Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, February 11, 1958
Page 2
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^-INDEPENDENT, *-. TM. ii/.t». DEATH THREATS IGNORED The World Aroui -' .'· By TEDD THOMEY · ' · · · · ' - The trouble with Louie Rivin is that he's just too ·daneed observant. He also talks.too much. · - "· ' - I T HAPPENED Monday in Louie's clothing store, in ISew -fork City. While measuring a fella for a new.suit, Louie noticed a suspicious lump in a back pocket. ·_ · COMMENTED LOUIE: "Say, you've got a gun in there haven't you." THE CUSTOMER nodded and said nastily: "Yeah. And as long as you know, put your hands up!" HE BOBBED Louie of 900 buck's. OX THE OTHER HAND '''burglars who worked over a , safe at Tampa, Fla., were too ..' unobservant. Ignoring the safe's r combination, which was writ,,'ten plainly on the door, they ''sweated' for four-hours, finally wrecked the safe and obtained ·?225. · ·.'··'·"A CERTAIN Moline, 111., ' tnbtprist also qualifies as an "'unobservant fathead. After receiving a parking ticket, he ':' mailed -it to the police depart- -'ment, with an angry note con- "taining choice profanity and ;th"is- windup: "Your big flat feet make me. sick.' FRANCOIS SAGA?. r The'lure Goes .Up - THEBE WAS no signature and no, bail money. The motor' 1st-failed to notice that his license number was on the ticket "WE'VE ALREADY traced him," commented Police Chie ""Mauritz Nelson. "We're going to call him in tomorrow for a little chat on the subject of feet, flat and otherwise." o. llftftt who savs t* 16 Britisn are stai( * an! ^ ijtBCLTn tlKUL stuffy? Why,.shucks, a Manchester tele vision station,tonight will-show a ballet that was too sexy for Princess Grace and Prince Rainier of Monaco. WRITTEN by Francois- Sagan, France's ns'que young authoress the ballet was recently shown in a Monaco theater To spare the feelings of the royal couple, one of the produc tion's most volcanic love scenes.was omitted. IN THE SCENE, staged in a bathroom, dancer Vladimu Skouratoff kisses ballerina Noelle Adam so steamily the set' hot water pipes come dangerously close to bursting. "CERTAINLY it's a sexy scene," explained an unabashet TV official. "'But it's also artistic. Besides, we'll put it on sc late all British children will be in bed; sound asleep." ic ^ * C -rnflro-rn ? rom Stanleyville, in deepes' rUCn-e/ a ^ r ^ Africa, came word tha- Youth, 16, Testifies In N;Y. Teen Murder Audrey Hepburn's charms were unappreciated by a monkey. Warner Brothers studio- official reported that the monkey bit Audrey on the right arm during the filming of a scene for "The Nun's Story." Audrey was not seriously hur.t and finished the scene after being treated by a doctor, IN CHICAGO, William Stokes, 60, was divorced by his wife but he didn't mind. He won the right to visit his 14- year-old Shepherd dog, Queenie, twice a week. · Pilots Delay Strike at Western Air WASHINGTON (#--The Air Ljhe.'.Pilots Assn. Monday night deferred a scheduled midnight s t r i k e against Western Air Lih-es, pending negotiations here today. The union and company officials began conferring here Monday with National Mediation Board Member Robert O. Boyd in an effort to come to an agreement. Boyd said he believed some progress had been made toward settling the dispute, which involves requests for wage in- Weather High and low temperatures as reported by the 'United - S t a t e s Weather Bureau: H. L. ,, Long Beach 62 46 Okla. City Los Angeles 67 52 Omaha Las Vegas 64 39 Phoenix Boston 24 14 Pittsburgh Chicago 13 3 Portland Cleveland 14 1 St. Louis Denver 46.13 St. Paul Falrbanki.A 10 2lScattle Mlnml Mew York and changes ing · Conditions. No new strike deadline was set, Boyd said. The union is negotiating for 263 pilots employed by West- 24 19 14 1 6745 14 1 5544 23 7 ........ .- .- ~.. . ..-. 7 -i 3es Molnea 14 2 Salt Lake 43 3i Detroit 17 SjSanFrancsco 6053 c--.l»K^nl/. 4n 3cy_..»tl_ K9 AfL 65 50 Thermal 41 36 Washington 21 11 TIDES 5244 7855 27 15 I I LS^O High tide today will be 3 feet at 4:57 p. m. and low tides will be 0.5 foot at 10:37 a. m. and 2.2 feet at 9:34 p. m, ; High tides Wednesday will be 5.1 feet at 4:12 a. m. and 3.3 feet at 6:21 p. m. and low tides will b« 0.1 foot at 11:49 .a. m. and 2.2 feet-at 10:59 p. m. NEW YORK (UB--Teen gang. :errorism reached a dramatic :Iimax in a New York court- oom Monday with the ^appearance, of -a 16-year-old''boy who gnored death threats-to'testify against seven teenaged toughs charged with murdering his polio-crippled buddy. · . ·· · '·' Police Commissioner Stephen . Kennedy, meanwhile, moved o suppress" the city wave of uvenile" propos- ng a ,b4n : on the sale of .ammunition to all persons under 18. The City Council considered u t l a w i n g the use' of .all weapons by teenagers. ;· · '. Roger McShane,. tlie key witness in 1 the state's case against seven toughs, appeared n General Sessions Court after lis mother disclosed he had been .threatened both verbally and in a note for his-role.-in the trial. \ * * * * ·· ·'· ROGER RECEIVED the note Jast 'Saturday. 'But he did not tell anyone about it, not. even lis mother, until last night: He ·fingered" six of the defendants as the killers of Michael Farmer, 15, -in testimony 'last Friday. - - " The letter, which came after Roger was threatened Jin- a school yard by .two boys, said "You're alivn and you're lucky but if them guys get the chair, we'll kill yqu.-Don't worry. We know the school and where you live. So if you know what's good, you better'keep cool here. . . 'You're- in danger of dying So keep it cool." * * · * THE SEVEN defendants are chargeA with stabbing :Fanrier a fireman's son, to .-death in a park .last July- 30, while on ,fhe prowl looking for a fight .with members of rival 'gangs. They allegedly mistook Michael and Roger'for'such rivals. . Meanwhile Mayor Robert F Wagner held a top-level meet- ng with school officials at City Hall to work out a "crash pro .---L^ for 'dealing with the growing problem of violence in the city schools- and decide what to do with 644 trouble makers suspended" from their classes last Friday. The mayor and the Board o Education decided to establish hearing procedures for consid eration of the case of each suspended student separately Each hearing .will be-attendee by the student; his. parents, his teacher, 'trie school principa and other officials. . "Immediate steps will be taken, with the state, to provid custodial facilities for thos who should be assigned to insti tutions," the mayor said. Those who are not put in in stitutions will be segregated in schools for troublemakers. Admit Fake Checks SACRAMENTO (UE)--A San Francisco couple a d m i-t t e d rubber 406 pllOlS einpiu^cu uy y IT co I , - - - - - - - · - · - - - · era, which has headquarters in Mae Horn and Antone Silver Dutra. The check-writing .spree Los Angeles. Boyd said he had attended e i g h t days of unsuccessful said. negotiations in Los Angeles before transferring the discussions here. In Chicago, a union spokesman said "a strike will be ordered at' once if the talks break down." The pilots are seeking higher wages, improved working conditions and changes . in their retirement program. lasted more than a year, Guerin INDEPENDENT Publlihed dally except Sunday at Sixth St. «nd Pine Ave., Long Beach 12, Calif. Entered «s second class matter Mar. 27, 1943, at Long Beach 2, Calif. Adjudicated by Superior Court, Los Anaeles County, Oct. 6. 1941. Deere* No. C-102SO. Per Per Month Year Carrier Delivery 12.00 $24.00 By Mall 2.00 24.00 Single Copy here, in San , Francisco and in ''Tampa, Fla., vhen arrested here Monday. Sheriff's Sgt. Harold Guerin identified the suspects as Anna NEW YORK 19-year old hoodlum jailed for assaul 1 ing a policeman told a startle judge Monday he could neithe read nor understand his junio high school diploma. He also flunked a short spell ...... v _ - ing test given court b worth of Kings County Judge Samuel " Leibowitz. After sentencing the boj George Goldstein, of Brooklyn to an indeterminate term at th Elmira Reception Center, Judg Leibowitz asked him to spe "character," "behavior" . an "citizenship." Goldstein, found guilty OLICE PROTECT YOUNG WITNESS Det. Edward Griffin stands with Roger McShane, .16, (right) in Criminal Courts Building in New York Friday after round-the-clock police protection was demanded for Roger, who received a death threat following his testimony in tlie murder trial' of seven youths. Roger, an honor student, resumed testimony as the threat became .the subject of official investigation.--(AP Wirephoto.y assault last November for an attack on a 23-year-old rookie atrolman, stumbled over all hree words. But when he was asked to spell "girl," he did so :orrectly. The-youth commented to the udge that he couldn't under- tand a single sentence in the unior high school diploma he ·eceived before going through hree years of high school. KANSAS CITY UP)--The old 'ashioned punishment of being cept in after school was revived n Kansas City Monday as larassed educators sought to lighten discipline in the wake of a series of teenage disturb- Fast Life CONSIDERABLE pressure is being exerted to block the large apartment, house project on East Ocean Blvd. . . · * · * . · ' · * · · · The Pluming : Commission approved It so the pressure to kill it is not on the-CouncU. » * *·····* · ,· IT IS NATURAL, that home owners on Ocean Blvd.-oppose its development into a .great hotel and apartment house area. : . '»- » - . » . . . * · But that, may be the-only thing that will save the ^down-town «re»- .from." economic »t«gnatlbn. » * * * -BKEfGING THOtJSAJfDS of families- here to live in multiple storied: apartments and hotels would: be equal-'economically to several large' factory payrolls. * * * * · Ocean Blvd.. has developed into small motels an many older h o u s e s . have been turned Into rooming houses. ' . * * . * * IT IS THE one street adaptable to large apartment houses and hotels, such as ,make Miami 2 Drunk Charges Bring $526 Fine A 31-year-old carpenter killed two 1 birds with a $526 stone Monday.' . .. .. John ! Kenneth Haeseler,' 53£ Cerritos Ave.,' was ·· scliedulec or trial Feb. 21 on a drunk driving charge filed Jan. 3. Free on bail, he. was arrested |or a similar- offense early Mondays Haeseler decided . to plead g»ilty to both charges. Municipal Judge Charles T mith fined him $263 on each count and added a five-day city 'ail term on the new complaint By PETRONIUS JR. Beach, Florida, famous and abulous. '· ' " ' - . . tax rolls of such development would profit every o t h e . r property · owner in . the city. '· ·'· · ..· » f » . - , » . . . . UNLESS WE SIAKT de- 'elopirig 'it now ·' it ·will :. hot be developed during the : life time of many of us now- living...... ances. Principal Kanna of M. Wayne Northeast Mc- High School announced he was reinstating ' the punitive system abandoned here a year ago and bulwarking it with a cumula- ·jve punishment plan that would result in ultimate suspen ;ion for incorrigible students. "It's time for an about face in handling discipline," said McKanna. "We're going back to some of the things we used to do," he added. "We're going to fight this'thing." Last week M c K a n n a suspended 10 students, nearly all listed as "bad cases" by--their teachers. Ballistic Tests Fail to Provide Gardena Clue GARDENA (CNS)--Ballisti tests ruled out Monday anj possibility: the the 22-caliber revolver which killed Bonnie Noreen ; 'Morton, 19-year-old lardena bookkeeper, Frida night was the same weapon used to slay two El Segundo police officers last July. Sheriff's detectives said comparison of the slugs showet they did not come from th same weapon. . ' Invest! g a t o r s , meanwhile continued' questioning friend: and neighbors of the murdered girl in an attempt to find a clue to the apparently "motive less" killing of the teenager as she cared for her sister's thre' children.- The * added; valuation on. N.Y. Editor Wins Las Vegas Divorce LAS VEGAS, Nev. UP)--Managing Editor Turner Catledge of the New York ..Times was granted a divorce Monday by District Judge" A. S. Henderson. · , . Catledge filed suit "last;.Friday 4 on- grounds that he and Mildred Fontaine Catledge had been living" apart: since 1952. The .couple, married in. Now York March'19, 1931.. :' I N T E R E S T C H EC K S ' M A I L E D ' . M O N T H L Y · Your funds of $1000 or more are secured by short term select trust deeds on owner occupied .homes. · Certified Trust Deeds must meet specific requirements to insure security. · Certified Trust..Deeds are legally recorded in your ... name. are negotiable and can be 'current earnings · Certified Trust Deeds converted into cash. For free literature, write, call or visit We Transact Business Only with Residents o/California'. CERTIFIED TRUST DEEDS, INC. 'Member Independent Mortgage Bankers Association. 4200 ATLANTIC · IIXIY KNOLLS · LONG BEACH .· GA 4-0794 More fun on El Capitan. Santa Fe Zi -P5 Dave Garroway VUl Born in New York NEW YORK (£)--A son was born Sunday to Mrs. 'Dave Garroway, wife of the TV and radio performer..' The baby, their, 'first child,' was named David Cunningham Garroway VIII.' * ' Mrs. '.Garroway is Pamela Wilde, former actress and bal lerina. Phone Mutual 0111 Alhmmbr* · AT 2-3854 - B.v.rly Hill* CR 1-5758' Glvndal* Cl 2-3141 Hollywood HO9-1191 Ingltwood ' OR 7-1272 Long BvacFl HE 6-9608 SY 2-1191 Santa Monlei EX 4-1188 America's best travel buy! * Hi-level-- Every seat at Big Dome height * Colorful Southwest Indian country * Easy-sleeping Stretch-out seats * Plenty of room to roani * Famous Fred Harvey food * Full-length lounge .car All for just 12 includes extra fare SMCMKffTflU GA 7-9995 2467 Atlantic Ave. ·Muntlngton P«rk wtll "'»!;,, LU1-7239 0X4-4629 t° VODKA MAI Mali, it with th. Vodka of Vodkat ^^ Gjmirnoffa tli» gnatistnami In VODKA M ind 100 Proof. Dlst.from grain. Sta. PierTM lmlrnoffFIs,(Dlv.ofH«ubleln)HarHord,Ciinn. To people protected by its policies, Mutual pays out an average of $270,116 every working day. Pacific Mut wcil 1,8OO,OOO people insured... $2.4 billion, of life insurance tn force. Llf · · AOOIDBNT · »ICKMB»« · HBTIIIBMBHT PLAN* · HOME OFf ICE: LOS ANGELES. CALIFORNIA · ASA V.' CALL. CHAIRMAN · T. S. BURNETT, PRESIDENT

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