Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1976 · Page 25
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 25

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1976
Page 25
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26 V Nonnwesi MmonTM^, TIMES, Wed., April 14, 1976 Hank Thompson Come A Long Way To Top By DAYTON B L A I R TUbSA. Okla. (AP) - "The first, job I ever bad for singing paid me S5 a week." It's been a long way for Hank Thompson from t h a t Waco, Tex., radio job -- five rfays week .while be was a high school .student -- to bis status fls a top country-western singer. T h e 6-fool-2. 50 year-old Thompson is realty more than just a singer. He's also a big businessman. He and hisTgroup, Ihe Brazos Valley Boys, book- 175 to 180 dales annually and go'to Nashville, Term., twice u "year for recording. Thompson also is in business \vilh fellow-musician Roy Clark, lii-s agent, Jim Halsey and a couple of olher friends. They operate Iwo radio stations, a ranch near Mounds, Okla., a niusic publishing [irm nnd an office building. "· His Lime al home in suburban Sand Springs is on a' catch-as- catch-can basis and. because of that, his wife travels with him. :In the 29 yewrs since his first record was .released, be has. had some 35 songs on the country charts and more than 30 million copies of bis records have .been sold. ,, - . . . ; · E "It's a way of life," the easygoing Thompson says. "It takes a good deal of sfcumina ..; a lot of planinng." _ .-Thompson was born in Waco, Tex., and "I can't remember when I didn't sing." ' His first guitar.,was a Christmas present- from his parents, bought in a second-hand store for S ! l. A boyhood ^hero was Gene Antry «nd his early music Idol was another sineer. Ernest Tubb. : " ^.'"l guess it's not loo surprising J picked the guitar .to work V\'ith;"'he says. . '^Besides'amateur contests in a Waco theater, -- which paid 75 cents for tiic winner and a pass to the show -- Thompson made his first appearance as guitar playing singer on a Waco station billing himself "Hank, the Hired Hand." ;-"It was an early morning '.15- minute* show, and I'd go (p the station,"-then gel,on my bicycle with my g u i t a r and go to high school; 1 ' he recalls. · After -six months, he joined the Navy for World War II and spent 37 months entertaining in (he South Pacific and U.S. , ' After: his discharge it was back to (he radio slatton life in . Waco, where he began assembling the Brazos Valley Boys. Their - f i r s t -recording in 1946 was "Whoa Sailor," a song Thorn p son wrote while in th e Navy.V For 18 years Thompson bad a contract with Capitol Records. Now ."he records for Dot Records. .An .accomplished pilot, he flies rjis own twin-engine Cessna 310 for pleasure and to make "his appearance dates. The four-man group travels by van io playing sites; Other entertainers or musicians are added,as needed. ~. Legai'Nofices WAFM.Vtl ORDER IN THE CHANC E R Y COURT 0! WASHINGTON' COUNTY, ARKANSAS ANN' KIRK PJalnHir ' Vs. KRVA1. KTRK, nelendant No. E-76 J23 Tbt. Defendant Is wainftf (o app«;i In Lhb Court within IhErly days and answer'.'the conviiUint of the Plalnlilf In the above enlitkrf cau^. " Witneis my band and seal of ihU C«urt Ibis «ii day nf April, I9T6. ,A)ma KoUmea-ET, fliancen' CTerfc ·- By Kaye CTiapf«!I. D.C. tie. I I , 31. 29 May 5 - ·ORDINAN'CK NO. 221S --AN OfUMNANCE'AUTHOBIZINC AND DIRECTING THE CITY MANAfiER TO AB-^TE ' UNSIGHTI,Y, UNSANITARY ANO UNSAFK CONBtTiONS EXISTING ON CERTAIN PROPERTY LOCATED A-T -1717 .STIR MA S A VENUE. FA YETTEV1LI.E, AR KANSAS, ANT) ALSO KNOIVN AS LOTS 8, 9, and 10, PARKSDALE ADDITION. ' ·-.WHEREAS, Joe Ginfiery arrl Mary pmpfj-ly.Ttwaf'd at lin SHrman Avenue, Faycupvillfc. Arkanflas, and also taiow- i I/iis 3, 9. and 10. Park^-ille A d r f H w n find WHEREAS, .March 1 nf 1ST! l i g h t l y . . unsanitary, mtnlai In the public - WHEREAS the o- sairf properly, after havirz been pive , ji?hlly, - ,un tan - anrt nsafe . - -NOV.'.' THEREFORE. BE IT r OR- EA1KED ilV THE IK)ARI OF DIRECTORS OF THE CITY OF FAYETTEVIU.F;, ARKANSAS: . 'SMtirjrt I. That uTwlcr th? authority Cf Ark. Rial. IS 2VW, Ark. Suit. 19-Z1ZW 1S23M, and Sec. II MM of 1he FajeHe ~vi11e . Crde tt', Orrtinanr**, tfcp CMy ilanjiEer. or hi* duly authorized repre- i?nf alive, » h-reby- A-lhoiiK'i an-1 rtirfrled t» r*t-. remnve. flnrl rto wh^t- nn Ihe'preprrty fl'wwrf tiy .Toe Gulhery 'and Mary Oulhery at 1717 Sllrman Ave,, Fat(evF)!* 1 A r k i r s s s . and mnr* pflitl cufarly tfescjiher! as I/i(s S, S an/1 ]!. Pa/kwlale Add H ion. Section. 2, That [ti« Crtj' Manager h he/eby aulhiriied Jinrl direclttJ (o cha/ss Ihe coU r.r corr«tnz wlrl cnnrlilioni (A Ihe- OKiwrs of fft\A property; And under fw-Jnith-?iHy M -Art, W a t - 1911M ant! S«liori M-3 (/ Ihf F*$('Ueviir«- Corf- «( Oidir-inc'cs, ' life" Ctly' ril TaveUCTJUe Vnflll have a lien aealntt Ih.e a(ireAij prop*rty fur Miefi co.'ts,. " SfOkri 3 Th;i( ih* f),t r Aiicrfnt' ii hereby authorized to rnfoice the afore Mid I ten fliihin 14 month" aftf^ «ori has h*cn..*ire h- adion ifi Ihf Waihinj ·Ccn ijnl' Ch^ncerj" Court, · S*c1it« -I. Th* Hoard of Dirtclon rVfcr " s -«n Ihe afore»V1 proper t llr, nrt5anilar)'. urrafc, »M rt * public fcesllh, and furt nincs ' lhal nlr.- »ff«rt . (bis ' 'nrdinAnc-e ar* pu( Ir.t jwm«-rfi»lflj, Ihe public health, lafply juid uelf^rc nf the people o( Kautlriilli «l» be adverwly Jtrfccf'ii. Therefore, 'an erritrVfory 1$ fcrrchy declared (i "exist, and Ihli orrtinarce Iwina necesjar- .tor the public health, aaWy "nd welfare. ifhall h« In ^luir force i*ntl effwl from 'and afle/ its pa*:«^e and approval. ' TASSF.D AND A!TtlOVF,Cl TF1IS tin DAV Of AprU, 1976. ' ATTEST: Carltn't Xl'cilb/ook CITV CL£RK Our bis Ao/% faodsBlection is . Jom your young Ws ro read3'ingTor a truly festive hsliday. · .While they're having their f u n , .you can be planning the best V Easter feast ever. Il's.easy when you choose frbm our ^realhlaking array of'fine'TootIs for Ihe. happx:d«y. Count on finding these foocis s\( our low pi-ices. Also.counl on finding things other t h a n foods for Kasler enjoyment .Plants and . flowers for gifts, candles, sparkling glassware, dinner ' - ' n a p k i n s . . . . we have so may things for your holiday "table. . ,'····. All of your friendly neighbors at Safeway wish you and yours a very happy Easier! ' ' ' O«ti«rl Ttpptag . ' Ot. FFOW Sird'i iye . . . . .-- . - j . CitrlM t- Marshmallows Coconut Mii. Yrrighl's Assorted Flavors Hb.,JOi. tff layer Cab Mis . . . * . . -PmVtgi,, Boar's tngll FlaVf 3!iOi. h«[k this Ynlut , .Pk. - ' | j s ; your S^leyvay' stpr^wil " rinjt be .open for business' next Sunday. Your coftp.eration in planning lo eo'rnpjele your (odd shopping ahead of Easter will .be most/appreciated. We hc4e Iliat your family, loo, «n- joyfe a happy holiday. " · Fully CoeW,' Water Added. S«rve Fw.Ycur Holiday Fsosl ond for «ond poy Meals. RUMP PORTION Sil.08 \ Meoly and Tender Blade Cut. Why Pay More? Lb. " lOHfLttS H CHIKK IOAST ' jui '1H o..«.,ii 1,10 Mid PSMSWFril l)p Grode 'A' Meaty Fryers This Low Price Everydoy! USOA Ckoit. Be«f Wholi or large £nd Curt. I IK Ronelen Ronil. Cook In Liquid Lbf Full Center Cuts Lb. * *' lb.' 3,^5.98 5,'i'9.98 8,!','15.89 ·,USDA Grade 'A'Fryer Values! Breast Quarters SCL",*. u 75' Leg Quarters ITXC « 65' Hot links!:-"' : ft 89' Corn Dogs IX'U,, » M.09 LUCERNE GRADE 'A 1 DOZEN ,, ,.··'··'M\ /.?. ;, u£; Fresh Wasting ttukedl Goodies, . Tomato Soup A $ I J J 10'iDi, 'Te\ufcfteuiB-oFidem6dTonioto Soup. Gheolc This Vatu*l . ..'. r . ..... . . » » . » » ^0 . . li« Annow.Zip'T6pTih,e6i*p»r«O«ft-toW Everyday SS«rt,PfiCM. ».. Values From the Dairy Case!' Cheddar Cheese S:".,...... *1.67 Longhorn Cheese !',lS...._... n-M.67 Cream Cheese wZ*...'......... ^19' Shady Lane Butter ...,...,,. rVl.05 Whipped Topping Ki".......; '^ 59'. Sliced Cheese ^"ft",'TM,....... ",. 79 ( Dairy-Deli Food Vatues! ressmg Pufina Why P.'oy © © 0»en Fresh While Br»od r This Low P/ice Evftryrfoy] 1-U,2-Ot IMVK -- v S for ' Hamburger Bui^W". S^,M Peanut Butter 11.59 Reel Roast. Smooth and Cream/. Priteii low Everydoy I0i;hrl 9^^ f Potato Salad .'STM...'...,..,...: "rfj: 6S ( Dinner Rolls J'^i'iTM! 3^1 Party Dips .,'. 1 "'.".' ......:. 'ct 39 1 Sweet Rolls K.t'.l... "; !4 Cheese Spread bTM,,, .:: .'ft 69' Apple Strudel J^fcL. '«,' 87' V-8 Juice Cocktail Ja t.« r'ou C**i 5*v« Oci rtoi Ev^y^*v J Cat Food P«-J t 4 Oi Pkg Qixrl, 14 Oi. , Kpr ^ p Compare Price ond Qi;oUy - SM Me« You Y«u Con Sa.e tveryday . ..^ 5-M Apple Pie !V:r: 1 ! 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Follow lines lo where (bey meet, Malch color of (he c h a r t al that puinl with color on the price fag." Grapefruit B,".;.....,..;....... 6 Prices In This Arlv. Elective Thru April 17, 1976 At Your F»yett»vill« rrnwesl Arkrjnsoi TIMbS, Wed., April M, T97fi · 11 Eslimafe May Change Any Time During Year EDITOR'S NOTE: This column is a joint effort of public service by the TIMES . nnd Ihfi FaycUcville Social Security Act mi nisi ration office, Mrs. Pal S m i t h , district, maunder. Anyone having a rjiyston" nhouL social security is in ; ' \'ited lo send it, lo the Mrolh- tt'csl Arkansas TIMKS 72701. A l l ' E n q i r i r l c K must he signed and should include address of sendei. Names wiII not be published. Q. I am older than fi2 and would like to start receiving my social security .retirement checks and slill earn Fit Ic«st $2760 a year, the exempt amount of earnings for' 1976. Can I earn this in six months? Also, does the $2760 apply to the calendar year or to the twelve months after I start receiving checks? A. As long ;is you do not earn over $2760 in the calendar year, it makes no difference ;n what mouths you have earnings. The law applies Ihe eanjirigfi test to a taxable year, biit since almost everyone's taxable year is the calendar y e a r , we jrettty safe in saying ''cajendar year." The only exception is year in which you attain age 72, In that year, Ihe $2760 applies only to 1 h e period of months tyjforc you are 72, Q, I want lo retire soon but don't know when. How shaJl I answer the question o n . Jriy annual report - about my estimated earnings? . A. Show an estimate as (hough you expect Eo work' all year. If you should retire, you can change your estimate at any lime atid start your chock, and also get any back check3 dun you Q. Th/; . Spring · · semester started in January and will end in May. I was 22 January 31 E1ovi r long will 1 receive student checks on my father's record? A. Though May, the end of the semester. If you attain age 22 during a quarter of semester, you can get chucks'through the find of the quarter, or semester, · Q. I am \ e i j angr Hou many times must I tell ou I have no permanent acid res: other lhan my bank. .But still you s^hd notices present address, A. Your checks are going lo the bank and will continue to do so. Other correspondence is directed by the computer to your mailing address.. Please keep us informed of . y o u r address, otherwise you, m.ay miss oiit on something important. Q. Is the Part B Medicare premium going up a g a i n ? , . A , ' Y e s e r f t c t i v e J n l j ^ W6 the basic premium will be $7.20 a month, up 50 ceiit.s a mbnlh fr'om Ihe 56.70 premium the last two years. Q. I have heard that the pxcmpl amount of earnings for social security beneficiaries under ago 72 is $2TOI, nr 523(1 a rrionlh, ' am receivinf! disahiliEy insurance betyjnefils. Am I allowed !o earn f230 a month and still gel my ccheck? A. No, not necessarily Claimants 'whose benefits are hasetl on their disability.. r e not covered undpr tjie aboVe earning lest. Disability beneficiaries have Lo report. a\l earnings regardless o f . Ihy! amount. The lest here is whether or not you are engage;! in what the law calls "substantial gainful aclnils ' when you work. Call ; your social security representative U yon. return to work, whether part- time or full-time, and regardless of earning:Wants To Buy Back MINNKAPOUS AP) - The ribal council ' of the While 3avlh Rescrvalion in Minnesota las unanimously passed a reso- ution offering to enter ncgolia- ns wilh thp. slate antl city of- i.nls of New Yo'rk lo buy back Manhattan Island on henalf of American Indians. The council made one slinu- aUon. Compensating for ih- tation, lop offer would be 174.M to he paid in ornnmenlal leads. EQ MUFFLER SHOP MUFFLERS $12.95 INSTAF.LEn GUARANTEED 71 S. nnd lotgst St. Fayefteville 521-5422 "Tap Qunlity Undernealh'

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