!" ' - - . -'· ' ·. Then the elder Hooper dashed wildly for his house to break the news to Benny's mother, almost prostrate with grief and a growing hopelessness. ... v . . . , · - - (Continued on Page A-10, Col 1.) -': ' ' FIRST MAN TO REACH BENNY I Grabbed Jacket Then Talked to God illect his prize--a cask of Old «deye -- he demurred, mutterg: "Wouldn't be fair. I went out the kitchen and practiced irsf No liquid tunshlim today. Just quid drizzle. "SAN MARINO, Calif. UP) -Mrs. David Flscus,' whose 3 year-old daughter, Kathy, diet at the bottom of'a lOMoot well In 1949, expressed heartfelt Joy Friday that little Benjamin Hooper was laved from a slml lar fate. "I'm so thankful they were able to reach him In time," said the mother who spent S3 agon. Izlng hours from the tune her daughter t u m b l e d down an abandoned well pipe until her body was brought to the surface, , ,, , ...,^-^-^ "Maybe this will serve again to get people to do something about 'these open holes and plts,"-sald Mrs, Flscus. In California, after the Kathy Flscus t r a g e d y , a law was passed requiring all such open- Ings to be securely covered. Columbia Recognized WASHINGTON (IUI) -- The United States Friday formally recognized the new provisional government In Columbia. A mill- ary junta came Into power May 10 after President Gustavo Ro- ai Plnllla was ousted and tied to Spain. .,. .,, . ; · .,. , ' (Editor'i note: Sam Wood' sow, a 39-year-old Jfegro building, contractor,. uxu tht /Irst worker to reach Benny Hooper Jr.-H«rt Is ftto ttory of the dramatic round-Hie- clock rescue, " By SAM WOODSON ^ : ; As Told To United Presi MANORVILLE, N.Y. UR-was digging carefully when saw the Jacket covering the top of Benny's head. I started to brush the sand away from hi coat when I heard him whimper Just then we started to cave In. I grabbed him a little bit hard and I heard him cry. I held on and took the coat off his head 'and he looked at me and started to groan. ., . ,,, I didn't have a chance' to talk to htm. I talked to God. I had to yank Benny pretty hard because the sand really started coming. 1 'And when I yanked, John (Arambo, the only other worker In the tunnel with Woodson) yanked me to keep me from letting go. But we got him out. He was very weak and damp but there was no water down there,. . , I thought of my little girl when we were digging and It helped me to keep on when-I was tired. ' ' · But' when we found him, I turned to John and told, htm, : "the boy li alive, thank God."But we agreed to keep It · quiet until we go; him out of the hole. . ' . Leaders Decline. '·' Dwarf's Offer of' Aid to Rescuers·'.'. , % .MANORVILLE. N. Y. *»-;A "' dwarf showed up at the scene f.7-year-old Benjamin Hooper 1 * ^ \ ntombment Friday and volun. j leered to squeeze through a tUn- /'. »l being driven toward the boy. « '· His offer was declined. Of. ^ Idals on the scene said-the .; unnel was big enough for a full J grown man to go Into and they V' referred to entrust the tash ,; · o a skilled rescuer. . . "'··· The dwarf would not Identity ',' Imselt , . ,. , . ·

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