Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 5, 1930 · Page 5
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1930
Page 5
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* %4*f* Alton ifAMertf', thotoaUdS; Cf *ht», $be tfft city, for Hifatta. * M* ifettCXnJtt uOIiroS j Op ino'U<*O B .,iHrt tteaf * afl» reta** tfte lobelia* attd the dahlias. 1ft tile -winter they can walk 1ft this garden' and t wonder how soon planting c^h b%gln. Wh^tt spring bMngs the hollyhobkh Wld ro»es to 1 England the CehWnuiing 'Londoner takes the flrst train hbtne instead ot tne last. • - ; . •*• •.-London's grass is always green. Sfven when the "great frost" coihes a>id the pines /reezft and the native ice skating, chtMnpiottship* is .conteiit- ed for the flfrst time in 18 yearn, the city's fcarks and lawn*, are covered with an .evergreen "carpet. In the spring Londoners' come 'from distant parts ot the town, and bring the, children, to see the flowers in Ken* stngton gardens: , . 'Shrubs and daffodils are planted in , some of -the most valuable land .in the city, London's financial district. The most valuable flowerbed in England thrives in brapefsgardens, 1 Throgmorton avenue, one of the his* toric thoroughfares neat Threadneedle street and the Bank of England. Stock brokers and. gentleman who •write pieces for the papers signed ''S'rohi Our Financial Correspondent" • have their offices In the neighborhood. Roses are blooming in. Plcca- dlllr?' as well as In Plcardy. If there its' ho room for a garden in the midst ot traffic there is room for a flower box on the window sill. \ .'All the gold at the Bank of England is not kept in the vaults and guarded by his majesty's -guards Whose officers are served dinner on golden plates. -.The Old Lady of Threadneedle street has a garden in which" golden daffodils • grow. Outside in Princes street there is noise, dustr grime. The gloomy walls of the Bank of England do little to brighten the picture. But in the garden hyacinths and daffodils raise their heads above even- the .all-pervading London soot, and the goMen sparkle of a daffodil in the spring sunshine has helped to stabilize many a financier's blood pressure. ' The financial center of the British Empire, like the menu in a London restiirant, it still largely governed by tradition. Lines could almost b'e drawn down certain streets in the City which would divide the district into business areaa without much danger , of overlapping. , The , more adventurous -element among'- the city ' men Who move x thelr Offices outside • the segregated areas do so at their own risk. When Lloyd's moved (to Leadenhall street most of the -marine insurance offices' followed, but the offices they left behind Were quickly filled by others who had been waiting years to move in. There are nearly six hundred business houses- in the city that have been in existence for at least a century.'.One ilrm'has beeny doing Business since the middle of the fifteenth dontury and another had been going strong for- generations when its earliest records, were destroyed In the great fire of 1966. • A On<f»lm ,:,•-:>:• .» y *•> Itt dtitttilt ffeth*, ««e. , ttafti llmbeR .fa** fclrtft W a boy. ' While Wng ,tfaSc'fdrrfd td * Iffgftf tt«$Ual, be BaUsttl at Neufclaiel-en-lf'ay, HORIZONTAL i Bow 6t • boat. V ft To avouch. OScrf. lOParM of churches. ' 12 Habituate* 19 Concord. . 15 Arrival. ITOlcoresln. 18 Sheep. >' ' ' 1ft Net weights , v of containers. 22 X. V 29 Ship's record. 24 Aurora. 37 Dance. N 2ft To splash. SI Assessment rate. 88 Elsewhere. Aft To Wallow. 37 Verified. M Shovel. property. 40 Winter car* • tlage. 41 Set up * Rolf ball. VERTICAL 1 Feather. 2 Uncommon. 9 Manifest. 4 Married. 5 God of the : sky. •' '• 0 Weather* 'cocks. SATURDAY'S ANSWER aim I^HI^ il HEll IflH' *MttlMg. 0 Whiter' raM. 11 Any. l'a Floating -'-: . mass ot ice. 14 Pin and te _ bawling. 10 Laughable* 20 Wing. 21 Self. 25 Paddle*. SO Halts. B* Bird of prey. 20 To analysed 80 Dwelled. 30 To foment; 82 Grandpar* ental. 34 Opposite of win. paused at ... gfcve Mtth w ft girl. Near Pottsmouth, N. tt., chartes Waggoner, cripple", confined to a Wheel chair for fifteen years, wheeled hmiself wit from hi* farm, rolled twelVe* ttlles aefbsS rutted country roads, a|>j»foached a pier at the ocean ttottt, fen inta the ocean, drowned. '-•.'' • *.'» *:... . • : in Scarsdate, ^. f., I»atr61niah Vincent Jufal gkve chas« t» a ijtedifig OraWitfg alongside. Patrolman Jurai >eheld one Arnold t>. Beckerman dead behihd the wheel, He had shot himself through the head, brought the car to a stop, died. • •' * * * '' % 'v' : in-8t. Louis, M6., Mrs. Harry Raymond asked the police to cltch her husband and- return him. She said: "Every night since he lost his job he walks through the afley whittling •Keep the Home fife Burning.' I know his whistle."^ ^ In' the new city directory, in San Francisco, FedrO fcyxx holds the position of last page, last line, last nanie. The parting shot of the Chi" cago city directory, is .one S!zynk, and in Manhattan, «b«dlah Z. Zzyz carried off all honors until one R. Can* 37 To stroke. BITUMINOUS GOAL PRODUCTM GAINS (Special to Altoona Mirror.) WASHINGfON, D. C., May 5.— Production of bituminous coal in the United States rose from 8,103, OpO tons during the, week of 'April 19 to 8,197,000 'tons during the week ended April 26, the department of commerce announced today. The output during the 1929 week corresponding to that ended April 26 was 9,239,000 tons. Production during the calendar. year to April 25 amounted to 156,274,000 tons, as compared with 172,124,000 tons to the same date last year. For /the first two days of the week beginning- .April 28, - coal loadings amounted to 55,474 cars as compared with 60,840. the flrst two days the week before, the American Railway association announced today. During the week ended April 26, 143,675 carloads of bituminous origi- nated'on the 115 principal carriers of that commodity, the association also stated, as compared with' 142,077 carloads so originating the week before. In Pennsylvania, the .production of bituminous for the week ended April 19 totaled 2,341,000 tons, a slight drop from the 2,402,000 tons mined the week before and also from the 2,573,000 tons mined during the corresponding \1929 week. *• ,V BEST RADIO FEATURES SCHEDULED FOR TODAY (Copyright. 1930, United Frees.) ,WJZ (NBC network)—5 p. m.—Mor men choir. • WABC (CBS network)—7 p. m.— Henry & George. WBAF (NBC network—8.30 p. m.— G. M. Family party. WEAF (NBC network)—9.30 p. m.— Sign of Shell. WABd (CBS network)—10 p. m.— The Columbians. WFBG, Altoona—Silent. How T« Put •, , - ,. . Y . Philadelphia Drug Stdfe Offers to ; Underweight Men, Women ' and Children Think how' a fei»f added pounds would Improve ,your health and appearance. • Now, your' face and neck are too thin, 'your chest too, hollow, your ribs too .prominent; and so you lack a well-rounded figure, nerve-force, strength, energy, -vitality and endurance. " : ' ' - ; -, -. .,>> :••:.' But here's your chance—you'll never find a better, easier, less expensive way to gain the Weight you. badly need. .This offer comes from Philadelphia Drug Store a reputable local druggist—and applies to all underweight men, women and'children who lack the weight producing vitamins. Act-on it—start taking McCoy's Cod Liver Oil Extract Tablets right away. For they are just. as rich in weight- building- vitamins as the pure Norwegian cod liver. oil :from which they are made. .They drugs, no stomach-irritants, haven't that fishy, oily taste—nothing in them but, rear cod liver oil extract. ' Read this ironclad guarantee—McCoy's Cod' Liver-OH extract Tablets must give, any underweight man, woman .or child . the desired ' increase in weight or money refunded.' Just ask 'for McCoy's at Philadelphia Drug Store or any drug store—60 tablets 0 'cents. . ' '- .V 1 . —smart STUDEBAKER EIGHT for only $ 1195 AT THI FACTORr costs less than 14 different sixes but will be "S ' " worth more than a six when you trade it in! c •v CERTIFIED by more than 100,000 Studebaker Eights in owners' hands, Studebaker's three great Straight Eights are seasoned* and proved. Among them they hold the greatest world and international records, and more American stock car records than all other makes o( cars combined. Yet despite their enduring soundness, .their champion performance and their graceful style, these brilliant Eights are low in price. It is quite likely that your present car will suffice as down payment. Studebaktr Eights Cost No More to Buy or to Operate Dictator Eight Club Sedan . . $1195 Dictator Eight 4-Door Sedan . . 1295 Commander Eight 4-Door Sedan 1515 President Eight 4-Door Sedan . 1795 tftrt ekamplut ii*n frtm 1195 tt ;/575. Prim at thi factory. Operating economy is a Studebaker tradition. In 23 officially supervised tests the Dictator Eight set a national ayerage of 16.9 miles per gallon of gasoline. In recent tests Studebaker's Commander Eight averaged 15.9 miles to the gallon. It costs no more to operate a Studebaker Eight; costs less to buy than 14 different makes of sixes. In addition, the trade-in value of a Studebaker Eight will be worth more than a Six. NATIONAL MOTOR CAR CO. A. S. EBERSOLE, Prop. 600 Logan Avenue and Plank Road, Altoona, Pa. TONKAY AUTO SERVICE STATION Tyrone, Pa. GEORGE KLOTZ New Enterprise, Pa. In "Studebuker Champions" Sunday Evening Kubtcrn btuimjuid Time IU.33 I", Al. to 10.« 1'. M. St&tion WGK and NQO Network ara, "6*n1y MW 8W»,l»6ft'ef«f pafMattent. & 0IM>%)ni Soy who went tliew to Wo% it _ othsif was Oilier CTtetnwell, wl to shut it api" ^ . , ' f •>» r tn Mexico City Uwi.fceonlco la and his wlr«,, w#dded forty parents of thlfty*»e>eh cl There were twe«ly4hree boy» „ —— ourteeif girl*, including eighteen pairs »f twins, ^i . In Mt. Carmel, l»avt one Wlltlam Llttlehales, blind, bought the Lakeside inn, established-.therein ti. bar. It was said ot William Llttlehales ftlOHf f 0 AtJif ftALIA CltOlJjOW ****vii*.**V'««««r —«..,— —-•» May 5.^«B«» Amy^Wmson, aged 22, began a solo fllgBt from London to AustrMIa at daWM t ^^' tfr Wak6 her flrst stop tonight »t;VliWft. TMe younl *6Wa» .wa* Aring Gypsy Wh.i»Me, find —•*•-«•« would take her w Aleppo and Bagdad. Don't fool yourself I . ;"• ••", - '. '_•..,/. Since halitosis never announces itself to th> victim, you simply cannot know when you have it. ' v vJet rid of halitosis- it may get you t , fired What kind of people do employers like to have around them? Certainly not people with halitosis (unpleasant breath). You can't blame a nian for. firing an employee with halitosis to hire/ one .withoutit; ? : ">..' ••* Donft..,fooi yourself/.that you never have halitosis. It's impossible for you to know when, you are a victim." Don't take the chance: Keep yourself continually on the safe and polite side by daily rinsing the mouth with Lis- terine, the safe antiseptic. Being an active germicide capableof killing 200,000,000 germs in 15 seconds, full strength Listerine checks frtiouth fermentation and in• feet ion—both a cause of odors. Then it gets rid of the odors themselves; it is an fc.- stant deodorant. . Thousands,who used to be unwelcome .because of halitosis are now acceptable any- 'where. Lambert Pharmacal Company, St. Louis, Mo., U.S. A. End it with LISTERINE ' •, ;•"-.'. I; Mill 200,000,000 germs in 15 seconds r , ' ( (FMf«*f f/m« «c/«nc« IMS accurately recorded) '<M Sale of . Short, Lots Wcmen's Straps, Ties and PufnPt $6.95 to $8.95 Value- * Snaketkin NOW Cuban Kidikin arid Patent Leather \ ' - . Spanish PR. Heel* 181 Pairs In These Sizes and Widths • AAA AA A B C 3 ;Wo 1 4 3 4Vo 5 3 5 3 4 12 ^>Vf 3 14 8 8 1 6 1 9 8 y 6V* 7 14 10 7 10 y 4 1 7^ 1 3 4 b 1 8 1 8 6 2 8^ 1 1 0 1 See If YOUR Size Is Here! THIS IS New 3-Piece Suite 9f Hand-Woven Fibre Choice of Color* Two Ctahion Settee Catch the spirit of Spring and bring the cheery colors^ of growing^things inside your home, with>a new Fibre Suite., Deep, loose auto spring cushions covered in -bright, har- 'monizing cretonne. The suite, includes settee, arm chair- and rocker—a remarkable reduction for tomorrow. The STANDARD Furnii SI 1407 Eleventh Ave. Tomorrows—Two Important $10 Sales!.. . Special Purchase—100 Brand New —§hown ; For The First Time! "Language of Flowers" Dresses In sizes for. women, misses and juniors. —One Feature Price— Junior sizes, 13 to 17—on -the Mezzanine Floor. Women's and misses' sizes—in the Downstairs Store. An Interesting Booklet -'Language of the Flowers" Given With Each Dress of This Fabric Every flower has a meaning. Various flowers combined in patterns, convey a 'definite message ... for instance, Moss Rosebud means "Love"—Myrtle means "Confession"—and combination of the two flowers means, "A Confession of Love." This is one of the many patterns—each one beautiful in itself —each one conveying a delightful story—told in the Utt,le. booklet we give to each purchaser of a "Language of the Flowers" print. Brett's — Mezzanine and Downstairs ^ ' '' • '^A Smart Styles! Superior Quality and Substantial Savings! Genuine Sisol Hats Offered at much less than their actual values. In Headsizes for Misses and Matrons —One Feature Price— Regular $12,95 And $15,00 Qualities An extraordinary special purchase and sale that will thrill fashionable Altbona and Vicinity. This price hardly seems possible, just at the beginning of thf summer season when these fine Sisol hats are coming into th* height of fashion. AH the New Hat Fashions in This Group Imagine—fine Sisal straw tats in brim and ofi'-the-i'aoe effects- All the wanted head sizes and in th« approved new eofcars that are so fashionable ... black, navy, brown, green, natural, and some pretty pastel shades. These hats are nk«iy and trimmed in the most attractive aad bcc«#uiaf Brett's — Mezzanine floor O* -^5 -*4 $ > •*

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