Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 26
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 26
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C-B--INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM Leng Beach, C*tll., Sunday, July 9, 1?«1 HARBOR VIEWS L B, Port Compiles Long of New Commercial Records By LOU JOBST Marine Editor Statisticians are still compiling the remarkable record of the Port of Long Beach d u r i n g fiscal year 19GO-G1. The port lias toppled vir- t u a l l y every record on the books for Ihc past 50 years. Ship arrivals, weathervanc of nearly every other a c t i v i t y , set a new record. During the 1960-GL fiscal period 1,943 vessels arrived here as coin- pared to 1,748 iti 1959-60. The previous record was 1,877 in 195G-57. COMPARE to 1925 when only 33 ships called here or 1940 when the figure was but 789 and you get an idea of how the tempo has picked up. \Virh the nc* (: bullneu has ccr-.e «· ,lkultn, Intfa, arx: T. /A. fAn'k.inl, thief engineer lor the . . , Port of Calcutta. i,oerruire.'.iry a^ nriiar Inche!, ljnt general manage wres Vessel Ar.e H. (Lib)'ci (Dul) Bd-.cim (Bee) . Cccw Sla'e Compiled by Marine Euchrjigc ACTIVE VESSELS IN F'ORT Bfrlh Oprrator T3i r/e!al Sleel. indcl. _ 1 3 6 V Ma-1 Lme . July 10, San Fr,v I B 73 L,iJ'if/en LFr.e - - - - - . ,, .,, . . Ibl Java F'ac. . Hoc0*1 . - "i'J3 Souse B r o s . Tc.ving E. F'crevice LB ID S'.ifei M^me Line Julv E, Son Frai of t.^e Penang Porl Ccnm-isfon, 'ay a: _ l tne Bure* i. Philippines ihe Aio " Itnloin*, Port ol V R. J. wvni*. nien-lxr Services Board ol Sydney. Australia; Captain J. H. Sampson, v ' t e president of the /MMtime Services Board of Sydney, Australia; A'.. K. Dcshl, asiKtjnf cJotfc* rrwnacer. Do 11 bay Porf BATIJERs who complain f r e q u e n t l y about (he sticky tar-like substance on the beach often blame it on ships. Actually, most of it comes from oi'. seepage about 10 miles oul in the Catalina Channel. - * * v AMERICAN P R E S I D E N T Lines has announced the first worldwide now, pay Haw _ Co. Rriiner . . ?M r/.dlsun Hav. Co. . rr,ide- ( B r - T K r ) . 169 Shell TanV.trs Ltd . Kcchi Maru ( J a r ) - Anr Da'do Line . Kcxi Md'u (J^pl ... - Anc Da I do Lire . . . . Loch Cowan ( B r ) Hail (Lib! _ A'. M. Dan I 7 / i S M M i p i [ F i t . . Nicciaos G. Kululunds (Gr*) .. . 5 9 1 Royal Wail L ; r.o .... ?I2 Hugl Kcu Corp. LB-50 States Line 14J Line _ 1P7 Paul X Smllh later" plan. The program al- DU« 10 saii-For luw - s t h e traveler to pay as l i t t l e as 10 per cent down and ^ _ the remainder in 24 monihly 'juiv^^'^n^Sn ' n s t a " m e n ts. An outstanding ' j u t * li. Mcnojujj feature of the plan is that the traveler may incorporate air travel as a part of the package deal. _ . July 9. Kciiolulu .... July 9, Curacao .Indtr. fridef. '. July 10' San Frdii IrvOel. Intlol. ... Ji,!y H. Anfwerp indel. Pelros ( G r k t Phit P'es. Oj:rino IPril] P 5 E! (Bot-J PrtcM'C! (Br). . Pacific Envoy 8 ' . R . o MsecJalcna tColl . . . SMvonija (Vuco) Thcr I (Norj. . Tcx^n [ T k V e n l u r d \Vh.;ttrer (830) . ide (B'-TkO 172 Te«aco Inc JV.y 8- Ri ic (LiQ) LO-/9 Daimoro Corp JUy 9, Yckohama A^rKlnlrv 1W Arr'er, Prci L'r.e July E. New York Anc Orion ^CO. 8. Trad.. July 17. Yokohama LB-17 Uni'ed Pnilloa' Line July B. ^an Fran T3S Orccan Coast Towing ..July 9. Cues Bay , 1E3 rurr.«s Line July E. An| r t erp|! ?3^D Furness Line July 10, San Fran LEJ-1? Grancolonbiana L-.-.e.., J;My E, San Fran LB-701 SD'o'sna Piovbl Lire.. Julv 10. San f-ian JJ3 Pac. Is'sncf Tr^n^tJ^..... July E, Siwi Trin.- A TOTAL of 1,009 vessels entered and left the ports of ng Beach and Los Angeles during June. Of the number, 537 were outbound and 572 inbound. * * * * THE U. S. A R M Y says it is pouring about $1.6 billion in m i l i t a r y and civilian payrolls, purchases and services into Ihc economy of eight western U. S. stales. The estimate lists Fort MacArthur at San Pedro as spending $15 million per SIERRA LUMBER has been added to the growing lists of California imports to Japan. This week a shipment of 300,000 board feet of Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir, cut on the Sierra slopes, left San Francisco after being trucked to Sacramemo and barged to the pott. * * * * BOTH California U. S. Sen ators, Tom Kuchcl and Clair Lngle, had some sharp comments to make on subjects related to maritime problems. Engle charged that a House Appropriations Committee cut in State Department overseas personnel has threatened development of foreign markets for American products. Engle said the House committee trimmed $85:!,217 from the 19G2 State Department appropriation which will eliminate all but 10 of the 94 personnel needed for commercial work overseas. The California Democrat said the State Department was at fault because it die not place a high priority on the need for s t a f f to handle commercial work at U. S embassies and consular posts He has asked the Senate lo restore the funds. Kuchel said that nationa maritime strike was another illustration of the need for legislation \mder which the President can invoke com pulsory arbitration procedures to protect the public interests Public Auction Unredeemed Pledges, Etc. Watches Silverware Appliances Luggage Antiques Power Tools Guns Cameras Binoculars Tape Recorders Clocks Radios Musical Inst. Record Players Diamonds Altcmoon 1:00 TWO SALES DAILY Except Wed. end Sot. Nights -- Closed Sundays EVES. 7:30 SOLD TO HIGHEST BIDDER REGARDLESS OF COST 149 E. Ocean at Locust · Long Beach FREE GIFTS · FREE PARKING · FREE GIFTS We Buy or Sell on Commission -- Jewelry Stores -- Furniture Stocks--Radio TV--Appliances--Estates--Bankrupt Stocks- Distress and Surplus Merchandise HARRY BRENT. AUCTIONEER IN CHARGE, LIC. BONDED V.'ci'gste (P^r.) '.'."' ." VY.i-,ib;}rg [ S w d ) W. L. WcCormcIc l.B-50 Puafl Scund AlaiVa L inc. July 8, Onkfr ,, 145 v;"alleniuv Line . ... July' 8, San Fr,,ill 232-B V/eyeihacjser S'S Co... July 9, San Fran f V E S S E L S ARRIVING SATURDAY Veiiel. Berlh Prom Operafor Due lo Sail--For Cuxhave.T (Ger), I R 13 . . . . San Fra/i K.-imburp Amcr. tire JUy 9, Antwerp D^uedvK (IX1, »90 _. .San Fran Holland Amor, Line July T3, LcntJcn Kcyanoer (Korl, I B-it Snn F^nn Inrerocean I ine . . Juiv II. Le Havre H. Lundcberg [Pan], LB--J6 San Marcus Gvosum Cdrrieii . J-j'v v. San Warcyi Is. |PC:A (Vail, 153 _.. San l-ran Aoier. Mail Line --.July 10, San Fran l-xl-fl Brar. LB-8 . P.ic. Far Easl Line .. July 14. San Fran :! Jul.'a I (Bgcl, 22J . .. Crescent Citv Hammond Lumber ...July 12, Crcsce.n! City Kcitn Waru [ J a o ) , ]^3 San Fran Uaic"o Line- . July 9, San Dlcoo V E S S E L S DUE TO A R R I V E TODAY Vessel, Bfrlh Hrcrn Operalcr Due to Snll--For Baleaies (Hoi), 160 Bolivar Sl^rdaid Fruit Co. ... July 10. San Fran Ca ifOT.-a Etar, LB-7. . Son Fran Pac. i-ar Halt Line . July H. S?,n Tr.-yi C.irmnr, LR 7S CrtSlobol Cairns- Li-ic- Jjlv 11- San F*an' H^' "r.p . l-j'.y 10. Sri.n ire July 12. Yokohama cgb ..July 13, S-in Malmare ( I I I ) , Ii9 . . . Lhbo'i lld'navl Lire . . . . July 11. ian]| J. H MarGarfDill ( f ^ r ) , 101 .. Li Scg-jrtfo Slnr.dord O.I Co.. Julv 9, Poinl V/ells 9 Paalo D'A-nlco till). LB 6 l.r.cunira D'Ariiro SOL. Di Nav.. Jjly 13. San FranJ Su.-vbcai-i (L-.O). lil . Tofaal.i IVcste.-n 5h ; ppinn Co J-jIv 10. Huaico . Tcflco VI (Pan T V r ) 17? Point P errr T e x n t o Inr lno"ef. Texfli, LB-71 San Slate:. Line " . July I?. San Fran HERE DR. RAYMOND HAS BEEN ADVISED BY THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL W E t h A R E THAT THE FOLLOWING PROGRAM IS NOW IN EFFECT FOR PENSIONERS. AND WE QUOTE . . . "Effective Nov. 1, I960, at a result of additional federal funds available for medical care, all necessary services for Old Age Security recipients wit) be provided through the Medical Care Truit Fund la cove/ the entire caseload," NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED! What f b J i m e a n s j'i f h a f you car? go to y o u r denfht and have arrangements m a d e to it art your work o n d the county w i l J in turn pay for your dent of services ATTENTiCN ALL OTHERS WHO NEED DENTURES DR. RAYMOND, DENTIST, .*«^ls use NO MONEY DGV.'M fcr de^l^^;^es. rr. Lower, ard Parrial Dtnluies made in 16 vs. ANNUAL . . . YEAR END SAVINGS! NO MONEY DOWN PAY N O T H I N G FOR ;4 WEIKS 24 Months to Pay-far /Zrifye* atttj X-RAYS PUTES PUT IK IMMEDIATELY AFTER EXTRACTIONS f.0 LOST TI'.'.E FRCH WORK, foj ritl re! ti Dr. "RJinWd's IMMtl)!lf[ emo'.lillCN FUN Modern Dental Plates A-Jcd bv "niotfern" dental p .lie rr-j'erials and ".rr.DTCvfd te:f-n!qufi," used ifi Ihc con- il'-Lxl.o-i of ccnral D'.iifi, DnlYT Science h.ii followed a ' z'cgrti'i'tt" pain :.naT ie'.iii!eil .1 Jtn!.il ol.i:«^ rr.oie tc iiling ar-d i f* T .y 'o iff sd-nolc^ c( niyt.'e:n CCTf.i: ni,i:«, usnors, .'OAfr% dfid p a r f ' . T l s . COOO den'ril o'^le^ rcfd RD! be pitccnslve. THF: cosr rs SMALL. Mr BEST OFFER Hitt lit pirnMl lUtr OO. 15. '(I. Mi lotmi!. He Cir- Low Prices - . clTM.irge try well *ifflb- d DC I ic/. Good denJisfrv ccr'crms v/i'!i 1he hlsh i^.irds of Iht efenial r.vo!'. at LOW PRICES. DR. ET. ,". RAYMOND (d 1e P««i«er» and Suiter Cilfrrci-FXST PUTE REFAlflS . E-3S33-Ka AfPDIHTMF.HT KECESS^Y FOR EXAMINATION DENTU if UfjffUS * LOWfBt 4 co*m» nssFs. WSs-ts. 122 W_FJRSTJST,-\; A N N U A L J U L Y 1252 LONG BEACH BLVD. HUNDREDS OF SELECTED UNBEATABLE VALUES IN FINE QUALITY HOME FURNISHINGS FOR UNUSUAL DESIGN AND EXCEPTIONAL SAVINGS STAKTS TODAY - - 11 A. M- TO 5 FEATURING II / Orient . . . ONE OF OVER 20 COMPLETE ROOM GROUPS «E8il Oriental as Shown at Guaranteed SAVINGS OF AT LEAST 30% A COMPLETE L I V I X O Iia«! WITH TUB: At.TH.Vr L i ; X l J B I ¥ AT A S TtlK SOI'A, OVER E^SHT EEtT LONG V/IIH REVERSIBLE, LOOSE PILLOW BACK COMPLETELY CUSTOM-WADE IN YOUR CHOICE Or EXCITING FABRICS. TSTOn IHIAIM'.IIIKN BEAUTIFULLY MADE FOR YOUR WINDOWS IN CHOICt OF SIX THRILLING COLORS IN ANY SIZE TOTALING I20"*84". OIU!C.\TAI, T\KI.KS IN HAND RUBBED SATIN BIACK LACQUER OR SELECT FROM OTHER WALNUT DESIGNS . . . 2 END TABLES, PLUS I BENCH OR COFFEE TABLE. .\l-rilI-\TH: [.AMI'S A TALL REPRODUCTION OF STATELY QUAN QIN, EXACT IN EVERY DETAIL, PLUS A LAMP IN RARE CARNELIAN GLAZE. THF (HAULS ... A LUXURIOUS HIGH BACK CLUB CHAIR WITH REVERSIBLE DACRON'-FiLLED BACK, FOAM RUBBER SEAT . . . PLUS SMART CHOW CHAIR. F v r r y l:on TrLir.'u 1 !/ Descrxsd. llo Etagqeraticn ol Any Kind. A-./ UST. Cai E- le : r C:f cr Chnr;cd. FANTASTIC VAL UE ' IN CUSTOM BEDDINS SAVE $52.00 ON A LUXURIOUS SET MADE JUST FOR S1R1S · THE MATTRESS full or twin size SAVE King ON Size Queen Size Long Boy Size QUILTED in lilac and aqua fabric on both sides over very heavy padding smooth surface free of buttons · REINFORCED . . . sides vortical stitched for extra wear · HEAVIEST . . . spring construction that comfort" will allov/ · MATCHING BOX SPRING · BOTH GUARANTEED 10 YEARS CAKPET SALE OVER 75 PATTERNS WOOL ACRILAN NYLON OUR COST PIJJS Hit i«l-a -.-in"f Ix- licnlcn We scl! from sfimplc-i on.y. We li^vo no ro l-enc! waste . . . no mV, no ir.venlory . . . so 5 ! a yi.'d over |- f .'.\ iiio profit ws need. Nuff s.iid? 1252 1KLV1K 1»IBOIVE Hi: T-.'IRW SIBOB* MOX. lilt. ! A.^I. - Jl I».l., S1JX. 1 1 A.M. - 5 I».M.

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