Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 6, 1962 · Page 5
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 5

Eureka, California
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Friday, April 6, 1962
Page 5
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Vernon Scoll Story Taylor's 1 Runs Ow Editors nole: This is (he final dispatch in · a scries of three written by veteran DPI Hollywood correspondent Vcr- non Scott on the Eliabezth Taylor-Eddie Fisher Marital mixup. Today's dispatch deals with the couple's future and the role of Richard Burton. By VERNON SCOTT DPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPD-Elizabct Taylor, 30, is perhaps the weall, iest working girl in the worl today. It is expected she will hav earned $2 million from "Cleopa ra" alone when the movie epi finally is completed. As the wido\ of Mike Todd subsequent show ings of "Around the World in 8 Days" will swell her fortune con siderably. She continues to be in great de mand by producers, insuring he freedom from financial fulmina tions. However, if a royal crest wer designed for Queen Liz the dolla sign would be less approprial than the triangle. For it is he proclivity for three-cornered es capades that has led to Eliza beth's greatest notoriety. The glamour girl's first publi cizcd triangle involved second hus band Michael Wilding, herself anc Todd. Wilding lost. The Debbie-Eddio-Liz contre temps was the. second. This time Debbie Reynolds was the loser. Now Elizabeth's public appear ances with costar Richard Burton have precipitated a third triangle and Eddie is the apparent loser Thus far Liz has managed to escape a winner. But in the event rumors of a Taylor-Burton ro mance arc (rue it is possible the dark haired screen siren may fine herself an also-ran for the firsl lime. Elizabeth, successful and inde pendent, has taken orders from no one since Todd's death. It s i. necessary for her to ask the a-tvice of anyone. She runs her own life. Former Coal Miner -But in the rough-hewn Burton onetime Welsh coal miner, she has met a man ' unlike any she has known before. He is a polishcc actor, sophisticated raconteur, and boon companion. At 36 he is three years older than Eddie Fisher. Unlike the gentle, easy going Fisher, beneath the Welshman's veneer, of charm lies a smoulder- ing spirit who can drink, brawl and wench with the best of 'em. Burton resembles the bombastic Todd in that he runs his own show, gives vent to his temper and has a roaring sense of humor. During World War II he pulled guardhouse duty for smashing every window in his barracks. He has been in more fights than he can count, most of which took place in his hometown, Pont- rhydyfen, Wales. Many of them were with his rough-and-tumble brothers. Though he is considered one o the finest Shakespearean actors in the world, the ruggedly handsome Burton also has starred on Broadway and in Hollywood movies. He married his wife, Sybil, a dozen years ago and they have two daughters, Kate, 4, and Jessica, 2, to whom the actor is devoted. During his sojourns in Hollywood, Burton, who is built more like a fullback than a Shakespearean actor, gained a reputation for cutting a swath through movietown's glamour girls. Romantic rumors connected him with almost all of his leading ladies-- just as they have with Liz. True or ficticious, Burton's am- Biography Talks First Club Duly For New 'Lions' ! Leroy Starkey, John Cunning, and Boris Tappan, new members, ' entertained the Eureka Lions club Thursday noon at the Eureka Inn ! with short biographical sketches of their lives. President T h a r e n Scolt announced that plans had been completed for the McKinleyvillc Lions r club C h a r I e r Night and ladies ' social to be held the evening of April 14, at the Eureka Inn. ' Participating in this event arc Arcata, sponsoring McKinloyvillo, s Redwood, and Eureka Lions 1 clubs. The McKinleyvillc club was ' formed March 1, 1962, under the ' direction of International Counci ' Al Frnnke. 1 District Governor Will Taylor a of Corle Madera will also altend the charter night on an official ^ visit to the local clubs. r I'HHMIT KOR REPAIRS ' A $7(XI building permit was e firanlecl Tom Maxon today for foundation repairs al 1442 (I SI. p Charles Kays is Iho contractor. tew Boy F n Show; A orous adventures never serious threatened his marriage -- un now. ' Friends here say he will nev leave Sybil. Others believe r may well become Elizabeth Ta lor's fifth husband. He Denies Romance In any event, '-Elizabeth's r mantic entanglement. But the Eddie denied 'his marriage wa shaky until Ihe hou. of the divorc i announcement. - In any event, Elizabeth's i d manlie anlics have thrown th harsh light of publicity on the oi e phan girl she adopted earlier thi - year, on her own three children c Michael and Christopher Wildin v and Liza Todd in addilion to EC - die's youngsters by Debbie, Car 0 rie Frances and Todd. New publi - attention is focused on Kate an little Jessica. - It is this kind of publicity tha r has 20th Century-Fox executive in a state of near shock. The studio has plunged mor than $20 million into "Cleopatra. If it fails at the boxoffice, 201 Century-Fox might not surviv the financial disaster. Its moguls remember loo wel .he case History of "Joan o Arc," the picture starring Ingric 3ergman which was releasec shortly afler the Swedish star let ier husband and daughter, fo Italian director Roberto Hosse ini. It was a super-colossal bomb Public reaction to Miss Berg man's private life was credilec riend Brawler lywith providing the tremendoi i boxoffice drought, for "Joan Arc." r "Cleopatra" is scheduled to 1 « completed in June. Hollywood i 1- siders agree that Elizabeth's b lavior and the resultant public! will make the movie one of 111 '" great boxoffice hits of all tim 1 Popularity Will Continue The general feeling, too, is th; ier popularity will continue t burgeon, even should Burton di s solve his marriage to become th man in her life. It has been reported that L and her Welsh costar plan to af ', pear together in another pictui ' within a year. Until then the actress has no c announced whether she will re j main in Rome, retire to the horn she rented in Switzerland (Burto t is a Swiss resident,), or retur s to Hollywood or New York City Eddie, meanwhile, returns t * Hollywood to see his youngster ' and to pick up the threads of hi j career. A close friend said hi , first project would be a new rec ord album. The movie colony believes Ed die's future is less bright than hi wife's. He has never regainec the public esteem he enjoyed dur ing his marriage to Debbie. Twice involved in Liz's trian jles, Eddie has discovered three 'ears make a tremendous dif lerenee. This time he was ex pendable. Planners Consider Zoning, Rio Dell Street Problem A near capacity crowd crammed supervisors' chambers las! night when the Hnmboldl Planning Commission met to consider two hot issues, one al Rio Dell and the other at Arcata. The Rio Dell discussion arose after a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Coons of Rio Dell was read asking why residents on Rigby Avenue have never been able to get a street fronting their lots. Target for the attack was R. r Spain, land developer who so lots along the street. Home ow ers last night charged that Spa had sold them their lots with th understanding that he would bui streets, but he has never done s One member of the Rio Dell con tigcnt maintained that he was no aware that the home-owners' were responsible for building anc maintaining their own street until lis property was paid for Ma; 28, 1358, and Spain approached lim for a road easement. Spain has told planning commission members that properly owners were informed, before buy- ng their lots, that the road was a private road, but the residenls on Rigby Avenue deny this unanimously. Corra'do Pinochi, commission member, 'suggested that Spain anc the property owners share road building expenses to bring them up to county specifications. This is necessary before the county will accept a road. Marjorie Childs, assistant county attorney, asked why the people should have o pay. "He's the subdivider," she said. Both L. L. Bryan and Pinoch agreed (hat the Department of 3 ublic Works should deal with Spain, and N. J. Lund read a etler written by Harvie Patterson, then road commissioner, to Spain dated 1954 which told him o bring the road to a point where t would be accepted into the coun- y system. Lund explained- to the group, rho said that they had been main- aining the road themselves with ibsnlutely no assistance from Spain, that Spain needs one casement on the end of Rigby for rainage, then he will proceed wilh he work. The county, he said, vill do nolhing until such an case- ncnl is procured. He said thai pain had agreed lo build the trcets in front of unsold lots, bill lat people who had bought prop- rty would he responsible for the rea in front of their homes. He aid that (he tract was not a sub- ivis on, and- people who bought ots on Ihc streets had no guaran- cc of improvement. However, on a motion by Com- nissioner Carl Miller, the board greed lo lake legal action to orcc Spain to bring Ihe road up n county standards. Ernest Bednar, appearing as pokesman for a group of 2(1 clition signers who asked that 'reston Place northeast of Area- a, be zoned single-family rcsi- encc, said that his group wanted rotcclion to avoid confusion such s exists in the lirisack trailer ourl versus Azalea Hill resident ispule. His view was shared by Chuck amsey and Loren Abboll, who olh asked for protection of prop- ·ly values. Opposition was ininiedialc and retentions. Chief among oppo- cnls were persons who desire lo build duplexes for rental units in the area. Evelyn Fielding, a teacher, said she had bought her property with the intention of building rental units to aid her income when she retires. Her stand was supported by Andrew Stewart, who also wants duplexes, Mrs. Joe Gray who owns; six lots, James Williams who owns one, and Estell McDowell who charged that the move was premature and asked that ier considerable holdings be left out. Barney McMann opposed the move because he did not care or additional rcstricitions, and Vern Williams, a chinchilla farmer, asked to remain out of the zone. Bednar said he was sorry to ind so much opposition. He said he did not know what the answer vas, but "at least we made an attempt to solve problems before hey started." Also appearing as a proponent vas L. E. Richter, who said he telieved "we have reached a stalemate." ·Bryan moved that the petition be returned to the signers until a plan satisfactory to more ol he residents could be formed, lis motion was approved unani- moulsy. Earlier Market Rally Continues NEW YORK (UPD-- Widespread ains of a point or more today ave further support to a rally hat began Thursday afternoon. Among the motors Ford tacked n nearly 1(4 and General Motors ose about a point in continued c esponse to news that auto output I his week would reach a record c or the year. a Steels eased but chemicals were ^ rm with Eastman Kodak up " nore than 1. Both domestic and ntcrnational oils added fractions. * Utilities, drugs, metals, stores ' nd electronics all participated in ^ le advance. Rubbers, however, ell somewhat behind. P a Churchill Cruise : On Onassis Yacht \ LONDON (DPI! - Sir Winston " hurchill flics lo the south of ° ranee today for a Mediterranean ruisc aboard the yacht of Greek s lillionaire shipowner Aristotle ' nassis. The former British prime min- " ter s expected to return to Lon- " on at the end of this month. c ady Churchill remained at home. C Bank Quotes \ SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-bank a ank of America 55 ; !4-5(l% p ells Fisrgo 70.73% nltcd California riO-M'/i n ·ocker-Anglo Slv^.W-j - \\ 'Censors/i Will Be f On Monday from 8 to 10 p. n at George C. Jacobs Junior Hi School, the third forum in the cu rent series of Controversial La guagc Arts Forums sponsored s the Adult Education Departmen » f Eureka City Schools, will featu Professor James Crow in a le e ture titled "Censorship in t n- Press: Real or Imagined?" E- This forum will discuss some y the pressures brought to bear o e news writers to influence them ;. suppress or control news. T] JAMES CROW Professor will suggest some a ternatives for dealing with thes jressures. The presentation wi )e concerned with public pres Assessor Issues Reminder To Vets On Tax Exemption Helge Paulson, county assessor has issued a reminder lo all vet erans who are entitled to a Veter an's exemption, that the final date 'or filing is rapidly approaching Under terms of the Tax anc Revenue Code of the State of Cali lornia veterans must file for ex emption before 5:00 p.m. on the first Monday in May. This yea the final date is May 7. If the veteran is filing a claim or the first time, either the vet eran or veteran's spouse must cal at the assessor's office to com plete an affidavit. The veteran should present discharge papers or other evidence of time servec in Armed Forces. In following years the veteran need not appear at the assessor's office, but merely complete, in full the affidavit and application for exemption which is a part of his properly statement. The exemption is granted subject to certain restrictions and limitations expressed in the law of the State of California. Any veteran who needs assistance should contact the assessor's office, Room 129 Court House, Eureka, Phone Hillside 3-7555. The U. S. S. Enterprise is 1040 eet long, roughly the height of he 102 story Empire State Build- ng- Master Plan Meets Variei ARCATA -- Coundlmen agreed o study a comprehensive general )lan for future development of \rcata and its surrounding area vhen they met last night in coun- Jl- chambers at city hall. However, . there was some dif- erence in opinion on whether the c Ian was necessary at this time, f nd how the plan would be fi- [ anced. t The Arcata Planning Commis- i ion had recommended, with the \ ndorsement of the Arcata Area ' Chamber of Commerce, that the ouncil approve a plan to avai icmselves of the services of the f alifornia Slate Planning Office nd the Federal government to ring in outside professional planers. The projects as recommended ] /ould cost the city one-third of s le total expenditure, as yet not s elermined. c Councilman George Cooper op- osed, at least for the present, ( ny plan that would involve Feds ·al and state aid, pointing up f ie "apparent excessive cost to . ixpayers." He said, "I don't think c e have a crisis in planning here, j I the present lime I don't feel . e have any need for calling in ilside agencies." , "I'm opposed to lliis plan," he ,, nil.-, adding the community lias n s "own talent for plnnning." Representing the plnnning com- lissiou were Robert Miller, chair- , inn, mid Dr. William Lartcl, who xplitincd the commission fell n cncrnl plnn wns necessary be- HISC it needed a communily ° iilc in its efforts to properly w an for the city. The commis- oners recommended the state H federal aid plan as the best a ·opoxal f.o their knowledge. ,n Councilmnn Wnrd F;ilor opposed A e s nnd taken by Cooper, mid 1 {reed with commissioners. "You d iip Of Press orum Topic sures, both group and Indlvldua as well as stress upon the write from within the newspaper. After an hour of general lectur the speaker will have an ope question and answer period whic will be moderated by Professo Milton Dobkin, chairman of th language arts division, Humbolc Stale College. The lecturer is presently an a sistant professor of journalism i Humboldt Stale College. H joined (he college staff in the fa of 1961. His university training was a .he University of New Mexico an at Stanford University. At th University of New Mexico, he wa Director of the information ser vice department. Recently, he has been connee ed with several newspapers on th West Coast, including the staf of the Tribune and Herald i Hilo, Hawaii. This forum series will conclud on May 14 with Dr. Edwar Steele, Assistant Professor o Speech, Humboldt State College speaking on the subject of "Ora Controversy: A Dying Art in Ou Society?". All persons in th ^orth Coast region are invited t this forum. For more informatior concerning the forum, call th Adult Education Office. Registe at the, forum. Governor Hails Latest Donation Of Redwood Grove SACRAMENTO - The Save (he edwoods League will donate a 6,000 - acre forest to the state for addition to the Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Gov. Brown announced Thursday. The land, part of the Rockefel Ier forest, contains some of the world's tallest trees. The governor called it "one of the world's greatest stands of rees." The land also is needed for work on curbing erosion on Bui Creek Flat belov, where about 700 trees have been destroyed since 1955. "This is a magnificent acquisi- ion," Brown said in a statement. "It represents another important step in the preservation the great redwood forests of Northern California." "Now one can only hope thai the disaster which has threatened the Rockefeller forest for so many ars will not come until we can forest and engineer the lands as to minimize great flooding Bull Creek," Brown said. Newton B. Drury, former state d national park^chief who now leads the Save the Redwoods jeague, raid the land was pur- ased from the Fairhurst Tim- ier Co. of Fortuna, which in turn lurchased 7,400 acres on the Janoe and Bull Creek Watered. For Arcata d Reaction . :an'l measure the benefits of such ( a plan to Arcata in dollars anc :ents. We have to have an ultimate plan," said Falor, a former jlanning commission chairman. Falor said after the meeting liat he felt an outside profession- 1 plan, which under the city's orm of government would be assed on by local officials and itizens, would be more realistic n the long run than if the plan t vere developed by local persons perhaps too close to the forest | o see the trees." , Mayor Dalee Dolson referred the ' Ian to budget sessions to begin x ater this month. In other business, councilmen: ,\ Voted to delay payment to \ lumboldt county of $25,000 on i ourth Street right-of-way acqui- \ ilions until a requested itemized [ tatement is received from the j ounty. - ^ Requested the Humboldl Coun- D y Health society have a repre- 1 entativc at the next meeting lo F urthcr explain its request for sup- F orl of a proposal to establish a p ounty out-patient diagnostic and | ·ealmcnt clinic for menial pa- K on s. j Tabled, without commenl, a doc- j merit signed by 100 persons op- ^ osing city parking meters sub- 1. litlcd by Wally Belsey. ' Approved Mayor Dolson's re- p ipoinlmenl of Dr. I.add for a n Hir-ycar term on (he cily plan- p ng commission. p Agreed lo sludy the possibility n f providing camp silcs in Red- n ood Park for tourists enroulc ; the Seallle Fair. j Welcomed Phillip Brown, assist- S )l cily manager at Daly City S id recently hired manager for S rcntii who was in attendance at S c meclinc. He will assume his T ilios April 1C. V, ' Questioi · B y F Should McKinleyville , , ' · _ , . T Tf--'-" *--i~,s~* -, ;l __^ i ; -~^ JK t ' _*^ MA e ; ', |j ' rr'-TO Buck Johnson - P. 0. Box 2253, McKinlcyvillt ; Gardener .j "I think so. The way it is grou ing, someday it will be a bigge a city than Arcata." llEj'jL, . MfJiiSTM. ' _sMl[ Myrtle Jones 2620 Central Ave., McKtaloyvilli Housewife "Yes. They need a cify here be cause the community is growing It would give more advantages.' Seven Treas Seized By C HAVANA (UPD - The Cubai jovernment said today it seizec seven Americans-- "apparenll) frogmen"-- off the northern coas of Orientc Province at dawn Thursday, and that it was "investigating the reason for the i presence on Cuban territory." The official announcement did WEMHEU By United Press International San Francisco Bay Area: Fair through Saturday except ocean fog extending inland in morning; high today San Francisco 68, Oakland 70, San Mateo 76, San Rafael 80; low tonight 45-50; west winds 10-15 m.p.h. this afternoon. Northern C a l i f o r n i a : Fail- trough Saturday except increas- ng coastal fog and chance of showers Saturday in northeastern mountains; cooler Saturday on central coast and in north interior. Ml. Shasla-Siskiyou area: Fair oday and tonight; cloudy anc cooler Saturday. Sierra Nevada: Fair today ant onight; cloudy and cooler Satur- lay with showers possible north f Plumas County. S a c r a m e n t o Valley: Fair hrough Saturday; high today 808. Saturday 72-82: low tonight 508; genlle winds today. Fort Bragg and vicinity: Fair oday except local fog; overcast onight and Saturday; cooler Sat- rday; coastal winds west to orthwest 12-25 knots. Northwestern California: Fair xcept coastal overcast through aturday; cooler inland Saturday; igh today and low tonight Ukiali 5-50, Napa 82-47, Santa Rosa 844; coastal winds north to north-est 12-25 knots. High Low Prccip. Ibuquerque fi7 42 tlanta 53 47 .14 akersfield 7!) 57 oise Ii2 42 .05 oslon ra -- rownsville 7a 64 .36 hicago 50 40 .21 enver 62 32 .on clroil 58 411 .oil airbanks 32 10 ort Worth 511 53 .05 J rcsno 80 57 clcna 54 37 .05 ansas City 63 .111 () os Angeles ";! 5'.i f iami 74 71 inncapolis -17 2!i ( ew Orleans 74 65 .10 L . cw York 61 46 j akland 74 55 , ilahoma Cily 58 4fi |, loenix 9(1 62 llsburgli 63 47 .01 cd Bluff 84 58 ,, cno 73 3(1 ,| icrnmonto 83 57 8 ill I-akc City M 31 .02 , in Diego IK 51 in Francisco 66 51 I ·attic S7 47 .10_ lokanc 61 -lit j) lermal mi ra : . n ashiiiKliiii 67 M T.: n i Man ... Ml Dean incorporate into a cm/? WrfnP HH -^- f|9 M GHS Crook 1775 Van Eaton Ave., Arcal Oiler "Yes, I think we would ha - a lot more advantages, like c r water, sewage and police prote (ion." Mrs. Joseph Chance 1783 Mygenia Way, McKinieyvil Grocery Store Owner "Yes, I think so. It is growir and if it doesn't incorporate, \\ may become part of Arcata." ure Hunters uban Police not identify the men nor specif the cxacl spol of their arrest. In Miami, however, Coast Guarc authorities said a search orde has been out for the past tw days for seven men aboard a con verted fishing vessel which lef Pompano Beach, Fla., last Satur day en route to Kingston, Jamaica, on a treasure hunting expedi- ion. They were to have arrivet here Tuesday but did not appear. In Pompano Beach, Fla., the missing boat was idnetified as the 3 isces, owned and captained b, Gordon S. Patlon, Ocean Cily, Md., and Pompano Beach. His vife, Ellen, said Patlon had set a course for Kingston which tool him within 75 miles of Cuba's northern coast. Her husband had run into "dif- icullies" with Cuban officials be- ore. Mrs. Patton said. Last year, a Cuban gunboat came out to meet a ship of his near the Cuban coast, but waved it on after see- ng that it was flying the British flag. She did not explain why it was Flying the British flag. Mrs. Patton said her husband and the other crewmen left on a 'treasure-hunting" expedition and lad planned lo be gone about a iionth. She said they were hunt- ng sunken Spanish treasure in amaica. She said the boat was heavily quipped with gear for the hunt, ncluding a small submarine, un- crwaler sleds, and an air com- jressor for diving tanks. Access Road To Be Discussed The proposed access road lo (he Arouse Creek drainage of Six livers National Forest will he iscusscd next week by the nat- ral resources committee of the 'ureka Chamber of Commerce. The road, in discussion stages \ oi 1 the past several years, would j )en a large, untapped National j orest area for timber sales and f cereal inn. n It would provide a route from i ie ocean side of the mountains ( ilo the area beyond the head- i) alers of Rudwood Creek. Also on the agenda is a His- t ission of full use of federally vnctl lands in Ihc fields of for- 0 st products and recroalion. Larry T. Marshall, chairman ol j c commillt'o, said county offi- ( a s, as well as Forest Service er.soniK'l, have been invilcd to t c 4 p.m. meeting at the Cham- h IT building on Wednesday, e CHAULOTTK, N.C. (UPD-Fii- f ral services were scheduled to- $ ly for Mrs. Charles A. Jonas, n , mother of Hep. Charles R. t mas, H-N.C. KASTBOURNK. Knglaml 'CPU n Sii' Percy Silliloc, 73, former 1 'ail uf Hrilain's coiinter-o.spio- c 'fir opn'iitions, died Thnrsdiiy j. j;lit iit his lionir here. c Second Vole Withdrawal McKinleyville voters, for th second time in less lhan t\\ years, will cast ballots June on a proposal to withdraw fro the Humboldt Bay Municipal W ter District. The election, to be on the regi !ar primary ballot, was set la night by directors during u spec meeting in the county courthous Last time the exclusion was a templed on the November 8, W general election bnllot. It was d feated by a vote of 1129 to 537. Basis for calling the electio was a petition received Januai 11 from 13!) qualified voters as! ing that the question again b submitted to the people. Signatures of at least ten pe cent of the 1,252 votes cast i the 1958 gubernatorial electio were required to force the electioi The petition was sponsored by Ih McKinleyville Area Citizens Com mittec for Exclusion. Still Pay Bonds Should the area withdraw, ta payers will still be rcsponsib or payment of bonded indebtec ness in the amount of $12 millio already incurred by constructio of the district's Mad River pro ect. Joe Vukonich, member of tl exclusion group and McKinieyvil communily figure, told the boat it "owes it to the people of McKi New Bishop Af Sanfa Rosa Consecrated Right Rev. Leo T. Maher, bisho of the new Roman Catholic Di cese of Santa Rosa, today \va consecrated a bishop in ceremo nies at St. Mary's Cathedral. The Most Rev. Egidio Vagnozz apostolic delegate to the Unitcf Slates, presided over the colorfu service. Coconsecralors were Ih Host Rev. Hugh A. Donohue lishop-designate of Stockton, anc hie Mosl Rev. Merlin J. Guilfoyle auxiliary bishop of San Francisco Newly installed Archbishop o San Francisco Joseph T. McGuck en delivered the sermon. Bishop Maher will be formall installed in his new diocese Apr 26. Archbishop Vagnozzi will off ciate at the ceremonies in SI Eugene's Calhcdral at Santa osa. A native of Iowa. Bishop Maher 47, attended schools in San Jose St. Joseph's College in Mountain View, and St. Patrick's Seminary in Menlo Park. He was ordained Dec. 18, 1943, and has served most of the time since then as a priest at St. Mary's Cathedral. Wednesday night 3,500 persons ronored Arichbishop McGucken, , at a public reception at Civic udilorium. Speakers includet ayor George Chrislophcr, Arch- shop Vagnozzi and U.S. District udges William T. Sweigert anc eorge B. Harris. NATIONAL OBITUARIES V T EW YORK (UP!) - Services 1 be conducted Saturday for m O'Reilly, 5G, New York Herl-Tribune columnist and horse cing writer. O'Reilly, a native of Lancaster, ., died of cancer Thursday. CHICAGO (UPD - Memorial vices were pending today for mer A. Claar, 71, attorney, re- lor and well-known horticultur- . Claar died Tuesday in Ha- ii. Early-Day Tragedy R The story of the terrible tragedy i ·hen Iho Coates and Frost fam- 1 ies, aggravated by long - stand- ] ig personal feuds, and by con- icting political opinions, met in j lortal combat on election d.iy in i BG7 at Little Lake Valley, Men- j ocino County, was told mem- t ers of flic Humbnldt County His- i rical Society al (heir meeting o lis week. f Joseph A. Frost of Arcntn lokl o f the tragic encounter which t ok the lives of five members of|l ie Coates family and three of p ie Frost family. \ Horn in Blue Lake before the v. rn of the century, Frost amused s s audience with stories of llu* c irly days in that community. He ·callrd that Louis Preuss hail the c rsl automobile in Blue Lake and ii wnt considerable time running around the old Bine Lake race- lo ack. ,,, In later years a new oval race nek was built, at the npproxi- ^ ate location of the present Me- ^ ilosh mill. It had an ill-faHvl n irei'r as it was (omul thai the! a til under the truck was honey- (.; imbed w i t h gopher holes. After K i On McKinley Se) June 5 c leyville lo tell them whal they can o do and what you can't do." 5 He complained that to make use TI of the district's waler, McKinley- j- ville would have to form a distribution district and finance a · j system. At presenl the community st has no water system, i The district has noted in the ;. past any political subdivision may t- purchase waler from a connection 0 to Ihe dislrict's transmission line. · At the same lime, directors have explained Ihe district was n formed as a "wholesale" agency y and does not plan to set up a - distribution system, e The Cily of Eureka has con- Iracled to purchase water at a r price based on delivery at Ihe n district line. Arcala plans a sim- n lar contract Additional line laid by the dis- e tricl to pulp mill sites on Samoa - Peninsula takes inlo considera- ion Ihe cosl of Ihe transmission line. A. J. Gosselin, secretary of Hie board, said the dislricl would be able to set the price of water at the various sections of the pipeline in 30 or 35 days. He also announced the directors propose lo point out clearly to the McKinleyville voters "whal the tax rale will be in the next Ihree and four years, and what the people of McKinleyvillc can expect." Four-Alarm Blaze In S.F. Warehouse SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-Flre- men quickly put out a four-alarm 'ire in a North Beach auto warehouse Thursday night. The sile was only a few blocks from a warehouse which was slruck by a $500,000 fire last month. The fire department said the lames were confined to the second floor of a two-story building owned by BH Motors. The floor is occupied by the firm's car- painling department. Thirty-eight pieces of equipment and 190 men responded to the four alarms, and so did hundreds of spectators, clogging sidewalks and snarling traffic. Fire chief William Muarry estimated damage at $40,000. Cause was not immediately delermined. Music Festival Set For Tuesday Annual elementary music and oik dance festival will be held 'ucsday at 1 p.m. in the senior high gymnasium, with 627 chil- rcn in the sixth grades participating. Purpose of the festival is lo acquaint children with the folk- rl heritage in music and dancing. tfrs. Marianne Pinches will died the Elementary String rchcstra and Donald Moehnke ic band. Mrs. Amelia Ley, physical edu- ation coordinator, and Darwin E. elfils, music coordinalor, are in large of the program. Cily Board Hails Bay Sludy Plan City Harbor Commissioners last ghl commended efforts on be- alf of a $3,000 federal study on evelopment of Ihe Woodley-Daby sland area as a small craft har- or. They acted after reading a tier from Rep. Clem Miller re- rding engineering approval of e project. Action was delayed on compila- on of a statement of harbor ob- ctives for submission to the -ity Council. Feuding Recounted few of the fine racehorses had roken legs, the (rack lost its opularity wilh Ihe horse owners. Frost's father was attorney Eli- ih Frost. He pracliced law in umboldl county for over 35 ears. Their home was out in ie "Pine'.s Pasture" area of Eu- c'ka and Frost recalled that many f the early day parades started ·om Ihe Carson Mansion at Sec- id and M streets. The Carsons onld make il a point lo invile loir neighbors lo witness the arade from the Carson home crnnda. Mrs. Carson would al- ays sco that Hie guests were crvcd with coffee or tea and ike. A number of artifacts were re- L'ivod by the Society for display the Clarke Memorial Museum. Mrs. Lcc McCulclicon, of Ilerke- y, presented ,, nihle that hat] ren in the. family for over 100 ?ars. Mrs. Catharine Dickson luircs piTsonled n number of dliim- pholographs, billheads id personal cauls ivliilp Mrs. tl. I.ivingslon donated an IM7 ircka Cily Dircclory.

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